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JAN 2 i 1321 


of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Including a List of 

Books on Thrift and Investments for 

Thrift Week 

Published by the Library 

Monthly except July and August 



Views of Exterior and Children's Room 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11. January, 1921 No. 1 

National Thrift Week 

January 17 to 23 

THE National Thrift Week Committee has fittingly chosen to celebrate Jan- 
uary 17, the birthday of Franklin,who was the greatest American apostle 
of thrift, by making it the first day of Thrift Week. Each day of that week 
is assigned its special feature. Monday (Franklin Day) is to be National Thrift 
Day, and emphasis will be placed on starting bank accounts and regular sav- 
ings installments. Tuesday will be devoted to the budget idea for personal 
and household expenses, Wednesday to taking out insurance policies, Thursday 
to urging the desirability of owning a home, Friday to making a will (which, 
it is hoped, will lead household heads to see the desirability of creating an estate), 
Saturday to the paying of debts so as to start out with a clean slate, and Sun- 
day to sharing with others. 

The Public Library suggests the following books and public documents in 
its collection as appropriate and helpful collateral reading. 

Books on Thrift and Investment 

American Home Economics Association. Atwood, Albert W. How to get ahead; 
Thrift by household accounting and weekly saving money and making it work. 1917. 
cash record forms. 1918. L 20445 L 17443 

handbook; a stimu- 

ning to invest for the first time. 1917. lus and a g uide to financial independence. 

L 17442 1919. L 17453 



Babson, Roger W. The future method of 
investing money; economic facts for cor- 
porations and investors. 1914. L 7876 

Business barometers used in the accu- 
mulation of money; a text book on applied 
economics for merchants, bankers and in- 
vestors. 1916. L7821 

Barber, Herbert L. Making money make 
money; or, A primer of investing. 1916. 

L 17445 

Bowsfield, C. C. How boys and girls can 
earn money. 1916. K 25936 

Burnham's manual of Chicago securities, 
1917; an investor's handbook of useful in- 
formation concerning the principal securi- 
ties bought and sold in Chicago and the 
middle west. 1917. Civics Dept. 

Carver, Thomas Nixon. War thrift. 1919. 

L 17921 

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 
Preliminary economic studies of the war.) 

Clay, Paul. Sound investing; a book for 
estates, stock and bond dealers, business 
proprietors and partners, lawyers, doctors 
and professional men, banks, trust com- 
panies and insurance companies. 1915. 


Chamberlain, Arthur Henry. Thrift and 
conservation; how to teach it. 1919. 

L 14376 

Collins, A. Frederick. Money making for 
boys; it tells the boy who wants to make 
money how to do it, and what to do with 
his money after he has made it. 1917. 

L 20331 

Cromwell, J. H. The American business 
woman; a guide for the investment, pres- 
ervation and accumulation of property. 
1910. L 4747 

Escher, F. Practical investing. 1916. L 7877 

Farmer, Lissie C. A. B. C. of home saving. 
1916. K 24586 

Fowler, Nathaniel C. How to save money; 
the care of money, plain facts about every 
kind of investment, an expose of the prev- 
alent fraudulent and get-rich-quick 
schemes, valuable and authentic informa- 
tion for all moderate money-savers and 
small investors. 1912. L 7871 

Gibson, Thomas. Simple principles of in- 
vestment. 1919. L 17451 

Guenther, Louis. Investment and specula- 
tion. 1916. L7930 

(La Salle Extension University. Business admin- 

Hall, Bolton. Thrift. 1916. 

L 16940 

Hayward, W. R. Money, what it is and how 
to use it. 1917. L 17293 

Hodson, Clarence. Money-lenders, license 
laws and the business of making small 
loans on unsecured notes, chattel mort- 
gages, salary assignments. 1919. 

Civics Dept. 

Hughes, Dora Morrell. Thrift in the house- 
hold. 1918. K 24682 

Jackson, Bennett, and others, comp. Thrift 
and success. 1919. L 14392 

Kirkpatrick, Edwin A. The use of money; 
how to save and how to spend. 1915. 


Lownhaupt, Frederick, and others. How to 
select investments. 1918. L 17459 

Lyman, Ernest Walter. Financial independ- 
ence through saving and the right use 
of money. 1909. L 7874 

Mac Gregor, T. D. The book of thrift; why 
and how to save and what to do with 
your savings. 1915. L 12737 

Talks on thrift; a protest against reck- 
less extravagance, a plea for commonsense 
saving. 1913. L 7329 

Marcosson, I. F. How to invest your sav- 
ings. 1907. L7870 

Moody, John. How to invest money wisely. 

1915. L 7928 

The investor's primer. 1909. L 17460 

Moore, Annie E. Pennies and plans; a first 
reader. 1919. H 5107 

Pritchard, M. T., and Turkington, G. A. 
Stories of thrift for young Americans. 
1915. H 5813 

Richardson, Anna Steese. Adventures in 
thrift. 1916. K 24630 

Rollins, M. Money and investments; a refer- 
ence book for the use of those desiring 
information in the handling of money or 
the investment thereof. 1907. L 7828 

Saliers, Earl A. Financial statements made 
plain; written for investors. 1917. L 17465 

Skinner, Ernest Brown. The mathematical 
theory of investment. 1913. L 17350 

Smitley, Robert L. What every investor 
ought to know. 1918. L 17467 

-You and your broker; your duties and 

rights as customer, his obligations to you 
as agent; a handbook for investors and 
speculators which explains the terms and 
the methods of brokerage. 1917. L 17466 

Strauss, S. W. History of the thrift move- 
ment in America. 1920. L 14415 
(Lippincott's thrift text series.) 


Tappan, Thomas. 

How to build a fortune. 

University Society, Neiv York. Save and 
have; a book of "saving graces" for Ameri- 
can homes. 1919. K 24633 

Venn, Theodore J. Life insurance catechism; 
a treatise on protection by means of ques- 
tions and answers, in terms comprehen- 
sible by the general reader. 1916. L 12339 

Public Documents 

These are a few thrift titles from a much larger 
collection of material on Thrift which is contained 
in the Circulating Documents Collection. They may 
be taken out on the regular library card in the 
Civics and Documents Department. 

Raskins, H. J. How other people get ahead. 

1919. Tl. 27-32 B85h 

(U. S. War Loan Organization, Savings Division.) 
A brief plea for individual and family budgets, 

with blank forms for monthly expense accounts and 

a summary for the year. 

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Tentative quantity and cost budget neces- 
sary to maintain a family of five in Wash- 
ington, D. C., at level of health and de- 
cency. 1919. L2.2 C82t-5 
Contains helpful suggestions as to budget making. 

Department of Agriculture. Selection and 

care of clothing. 1919. A1.9 1089 

(Farmers' Bulletin 1089.) 

Thrift suggestions for wise buying, freshening, 
remaking, and care of garments. 

Thrift leaflets, No. 1-20. 1918. 

A1.29 1-20 

1. Is thrift worth while, Mr. American? 

2. Seven steps toward saving. 

3. Wise spending saves. 

4. Saving time and money by simple house-cleaning. 

5. 'Saving labor and materials by easier laundry meth- 


6. How to remove stains. 

7. Take care of your clothing. 

8. Saving materials and money by special cleaning. 

9. Thrift in lighting. 

10. Thrift in choice, use, and care of kitchen utensils. 

11. Thrift in use of fuel for cooking. 

12. Saving fuel in heating. 

13. Saving food by proper care. 

14. Inexpensive ways of keeping food cool. 

15. How shall we choose our food. 

16. The weekly market basket. 

17. Thrift on the farm. 

18. Business methods for the home. 

19. Teaching thrift to your children. 

20. Thrift standards for boys and girls. 

War Loan Organisation, Savings Division. 

Avenues to affluence. 1919. Tl.27-32 Af2 

A series of ; friendly, personal talks by the Gov- 
ernment to the young men and women of the na- 
tion, the purpose of which is to show the duties and 
opportunities which confront young citizens starting 
out in life. 

Fifteen lessons in thrift. 1919. 

Tl.27-32 L56f 

Lessons prepared for young people from 14 to 20 
years to be used in schools or special classes. They 
emphasize the four aspects of thrift, earning and 
saving, investing and spending. 

Outline of lessons to teach thrift 

in normal and training schools for teach- 
ers. 1919. Tl.27-32 T41 

Outlines of lessons in geography, English and his- 

Outline of projects which promote 

thrift and industry in the lives of boys 
and girls. 1919. Tl.27-32 T41 

"For use by teachers, club leaders, and supervi- 
sors of boys and girls who can earn and save money 
without interference with the normal activities of 
child life and development." 

Outline suggested for teaching 
thrift in elementary schools. 1919. 

Tl.27-32 Sch6o 

Grades 1 to 8 covered. Outline arranged under 
the headings: Purpose, Discussion, Conclusions, Ad- 
ditional thrift lessons, Poems and stories or read- 
ing, Problems. 

Ten lessons in thrift. 1919. 2d ed. 

Tl.27-32 L56t 

"The lessons develop the fundamental principles 
of saving money and its social and industrial im- 
portance, also the broader subject of thrift and its 
application to the whole range of personal and com- 
munity life." For women's clubs or special courses, 
and contains reading lists for adults and children. 

Thrift-day program to be used in 

elementary and high schools. 1920. 

Tl.27-32 P94t 

Three programs for primary, upper grade, and 
high schools; with a play or tableau for each and 
recitations and declamations intended to interest 
boys and girls in the practice of thrift. 

Withers, Hartley. The need for saving in 
peace time. 1919. 

(Great Britain. National War Savings Commit- 
tee. National Economy Series, no. 1.) 

A timely and popular abridgment of the author's 
book, Poverty and waste, 1914. It emphasizes the 
present need of intelligent thrift and the consum- 
er's responsibility. Good for debates. 

Thrift Plays 

Dunlap, Henrietta F. The handmaid; a 
masque. 1920. Tl.27-32 P94t 

(In U. S. War Loan Organization, Thrift-day 
program, p. 20-24.) 

Twelve characters (and groups of children). 
Grammar grades. 

Where's your money? 1920. 

Tl.27-32 P94t 

(In U. S. War Loan Organization, Thrift-day 
program, p. 31-44.) 

Five characters, one act, high school. 

Ethel and the stamp. 1920. Tl.27-32 P94t 
(In U. S. War Loan Organization, Thrift-day 
program, p. 9-11.) 

Four characters. Primary grade. 

Hinks, K. W., and Wicker, K. When 
"Thrift" comes in at the door. 1919. 

Tl.27-37 Pl9w 

(CJ. S. War Loan Organization, Savings Divi- 

"A simple pantomime for schools, with 11 char- 
acters and a procession of boys and girls." 



The Henry E. Legler Regional Branch 

first of the group of regional or key branches planned for erection in the 
several grand divisions of the city was opened on Chicago Day, October 9th, 
1920. It is fitly named after the late librarian, Henry E. Legler, whose untime- 
ly death in 1917 deprived the Library of a great chief and the city of a valuable 
servant. The building, illustrated above, and on the front cover of this issue, is 
probably the handsomest branch library building in America. It was built at a 
cost of nearly $200,000, this amount being reserved out of the annual revenue 
for three years, since, unfortunately, the Chicago Public Library has no separate 
building fund and has never enjoyed the favor of wealthy benefactors. 

The Henry E. Legler Branch is situated on Crawford Avenue (40th Ave- 
nue), occupying the full block from Monroe Street to Wilcox Avenue. The 
building itself is 180 feet long and 80 feet deep, and consists of two principal 
stories and a capacious basement. Two main reading rooms, each 65 by 30 feet, 
Provide accommodations for adult and juvenile readers respectively; a special 
story-hour room for children is included, with a separate entrance, and ample 
space for special study groups and for all forms of library extension work is 
available in the beautiful rooms on the second floor. A book stack with capacity 
of 60,000 volumes carries the main collection, which is supplemented by book- 
cases on the reading room walls. That the new branch has already won its 
way into the favor of its constituency is shown by the statistics of books bor- 
rowed for home reading, which has attained the astonishing average of 7,000 
volumes per week. 


Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Biscay Province (Spain). Biblioteca de la 
Excma. Deputation. Ensayo de un catalogo 
de la Seccion vascongada, por Dario de 
Areitio, con un prologo de don Carmelo 
de Echegaray. Autores. 1919. *O 2364 
An author catalogue of the Basque section. 

Landor, Walter Savage. WISE, THOMAS 
ography of the writings in prose and verse 
of Walter Savage Landor. 1919. ' *O 2319 


Dewey, John. 
1920. " 

Reconstruction in philosophy. 
L 12941 

The author believes that the philosophy of the 
future will clarify our ideas with regard to moral 
and social conflicts, and will deal with the moral 
influences which direct man's search for happiness 
into saner channels rather than with theoretical dis- 
cussions of "absolute reality." 

Marden, Orison Swett. You can, but will 
you? 1920. L 14112 

Another inspirational book containing essays on 
right living. 

Mecklin, John M. An introduction to social 
ethics; the social conscience in a democ- 
racy. 1920. L 14121 

The best thing about the book is its repeated in- 
sistence upon a positive and creative conception of 
democracy. H. Neumann in Survey. 

Proceedings of the ISth International Con- 
gress against alcoholism. 1920. L 14535 

Santayana, George. Character and opinion 
in the United States; with reminiscences 
of William James and Josiah Royce, and 
academic life in America. 1920. L 14692 

Seven lectures addressed to British audiences by 
a former Harvard professor of philosophy, of whom 
the New Republic says: "A clearer-sighted or 
wiser observer never wrote about America, nor has 
any observer written of America with greater friend- 
liness and sympathy." 

Little essays drawn from the writings 

of George Santayana, by Logan Pearsall 
Smith, with the collaboration of the au- 
thor. 1920. L 14777 

The editor has collected extracts which the author 
has rearranged and reconstructed into a "minia- 
ture of the original edifice" from which they are 
taken. The subjects are religion, human nature, 
art and poetry, poets and philosophers, and mate- 
rialism and morals. 

Solovyof, Vladimir. The justification of the 

good; an essay on moral philosophy. 
1918. L 14143 

(Constable's Russian library.) 

_The book in which Solovyof elucidates the laws 
oi the higher idealism. It is a classical work of 
the utmost .importance in Russian studies. All that 
is positive in modern Russian thought springs from 
the teaching of Solovyof. Editor's note. 


Gee, Howard James. Methods of church 
school administration. 1920. M 8255 

Hastings, James, and others, ed. Dictionary 
of the Apostolic church. 1919. 2 v. 

*R 1514 

This monumental work is a dictionary in an un- 
familiar sense not of words, but of the doctrines 
and practices of the church, its usages in worship, 
its sacraments, its sufferings, and its attitude to the 
world at large. Upwards of ninety scholars Euro- 
pean. Canadian. American have collaborated in the 
work. Outlook. 



Bowley, Arthur L. The division of the prod- 
uct of industry; an analysis of national 
income before the war. 1919. L 16684 
Contents: Introduction. Population in 1911. 
The aggregate income of the population of the 
United Kingdom, 1911. The national wages bill, 
1911. Wages, salaries, and profits in the principal 
industries, 1907. Summary and conclusions. 

Carlton, Frank Tracy. Elementary econom- 
ics; an introduction to the study of ec- 
onomics and sociology. 1920. L 16685 

A simple enough treatment to serve as a text for 
secondary schools. Economic questions are dis- 
cussed from different angles, to enable the student 
to form independent opinions on the every_-day 
problems of rents, wages, transportation, prices, 
markets, taxation, banking, etc. 

Rees, J. F. A social and industrial history 
of England, 1815-1918. 1920. L 16683 
Belongs to that excellent and uncommon sort 
which, professing no more than a concise recital 
of admitted historic fact, contrives to make mere 
exposition more suggestive than comment. Times 


Foster, William Z. The great steel strike, 
and its lessons. 1920. L 17223 

This book by the labor official in command of 
the strike enables us to follow the methods of a 
vast organizing campaign from the start, and to 
form an opinion of the strength and weakness of 
unions. It defends the A. F. of L. against the 
criticism of the radicals who think it unable to 
cope with the situation. 


Lattimore, Eleanor L., and Trent, Ray S. 
Legal recognition of industrial women. 

1919. L 20984 

Presents many phases of labor legislation, social 
insurance, hours of labor, a fair living wage, safety, 
sanitation, health, collective bargaining, all in the 
nature of a survey rather than an exhaustive study. 

Williams, Whiting. What's on the work- 
er's mind, by one who put on overalls 
to find out. 1920. L 16981 

Socialism, Guilds 

Beer, Max. A history of British socialism. 
1919-20. 2 v. L 17564 

Mr. Beer had spent many years in England as 
London correspondent of the Vorwaerts, and his 
book displays not only the fruits of deep and 
patient research into the history of popular move- 
ments . . . but a surprising mastery of the English 
language. Times (London). 

Hobson, S. G. National guilds and the 
state. 1920. L 17882 

A discussion of the relations between producer, 
consumer and the state, written from the stand- 
point of the national guild, which the author thinks 
an inevitable development. He is somewhat at 
variance with Mr. G. D. H. Cole on the structure 
of the state. 

Lenin, N., pseud, of V. I. Ulianov. The 
state and revolution: Marxist teach- 
ing on the state and the task of the 
proletariat in the revolution. 1919. L 17602 
An attempt to justify himself as the one true 
disciple of Marx. . . This book may be regarded 
as a kind of vade mecum for the true Bolshevik; 
in it he will find not only the true doctrine, but all 
the snares into which the heretics from the true 
faith have fallen. Times (London). 

Income Tax 

Harris, H. Archibald. Federal tax proce- 
dure; six addresses before the Illinois 
Manufacturers' Cost Association. 1920. 

L 17753 

Contents: Tax procedure. Deductions. Income. 
Invested capital. > Depreciation. Obsolescence, 
amortization and allied subjects. 

Political Science 

Corwin, Edward S. The Constitution and 
what it means today. 1920. L 18015 

Prof. Corwin's purpose in this book is not mere- 
ly to explain the "original intentions of the found- 
ers of our _ government, but to show what in the 
course of time the constitution has come to mean 
and does actually mean today" (The Review). 

Forman, S. E. The American democracy; 
a text in government for use in high 
schools, academies and normal schools. 

1920. L 18374 

Heatley, D. P. Diplomacy and the study of 
international relations. 1919. L 16336 

Kerlin, Robert T., comp. The voice of the 
negro, 1919. 1920. L 16177 

A compilation of clippings made from over fifty 
negro newspapers and magazines during the four 
months following the Washington riot, dealing with 
political and social conditions of the race. 

Practical Sociology 

Sheffield, Ada Eliot. The social case his- 
tory; its construction and content. 1920. 

L 18784 

(Social work series.) 


Burgess, W. Randolph. Trends of school 
costs. 1920. L 20047 

(Russell Sage foundation education monographs.) 

Koos, Leonard V. The junior high school. 
1920. L 19814 

A careful presentation of both sides of the 
Junior High School movement, including methods 
now in use and suggestions as to improvement in 
the present system, by a professor of secondary 
education in the University of Minnesota. 

Mansbridge, Albert. An adventure in work- 
ing-class education; being a story of the 
Workers' Educational Association, 1903- 
1915. 1920. L 19854 

tells how it expects to meet the grea 
tunities for service which the war has 

Pettit, Walter W. Self-supporting students 
in certain New York city high schools. 
1920. L 20064 

(Studies in social work.) 

An interesting survey report of the work per- 
formed by pupils, its relation to the school work 
and plans for the future, and the uses to which 
they put the money received, together with an ac- 
count of the cooperation between schools and work- 
shops and recommendations for scholarships. 

Radice, Sheila, (Mrs. A. Hutton Radice). 
The new children; talks with Dr. Maria 
Montessori. 1920. L 19528 

The author is an admirer and disciple of Mme. 
Montessori and gives an outline of her system of 
teaching, emphasizing her insight into child psychol- 
ogy. Mrs. Radice believes that "with a full recog- 
nition and adoption of the Montessori methods, the 
psycho-analyst's vocation will be gone." 

Strayer, George Drayton, and Engelhardt, 
N. L. The classroom teacher at work 
in American schools. 1920. L 19551 

(American education series.) 

Wray, W. J., and Ferguson, R. W., ed. A 
day continuation school at work; papers 
by twelve contributors. 1920. L 19873 

Myths and Legends 

Alexander, Hartley Burr. Latin-American 
mythology. 1920. *R 3470,11 

(The mythology of all races.) 

Native Indian myths of Mexico and Central and 
South America following the same line of treat- 
ment as in the author s former contribution on 
North American Mythology. 

Weston, Jessie L. From ritual to romance. 
1920. L 21 184 

An analysis of the origin and development of 
all the separate elements combining to form the 
Grail story. 



Wyld, Henry Cecil. A history of modern 
colloquial English. 1920. J 4431 

A generally readable account of the story of 
colloquial English, from 1400 onwards. Times (Lon- 



Ash, Edwin Lancelot. The problem of nerv- 
ous breakdown. 1920. N 2244 

A commonsense wqrx on a subject which is of 
universal interest. Times (London). 

Bishop, Louis Faugeres. Heart troubles; 
their prevention and relief. 1920. N 1746 

A sane understandable book written for the 
layman. The author believes that in diseases af- 
fecting the heart "the educated patient can help 
more when wisely advised than in almost any other 

Buck, Albert H. The dawn of modern 
medicine: an account of the revival of 
the science and art of medicine which 
took place in western Europe during the 
latter half of the eighteenth century and 
the first part of the nineteenth. 1920. 


Continuation of The growth of medicine, N 1203. 

Dock, Lavinia L. A short history of nurs- 
ing from the earliest times to the pres- 
ent day. 1920. N 2685 

Donnelly, Antoinette. How to reduce; new 
waistlines for old. 1920. N 2493 

Park, William Hallock, and others. Patho- 
genic micro-organisms; a practical manual 
for students, physicians, and health offi- 
cers. 1920. N1753 

Stevens, A. A. A manual of the practice 
of medicine, prepared especially for stu- 
dents. 1919. N1754 


Mechanical, Electric 

Coggeshall, Kenneth M. The modern elec- 
troplater; a complete book considering 
fully the elementary principles of electro 
deposition of metals, their practical ap- 
plication and industrial use. Includes a 
discussion of the essential fundamentals 
of chemistry, magnetism and electricity, 
written with special reference to the needs 
of the practical man; considers the equip- 
ment and supplies required for a success- 
ful plating plant and describes all the 
latest processes of cleaning, plating and 
finishing metals on a commercial scale; 
including valuable tables and tested for- 
mulas. 1920. K 19726 

Corrugated Bar Company, inc., Buffalo. Use- 
ful data on reinforced concrete buildings 
for the designer and estimator. 1919. 

K 26369 

Coursey, Philip R. Telephony without 
wires. 1919. K 24999 

Ninde, William E. Design and construction 
of heat engines. 1920. K 22736 

Oberg, Erik Valdemar, and Jones, Franklin 
D. Gage design and gage-making; a trea- 
tise on the development of gaging sys- 
tems for interchangeable manufacture, the 
design of different types of gages and 
their production, including precision ma- 
chining operations, lapping, and various 
modern appliances for gage measurement. 
1920. K 22977 

Rose, Joshua. Complete practical machinist; 
embracing lathe work, vise and bench 
work, drills and drilling, taps and dies, 
hardening and tempering, making and use 
of tools, tool grinding, marking out work, 
lathe attachments and their uses, ma- 
chine tools, etc. 1920. K 22660 

Wood, W. W. The Westinghouse E-T 
air brake instruction pocket book; a com- 
plete work explaining in detail the im- 
proved Westinghouse locomotive air 
brake equipment, including both the No. 
5 and the standard No. 6 styles, with re- 
cent modifications. 1920. K 23414 


Goulding, Ernest. Cotton and other vege- 
table fibres; their production and utiliza- 
tion. 1919. K 24048 

(Imperial Institute handbooks.) 

A handbook of the commercial resources of the 
tropics in cotton, hemp, flax and ramie, jute- 
cordage- and miscellaneous fibers. 

Ise, John. The United States forest policy. 
1920. K 24132 

References on forest reserves from official re- 
ports, pointing out results of past and present 
policies, and suggesting wiser methods in the 

Smith-Gordon, Lionel. Co-operation for 
farmers. 1918. L 17545 

Domestic Economy 

Cooley, Anna M., and others. Teaching home 
economics. 1919. K 24578 

_ Covers in outline the whole field under the four 
divisions: (1) Home economics as an organized 
study in the school program; (2) Organization of 
courses in home economics; (3) Planning of les- 
sons; (4) Personnel, materials and opportunities. 

Dearborn, George Van Ness. The psychology 
of clothing. 1918. K 24835 

(Psychological review publications.) 

"A kind of scientific ghost of Sartor resartus." 

Commerce, Business 

American School of Correspondence, Chi- 
cago. Employment management and 
safety engineering; a practical reading 
course in modern employment manage- 
ment and safety measures based upon a 
personal survey of sixty representative 
plants and installations. 1919. 7 v. 

L 20306 


v. 1. Employment department organization. 
Functions. Personnel. 

2. Job analysis. Labor sources. Safeguarding 

3. Training workers. Systems. Policies. 

4. Follow-up. Labor turnover. Collective bar- 

5. industrial insurance. Medical service. Le- 
gal phases. 

6. Safety work. Accidents. Engineering fea- 
tures. Equipment. 

7. Mechanical guarding. Special features. In- 

Boyle, James E. Speculation and the Chi- 
cago Board of Trade. 1920. L 20139 

A clear and concise treatment of the subject for 
the uninformed reader. It describes the pitfalls of 
soeculation; a typical day's work at the Board of 
Trade; the relation of the grain dealer to the 
Board of Trade and also to the producer. 

Ford, L. C., and Ford, Thomas F. The 
foreign trade of the United States; its 
character, organization and methods. 1920. 

L 20138 

This book is for the business man who has gone 
fiom the elementary to the broader aspects of his 
problem. . . It passes from a brief treatment of 
commerce as a national project to practical con- 
siderations. Booklist. 

Lloyds directory of manufacturers, mer- 
chants, shippers, and professional for 
Great Britain and Ireland, Canada, South 
Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Egypt, 
India, China, Japan, United States of 
America, South America, and the con- 
tinent of Europe. 1920. *R 3692 

Rappold, O. S. Retail training service; a 
vocational training for retail salespeople. 
1919-20. L 20305 

Contents: Qualifications of salespeople. Store 
conduct. Retail salesmanship. Types of customers. 
Classes of customers. 'Selling " the customer. 
Study of merchandise. Stockkeeping. Selling the 
merchandise. Store systems. Store policies. 
Building business. 


Belt, Robert E. Foundry cost accounting; 
practice and procedure. 1919. L 20457 

Berndt, Irving A. Costs, their compilation 
and use in management. 1920. L 20449 

Frederick, J. George. Business research and 
statistics. 1920. L 20304 

This book is intended _for all those who shape 
policies, make markets, direct affairs, or study in- 
vestments in business, and also for those analytical 
executives, statisticians and researchers who assist 
such men to arrive at correct solutions to their 
problems. Book Review Digest. 

Sailers, Earl A. Accounts in theory and 
practice; principles. 1920. L 20493 

Manufactures and Trades 
Collier, D. Basket making. 1919. K 26145 

Kelly, A. Ashmun. The expert paint mixer; 
designed for the use of house and struc- 
tural painters. 1920. K 26542 

A useful manual for the amateur as well as the 
experienced painter, full of practical directions and 
suggestions on color combination and material. 

Petroleum register; an annual directory and 
statistical record of the petroleum industry 
in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 
1919. *R 3690 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Telephone guide for the building industries 
of Chicago; complete list of architects, 
contractors, engineers and material manu- 
facturers and dealers, arranged alphabetic- 
ally and under their respective associa- 
tion headings. 1920. *R3693 

Wheelwright, William Bond. Essential facts 
about paper. 1920. K 25827 

Witham, G. S., Sr. Modern pulp and paper 
making; a practical treatise. 1920. 

K 25828 

The author is the manager of a large paper cor- 
poration and is able to discuss in a practical man- 
ner all the processes employed in the production of 
paper, as well as details with regard to the plant 
and material. 


Drawing and Engraving 

Brooks, Alfred Mansfield. From Holbein to 
Whistler; notes on drawing and engrav- 
ing. 1920. K 29328 

A study of the principles of etching and en- 
graving, of the development of this art since the 
beginning of line engraving in Italy, and of rep- 
resentative pictures of unquestioned merit. Ease 
and dignity mark the style. Booklist. 

Langhanke, O. L. Elementary show card 
writing; primary lessons in the art of show 
card writing and their practical applica- 
tion, for use in colleges, high schools, 
and for self-instruction. 1919. K 28727 

Photography, Motion Pictures 

Hammond, Arthur. Pictorial composition in 
photography. 1920. K 29452 

A beautifully illustrated volume giving the 
photographer as much practical help in the way of 
rules for composition as is possible in a line of 
work which is so largely dependent on the personal 

New York Institute of Photography. A con- 
densed course in motion picture photog- 
raphy, with special chapters by specialists 
of the research laboratories of the East- 
man Kodak Company. 1920. K 29554 


Brower, Harriette. Self-help in piano 
study; practical lessons in piano technic 
and plain talks with piano teachers and 
students. 1920. K 29903 


Gordon, L. M. The modern school orchestra 
and its development; the string choir, 
the brass choir, the woodwind choir, in- 
struments of percussion; a book for con- 
ductors of school or community orchestra. 
1919. K 29966 

Kitson, C. H. Elementary harmony. 1920. 

K 29723 

Victor Talking Machine Company. Music 
appreciation for little children, in the 
home, kindergarten and primary schools; 
designed to meet the needs of the child 
mind during the sensory period of de- 
velopment; to be used with the Victrola 
and Victor records. 1920. K 29675 

Woods, Glenn H. Public school orchestras 
and bands. 1920. K 29897 


Indoor Games 

Capablanca, J. R. My chess career. 1920. 

K 30363 

A meteoric chess career outlined by the player 
himself, with illuminating comments on his own 
and his adversary's play. 

Irwin, Florence. Master-auction; auction 
for those who know it. 1920. K 30431 

Wolcott, Theresa Hunt, ed. The book of 
games and parties for all occasions. 1920. 

K 30242 

Outdoor Sports 

Christy, Bayard H. Going afoot; a book on 
walking. 1920. K 30536 

yigorous hiking and climbing are urgently pre- 
scribed, together with proper care of feet and body, 
and secrets of proper dress. 

Smith, O. W. Casting tackle and meth- 
ods. 1920. K 30848 

A free and easy book, full of authentic in- 
formation given with the jocular assurance of the 
long-experienced angler. It could become a ref- 
erence manual to the beginner in the subtle art of 
casting; and it could not fail to be a delight to 
the enthusiast. Bookman. 


Duclaux, Madame Mary. Twentieth cen- 
tury French writers (reviews and remi- 
niscences). 1920. J5365 

Contents: Maurice Barres. Romain Roliand. 
Edmond Rostand. Paul Claudel. Francis Jammes. 
Rene Boylesve. Andre Gide. Charles Peguy. 
Ernest Psichari. Emile Nolly. Henri Barbusse. 
Georges Duhamel. The Countess de Noailles. 
Madame Colette. Madame Tinayre. Mademoiselle 
Marie Leneru. The pastoral novel. The novel of 
childhood. Epilogue. . 

Madame Duclaux has chosen the writers who are 
characteristic of the very newest schools, includ- 
ing both popular authors and those known to the 
intellectuals. The Boston Transcript calls this "a 
brilliant and scholarly volume, arriving as it does 
when we need the stirrmlus and example of these 
French modernists." 

Mais, S. P. B. Books and their writers. 
1920. J 6366 

Contents: Preface. Novelists and novels: Intro- 
ductory: Compton Mackenzie; Norman Douglas; 
Frank Swinnerton: Stephen McKenna; Jane Austen; 
Clemence Dane; Dorothy Richardson. Poetry and 
poets: Introductory; J. C. Squire; Siegfried Sas- 
soon; Robert Nichols; Dora Sigerson: Chinese 

malice; The humour of "Saki"; Women. 

The author disclaims being a critic, but writes 
with enthusiasm of his favorite authors and books. 



Frothingham, Robert, ed. Songs 
an anthology. 1920. 

of dogs; 
E 14336 

A collection of the best poems written about 
dogs, grouped under three headings: The friend 
of man, In lighter vein, and The happy hunting 

Jackson, A. V. Williams. Early Persian 
poetry, from the beginnings down to the 
time of Firdausi; with ten illustrations. 
1920. J 4929 

This book aims to give the main outlines of the 
earlier periods and the characteristics of individual 
poets by means of translations from their works. 

Maynard, Theodore, comp. and ed. A tank- 
ard of ale; an anthology of; drinking? 
songs. 1920. E 14335 

The collection contains the cream of jolly songs, 
prefaced by an introduction bewailing the triumph 
of the teetotaller. 

Pagan. A second Pagan anthology, con- 
taining poems that have appeared in the 
Pagan magazine. 1919. E 14333 

Trotter, Jacqueline T. ed. Valour and vi- 
sion; poems of the war, 1914-1918. 1920. 

E 14348 

She has been at pains to collect_the best, not the 
immediately sensational or surprising. Her scheme 
of arrangement a chronological one reflecting the 
changing phases and moods of those four years is 

admirable. Every 
London Mercury. 

campaign has its celebrants. 

Poetry by Individual Authors 

Aiken, Conrad. The house of dust; a sym- 
phony. 1920. E 14449 

Mr. Aiken "has striven to make tangible to us 
the intangible substance of our lives." This book 
is an achievement in conveying the half-lights of 
shifting impalpable dreams while here and there a 
few lovely lights and colors are floated before our 

Bradford, Gamaliel. A prophet of joy. 1920. 

E 10665 

A modern novel in sprightly rhymed octaves 
which C. W. Stork writing in the Literary Review 
says is "n9t an imitation^ but a vital incarnation of 
the Byronic satire, proving that modern life may 
be dressed in'an ancfent mode at least as effectively 
as in the fashions of the hour." 

Brown, Abbie Farwell. Heart of New Eng- 
land. 1920. E 10699 

She has not the concern of many modern poets 
with individualistic reactions; she interprets the 
great forces that stir bodies of men to action love, 
law, right and wrong. Boston Transcript. 



Courthope, William John. The country 
town, and other poems. 1920. E 14551 

A memorial volume to a beloved Oxford pro- 
fessor of poetry. The London Times says that 
Courthope's verse combines the spirit of Chaucer 
and Spenser with the language and form of Pope 
and Goldsmith. 

Freeman, John. Memories of childhood, and 
other poems. 1919. E 14672 

The London Mercury considers this one of the 
two most notable volumes produced by the younger 
poets, the other being Brett Young's Poems, E 11719 
(see below). 

Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson. 

Neighbours. 1920. 
E 10952 

Gregory, Padric. 

Old world ballads. 1913. 
E 10986 

Lincoln, Elliott C. 
steader. 1920. 

Rhymes of a home- 
E 14821 

Jingling homespun verse giving good pictures of 
Montana farm life. Booklist. 

Masefield, John. Right Royal. 


E 14861 

A vivid tale in verse of a horse race won by 
Right Royal the "dark bay." It is similar in theme 
and atmosphere to his hunting poem "Reynard the 
Fox," and is full of life and light and color. 

Powell, Charles. The poets in the nursery; 
with an introduction by John Drinkwater. 
1920. E 11412 

Parodies of well known poets based on the Mother 
Goose nursery rhymes. Fourteen of them orig- 
inally appeared in the Manchester Guardian, the 
remaining six appear now for the first time. 

Robinson, Edwin Arlington. The three tav- 
erns; a book of poems. 1920. E 14966 

A collection of short poems written during the 
last few years, five of the longer ones being based 
on historical episodes. The Bookman says of Mr. 
Robinson's poetry that "the feeling of pity and 
compassion never borders the sentimental; the na ( 
ture of it is always wisdom and understanding." 

Teasdale. Sara. Flame and shadow. 1920. 

E 15044 

We must acknowledge a growth in artistry. Her 
rhythms are much more subtle, more accurate 
psychologically than they used to be. . . These 
lyrics have the lilt of absolute naturalness which 
is sincere and perfect music. New York Times. 

Untermeyer, Louis. The new Adam. 1920. 

E 15085 

A frank expression of the modern poet's con- 
ception of love a conception which is as far re- 
moved from the overspiritualized attitude of the 
Victorian poets as it is from the overemphasized 
brutality of the French realists. Publishers' note. 

Wilkinson, Marguerite. Bluestone; lyrics. 
1920. E 15112 

These lyrics, more touching than inspiring, con- 
tain a decidedly poetic element. 

Young, Francis Brett. Poems, 1916-1918. 
1919. E 11719 

All his deepest feelings patriotism, love, friend- 
ship are interwoven with natural beauty. . . His 
simplicity of expression conceals a good deal of 
technical effort. London Mercury. 

Bahr, Hermann, 
the American 
Glazer. 1918. 


The master; adapted for 

stage by Benjamin F. 

E 13481 

Bates, Esther Willard. A pageant of Pil- 
grims, setting forth the historical story 
and interpreting the vital significance of 
their ideals and actions of all man-kind; 
to be presented by churches, schools, col- 
leges or communities. 1920. E 13482 

Bierstadt, Edward Hale, ed. Three plays 
of the Argentine: Juan, Moreira, Santos 
Vega, The witches' mountain. 1920. 

E 13501 

Contents: Juan Moreira; a national drama of life 
on the pampas, by Silverio Manco. Santos Vega; 
a poetic evocation of the legend of the famous min- 
strel of the pampas, by Luis Bayon Herrera. The 
witches' mountain (La montana de brujas) ; a 
tragedy, by Julio Sanchez Gardel. 

However primitive the plays, they possess what 
our American drama strives in vain to discover, 
the soul of their native land. D. Grafly in Nation. 

Brighouse, Harold. Three Lancashire plays: 
The game, The northerners, Zack. 1920. 

E 13513 

"The game," while seeming to be about football, 
is really about parents and children. The second 
play deals with the introduction of machine looms 
and is full of vivid interest both historically and as 
portraying the struggle between , character and 
ideals. "Zack," a character comedy, though very 
actable, is not such good reading. 

Gregory, Lady. The dragon; a wonder play 
in three acts. 1920. E 12276 

The play is a rollicking comedy of a wilful 
princess, an irate father and the prince who enters 
the castle in the guise of a cook, kills the dragon 
that threatens^ the life of the princess, and claims 
her for his bride. 

O'Neill, Eugene G. Thirst, and other one- 
act plays. 1914. E 14165 

(American dramatists series.) 

Contents: Thirst. The web. Warnings. Fog. 

Rolland, Romain. Liluli, with thirty-two 
wood engravings by Frans Masereel. 1920. 

E 14219 

A satire on life expressed in symbols. The human 
race is marching across a footbridge over a ravine 
to a new ideal world. The bridge collapses and 
humanity falls into the abyss, while on top of the 
debris sits Liluli (Illusion) smiling the hope for 
the future. 


Bennett, Arnold. Our women; chapters on 
the sex-discord. 1920. L 20963 

It is delightful, provocative, and exasperatingly 
illogical. . . Being witty, human and full of chal- 
lenging contradictions, it will bore no reader, but 
will interest everyone, if only for the sake of that 
argument dear to every mind. Bookman. 

Gass, Sherlock Bronson. A lover of the 
chair. 1919. E 3060 

f The title is a subtle rebuff of that active, acquisi- 
tive, aggressive Americanism which is strenuously 
of the hour and so little to Mr. Gass's taste. . . 
Formally the book is made up of the passing show 
politics, art, thought, from the quiet of the ob- 
server's chair. New Republic. 



Goldring, Douglas. Reputations; essays in 
criticism. 1920. J 6365 

Contents: James Elroy Flecker. Three Georgian 
novelists, Compton Mackenzie, Hugh Walpole, Gil- 
bert Cannan. The later work of D. H. Lawrence. 
Mr. Wells and the war. The war and the poets. 
An outburst on Gissing. The author of "Tarr." 
The Gordon Selfridge of English letters. Redding 
"On wines." Clever novels. 1855. Low tastes. 
Looking back. 

His comments on the intellectual life of England 
are exceedingly worth while and his marginal notes, 
those paragraphs that embroider his critical articles, 
are extremely valuable. The reader knows definite- 
ly where he stands. New York Times. 

Harper, George McLean. John Morley and 
other essays. 1920. J 4735 

Contents: John Morley. Michelangelo's sonnets. 
The fame of Victor Hugo. Balzac's Human com- 
edy. An American critic: W. C. Brownell. 
Wordsworth at Blois.- Wordsworth's love poetry. 
David Brainerd; a Puritan saint. 

Lucas, E. V. Adventures and enthusiasms. 
1920. E 4362 

A collection of short essays on p variety of sub- 
jects and in a vein of humor resembling Lamb's. 
The book impresses ycu, according to the New York 
Times, "with its feeling of leisure, of the fulness 
of time, of the charm of idleness." 

Maynard, Theodore. Carven from the laurel 
tree. 1919. E 4451 

Contents: The mystical note in poetry. Mysti- 
cism and the Oxford Poetry Book. The humour of 
the saints. Sanctity and the sanitary inspector. 
On drinking songs. The art of Alice Meynell. 
The drama of the dramatists.; The revival of Eng- 
lish poetry. Poets' prose. The guild idea. 'Ro- 
man and Utopian More.' This green plot shall be 
our stage. A secret England. 

Park, J. Edgar. The bad results of good- 
habits, and other lapses. 1920. E 5183 

Wholesome and rather amusing homilies by a 
Congregational minister apparently addressed to nar- 
row pietistic readers who need convincing that there 
is beauty and mystery in life, as well as a moral 
side. The author has good sense and kindliness 
behind his flippancy, and a good style. 

Repplier, Agnes. 

Points of friction. 1920. 

Contents: Living in history. Dead authors. 
Consolations of the conservative. The cheerful 
clan. The beloved sinner. The virtuous Victorian. 
Woman enthroned. The stray prohibitionist. 
Money. Cruelty and humour. 

A keen and clever presentation of the intellectual 
conservative point of view, whether the subject be 
history, spiritualism, temperament, or morals. 

Scoville, Samuel, Jr. Everyday adventures. 
1920. K 21776 

Contents: Everyday adventures. Zero birds. 
Snow stories. A runaway day. The raven's nest. 
Hidden treasure. Bird's-nesting. The treasure 
hunt. Orchid hunting. The marsh dwellers. The 
seven sleepers. Dragon's blood. 

Essays describing personal experiences with birds 
and other forms of natural life arising from the 
recreations of a public-spirited and open-minded 

Public Speaking 

Donnelly, Francis P. The art of interesting; 
its theory and practice for speakers and 
writers. 1920. J 7114 

Kleiser, Grenville. Something to say and 
how to say it. 1920. J7112 

Successful methods of public speaking. 

1919. J7113 


Cannan, Gilbert. Windmills; a book of 
fables. 1920. E 2141 

Contents: Samways Island. Ultimus. Gyne- 
cologia. Out of work. 

Considering their history we cannot help admir- 
ing the prophetic insight of Mr. Cannan's fables. 
Upon the outbreak of the war they were condemned 
and suppressed, although their keen satire had been 
received with approval when they first appeared. 

Cobb, Irvin S. The abandoned farmers; 
his humorous account of a retreat from 
the city to the farm. 1920. E 2359 


Aldrich, Mrs. Thomas Bailey. Crowding 
memories. 1920. C 20544 

Mrs. Aldrich had the opportunity of knowing 
intimately such personages as Edwin Booth, How- 
ells, Mark Twain, Browning, Whistler, Mrs. Howe, 
and Dickens, and her reminiscences are entertain- 
ing, as are all similar scrap-book anecdotal collec- 
tions, and at the same time well writttn. 

Asquith, Mrs. Margaret Tennant. Margot 
Asquith, an autobiography. 1920. 2 v. 

C 20646 

Letters and conversations as recorded in the 
author's diary afford intimate glimpses of leading 
lights in England. Her own personality is revealed 
through her reactions to the friends she discusses. 
She makes no attempt to disguise her impressions, 
but presents her facts with absolute sincerity in a 
sparkling and vivacious style. 

Carnegie, Andrew. Autobiography. 1920. 


It is a charming self-revealing character sketch of 
"the iron-master," told with simplicity and un- 
affectedness. His reminiscences of notables on both 
sides of the Atlantic are both entertaining and 

Chapin, Charles. Charles Chapin's story 
written in Sing Sing prison; with an in- 
troduction by Basil King. 1920. C 21195 
The autobiography of an American newspaper 
man, who is serving a life term for the murder of 
his wife. His story reveals much of thrilling inter- 
est in the newspaper business and enlists the read- 
er's sympathy throughout. 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. PAINE, ALBERT 
BIGELOW. A short life of Mark Twain. 

1920. C 21293 
Abridged from Mark Twain a biography, C 21280 



Holland, Henry Scott. A forty years' 
friendship; letters from the late Henry 
Scott Holland to Mrs. Drew, ed. by S. 
L. Ollard. 1919. C 22459 

Letters during the time from 1876 to 1918 writ- 
ten by the Canon of St. Paul's to Mary Gladstone 
Drew. They_ treat of personal and literary matters 
and are of interest intrinsically and in connection 
with Gladstone. 

Memories of my son, Sergeant Joyce 
Kilmer; with numerous unpublished 
poems and letters. 1920. C 22768 

Mitford, Mary Russell. HILL, CONSTANCE. 
Mary Russell Mitford and her surround- 
ings. 1920. C 23418 

As an introduction to Miss Mitford's work and 
personality Miss Hill's book is an admirable achieve- 
ment. It presents the woman perfectly and brings 
before the reader again the age wherein she lived^ 
New York Times. 

Normandy, Robert Curthose, Duke of. DAVID 
CHARLES WENDELL. Robert Curthose, duke 
of Normandy. 1920. B 2260, 25 

(Harvard historical studies.) 

Roosevelt, Theodore. LEARY, JOHN J., Jr. 
Talks with T. R. 1920. C 23971 

These are extracts from the diary of a veteran 
newspaper man who had carefully recorded his con- 
versations with Theodore Ropsevelt for many years. 
The Boston Transcript calls it "a wonderfully read- 
able book about a wonderful personality." 


Bland, J. O. P. Men, manners and morals 
in South America. 1920. 1 11166 

Probably the study of nationalities and the 
tangled South American race problems is the most 
illuminating study in the volume, because so woe- 
fully little is known of those acute race differ- 
ences which make men Brazilians, Argentines and 
Uruguayans. As a source of information for stu- 
dents, this book will prove most helpful. -New York 

Gibbs, Philip. People of destiny; Ameri- 
cans as I saw them at home and abroad. 
1920. 1 4324 

Sir Philip chatters delightfully about the America 
he has seen, which is principally upper New York. 
He mingles praises with kindly criticism and thinks 
the main obstacle to our highest influence lies in 
the conspicuous gulf between our rich and poor. 

Greenbie, Sydney. Japan, real and imagin- 
ary. 1920. 1 10692 

A direct and fearless opinion of the people of 
japan and their customs by an American who has 
kept a careful record of his impressions for the 
last two years. The Dial regards it as the best 
book on Japan from the standpoint of fact that has 
been written by an American for some time. 

Hale, Louise Closser. An American's Lon- 
don. 1920. 1 10380 

Mrs. Hale has painted with deft strokes pictures 
of the changing city that met her eye at every turn. 
And she has interpreted these pictures in their full 
significance perhaps more illuminatingly than any 
Londoner could do ... Its pages are lightened by 
a sprightly sense of humor. New York Times. 

Hamilton, Lord Frederick. The vanished 
pomps of yesterday; being some random 
reminiscences of a British diplomat. 1920. 

1 11251 

Duty or inclination took him to India, Portugal, 
Brazil, Canada and Japan . . . but it is his pic- 
tures of the three great courts [Berlin, Vienna, 
Petrograd] whose pomps have been so tragically 
revealed as vanities, that make his book timely and 
absorbing. Times (London). 

Peck, J. M. The traveler's directory for 
Illinois; containing accurate sketches of 
the state, a particular description of each 
county, and important business towns, a 
list of the principal roads, stage and 
steamboat routes, land offices, tracts of 
land unoccupied, a description of the 
timbered and prairie portions of the state, 
the rivers, minerals, animals, internal im- 
provements, climate and seasons, the 
whole intended as a companion to the 
new sectional map of Illinois. 1839. 

*I 4353 

Sherard, Robert Harborough. My friends 
the French, with discursive allusions to 
other people. 1909. 111900 

Wharton, Edith. In Morocco. 1920. 18955 

With the French government's permission and 
guidance, Mrs. Wharton was able to enjoy a most 
unusual and fascinating holiday which she here 
records for us. Motoring from Tangier to Marra- 
kech, from Rabat to Tez, this "Arabian nights" 
countiy was revealed to her in all its ancient 
picturesqueness and color. 


Gallagher, Patrick. America's aims and 
Asia's aspirations. 1920. A 7121 

An experienced journalist with a vivacious style 
here covers the entire peace conference in a very 
readable manner. He thinks Japan won Shantung 
because of Wilson's inability to adhere to his 
originally pro-Chinese position. 

Laudyn, Stephanie. A world problem: 
Jews, Poland, humanity; a psychological 
and historical study . . . tr. from Polish. 
1920. A 2683 

From the anti-Semitic viewpoint with reference 
to the history of Poland. 

Magnus, Leonard A. Roumania's cause and 
ideals. 1917. A 5255 

Short historical sketches of Roumania, Transyl- 
vania and Bessarabia and a rather complete discus- 
sion of the grievances and negotiations with Austria 
which justified entrance into the war. Booklist. 

Nekludoff, A. Diplomatic reminiscences be- 
fore and during the world war, 1911-1917. 
1920. A 5966 

M. Nekludoff was a representative of the Czar in 
Sofia and Stockholm and later ambassador for the 
provincial government of Russia in Madrid. Hi 
eventful experiences with a government now ex- 
tinct enable him to reveal to us facts which under 
other conditions would still be diplomatic secrets. 



European War 

Bassett, John Spencer. Our war with Ger- 
many: a history. 1919. A 7124 
Carefully studied and judicially written, this book 
is sure to be one of the useful authorities. Nation. 

Frothingham, Thomas G. A guide to the 
military history of the world war, 1914- 
1918. 1920. A 7120 

The object of the book is to give a general per- 
spective of the war from a military and strategic 
point of view. Book Review Digest. 

Hamilton, Sir Ian. Gallipoli diary. 1920. 2 v. 

A 7118 

The chief attraction of this book is its character- 
izations of famous men like Kitchener, Churchill 
and others, its satire on politics ... its bits of 
brilliant description, its sense of historical romance, 
its flights of prose poetry, its fine atmospheric 
effects. Times (London). 

Hungerford, Edward. With the doughboy in 
France; a few chapters of an American 
effort. 1920. A 7127 

Johnston, M. A. B., and Yearsley, K. D. 
Four-fifty miles to freedom. 1920. A 7125 

Price, Julius M. On the path of adventure; 

illustrated with jottings from the author's 

sketch book and a map. 1919. A 7126 

A narrative of the writer's own experiences in 

the war. 

Tuohy, Ferdinand. The secret corps; a tale 
of "Intelligence" on all fronts. 1920. 

A 7119 

Captain Tuohy draws striking pictures, based on 
his own experience, of spy and counter-spy work, of 
the relentless cross-examination of prisoners, of easy 
chats with refugees, of the deliberate dissemina- 
tion of false information intended to reach the 
enemy. London Times. 

The Indians 

Kellogg, Laura Cornelius, {Wynnogene}. 
Our democracy and the American Indian; 
a comprehensive presentation of the In- 
dian situation as it is today. 1920. B 5388 


Bailey, Temple. The trumpeter swan. 1920. 

F 10798 

A light entertaining novel written in charming 


Bindloss, Harold. The wilderness mine. 
1920. F 11 137 

A Canadian adventure story. 

Blasco Ibanez, Vicente. The enemies of 
women (Los enemigos de la mujer). 1920. 

F 11238 

A picture of life at Monte Carlo during the last 
period of the war. It is an intensive study of the 
futility and immorality of gambling. 

Cohen, Octavus Roy. Come seven. 1920. 

F 12053 

More of the author's inimitable negro stories 
which have appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. 

Couperus, Louis. The inevitable. 1920. 

F 12171 

An emotional Italian story and a satire on 

Douglas, O. Penny plain. 1920. F 12531 

A delightful English story with a Cranford back- 
ground and more than a hint of Barrie in its style. 

Fox, John, jr. Erskine Dale, pioneer. 1920. 

F 12959 

A story of pioneer life in Kentucky and Vir- 
ginia in the years preceding and during the Revo- 
lutionary war. 

Galsworthy, John. In chancery. 1920. 

F 13136 

A continuation of the story of the Forsyte family, 
begun in "The man of property" (F 13086), and 
continued in "The Indian summer of a Forsyte." 
It is the story of an unfortunate marriage and the 
tragedy of a man who could not trace the cause 
of his failures. 

Gerould, Gordon Hall. Youth in Harley. 
1920. F 13194 

The leisurely story of a young man who was_a 
school teacher in a small New England village in 
the eighties. 

Gibbs, Philip. Wounded souls. 1920. F 13247 

A series of pictures of what the author saw in 
Belgium and Germany after the armistice. He 
shows the bitterness _ and hatred which exists be- 
tween the two countries. 

Hendryx, James B. Prairie flowers. 1920. 

F 13687 

A typical western story. 

Hinkson, Katherine Tynan. The love of 
brothers. 1920. F 13915 

Johnston, Mary. Sweet Rocket. 1920. 

F 14411 

A slight story which the author uses as a means 
to express her ideas on mysticism and the higher 

Lewis, Sinclair. Main street; the story of 
Carol Kennicott. 1920. F 14645 

A well-written story of a girl's -unsuccessful at- 
tempt to improve and uplift the small western town 
in which she is to live. It is a good study of life 
in a small town. 

London, Jack. Hearts of three. 1920. 

F 24630 

The romantic tales of a search for buried treasure 
in the South Sea Islands by the two descendants of 
Sir Henry Morgan, the famous buccaneer. 

Macaulay, Rose. Potterism. 1920. F 14965 

An English story which satirizes some of the 
literary tendencies prevailing in England and also in 

McCutcheon, George Barr. West wind drift. 
1920. F 24823 

A ship on its way from South America is 
wrecked and lands on an unknown island. There 
the survivors try to set up a government which 
shall be both modern and adequate. 

McKenna, Stephen. Lady Lilith. 1920. 

F 15224 

This is the first book of a trilogy entitled "The 
sensationalists." It is a picture of social and politi- 
cal life in England before the war, centering around 
Lady Barbara and the men of a certain class at 
Oxford. It is bright and well written. 

Mason, A. E. W. The summons. 1920. 

F 15216 

Martin Hillyard is a member of the English 

secret service and he is sent to the Sudan on a 

mission which proves to be very mysterious and 



Masters, Edgar Lee. Mitch Miller. 1920. 

F 15217 

Two boys who are fired by the story of Tom 
Sawyer, set out to try to find adventures just as 

Monkhouse, Allan. True love. 1920. F 15447 

A psychological story showing a German woman's 
struggle between love for her English husband and 
loyalty to her country. 

Nexo, Martin Andersen. Ditte; girl alive! 
1920. F 15656 

The pitiful story of a girl's life among poverty- 
stricken Danish folk. It is powerfully and vividly 

Poole, Ernest. Blind; a story of these times. 
1920. F 16500 

The author takes up the cause of socialism and 
combines fiction and propaganda by giving his con- 
victions through his characters. The book is largely 
autobiographical and the industrial, political and 
social life of America is graphically analyzed. 

Pryde, Anthony. Marqueray's duel. 1920. 

F 16658 

Ruck, Berta, (Mrs. Oliver Onions). The 
bridge of kisses. 1920. F 15780 

A light story of the romance of a civil engineer 
and a girl with match-making tendencies. 

Tompkins, Juliet Wilbor. Joanna builds a 
nest. 1920. F 18527 

Joanna has a passion for home making and she 
buys a dilapidated farm house with possibilities, 
and then both Joanna and the reader have the best 
of times. 

Wharton, Edith. The age of innocence. 
1920. F 19269 

An accurate picture of New York society in the 
seventies. It is a penetrating criticism of its mem- 
bers who, bound up in forms, not only miss the 
flower of life, but keep others from it as well. It 
is perfect in form and style and one of the best 
books of the year. 

White, Stewart Edward. The rose 'dawn. 
1920. F 19315 

This is the third book in an interesting descrip- 
tive trilogy on the history and growth of California 
from the days of the "49rs," to its later develop- 
ment. . 

Wiley, Hugh. The Wildcat. 1920. F 19484 

Wildcat is a negro corporal in the A. E. F. who 
does not believe in work and who undergoes many 
perils in order to carry out his belief. Humorous 
and good for reading aloud. 

Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville. The little 
warrior. 1920. F 19702 

A| gay comedy-romance full of humor and fan- 
tastic adventure. 

Woolf, Virginia. Night and day. 1920. 

F 19763 



Burke, Kathleen. Little heroes of France. 
1920. A 7123 

Twelve true stories of heroic deeds performed 
by little French children during the war. The 
author was engaged in relief work and either knew 
the children personally or heard the stories from 
those who did. 

Carrington, Hereward. The boy's book of 
magic, including chapters on Hindu 
magic, handcuff tricks, side-show and 
animal tricks, ventriloquism, etc.; together- 
with numerous sleights now published for 
the first time. 1920. K 30254 

Describes tricks which an ordinary boy can per- 
form, if he is careful, and without undue expense. 

Fabre, Jean Henry. The secret of every- 
day things; informal talks with the 
children. 1920. K 18622 

Another selection of Uncle Paul's fascinating 
talks on thread, pins and needles, silk, wool, flax 
and hemp, weaving, moths, calico dying and print- 
ing, human habitations, soap, fire, matches, glass, 
iron, rust, pottery, coffee, sugar, tea, bread, air, 
evaporation, rain, snow, the force of steam, sound 
and light. 

Girl Scouts of America. Scouting for girls; 
official handbook of the Girl Scouts. 1920. 

Hughes Room 

Macgregor, Mary. Stories of the Vikings. 
1908. H 5202 

(Stories from history series.) 

, A history of the Vikings for children in the 
lower grades. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. PEARSON, EDMUND 
LESTER. Theodore Roosevelt. 1920. 

C 23981 

(True stories of great Americans.) 

A brief biography interesting to boys and, ac- 
cording to the New York Post, one of the best 
short summaries of Roosevelt's career that has yet 


Eells, Elsie Spicer. 
from Spain. 1920. 

Tales of enchantment 

Old Spanish folk-lore which has been kept alive 
in South America. These tales are said to have 
inspired the Spanish children of the long ago to the 
deeds which made Spain famous for her discov- 
eries and explorations. 

Foulke, Elizabeth E. Braided straws. 1898. 


A supplementary reader for second and third 

Friedlander, Gerald, ed. and tr. The Jewish 
fairy book. 1920. H 3933 

A collection of tales from ^various Jewish writ- 
ings which have been retold in a modern setting. 

Perkins, Lucy Fitch. 

The Italian twins. 
H 5657 

A good picture of Italian life and customs, 
charmingly illustrated by the author. 

Shute, Henry A. 

Brite and fair. 1920. 


A continuation of Plupy's diary as given in the 
Real diary of a real boy. He has all sorts of esca- 
pades which are told in real boy way. Will be en- 
joyed by children and grown-ups. 

Spyri, Johanna. Cornelli. 1920. H 6599 

Cornelli is a sensitive child who suffers from the 
unjust suspicion of her ciders. How she is restored 
to herself and reinstated in her father's affections, 
forms an unusually interesting narrative. 



Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
card in the Civics and Documents Department, first 
floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Bawden, N. T. National crisis in educa- 
tion; an appeal to the people. 1920. 

116.3 1920-29 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1920, 
no. 29.) 

"Report of the proceedings of the national citi- 
zen's conference on education called by the U. S. 
Commission of Education and held at Washington, 
D. C., May, 1920." 

Bellows, Henry A. Treatise on riot duty 
for the National Guard. 1920. W70.2 R47 

(U. S. Militia Bureau.) 

Includes the tactical, administrative, and legal 
aspects of this phase of military protection. 

Bengtson, Nels A. Norway; a commercial 
and industrial handbook. 1920. C 18.11 196 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents ser. 196.) 

"What business men wish to know about Nor- 
way." ^Valuable also for schools as it gives a com- 
prehensive idea of the country. 

Berkowitz, J. H. Eyesight of school child- 
ren. 1920. 116.3 1919 65 

(U. S. Dept. of Education. Bulletin 1919, no. 

"Defective vision as related to school environ- 
ment and methods of prevention and correction." 

Brooks, Charles, and others. Diseases of 
apples in storage. 1920. A1.9 1160 

(Farmers' Bulletin 1160.) 

Including principles governing disease control, 
with description of diseases and methods for check- 

Garry, L. S. Textile markets of Brazil. 1920. 

C18.11 203 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents ser. 203.) 

Gives not only the textile requirements of Brazil, 
but information pertaining to area and physical 
features, climate, population, social characteristics, 
and relations with the U. S. 

Gray, L. C., and Lloyd, O. G. Farm land 
values in Iowa. 1920. A1.3 874 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 874.) 
As a study of land speculation this 1919 investi- 
gation is an important contribution to the general 
subject of land economics. 

Hays, Benjamin K. Questions and answers 
on tuberculosis. 1920. T 27.17 26 

(U. S. Public Health Service. Misc. pub. 26.) 
Prepared by direction of the Surgeon General. 

League of Nations. International Labor 
Conference. First annual meeting, Octo- 
ber 29, 1919-November 29, 1919. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 1920. L1.10 1919 

Proceedings of first International Labor Confer- 
ence held as result of the League of Nations. Well 

Mattoon, W. R., and Dille, Alvin. Forestry 
lessons on home woodlands. 1920. 

A1.3 863 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 863.) 
With a supplement containing a list of publica- 
tions relating to forestry, a list of state forestry 
departments, Doyle rule for scaling logs, the key to 
common kinds of trees, and one hundred important 
forest trees. 

Perry, Arthur Reed. Preventable death in 
cotton manufacturing industry. 1919. 

L2.3 251 

(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bull. 251.) 

Investigation regarding death hazard of indus- 
trial and non-industrial people of Fall River, Mass., 
with tables showing influence of such factors as 
age, sex, nativity, and conjugal condition. 

Ransom, B. H., and others. Effects of pork- 
curing process on trichinae. 1920. A 1.3 880 
(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 880.) 

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Historical survey of international action 
affecting labor. 1920. L2.3 268 

(Bulletin 268.) 

Describes the international trade-union movement 
to the year 1914. Analyzes labor treaties and con- 
ventions entered into by the various governments. 

Bureau of Standards. Inks: their com- 
position, manufacture, and methods of 
testing. 1920. C13.4 95 

(Circular 95.) 

An interesting non-technical discussion of inks, 
and their history. 

Federal Board for Vocational Educa- 
tion. Industrial rehabilitation. 1920. 

VE1.3 57 

(Bulletin 57.) 

"A statement of policies to be observed in the 
administration of the industrial rehabilitation act." 

Militia Bureau. Questions for National 

Guard Officers: 

Basic. 1920. W70.2 B29q 

Cavalry. 1919. W70.2 C31q 

Field Artillery. 1919. W70.2 F45q 

Infantry. 1919. W70.2 In3q 

Special regulations, no. 57. 1920. W70.2 Sp3q 

Military Air Service Dept. Aviation 

medicine in the A. E. F. 1920. W87.2 M46 
"Describes the various phases of the physiological 
and psychological problems of aviation and the or- 
ganization of the work in the A. E. F." Full of 
timely interest. 

Naval War College. The treaty of 

peace with Germany, June 28, 1919, with 
notes and index. 1920. N15.7/1 1919 

(International law documents, 1919.) 
A well indexed transcript of the peace treaty and 
the League of Nations. 

Public Health Service. Flat-foot and 

other foot troubles. 1920. T27.22 12 

(Keep well ser. 12.) 

Valuable suggestions for care of the feet. 

Tariff Commission. Reciprocity with 

Canada. 1920. TC 1.1 R24c 

A study of the proposed reciprocity treaty of 
1911, giving a detailed analysis of the measure, and 
a comparison of the proposed rates of tariff in 1911 
with those in force last May. 

War Dept. Congressional medal of 

honor, the distinguished service cross, and 
the distinguished service medal. 1917- 
1919. 1920. W3.2 M46 

Arranged in groups by states and by divisions, 
with index. Short ^citation of heroism of each per- 
son awarded, with illustrations of medals. 

Women's Bureau. Industrial 

tunities and training for women and girls. 
1920. L13.3 13 

(Bulletin 13.) 

Emphasizes the larger industrial opportunities 
for women, brought about by the war, and sug- 
gests vocational education and industrial training 
courres to further fit them for the work. 

Woodbury, Robert M. Industrial instability 
of child W9rkers. 1920. L5.9 5 

(U. S. Children's Bureau. Industrial series, 
no. 5.) 

A study of employment certificate records in 



ALFRED E. BARK, President 10 S. La Salle St. 

JAMES J. HEALY, Vice-Pres..30 N. Dearborn St. FRANK F. TOLLKUEHN. .69 W. Washington St. 

R. G. SHUTTER 175 W. Jackson Boul. LAWRENCE CUNEO 51 S. Water St. 

CHARLES E. SCHICK 600 W. North Ave. ROBERT J. MCLAUGHLIN. 5323 Hyde Park Boul. 

CARL O. BEROTH 910 S. Michigan Ave. ELLIOTT W. SPROUL 10559 S. Seeley Ave. 

HARRY G. WILSON Secretary 

CARL B. RODEN.. ..Librarian 

Michigan Boulevard, Washington and Randolph Streets 

WEEKDAY HOURS : Circulation Dept., 9 a. m. to 8 :30 p. m. 

Reference, Periodicals, and Civics Depts., 9 a. m. to 10 p. m 
Art, Music, Patent Reports, 9 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. 
Children's Dept., 9:30 a. m. to 6:00 p. m. 

SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY HOURS: Reference and Periodicals Depts. only, 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. 

Holidays comprise New Year's Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, Memorial 
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 
All departments are closed on Independence Day and Christmas Day. 


Independent collections of 3,000 to 20,000 volumes in quarters owned or rented by the 
Library, or occupied by arrangement with the Park Boards, and administered by a librarian 
and staff. 

Branches marked * are open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. ; those marked f are open from 
9 a. m. to 9 p. m. ; those marked $ are open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. ; those marked ff are 
open from 2 to 7 p. m. ; all others are open from 1 to 9 p m. ; and all are open holidays from 
2 to 6 p. m. 

J-HENRY E. LEGLER REGIONAL BRANCH. Crawford Ave. and Monroe St. 

ARMOUR SQUARE. 33d St. and Shields Ave. -{-LINCOLN CENTRE. Oakweod Blvd. and Lang- 
*AUSTIN. 5644 W. Lake St. ley Ave. 

BESSEMER PARK. 89th St. and Muskegon Ave. fLoGAN SQUARE. 3248 Fullerton Ave. 
*BLACKSTONE. 49th St. and Lake Park Ave. MARK WHITE SQUARE. Halsted and 30th Sts. 

fBuRR SCHOOL. Ashland and Wabansia Ave. McKiNLEY PARK. W. 37th St. and S. West- 

fBuTLER HOUSE. 3212 Broadway. ern Ave. 

CORNELL SQUARE. Wood and W. 51st Sts. MORSE SCHOOL. N. Sawyer Ave. and W. 

DAVIS SQUARE. 45th St. and Marshfield Ave. Ohio St. 

*DOUGLAS BRANCH. 1212 S. St. Louis Ave. fOcDEN PARK. 64th St. and Racine Ave. 

DVORAK PARK. 20th and Fisk Sts. PALMER PARK, lllth St. and Indiana Ave. 

ECKHART PARK. Chicago Ave. and Noble St. IPpUUUd PARK. Blackhawk and Noble Sts. 

JFoRRESTViLLE SCHOOL. 45th St. and St. Law- *ROGERS PARK. 6975 N. Clark St. 

rence Ave. JScANLON. 11725 Perry Ave. 

FULLER PARK. 45th St. and Princeton Ave. fSEWARD PARK. Elm and Orleans Sts. 
{HAMILTON PARK. 72d St. and Normal Ave. SHEDD PARK. Millard Ave and W. 23rd St 

HAMLIN PARK. Barry and Hoyne Aves. ISHERMAN PARK. Loomis and W. 53d Sts. 

HARDIN. SQUARE. Wentworth Ave. and 26th. I-SHERIDAN. 4734-36 N. Racine Ave. 

*HEBREW INSTITUTE. Taylor and Lytle Sts. ^STANFORD PARK. 14th PI. and Union St. 

HOLSTEIN. Oakley Ave. and Colvin St. jfSTANTON PARK. Vedder and Reese Sts. 
*HUMBOLDT. 2553 W. North Ave. SUMNER SCHOOL. Colorado and Kildare Aves. 

INDEPENDENCE PARK. Springfield Ave. and -{-TWENTY-SIXTH STREET. 2548 S. Homan Ave. 

Irving Park Blvd. GEORGE C. WALKER BRANCH. Morgan Park. 

*HIRAM KELLY. 62d St. and Normal Blvd. fW. NORTH AVENUE BRANCH. 4021 W. North 

KOSCIUSZKO PARK. 2732 N. Avers Ave. Ave. 

*LEWIS INSTITUTE. 1943 W. Madison St. *WOODLAWN. 6247 Kimbark Ave. 

Directory continued on back cover pages. 


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Branch libraries maintained in quarters 
provided and equipped in high schools by 
the Board of Education. Books and staff 
supplied -by the Public Library. Primarily 
for the faculty and student body. 
Austin High School. 200 N. Lotos Ave. 
Englewood High School. 6220 S. Stewart 

Harrison Technical High School 2850 

24th St. Blvd. 
Lake View High School. 4015 N. Ashland 

John Marshall High School. 3250 \V. 

Adams St. 

Nicholas Senn High School. 5900 N. Glen- 
wood Ave. 
Robert Lindblom High School. 62nd and 

Lincoln Sts. 


Small collections placed in outlying and 
remote districts, administered by an attend- 
ant not regularly on the Library Staff but 
paid according to colume of circulation. 

Books from the main collection at the 
Central Building may be called for at stations 
marked *. 

*Armitage. 3605 Armi stage Ave. 
*Association House. 2150 'W. North Ave. 
*Avondale. 3052 Belmpnt Ave. 

Birchwood. 1542 Jarvis Ave. 

Campbell Park. 717 S. Leavitt St. 
Cheltenham. 2943 E. 79th St. 
* Chicago Ave. 3859 W. Chicago Ave. 

Chicago Lawn. 3509 W. 63d St. 
"Cicero Ave. 407 S. Cicero Ave. 
"Cleveland. 3851 N. Albany Ave. 
"Dauphin Park. 8946 Cottage Grove Ave. 
"Drexel. 4303 Drexel Blvd. 

Dunning. 3940 Narragansett Ave. 
*East Rogers Park. 6568 Sheridan Rd. 
*East Sixty-first St. 632 E. 61st St. 

Edison Park. 6715 Oshkosh Ave. 

Eleanor Social Center. 1515 N. Leavitt St. 

Fernwood. 104th and Wallace Sts. 

Gads Hill. 1919 W. 20th St. 

Gage Park. 55th and Western Ave. 
"Grand Ave. 1712 Grand Ave. 
"Granc Crossing. 1254 E. 75th St. 
"Gresliam. 8458 Green St. 
"Grove. 502 E. 31st St. 

Hegewisch. 13301 Brandon Ave. 
*Hermosa. 4149 Armitage Ave. 
"Irving Park. 4227 Irving Park Blvd. 

Jefferson Park. 4761 Milwaukee Ave. 
"Kelvin Grove. 2848 N. Cicero Ave. 

Lake View. ' Lill and Seminarv Aves. 

"Larrabee St. 2004 Larrabee St. 

Lawndale. 2140 S. Crawford Ave. 
*Le Moyne. 3712 N. Halsted St. 

Longwood. W. 97th St. and Longwood 

"Madison St. 4216 W. Madison St. 

Mayfair. 4500 Montrose Ave. 

Montrose. 4406 Milwaukee Ave. 
"N. Clark St. 2932 N. Clark St. 

Norwood Park. 6083 Circle Ave. 
"Park Manor. 350 E. 71st St. 
"Ravenswood. 4356 N. Hermitage Ave. 

Roscland. 11056 Michigan Ave. 
"St. Louis. 3446 Irving Park Blvd. 

Samaritan. 2601 W. Superior St. 
"So. Ashland Ave. 1254 S. Ashland Ave. 
"Southport Ave. 3711 Southport Ave. 
"So. Western Ave. 728 S. Western Ave. 

Trumbull Park. 104th and Bensley Ave. 
"Wake ford. 7525 Cottage Grove Ave. 

Washington Heights. 1400 W. 103d St. 

West Division. 1207 N. California Ave. 
"West Harrison St. 3054 W. Harrison St. 

West Pullman. 700 W. 120th St. 
"West Ravenswood. 4762 Lincoln Ave. 
"West Sixteenth St., 4024 W. 16th St. 
"West Twelfth St. 2013 W. 12th St. 
"Wieboldt. School St. and Ashland Ave. 

Windsor Park. 2522 E. 73rd St. 


Collections placed in various business 
houses for the use of their employees and 
administered by a librarian employed by the 

W. D. Allen Manufacturing Company 
American Bank Note Company 
Armour & Company 
Automatic Electric Company 
Boston Store 
Butler Brothers 
J. W. Butler Paper Company 
Chicago Mail Order Company 
Chicago Postal Clerks 
Continental and Commercial Bmk 
Deerintr Harvester Company. 
R R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
Ederheimer Stein Company 

Federal Reserve Bank 

Marshall Field & Company 
Folev & Company 
Goodman Manufacturing Company 
G. H. Hammond Company 
Hart. Schaffner & Marx 
Illinois Steel Company 
I. H. C. Tractor Works 
Kahn Corset Company 
L. Klein 

Kuppenheimer & Company 
LaSalle Extension University 

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Mangel Brothers 

11 South 

UG **..U 

Mitchell Brothers Company. 

14 South 

National Biscuit Company 

15 South 

The Northern Trust Company 

18 South 
19 South 

People's Gas Light and Coke Company 

20 South 


22 South 

Ed. V. Price & Company 

23 South 
24 South 

Rosenwald & Weil 

25 South 

Rothschild & Company 

26 South 

Schoenbrun & Company 

27 South 

29 South 

Sears, Roebuck & Company 

31 South 

A. W. Shaw Company 

a Soutn 

Sprague, Warner & Company 

36 South 
37 South 

A. Stein & Company 

38 South 

Swift & Company 

39 South 

Union Trust Company 

40 South 
42 South 

United States Rubber Company 

43 South 

Universal Portland Cement Company 

45 South 

The University of Chicago Press. 

The Wahl Company 

Montgomery Ward & Company 

1 West 

Ward Baking Company 

2 West 
3 West 

Western Electric Company 

4 West 

The Western Union Telegraph Company 

5 West 

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company 

7 West 

8 West 


9 West 
10 West 

11 West 

Points of call for Library delivery auto- 

13 West 

mobiles. Patrons may leave orders which 

14 West 
15 West 

will be filled at the Main Library and de- 

16 West 

livered to the station. 

19 West 


20 West 

1 North Elm and Orleans St. Seward Park 

21 West 
22 West 

2 North 2004 Larrabee St. 

23 West 

4 North 4356 Hermitage Ave. Ravenswood 

24 West 

5 North School St. and Ashland Ave. Wieboldt 

25 West 

6 North 3212 Broadway Butler House 

26 West 

7 North 6975 N. Clark St. Rogers Park 

27 West 

8 North 2273 Lincoln Ave. 

28 West 

10 North 2932 N. Clark St. 

29 West 

tl North 3712 N. Halsted St. Le Moyne 

32 West 

!2 North 4734 Racine Ave. Sheridan Park 

33 West 

13 North 3711 Southport Ave. 

34 West 

17 North Barry and Hoyne Ave. Hamlin Park 

35 West 

18 North Vedder and Reese Sts. Stanton Park 

36 West 

19 North 4762 Lincoln Ave. West Ravenswood 

37 West 

20 North 3456 N. Hoyne Ave. 

38 West 

23 North 6S68 Sheridan Road E. Rogers Park 

39 West 


40 West 
41 West 

2 South 502 E. 31st St. Grove 

43 West 

3 South Oakwood Blvd. and Langley Ave. 

44 West 

Lincoln Centre 

45 West 

4 South 534 W. 43rd St. 

46 West 

5 South 49th St. and Lake Park Ave. Blackstone 

47 West 

6 South 62d St. and Normal Blvd. Hiram Kelly 

48 West 

7 South 4623 Grand Blvd. 

49 West 

8 South 89th St. and Muskegon Ave. Bessemer Park 

51 West 

9 South 45th St. and St. Lawrence Ave. 

54 West 

Forrestville School 

55 West 

10 South 72d St. and Normal Ave. Hamilton Park 

56 West 

938 E. 55th St. 
636 E. 47th St. 

11725 So. Perry Ave. Scanlan School 

11100 Indiana Ave. Palmer Park 

1254 E. 75th St. Grand Crossing 

45th St. and Marshfield Ave. Davis Square 
8458 Green St. Gresham 

64th St. and Racine Ave. Ogden Park 
33d St. and Shields Ave. Armour Square 
Wentworth Ave and 26th St. Hardin Sq 
4950 State St. 

37th St. & Western Ave. McKinley Park 
4303 Drexe! Blvd. Drexel 

8946 Cottage Grove Ave. Dauphin Park 
350 E. 71st St. Park Manor 

Halsted and 30th Sts. Mark While Squarr 
Wood and W. 51st Sts. Cornell Squar. 

Loomii and W. 53d Sti. Sherman Park 
632 E. 61st St. 

6247 Kimbark Ave. Woodlawn 

2943 E. 79th St. Cheltenham 

lllth and S. Hoyne Ave. Morgan Park 
7525 Cottage Grove Ave. Wakeford 

45th St. and Princeton Ave. Fuller Park 


14th PI. and Union St. Stanford Park 

1712 Grand Ave. 

1943 W. Madison St. Lewis Intt. 

1254 S. 'Ashland Ave. 

728 S. Western Ave. 

Springfield Ave. and Irving Park Blvd. 

Independence Park 
3555 Ogden Ave. 
1152 W. Van Buren St. 
4216 W. Madison St. 
4227 Irving Park Blvd. 

3052 W. Belmont Ave AvonrlaU 

2639 N. Rockwell St. 
1003 S. Wood St. 
Crawford Ave. and Monroe St. 

Legler Regional Branch 
3605 Armitage Ave. 

Millard Ave. and W. 23d St. Shedd Park 
Taylor and Lytle Sts. Hebrew Institute 
3859 W. Chicago Ave. 
3352 W. Madison St. 

963 Grand Ave. Chicago Commons 

5644 W. Lake St. Austin 

2248 W. Ohio St. 

4149 Armitage Ave. Hermosa 

3054 W. Harrison St. 
407 S. Cicero Ave. 

2548 Homan Ave. W. 26th St. 

North Sawyer and Ohio St. Morie School 
4024 W. 16th St. 

20th and Fisk St*. Dvorak Park 

Oiioaer. Ave and Noble St. Eckhart Park 
Colorado and Kildare Aves., Sumner School 
3406 W. North Ave. 

2732 N. Avers Ave. Kosciuszko Park 

Ashland and Wabansia Aves., Burr School 
2013 W. 12th St. 

1212 S. St. Louis Ave. Douglas Park 

Blackhawk and Noble Sti. Pulaski Park 

3245 Fullerton Ave. 
4021 W. North Ave. 
2150 W. North Ave. 
3851 N. Albany Ave. 
1303 Blue Island Ave. 
2848 N. Cicero Ave. 
2553 W. North Ave. 
3446 Irving Park Blvd. 

Logan Square 

Association House 

Kelvin Grove 
St. Louii 

Colvin St. and Oakley Ave. Holstein Park 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11. 

February, 1921 

No. 2 

New German Books 

The titles supplied with call numbers are in the permanent collection in the Central Build- 
ing. Those without call numbers may be secured upon application through any of the 
Library branches. 


Deutsches Biicherverzeichnis; eine Zusam- 
rnenstellung der im deutschen Buchhandel 
erschienenen Biicher, Zeitschriften und 
Landkarten; nebst Stich-und Schlagwort- 
register, 1911-1914. 1916. *O 390 

In 1916, Hinrichs' Halbjahrs-Katalog, Hinrichs' 
Ftinfjahrs-Katalog, Vollstandiges Biicher-Lexicon, by 
C. G. Kayser, and Schlagwort Katalog, by K. Georg, 
were united under the above title. 

Altenberg, Peter. Mein Lebensabend. 1919. 

, Vita ipsa. 1919. 
Bie, Oskar. Der Tanz. 1919. 

Boehn, Max von. Miniaturen und Sil- 
houetten; ein Kapitel aus Kulturgeschichte 
und Kunst. 1919. 

Bolsche, Wilhelm. Eiszeit und Klimawech- 
sel. 1919. D 17313 

Biilow, Fiirst von. Deutsche Politik. 1917. 

Deussen, Paul. Allgemeine Geschichte der 
Philosophie; mit Beriicksichtigung der 
Religionen. 1894-1917. 4 v. in 6. D 3146 

Dill, Liesbeth. Das verlorene Land; ein 
Buch iiber Lothringen und Lothringer. 

Dolmetsch, H. Der Ornamentenschatz; ein 
Musterbuch stilvoller Ornamente aus alien 
Kunstepochen. 1897. *P552 

Floericke, Kurt. Spinnen und Spinnenleben. 
1919. D 17345 

Gessner, Albert. Das deutsche Miethaus; ein 
Beitrag zur Stadtekultur der Gegenwart. 
1909. *P3479 

Goethe, Jphann Wolfgang von. Goethe 
iiber seine Dichtungen; Versuch einer 
Sammlung aller Aeusserungen des Dich- 
ters iiber seine poetische Werke, von Dr. 
Hans Gerhard Graf. 1901-14. 8-v. D 19027 
Bd. 1-2. Die epischen Dichtungen. 

3-6. Die dramatischen Dichtungen. 
7-8. Die lyrischen Dichtungen. 



Halle, Johann Samuel. Magie; oder, Die 
Zauberkrafte der Natur, so auf den Nutzen 
und die Belustigung angewandt worden. 
1787. 4v. D 6479. 1-4 

Fortgesetzte Magie. 1792-1803. 12v. 

D 6479, 5-16 

Hertslet, W. L. Der Treppenwitz der Welt- 
geschichte; geschichtliche Irrtumer, Ent- 
stellungen und Erfindungen. 7. verb. u. 
verm. Aufl., von Hans F. Helmolt. 1909. 

D 5599b 

Library has also 3d ed. (1886), D 5599a. 

Hofmannsthal, Hugo von. Die prosaischen 
Schriften gesammelt. 1907-17. 3v. D 16052 

Humboldt, Wilhelm and Caroline von. Wil- 
helm und Caroline von Humboldt in ihren 
Briefen; hrsg. von Anna von Sydow. 1906- 
1916. 7v. D 13917 

Bd. 1. Briefe aus der Brautzeit, 1787-1791. 

2. Von der Vermahlung bis zu Humboldts 

Scheiden aus Rom, 1791-1808. 

3. Weltburgertum und preussischer Staadts- 

dienst; Briefe aus Rom und Berlin- 
Konigsberg, 1808-1810. 

4. Federn und Schwerter in den Freiheits- 


5. Diplomatische Friedensarbeit. .1815-1817. 

6. Im Kampf mit Hardenberg, 1817-1819. 

7. Reife Seelen, 1820-1835. 

Lindner, Theodor. Weltgeschichte seit der 
Volkerwanderung. 1901-16. 9v. D 12988 

Mann, Thomas. Betrachtungen eines Unpoli- 
tischen. 1919. 

Mehring, Franz. Geschichte der deutschen 
Sozialdemokratie. 1919. 4v. in 2. 

Contents: Bis zur Marzrevplution. 2. Bis zum 
preussichen Verfassungsstreite. 3. Bis zum 
deutsch-franzosischen Kriege. 4 Bis zum Erfurtet 

Mosse Almanach; 1920. 

Nagler, Franciscus. Ein lustiger Musikante. 

Ostwald, Wilhelm. Das grosse Elixier; die 
Wissenschaftslehre. 1920. 

Schaukal, Richard. Grossmutter; ein Buch 
von Tod und Leben. 1917. 

Leben und Meinungen des Herrn An- 
dreas von Balthesser. 1917. 

Scnmid, Reinhold. Die Gesetze der Angel- 

sachsen; in der Ursprache mit Uebersetz- 

ung, Erlauterungen und einem antiquari- 

schen Glossar. 1858. D 20644 

Text in Anglo-Saxon, German and Latin. 

Soergel, Albert. Dichtung und Dichter der 
Zeit; eine Schilderung der deutschen 
Literatur der letzten Jahrzehnte. 1919. 

Stern, Ernst, and Herald, Heinz. Rein- 
hardt und seine Biihne; Bilder von der 
Arbeit des deutschen Theaters. 1920. 

Ver sacrum. Organ der Vereinigung Bilden- 
der Kiinstler Osterreichs. 1898. 
Shelved in the Art Room. 

Wehrhan, Karl. Die deutschen Sagen des 
Mittelalters. Iste Halfte. 1919. D 18753 

Wolzogen, Ernst von. Englander. 1920. 

Wundt, Wilhelm. Volkerpsychologie; eine 

Untersuchung der Entwicklungsgesetze 

von Sprache, Mythus und Sitte. 1908-1920. 

10v. D 18200 

Bd. 1-2. Die Sprache. 

3. Die Kunst. 
4-6. Mythus und Religion. 
7-8. Die Gesellschaft. 
9. Das Recht. 
10. Kultur und Geschichte. 

Zell, Th. Neue Tierbeobachtungen. 1919 

D 17335 

Zivier, E. Neuere Geschichte Polens. 1915. 
ler Bd. Die zwei letzten Jagellonen (1506- 
1572). D 13446 

(Geschichte der europaischen Staaten.) 

The War 

Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald von. Betracht- 
ungen zum Weltkriege : ler Teil, Vor dem 
Kriege. 1919. 

Grelling, Richard. J'accuse! Von einem 
Deutschen. 1915. D 25088 

Anlagen: Rede des Reichskanzlers, Dr. v. Beth- 
mann-Hollweg, vom 4. August, 1914, und vom 2- 
Dezember, 1914. Runderlass des Reichskanzlers an 
die kaiserlichen Botschafter und Gesandten vom 
24. Dezember, 1914. 

Harrunann, Otto. Der neue Kurs; Erin- 
nerungen. 1918. 

Continued in Zur Vorgeschichte des Weltkriege*, 
and Um den Kaiser. 

Zur Vorgeschichte des Weltkrieges; 
Erinnerungen aus den Jahren, 1897-1906. 

Um den Kaiser. 1919. 

Harden, Maximilian. Krieg und Fried*. 
1918. 2v. 

Bd. 1. Oesterreich und Serbien. Fata Morgana. 
Kriegserklarung. Hochzeitstimmung. Politik im 
Krieg. Die Meerengen. Patriotismus. An Herrn 
Poincare. Him und Schwert. Moral im Krieg. 

2. -Nikolai Nikqlajewitsch Zu Haus. Kriegs- 
ziele. Inselkrankheit. Revolution: Die Ahnen ; die 
Enkel. Habsburgische Demokratic. Neue Welt. 
Morgen. Apokalypse. 

Jagow, G. von. Ursachen und Ausbruch des 
Weltkrieges. 1919. 

Lettow-Vorbeck, General Oscar von. Meine 
Erinnerungen aus Ostafrika. 1920. 

Ludendorff, Erich. Meine Kriegserinnerung- 
en, 1914-1918. Mit zahlreichen Skizzen 
. und Planen. 1920. 

Tirpitz, Alfred von. Erinnerungen. 1919. 


Bartsch, Rudolf Hans. Die Haindlkinder. 

-Heidentum; die Geschichte eines Verein- 

samten. 1919. 



Baudissin, Wolf, Graf von, (Freiherr von 
Schlicht). Lebenskampfer (Offiziere a.D.). 

Berend, Alice. Einfache Herzen. 1920. 

Bergell, Peter. Die linke Landgrafin; ein 
Frauenbild aus der Reformationsge- 
schichte. 1916. 

Betsch, Roland. Der wilde Freiger. 1919. 
Bloem, Walter. Komodiantinnen. 1914. 

Bohme, Margarete, (Frau Margarete B. 
Feddersen). Millionenrausch; ein Roman 
aus unseren Tagen. 1919. 

Boy-Ed, Ida. Erschlossene Pforten. 1917. 

Die Opferschale. 1918. 
Die Stimme der Heimat. 1918 

Vor der Ehe. 1915. 

Brausewetter, Arthur. Stirb und werde! 

Chester, G. R. Das Geld auf der Strasse; 
ein getreulicher Bericht vom Gliick und 
Ende eines amerikanischen Geschafts- 
Translation of Get rich quick Wallingford. 

Diers, Marie. Der Luegendoktor; Roman 
aus Mecklenburgs Notzeit. 1918. 

Die Patienten des Doktor Ungemach; 

ein Kleinstadt-Roman. 1918. 

Dose, Johannes. Einer von Anno dreizehn; 
Denk und Merkwiirdigkeiten des Hans 
Ohnesorge. 1908. 2v. 

Dreyer, Max. Der deutsche Morgen; das 
Leben eines Mannes. 1915. 
Nachwuchs. 1918. 

Engel, Georg. Der Reiter auf dem Regen- 

Enking, Ottoman Auch eine Mutter. 1917. 

Die Drogerie zum Goldenen Stern. 1919. 

Monegund. 1916. 

Das Piinktlein auf der Welle. 1918. 
Der Tor am Tore. 1918. 

Ernst, Otto, pseud, of Otto Ernst Schmidt. 
August Gutbier; oder, Die sieben Weisen 
im Franziskanerbrau. 1918. 

Ertl, Emil. Der Antlaszstein. 1917. 

Ewers, Hanns Heinz. Mein Begrabnis, und 
andere seltsame Geschichten. 1917 

Contents: Mein Begrabnis. Die Tomatensauce. 
Der Spielkasten. Sibylla Madruzzo. Der tote 
Jude. Vaudoux. Die Mamaloi. Alraune und der 
Chauffeur. Srhlangenanbeter und Schlangenbe- 
schworer. Der gekreuzigte Tannhauser. Die 
Spinne. Warum Arno Falk sich verlobte. Die 
Knopfsammlung. Liebe. Aus dem Tagebuche eines 

Fleischer, Victor. Der Haupttreffer-Michl; 
ein heiterer Roman. 1917. 

France, R. H. Der Weg der Kultur. 1920. 

Frankfurter, Richard Otto. Ohne Cotter. 

Geissler, Horst Wolfram. Der ewige Hoch- 
zeiter. 1919. 

Das Gliick. 1920. 

Das Lied vom Wind; ein Roman aus 
dem deutschen Rokoko. 1916. 

Geissler, Max. Der Heidekonig. 1919. 
Jockele und die Madchen; Roman aus 

dem heutigen Weimar. 1916. 
Die schone Lilofe; der Roman einer 

verkehrterc Erziehung. 1916. 

Der Stein der Weisen. 1918. 

Gillhoff, Johannes. Jiirnjakob Swehn der 
Amerikafahrer. 1918. 

Greinz, Rudolf. Das goldene Kegelspiel; 
neue Tiroler Geschichten. 

Contents: Das goldene Kegelspiel. Das Drei- 
konigs-Orakel. Der Stiegel Bader. 

Gubalke, Lotte. Dir kannst Du nicht ent- 
fliehen; zwei Erzahlungen. 1919. 
Contents: Der Andere. Benedikte. 

Haber, Luisa von. Unsere Wahlkinder; 
eine Erzahlung fur Eltern und solche. die 
es werden wollen. 1920. 

Halbe, Max. Jo. 1918. 

Herzog, Rudolf. Jungbrunnen. 1919. 

Contents: Jungbrunnen. Die Fruhlingsmadchen. 
Frau Barbara Brockmans Tugendliebe. Zwei 
Menschen. Weihnachtskonzert fur Klavier und 

Die Welt in Gold. 1919. 

Hirschfeld, Georg. Onkel und Tante Vantee. 

Karlweis, Marta. Die Insel der Diana. 1919. 

Keller, Gottfried. Die drei gerechten Kam- 
macher. 1918 

Kohlenegg, Viktor von. Die Hopfe; eine 
Art Familiengeschkhte. 1911. 

Kraft, Zdenko von. Tobias Wilders Weg 
zur Hohe. 1918. 

Latzko, Andreas. Der wilde Mann. 1918. 

Lothar, Rudolf. Weltrausch. 1919. 

Merzenich, Friedel. Das Schiffermannchen. 

Meyrink, Gustav. Des deutschen Spiessers 
Wunderhorn. 1913. 2v. 

Feldermause; ein Geschichtenbuch. 1917. 

Der Golem. 1915. 

Das griine Gesicht. 1916. 

Wachsfigurenkabinett; sonderbare Ge- 
schichten. 1918. 

Contents: Der Albino. Tschitrakarna, das vor- 
nehme Kamel. Das verdunstete Gehirn. "Der 
Buddha ist meine Zuflucht." Die Urne von St. 
Gingolph. Das Buch Hiob. Das Geheimnis dea 
Schlosses Hathaway. Schopsoglobin. Bal macabre. 
Die Weisheit des Brahmanen. Die Geschichte 
vom Lowen Alois. Der Saturnring. Die Pflanzen 

des Doktors Cinderella. Das allerdings. Das 




Walpurgisnacht; phantastischer Roman. 


Misch, Robert. Der Herrenreiter. 1919. 
Nathusius, Annemarie von. Der stolze Lum- 
penkram. 1910. 

Ompteda, Georg, Freiherr von. Denise de 

Philippi, Felix. Das Schwalbennest; Roman 
aus Alt-Berlin. 1919. 

Reuter, Gabriele. Die Herrin. 1918. 

Reymont, W. S. Der letzte polnische Reichs- 
Lodz; das gelobte Land. 1918. 

Schaffner, Jakob. Der Dechant von Got- 
tesburen. 1918. 

Schmidthassler, Walter. Rosenfelix. 1919. 

Schoepp, Meta, (Frau Meta S. Zimmermann). 
Der Herr auf Silberberg. 1917. 

Schreckenbach, Paul. Wildefuer: Roman 
aus Alt-Hildesheim. 1919. 

Schrott-Fiechtl, Hans. Das Federl am Hut. 

Stehr, Hermann. Der Heiligenhof. 1919. 

Stratz, Rudolph. Der eiserne Mann. 1918. 
Strauss, Emil. Der nackte Mann. 1919. 

Viebig, Clara, (Frau Clara Viebig Cohn). 
Tochter der Hekuba; ein Roman aus un- 
. serer Zeit. 1917. 

Wassermann, Jakob. Christian Wahnschaffe. 

1919. 2v. 
Das Gansemannchen. 1919. 

Zahn, Ernst. Schweizer. 1920 

Zapp, Arthur. Der Kampf um den Dollar; 
ein Auswanderer-Roman. 1920. 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Cambridge (Mass.). Public Library. List 
of books in the Cambridge Public Library 
on Ireland and the Irish people. 1920. 


New York (city). Public Library. Latin- 
American periodicals current in the Refer- 
ence Department. 1920. *O 1757 

Nationalization of coal mines; a list of 

references. Comp. by Rollin A. Sawyer, 
jr. 1920. *O1758 

United States. Library of Congress. Division 
of bibliography. List of references on dye- 
stuffs chemistry, manufacture, trade. 1919. 

*O 2267 

War Camp Community Service, New York. 
Community service in periodical literature. 
1920. *O 2304 

Webster, Caroline, comp. Buying list of 
books for small libraries. 1920. *O 2734 


Psychology, Spiritualism 

Blood, Benjamin Paul. Pluriverse; an essay 
in the philosophy of pluralism, with an 
introduction by Horace Meyer Kallen. 
1920. L 14698 

A ^posthumous publication of the philosophical 
theories of a man who believed that the surest 
knowledge of fundamental truths comes not from 
ratiocination, but directly through the revelation of 
anesthetic states. James cites him appreciatively, 
calling him a "pluralistic mystic." 

Coriat, Isador H. Repressed emotions. 1920. 

L 13887 

A sane explanation of what the psychoanalysts 
mean by repressed emotions, describing the effect 
of these emotions in primitive society, and show- 
ing how they may be sublimated. 

Lay, Wilfrid. 

Man's unconscious passion. 
L 13972 

McCormick, L. Hamilton. Characterology; 
an exact science embracing physiognomy, 
phrenology and pathognomy, recon- 
structed, amplified and amalgamated, and 
including views concerning memory and 
reason and the location of these faculties 
within the brain, likewise facial and cranial 
indications of longevity. 1920. L 13763 

Stoddart, Jane T. 
alism. 1919. 

The case against spiritu- 
L 13516 

Articles collected from different writers turning 
even the weapons of believers against 'themselves 
wherever possible. 

Strong, Charles Augustus. The origin of 
consciousness; an attempt to conceive 
the mind as a product of evolution. 1920. 

L 13108 

An important work following out and modifying 
the author's theories in his Why the mind has a 
body (L 11200). It is pan psychistic, but swings in 
the direction of using the physical tests to interpret 
the causal mental states. Booklist. 

Warren, Howard C. 

Human psychology. 
L 13956 

A comprehensive treatment of the science from the 
descriptive or static point of view which the author 
distinguishes from the genetic or historical. 




Cooke, George Willis. The social evolution 
of religion. 1920. M 8804 

The author regards religion as a natural phenome- 
non primarily and essentially of a communal char- 

Enelow, H. G. A Jewish view of Jesus. 
1920. M 7128 

Rabbi Enelow does not accept Jesus as the Mes- 
siah, but recognizes his spiritual _ and ethical im- 
portance. He states that Jesus d_ied a Jew "with 
no idea that he founded a new faith to destroy his 

Garesche, Edward F. Your own heart; 
some helps to understand it. 1920. M 9013 

Hastings, James, ed. The Christian doc- 
trine of faith. 1919. M 9059, 2 
(The great Christian doctrines.) 
Excerpts on a wide range of subjects from the best 
sources, grouped under such heads as faith in one's 
self, faith in men, and faith in God. The book pro- 
vides the pastor with a body of material intimately 
related to the life of today. 

Headlam, Arthur C. The doctrine of the 
church and Christian reunion; being the 
Bampton lectures for the year 1920. 1920. 


Hodgkin, Henry T. Lay religion. 1919. 


(The Christian revolution series.) 

Holloway, Henry. The reformation in Ire- 
land; a study of ecclesiastical legislation. 
1919. M 7457 

(Studies in church history.) 

Kleiser, Grenville, ed. Christ, the master 
speaker. 1920. M 7139 

Contents: The master speaker, by G. Kleiser. 
The sermon on the mount. Notable sayings of 
Christ. Christ's preaching. Jesus as an orator,_ by 
T. B. Clayton. The substance of Christ's teaching, 
by F. W. Farrar. Christ, the question of the cen- 
turies, by R. S. MacArthur. Self-culture, by W. E. 

McKay, Fiona, comp. The hills of contem- 
plation; thoughts for contemplation for 
every day of the year. 1917. M 9519 

Snowden, James H. A wonderful night; an 
interpretation of Christmas. 1919. 


The author undertakes to correlate the Christmas 
story with science and history and the result is a 
beautiful little gift book appropriate for the holiday 

The Bible 

Burton, Ernest De Witt. A critical and 
exegetical commentary on the Epistle to 
the Galatians. 1920. M 6146 

(The international critical commentary.) 

Charles, R. H. A critical and exegetical 
com;mentary on the Revelation, of St. 
John; with introduction, notes, and in- 
dices, also the Greek text and English 
translation. 1920. 2v. M 6157 

(The international critical commentary.) 

Jastrow, Morris. The Book of Job; its 
origin, growth and interpretation, together 
with a new translation, based on a revised 
text. 1920 M 6639 

A study from the viewpoint of modern criticism 
by a scholar of international reputation. Shows 
that Job was a type of cynical pessimist and that 
pious commentators have transformed the story into 
a bulwark of Jewish orthodoxy. Booklist. 

Social Problems 

Eddie, Lionel D., ed. Current social and 
industrial forces. 1920. L 16763 

Extracts from the writings of critics of our pres- 
ent economic conditions. They represent no one 
system of propaganda, but present the ideas of all 
types of social betterment, leaving the reader to 
form his own judgment of their comparative merits. 

Storey, Moorfield. Problems of today. 1920. 

L 15442 

Contents: The use of parties. Lawlessless. 
Race prejudice. The labor question. Our foreign 

The author has chosen present-day subjects of 
vital interest, dealing with "the essentials of free 
government and the duties of the citizen." 


Fisk, Harvey E. The Dominion of Canada; 
its growth and achievement; its relation 
to the British Empire; its form of gov- 
ernment; its natural and developed re- 
sources; its home and foreign trade; its 
national finances; its banking and cur- 
rency system; and its railroads and its 
shipping. 1920. L 16690 

Laing, Graham A. An introduction to eco- 
nomics. 1919. L 16686 

A readable and interesting presentation of this 
subject with special reference to American condi- 
tions. An attempt is made to give due consider- 
ation to the causes of economic discontent so that 
readers may arrive at a reasonable scientific judg- 


Husslein, Joseph. Democratic industry; a 
practical study in social history. 1919. 

L 16764 

An appraisal of the Roman church as the guardian 
of democracy throughout the history of labor from 
slavery and serfdom down to the era of the gilds. ; 
American Economic Review. 

Knoeppel, C. E. Women in industry; an 
address based on answers to 1,000 ques- 
tionnaires on women in industry, de- 
livered before the national conference on 
"labor problems under war conditions." 
1918. L 16907 

Watkins, Gordon S. Labor problems and 
labor administration in the United States 
during the world war. 1920. L 4079,8 m ' rv 
(University of Illinois studies in the social sci- 

Socialism, Bolshevism 

Miliukov, Paul. Bolshevism, an interna- 
tional danger; its doctrine and its practice 
through war and revolution. 1920. L 17606 

The author was at one time the leader of _ the 
Constitutional party in Russia, and while minister 
of foreign affairs of the first provisional govern- 
n-ent he was a well-known international figure. 

Solomon, Charles. The Albany "trial." 1920. 

L 16419 


Finance, Prices 

American Exchange National Bank, New 
York. Trusts and trustees. 1920. L 17367 

Dow, Charles H. Scientific stock specula- 
tion; a condensed statement of the prin- 
ciples upon which successful stock specu- 
lation must be based. 1920. L 17456 

Friday, David. Profits, wages, and prices. 
1920. L 16687 

It gives in brief compass the most comprehensive 
statement anywhere accessible of the present distri- 
bution of income in the United States. Especially 
interesting is the account of profits. . . It offers 
a hope that the new theory will be couched in 
terms that everybody can understand. New Repub- 

McPherson, Logan Grant. The flow of 
value. 1919. L 16688 

Continuation of How the world makes its living, 
L 16629. 

A discussion of the causes and effects of prices, 
wages, profits and capital, from a point of view 
which the Survey calls "progressively orthodox." 

Wallace, Henry A. Agricultural prices. 
1920. L 17872 

Political Science 

Haldane, Viscount. Before the war. 1920. 

L 16337 

The former chancellor seeks to justify Great 
Britain's policy preceding 1914 against the charge 
of insufficient preparation and in her effort to ob- 
tain a better understanding with Germany. While 
blaming Germany for the war his tone is temperate 
and generous. 

Lundin, Hilda G. The influence of Jeremy 
Bentham on English democratic develop- 
ment. 1920. L 15421.7 111 

(University of Iowa studies in the social sci- 

Stearns, Harold. Liberalism in America; 
its origin, its temporary collapse, its fu- 
ture. 1919. L 15823 

The theme is the breakdown of American liberal- 
Ism during the war as evinced in conscription, 
prohibition, and the intolerant mood of the country 

United States Government 

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis. American govern- 
ment, for use in secondary schools. 1917. 

L 18361 

Bartlett, William H. Handbook of Ameri- 
can government; rev. and enl., by Henry 
Campbell Black. 1920. L 18367 

This is" a revised edition covering changes since 
1912 which include not only the amendments to 
the Constitution, but alterations in the judicial 
system, as well as special changes brought about 
by the war. 

Beck, James M. The passing of the new 
freedom. 1920. L 18016 

Imaginary conversations among leading partici- 
pants in the peace conference regarding President 
Wilson's policies. 

Institute for Government Research, Wash- 
ington, D. C. The U. S. Reclamation Serv- 

ice; its history, activities and organization. 
1919. L 18395 

(Service monographs of the United States govern- 

Relates the origin, development and policy of the 
service, and its achievements with regard to irri- 
gation and the reclamation of public lands. 

Kimball, Everett. The national government 
of the United States. 1920. L 18379 

The book partakes of the twofold character of a 
textbook in which institutions are described and 
analyzed, and of a source book in which appear the 
actual words used by the court in expounding _ or 
limiting the powers of governments. Book Review 

Turkington, Grace A. My country; a text- 
book in civics and patriotism for young 
Americans. 1918. L 18455 

It clothes the dry bones of civics < with flesh and 
blood and makes the study a vital living thing. It 
presents and suggests facts and methods whereby 
the mind of the child can be trained in the direc- 
tion of good citizenship. Bookman. 

Law, Administration 

Bernhardt, Joshua. Government control of 
the sugar industry in the United States; 
an account of the work of the United 
States Food Administration and the United 
States Sugar Equalization Board. 1920. 

L 17846 

Eno, William Phelps. The science of high- 
way traffic regulation, 1899-1920. 1920. 

L 18251 

Haines, Charles Grove. The conflict over 
judicial powers in the United States to 
1870. 1909. L 6589,3s 1 

(Columbia university studies in history, econom- 
ics and public law.) 


Nutt, Hubert Wilbur. The supervision of 
instruction. 1920. L 19524 

(Riverside textbooks in education.) 

Principally a discussion of the supervision of 
classrooms and the methods and technique which 
should and should not be used. 

Osier, Sir William. The old humanities 
and the new science. 1920. L 19889 

A highly inspiring, scholarly essay on the mutual 
dependence of natural science and the classics, char- 
acterized equally by wit and wisdom. 

Francis W. Parker School, Chicago. Studies 
in education. June, 1912-June, 1920. 

L 19452 

Contents: The social motive in school work. 
The morning exercise as a socializing influence. 
Expression as a means of training motive. Educa- 
tion through concrete experience ; a series of illus- 
trations. The course in science. The individual 
and the curriculum ; experiments in adaptation. 

Segsworth, Walter E. Retraining Canada's 
disabled soldiers. 1920. L 19712 

Stafford, Hazel Straight. The vacation relig- 
ous day school; teacher's manual of prin- 
ciples and programs. 1920. L 19903 
(The Abingdon religious education texts. Vaca- 
tion day school series.) 







The philosophy of speech. 

Treats of the origin of speech and its relation to 
thought, and contains admirable attacks on the ordi- 
nary grammar books, ending with some startling 
arguments advocating the teaching of Latin in the 
elementary schools as a cure for all social ills. 

Russian Language 

Prince, John Dyneley. Russian grammar 
for class and reference use; a progressive 
method of learning Russian. 1919. 


Solomonoff, J. First steps in Russian. 
1918. J4217 

The best toxtbock available for teachers who wish 
to use the conversational method. . . Consists of 
a series of pictures with accompanying texts, ques- 
tions, and notes; and, most important, with a good 
vocabulary at the close. Nation. 


Baker, Frank Collins. The life of the 

Pleistocene or glacial period as recorded 

in the deposits laid down by the great ice 

sheets. 1920. K 20514 

(University of Illinois bulletin.) 

Black, N. Henry, and Conant, James Bryant. 
Practical chemistry; fumdaimental facts 
and applications to modern life. 1920. 

K 19801 

The lessons are planned to awaken the student's 

interest by appealing to his love of the miraculous 
and the dramatic; and by touchin 
cerning the things of everyday lif 

Duclaux, fimile. 
mind. 1920. 

Pasteur; the history of a 
K 20572 

This account of Pasteur's researches and achieve- 
ments by one of his pupils is of necessity also the 
history of the development of much in chemical and 
biological science during the period of his activity. 

Eaton, Walter Prichard. In Berkshire fields. 
1920. K 20686 

A charming sympathetic account of the author's 
wanderings through woods, fields, and hills. He 
knows this country in every season and in every 
mood, and he deals with it not as a scientist but as 
a lover of nature and its wild places. 

Harrow, Benjamin. From Newton to Ein- 
stein; changing conceptions of the uni- 
verse. 1920. K 19101 

Contents: Newton. The ether and its conse- 
quences. Einstein. 

A simply written booklet giving in outline the 
various steps in scientific progress between Newton 
and Einstein and showing how the latter's concep- 
tion of time and space explains certain deviations 
from Newton's law. 

Long, William J. Wood-folk comedies; the 
play of wild-animal life on a natural stage. 
1920. K 21610 

Cheerful tales based on the contention that wood- 
folk lead happy and care-free lives in winter or 
summer and know nothing of a struggle for exist- 

Newman, Horatio Hackett. Vertebrate 
zoology. 1920. K 21609 

Parker, G. H. The elemental y nervous sys- 
tem. 1919. K 20555,2 

(Monographs on experimental biology.) 
One of the main objects of this work on the sim- 
plest states of the nervous system as it appears in 
sponges and other elementary forms is to help re- 
move the preconception that interprets their behav- 
iour on an analogy with the human system. 

Stoner, Dayton. Nesting habits of the her- 
mit thrush in northern Michigan. 1920. 

K 21598,9" 
(University of Iowa studies in natural history.) 


Mees, C. E. Kenneth. The organization of 
industrial scientific research. 1920. 

K 22285 

A brief for extending scientific control to that 
phase of manufacturing work where quality is meas- 
ured and where all economies in process can be dis- 
covered. Clearly, forcefully and tersely written. 
New Republic. 


Fielding, William J. Sanity in sex. 1920. 


Basing his views on statistics and the experience 
of welfare agencies during wartime, the author em- 
phasizes the importance of decent living wages for 
raising the standard of morality, and advocates psy- 
chonanalysis, birth-control, and open instruction on 
sex matters by the parents. 

Illinois medical blue book; containing a list 
of physicians and surgeons of Illinois, 
medical schools and colleges, medical so- 
cieties, sanitariums and hospitals. 1920. 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Mann, W. L., and Folsom, S. A. A manual 
on foot care and shoe fitting for officers of 
the U. S. Navy and U. S. Marine corps. 
1920. K 31091 

Primary physiology 

Mayberry, James W. 
and hygiene. 1912. 

Sanger, Margaret. Woman and the new 
race; with a preface by Havelock Ellis. 
1920. N 2197 

The theory of birth-control expounded by one of 
its leading propagandists. 

Electric, Mechanical 

American Manufacturing Co., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. The blue book of rope transmis- 
sion. 7th ed. 1919. K 22950 

De Forest, Lee. The audion; its action and 
some recent applications. 1920. K 22881 

The audion is a device to magnify sound greatly, 
as the microscope magnifies objects to the eye. Mr. 
De Forest suggests a number of applications, espe- 
cially in wireless telephony. 

Fish, Fred Alan. Fundamental principles 
of electric and magnetic circuits. 1920. 

K 22801 



Goldman, O. B. Financial engineering; a 
text for consulting, managing and design- 
ing engineers and for students. 1920. 

K 22548 

Luckiesh, M. Lighting the home. 1920. 

K 23810 

The author thinks that attention to apparently in- 
significant details of lighting equipment does much 
toward converting a house into a home. Some of 
the subjects treated are Light as expressive medium, 
Safeguarding vision, Functions of fixtures, Colored 
light, etc. 


Pollard, Hugh B. C. Automatic pistols. 
1920. K 23233 

Sawyer, Charles Winthrop. Our rifles. 
1920. K 13185,3 

(The firearms in American history series.) 

Motor Vehicles 

Page, Victor W. Hints and tips for auto- 
mobilists; a handy manual containing 
many notes to help the busy man care for 
his automobile intelligently, to drive it 
properly, oil it regularly, and locate or- 
dinary road troubles easily. 1920. K 23509 

"Tells how to find engine faults, and locate de- 
rangements in carburetion, ignition, cooling and 
lubrication systems, also details common defects in 
starting and lighting group." 

Motor boats and boat motors, design, 
construction, operation and repair; in- 
cludes complete working drawings and 
full instructions for building five boats 
ranging from a sixteen-foot general utility 
model to a twenty-five foot raised cabin 
cruiser, by A. Clark Leitch. 1920. 

K 26604 

A special chapter on seaplanes and flying boats 
is included. 

A. W. Shaw Co. Motor truck bulletins; in- 
creasing profits series. 1920. K 23521 
(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: Planning your delivery system right. 
Reducing the cost of loading and unloading. 
Trailers ; how and when to use them. Increasing 
profits with special bodies. Cutting delivery ex- 
pense. Reaching distant markets. 

Motor truck bulletins; reducing upkeep 

series. 1920. K 23523 

(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: The secret of successful truck opera- 
tion. How proper lubrication saves money. Curb- 
ing abuses to reduce repair bills. Selecting the 
right tires. How truck associations can help the 
truck owner. Getting your drivers' co-operation. 

Motor truck bulletins; truck vs. horse 

series. 1920. K 23522 

(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: When to change from horse to truck. 
Squaring horse costs against truck costs. How 
to keep an effective record of costs. Selecting the 
right truck for your business. Meeting competition 
with the truck. Solving the garage problems. 

Bitting, K. G. The olive. 1920. K 24072 

Moorhouse, Hopkins, pseud of Herbert J. 
Moorhouse. Deep furrows; which tells of 
pioneer trails along which the farmers of 
western Canada fought their way to great 
achievements in co-operation. 1918. 

L 17542 

The story of the development of the Canadian 
council of agriculture, a national force arising out 
of conditions similar to those which produced the 
Non-partisan League in Dakota. Booklist. 

Popenoe, Wilson. Manual of tropical and 

subtropical fruits, excluding the banana, 

coconut, pineapple, citrus fruits, olive, and 

fig. 1920. K 24096 

(The rural manuals.) 

An agricultural explorer treats of the history, 
cultivation, propagation and shipping of those fruits 
of the tropics little known to our world: the avo- 
cado (alligator pear), mango, papaya, loquat, guava, 
litchi, kaki, pomegranate, bread-fruit, etc. The 
author thinks that many of these will in time be- 
come as familiar to us as the banana. 

Domestic Animals 

Curtis, Robert S. The fundamentals of live 
stock judging and selection. 1920. K 24192 

Fuertes, Louis Agassiz, and others. The 
book of dogs; an intimate study of man- 
kind's best friend, illustrated with natural 
color portraits from original paintings. 

1919. K 24422 

Contents: Mankind's best friend, by E. H. 
Baynes. Our common dogs, by L. A. Fuertes and 
E. H. Baynes. The sagacity and courage of dogs. 
Sheep-killers, the pariahs of dogkind. 

Pearse, A. W. The world's meat future; an 
account of the live stock position and 
meat prospects of all leading stock coun- 
tries of the world. 1920. K 24295 

Smith, William W. Pork-production; with a 
chapter on The prevention of hog dis- 
eases, by R. A. Craig. 1920. K 24290 

(The rural science series.) 

Van Vechten, Carl. The tiger in the house. 

1920. K 24454 

No reference to cats, whether in the occult, in 
art, poetry, or fiction, has escaped his research, 
while his analysis of feline traits and habits indi- 
cates close observation based upon intimacy. The 
book is a revelation concerning the more or less 
important part which cats have played in history 
and literature. Bookman. 

Domestic Economy 

Andrea, A. Louise. Dehydrating foods, 
fruits, vegetables, fish and meats; the new, 
easy, economical and superior method of 
preserving all kinds of food materials, 
with a complete line of good recipes for 
everyday use. 1920. K 25402 

Domestic and commercial processes for so pre- 
serving food that when soaked it will be practically 
indistinguishable from its fresh state. 



Fales, Winnifred S. The household dic- 
tionary. 1920. K 24589 

A variety of hints in home economics on subjects 
like cleaning, laundering, cooking, care of furniture 
and clothing, renovating, treatment of emergencies, 
etc., in an alphabetical arrangement. 

Frich, Lilla. Basic principles of domestic 
science; consisting of a course of seventy- 
two illustrated lessons. 1913. K 24637 

McCollum, E. V., and Simmonds, Nina. The 
American home diet; an answer to the 
ever present question, What shall we have 
for dinner. 1920. K 24741 

Woolman, Mary Schenck. Clothing; choice, 
care, cost. 1920. K 24836 

(Lippincott's family life series.) 


Harlan, John Maynard, and McCandless, 
Lewis W. The Federal Trade Commis- 
sion, its nature and powers; an interpre- 
tation of the trade law and related stat- 
utes. 1916. L 20142 

Henius, Frank. The A B C of foreign trade. 
1920. L 20141 

An elementary book presenting fundamental 
points and policies for the business man who ex- 
pects to extend the sale of his products into foreign 
fields. Simply and interestingly written from a 
long experience. Booklist. 

Williams, John H. Argentine international 
trade under inconvertible paper money, 
1880-1900. 1920. L 6587, 22 

(Harvard economic studies.) 


Hodge, Albert Claire, and McKinsey, James 
Oscar. Principles of accounting. 1920. 

L 20459 

(Materials for the study of business.) 
This volume is intended for the students of eco- 
nomics, those who expect to qualify as certified 
Eublic accountants, and those who expect to become 
usiness executives of one kind or another. 

Kleiser, Grenville. How to sell through 

speech. 1920. L 20301 

Knoeppel, C. E., and others. Graphic pro- 
duction control. 1920. L 20303 


Dillistone, George. The planning and plant- 
ing of little gardens. 1920. K 27144 
Architectural viewpoints and plans for planting 
different kinds of lots, together with discussions on 
rose- and rock-gardens, water-lily ponds, sun-dials, 

Teall, Gardner. The pleasures of collect- 
ing; being sundry delectable excursions 
in the realm of antiques and curios, Ameri- 
can, European, and Oriental. 1920. 

K 28976 

This book is intended for the connoisseur or ama- 
teur who takes pleasure in such themes as collectors 
of yesterday, tea and antiquity, chintz, pewter, 
hand-woven coverlets, chairs, English drinking- 
glasses, Delft, early desk furniture, consols, Ber- 
nard Palissy, Italian majolica, engraved gems, 
fraudulent art objects, etc. 

Warren, Herbert Langfprd. The founda- 
tions of classic architecture. 1919. 

K 27506 

An untechnical and beautifully illustrated .sum- 
mary of the history of architecture in Egypt, Meso- 
potamia, Persia and Greece. It is of value and in- 
terest alike to layman and professional architect. 

Drawing, Illustrating 

Choulant, Ludwig. History and bibliog- 
raphy of anatomic illustration in its rela- 
tion to anatomic science and the graphic 
arts. 1920. K 28602 

Friese, John F. Blueprinting. 1919. 

K 28649 

A simply written practical book of information. 

Howard, W. J. How to read blue prints; 
a hand -book of information relating to 
building construction, containing extracts 
from city building codes and laws as ap- 
plied to the construction of buildings of 
various types in American cities. 1920. 


"A simple explanation of the methods, signs and 
codes used for detailing and describing building 
projects, with a set of standard specifications for a 
dwelling house as described." 

Whiting, John D. Practical illustration; a 
guide for artists. 1920. K 28496 

A spjendid manual of the various methods of 
illustration in book, calendar, poster and similar 
work. It is simple and instructive, and while of 
great value to beginners will interest all students 
of applied art. 


Brower, Harriette. Vocal mastery; talks 
with master singers and teachers, compris- 
ing interviews with Caruso, Farrar, 
Maurel, Lehmann, and others. 1920. 

K 29784 

Contents: Caruso. Farrar. Maurel. Lilli Leh- 
mann. Galli-Curci. Luca. Tetrazzini. Scotti. 
Raisa. Homer. MartinelK. Case. Easton. 
D'Alyarez. Barrientos. Muzio. Johnson (Gio- 
vanni). Warrenrath. Braslau. Kingston. 
Hempel. David Bispham. Oscar Saenger. Her- 
bert Witherspoon. Yeatman Griffith. J. H. Duval. 

Farnsworth, Charles H. How to study 
music. 1920. K 29578 

In conversations between children and grown 
members of the family, Mr. Farnsworth emphasizes 
the child's method of studying music instead of the 
teacher's method of instruction, and the importance 
of the right sort of encouragement in the home. 

Grace, Harvey. French organ music past 
and present. 1919. K 29945 

Johnstone, J. Alfred. Beginners' guide to 
harmony. 1920. K 29720 

White, William Braid. Modern piano tun- 
ing and allied arts; including principles 
and practice of piano tuning, regulation 
of piano action, repair of the piano, ele- 
mentary principles of player-piano pneu- 
matics, general construction of player 
mechanism, and repair of player mechan- 
ism. 1917. K 29933 


The player-pianist; a guide to the ap- 
preciation and interpretation of music 
through the medium of the player-piano. 
1910. K 30008 


Cavanaugh, Frank W. Inside football. 1919. 

K 30674 

Hammond, Daryn. The golf swing, the 
Ernest Jones method. 1920. K 30599 

Haynes, Rowland. A community recreation 
program. 1920. L 19370,33 

(Cleveland foundation publications.) 

Warner, P. F., and others. Cricket. 1920. 


(The Badminton library of sports and pastimes.) 


Bojer, Johan. GAD, CARL. Johan Bojer, the 
man and his works; with an introduction 
by Llewellyn Jones, and critiques by John 
Galsworthy, Joseph Hergesheimer, James 
Branch Cabell and Cecil Roberts. 1920. 


Colby, Elbridge. 
ture. 1920. 

The echo-device in litera- 

Collins, Joseph. Idling in Italy; studies of 
literature and of life. 1920. J 1947 

Contents: Literary Italy. Gabriele D'Annunzio, 
poet, pilot, and pirate. The futurist school of Ital- 
ian writers. Giovanni Papini and the futuristic lit- 
erary movement in Italy. Two noisy Italian 
schoolmasters. Improvisional Italian literature of 
today and yesterday. Fictional biography and auto- 
biography. The literary mausoleum of Samuel But- 
ler. Saints and sinners. Woman's cause is man's: 
they rise or sink together. Postbellum vagaries^. 
World convalescence. Banquets and personalities. 
Sentimentality and the male. The play instinct in 
children. "If a man walkerh in the night, he stum- 
bleth; but if he walketh in the day he seeth the 
light of this world." The American eagle changes 
his perch. 

Almost entirely unknown to the greater number 
of English readers, is the subject of these essays 
on nineteenth and twentieth century Italian liter- 

Goldoni and the Venice of his time. 1920. 

E 12451 

The biography of an Italian playwright of the 
eighteenth century followed by a description of his 
realistic comedies of Venetian life and manners. 

Hackett, Francis, ed. On American books; 
a symposium by five American critics. 
1920. J 6440 

(The Freeman pamphlets.) 

Contents : American criticism today, by J. E. 
Spingarn. Recent American poetry, by P. Colum. 
The literary capital of the United States, by H. L. 
Mencken. Philosophy in America, by M. R. Cohen. 
The American novel, by F. Hackett. 

Rickard, T. A. Technical writing. 1920. 


Williams, Blanche Colton. Our short story 
writers. 1920. J 7229 

(Modern American writers.) 

Contents: Alice Brown. James Branch Cabell. 
Dorothy Canfield. Robert W. Chambers. Irvin 
Shrewsbury Cobb. James Brendan Connolly. 
Richard Harding Davis. Margaret Wade Deland. 
Edna Ferber. Mary Wilkins Freeman. Hamlin 
Garland. William Sidney Porter ("O. Henry"). 
Joseph Hergesheimer. Fannie Hurst. Jack Lon- 
don. James Brander Matthews. Melville Davisson 
Post. Mary Roberts Rinehart. Booth Tarkington. 
Edith Wharton. 

A valuable reference book devoting a chapter of 
combined biography and literary criticism to each of 
twenty of the loremost Amercan writers of short 


Abu'1-Ala. The luzumiyat of Abu'1-Ala; 
selected from his Luzum ma la Yalzam 
and Suet uz-Zand, and first rendered into 
English, by Ameen Rihani. 1918. E 14443 

Benet, William Rose. Moons of grandeur; 
a book of poems. 1920. E 10658 

Romantic poems of ancient Egypt and medieval 
Italy full of the color of those lands and times. 

Burt, Maxwell Struthers. Songs and por- 
traits. 1920. E 10700 

Poems of many moods expressed with distinc- 
tion, including bright little pictures of small-boy 
life, and reminiscent poems of those fallen at the 
front similar in form and feeling to the verse of 
Rupert Brooke. 

Dario, Ruben. UMPHREY, GEORGE W. Span- 
ish-American poets of today and yester- 
day: I. Ruben Dario. 1919. J 5519,1 

Gibran, Kahlil. The forerunner; his par- 
ables and poems. 1920. E 3107 
Further reflections of the Oriental philosopher 
who wrote The madman. 

Herbert, A. P. The bomber gypsy, and 
other poems. 1920. E 11033 

Vivid pictures of life at the front told with 
imagination and a keen sense of humor reprinted 
for the most part from Punch. 

lomarbhaidh na bhfileadh, the contention 
of the bards; ed. by Rev. L. McKenna. 
1918. 2 v. *J 1095, 20-21 

(Irish texts society publications.) 


V.JLII&U auviciy puum-atiwuo.y 

Gallienne, Richard. The junkman, and 
ther poems. 1920. E 7737 

other poems. 1920. si 

Romantic ballads, for the most part, retaining Le 
illienne's youthful lightness of touch combined 
ith strength and nassion. 

Komantic Daiiaas, 
Gallienne's youthful iigw 
with strength and passion. 

The Maitland quarto manuscript, contain- 
ing poems by Sir Richard Maitland, Ar- 
buthnot, and others; ed. by W. A. Craigie. 
1920. *J 1101, 9 

(The Scottish text society publications.) 

Masters, Edgar Lee. 

Domesday book. 1920. 
E 14864 

A dramatic poem with as striking a conception 
as that of Spoon River Anthology. An inquest 
brings out the story of the victim's life and all 
the lives that knowingly or unknowingly touched 
hers. The New Republic calls it a mixture of 
satire and dramatic poetry with the immediate in- 
terest of a novel. 



Mathers, E. Powys. Black marigolds; be- 
ing a rendering into English of the "Pan- 
chasika of Chauras." 1919. E 10765 

An English interpretative version of an old 
Sanskrit love poems. The title page bears this 
explanatory quotation: "And sometimes we look 
to the end of the tale that there should be mar- 
riage feasts and find only, as it were, black mari- 
golds and a silence. 

Morley, Christopher. 

Hide and seek. 1920. 
E 14877 

The most surprising section is "Translations from 
the Chinese" in which the author dons the mantle 
of the poet^philosopher of the Celestials and hits off 
the foibles of contemporary Philistia in pungent 
epigrammatic verse of fable-like simplicity. New 
York Times. 

Sassoon, Siegfried. Picture-show. 1920. 

El 1498 

The same outrage and loathing of war is in the 
new poems, but a darker restraint is here. . . . 
More scattered and varied than either Sassoon's 
two earlier volumes, Picture show has no less of 
his keen sensitivity. Untermeyer in The New Re- 

Underwood, Edna Worthley, tr. Moons of 
Nippon; translations from poets of old 
Japan. 1919. E 14349 


Coriat, Isador H. The hysteria of Lady 
Macbeth. 1912. E 10071 

Glaspell, Susan. Plays. 1920. E 12238 

Contents: Trifles. The people. Close the book. 
The outside. Woman's honor. Bernice. Sup- 
pressed desires (in collaboration with George Cram 
Cook). Tickless time (in collaboration with George 
Cram Cook). 

These plays produced by the Provincetown Play- 
ers show imagination and contain good dialogue and 
character drawing. The_ first one, Trifles, has been 
called "the best play written by an American." 

Gregory, Odin. Caius Gracchus, a tragedy; 
with an introduction by Theodore 
Dreiser. 1920. E 12269 

A picture in Elizabethan metric verse of "proud 
Rome ... its nest of rogues and fools Whose 
souls are appetites, whose minds are lust, And for 
whose pleasures worlds are ground to dust." 

Koch, Frederick Henry. Raleigh, the 
shepherd of the ocean; a pageant-drama 
designed to commemorate the tercenten- 
ary of the execution of Sir Walter Ral- 
eigh. 1920. E 12472 

Odell, George C. D. Shakespeare from Bet- 
terton to Irving. 1920. 2 v. E 10182 

The stage history of Shakespeare's plays from 
the time of the Restoration to the present, abound- 
ing in apt anecdote, in illuminating quotation and 
in genial comment." New York Times. 


Banfield, E. J. Tropic days. 1918. 19189 
Much more than a book of travel. It gives a 
charming picture of the author's life in New 
Zealand with much delightful detail about flowers 
and trees, the habits of birds, fishes and insects, 
and the superstitions and customs of black men 
and white. 

Lansbury, George. What I saw in Russia. 
1920. 110533 

What Mr. Lansbury saw was a group of ideal- 
ists undertaking from high moral and religious mo- 
tives to found a New Jerusalem by way of the 
Russian revolution. 

Lumholtz, Carl. Through Central Borneo; 
an account of two years' travel in the land 
of the head-hunters between the years 
1913 and 1917. 1920. 2 v. 110921 

The author's records of races, vegetation, cli- 
mate, folk-lore, etc., are entertaining as well as 
scientifically accurate. 

McMurry, Frank M. The geography of the 
world war and the peace treaties. 1920. 


Supplementary material for history and geography 
classes in the upper grades and junior high schools. 

Macquarrie, Hector. Tahiti days. 1920. 


A record of several delightful months spent in 
the South Seas, containing many interesting de- 
scriptions of native customs and the primitive life 
of today in that romantic region. 

United States 

Anderson, Isabel. Presidents and pies; life 
in Washington, 1897-1919. 1920. I 11617 
An entertaining book of inside gossip about so- 
cial Washington. A resident of Washington since 
the beginning of the McKinley administration, Mrs. 
Anderson has witnessed many changes with the 
shifting of presidents and has many delightful anec- 
dotes to tell of public functionaries. 

Geldert, Louis N., comp. Facts about Geor- 
gia; a state rich in resources and opulent 
in opportunities. 1916. *R 3739 

Massey, Beatrice Larned. It might have 
been worse; a motor trip from coast to 
coast. 1920. 1 4326 

Reik, Henry Ottridge. A tour of America's 
national parks. 1920. 14325 

Rhodes,- Harrison. American towns and 
people. 1920. 1 4327 

Contents: Why is a Bostonian? Who is a Phila- 
delphian? What is a New Yorker? The portrait 
of Chicago. Washington, the cosmopolitan. Balti- 
more. Is there a West? The hotel guest. The 
high kingdom of the movies. The American child. 
-The society woman. 

Sketches of the physical and social aspects of 
American cities presenting the characteristics which 
make for distinct personalities in cities. The chap- 
ter 'on Chicago is particularly satisfactory quite 
the most serious of the book. 

Rutzebeck, Hjalmar. Alaska man's luck; a 
romance of fact. 1920. 1 11792 

Adventures of a homesteader who left his claim 
in California for freedom and Alaska after exciting 
experiences in logging and mining camps, over fas- 
cinating wilderness trails, in lonely Indian camps, 

Shackleton, Robert. The book of Chicago. 
1920. B 7813 

A readable miscellany of history, anecdote, and 
comment. New York Post. 


Adams, Henry. Letters to a niece, and 
Prayer to the Virgin of Chartres, with 
A niece's memories by Mabel La Farge. 
1920. C 20496 

These letters arc affectionate and fine just the 
kind of letters that the scholarly but humane Henry 
Adams would write. They contain interesting bits 
about the South Seas and conclude with the 
"Prayer" as a poetical benediction. 



Fuller. Margaret, (Marchioness Ossoli), 
ANTHONY, KATHARINE. Margaret Fuller; 
a psychological biography. 1920. C 23657 
The pathos, the brilliancy, the ludicrous aspects, 
the thrilling gifts to the world of a woman of 
genius, all sparkle in the reality of the portrait; 
and when you close the hook you have the sense 
of having been in the presence of a great woman, 
of a spirit of beautiful and enriching truth. Edith 
Wyatt in The New Republic. 

Henry V., King of England. MOWAT, R. B. 
Henry V. 1919. C22410 

(Kings and queens of England.) 
Holt, printer and postmaster; some facts 
and documents relating to his career. 1920. 

C 22461 

Hutchinson, Horace G. Portraits of the 
eighties. 1920. C 19635 

Continuation of Justin McCarthy's Portraits of 
the sixties (C 17008), and G. W. E. Russell's Por- 
traits of the seventies (C 19937). 

Contents: G. W. E. Ru-isell. W. E. Gladstone. 
Lord Hartington (later Duke of Devonshire). 
Charles Stewart Parnell. John Bright. Joseph 
Chamberlain. Sir William Vernon Harcourt. The 
members for Northampton. General Gordon. Lord 
Wolseley and Lord Roberts. Archbishop Temple, 
Archdeacon Farrar, and some other churchmen. 
Professor Huxley and the evolutionists. Sir John 
Lubbock (later Lord Avebury). Sir Thomas Bras- 
sey (later Earl Brassey). Lord Elcho and Lord 
Wemyss. 'William Morris. Swinburne and George 
Meredith. Spencer Wa'.pole and Andrew Lang. 
G. F. Watts, J. E. Millais, and E. Burne-Jones. 
Nellie Farren, and some other players. W. S. Gil- 
bert and the Savoyards. The "sesthetes" and Oscar 
Wilde. W. G. Grace. The "souls." Index. 

James, William. The letters of William 
James; ed. by his son, Henry James. 
1920. 2 v. "C 22604 

The inclusion of ppposites in his own nature 
gives the Letters an incomparable variety and rich- 
ness. . . The very tones of his voice are audi- 
ble in them, his wit is here, his fine considerateness, 
his friendships, naturalness, variety, sincerity. 
New Republic. 

The life of Sir John Leake, rear-admiral 
of Great Britain. 1920. 2 v. A 3389, 52-53 

(Publications of the Navy Records Society.) 

Lincoln, Abraham. BARTON, WILLIAM E. 
Abraham Lincoln and his books; with 
selections from the writings of Lincoln 
and a bibliography of books in print re- 
lating to Abraham Lincoln. 1920. C 23019 

Patti, Adelina. KLEIN, HERMANN. The reign 
of Patti. 1920. C 23693 

A biography of Patti written by one who knew 
her intimately, giving an accurate record of her 
career, triumphs and inimitable charming person- 
ality. Various singers of the great diva's contem- 
poraries are mentioned. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. ANDERSON, ROBERT 
GORDON. Leader of men. 1920. C 23972 

Although he has nothing new to offer, the author 
relates what he knew about Mr. Roosevelt as a 
tribute of regard and affection. 

Tompkins, Daniel Augustus. WINSTON, 
GEORGE TAYLOE. A builder of the new 
South; being the story of the life work of 

Daniel Augustus Tompkins. 1920. C 24586 
Life and letters of a man instrumental in promot- 
ing the cotton-seed oil industry and textile factories 
as well as educational and press campaigns in the 

Tyrrell, George. George Tyrrell's letters; 
selected and ed. by M. D. Petre. 1920. 

C 24618 

These letters, reflecting the manysidedness of the 
.well-known Irishman, will give readers of Tyrrell's 
autobiography a closer acquaintance with his life 
and work. 

Warren, Arthur. London days; a book of 
reminiscences. 1920. C 20101 

Contents: First glimpses of London. London in 
the late seventies. A Norman interlude. I take 
the plunge. Browning and Moscheles. Patti. 
John Stuart Blackie. Lord Kelvin. Tennyson. 
Gladstone. Whistler. Henry Drummond. Sir 
Henry Irving. Henry M. Stanley. George Mere- 
dith. Parnell. "Le Brav' general." 

Chatty journalistic essays written in reminiscence 
form and full of entertaining incident. 

Washington, George. Washington's note 
book; selections from a newly-discovered 
manuscript written by him while a Vir- 
ginia colonel in 1757; ed. by Victor Hugo 
Paltsits. 1920. C 24758 


Benes, Vojta. Economic strength of the 
Bohemian (Czechoslovak) lands. 1918. 

A 7773 

Bury, J. B. The idea of progress; an in- 
quiry into its origin and growth. 1920. 

A 2339 

The theories of Boden and Le Roy, of Roger 
Bacon, of Descartes, of Fontenelle, of Montesquieu, 
of Voltaire, of Rousseau, as well as the French 
Revolution, the theory in England, the speculations 
in Germany, and progress in the light of evolution. 

Harding, Adelaide Mathews, (Mrs. George 
F. Harding). Italy and Austria; a con- 
trast, the unification of Italy, the military 
violence of Austria against Italy. 1919. 


Jugoslav Committee in North America. 
Austro-Magyar judicial crimes; persecu- 
tions of the Jugoslavs, political trials, 
1908-1916. 1917. A 7773 

Bound with Benes' Economic strength of the 
Bohemian (Czechoslovak) lands. 

Namier, Lewis B. The case of Bohemia. 
1917. A 7773 

Bound with Benes' Economic strength of the 
Bohemian (Czechoslovak) lands. 

O'Brien, William. Evening memories; be- 
ing a continuation of recollections. 1920. 

A 5513 

That one of his ability and experience should in 
the evening of his days and in the maturity of his 
judgment himself recount frankly and fully the 
stories of his most daring activities is indeed a 
valuable contribution to the history of his time. 
Times (London). 

European War 

Haslett, Elmer. Luck on the wing; thirteen 
stories of a sky spy. 1920. A 7130 



It is full of the fire and fervor of youth, good- 
natured, natural a splendid picture of the fight- 
ing airman and the life he led behind, over, and 
beyond the lines. . . A corking book to read 
aloud. C. H. Towne in The Bookman. 

McCarthy, George T. 

The greater love. 
A 7135 

McCormick, Robert R. The army of 1918. 
1920. A 7129 

A reliable non-technical statement of facts con- 
cerning the training and employment of the Ameri- 
can army in the war, based on the author's personal 
experience. Co]one| McCormick's attitude toward 
our military policy is critical. 

Parsons, William Barclay. The American 
engineers in France. 1920. A 7132 

The author covers in outline the work of all the 
nine regiments of American engineers from the 
Atlantic to the Vosges, from the Mediterranean to 
Flanders, "and with an authority that will make 
this one of the lasting records of the war" (JV. Y. 
Evening Post). . 

Small, James Louis, comp. Home then 
what? The mind of the doughboy, A. E. 
F., by the doughboy himself; with fore- 
word by John Kendrick Bangs. 1920. 

A 7131 

Stockbridge, Frank Parker. Yankee in- 
genuity in the war. 1920. A 7137 

It was as a reaction of the author's patriotic 
pride to the slanderous disparagements of America's 
participation in the war that the book was writ- 
ten . . . not for the scientist or technologist. 
Book Review Digest. 

Townshend, Charles Vere Ferrers. My cam- 
paign. 1920. 2 v. A 7133 

A fascinating book by the commanding officer of 
the_ British forces that fought at Kut and Ctesiphon, 
giving a frank interpretation of this important 

The uncensored letters of a canteen girl. 
1920. A 7128 

These letters were written to some one on this 
side of the Atlantic by a Y girl with the A. E. F. 
They were not mailed, but kept until the end of 
the war, and so are literally uncensored. They 
are clever and woll written and give a true picture 
of the American soldier in France. 


Cheng, Sih-Gung. Modern China; a political 
study. 1919. . A 8105 

A timely volume discussing the chief problems 
which confront the Chinese statesman and diplomat, 
together with suggestions for their solution, by an 
attache of the Chinese de'egation at the Paris con- 

Cynn, Hugh Heung-wo. The rebirth of 
Korea; the reawakening of the people, 
its causes, and the outlook. 1920. A 4785 
A story of the rebellion of March, 1919, by a 
Korean student educated in America. The author 
recites the impositions of Japan upon his country, 
and the relation of foreign missionaries to revolu- 
tionary conditions is told in an appendix. 

India. Home dept. India in the years 
1917-1918; a report prepared for presen- 
tation to Parliament in accordance with 
the requirements of the 26th section of the 
Government of India Act, by L. F. Rush- 
brook Williams. 1919. A 3849 


Ford, Worthington Chauncey, ed. A cyclr 
of Adams letters, 1861-1865. 1920. 2 v 


Fascinating family letters_ relating the_ different 
phases of the war of secession from the individual 
viewpoints of thre_e of the Adams family, Charles 
Francis Adams, minister at the court of St. Tames, 
his secretary-son Henry, and the younger Charles 
Francis at the front in Virginia. 

Graham, R. B. Cunninghame. A Brazilian 
mystic; being the life and miracles of 
Antonio Conselheiro. 1920. B 4945 

A romantic episode ;n the history of Brazil in 
which Antonio Maciel led an army of followers 
into the mountains and founded a new Zion, defy- 
ing the temporal power and its modern artillery 
with out-worn blunderbusses, and dying a martyr 
to his faith. 

Long, Stephen H. Voyage in a six-oared 
skiff to the Falls of Saint Anthony in 
1817. 1860. *B 1520, 2 

(Collections of the Historical Society of Minne- 

The journal of Major Long. 

New York (city). Public Library. An ex- 
hibition illustrating the history of the 
water supply of the city of New York 
from 1639 to 1917. 1917. B 8078 

Turner, Frederick Jackson. 
American history. 1920. 

The frontier in 

Wood William, ed. Select British docu- 
ments of the Canadian war of 1812. 1920. 

*B 4742,13 
(The publications of the Champlain Society.) 


Anderson, Sherwood. Poor white. 1920. 

F 10531 

The story of the transformation of a sleepy Ohio 
town to an industrial center, and also of the trans- 
formation of the man whose genius brings about 
the change. It is bitterly realistic and keenly pene- 

Beerbohm, Max. Seven men. 1920. F 20344 
Contents: Enoch Soames. Hilary Maltby and 
Stephen Braxton. James Pethel. A. V. LaLder. 
"Savonarola" Brown. 

"As the drawings are caricatures so are the pen 
sketches satires on human vanities, weaknesses and 
foibles, literary and otherwise," says the Book Re- 
view Digest about these seven imaginative sketches 
of six imaginary men and the author. 

Brown, Alice. Homespun and gold. 1920. 

F 20740 

Contents: The wedding ring. Mary Felicia. A 
homespun wizardry. Red poppies. Ann Eliza. 
The return of father. The deserters. The house 
of the bride. A question of wills. A brush of 



paint. The path of stars. The widow's third._ 
White pebbles. Confessions. Up on the mountain. 
Charming and well written sketches of New Eng- 
land life and character. 

Castle, Agnes and Egerton. John Senes- 
chal's Margaret. 1920. F 11644 

Deland, Margaret. An Old Chester secret. 
1920. F 21540 

A slight story in the Dr. Lavendar series, taking 
up the problem of an unacknowledged child. 

Dell, Floyd. Moon-calf. 1920. F 12443 

An unusual first novel giving the story of a sim- 
ple and lovable boy who has a genius for writing 
verse and a serious outlook on life. 

Diver, Maud. Captain Desmond, V. C. 
Rev. ed. in large part rewritten. 1914. 

F 12493 

The first of a trilogy of novels of life and works 
on the Indian frontier: 2. The great amulet 
(1910), F 12498; 3. Candles in the wind (1911), 
F 12499. 

A brilliant portrayal of two colorful person- 
alities, the captain and his daughter, against a back- 
ground of the southern seas. 

Edgeworth, Maria, 
works. 1920. 

Selections from her 
F 12637 

Contents: Selections from Castle Rackrent. 
"The Hibernian mendicant," from Essay on Irish 
bulls. Selections from Ennui. Selections from The 
absentee. Selections from Ormond. Extract from 
letter to Pakenham Edgeworth, 1834. List of Miss 
Edgeworth's works. 

Farnol, Jeffrey. 

Black Bartelmy's treasure. 
F 12831 

A stirring romance of seventeenth century pi- 
rates and their search for lost treasure. 

Heydrick, Benjamin A., ed. Americans all; 
stories of American life of today. 1920. 

F 13772 

Contents: The right Promethean fire, by G. M. 
Martin. The land of heart's desire, by Myra Kelly. 
The tenor, by H. C. Bunner. The passing of 
Priscilla Winthrop, by W. A. White. The gift of 
the magi, by O. Henry. The gold brick, by B. 
Whitlock. His mother's son, by Edna Ferber. 
Bitter-sweet, by Fannie Hurst. The riverman, by 
S. E. White. Flint and fire, by Dorothy Canfield. 
The ordeal at Mt. Hope, by P. L. Dunbar. 
Israel Drake, by Katherine Mayo. The struggles 
and triumph of Isidro de los Maestros, by J. M. 
Hopper. The citizen, by J. F. Dwyer. 

Hope, Anthony, pseud, of Anthony Hope 
Hawkins. Lucinda. 1920. F 13566 

A romantic mystery story written in comedy 
style. It concerns the mysterious disappearance of 
a bride on the day of her wedding, and her flight 
to Italy. 

Howells, William Dean. The vacation of 
the Kelwyns; an idyl of the middle 
eighteen-seventies. 1920. F 14156 

A story written many years ago and just pub- 
lished. Prof. Kelwyn's family spend their summer 
vacation in a Shaker community and the book tells 
of the manners and customs of this sect. 

In the mountains. 1920. 

F 14243 

A story Ln journal form said to have been writ- 
ten by the Countess von Arnim while on a visit to 
her summer home in the Swiss mountains. Written 
in a sprightly manner and with much humor. 

McFee, William. Captain Macedoine's 
daughter. 1920. F 24841 

MacManus, Seumas. 

Top o' the mornin'. 
F 14952 

McSpadden, J. Walker, ed. Famous detec- 
tive stories. 1920. F 24936 

Contents: The purloined letter, by E. A. Poe. 
An interview with M. Lecoq, by E. Gaboriau. A 
scandal in Bohemia, by A. C. Doyle. The adven- 
ture of the hansom cabs, by R. L. Stevenson. 
The adventure of the toadstools, by Sax Rohtner. 
Gentleman and players, by E. W. Hornung. The 
black hand, by A. B. Reeve. The grotto spectre, 
by Anna K. Green. The mystery of the steel disk, 
by B. Brandenburg. The sign of tke shadow, by 
M. Le Blanc. The mystery of the steel room, by 
T. W. Hanshew. 

Famous psychic stories. 1920. F 24937 
Contents: The white old maid, by N. Haw- 
thorne. The facts in the case of M. Valdemar, by 
E. A. Poe. The dream woman, by W. Collins. 
The open door, by Margaret Oliphant. The stalls 
of Barchester cathedral, by M. R. James. The man 
who went too far, by E. F. Benson. Moxon's mas- 
ter, by A. Bierce. The beast with five fingers, by 
W. F. Harvey. From the loom of the dead, by 
E. W. Peattie. The ghoul, by Evangeline W. 
Blashfield. The shadows on the wall, by Mary E. 
Wilkins Freeman. The widow's mite, by I. K. 

Ostrander, Isabel. How many- cards?. 1920. 

F 15863 

Readers of detective stories will find this tale of 
absorbing interest. 

Post, Melville Davisson. The sleuth of St. 
James's Square. 1920. F 16588 

Contents: The thing on the hearth. The re- 
ward. The lost lady. The cambered foot. The 
man in the green hat. The wrong sign. The for- 
tune teller. The hole in the mahogany panel. The 
end of the road. The last adventure. American 
horses. The spread rails. The pumpkin coach. 
The yellow flower. A satire of the sea. The house 
by the loch. 

A collection of good mystery stories grouped 
about the character of Sir Henry Marquis, chief 
of the criminal investigation department of Scot- 
land Yard. 

Sedgwick, .Anne Douglas, (Mrs. Basil de 
Selincourt). Christmas roses, and other 
stories. 1920. F 17906 

Contents: Christmas roses. Hepaticas. Daffo- 
dils. Pansies. Pink foxgloves. Carnations. 
Staking a larkspur. Evening primroses. Au- 
tumn crocuses. 

Psychological stories reprinted from magazines 
and dealing mostly with life in England during the 

Seltzer, Charles Alden. The trail horde. 
1920. F 17909 

A group of politicians and capitalists attempt to 
corner the cattle market by shutting off the supply 
of shipping cars. How they are defeated makes a 
good story. 

Sherwood, Margaret. A world to mend; 
the journal of a working man. 1920. 

F 18050 

The main character is a rich man's son, an on- 
looker on life until the war suddenly brings him 
to realize that the time has come for action. He 
chooses a trade, gains confidence, influence, and 
finally ambition and pride in achievement. 




Bryce, Catharine T. Robert Louis Steven- 
son reader. 1906. J 6257 
A collection of Stevenson's verses especially 
adapted to the second grade. There are also stories 
in prose which expand and supplement the poetic 
selections. Well illustrated. 

Chadwick, Mara L. Pratt. Little plays for 
little players. 1911. J 6258 

A dialogue reader suitable for second grade. 
Well-known fables such as "The oak and the reed," 
"The sun and the wind," "Wolf, Wolf," have been 
put in play form. 

Farnsworth, Charles H. 
music. 1920. 

How to study 
K 29578 

Fitzhugh, Percy Keese. From Appomattox 
to Germany; pictures of the great events 

in a wonderful half century. 1919. B 5662 
Historical pictures extending from the close 
of the civil war through the world war. The book 
is intended for young readers and so emphasizes 
actual events rather than the political issues. 

Fraser, Chelsea Curtis. Boys' book of bat- 
tles; the story of eleven famous land 
combats. 1919. A 2229 

Contents: Bunker Hill. Saratoga. Yorktown. 
Austerlitz. Waterloo. Gettysburg. Sedan. 
Ypres. Verdun. Second Marne. Argonne-Meuse. 

The battles described in this volume are all as 
historically correct as extensive research among the 
works of the foremost authorities can make them. 
.The fortune of nations have balanced upon 
their outcome ; the social and industrial fabric of a 
world has changed color at their conclusion. 

Lafayette, Marquis de. NICOLAY, HELEN. 
The boys' life of Lafayette. 1920. C 22830 
TTie biography of a French gentleman, a fighter 
for liberty and glory, whose part in American and 
French history make it most interesting. Written 
in a readable style and illustrated. 

McMurry, Frank M. The geography of the 
world war and the peace treaties. 1920. 


Smith, Nora Archibald. The Christmas 
child, and other verse for children. 1920. 

E 15024 

Turkington, Grace A. My country; a text- 
book in civics and patriotism for young 
Americans. 1918. L 18455 

Wilson, Clarence Hall. Talks to young 
people on ethics. 1917. L 14118 

Yates, Raymond Francis, 
model boats. 1920. 

Boys' book of 
K 26638 

A very simple explanation of model boat con- 
struction, illustrated with numerous drawings and 
diagrams. It takes up the building of sailing boats 
as well as the latest models propelled by steam 
and electricity. 


Anderson, Robert Gordon. Seven o'clock 
stories; illustrations in color by E. Boyd 
Smith. 1920. H 3006 

Short stories which tell of the adventures of 
three small children and their animal friends on a 

farm. Children will enjoy knowing the "Toyman," 
who whittled wonderful toys, and the dog "Wiener- 
wurst" will delight all small readers. 

Armfield, Constance. Wonder tales of the 
world. 1920. H 7212 

Folk tales and legends from many lands. 

Dodge, Louis. The sandman's mountain; 
a story for large persons to read to small 
persons. 1920. H 7863 

Further adventures of Giddy, who had such 
amazing things happen to him in the "Sandman's 
forest. On the 'Sandman's mountain he falls in 
with a jolly family of bears and many other animal 
folk and immediately very queer things begin to 

Fillmore, Parker. The shoemaker's apron; 
a second book of Czechoslovak fairy tales 
and folk tales. 1920. H 3833 

Holland, Rupert S. Refugee Rock. 1920. 


A mystery story which has its setting on an 
island off the coast of Maine. Three boys rescue 
a European refugee from two bands of law-breakers. 
The refugee proves to be a royal prince whose fam- 
ily have concealed a treasure on this island. 

Livingston, Robert. The land of the great 
out-of-doors. 1920. H 4838 

Another book by the author of "What daddies 
do." Pen and Penny tell the story of their ex- 
periences in the country. They tell of the ani- 
mals, holidays and sports of all kinds in a way that 
is interesting to small children. 

Pyle, Katharine. Tales of wonder and magic. 
1920. H 5873 

Fifteen fairy stories adapted from the folklore 
of different countries. The illustrations are by the 

Sabin, Edwin L. Into Mexico with Gen- 
eral Scott. 1920. H6321 
(Trail blazers series.) 

A story which will take you back to '46 and on 
a journey full of adventure under a soldier most 
popular with the men in the ranks. 

Schnapps, Charles H. Archag, the little 
Armenian. 1920. H 6219 

(Little schoolmates series.) 

The story of an Armenian boy in which the 
characteristics of that people are brought out. Their 
endurance and suffering under oppression are told 
without exaggeration. 

Spyri, Johanna. Toni, the little wood- 
carver. 1920. H6606 

Another book by the author of "Heidi" in which 
we are again placed in the pleasant atmosphere of 
the mountains of Switzerland. A good picture of 
the peasant life of that region. 

Tarn, W. W. The treasure of the Isle of 
Mist 1920. H 6716 

Fiona and her student father live on the Isle of 
Mist. With the aid of a present from the fairy king 
and the advice of the animals, Fiona finds the 
treasure and the best gifts of fairyland. There are 
numerous references to mythology and folklore. 

Verrill, A. Hyatt. The trail of the white 
Indians. 1920. H 6922 

Sequel to The trail of the cloven foot, H 6921. 

Two typical American boys discover and destroy 
a German submarine base while trying to clear up 
the title of a mine they have discovered. A tribe 
of white Indians are encountered who afford many 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Department, 
first floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Brooks, Alfred H. Military mining. 1920. 

W 7.16/2 62 

(U. S. Army Engineer School. Occasional pa- 
pers 62.) 

Facts collected relating to two years of intensive 
underground warfare, emphasizing the general prin- 
ciples of mine warfare used by the Germans and 
the Allies. 

Curtin, Thomas. Casing troubles and fish- 
ing methods in oil wells. 1920. 128.3 182 
(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Bulletin 182.) 
Classifies casing troubles and suggests ways to 

increase efficiency in oil-well practice. 

Fewkes, J. K. Prehistoric villages, castles 
and towers of Southwestern Colorado. 
1919. S 12.3 70 

(U. S. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulle- 
tin 70.) 

Fascinating descriptions of the homes of the cliff- 
dwellers, revealing the existence af an advanced 
prehistoric culture of man in America. 

John, Walton C. Requirements for the 
bachelor's degree. 1920. I 16.3 1920-7 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin, 1920, 
no. 7.) 

"Shows the characteristic tendencies of both en- 
trance and graduation requirements of '101 universi- 
ties and colleges." A splendid compilation. 

Kelly, Ernest, and Clement, C. E. Milk 
plant equipment. 1920. A 1.3 890 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 890.) 
With lists of up-to-date equipment required for 
plants of various sizes. 

Mehl, J. M. Organization of co-operative 
grain elevator companies. 1920. A 1.3 860 
(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 860.) 
"Prepared with special reference to conditions 
existing in the grain states." 

Merrill, George P., comp. Contributions to 
a history of American state geological and 
natural history surveys. 1920. S 13.3 109 
(U. S. National Museum. Bulletin 109.) 
Contains all available data from the earliest sur- 
vey down to approximately 1885. 

Staley, Homer F. Materials and methods 
used in the manufacture of cast-iron 
wares. 1919. C 13.8 142 

(U. S. Bureau of Standards. Technologic pa- 
pers 142.) 

Causes and remedies used to overcome defects 
in enamels discussed from theoretical standpoint. 
Dry process only. 

United States. Bureau of Education. Health 
training for teachers. 1920. I 16.29 8 

(Health education 8.) 

"The role of normal and training schools in an 
advancement of health education." 

Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Consumption estimates. 1920. 

C 18.15 105 

(Misc. ser. 105.) 

Showing the production, imports, exports, and 
amounts available for consumption of various arti- 
cles, in the United States by years, including 1919. 

- Bureau of Labor Statistics. Industrial 
survey in selected industries in the U. S., 
1919. 1920. L2.3 265 

(Bulletin 265.) 

Preliminary report and summary on the "wages 
and hours of labor in 28 industries included in 

the industrial survey undertaken at the request 
of the War Industries Board." 

- Wages and hours of labor in the 
slaughtering and meat-packing industry, 
1917. 1919. L2.3 252 

(Bulletin 252.) 

The objects of this detailed report are to show 
rates -of wages, hours worked, and earnings of em- 
ployees for one plant payroll period in 1917, and 
to describe the work of the employees in the vari- 
ous occupations. 

Bureau of Standards. Turbidity stand- 
ard oi water analysis. 1920. C 13.3/a 367 

(Scientific paper, no. 367.) 

Recommendations of the Bureau in cooperation 
with the American Public Health Association, Amer- 
ican Chemical Society, and the American Watei 
Works Association. 

Coast Guard. United States Coast 

Guard. 1919. T 47.2 C63 

History and description of the Coast Guard, with 
general information. Good illustrations. 

- Department of Air Service. Report of 
the Director of Air Service to the Sec- 
retary of War. 1920. W 87.1 1920 
Shows what has been accomplished in the air 
service, and definitely outlines the things needed to 
make it more effective. 

Department of State. The constitution 

of the United States. 1920. S 1.2 C76 

Literal reprint of the constitution with amend- 
ments, including the eighteenth. 

Federal Trade Commission. Report on 
the causes of high prices of farm imple- 
ments. 1920. FT 1.2 F22c 

A detailed description of the industry, interest- 
ing to both manufacturer and farmer. 

Fuel Administration. Final report of 
the business manager to H. A. Garfield, 
U. S. Fuel Administrator. 1920. 

Y3 F95/2 B96 

Gives report of the Custodian of Property, with 
organization, disbursements, district representatives, 
production managers, and personnel of the Fuel 

Navy Dept. Office of Naval Records and 
Library. Digest catalogue of laws and 
joint resolutions; the navy and the world 
war. 1920. N 16.9 3 

A valuable compilation connecting the work of 
the navy with the war. 

Surgeon General's Office. Recruit psy- 
chological examination for illiterates and 
non-English speaking citizens and aliens. 
1919. W44.2 P95 

(War Department.) 

Prepared for use of recruiting officers. 

Tariff Commission. Crude botanical 

drug industry. 1920. TC 1.5 19 

(Tariff information series. 19.) 

Special reference to articles of chief importance 
in the drug trade, foreign and domestic, as an aid 
to the study of the tariff and to an understanding 
of its effect on the domestic industries. 

War Finance Corporation. 3d annual 

report: 1920. 1920. Y 3.W19/3-1 1920 

"Contains a complete statement of all advances 
made, amount repaid, and the balance outstanding, 
Nov. 30, 1920." 

War Trade Board. 

Report: 1917-1919. 
WT 1.1 1917-1919 

A full and comprehensive report, showing the ori- 
gin and development of the board, its functions and 
policies and their results. 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11. March, 1921 No. 3 

The Public Library Its Present and Its Future 

A SERIOUS contraction in revenue, combining with the continuous rise in the 
cost of all materials books, supplies, binding as well as service, has com- 
pelled the Public Library to undertake retrenchments of the most drastic sort in 
order to bring its current expenditures within the measure of its current income. 
Confronted with a deficit in resources of $246,000 below requirements as deter- 
mined by a carefully compiled budget, it has been found necessary to institute sharp 
curtailments in all directions. In the largest three items of the budget, namely, 
salaries, books and bindings, the cut made imperative by this state of affairs is 
revealed by the following figures : 


Estimated needs $629,896.00 $150,000.00 $65,000.00 

Revised appropriations 516,241.00 75,000.00 40,000.00 

These heavy and unavoidable reductions could be met only by corresponding 
reductions in service, the dismissal of a large group of employees, and the conse- 
quent discontinuance of a corresponding number of agencies. On the page opposite 
will be found a list of sixteen branches that have been temporarily closed. Re- 
trenchments in book and binding funds, postponement of much-needed repairs, 
and the complete abandonment of all contemplated extensions will together, it is 
hoped, result in keeping disbursements for 1921 within the required bounds. The 
Library has no borrowing or bonding power for current expenses, and, under the 
uncertainties of the Illinois revenue system, anticipation of a possible surplus in 
years to come would, in any event, be a most unbusinesslike procedure. 


The only source of revenue for the maintenance and development of the 
Public Library is the tax provided by the state library act of 1872, in which the 
rate is fixed at two-thirds of one mill in cities of more than 100,000 population (and 
one and one-third mills in cities and towns under that figure). In actual practice 
this rate amounts, in Chicago, to five and one-third tenths of a mill (.0005^). 
The revenue produced by the levy of this rate for the current year is, in round 
numbers, $830,000, or about twenty-nine cents per capita. A compilation of fig- 
ures on library support in the largest ten cities, printed in the Library Journal of 
New York in January, 1920, accords Chicago the unenviable distinction of ranking 
ninth in the per capita expenditure for its Library: 

Boston 74 cents 

Cleveland 64 cents 

Pittsburgh 56 cents 

Cincinnati 44 cents 

Detroit * 41 cents 

St. Louis 35 cents 

Brooklyn .- 30 cents 

*New York 30 cents 

Chicago '. 29 cents 

Philadelphia 20 cents 

*In New York only_ the Circulation Department, i. e., the branch system, is supported by 
city tax, all other activities being financed from trust funds and large endowments. 

The Library Journal tables further show that the Chicago Public Library rank? 
second only to New York in total number of volumes circulated, fourth in cir- 
culation per capita, and lowest in cost of book distributing service. 

Chicago has never enjoyed the favor of generous benefactors, whose bounty 
has provided the means for the splendid physical equipments and ample devel- 
opments of all of the other great library systems of the country. This Library 
has no endowments, building funds or other independent resources of any sort 
whatsoever. At the mercy of an absurdly insufficient, and a precariously fluctu- 
ating, tax rate, it has had to make its own way and has thus far, by strict and bitter 
economies, contrived to maintain a degree of service to its ever-growing con- 
stituency that has been at least reasonably adequate. A crisis has now arrived in 
its affairs that must be recognized and dealt with if the institution is to continue 
to function and to grow in measurable relation to its constantly expanding task: 

The Chicago Public Library, joining with other public libraries of the state 
equally hard hit, has applied to the General Assembly now in session at Springfield 
for an amendment to the Library Act of 1872 increasing the tax rate in cities of 
over 100,000 to one mill, and in municipalities of smaller population to two mills, 
on the dollar of assessed valuation. 

This means five cents more on each hundred dollars, or, to the average house- 
holder paying taxes on $6,000 to $10,000, one additional dollar per year for the 
Public Library. 

In furtherance of the adoption by the General Assembly of this amendment, 
the Public Library invites the active cooperation and support of its friends and 
patrons by promoting the passage of House Bills No. 224 and 225. 



Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Bibliography, Libraries 

Brotherton, Nina C, comp. Fairy stories 
to tell and suggestions for the story 
teller. 1917. *O 2303 

New York (city). Public Library. The 
photostat in reference work, by Charles 
F. McCombs. 1920. J 7304 

Pittsburgh. Carnegie Library. Foreign-born 
Americans; their contribution to Ameri- 
can life and culture; a selected list. 1920. 

*O 2302 

Sens, Homero. La coleccion Cervantina 
de la Sociedad hispanica de America 
(The Hispanic Society of America); 
ediciones de Don Quijote, con introduc- 
cion, descripcion de nuevas ediciones, 
anotaciones y nuevos datos bibliograficos. 
1918. . 14854,6* 

(University of Illinois studies in language and 

Wrenn, John Henry. A catalogue of the 
library of the late John Henry Wrenn. 
1920. 5v. *O 862 

Books and Reading 

Moore, Annie Carroll. Roads to childhood; 
views and reviews of children's books. 
1920. J 2845 

Chapters written with charm and understanding 
by the supervisor of work with children in the 
New York Public Library, and containing suggestive 
material for authors as well as for parents, teachers, 
and librarians. 

Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur, 
reading. 1920. 

On the art of 

Contents : Introductory. Apprehension versus 
comprehension. Children's reading. On _ reading 
for examinations. On a school of English. The 
value of Greek and Latin in English literature. 
On reading the Bible. On selection. On the use 
of masterpieces. 

Lectures by a devout book-lover who wishes to 
inculcate in his students a broad-minded taste and 
a warm-hearted love for books. The New York 
Times says that the book is "humane in its treat- 
ment, extensive in its inwai'd scope, catholic in its 
comparative method, classic in its standards." 

Mind-energy; lectures 
L 12923 

n's own selection of essays i 
1913. For the most part they 

views expressed in his main philosophical works, 
with some elaboration of detail and some new appli- 
cation to special problems. 


Jones, Lloyd Kenyon. God's world; a 
treatise on spiritualism founded on tran- 
scripts of shorthand notes taken down, 
over a period of five years, in the seance- 
room of the William T. Stead Memorial 
Center (a religious body incorporated 
under the statutes of the state of Illinois, 
Mrs Cecil M. Cook, medium and pastor). 
1919. L 13517 


Dewey, Evelyn, and others. Methods and 
results of testing school children; man- 
ual of tests used by the psychological 
survey in the public schools of New York 
city, including social and physical studies 
of the children tested in 1920. L 13732 

The tests include not merely those of a "pet 

must be understood. Survey. 



Harvey. The secret 

L 13977 

In very simple and obvious hypothetical cases 
based on conversations with a physician of the 
psycho-analytic school the author is able to give the 
uninformed layman some idea of the advantages and 
scope of this branch of therapeutics. 

Wright, George E. Practical views on 
psychic phenomena. 1920. L 13541 

A sympathetic and intelligent account of the work 
of the Society for Psychical Research expressed 
clearly and concisely. 

Ethics, Conduct of Life 

Barton, Bruce. It's a good old world; be- 
ing a collection of little essays on var- 
ious subjects of human interest. 1920. 

L 141 15 

Bright and clever chapters on character, which 
seek to encourage happiness and cheerfulness. 

Hill, Owen A. 

Ethics, general and special. 
L 14107 

An exposition of the ideals of Catholicism in the 
light of scientific knowledge and the life of today, 
which finds the subjectivity of modern philosophy 
responsible for many existing evils. 

Thompson, Vance. Live and be young. 
. 1920. L 141 17 

Preaches the gospel of the play and irresponsi- 
bility of childhood as a rule of conduct for (he 



Van Wesep, H. B. The control of ideals; 
a contribution to the study of ethics. 
1920. L 14152 

The distinction is made between ideals and fixer 1 
ideas, placing emphasis on the relative importance 
of living and dying for them. The bearing of the 
whole is on the theme of war prevention. 


Burroughs, John. 

Accepting the universe. 

Philosophic essays, though not profound, which 
are optimistic in tone in spite of the fact that tbc.y 
do not lay claim to any solution of the riddle of 
the universe, regarding it as unsolvable. 

Donne, John. Donne's sermons; selected 
passages, with an essay by Logan Pear- 
sail Smith. 1919. M 5075 

For those who know their Donne as a poet, it is 
right they should know him too as a divine. _ His 
appreciation for verbal and chromatic beauty is ap- 
parent in his homilies even as when perpetuating the 
inspired moment in his verse. Boston Transcript. 

Le Roy, Edouard. What is a dogma? tr. 
by Lydia G. Robinson. 1918. M 9439 
M. LeRoy is a Catholic layman, and his article 
first appeared in a French fortnightly journal in 
1905 and gave rise to a heated controversy. He 
presents the point of view of the intelligent ques- 
tioner outside the church and appeals to theologians 
within it to give a satisfying answer in the same 

Methodist Episcopal Church, The rise of 
Methodism in the West; being the Jour- 
nal of the Western Conference, 1800-1811; 
ed., with notes and introduction, by W. W. 
Sweet. 1920. M 7921 

Rice, John A. The Old Testament in the 
life of today. 1920. M 6663 

Scans the Old Testament broadly, so that the 
reader brought up on isolated texts and chapters 
may see the evolution of the set of books, the ideas 
dominating the authors and the effect which years at 
retouching and interpreting have had upon original 
manuscripts. Booklist. ' 

Schmidt, George T. The principal Cath- 
olic practices; a popular explanation of 
the sacraments and Catholic devotions. 
1920. M 7717 

Smith, David. The life and letters of St. 
Paul. 1920. M 2670 

Dr. Smith has produced a work of genuine liter- 
ature. He has a lucid styje, a finely poised im- 
agination, deep historical insight, a rich understand- 
ing of religious values and a full grasp of the pro- 
foundest scholarship. Bookman. 

Non-Christian Religions 
Bentwich, Norman. Hellenism. 1919. M 8277 

(Movements in Judaism.) 

Zwemer, Samuel M. The influence of an- 
imism on Islam; an account of popular 
superstitions. 1920. M 8120 

The book shows how much of primitive animism 
still persists in the popular expression of the Mos- 
lem religion. 


Friedman, Elisha M., ed. America and the 
new era, a symposium on social recon- 
struction; with a foreword by Herbert 
Hoover. 1920. L 15464 

A sequel to American problems of reconstruction, 
a symposium on the economic and financial as- 
oects, L 16670. 

Mr. Hoover's analytical survey of tbe present 
situation is followed by such well-known social ex- 
perts as Sophinisba Breckinridge, C. B. Davenport, 
Graham Taylor, F. C. Howe, E. S. Ames, R. T. 
Ely, and Francis G. Peabody. 

Mackenzie, J. S. 
ophy. 1918. 

Outlines of social philos- 
L 15322 

(Studies in economics and political science.) 
The plan is to survey the field of social philoso- 
phy, which is distinguished from sociology, and to 
determine the bases of social order, national order, 
and world order, and the functioning of institutions, 
forces, and ideals in their development. Athenae- 

Secrist, Horace. Readings and problems 
in statistical methods. 1920. L 15609 

Chapters on the meaning and application of sta- 
tistics, sources and collection of data, units of meas- 
urement, -tabular, diagrammatic and graphic presen- 
tation, averages as types, index numbers, compari- 
son and correlation, accompanied by illustrative 


Dole, Charles F. Economics for upper 
grades. 1920. L 16694 

Figgis, . Darrell. The economic case for 
Irish independence. 1920. L 16692 

Haynes, John. Economics in the secondary 
school. 1914. L 16695 

(Riverside educational monographs.) 

Tawney, R. H. 

The acquisitive society. 
L 16693 

A thoughtful and brilliant study on the principles 
of property, their relation to production, the evils 
that have arisen from their neglect, and the changes 
that have taken place in British opinion regarding 

Tornquist, Ernesto, & Co. The economic 
development of the Argentine Republic 
in the last fifty years. 1919. L 16689 


Bloomfield, Daniel. Labor maintenance; a 
practical handbook of employees' serv- 
ice work. 1920. L 16984 

Donovan, Frances. The woman who waits. 
1920. L 16903 

The author has gathered her material from per- 
sonal experience in all types of Chicago restaurants. 
Her intimate contact with waitresses as co-workers 
is related in this chatty book, but the picture of 
conditions it reveals is not a pleasant one. 

Frankel, Lee K., and others. The human 
factor in industry. 1920. L 16987 

A comprehensive manual giving statistics which 
show the advantage to the employer in lessened 
hours, improved working conditions, etc. It should 
prove a useful reference tool for business managers 
on account of its valuable illustrative examples and 
contains information of interest to social workers. 



Furniss, Edgar S. The position of the la- 
borer in a system of nationalism; a 
study in the labor theories of the later 
English mercantilists. 1920. L 16988 

(Hart, Schaffner & Marx prize essays.) 
A comparison of the after-war nationalistic re- 
action of today with the economic conditions in 
England between 1660 and 1775. 

Knpwles, Morris. Industrial housing; 
with discussion of accompanying activi- 
ties, such as town planning, street sys- 
tems, development of utility services, and 
related engineering and construction fea- 
tures. 1920. L 17050 

A comprehensive treatment of a subject of the 
utmost importance to public officials and employers 
of labor by an engineer especially experienced in 
dealing with the housing problems precipitated by 
the war. 

Warne, Frank Julian. The workers at war. 
1920. L 16979 

(The Century new world series.) 

Mr. Warne writes of the government's labor poli- 
cies and of the war between industrial democracy 
and autocracy which has followed the great war's 
interruption of the struggle between labor and capi- 
tal. He advocates the organization of consumers. 

Finance, Insurance 
Herrick, Clay. Trust companies; their or- 


growth and 

L 17369 

Huebner, Solomon S. Marine insurance. 
1920. L 19271 

A well written and helpful manual which should 
be of great assistance to beginners training for the 
marine insurance, shipping or exporting business. 

Hulbert, Arthur George. Common law 
"Hulbert plan" trust estates. 1920. 

L 17368 

Kniffin, William H. The business man and 
his bank. 1920. L 17328 

Phillips, Chester Arthur. Bank credit; a 
study of the principles and factors under- 
lying advances made by banks to borrow- 
ers. 1920. LI 7327 

Guild Socialism, Bolshevism 
Cole, G. D. H. Chaos and order in industry. 
1920. L 17881 

The author believes that the only remedy for 
the problem of capital and labor, is nationalization 
of the industries, with the eventual turning of them 
over to the management of the workers. 

Glasier, J. Bruce. The meaning of social- 
ism. 1920. L 17582 

(The new library of science.) 

An id ealistic_ interpretation of socialism, regarding 
humanism as its most profitable field and urgent 

Kautsky, Karl. The dictatorship of the pro- 
letariat. 1920. L 17596 

An answer to the challenge in Lenin's State and 
revolution, L 17602. 

Lenin, N., pseud, of V. I. Ulianov. The 
proletarian revolution and Kautsky the 
renegade. 1920. L 17603 

In The state and revolution (L 17602) the author 
justified proletarian democracy, or Bolshevism, from 
a Marxian standpoint. His challenge was answered 
by Karl Kautsky in defence of bourgeois democracy 
in The dictorship of the proletariat (L 17596), 
which here receives its rebuttal from Lenin. 

Loria, Achille. Karl Marx. 1920. L 17600 

A sketch of Marx's life and doctrines by an 
Italian socialist. 

Postgate, R. 



The Bolshevik theory. 
L 17611 

A statement of communist principles such as any 
believer might give, except that the tone is defens- 
ive, and emotional warmth is quite lacking. Natton, 

Russell, Bertrand. 
and theory. 1920. 

Bolshevism: practice 
L 17622 

The book is likely to remain the most damning 
criticism of Bolshevism, whether that strange delu- 
sion be considered as a faith or as a political insti- 
tution. Spectator. 

Webb, Sidney and Beatrice. A constitu- 
tion for the socialist commonwealth of 
Great Britain. 1920. L 17643 

The power derived from property Mr. and Mrs. 
Webb would replace by power derived from public 
service. That this can be effected is the unstated 
assumption of their system. New Republic. 

Production, Prices 

Academy of Political Science, New York. 
Inflation and high prices: causes and rem- 
edies; a series of addresses and papers. 
1920. L 7286.9 1 


Contents: Preface. Causes and progress of in- 
flation, by E. W. Kemmerer. Treasury methods of 
fin3ncing the war in relation to inflation, by R. C. 
Leffingwell. The relation of the federal reserve sys- 
tem to inflation, by H. P. Willis. Discussion of 
government's financial policies in relation to infla- 
tion, by A. B. Hepburn, J. H. Hollander and B. M. 
Anderson, jr. The international factor in price 
fluctuations, by W. C. Mitchell. Increased produc- 
tion through the Kansas industrial court plan as a 
remedy, by H. J. Allen. Increased production 
through increased saving as a remedy, by G. E. 
Roberts. Remedies for inflation with special refer- 
ence to the British situation, by J. J. Broderick. 
Remedies for inflation with special reference to the 
French situation, by M. 'Casenave. Remedies for 
inflation with special reference to the Italian situa- 
tion, by B. Attolico. Inflation as a world problem 
and our relation thereto, by P. M. Warburg. Dis- 
cussion of contribution the United States may make 
toward improving t^e European situation, by W. S. 
Kies and C. C. Plehn. Increased oroduction and 
increased saving as remedies for inflation, by H. 

Eckel, Edwin C. Coal, iron and war; a 
study in industrialism, past and future. 
1920. L 16691 

Major Eckel is convinced that the power of na- 
tions will shift considerably in the near future and 
that while the centers will be determined as al- 
ways largely by national character and the etability 
of governments, they will be vastly^ affected by the 
location of resources in coal and iron. 

Pearl, Raymond. The nation's food; a 
statistical study of a physiological and so- 
cial problem. 1920. L 17862 

Statistics resulting from the research of the Food 
Administration during the war, which go to make 
a valuable source book. 



Political Science 

Drachsler, Julius. Democracy and assimila- 
tion; the blending of immigrant heritages 
in America. 1920. L 16051 

Professor Drachsler urges replacing the present 
method of what he calls "hasty assimilation ' by a 
policy of "incorporation" taking into account the 
immigrant's contribution to American cultural life 
while presenting to him a fundamental conception 
of what true Americanism is. 

Duguit, Leon. Law <n the modern state; 
tr. by Frida and Harold Laski. 1919. 

L 15755 

A remarkably interesting presentation _of the 
changes taking place in the structure of society and 
its attitude toward law and government. The em- 
phasis is no longer on the authority the state can 
exercise over the community but on the service it 
can render to the general welfare. 

Graham, Stephen. The soul of John Brown. 
1920. L 16175 

Mr. Graham is an English writer well known for 
his interest in gaining firsthand knowledge of op- 
pressed peoples, notably the peasants and Jews of 
Russia. He has tramped through the South follow- 
ing Sherman's march to the sea and he presents the 
negroes' case with sympathy and optimism. 

McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham. Steps 
in the development of American democ- 
racy. 1920. L 15896 
(Wesleyan University. George Slocum Bennett 
foundation lectures.) 

The treatment _is broad, but it is marked by a 
sense of proportion and by genuine insight. In 
brief, Prof. McLaughlin gives expression to the 
universal feeling that the experiment of democracy 
is not beyond peril. Bookman. 

Roberts, Richard. The unfinished pro- 
gramme of democracy. 1920. L 15895 

One of the ablest of the ministers of the English 
Presbyterian church here discusses the social prob- 
lem in a comprehensive and practical way, with a 
full appreciation of new conditions and new trends 
of thought. The Times (Lcudon). 

Stevens, Doris. Jailed for freedom. 1920. 

L 15984 

A vividly written history of the struggle of Amer- 
ican women for suffrage. 


North American Civic League for Immi- 
grants. Annual report, 1908-1909 to 1918- 
1919. L 16078 

Thompson, Frank V. Schooling of the im- 
migrant. 1920. L 19719 

(Americanization studies.) 

Mr. Thompson's own point of view undergoes ex- 
pansion between the first chapter and the last. . . 
He reaches the conclusion that Americanization 
means remaking ourselves and our institutions, in- 
cluding the schools, quite as much as it means the 
remaking of the immigrant. J. K. Hart in The 

United States Government 
Federal, Municipal 

Crozier, William. Ordnance and the world 
war; a contribution to the history of 
American preparedness. 1920. L 18371 

The purpose is to describe the ordnance depart- 
ment and to trace the various steps in equipping 

the army for France, leaving the reader to judge 
to what extent the department met its responsibili- 
ties. Book Review Digest. 

Fosdick, Raymond B. American police 
systems. 1920. L 18226 

(Publications of the Bureau of Social Hygiene.) 
Companion volume to European police systems, 
L 9853. 

Mr. Fosdick's report is encouraging when com- 
pared to conditions of half a century ago, but does 
not bear comparison with European systems where 
"the mechanism is the product not of political ex- 
pediency but of painstaking care and deliberation." 

The U. S. Geological Survey, its history, ac- 
tivities and organization. 1919. L 18394 

(Service monographs of the United States gov- 

International Relations 

Fahs, Charles Harvey. American's stake 
in the Far East. 1920. L 16339 

(World problem discussion series.) 

Hovde, Brynjolf J. Diplomatic relations 
of the United States with Sweden and 
Norway, 1814-1905. 1921. L 15421, 7^ 
(University of Iowa studies in the social sci- 

Pooley, A. M. Japan's foreign policies. 
1920. L 16340 

It records the rapid imp_erialistic developments in 
Japan and its Chinese policy and hints at the pos- 
sibility of a war between America and Japan in the 
making. Book Review Digest. 


Meigs, William M. The relation of the 
judiciary to the Constitution. 1919. 

L 18017 

Scott, James Brown. The United States of 
America: a study in international organ- 
ization. 1920. L 18026 

(Publications of the Carnegie Endowment for 
International Peace. Division of international law.) 

Wigmore, John Henry. Problems of law, 
its past, present, and future; three lec- 
tures. 1920. N 5466 

(University of Virginia. Barbour-Page founda- 

Professor Wigmore believes that we are at the 
beginning of a new era in which considerable legis- 
lation will be necessary to adjust things properly, 
and that one of the greatest needs will be legis- 
lators who are made experts by decreasing their 
number and increasing their terms of office and 

International Law 
League of Nations 

Gray, Sir Edward, and others. The league 
of nations, with an introduction by Vis- 
count Bryce. 1919. L 21454 

Contents: Introduction, by Viscount Bryce. The 
league of nations, by Viscount Grey. The league 
of nations in history, by A. F. Pollard. The league 
of nations and the coming rule of law, by Sir Fred- 
erick Pollock. The league of nations and freedom 
of the seas, by Sir Julian Corbett. The league of 
nations and primitive peoples, by Sir Sydney Olivier. 
The league of nations: its economic aspect, by 
Hartley Withers. The league of nations and labour, 



by Arthur Henderson. The league of nations and 
the democratic idea, by Gilbert Murray. The spir- 
itual sanctions of a league of nations, by E. S. 

Hicks, Frederick Charles. The new world 
order: international organization, inter- 
national law, international cooperation. 
1920. L 21446 

The author's personal conviction is "that the 
League of nations should be supported not merely 
because it provides means for putting war a few 
steps farther in the background, but because it 
emphasizes the necessity for cooperation between 
sovereign states." Preface. 

Scott, James Brown. The project of a per- 
manent court of international justice, and 
resolutions of the Advisory Committee of 
Jurists; report and commentary. 1920. 

L 17958,35 

(Pamphlet series of the Carnegie endowment for 
international peace. Division of international law.) 

Sweetser, Arthur. The League of Nations 
at work. 1920 L 21455 

The author was a member of the American peace 
commission and now of a provisional secretariat of 
the League of Nations. His book is a simple and 
clear exposition of the structure of the League and 
the work that it has accomplished. 

Wilson, Woodrow. The hope of the world; 
messages and addresses delivered by the 
President between July 10, 1919, and De- 
cember 9, 1919, including selections from 
his country-wide speeches in behalf of 
the Treaty and Covenant. 1920. L 18474 

Supplementary to Why we are at war (1917), 
A 6378; In our first year of war (1918), A 6625; 
Guarantees of peace (1919), L 18472; International 
ideals (1919), L 16327; The triumph of ideals 
(1919), L 18473. 

The papers include the message on the high cost 
of living; the memorandum upon Shantung; the 
statement to the railway shopmen ; the letter to the 
National Industrial Conference; the appeal to the 
coal miners; and the message to the new Congress. 


Bonser, Frederick Gordon, 
school curriculum. 1920. 

The elementary 
L 19890 

Briggs, Thomas H. The junior high school. 
1920. L 19804 

(Riverside textbooks in education.) 

Cope, Henry Frederick, 
democracy. 1920. 

Education for 
L 19371 

Democracy, according to this author, "is more 
than a form of government, it is a social ideal, a 
mode of life, a quality of the human spirit," and 
with this idea in mind he suggests ways in which 
school and community may help in the development 
of character. 

Griffith, Ira Samuel. Teaching manual and 
industrial arts; a textbook for normal 
schools and colleges. 1920. L 19570 

It aims to help relate the more theoretical courses 
to manual and industrial instruction. 

Hudson, Jay William. The college and new 
America. 1920. L 19935 

Social reconstruction, the author holds, requires 
the aid of the colleges and looks to them for skilled 
intelligence of a special sort. This requires re- 

form and the first reform needed is that of the col- 
lege professor himself. Book Review Digest. 

James, Edmund J. Sixteen years at the 
University of Illinois; a statistical study. 
1920. L 19976 

Jones, Henry Arthur. Patriotism and popu- 
lar education; a letter addressed to the 
Right Hon. H. A. L. Fisher. 1920. 

L 19457 

It deplores the inadequacy of the English edu- 
cational system for the needs of the worker, the 
decadence of skilled labor, the absence of serious 
purpose in the theater and the future of England 
in general. 

Owen, Grace, ed. Nursery school education. 
1920. L 19745 

Sears, J. B., and others. The Boise survey; 
a concrete study of the administration of 
a city school system. 1920. L 20048 

(Educational survey series.) 

Snider, Denton J. The St. Louis movement 
in philosophy, literature, education, 
psychology, with chapters of autobiog- 
raphy. 1920. L 19852 

Wells, J. The charm of Oxford. 1920. 

L 19994 

Choice of Occupations 

Dean, Edward Owen. Opportunities out-of- 
doors. 1921. L 14379 

(The opportunity books.) 

Contents: Wanted men out-of-doors. Construc- 
tion. Forestry. The lumber industry. Tree sur- 
gery. Rural motor express. Collecting and grow- 
ing medicinal plants. -Landscape gardening. 

A most helpful book for people seeking work that 
keeps them out in the open. It characterizes the 
rarious out-of-door trades and professions giving 
also the income to be expected and the living con- 
ditions of each. 

Filene, Catherine, ed. Careers for women.. 
1920. L 14384* 

_ This book contains statements from representa- 
tives of about thirty different professions and busi-- 
ness activities in which women have been success- 
ful. They enumerate the advantages and disad- 
vantages of each career, the salaries to be ex- 
pected and the qualifications and preparation de- 

. Practical Sociology 

Harrison, Shelby M. Social conditions in 
an American city; a summary of the find- 
ings of the Springfield, (111.) survey. 
1920. L 15571 

(Russell Sage Foundation pamphlets.) 

Lansbury, George. These things shall be. 
1920. M 9429 

Brief essays of a religious character by the so- 
cialist editor of the English Labor Herald who no 
longer places much emphasis on the form of gov- 
ernment but would lay the foundations of a better 
social order in service, honesty, and love. 

Loeb, Sophie Irene. Everyman's child. 1920. 

L 18855 

The president of the Child Welfare Board of 
New York writes here on the best methods of car- 
ing for the children of the poor. 



Queen, Stuart Alfred. The passing of the 
county jail. 1920. L 18984 

"Individualization of misdemeanants through a 
unified correctional system." 

Indian Legends 

Linderman, Frank B., (Co-skee-see-co-cot). 
Indian Old-man stories; more sparks 
from War Eagle's lodge-fire. 1920. 

L 21141 

Continuation of Indian why stories, L2114O. 

Foreign, Commercial 

Bartholomew, Wallace Edgar, and Hurlbut, 
Floyd The business man's English. 
1920. L 20296 

A practical study of English written with a dis- 
tinctly business atmosphere. It contains such tech- 
nical aids as an alphabetical list of common errors, 
suggestions in filing, postal information, and ab- 

Bradley, Henry. On the relations between 
spoken and written language, with spe- 
cial reference to English. 1919. J 4579 

Davison, E. B. The master letter writer, 
including The 500 master business letters; 
the new science of successful letter writ- 
ing. 1920. L 20571 

McGovern, William Montgomery. Collo- 
quial Japanese. 1920. J 3460 

McHale, Carlos F. Spanish and English 
commercial vocabulary. 1920. J 4082 

English-Spanish and Spanish-English. 

Mercado, Julio. Manual de correspondencia 
comercial. 1920. J 4081 

(Gregg modern language series.) 
A manual of Spanish commercial correspondence. 

Robertson, A. T. A grammar of the Greek 

New Testament in the light of histori- 

cal research. 1919. *R 1580 

Turrell, Charles Alfred, ed. Spanish-Ameri- 
can short stories. 1920. J 3961 
(Macmillan Spanish series.) 


Bosworth, T.-O. Geology of the mid con- 
tinent oilfields, Kansas, Oklahoma and 
north Texas. 1920. K 20417 

Although the vocabulary of the book is more or 
less technical, the lay reader may pursue it with 
comfort and understanding. American Economic 

Carmichael, Robert D. The theory of rela- 
tivity. 1920. K 19106 
(Mathematical monographs.) 

Chamberlain, Joseph Scudder. Organic ag- 
ricultural chemistry (the chemistry of 
plants and animals); a textbook of gen- 

eral agricultural chemistry or elementary 
bio-chemistry for use in colleges. 1919. 

K 23840 

Eaton, Walter Prichard. 
wilderness; tales of 
neighbors. 1920. 

On the edge of the 

our wild animal 

K 21 770 

Almost ideal in fulfilling the many demands of 
the average intelligent boy for an entertaining book 
of adventure. It has a literary value such as boys 
unconsciously appreciate. H. L. Reed in Springfield 

Eddington, A. S. Space, time, and gravi- 
tation; an outline of the general relativ- 
ity theory. 1920. K 19107 

Goodwin, H. M. Elements of the precision 
of measurements and graphical methods. 
1919. K 19115 

Emphasizes the importance of the ability to grasp 
the essentials of the problem and presents two 
methods for determining the reliability of experi- 
mental data. New Technical Books. 

Smith, Wayne P., and Jewett, Edmund 
Gale. An introduction to the study of 
science; a first course in science for high 
schools. 1920. K 18633 

Soddy, Frederick. Science and life; Aber- 
deen addresses. 1920. K 18552 

Contents: Science and life. Physical force, 
man's servant or his master? Chemistry and na- 
tional prosperity. Science and the state. The fu- 
ture of science, and what bars the way. The evolu- 
tion of matter. The conception of the chemical 
element as enlarged by the study of radioactive 
change. Matter, energy, consciousness, and spirit. 
To- the new launch ! The ideals of a science 

The book is of special interest to men of science, 
because it brings out their immense burden of re- 
sponsibility. . . . The chapters on radio-activity are 
beautifully written, and authoritative. Ellwood 
Hendrick in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineer- 


Medicine, Hygiene 

Jacobs, Edwin Elmore. A study of the physi- 
cal vigor of American women. 1920. 


The statistics on which this investigation is based 
go to- show that women are improving in physical 

Janet, Pierre. The major symptoms of hys- 
teria. 1920. N 2271 

Myerson, Abraham. The nervous house- 
wife. 1920. N 2291 

A studv of the nervousness caused by the con- 
ditioiis of modern life, poverty, monotony of oc- 
cupation, misunderstanding, etc. It is sane, frank 
and sympathetic, and contains some excellent advice. 

Peebles, Isaac Lockhart. Unanswerable ob- 
jections to vaccination. 1914. N 803 

Rockefeller Foundation, New York. Inter- 
national Health Board. Hookworm and 
malaria research in Malaya, Java, and the 
Fiji islands; report of Uncinariasis Com- 
mission to the Orient, 1915-1917. 1920. 




Walsh, James J. Religion and health. 1920. 


A curiously interesting treatise on the relation- 
ship between the disciplinary religious practices of 
the Catholic Church and health. His thesis is that 
mental and nervous diseases, suicide, and certain 
social plagues have increased in proportion to the 
decline of religious belief and practice. New York 

Machinery, Automobiles 

Harris, Carl C, and Rice, Samuel O. Power 
development of small streams; a book for 
all persons seeking greater comfort and 
higher efficiency in country homes, towns 
and villages. 1920. K 23695 

A popular and useful treatise issued by the Rod- 
ney Hunt Machine Co., giving directions for irri- 
gation and drainage and for the construction of 
dams and conduits. 

Horstmann, Henry C., and Tousley, Victor 
H. Electric motor control systems and 
methods; a collection of practical dia- 
grams and descriptions of the many 
methods employed. 1919. K 22808 

Manly, Harold P. Automobile upkeep and 
care, economy, smooth running, good ap- 
pearance and freedom from trouble in op- 
erating the car. 1920. K 23490 

Oberg, Erik, and Jones, Franklin D. Shop 
mathematics; a treatise on applied mathe- 
matics dealing with various machine- 
shop and tool-room problems, and con- 
taining numerous examples illustrating 
their solution and the practical applica- 
tion of useful rules and formulas. 1920. 

K 22658 

Sothern, J. W. M. "Verbal" notes and 
sketches for marine engineer officers; a 
manual of marine engineering practice 
for the use of engineer officers preparing 
for examinations of competency at home 
and abroad. .1920. *K 22747 

Military Science 

Farrow, Edward S. Farrow's manual of 
military training. 1920. K 31092 

A complete outline of the essential points, sum- 
marized by a West Point instructor of tactics. 

Poultry, Bees 

Dadant, C. P. Bee primer for the prospec- 
tive beekeeper. 1914. K 24525 

Dadant system of beekeeping. 

K 24524 

Doolittle, G. M. Scientific queen-rearing 
as practically applied; being a method by 
which the best of queen-bees are reared 
in perfect accord with nature's ways. 1920. 

K 24526 

Hawkins, Kennith. Beekeeping in the 
South; a handbook on seasons, methods 

and honey flora of the fifteen southern 
states. 1920. K 24536 

Tumbach, Joseph H. How I made $10,000 
in one year with 4,200 hens. 1919. 


Costume, Clothing 

McGowan, Ellen Beers, and Waite, Char- 
lotte A. Textiles and clothing. 1920. 

K 25853 

The author's intention is to show that the prin- 
ciples underlying our most complicated machinery 
in the textile industry are unchanged since the 
days of primitive weavers. Chapters treat of the 
testing of fabrics and the care, repair, and hygiene 
of clothing. 

Parsons, Frank Alvah. The psychology of 
dress. 1920. L 20860 

Traces the development of costume from medieval 
to present days through some of the periods which 
are most significant in their influence on our own 
time, and lays stress on the relation between the 
mind and its expression in material objects. 

Commerce, Business 

Bruce, William George, ed. Commercial or- 
ganizations, their function, operation and 
service; a compilation of material from 
the proceedings of the associations of com- 
mercial secretaries. 1920. L 20144 
Contents: pt. I. Essentials of efficiency and 
characteristic activities. pt. II. Methods of organ- 
ization and operation. pt. III. Qualifications and 
self-training of secretaries. 

Hanson, Daniel Louis. The business philos- 
ophy of Moses Irons. 1920. L 20302 

The story of an ironmaster, who possessed a 
business philosophy full of humor, satire, strategy 
and square dealing, and who fought complex busi- 
ness battles with his wits. 

Munger, Thomas Laurence. Detroit and 
world-trade; a survey of the city's present 
and potential foreign trade and seaboard 
traffic, and the facilities therefor, with 
special reference to the proposed St. Law- 
rence deep waterway to the sea. 1920. 

L 20145 

Saunders, Alta Gwinn, and Creek, Herbert 
Le Sourd, ed. The literature of business. 
1920. L 20298 

Well-chosen articles for commercial students on 
business ideals, personality, and methods by Muns- 
terberg, Roosevelt, Ida Tarbell, Vanderlip, Bruce 
Barton, Bok, etc. 

Slater, J. A. Commodities of commerce. 
1920. K 22304 

f IX 4- . n ' r. * * \ 

^r^itman s commerce series. ) 

Business Administration, Employment 

Benge, Eugene J. Standard practice in per- 
sonnel work. 1920. L 20295 
The author is qualified both by experience and 
research to offer helpful practical suggestions with 
regard to methods of selecting and training effi- 
cient employees. 



De Haas, J. Anton. Business organization 
and administration. 1920. L 20297 

A textbook for high-school commercial courses, 
dealing only with such necessary facts of business 
experience as labor management and wages. Con- 
tains lists of questions for tests and individual study. 

Shefferman, Nathan W. 
methods. 1920. 

L 20299 

Advertising, House Organs 

O'Shea, Peter F. Employees' magazines 
for factories, offices, and business organ- 
izations. 1920. L 20601 
A practical treatise on the advantages, cost, and 
direction of house organs by one who has had 
experience in their management. 

Sloan, Clifford Alexander, and Mooney, 
James David. Advertising the technical 
product. 1920. L 20688 


Carthage, Philip I. Retail organization and 

accounting control. 1920. L 20495 

A practical textbook of accounting as applied to 

department stores, specialty shops, and retail stores 

of every kind. 

Cox, William E. Cost accounting for re- 
tail fuel dealers. 1920. L 20458 

(University of Washington bulletin.) 

Jordan, John P., and Harris, Gould L. Cost 
accounting, principles and practice. 1920. 

L 20494 
Retail Business 

Ideas in a jiffy series. 
L 20300 

A. W. Shaw Co. 

(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: Ideas for the man who buys. Ideas 
for the man who sells. Getting the other man's 
answer. Ideas for the man who writes letters. 
Better ways of handling men. Over the execu- 
tive's desk. What about your federal taxes? Ideas 
for the man who sells service. Investing your sur- 
plus. What I would do._ Keeping up with rising 
costs. What your association can do for you. 
Wrong methods made right. Short cuts. Getting 
the most out of motor trucks. The other man's way. 
The other man's idea. Out of the day's work. 

Retail lumber bulletins; greater sales 

series. 1920. K 25764 

(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: Sales plans that hit the mark. Win- 
ning customers by service. Picking the right loca- 
tion. Yard arrangement that speeds up sales. 
Solving the delivery problem. Turning your stocks 

Retail lumber bulletins; practical ac- 
counting series. 1920. K 25766 

(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: Can rising costs be beaten down? An 
accounting system that stops leaks. Thirteen forms 
that simplify accounting. Stock records that watch 
profits. Finding costs easily and quickly. Labor- 
saving devices that reduce costs. 

Retail lumber bulletins; profitable ad- 
vertising series. 1920. K 25765 

(Shaw management service.) 

Contents: Selling campaigns, when and how to 
use them. General publicity that builds success. 
Direct advertising that builds business. Cooperating 
with architects and builders. Setting the pace for 
community progress. How to keep your trade at 

Transportation, Shipping 

Annin, Robert Edwards. Ocean shipping; 
elements of practical steamship opera- 
tion. 1920. K 25161 

(The Century foreign trade series.) 

A practical guide based on experience, contain- 
ing chapters on the American Merchant Marine, 
range of business, freight rates, labor problem, of- 
ficering and manning, cargo carriers, foreign ex- 
change, traffic manager, general cargo, charters, etc. 

Dozier, Howard Douglas. A history of the 
Atlantic Coastline Railroad. 1920. 

L 20214 

(Hart, Schaffner & Marx prize essays.) 
An account of the consolidation of several short 
railway lines into one system, together with much 
of _the economic history and conditions of this 
region along; the South Atlantic coast. 

Chemical Technology, Metallurgy 

Alderson, Victor Clifton. The oil shale in- 
dustry. 1920. K 20418 

Urges the importance of extracting the oil from 
rocks containing petroleum in the face of the de- 
creasing supply of oil underground and the increas- 
ing demand for it. 

Camp, J. M., and Francis, C. B. The making, 
shaping and treating of steel. 1920. K 25658 
A concise and comprehensive treatment of the 
processes employed in manufacturing iron and steel, 
based on a course prepared for salesmen and other 
non-technical employees. 

Henderson, G. G. 
chemistry. 1919. 

Catalysis in industrial 
K 25256 

(Monographs on industrial chemistry.) 
A professor of chemistry in the Royal Technical 
College of Glasgow deals briefly with the employ- 
ment 9f catalysts in manufacturing processes. There 
is an important chapter on hydrogenation. 

Higgins, S. H. The dyeing industry, being 
a 3d ed. of Dyeing in Germany and Ameri- 
ca. 1919. K 25530 
(Publications of the University of Manchester. 
Economic series.) 

Ross, Victor. The evolution of the oil in- 
dustry. 1920. K 25483 

Cement, Concrete Construction 

Abrams, Duff A. Effect of curing condi- 
tion on the wear and strength of con- 
crete. 1919. K 26361 

(Lewis Institute. Structural material research 
laboratory bulletin.) 

Effect of fineness of cement. 1919. 

K 26361 

(Lewis Institute. Structural material research 
laboratory bulletin.) 

Effect of storage of cement. 1920. 

K 26361 

(Lewis Institute. Structural material research 
laboratory bulletin.) 

Effect of vibration, jigging and pressure 

on fresh concrete. 1919. K 26361 

(Lewis Institute. Structural material research 
laboratory bulletin.) 

Walker, Stanton. Modulus of elasticity of 
concrete. 1920. K 26361 

(Lewis Institute. Structural material research 
laboratory bulletin.) 



Manufactures, Trades 

Beck, Ernest G. Structural steelwork, re- 
lating principally to the construction of 
steel-framed buildings. 1920. K 26188 

The principal endeavor throughout has been to 
make the work broadly suggestive rather than par- 
ticular or exhaustive. Preface. 

Davis, William. Hosiery manufacture. 1920. 

K 25842 

(Pitman's textile industries series.) 
A discussion of materials, processes and colors 
with reference to the manufacture of knitted fab- 

Sabin, Alvah Horton. White-lead; its use 
in paint. 1920. K 25551 

Explanation of old and new processes for ob- 
taining and using white lead, written by an author- 
ity in untechnical language. 


Avery, C. Louise. American silver of the 
XVII and XVIII centuries; a study 
based on the Clearwater collection. 1920. 

K 28387 

Parker, De Witt H. 
aesthetics. 1920. 

The principles of 
K 26736 

The ( author derives his philosophy mainly from 
the thinkers and artists following Lessing in the 
early nineteenth century, acknowledging also the in- 
fluence of Croce and Lipps of our own time. 

Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute. Carnegie 
Institute and Carnegie Library of Pitts- 
burgh. 1920. K 26871 

Wherry, Albinia. Greek sculpture with 
story and song. 1898. K 28128 


Harris industrial homes. 1920. K 27717 

Mills, Wilbur T. American school-build- 
ing standards. 1915. K 27694 

Stratton, Arthur. The English interior; a 

review of the decoration of English homes 

from Tudor times to the XlXth century. 

1920. *P 5097 

Drawing, Engraving 

Gibran, Kahlil. Twenty drawings. 1919. 

*P 4123 

The drawings are by a Syrian who has brought 
the mysticism of the Near East to America and 
has chosen to throw his lot with the artists of the 
Occident in an endeavor to fuse new bonds of 
interest between the old world and the new. 

Horgan, Stephen H. Photo-engraving 
primer; concise instructions for appren- 
tice engravers or for those seeking simple 
yet practical knowledge of line and half- 
tone engraving. 1920. K 29514 

Knight, Laura. Twenty-one drawings of 
the Russian ballet. 1920. *P 5283 

Stewart, Basil. Japanese colour-prints, and 
the subjects they illustrate; a guide for 
the collector and student, with description 

of the subjects illustrated in landscape, 
drama, story and portraiture. 1920. 


A handbook of 300-odd pages, with reproduc- 
tions of signatures, lists of important sets, chrono- 
logical tables, brief biographical information; of 
handy format and popular style. London Times. 

Lace, Needlework 

Besselievre. La collection Besselievre; 
etoffes et broderies du XVe au XVIIIe 
siecles. Preface et notice de Paul Cornu. 
1920. *P 5708 

A portfolio containing 116 plates of fabrics and 
embroideries dating from the 15th to the 18th 

Carlier de Lantsheere, A. Les dentelles a 
la main; dentelles aux fuseaux dentelles 
a 1'aiguille dentelles a points melanges. 
1920. *P 5709 

A portfolio of 135 plates accompanied by a de- 
tailed description of the several kinds of Belgian 
hand-made laces. 


Dunn, John Duncan, and Jessup, Elon. In- 
timate golf talks. 1920. K 30598 

Mr. Dunn who conducts an indoor golf school 
explains his methods of instruction in this well il- 
lustrated volume. 

Girl Scouts of America. Campward ho! 
A manual for Girl Scout camps, designed 
to cover the needs of those undertaking 
to organize and direct large self-support- 
ing camps for girls. 1920. K 30912 

Scouting for girls; official handbook of 

the Girl Scouts. 1920. L 17113 

Heilner, Van Campen, and Stick, Frank. The 
call of the surf. 1920. K 30826 

. The first book on science and sport of surf 

The leisure of the people, a handbook; 
being the report of the National Confer- 
ence held at Manchester, November 17th- 
20th, 1919. K 30101 


Abrahams, Israel. By-paths in Hebraic 
bookland. 1920. J 5704 

Gwynn, Stephen. Irish books and Irish 
people, 1919. J 5727 

Contents: Introduction. Novels of Irish life in 
the nineteenth century. A century of Irish humour. 
Literature among the illiterates: The Shanachy. 
The life of a song. Irish education and Irish char- 
acter. The Irish gentry. Yesterday in Ireland. 

These essays are for the most part revived from 
the years 1897-1907, representing the views, during 
the changing moods of the decade, of this capable 
and cultured essayist. Times (London). 

Harrison-Berlitz, Maxime. Outlines of 
English literature for foreign students. 
1920. J 6389 

Muddiman, Bernard. The man of the nine- 
ties. 1920. J 6395 
A review of English literature of that period. 

Spence, Lewis. Legends and romances of 
Spain. 1920. J 5501 



A beautiful volume summarizing Spanish litera- 
ture as expressed in its chivalric novels, ballads and 
tales of magic, and humorous romances. Historical 
backgrounds, synopses and metrical translations are 
given. Booklist. 

Thorndike, Ashley H. 
changing age. 1920. 

Literature in a 

Contents: Changing literature. The reading pub- 
lic. The literary inheritance. The literary environ- 
ment and Carlyle. Progress and poverty. Denmc- 
racy and empire. Religion. Woman. Science, in- 
vention, and machinery. Beauty and art. The fu- 

Examines changes in literature as resulting from 
change in society, political change, religious change, 
industrial change, and change in the position of 

Journalism, Authorship 

Edson, C. L. The gentle art of columning; 
a treatise on comic journalism, with intro- 
ductory essays by Don Marquis, Chris- 
topher Morley, Franklin P. Adams and 
George Horace Lorimer. 1920. J 7247 
An amusing book on the proper methods to be 
followed by writers whose professional duty it is 
to be amusing. New York Times. 

Flint, Leon Nelson. The editorial; a study 
in effectiyeness of writing. 1920. J 7249 
An intelligent analysis of a large_ numoer of 
American editorials with regard to their style, con- 
tent, and appearance on the printed page, together 
with a discussion of the relations between press 
and public, and various aspects of editorial ethics. 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Talks to writers; with 
an introduction by John Erskine. 1920. 


Contents: On the relation of life and character 
to literature. On composition. Studies of extra- 
ordinary prose: The Norse writers; Sir Thomas 
Browne; Bjornson; Beaudelaire. The value of the 
supernatural in fiction. The question of the high- 
est art. Tolstoi's theory of art. Note upon the 
abuse and the use of literary societies. On read- 
ing. Literature and public opinion. Farewell ad- 

Stimulating and suggestive chapters gathered from 
Interpretations of literature (J 5230), and Life and 
literature (J 4829). They urge the necessity of dis- 
cipline for literary success, advocating translation 
as excellent training in craftsmanship and diction. 


Contemporary Verse anthology, favorite 
poems selected from the magazine; with 
an introduction by Charles Wharton 
Stork. 1920. E 14334 

Frothingham, Robert, ed. Songs of horses; 

an anthology. 1920. E 14337 

These delightful poems are arranged in groups on 

The wild West, Orient and Occident, Track and 

field, "Horse-play," and The horse in war. 

Rootham, Helen, tr. Kossovo, heroic songs 
of the Serbs; introduction by Maurice 
Baring. 1920. E 14329 

Serbian and English. 

The battle of 1389, which lost the Balkan peoples 
their freedom, is here described in epic ballads 
which are very readable with their Christian ideal- 
ism and primitive naturalness. With the transla- 
tion is a Serbian version in Roman characters. 

Walters, L. D'O., comp. An anthology of 
recent poetry. 1920. E 14351 

An attractive collection of poems by thirty-nine 
British poets, some of them well-known, which will 
appeal to both young and old. 

Wells, Carolyn, comp. 
ous verse. 1920. 

The book of humor- 
E 14352 

Here is a volume of comic verse which contains 
something for everybody with any fondness for fun. 
It is a department store of rhymed whimsies, of 
parodies of limericks, of familiar verse, of epi- 
grams and of satires. New York Times. 

Poetry by Individual Authors 

Blok, Alexander. The twelve; translated 
from the Russian by Babette Deutsch and 
Abraham Yarmolinsky. 1920. E 10666 
(The Freeman pamphlets.) 

The poem has been hailed in Russia as the epic 
of the revolution even by_ those of Blqk's fellows 
who are bitterly antagonistic to him politically. Two 
million copies were distributed in Russia and the 
poem has been translated into six languages. 
New York Post. 

Bodenheim, Maxwell. Advice; a book of 
poems. 1920. E 10668 

Comments strung on a thread of a grey-eyed bit- 
terness ; snatches of story and description that 
would reveal the trivialities of life and its futility. 

Burke, Thomas. The song book of Quong 
Lee of Limehouse. 1920. E 14508 

Burke's poems are basically serious attempts to 
present the thoughts and dreams of an Oriental 
shop-keeper _in the Limehouse district of London. 
His idiom is "childlike and bland," the mingled 
pathos, nobility and comicality of his thoughts well 
caught. New York Post. 

Burns, Robert. The poems of Robert 
Burns, the poet of religion, democracy, 
brotherhood and love; ed. by James L. 
Hughes. 1920. E 14511 

They are grouped into nature poems relating to 
Ayr and Alloway districts, religious and ethical 
poems, poems of democracy and brotherhood, and 
love songs, and contain numerous photographs of 
the Burns country. 

De La Mare, Walter. Collected poems, 
1901-1918. 1920. 2v. E 14583 

v. 1. Poems: 1906. The listeners. Motley. 
2. Songs of childhood. Peacock pie. 

Mr. De la Mare's poetry possesses the magic of 
English twilights, and according to the New York 
Times "his pictures are frost on the window pane, 
a fine faint tracery ; not fire on a hearth, a riot of 
red color. He creates ghosts as real and wistful 
as people, and people as vague and wispy as 

Dircks, Helen. Passenger; with a preface 

by Frank Swinnerton. 1920. E 14585 

Many of these pieces are happy little efforts in 

lyrical poems of love or regret, and the whiffs of 

verse in vers libre are felicitous. Times (London). 

Knibbs, Henry Herbert. 

Songs of the trail. 
E 11147 

Poems of the old-time west by a writer who Lew 
Sarett in the Daily News says "knows his land 
of the butte and the waterhole, whose note is 
authentic, and whose outdoor lyrics and rugged 
ringing ballads are contributions to American lit- 



Percy, William Alexander. 

In April once. 
E 11399 

Contents: Siciliana: In April once; a drama, and 
six poems. Lyrical pieces. From a soldier's note- 
book, poems. 

Mr. Braithwaite in the Boston Transcript calls 
the title-drama a "delicately wrought piece with the 
atmosphere of the thirteenth century wavering 
through thought and action," and adds that in the 
poems Mr. Percy "has captured a strain of beauty 
that one cannot shake off." 

Mr. Hamilton manages to display a thorough 
the dramas 

knowledge of the stage and good taste in choosing 
s to praise. One of his most thorough 
criticisms is that of Eugene O'Neill, whom he 

Noguchi, Yone. Japanese hokkus. 

E 11342 

A remarkable book in that "its poems are of 
that sensitive and illusive loveliness that is rare in 
the realism of contemporary publications, and be- 
cause the book links the literature of the Orient and 
the Occident rather more than any other poet 
whom we recall." Boston Transcript. 

Robinson, Edwin Meade, (Ted Robinson). 

Piping and panning. 1920. E 14969 

A volume of humorous newspaper verse by a 

writer who conducts a column in the Cleveland 

Plain Dealer. 

Schauffler, Robert Haven. The white com- 
rade, and other poems. 1920. E 11570 

Contents: Between two shores. Magic casements. 
Conflict. Other poems. 

The title poem has dramatic intensity and emo- 
tional appeal. It describes the appearing of the 
white-robed healing Savior on the battle fields to 
care for the wounded. Other outstanding poems are 
Acknowledgment, Hit, and Worship. 

Stockbridge, Dorothy. Paths of June. 1920. 

El 1556 

A first book of lyric poems which hare beauti- 
ful lines and thoughts, with an occasional out- 
standing tribute such as "Masefield." Booklist. 

Surrey, Henry Howard, Earl of. Poems. 
1920. J 4852, 1 

(University of Washington publications. Lan- 
guage and literature.) 

Walsh, Thomas. Don Folquet and other 
poems. 1920. E 15102 

The title poem is a picturesque tale of a trader's 
son who became a celebrated troubadour, left the 
court to become a monk, and finally, when Bishop 
of Toulouse, pronounced a ban upon the city for 
its vice. 

Wood, Clement. Jehovah. 1920. E 15121 

A dramatic poem vigorously descriptive of an 
encounter between the Israelites and the Kenites in 
the reign of David. 

Drama, The Stage 

The best plays of 1919-1920 and the Year- 
book of the drama in America. 1920. 

E 13492 

A comprehensive record of the plays of the sea- 
son, with excerpts and descriptive synopses of the 
ten best plays. 

Contents: Abraham Lincoln, by J. Drmkwater. 
Beyond the horizon, by E. O'Neill. The famous 
Mrs. Fair, by J. Forbes. Declass6e, by Z. Aikins. 
Jane Clegg, by St. J. Ervine. The jest, by S. 
Benelli. Wedding bells, by S. Field. Mamma s 
affair, by R. B. Butler. Adam and Eva, by G. 
Bolton and G. Middleton. Clarence, by B. Tark- 

Hamilton, Clayton. Seen on the stage. 
1920. E 12292 

thinks the greatest dramatist of the present day. 
New York Post. 

Patterson, Frances Taylor. Cinema crafts- 
manship; a book for photoplaywrights. 
1920. E 13333 

The author is instructor in photoplay composition 
in Columbia University. She believes heartily in 
the future possibilities of the motion picture art and 
writes of many phases _ of the subject plots, set- 
ting-, adaptation, scenario technique, the treatment 
of 'comedy, the critical angle, etc. 

Platt, Agnes. 
ing. 1920. 

Practical hints on playwrit- 
E 14196 

In this excellent manual aspirants to success as 
dramatists will discover a fund of useful informa- 
tion, shrewd counsel and valuable sugges- 
tions concerning the choice of plot and characters, 
the art of writing "telling lines," practicability and 
the like. Athenaeum. 


Barrie, J. M. A kiss for Cinderella; a 
comedy. 1920. E 13503 

Claudel, Paul. The city; a play. Tr. from 
the French by John Strong Newberry. 
.1920. E 13611 

Forbes, James. The famous Mrs. Fair, and 
other plays. 1920. E 12164 

Contents: The chorus lady. The show shop. 
The famous Mrs. Fair. 

The title play is regarded as one of the best 
social comedies that has appeared within the dec- 
ade. The moral is not new but is timely and sug- 

Galsworthy, John. Plays, 4th series. 1920. 

E 12211, 4 

Contents: A bit o' love. The foundations. 
The skin game. 

The first contrasts the Christian ideal of for- 
giveness with the church's disciplinary attitude on 
divorce. The second shows that war has not less- 
ened economic unrest. The third, using the analogy 
of social struggle, casts a veiled reproach on Eng- 
land's conduct of the war. 

Shakespeare, William. The first quarto edi- 
tion of Shakespeare's Hamlet; ed. with 
an introduction and notes, by Frank G. 
Hubbard. 1920. J 4855, 8 

(University of Wisconsin studies in language and 

Essays and Miscellanies 

Arnold, Julian B. The school of sympathy; 
reminiscences in essay and verse. 1920. 


Essays on sympathy, Sir Edwin Arnold (prob- 
ably the most worth while), magic carpets, etc., by 
Sir Edwin Arnold's son. 

egolatry. 1920. 

(The free lance books.) 

Autobiographical reflections from which we gather 
the outline of the author's life, his philosophy _of 
disillusionment and his opinions of other Spanish 
writers. Baroja is considered' the first among living 
Spanish novelists. 

Baroja, Pio. Youth and 



Carlyle, Thomas. Past and present. 1918. 

(The modern student's Ibrary.) 

Crothers, Samuel McChord. The dame 
school of experience, and other papers. 
1920. E 2320 

Contents: An interview with an educator. The 
teacher's dilemma. Every man's natural desire to 
be somebody else. The perils of the literate. 
Natural enemies and how to make the best of them. 
The spiritual adviser of efficiency experts. The 
pilgrims and their contemporaries. Education in 
pursuit of Henry Adams. The hibernation of 
genius. The unpreparedness of liberalism. On the 
evening of the new day. 

Gentle humorous essays on the adjustment _of man 
to his environment, the first one describing the 
school of experience in which the individual be- 
gins his adjustment. 

Gourmont, Remy de. Philosophic nights in 
Paris; being selections from Promenades 
philosophiques. 1920. E 3147 

Contents: Introduction. Helvetius and the 
philosophy of happiness. The player's illusion. 
The beyond. The question of free will. The in- 
surrection of the vertebrates. The pessimism of 
Leopardi. The colors of life. The art of seeing. 
The rivers of France. The fall of days. Insinu- 
ations. Footprints on the sand. 

Holliday, Robert Cortes. Men and books 
and cities. 1920. E 3474 

Contents: An indictment or. foreword. I stage 
my first death scene. Meredith Nicholson and a 
camel. The soul and the trap-drummer. Why 
Shakespeare's audience didn't walk out on him. 
Booth Tarkington discusses cosmos. Riley and a 
colored barber. Boyhood of the hero. Miltonic 
angels, not Herrick blossoms. The author goes 

cago . Maternity and climate. To San Francisco: 
a new walking-stick paper. A pal of Jack London. 
I become a movie "director." 

This whimsical survey of men and books and cit- 
ies is the outgrowth of a literary pilgrimage across 
the United States taken by Mr. Holliday in search 
of literary loot. The book is full of fresh and 
amusing gossip about writers living in New York, 
Indianapolis, Chicago, and on the Coast. New York 

Howe, E. W. The anthology of another 
town. 1920. E 3532 

An anthology in prose decidedly more genial 
and humorous than that of Spoon River. 

Kirkland, Winifred. The view vertical, and 
other essays. 1920. E 3979 

Contents: The view vertical. Confessions of a 
scene-maker. With the why-nots. Stylish stouts. 
The friends of our friends. An argument for 
absence. On being and letting alone. A soliloquy 
on sorting. Drudgery as a fine art. The perils of 
telepathy. Family phrases. Hold Izzy! On adopt- 
ing one's parents. In defense of worry. Cour- 
tesies and calories. Back-street philosophy. April 
burial. Grace before books. Some reasons for be- 
ing rejected. The story in the making. The wiz- 
ard word. The pleasures of the preposition. Faces 
in fiction. Background past and present. A por- 
trait for the contemporary. Victuals and drink in 
Jane Austen. The man in the dictionary. Robin- 
son Crusoe re-read. Shakespeare on the servant 
problem. A boy in a book. Americanization and 
Walt Whitman. Poetry by the pennyworth. A lit- 
tle excursion in a hymnbook. Print and pulpit. 
Gift-books and book-gifts. 

Whimsical humor is the keynote to all the essays 

Lindsay, Vachel. The golden book of 
Springfield; being the review of a book 
that will appear in the autumn of the year 
2018, and an extended description of 
Springfield, Illinois, in that year. 1920. 


Surely the most bizarre bit of mere fantasy we 
have ever met with, the book is yet pervaded by 
spiritual conviction and an indubitable fantastic 
genius. . . . There is much civic criticism, fan- 
tastically expressed, that the Middle West could 
profitably take to heart. New York Post. 

Mackall, Lawton. Scrambled eggs. 1920. 


A satire on modern social reform and reformers 
in the form of a story of the poultry yard. 

Morgan, Emanuel, pseud, of Witter Bynner. 
Pins for wings. 1920. E 2139 

Combines the art of metaphor with that of crit- 
icism, brilliant in the one, gently malicious in the 
other. It consists of five- or six-word epigraphs on 
about two hundred .contemporaries, chiefly poets. 
Always audacious and good fun. Dial. 

Morley, Christopher. Pipefuls. 1920. E4482 
One rejoices in passages of real charm in these 
crisp, amusing little essays. With a touch of sat- 
ire, they are delightfully human and full of chery 
good nature. 

Sabin, Edwin L. How are you feeling now? 
With illustrations by Tony Sarg. 1919. 


Starrett, Helen Ekin. The charm of fine 
manners; being a series of letters to a 
daughter. 1920. E 5752 

New edition of Letters to a daughter. 

Sturgis, Mrs. R. Clipston. Personal preju- 
dices. 1920. E 5862 
Contents: Preface by the author's husband. 
Gardens. Husbands and housekeeping. Autres 
temps, autres moeurs. The lost art of letter-writing. 
My bolshevist. Old friends. New acquaintances. 
House and home. Quality versus equality. Dif- 
ferences and distinctions. Epilogue by the favourite 

Whether she is writing about husbands or house- 
keeping, about gardens or the novelists of an elder 
day, comparing English and American hospitals or 
chronicling the trials attendant upon securing domes- 
tic help, her commentaries sparkle with the same 
charming wit. New York Times. 

Yeats, John Butler. Further letters of John 
Butler Yeats; selected by Lennox Robin- 
son. 1920. E6324 

Continuation of Passages from the letters of John 
Butler Yeats, selected by Ezra Pound, E 6326. 

Public Speaking 

Kleiser, Grenville. How to speak without 
notes. 1919. .: J 7119 

Impromptu speeches, how to make 

them. 1920. J 7121 

Model speeches for practise. 1920. J 7120 

The training of a public speaker. 1920. 


Vital English for speakers and writers. 

1920. J 7179 



Kleiser, Grenville. Word-power, how to 
develop it. 1920. J 7117 

Woolbert, Charles Henry. The fundamen- 
tals of speech; a behavioristic study of 
the underlying principles of speaking and 
reading: a text book of delivery. 1920. 



Anderson, William Ashley. South of Suez. 
1920. 1 8841 

Contents: A coin is spun. Soldiers, sand, and 
sentiment. ^ross and scimitar in Abyssinia. Es- 
Swahil. Zanzibar, the spicy isle. The wilderness 
patrol. Kwa Heri. 

Charming sketches of the experiences of a 
young American who helped drive the Germans 
from eastern Africa and took delight in the ro- 
mantic color of these strange lands. 

Chesterton, G. K. The new Jerusalem. 
1921. 1 10906 

Reflections on Jewish character, th labor prob- 
lem, theological controversies, the crusades, ethical 
and social interplay, and of course Zionism. To 
comment on the brilliancy of thought and expres- 
sion would be superfluous, but the catholicity of 
attitude is noteworthy. Publishers' Weekly. 

Cornell, Fred C. The glamour of prospect- 
ing; wanderings of a South African pros- 
pector in search of copper, gold, emeralds, 
and diamonds. 1920. 18920 

A veracious story simply told of experiences 
that possess all the fascination of romance and 

Dilnot, Frank. England after the war. 1920. 

1 10363 

An impartial report of social, industrial and 
political conditions in England during the present 
period of transition by an observer who is the more 
impressed by the changes that have taken_ place 
because of over two years' absence in America. 

Paris, John T. Seeing the far West. 1920. 


The history and geography of our western states 
are here combined, enlivened by original descrip- 
tions and bits of gossip. There are some vivid 
chapters on the scenery of Colorado, Arizona, the 
Yellowstone, the Sierras, Oregon, and Washing- 

Parks, Leighton. English ways and by- 
ways; being the letters of John and Ruth 
Dobson, written from England to their 
friend. 1920. 1 10362 

Experiences of an American minister and his wife 
motoring through England and writing entertain- 
ingly about the. great North road, the England of 
Fielding, rural England, education, a by-election, 
sheepdogs, the black country, th* boat-race, vested 
interests, church and state, etc. 

Pinochet, Tancredo. The gulf of misunder- 
standing; or, North and South America 
as seen by each other. 1920. 14328 

The author sets fojth the views of the two 
Americas by a novel device in which a Chilean 
in Chicago writes letters home, showing such bit- 
terness toward the United States that they out- 
raged the feelings of a woman in the censorship 
office who enclosed a refutation of her own with 
each one. 

Reed, Earl H. Tales of a vanishing river. 
1920. 1 4352 

History and romance perpetuating the local tra- 
ditions of the Kankakee River country now rapidly 
coming under the spell of the commercial spirit 
which is widening its channel, draining its ewamps 
and cutting its forests. The illustrations are from 
the author s own delightful etchings. 

Squires, W. H. T., comp. Guide to Norfolk, 
Va., Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Ocean 
View, Old Point Comfort, Hampton, New- 
port News, and vicinity. 1920. 1 2616 



Fryer, Eugenie M. A book of boyhoods, 
Chaucer to MacDowell. 1920. C 19524 

Contents: Chaucer. Leonardo da Vinci. Balboa. 
Drake. Raleigh. La Salle. John Woolman. 
Washington. Chatterton. Blake. Hamilton. Nel- 
son. Burns. Wordsworth. Lamb. Keats. Lin- 
coln. Huxley. James J. Hill. Pater. Rodin. 
Stevenson. Kitchener. Foch. Joffre. Brusiloff. 
Roosevelt. iMacDowell. 

Avoids the twin curses of giving information 
without ideas and of spoiling great lives by making 
them intolerable to the young. Dial. 

Harris, Frank. Contemporary portraits. 
1915-1919. 2v. C 19604 

v. 1. Carlyle. Renan. Whistler: artist and 
fighter. Oscar Wilde. John Davidson: ad memor- 
iam. Richard Middleton: ad memoriam. Sir Rich- 
ard Burton. George Meredith. Robert Browning. 
Swineburne: the poet of youth and revolt. 
Talks with Matthew Arnold. Guy de Maupassant. 
Talks with Paul Verlaine. Fabre. Maurice Mae- 
terlinck. Rodin. Anatole France. 

2. George Bernard Shaw. Rudyard Kipling. 
Ernest Dowson. Theodore Dreiser. George Moore. 
Lord Dunsany and Sidney Sime. James Thom- 
son. Lionel Johnson. Hubert Crackanthorpe. 
Pierre Loti. Walter Pater. Herbert Spencer. 
Balfour. Lloyd George. Viscount Grey. Georges 
Clemenceau. Shaw's portrait by Shaw; or, How 
Frank ought to have done it. 

Interviews reprinted for the most part from 
Pearson's. Far the best of the new volume is the 
delineation of Shaw. 

Webling, Peggy. Saints and their stories. 
1920. C 20099 

Contents: St. Christopher. St. Denis. St. Hel- 
ena. St. Alban. St. George. St. Nicholas. St. 
Ambrose. St. Martin. St. Augustine of Hippo. 
St. Bride. St. Gregory the Great. St. Augustine 
of Canterbury. St. Etheldreda. St. Swithin. St. 
Dunstan. St. Hugh of Lincoln. St. Zita. St. 
Francis of Assisi. St. Catherine of Siena. St. 
Joan of Arc. 

Individual Biography 

Personal aspects of Jane Austen. 1920. 

C 20684 

Much that is new upon a subject that is al- 
ways new and always old goes to the making of this 
little volume, which contains chapters on Jane 
Austen's education, upon the moral influence of her 
novels, and upon various members of the Austen 
family. Boston Transcript. 

Balfour, Arthur James. RAYMOND, E. T. 
A life of Arthur James Balfour. 1920. 

C 20732 

A clever study of Mr. Balfour as a politician and 
statesman from the pen of a keen and shrewd ob- 



Burroughs, John. BARRUS, CLARA. John Bur- 
roughs, boy and man. 1920. C 21057 
A sympathetic and intimate record of the life 
and personality of John Burroughs, the man and 
the naturalist, by his private secretary, who has 
been for many years the companion of his walks 
and the confidante of his reminiscences. 

Eugenie, Empress of the French. CAREY, 
AGNES. Empress Eugenie in exile. 1920. 

C 21833 

The record of a sorrowful period in the life of 
a gentle and courageous woman, told by a com- 
panion of Eugenie's two Spanish nieces during her 
residence in England. 

Gambetta, Leon. DESCHANEL, PAUL. Gam- 
betta. 1920. C 22043 

A biography by one who is well qualified tem- 
peramentally to interpret his great leader . . . 
bringing to light some new hitherto unpublished ma- 
terial. There is nothing else in our language that 
so completely covers the subject. New York Post. 

Hoover, Herbert. LANE, ROSE WILDER. The 
making of Herbert Hoover. 1920. L 22473 
Written with the interest in really delightful Bet- 
tings and small circumstances of life that a 
novelist employs to characterize a hero. Children 
will like this book. Booklist. 

Kartini, Raden Adjeng. Letters of a Jav- 
anese princess, with a foreword by Louis 
Couperus. 1920. C 22713 

Letters to friends in Holland from a Javanese re- 
gent's daughter who rebelled against Moslem tra- 
dition and the European prejudice against native 
progress which combined to keep the women of 
Java in the darkness of ignorance. Although she 
died young, her influence is felt today in Kartini 
schools all over the island. 

Lincoln, Abraham. DRINKWATER, JOHN. Lin- 
coln, the world emancipator. 1920. C 23007 
The purpose is really to plead for such under- 
standing between Britain and America as will en- 
able them to work together in solving the prob- 
lems of the worid in the direction of liberty and 
brotherhood, and Lincoln is the sympathetic figure 
necessary to draw them together. New York Times. 

MILNER, DUNCAN C. Lincoln and liquor. 

1920. C 23008 

Mabie, Hamilton Wright. MORSE, EDWIN 
WILSON. The life and letters of Hamilton 
W. Mabie. 1920. C 23122 

A sum of letters and comments which together, 
rather than in particular instances, build up the 
consciousness of a generous and able personality. 

Mazzini, Giuseppe. Mazzini's letters to an 
English family, 1844-1854, ed. and with 
an introduction by E. F. Richards. 1920. 

C 23338 

_ They are full of a spirit of melancholy occa- 
sionally, but, more often, of a gentle interest in 
things of every-day life, and a certain unexpected 
but very delightful humor. Boston Transcript. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. BAY, J. CHRISTIAN. 
Echoes of Robert Louis Stevenson. 1920 

C 24374 

The unpublished letters (1873-88) here gathered 
together from tlie time of the "inland voyage," in- 
terlarded with charming new bits of Stevensoniana, 
are combined with unusual charm in the physical 
structure of the book. 

Tolstoy, Count Leo. GORKY, MAXIM, pseud, 
of A. M. Pyeshkov. Reminiscences of 
Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi. 1920. C 24577 

'Gorky set out to disprove that Tolstoy was a 
"saint" to discourage the growing legends among the 
Russian people that he was a saint, but wound up 
by depicting him as godlike. New York Times. 

Wilson, Woodrow. HALE, WILLIAM BAYARD. 
The story of a style. 1920. C 24914 

Beginning with an essay written at the age of 
twenty-two, Mr. Hale examines Mr. Wilson's 
writings and speeches, pointing out his excessive 
use of adjectives, his habits of repetition and in- 
terrogation, etc., and drawing his inferences there- 
from. Book Review Digest. 


Inge, W. R. The idea of progress. 1920. 

A 2340 

(The Romanes lecture.) 

Dean Inge traces the ideas both of progress and 
decadence in the leaders of every great period and 
nation, concluding with a summary of present sci- 
entific knowledge regarding man's character and des- 

Ponsonby, Arthur. Wars and treaties, 1815 
to 1914. 1919. A 5961 

An outline stating the belligerents, the cause, oc- 
casion, course and political result of each of forty 
wars, written by a member of the British Par- 
liament who believes that the people should have 
a voice in the direction of foreign affairs in every 

Struggling Russia, v. 1, nos. 2-51; 
29, 1919-March 6, 1920. 


United States 


Bangs, Mary Rogers. Old Cape Cod; the 
land, the men, the sea,. 1920. B 7886 

Fascinating reading cm the old colony, the towns, 
the French and English wars, theology and whal- 
ing, storms and pirates, old sea ways, old sea cap- 
tains and the genii of the cape and county. 

Flickinger, Robert E. The pioneer history 
of Pocahontas County, Iowa, from the 
time of its earliest settlement to the 
present time. 1904. B 3275 

Neihardt, John G. The splendid wayfaring; 
the story of the exploits and adventures 
of Jedediah Smith and his comrades, the 
Ashley-Henry men, discoverers and ex- 
plorers of the great central route from the 
Missouri river to the Pacific ocean, 1822- 
1831. 1920. B 4581 

An American prose epic, an absorbing tale of 
courage and endurance in the face of apparently 
insurmountable obstacles that does not pale at a 
comparison with the trials of Ulysses. Literary 

Thwing, Annie Haven. The crooked and 
narrow streets of the town of Boston, 
1630-1822. 1920. B 8022 

It is replete with accurate and minute informa- 
tion, and yet does not lack the anecdotal vivacity 
which makes this kind of a book good reading. 



European War 

Hall, James Norman, and others, ed. The 
Lafayette flying corps. 1920. 2v. A 7134 
The first volume contains a biographical sketch 
of each member of the corps accompanied by a 
photograph. The second is made up of personal 
experiences gathered from letters and journals of 
the men. 

History of the Fortieth (Sunshine) divi- 
sion; containing a brief history and roster 
of all the units under the command of 
Major General Frederick S. Strong, 1917- 
1919. 1920. A 7144 

Miller, Henry Russell. 

The First division. 
A 7142 

The official history of the Fifth division, 
U. S. A., during the period of its organi- 
zation and of its operations in the Euro- 
pean world war, 1917-1919. The Red Dia- 
mond (Meuse) division. 1919. A 7143 

Official history of 82nd division, American 
Expeditionary Forces, "All American" di- 
vision, written by divisional officers des- 
ignated by the division commander. 1917- 

1919. 1919. A 7136 

Page, Thomas Nelson. Italy and the world 
war. 1920. A 7138 

Mr. Page shows how Italy's part in the Entente 
was the logical result of her development through 
the crises of 1859, 1866 and 1870 and terminating 
in the irony of the previous alliance with Germany 
and Austria. 

Stuart Sir Campbell. Secrets of Crewe 
house; the story of a famous campaign. 

1920. A 7141 

A vivid description of the time when the plans 
of the enemy were halted by Lord Northcliffe direct- 
ing British propaganda from Crewe House by means 
of paper balloons, leaflet-scattering airplanes, leaflet- 
shooting rockets, long range movies, graphophones, 

Hardie, Martin, and Sabin, Arthur K., ed. 
War posters issued by belligerent and 
neutral nations, 1914-1919. 1920. *P 3763 

The reproductions are accompanied by com- 
ments of considerable interest. 
Rubetti, Guido. La pubblicita nei prestiti 
italiani di guerra; studio critico documen- 
tato. 1919. *P3764 

Italian war posters and facsimile documents. 

Der Weltkrieg im Maueranschlag; Natur- 
getreue Nachbildung der Originale von 
Bekanntmachungen und Aufrufen wah- 
rend des Krieges, 1914-1916. *P3765 

A collection of German war posters. 

The Peace 

Baruch, Bernard M. The making of the 
reparation and economic sections of the 
treaty. 1920. A 7139 

Intended to be an explanation of how and why 
the American delegation, without being themselves 
either foolish or dishonorable, came to accept a 
treaty which was both. John Maynard Keynes in 
New York Post. 

Bass, John Foster. 

The peace tangle. 1920. 
A 7140 

A discussion of the League and secret peace 
treaties in relation to all nations concerned, ad- 
vocating Wilson's war utterances as a logical basis 
for peace. It asserts the failure of secret 'treaty 
agreements and urges the cooperation' of the United 


Abdullah, Achmed. The mating of the 
blades. 1920. F 10051 

A young Englishman mysteriously called to the 
heart of Asia owns a wonderful sword the twin of 
which is in possession of the young princess, and 
the meeting of the two blades fulfills an old proph- 

Adams, James Alonzo. A progressive 
teacher, by Grapho pseud. 1917. 

F 10152 

Baxter, A. Beverley. 

The parts men play. 
F 20295 

An interesting and well written novel of war- 
time England, showing the reaction of representa- 
tive people to the war. 

Dell, Floyd. Moon-calf. 1920. 

F 12444 

This book was listed in the February Book Bul- 
letin on page 30, where by a clerical error it was 
given the wrong call number. 

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. An honest thief, and 
other stories. 1919. F 12540 

Contents: An honest thief. Uncle's dream. A 
novel in nine letters. An unpleasant predicament. 
Another man's wife. The heavenly Christmas tree. 
The peasant Marey. The crocodile. Bobok. 
The dream of a ridiculous man. 

Stories of rather unusual interest to friends of 
Russian literature and Dostoevsky from the ele- 
ment of humor they contain. 

Bower, B. M., pseud of Mrs. B. M. Sin- 
clair. Cow-country. 1921. F 18166 

A thrilling western story of cow-boys, Ute In- 
dians, a caravan journey from Texas to Wyoming, 
exciting horse-races, and a great deal of action gen- 

Grey, Zane. The mysterious 

rider. 1921. 
F 13229 

An entertaining western story with the mountains 
of Colorado as a background, and with characters 
very vividly portrayed. 

Hamsun, Knut. Hunger; with an introduc- 
tion by Edwin Bjorkman. 1920. F 13474 

Tells of a young writer whose occasional success 
in disposing of his wares forms but an interruption 
in long periods of hardship and privation. The 
psychology of the hunger he suffers is dwelt upon 
in painful detail. 

Leacock, Stephen. Winsome Winnie, and 
other new nonsense novels. 1920. F 14675 
Contents: Winsome Winnie; or, Trial and temp- 
tation. John and I; or, How I nearly lost my 
husband. The split in the cabinet; or, The fate 
of England. Who do you think did it? or, The 
mixed-up murder mystery. Broken barriers ; or. 
Red love on a blue island. The kidnapped plumber; 
a tale of the new time. The blue and the grey; 
a pre-war war story. Buggam Grange; a good old 
ghost story. 



New nonsense novels parodying in plot and style 
the absolutely slushy love story, detective story, 
ghost story, desert-island romance, etc. Some fea- 
tures of _ our present-day writing have been picked 
that obviously need ridicule. 

Miller, Alice Duer. The beauty and the bol- 
shevist. 1920. F 15367 

A gay little love story that makes merry over 
the difference of opinions between capital and bol- 

Richardson, Norval. Pagan fire. 1920. 

F 17148 

A story of political and social life, with the 
splendors of diplomatic Rome as its colorful back- 

Rihani, Ameen. The book of Khalid. 1911. 

F 17222 

The adventures and reflections of a Syrian in 
New York and upon his return to the Orient. 

Walpole, Hugh. The captives; a novel in 
four parts. 1920. F 18949 

The captives are members of a narrow religious 
sect in England who become doubters. The author 
uses the plot as a means to show how a new uncer- 
tainty is replacing the old comfortable certainty in 
matters of leligion. 

Watts, Mary S. The noon-mark. 1920. 

F 19067 

Another of Mrs. Watts's delightful character stud- 
ies projected against a background of American 

life in an Ohio river city and told with clearness, 
simplicity and understanding. 

Weale, Putnam, pseud, of Bertram L. Simp- 
son. Wang the Ninth; the story of a 
Chinese boy. 1920. F 18108 

Wylie, Ida A. R. Children of storm. 1920. 

F 19897 

A hasty war marriage between people of different 
social and financial levels, and the readjustment 
after the war, _ brings out the old struggle to over- 
come class prejudices. 

Yezierska, Anzia. Hungry hearts. 1920. 

F 19923 

Contents: Wings. Hunger. The lost "beautiful- 
ness." The free vacation house. The miracle. 
Where lovers dream. Soap and water. "The fat 
of the land." My own people. How I found Amer- 

A collection of sketches portraying the Russian 
immigrant in the Ghetto in his struggles to attain 
to the higher things .of life. 

Young, F. Brett and E. Brett. Undergrowth. 
1920. F 19926 

A mystical novel depicting the conflict between 
modern man (in the person of a Scotch en- 
gineer) and the ancient pagan forces still dominant 
in the atmosphere of a wild Welsh valley. It is a 
successful story without a woman in it, and beau- 
tifully written. 



Fraser, Chelsea Curtis. Boys' book of sea 
fights; famous naval engagements from 
Drake to Beatty. 1920. A 2231 

Contents: Sir Francis Drake. Marshal Anne-Hi- 
larion de Tourville. Commodore John Paul Jones. 
Lord Horatio Nelson. The burning of the Phil- 
adelphia. Perry's victory on Lake Erie. The Con- 
stitution and the Guerriere. The ship that strange- 
ly disappeared. The Monitor and the Merrimac. 
Admiral David Farragut. Dewey at Manila bay. 
The battle of Santiago harbor. The running fight 
- off the Falklands. The battle off Jutland bank. 

The young citizen's own book. 1920. 

L 18373 

The processes of pur government described in 
simple language. It is not a text-book but is use- 
ful as a supplementary reader. 

Fryer, Eugenie M. A book of boyhoods, 
Chaucer to MacDowell. 1920. C 19524 

Contents: Chaucer. Leonardo da Vinci. Balboa. 
Drake. Raleigh. La Salle. John Woolman. 
Washington. Chatterton. Blake. Hamilton. Nel- 
son. Burns. Wordsworth. Lamb. Keats. Lin- 
coln. Huxley. James J. Hill. Pater. Rodin. 
Stevenson. Kitchener. Foch. Joffre. Brusiloff. 
Roosevelt. MacDowell. 

Hill, Frederick Trevor. High school 
farces; three one act playlets for junior 
amateurs. 1920. E 13817 

Contents: "Dinner's served." The heathen 
Chinee. A knotty problem. 

Payne, F. Ursula. Plays and pageants of 
citizenship. 1920. E 14186 

Contents: Dekanawida. The triumph of democ- 
racy. The spirit of New England. The soap-box 
orator. The victory of the good citizen. Old Tight- 

wad and the Victory dwarf. Rich citizens. Hu- 
mane citizens. 

Reynard the Fox; adapted by E. Louise 
Smythe. 1903. J 5957 

(Eclectic school readings.) 

Smith, David Eugene. Number stories of 
long ago. 1919. K 18672 

It presents a subject so arrayed on pages with 
pictures and colored plates that any child having 
aversion to numbers is easily converted to reading 
it from cover to cover. And having read it the 
child will return to numbers with a new view and 
willingness. School Arts Magazine. 

Wade, Mary Hazelton. Dolls of many lands; 
doll stories. 1913. H 6962 

A book for little folks who are eager to learn 
what children are doing in other lands and in dif- 
ferent surroundings. 

Waterman, Amy L. A little preserving 
book for a little girl. 1920. K 24734 

(The ideal series for girls.) 

Wood, Irving F. 
rael. 1920. 

The heroes of early Is- 

(Great leaders series.) 

Simply told stories accompanied by explanatory 
paragraphs for the use of teachers. 





Barbour, Ralph Henry. 

Quarter-back Bates. 

Carleton at 

Left-tackle Thayer. 

1920. H 7388 


a R n /, u / 


Brady, Loretta Ellen. The green forest fairy 
book. 1920. H 7482 

Browne, E. Gordon. The magic whistle, 
and other stories. 1920. H 7586 

Contents: The magic whistle. Little Dwarf Nose. 
Nutcracker and Mouse-king. 

A well-illustrated collection of fairy tales which 
are new in plot and are told in a clear and pleasant 

Bryant, Alice C, ed. A treasury of hero 
tales. 1920. H 7525 

Contents: The gorgon's head, by N. Hawthorne. 
The apples of youth, by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton. 
The story of Siegfried, by J. W. McSpadden. The 
coming of Sir Galahad, by U. W. Cutler. Rinaldo 
and Bayard, by T. Bulfinch. White-headed Zal, by 
E. M. Wilmot-Buxton. Beowulf and Grendel, by 
E. M. Wilmot-Buxton. How Cuchulain got his 
name, by Eleanor Hull. How Robin Hood met Lit- 
tle John, by J. W. McSpadden. 

Burgess, Thornton W. The Burgess an- 
imal book for children. 1920. H 7527 
A companion volume to the Burgess bird book. 
Its purpose is to acquaint children vith animals BO 
that they may readily be recognized and their hab- 
its understood. Drawings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, 
the artist-naturalist, add to the value of the book. 

-Old Granny Fox. 1920. 


(Green meadow series.) 

The fourth volume in the series. Full of hu- 
morous incidents in the adventures of this sly an- 
imal, the fox. 

Cheyney, Edward G. Scott Burton on the 
range. 1920. H 7694 

A boy's experience in the West where he went 
a tenderfoot and made good. Highly interesting to 
boys who like adventure stories. 

The children's story garden; collected by 
a committee of the Philadelphia Yearly 
Meeting of Friends. 1920. H 3923 

Curtis, Alice Turner. A little maid of old 
Maine. 1920. H 7744 

A well-written story of the Revolutionary war in 
which the main incident is the first naval engage- 
ment of the war. 

A Yankee girl at Fort Sumter. 1920. 


The story of an Eastern girl's experiences in 
Charleston, S. C., at the outbreak of the Civil 
War. Through her efforts the freedom of some 
negro slaves is secured. This story will interest 
children from 8-12. 

Perry, Lawrence. For the game's sake. 1920. 

. H 5672 

Contents: The spoiled boy. The real game. Noth- 
ing but a prayer. The come-back. The king's cup. 
A matter of loyalty. 

Six short romances which center around games, 
make up the largest part of this story. 

Price, Edith Ballinger. Us and the Bottle 
Man. 1920. H 5807 

A story of adventure told in the person of a 
child of thirteen. 

Pyle, Katharine. Three little kittens. 1920. 


The adventures of three kittens who have an es- 
capade after being influenced to run away from 
home. A story with a moral. 

Quirk, Leslie W. The Boy Scouts of Lake- 
ville High. 1920. H 5889 

Tomlinson, Everett T. The pursuit of the 
Apache chief; a story of the campaign 
against Geronimo. 1920. H 6798 

(American Scouting Series.) 

In the Thomas Hughes Room 

Blaisdell, Etta Austin, and Blaisdell, Mary 
Frances. Child life. 1919-1920. 5 v. 

v. 1. A primer. 

2. A first reader. 

3. In tale and fable ; a second reader. 

4. In many lands; a third reader. 

5. In literature; a fourth reader. 

Elkin, R. H. Little people; rhymes. Illus- 
trations by H. Willebeek Le Mair. 1916. 

The soft tones and lines of the pictures emphasize 
the spirit of childhood which the charming little 
verses portray. 

Harris, Joel Chandler. Uncle Remus, his 
songs and his sayings; with an introduc- 
tion by Thomas Nelson Page. 1920. 

Mother Goose. The only true Mother 
Goose melodies; an exact reproduction of 
the text and illustrations of the original 
edition, published and copyrighted in Bos- 
ton, in the year 1833, with introduction 
by Rev. Edward Everett Hale. 1905. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. A child's garden 
of verses; illustrated by Florence Edith 
Storer. 1920. 

A child's garden of verses; with illus- 
trations by Ruth Mary Hallock. 1919. 

Twain, Mark, pseud, of Samuel Langhorne 
Clemens. The adventures of Tom 
Sawyer. 1910. 


Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, first floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Back, E. A. Insect control in flour mills. 
1920. A 1.3 897 

(U. S. Dept of Agriculture. Bulletin 897.) 
A valuable bulletin on this subject helpful to 
all connected with the milling industry. 

Bawden, W. F. Salaries of principals of 
high schools. 1920. 1 16.3 1920-44 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1920, no. 

Gives this information for the country as a whole 
and for each of the several states. 

Bernhagen, L. O. Production of wholesome 
water for municipalities. 1920. 
(Texas. Board of Health. Publication 4.) 
"Presents in condensed form information which 
will be of assistance to operators of water filtration 
and sterilization plants." 

Dale, J. K., and Hudson, C. S. Sugar cane 

iuice clarification for sirup manufacture. 

1920. A 1.3 921 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 921.) 
Describes a new method which produces a clean 

sirup, retaining its natural, mild, and agreeable 



Gt. Britain. Foreign Office. Historical Sec- 
tion. Handbooks. 
No. 96. Kenya, Uganda, and Zanzibar. 

97. British Sornaliland and Sokota. 

98. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. 

99. Belgian Congo. 

100. French West Africa. 

101. French Morocco. 

102. Senegal. 

103. French Guinea. 

104. Ivory Coast. 

106. Mauretania. 

107. Upper Senegal and Niger. 

108. French Equatorial Africa. 

109. French Somaliland. 

148. Freedom of the sea historically treated. 

149. International rivers. 

150. International canals. 

151. International congresses. 

152. European coalitions, alliances and ententes, 

since 1792. 

Le Fevre, Edwin. Fermented pickles. 1920. 

A 1.9 1159 

(Farmers' bulletin 1159.) 

"A brief description of the processes involved in 

Macklin, Theodore. Marketing by federa- 
tions. 1920. 

(Wisconsin. Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Bulletin 322.) 

Gives results of the co'operation of Wisconsin 
farmers in disposing of cheese, with articles of in- 
corporation for federations. 

MacLeod, Sarah J. Housecleaning made 
easier. 1921. A 1.9 1180 

(Farmers' bulletin 1180.) 

Outline of work with suggestions valuable not 
only for the new and inexperienced housekeeper, 
but for those of many years' experience as well. 

Mahoney, John J., and others. Training 
teachers for Americanization. 1920. 

1 16.3 1920-12 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1920, no. 

A course of study for normal schools and teach- 
ers' institutes, with a chapter on industrial classes, 
and one on home and neighborhood classes. 

Runkel, H. Weight variation of package 
foods. 1920. A 1.3 897 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 897.) 

Slater, W. A., and Goldbeck, A. T. Pour- 
ing and pressure tests of concrete. 1920. 

C 13.8 175 

(U. S. Bureau of Standards. Technologic paper 

Results of two minor investigations undertaken to 
obtain data useful in the construction 9f concrete 

Swenehart, John. Clear more land. 1920. 

(Wisconsin. Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Bulletin 320.) 

Concise directions for cjearing land of stumps 
under different soil conditions, using both stump 
pullers and dynamite. 

Taylor, Thomas R. Stowage of ship-car- 
goes. 1920. C 18.15 92 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Misc. ser. 92.) 

350 pages of valuable detail in the interests of 
the efficient and successful operation of American 

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Union scale of wages and hours of labor, 
May 15, 1919. 1920. L2.3 274 

(Bulletin 274.) 

Gives the statistics for 912,900 union members in 
the leading organized trades and occupations of 61 
of the principal cities of the U. S. 

Bureau of Navigation. Officers and en- 
listed men of the U. S. Navy who lost 
their lives during the World War, from 
April 6, 1917, to November 11, 1918. 1920. 

N 17.2 W89 

Department of Agriculture. Farmers' 
bulletins, nos. 1105-1116. 

1105. Care of mature fowls. 

1106. Incubation of hens' eggs. 

1107. Brood coops and appliances. 

1108. Care of baby chicks. 

1109. Preserving eggs. 

1110. Lice, mites and cleanliness. 

111. Management of growing chicks. 

1112. Culling for eggs and market. 

1113. Poultry houses. 

1114. Common poultry diseases. 

1115. Selection and preparation of fowls for ex- 


1116. Selection and care of poultry breeding 


Written in simple terms for beginners, espe- 
cially boys and girls. 

Rice growing in California. 1920. 
(Farmers' bulletin 1141.) 

A revision of Farmers' bulletin 688, containing 
the history and study of rice cultivation. 

Federal Board for Vocational Education. 
Trade and industrial education for girls 
and women. 1920. VE 1.3 58 

(Bulletin 58.) 

Pt. 1. Economic and social aspects. 

2. Ways and means of establishing and operat- 
ing a program. 

Federal Trade Commission. Report on 

commercial wheat flour milling. 1920. 

FT 1.2 F 66c 

A general survey of the wheat milling business, 
with costs, prices, and profits. Includes Millers' 
Associations and Clubs. 

Smithsonian Institution. Annual report: 
1918. 1920. SI 1.1 1918 

Papers of special interest: 

No. 1. Discovery of helium and what came of it. 
3. Tornadoes of U. S. 
5. A tribute. Samuel Pierpont Langley: 

Pioneer in aviation. 
22. Sun worship of Hop! Indians. 

Veitch, F. P., and others. American sumac; 
a valuable tanning material and dyestuff. 
1920. A 1.3 706 rev. 1920 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 706, rev. 

Written to point out the necessity for helpful co 
operation between gatherers, dealers and extract 

The care of leather. 1920. 

A 1.9 1183 

(Farmers' bulletin 1183.) 

"Contains suggestions for a judicious selection of 
articles made from leather and tells how to care 
for them in order to obtain the maximum service." 

Walker, P. H., and Steele, L. L. Slushing 
oils. 1920. .. C13.8 176 

(U. S. Bureau of Standards. Technologic paper 

Describes protective coatings for metals which 
remain in soft condition so as to be easily removed. 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11. April, 1921 No. 4 

The Work of the Year in the Public Library 

THE forty-ninth annual report of the Board of Directors for the calendar 
year 1920, gives the following tables of home use of books through the var- 
ious circulation centers of the Public Library. 



Central Library 








4 082,015 




332 638 










Schoolroom deposits 









Delivery stations in branches 

45 .... 



Delivery stations in high schools 

1 .... 



Delivery stations in deposits 

45 .... 



Branch reference 








Daily average circulation 



Total increase 


Registered card holders: 

219 267 





Industrial deposits 






Total 362,055 393,573 


The most interesting figures in the above tables are those indicating the ex- 
tension of schoolroom deposits, a form of library service that is much appreci- 
ated by many teachers in the public and private schools of the city. An increase 
of 206 in the number of these installations and of nearly 200,000 in the number 
of volumes used indicates that the library is steadily progressing in its plans to 
develop work with teachers and schools until every room in the city is covered. 

As a whole the statistics reveal only slight progress over the preceding year, 
the branches, with a total circulation of over 4,000,000 volumes, showing a gain 
of only 8,000. This is directly due to the continued and aggravated shortage in 
the supply of competent help, which resulted in closing six of the smaller 
branches in October and the seven high school libraries during September and 
October. To this was added the difficulty of keeping an adequate book sup- 
ply in commission because of the frail and inferior makeup of most of the mod- 
ern books, which wore out faster than they could be replaced. Under normal 
conditions the total home use of books should have exceeded eight million vol- 
umes, and failure to reach that figure is clearly ascribable to the untoward 
conditions mentioned. The unfortunate contraction in revenue for 1921 will 
doubtless result in a further loss of ground during the current year and will, 
of course, preclude any addition to equipment or extension of activities. 

In the various reference and reading rooms of the Central Library, 905,511 
volumes were consulted. The Music Room and the Civics and Documents Di- 
vision show especially heavy increases in numbers of patrons served. 

The total number of books now in the Library system is 1,075,292, dis- 
tributed among 1,792 agencies in all parts of the city. Of the latter, the largest 
is of course the Central Library, housing in excess of 600,000 volumes, and the 
smallest, the schoolroom collections, each comprising fifty volumes. 

In point of home circulation the Chicago Public Library ranks second from 
the top among the public libraries of the United States and, therefore, of the 
world. In per capita cost of the Library to the citizens, i. e. in financial support, 
it ranks fifth from the bottom in a table of American public libraries in cities 
of a population of 200,000 and over. Among the largest ten cities all but one 
spend more money for public library support than Chicago; some of them twice 
and thrice as much. 


Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 



Doud, Margery, comp. Five hundred books 
for hospital patients. 1919. *O 864 

Estey, Helen Grace. Cost of living in the 
United States; bibliography. 1919. 


Literatur- Katalog; 1910-15, 1920; Bucher, 
Atlanten, Mappenwerke, Musikalien. 6v. 

*O 2934 
1910-15 entitled, Deutscher Bucher-Katalog. 

Wall, Alexander J., comp. A list of New 
York almanacs, 1694-1850. 1921. *O 863 

Libraries and Books 

Das alte Buch und seine Ausstattung, vora 
XV. bis zum XIX. Jahrhundert; Buch- 
druck, Buchschmuck, und Einbande. 

*P 3900, 13 

A portfolio of plates illustrating the making of 
old books, their pnnting, decoration, and binding. 

Gratz, Simon. A book about autographs. 
1920. K 14283 

A helpful work by a veteran collector presenting 
in a simple and unpretentious style chapters on 
the qualities that determine the value of autographs, 
the increase in their market value, their migrations 
and pedigrees, and the most important collections. 

Paul, J. H. Six years of home reading for 
Boy Scouts, Campfire and Bee-hive Girls, 
their parents, and others. 1920. J2873 
(Extension division series.) 

Poulson, Martin Wilford. Conditions and 
needs of secondary school libraries in 
Utah. 1919. J 7311 

(Bulletin of the University of Utah.) 

Rice, O. S. Lessons on the use of books 
and libraries: a text book for schools 
and a guide for the use of teachers and 
librarians. 1920. J 7312 


Deshumbert, M. An ethical system based 
on the laws of nature. 1917. L 14173 

This book develops the idea that nature is the 
impelling force for accomplishing the best interests 
of humanity, and that by. studying the laws of na- 
ture we may find not only a basis for a system of 
ethics but also a pattern for man's achievements. 

Elliot, Hugh. Modern science and mate- 
rialism. 1919. L 13813 

Contents: The universe as a whole. Matter and 
energy. Life and consciousness. The fallacy of 
vitalism. Materialism. Idealism. 

Mr. Elliot's philosophy is the complete material- 
ism which not only makes mind dependent upon 
matter, but identifies mind with matter. Spring- 
field Republican. 

James, William. Collected essays and re- 
views. 1920. L 12969 

Joad, C. E. M. Essays in common-sense 
philosophy. 1920. L 12971 

Contents: Our knowledge of sensible objects. 
Monism in the light of recent philosophical devel- 
opments. The meaning of truth. The objectivity 
of the _concept of beauty. Universals as the basis 
of realism. Common sense and the theory of the 
State. Thought and temperament. 

An unconventional discussion that will enable the 
lay reader with a reflective turn of mind to under- 
stand the problems of modern thought Booklist. 


Egan, Maurice Francis, and Kennedy, John 
B. The Knights of Columbus in peace 
and war. 1920. 2v. M 6044 

Home, Herman Harrell. Jesus, the master 
teacher. 1920. M 7141 

This book is prepared for the use of classes, with 
the purpose of studying how Jesus taught, and ol 
influencing present methods of teaching religion 
and ethics. 

Husslein, Joseph. Evolution and Social 
progress. 1920. M 9221 

A discussion of the relation between religion and 
science from the Catholic point of view. 

Kinsman, Frederick Joseph. Salve mater. 
1921. M 7718 

This book records the changes in ecclesiastical 
opinions involved in the author's conversion from 
the Episcopal to the Roman Catholic Church. 

Lambuth, Walter R. Medical missions: 
the twofold task. 1920. M U204 

Webb, Clement C. J. Divine personality 
and human life; being the Gifford lec- 
tures delivered in the University of 
Aberdeen in the years of 1918 and 1919. 
1920. M4743, 1918-19 11 

(Library of philosophy.) 
The reading of the book is 

a rich experience. 

and its comparative freedom from the Jargon of 
the philosophical schools makes it available for a 
much wider circle than is usually the case with this 
kind of literature. Nation. 



Annuaire general de la France et de 
1'etranger. 1920-1921. *R3586 

Chapin, F. Stuart. Field work and social 
research. 1920. L 15567 



(The Century social science series.) 
A book concerned exclusively with the technique 
of collecting material for purposes of social re- 
search._ It discusses the principles underlying the 
preliminary critical examination of sources, the 
different types of investigation, and the editing and 
interpretation of collected data. 

Taft, Henry W. Occasional papers and 
addresses of an American lawyer. 1920. 

L 15443 

Vail, Theodore Newton. Views on public 
questions; a collection of papers and ad- 
dresses. 1917. L 15504 

Economic History and Conditions 

Bank of Chosen (Seoul, Korea). Economic 
history of Chosen. 1920. L 16696 

Economic history of Manchuria. 1920. 

L 16697 

Klein, Julius. The Mesta; a study in Span- 
ish economic history, 1273-1836. 1920. 

L6587, 21 

(Harvard economic studies.) 

Employees' Management, Wages 

Ayusawa, Iwao Frederick. International 
labor legislation. 1920. L 6589, 91" 

(Columbia university studies in history, economics 
and public law.) 

This Japanese student . . . recounts the little- 
known and officially unheeded individual appeals, 
the growing protests of organized workers, the pri- 
vate conferences of experts and the fifteen years of 

progress culminating in the labor charter of the 
Treaty of Peace. Survey. 

Baker, Ray Stannard. The new industrial 
unrest: reasons and remedies. 1920. 

L 16767 

There is perhaps no other single book which tells 
so well and so truthfully the story of a large and 
important part of the new industrial unrest . . . 
Here are the present conclusions of an honest, in- 
telligent man whose sympathies are fundamentally 
American. Survey. 

Goodrich, Carter L. The frontier of con- 
trol; a study in British workshop poli- 
tics. 1920. ' L 16766 

Information gathered from a personal stay in 

England during which the author studied industrial 
relationships and extent of control. 

Hutchinson, Emilie Josephine. Women's 
wages; a study of the wages of industrial 
women and measures suggested to in- 
crease them. 1919. L6589, 89 I 
(Coluirbia university studies in history, economics 
and public law.) 

This admirable study digests with firmness and 
with intelligence the available data concerning 
women's wages in this country. The period covered 
is that immediately prior to the war. Survey. 


Kahn, Otto H. Two years of faulty tax- 
ation, and the results. 1920. L 17754 

Montgomery, Robert H. Excess profits 
tax procedure, 1920-1921, including federal 
capital stock (excise) tax. 1920-1921. 2v. 

L 17752 

Political Science 

Government and Administration 

Haldane of Chan, Viscount. The problem 
of nationalization; with an introduction 
by Harold J. Laski. 1920. L 17864 

(Dunster House papers.) 

Milton, John. The ready and easy way to 

establish a free commonwealth; ed., with 

introduction, notes, and glossary, by 

Evert Mordecai Clark. 1915. J 4450, 51 

(Yale studies in English.) 

Skehan, James J., and Conway, James P. 
Practical police work, what to do and 
how to do it. 1919. L 18349 

Colonies and Immigration 

Barnes, Mary Clark. 
Americans. 1920. 

Neighboring new 
L 16048 

An experienced worker gives helpful suggestions 
about the best means of gaining an approach to the 
sympathies of the newcomer, the best text books 
for their use, etc. 

Carnegie Endowment for International 
Peace. Division of International Law. 
Autonomy and federation within empire: 
the British self-governing dominions; 
prepared under the supervision of James 
Brown Scott. 1921. L 17958, 33 

(Pamphlet series of the Carnegie endowment for 
international peace.) 

Kellor, Frances. Immigration and the 
future. 1920. L 16068 

The chief consideration, according to Miss Kellor, 
is whether immigration will pay us; she sings the 
praise of immigrant labor as a _ cheap method _ of 
keeping down the cost of production and increasing 
output. Publishers' Weekly. 

The Negro 

Wilkes,. Laura E. Missing pages in Amer- 
ican history, revealing the services of 
negroes in the early wars in the United 
States of America, 1641-1815. 1919. 


International Relations 

Calderon Cousino, Adolfo. Short diplo- 
matic history of the Chilean-Peruvian re- 
lations, 1819-1879. 1920. L 16343 

Eddy, George Sherwood. Everybody's 
world. 1920. L 16338 

Contents: Everybody's war. The new Near East. 
The appeal of Russia. The hope of Russia. 
Japan and the Far East. The crisis in China. 
The awakening of India. Anglo-Saxon responsibil- 
ity. Everybody's world. 

A discussion from the standpoint of world Chris- 
tianity, of post-war conditions in the Near East 
. . . and Anglo-Saxon responsibility to the world. 
Review of Reviews, 



The Hague, (Holland). Peace Conference, 
1907. The project relative to a court of 
arbitral justice, draft convention and re- 
port adopted by the second Hague peace 
conference of 1907. 1920. L 17958, 34 
(Pamphlet series of the Carnegie endowment for 
international peace.) 

Latane, John Holladay. The United States 
and Latin America. 1920. L 16342 

A revised and enlarged edition of The diplomatic 
relations of the United States and Spanish Amer- 
ica, L 6240. 

Lockey, Joseph Bryne. Pan- Americanism: 
its beginnings. 1920. L 16341 

A careful study of the period previous to 1830 
with reference to the formation or new states, the 
relation of the Monroe Doctrine to Spanish Amer- 
ica, international complications, the 'Panama con- 
gress, etc. 

Practical Sociology 

The Family, Marriage 

Galbraith, Anna M. The family and the 
new democracy; a study in social hygiene. 
1920. L 20786 

Gallichan, Walter M. The psychology of 
marriage. 1918. N 1274 

Not intended as a textbook, nor is it in any 
sense an original contribution to the psychology or 
sociology of marriage, but it is full of sound ad- 
vice and is well worth reading for general informa- 
tion. American Journal of Sociology. 

Marchant, James, ed. The control of par- 
enthood, by Prof. J. Arthur Thomson, 
Prof. Leonard Hill and others. 1920. 

L 14314 

Contents: Introduction, by the Lord Bishop of 
Birmingham. Biological aspects, by J. A. Thom- 
son, L. Hill. Economic aspects, by the Very Rev. 
Dean Inge, H. Cox. Social and religions aspects, 
by Mary Scharlieb, F. B. Meyer, A. E. Garvie. 
Imperial and racial aspects, by R. Haggard, Marie 
C. Slopes. 

An unusually _ interesting and authoritative sym- 
posium of opinions on birth control. The con- 
tributors have been chosen . . . for the originality 
of their personal views. Survey. 

Babson, Roger W. 

Christian Sociology 

Religion and business. 

A business man's refreshing and stimulating dis- 
cussion of the operation of the church from the 
point of view of the business world, together with 
suggestions as to how each may help the other in 
the solution of present-day problems. Booklist. 

Guild, Roy B., ed. Community programs 
for co-operating churches; a manual of 
principles and methods. 1920. M 9081 
A presentation of what has been accomplished by 
church federation in the forty-odd cities where the 
attempt has been made, and how these results are 
being obtained. 

Newton, Joseph Fort. The religious basis 
of a better world order; an application of 
Christian principles to world affairs. 1920. 


"The sermons are selected from the las* year of 
the City Temple ministry, and reflect not only 

their English religious environment, but also the 
moods and problems of the period of reaction and 
irritation immediately following the war." 

Straton, John Roach. The menace of im- 
morality in church and state; messages 
of wrath and judgment. 1920. M 4963 
A series of sermons on the wave of immorality 
following the great war, placing special emphasis 
on the corruption of the modern theater, women's 
dress, social vice, gambling, etc. 


Branom, Mendel E. The project method in 
education. 1919. L 19536 

(Library of educational methods.) 
^ A careful exposition of this valuable and prac- 
tical method of instruction which Mr. Branpra 6ays 
all pedagogical definitions agree in recognizing as 
involving ' 7 a unit of purposeful, intellcctualized ac- 

Cubberley, Ellwood P. The history of edu- 
cation; educational practice and progress 
considered as a phase of the development 
and spread of western civilization. 1920. 

L 19449 

(Riverside textbooks in education.) 
Beginning with ancient Greece, traces the de- 
velopment of education throughout the western 
world for the purpose of showing that . . . the edu- 
cation of man stands as one of the highest expres- 
sions of a belief in the improvability of the race. 
Book Review Digest. 

Kelly, Roy Willmarth. 
workers. 1920. 

Training industrial 
K 22410 

Lloyd, S. M., and Gray, C. T. Reading in 
a Texas city; diagnosis and remedy. 1920. 

L 19740 

(University of Texas bulletin. Education series.) 

Paton, Stewart. Education in war and 
and peace. 1920. L 13231 

Contents: Human behavior in war and peace. 
War and education. The psychiatric clinic and the 

An appeal for united effort by physicians, psy- 
chologists and educators to search out and develop 
appropriately the basic instincts and deep emotional 
undercurrents which have so much to do in shap- 
ing personality, determining character, and con- 
trolling conduct. Survey. 

Society of Industrial Engineers. Industrial 
education; report of the proceedings of 
the national convention of the Society of 
Industrial Engineers at Carnegie Music 
Hall, Pittsburgh, November 1^12, 1920. 

Civics Dept. 

(Publications of the Society of Industrial Engi- 

Wood, Harry E., and Smith, James H. Pre- 
vocational and industrial arts. 1919. 

K 25957 

Manual training. 

Folklore, Gypsies 

Bond, Lewis. The gypsies of Monastir. 
1917. L 21110 

Two letters addressed to the late Albert Thomas 
Sinclair, by the Rev. Lewis Bond, American mis- 
sionary at Monastir. v . ( 



Coster, Charles de. Flemish legends. 1920. 

L 21131 

Stories from the medieval folk-lore of Brabant 
' and Flanders. 


Hardie, William Ross. Res metrica; an in- 
troduction to the study of Greek and 
Roman versification. 1920. J 3567 

Marcial Dorado, Carolina, ed. Espafia pin- 
toresca; the life and customs of Spain in 
story and legend. 1917. J4083 


Lankester, Sir Ray. Secrets of earth and 
sea. 1920. K 18541 

Among many topics of absorbing interest the 
author, who is the most distinguished follower of 
i>arwin now living, explodes the antediluvian mon- 
ster myth, and treats the problem of race mixture 
sanely and scientifically. 

Pitt, Frances. Wild creatures of garden and 

hedgerow. 1920. K 21611 

A popular and instructive collection of records 

of the oehavior and habits of everyday birds and 

beasts as observed by an English naturalist. 

Schlick, Moritz. Space and time in con- 
temporary physics; an introduction to the 
theory of relativity and gravitation, with 

an introduction by F. A. Lindemann. 
1920. K 19108 

Shreiner, E. E. Scientific tests of colored 
glass for optical purposes; including a 
short history of glass and glass terms. 

1919. K 19555 
Spencer, James Frederick. The metals of 

the rare earths. 1919. K 19881 

(Monographs on inorganic and physical chem- 

Spvtrr, J. E., ed. Political and commercial 
geology and the world's mineral re- 
sources; a series of studies by specialists. 

1920. K 20408 

Verrill, A. Hyatt. Islands and their mys- 
teries. 1920. K 20262 
His descriptions are not by name, but by kind 
coral, volcanic, lake, sea, tropical, salt, pearl, arctic 
and must prove useful material to conscientious 
writers of water yarns ... no less than to trav- 
elers and natural scientists. Nation. 

Yerkes, Robert M., ed. The new world of 
science; its development during the war. 
1920. K 18598 

(The Century new world series.) 

Mr. Yerkes, who was chairman of the Research 
Information Service, gives a brief but comprehen- 
sive record of American achievement in science in 
the crisis brought about by the break with German 
chemicals, manufacturers and raw materials. 


Dana, John Cotton. Installation of a 
speaker and accompanying exhibits. 1918. 

K 18613 
(New museum series.) 

A plan for a new museum; the kind of 

museum it will profit a city to maintain. 
1920. K 18614 

(New museum series.) 

Medicine, Hygiene 

New York (city). Municipal Reference Li- 
brary. Guide posts on the road to health; 
a list of books, by Sarah L. Halliday. 
1919. *O867 

(Municipal Reference Library, City of New 

Cleveland (Ohio). Cleveland Hospital Council. 

Cleveland hospitals and health survey. 

1920. N 2803 

Contents: Introduction, g_eneral environment, san- 
itation. Public health services, private health agen- 
cies. A program for Child health. Tuberculosis. 
Venereal disease. Mental diseases and mental defi- 
ciency. Industrial medical service; Women and 
industry; Children and industry. Education and 
practice in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy. Nurs- 
ing. Hospitals and dispensaries. Method of sur- 
vey; Bibliography of surveys. 

Hollingworth, H. L. The psychology of 
functional neuroses. 1920. N 2272 

The book deals with those psychoneurotic mani- 
festations that are _ susceptible to the modifying in- 
fluences of suggestion, motivation, analysis and re- 
education and to the numerous techniques of psy- 
chotherapy which the study of these manifestations 
has developed. Book Review Digest. 

Russell, Pauline. The power of deep breath- 
ing. 1920. N 175 

Sadler, William S., and Sadler, Lena Kel- 
logg. How to reduce and how to gain. 
1920. N 2494 


Hayward, Charles B. Gasoline tractors; a 
practical presentation of tractor problems 
and their solution. 1920. K 23864 

Lind, Wallace L. Internal-combustion en- 
gines; their principles and application to 
automobile, aircraft, and marine purposes. 
1920. K 22902 


Moreton, David P. Armature winding; a 
practical analysis of armature windings 
for direct-current and alternating current 
machines, including rules and diagrams 
for reconnecting induction motor arma- 
tures. 1920. K 22832 

Neale, Reginald E. Electricity, its produc- 
tion and applications. 1920. K 22837 

(Pitman's common commodities and industries.) 
The author attempts no more than a review of 
the general nature of electricity, the methods of 
producing it and the services to which it is applied. 

Nelson, Arthur L. Interior electric wiring; 
a practical treatise on methods and sys- 
tems of wiring illustrated by typical in- 
stallations, and the planning and estimat- 
ing of actual wiring jobs. 1920. K 22834 



Ripley, Charles M. Life in a large manu- 
facturing plant. 1919. K 22951 

First appeared in the General Electric Review 
during 1917 and describes the General Electric 

Steinmetz, Charles Proteus. Theory and 
calculation of transient electric phenom- 
ena and oscillations. 1920. K 22862 

Wireless Telegraphy 

Secor, Harry Winfield. The how and why 
of radio apparatus; a treatise on the prin- 
ciples underlying the operation of wire- 
less transmitting 1 and receiving instru- 
ments. 1920. K 24974 

Stone, Ellery W. Elements of radiotele- 
graphy. 1919. K 24976 

Automobiles, Airplanes 

Matthews, R. Borlase. The aviation pocket- 
book for 1918-1920. A compendium of 
modern practice and a collection of useful 
notes, formulae, rules, tables, and data re- 
lating to aeronautics. 1918-1919. 2v. 

K 19385 

Pile, J. Howard. Modern methods of Ford 
repairing; a complete manual for the Ford 
repairman, explaining the use of all the 
up-to-date tools and shop equipment and 
minutely describing the methods of per- 
forming the work on all the different 
mechanical parts of the car. 1920. 

K 23512 

Pomilio, Ottorino. Airplane design and 
construction. 1919. K 19409 

Poultry, Dairying 

Fraps, G. S. Principles of agricultural 
chemistry. 1917. K 23865 

Jackson, Homer W., comp. Successful back- 
yard poultry keeping; an authoritative 
guide to success in poultry keeping by 
intensive methods. 1920. K 24355 

"Practical details of management for those who 
are keeping fowls in limited space, whether to sup- 
ply eggs a_nd poultry for the family table or as a 
source of income." 

Larsen, C. Farm dairying; a treatise of 
dairy cattle, their feeding and care, and 
the handling and disposition of dairy 
produce on the farm. 1919. K 24497 

Domestic Economy 

Chambers, Mary D. Breakfasts, luncheons 
and dinners; how to plan them, how to 
serve them, how to behave at them. 1920. 

K 24740 

Lansing, Marion Florence, and Gulick, 
Luther Halsey. Food and life. 1920. 

K 24745 

Every aspect of the food problem, the personal, 
the social, the economic and the scientific, is en- 
tertainingly put before the child in detached stories. 
Book Review Digest. 

Commerce, Business 

Accountant's directory and who's who. 1920. 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Copeland, Melvin Thomas. Marketing prob- 
lems. 1920. L 20294 

Jackson's real estate directory; a directory 
of the leading real estate agents, abstrac- 
tors, loan companies and real estate at- 
torneys of the United States and Canada, 
with the approximate population of cities 
and villages to date, with counties and 
county seats. 1920-21. 1920. *R3699 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Lenning, Margaret A. Filing methods; a 
text book on the filing and indexing of 
commercial and governmental records. 
1920. L 20292 

Preciado, A. A. Exporting to the world; a 
manual of practical export for all who are 
interested or engaged in foreign trade. 
1920. L 20154 

Contains chapters on American banks in foreign 
investments, our merchant marine, how the govern- 
ment helps _ the exporter, the world's market, foreign 
trade requirements, and publicity in foreign coun- 
tries. Booklist. 

Reigner, Charles G. Advanced dictation and 
secretarial training. 1920. L 20291 

Contains exercises for dictation, but no short- 
hand outlines. 

Switzerland. Swiss Information Office for 
the Purchase and Marketing of Goods in 
Zurich. Swiss export directory. 1920. 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Taylor, Wilson M. The science of approach, 
in selling, directing and employing men 
and women. 1920. L 20293 

Chemical Technology, Manufactures 

Arnold, Ralph, and others. Manual for the 
oil and gas industry, under the Revenue 
act of 1918. 1920. K 25484 

Internal Revenue Bureau bulletin. 

Davison's textile supply directory, "The red 
. book;" everything for the textile manu- 
facturer. 36th annual ed. 1921. *R3698 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Jennings, Arthur Seymour. Paints and 

varnishes, with special reference to their 

properties and uses. 1920. K 25552 

(Pitman's common commodities and industries.) 


Drawing, Illustration 

Bayros, Franz v. Bayros Mappe; mit Vor- 
wort von Rudolf Hans Bartsch. *P2897 
Fifty plates of Bayros' drawings. 



Pilsworth, Edward S. Technique of prac- 
tical drawing for teachers, students and 
professional artists. 1920. K 28460 

(University extension series.) 

Wilde, Oscar. Salome, tragedie en un acte; 
illustrations d' Aubrey Beardsley. 1920. 


Fabrics, Design 

Baker, Walter Davis, and Baker, Ida Strawn. 
Batik and other pattern dyeing. 1920. 

K 28682 

Berlin. Kunstgewerbe-Museum. Die Gewebe- 
Sammlung des Koniglichen Kunstge- 
werbe-Museums. 1913. 4v. in 11 pts. 


Unbound plates with descriptive letter-press, 
showing designs of fabrics in the Berlin collection. 


Percival, Maclver. Old English furniture 
and its surroundings, from the Restora- 
tion to the Regency. 1920. K 28969 

Mr. Percival's book is written _ with good prac- 
tical sense and is unparalleled in its usefulness for 
collectors of fittings for period homes. 


Grimson, Samuel B., and Forsyth, Cecil. 
Modern violin-playing. 1920. K 29976 

McLellan, Eleanor. Voice education. 1920. 

K 29808 

The author believes that true voice culture is de- 
pendent on the training of the inner hearing and 
tone sensation. One chapter is devoted to the 
"Emotions and characteristics of the singer." 

Montagu-Nathan, M. The orchestra and 
how to listen to it. 1917. K 29881 

(Library of music and musicians.) 

Nevin, Gordon Balch. A primer of organ 
registration. 1920. K 29948 

(The music students library.) 

Seashore, Carl Emil. The psychology of 
musical talent. 1919. K 29615 

(Beverly educational series.) 

A survey of musical talent in the public 

schools; representing the examination of 
children of the fifth and the eighth grades 
in the public schools of Des Moines, la., 
with the author's measures of musical 
talent. 1920. L 18850, I 11 

(University of Iowa studies in child welfare.) 

Seymour, Harriet A. What music can do 
for you; a guide for the uninitiated. 1920. 

K 29616 

Stamp Collecting 

Gibbons, S. Priced catalogue of stamps of 
the British Empire. 1920. 29th ed. 

L 20183 

Johnson, Stanley C. The stamp collector; 
a guide to the world's postage stamps. 
1920. L 20185 


Outdoor Sports, Auction 

Moxcey, Mary E. Physical health and rec- 
reation for girls; a handbook for girls 
and volunteer leaders. 1920. K 30496 

Ripley, G. S. Games for boys, by Boy scout 
executive of Hartford, Conn. 1920. 

K 30501 

The compiler has selected these games for ado- 
lescents, because when properly played they "de- 
velop courage, initiative, generosity, co-operation, 
cheerfulness, loyalty, obedience, alertness and sense 
of honor." 

Shepard, E. V. Correct auction; a clear ex- 
position of the game as actually played 
by experts, with numerous suggestions 
for improvement. 1920. K 30446 

Sheringham, H. T. Trout fishing; memories 
and morals. 1920. K 30850 

Mr. Sheringham's latest book on fishing is de- 
lightful for its humor and sound English as well as 
for the range of its reminiscences and its insight 
into_ the ways _of trout. t Its morals make it as com- 
panionable as its memories. Times (London). 


Clark, Albert C. Prose rhythm in Eng- 
lish; a lecture delivered on June 6, 1913. 


De Morgan, William. SEYMOUR, FLORA 
WARREN. William De Morgan, a post- 
Victorian realist. 1920. J 7230 
(The little bookfellow series.) 

Massingham, H. J. Letters to X. 1919. 


In these demurely entitled "Letters to X" we 
have_ a volume of discursive comment on "the hu- 
manities," not forgetting humanity, of a very com- 
panionable authority, wise and witty and learned, 
and calculated to be a very present help in these 
troublous times. New York Times. 

Patterson, William Morrison. The rhythm 
of prose; an experimental investigation 
of individual difference in the sense of 
rhythm. 1917. J 4875 

(Columbia university studies in English and com- 
parative literature.) 

Rees, Byron Johnson, ed. Modern Amer- 
ican prose selections. 1920. J 7041 
Contents: Abraham Lincoln, by T. Roosevelt 
American tradition, America's heritage, by F. K. 
Lane. Address at the College of the Holy Cross, 
by C. Coolidge. Our future immigration policy, by 
F. C. Howe. A new relationship between capital 
and labor, by T. D. Rockefeller, Jr. My uncle, by 
A. Johnson. When a man comes to himself, by W. 
Wilson. Education through occupations, by W. L. 
Bryan, The fallow, by J. Agricola. Writing and 
reading, by J. M. Manly and E. Rickert. James 
Russell Lowell, by B. .Perry. The education of 
Henry Adams, by C. Becker. The struggle for an 
education, by B. T. Washington. Entering jour- 

nalism, by J. A. Riis. Bound coastwise, by R. D. 
Paine. The democratization of the automobile, by 
B. J. Hendrick. Traveling afoot, by J. Finley. 
Old boats, by W. P. Eaton. Zeppelinitis, by P. Lit- 



Wendell, Barrett. The traditions of Euro- 
pean literature, from Homer to Dante. 

1920. J 7672 
Contents: The traditions of Greece. The tradi- 
tions of Rome. The traditions of Christianity. 
The traditions of Christendom. The traditions of 
the middle ages. 

Worthy in theme, comprehensive in conception, 
shapely in plan and skillful in_ execution. Brander 
Matthews in the New York Times. 

Woodberry, George Edward. Literary es- 
says. 1920. . J7675 
Contents: Crabbe. Landor. On the promise of 
Keats. Byron's centenary. On Browning's death. 
Matthew Arnold. Coleridge. Shelley's work. 
Cervantes. Scott. Milton. Virgil. (Montaigne. 
Shakespeare. Swinburne. 

The torch, and other lectures and ad- 
dresses. 1920. J 7676 
Contents: The torch: Man and the race; The 
language of all the world; The Titan myth; Spen- 
ser; Milton; Wordsworth; Shelley. The inspiration 
of poetry: Poetic madness; Marlowe; Camoens; By- 
ron; Gray; Tasso; Lucretius; Inspiration. The Poe 
centenary. Shakespeare. The Salem Athenaeum. 


Corbin, Alice, (Mrs. W. P. Henderson). Red 
earth; poems of New Mexico. 1920. 

E 11023 

Research into a field of poetical materials still 
new and vastly promising, the field of Amerindian 
lore . . . The adaptations and . interpretations take 
a sure place alongside the work of Mary Austin, 
Constance Lindsay Skinner and Natalie Curtis Bur- 
lin. Nation. 

Walsh, Thomas, ed. Hispanic anthology; 
poems translated from the Spanish by 
English and North American poets. 1920. 

E 14339 

(Hispanic notes and monographs.) 

Scholarly and charming .... Mr. Walsh's selec- 
tions are at once comprehensive and representative, 
ranging from the beginning of Spanish poetry (about 
1150) to the very young poet Munoz Mann, born 
in Puerto Rico as late as 1898. New York Times. 

Weaver, John V. A. In American; poems. 

1921. E 15105 

Poems by a_ recent Chioagoan, dramatic in them- 
selves and heightened in effect by the vernacular 
in which they are written. Although at times sen- 
timents seem slightly exaggerated and unreal, for 
the most part they ring true and convincing. Such 
poems as "Moonlight" achieve an unexpected beauty. 

Theater, Drama 

Brown University, (Providence, R. /.) Li- 
brary. Plays of today; 100 of the best 
modern dramas. 1920. *O 1208 

An annotated reading list for students. 

Aeschylus. The Agamemnon of Aeschylus; 
tr. into English rhyming verse with ex- 
planatory notes, by Gilbert Murray. 1920. 

L 12277 

Bolton, Guy, and Middleton, George. The 
light of- the world; a modern drama. 1920. 

E 13507 

Oberammergau is the scene of this play, which 
takes place between the selection of the actors and 

the opening of the Passion Play. It illustrates the 
discrepancy between the life and teaching of Christ 
and the practice of His followers. 

Gammer Gvrtons needle, by Mr. S. Mr. of 
Art; ed. by H. F. B. Brett-Smith. 1920. 

J 7582, 2 

(The Percy reprints, No. 2.) 

A sixteenth-century comedy formerly ascribed to 
John Still, bishop of Bath and Wells, or to John 
Bridges, bishop of Oxford, but now attributed to 
William Stevenson, of Christ's College, Cambridge. 

Harris, Rendel. The return of the "May- 
flower;" an interlude. 1919. E 12295 
Will interest those whose curiosity as to the his- 
tory of the little ship itself is sufficiently keen to 
lead them through a somewhat discouraging amount 
of argument and documentary evidence. Bookman. 

Herrick, Gertrude. The full of the moon; 
an Irish play in one act. 1920. E 13169 
Poet Lore plays. 

Kaiser, Georg. From morn to midnight; a 
modern mystery in seven scenes. 1920. 

E 13169 

Poet Lore plays. 

Kreymborg, Alfred. Plays for merry An- 
drews. 1920. E 12484 
Contents: Vote the new moon; a toy play. At the 
sign of the thumb and nose; an unmorality play." 
Uneasy street; a folk play. The silent waiter; a 
tragi-comedy. Monday; a lame minuet. 

Full of madness and delight and bewilderment. 
Their unreality and irony are invigorating and 
real, and Gordon Craig was quite right in consider- 
ing them as a test for actors. The title should 
warn the professionals off and attract the amateur. 

Lee, Vernon, pseud, of Violet Paget. Satan, 
the waster; a philosophic war trilogy with 
notes and introduction. 1920. E 14184 

A symbolical drama in which the world war is a 

Seat ballet planned by Satan and managed by 
sath, his ballet master . . . The author regards 
war as a delusion of under-educated, under-civilized 
men instigated by Satan, the waster of human vir- 
tue. Booklist. 

Nathan, George Jean. The theatre, the 
drama, the girls. 1921. E 12660 

Mr. Nathan attacks his subjects ruthlessly, and in 
a striking and spectacular manner, but whether one 
agrees with him or not, one is bound to concede the 
keenness and brilliance of his criticism. 

Pelee, Lillian Sutton. At the Little Pipe; 

a Hungarian folk play in two scenes. 

1920. E 13169 
Poet Lore plays. 

Pichel, Irving. On building a theatre; stage 
construction and equipment for small 
theatres, schools and community build- 
ings. 1920. K 27615 
(Theatre arts monographs.) 

Essays and Miscellanies 

Bourne, Randolph S. History of a literary- 
radical, and other essays; ed. with an in- 
troduction, by Van Wyck Brooks. 1920. 


Contents: History of a literary radical. Our 
cultural humility. Six portraits: Karen, Sophron- 
is-ba, Mon amie, Fergus, The Professor, One of 



our conquerors. This older generation. A mirror 
of the middle west. Ernest; or, Parent for a day. 
On discussion. The puritan's will to power. 
The immanence of Dostoevsky. The art of -Theo- 
dore Dreiser. The uses of infallibility. Impres- 
sions of Europe. Trans-national America. Frag- 
ment of a novel. 

Randolph Bourne's interests were as wide as the 
world; his views were true and tempered; his style 
is simple and effective . . . Freedom and intel- 
lectual adventure, the overthrow of the Puritan, 
the exorcism of dogma, the approach of social equal- 
ity these things he demanded. Nation. 

Chesterton, G. K. The uses of diversity; a 
book of essays. 1921. E 2358 

In this collection of essays Mr. Chesterton does 
justice to his natural ingenuity and his solid back- 
ground . . . Probably no writer writes so much 
and at the same time so well. Keith Preston in 
Daily News. 

Moore, F. Frankfort. A garden of peace; 
a medley in quietude. 1920. E 4473 

. A book of literary, artistic and philosophical di- 
gressions interspersing garden lore and atmosphere. 

Somerville, E. CE., and Ross, Martin, pseud. 
Stray-aways. 1920. E 5627 

Little run-away trips into queer country spots 
in Ireland and France, a longer visit to Denmark, 
both amusing and instructive ... A droll humor 
and fine character appreciation both in words and 
sketches. Booklist. 

Wilson, T. P. Cameron. Waste paper 
philosophy; to which has been added 
Magpies in Picardy, and other poems. 
1920. E 6465 

Bits of a wholesome and sympathetic philosophy 
of life addressed to an imaginary son by_ a young 
Oxonian in France, together with fugitive poems 
found in his war-diary. 

Woodberry, George Edward. Heart of 
man, and other papers. 1920. E 6427 
Contents: Heart of man: Taormina; A new de- 
fence of poetry; Democracy; The ride. The praise 
of English books. Two phases of criticism: Histor- 
ical criticism; Esthetic criticism. Wendell Phillips, 
the faith of an American. 

Public Speaking 

Mosher, Joseph A. The effective speaking 
voice; with passages for practical appli- 
cation. 1920. J 7123 


Bairnsfather, Bruce, and Mutch, W. A. The 
Bairnsfather case as tried before Mr. 
Justice Busby, defense by Bruce Bairns- 
father, prosecution by W. A. Mutch. 1920. 

C 20728 

Old Bill and his creator are back in the paths 
of literature again, both in the life history of Mr. 
Bairnsfather and in sundry drawings ... If any- 
thing in late years has been more amusing than Mr. 
Bairnsfather's adventures in print it is his adven- 
tures in black and white as drawn by himself. 
Boston Transcript. 

Coles, Edward. NORTON, W. T. Edward 
Coles, second governor of Illinois. 1911. 

C 21 308 

Story of his removal to Illinois, the freeing of 
his slaves, and his fight to keep Illinois free from 

James, Benjamin. The descendants of Ben- 
jamin James, Narragansett, 1665. 1920. 

C 20311 

Mallock, W. H. Memoirs of life and lit- 
erature. 1920. C 23228 

_ His career has been a unique combination of so- 
cial enjoyment and earnest endeavor . . . He has 
sought to suggest tlhe general terms on which the 
ideals of a true conservatism may be harmonized 
with those of an enlightened socialism, and he has 
always been a staunch upholder of the value of re- 
ligious belief. Bookman. 

Meredith, George. ELLIS, S. M. George 
Meredith; his life and friends in relation 
to his work. 1920. C 23375 

Personal details which throw the character of the 
novelist in rather an unpleasant light. Mr. Ellis 
belongs to what was apparently an uncongenial 
branch of the Meredith family. 

Wentworth, Edward N. A biographical 
catalog of the portrait gallery of the 
Saddle and Sirloin Club. 1920. *K 24212 


Freeman, Lewis R. In the tracks of the 
trades; the account of a fourteen thousand 
mile yachting cruise to the Hawaiis, Mar- 
quesas, Societies, Samoas and Fijis. 1920. 


Goodhart, Arthur L. Poland and the min- 
ority races. 1920. 1 10565 

An entertaining diary kept by the author from 
July 12 to Sept. 13, 1919, while acting as counsel 
to the commission sent by President Wilson, at 
Premier Paderewski's request, to investigate Jewish 
pogroms in Poland. 

Russell, Ruth. What's the matter with 
Ireland? 1920. 1 10269 

Contents: What's the matter with Ireland? Sinn 
Fein and revolution. Irish labor and class revolu- 
tion. A E's peaceful revolution. The Catholic 
church and communism. What about Belfast? 
_ Miss _ Russell has undertaken her theme objec- 
tively, in the best reportorial sense, and by sound- 
ing a number of disparate apostles as widely dis- 
similar as De Valera, _ George Russell, Countess 
Markiewiecz and the Bishop of Killaloe she man- 
ages to throw light upon all phases of the prob- 
lem. Freeman. 

Wells, H. G. Russia in the shadows. 1921. 

1 10550 

Mr. Wells reports as hopeless a condition 5n 
Russia as Bertrand Russell found. He believes that 
unless some outside power comes to the rescue of 
the existing government, Russia will become 
Asiatic once more and form a large hole in civil- 
ization into which all Europe may eventually fall. 

United States, Cuba 

Canby, Henry Seidel. Everyday Americans. 
1920. 1 4329 

Contents: The American mind. Conservative 
America. Radical America. American idealism. 
Religion in America. Literature in America. The 
bourgeois American. 

A delightful and sincere study of the national 
mind by an American of many_ generations. He 
holds our conservative-liberal attitude and lack of 
self-criticism responsible for failure to gain an ade- 
quate conception of industrial democracy. 



Fairbanks, Harold W. California. 1920. 


(The new progressive geographies developed ac- 
cording to the problem method.) 

Hergesheimer, Joseph. San Cristobal de la 
Habana. 1920. 111815 

The novelist's imagination has run riot among 
the splendid trifles of Havana, translating the or- 
dinary into the extraordinary, weaving the common- 
place into a texture of colorful romance. New 
York Times. 

Luttig, John C. Journal of a fur-trading 
expedition on the upper Missouri, 1812- 
1813. 1920. 14429 

Smith, C. W. Journal of a trip to California, 
across the continent from Weston, Mo., 
to Weber Creek, Cal., in the summer of 
1850. 1920. 14414 

Wang, Yates M. The United States as seen 
by a Chinese. 1919. J 10161 

Chinese text, reprinted from the Shun Pao. 


Aikman, Henry G. Zell. 1921. F 10403 

A study of the development of the boy Zell is 
the main interest in this story of a middle class 
Ainerican family. The plot interest is slight, the 
characterization clear cut and the combination very 

Atherton, Gertrude. The sisters-in-law; a 
novel of our time. 1921. F 10715 

A story of class consciousness and the snobbish- 
ness of traditions with the scene extended from 
San Francisco at the time of the earthquake to 
France after the armistice. 

Bacheller, Irving. The prodigal village; a 
Christmas tale. 1920. F 10769 

Sketchy chapters of village life portraying the 
various types of modern society, not without a plea 
for the simple old virtues that contributed to a 
sane wholesomeness of living. 

Bradley, Mary Hastings The innocent ad- 
venturess. 1921. F 20681 

A young Italian girl comes to America in pur- 
suit of a fortune by marriage, to make it possible 
for her less attractive sister to secure a dowry. 
How she succeeds is the plot of a story, simple 
and sentimental, but wholesome. 

Clemenceau, Georges. The surprises of life. 

1920. F 12002 

Short stories about the types of French people 
found in the provinces. 

Dawson, Coningsby. The little house. 1920. 

F 12354 

A slight but pleasing story of war days in Lon- 
don. The little house tells how, forsaken during 
an air raid, it becomes the shelter of a young war 
widow and her children, and how a young Ameri- 
can officer after the horrors of the battlefield, also 
found refuge there. A pretty little love story fol- 

Fletcher, J. S. The orange-yellow diamond. 

1921. F 12856 
A thrilling detective story in which innocent 

people get mixed up with a murder mystery. A 
young author has written some stories and while 

waiting for his check visits a pawnshop and here 
the trouble begins. 

Ford, Sewell. Meet 'em with Shorty Mc- 
Cabe. 1921. F 22205 

Clever short stories, snappy in plot and reeking 
with American slang. 

France, Anatole. Little Pierre. 1920. 

J 154, 24 

Gibbs, George, The vagrant duke. 1921. 

F 13215 

The duke turns American and falls into enthrall- 
ing adventures, which are well conceived and clev- 
erly developed. The story concludes satisfactorily. 

Hudson, W. H. Dead Man's Plack, and An 
old thorn. 1920. F 14152 

The first is a powerfully told folktale of Saxon 
England a thousand years ago; the second is the 
tragedy of a young countryman who a century ago 
was hanged for stealing a sheep in fulfilment of 
an old superstition, because he had once insulted 
a thorn tree. 

Irwin, Wallace. Seed of the sun. 1921. 

F 14257 

A romantic, colorful story of the Little Japan 
of the Sacramento Valley, where a young New 
York widow, inheriting a fruit farm, goes with 
her children and sister to live. They find themselves 
caught in the yellow net and their admiration for 
the race is changed to distrust. 

Lynn, Margaret. Free soil. 1920. F 24774 

The struggle to keep Kansas free from slavery in 
the days before the Civil War is the theme of this 
story. It depicts the life of the settlers, who for 
the sake of principle, took up claims, endured hard- 
ships, established a staple government and fought 
for a just cause. 

McMichael, Charles B., ir. Short stories 
from the Spanish. 1920. F 24881 

Contents: Dario: The death of the Empress of 
China; The Veil of Queen Mab; The box. Picon: 
After the battle; The menace; Souls in contrast. 
Alas: Adios Cordera! 

Nashe, Thomas. The unfortunate traveller; 
or, The life of Jacke Wilton. 1920. 

J 7582, 1 

(The Percy reprints.) 

A novel by a prominent satirist, poet, and drama- 
tist, published in 1594. 

Oppenheim, E. Phillips. Jacob's ladder. 
1921. F 15804 

A rather fantastic story in which the characters 
do the strangest and most unexpected things, and 
the diverting intervals are the rounds of Jacob's 
ladder by which the hero reaches his goal. 

Richards, Clarice E. A tenderfoot bride; 
tales from an old ranch. 1920. F 17143 

Tie amusing adventures of an Eastern couple 
whose first home is a large ranch in Colorado where 
sheep are tended by Mexicans, and one's table 
companions are the rough cowboys of the West. 
The story L hirnply told and the human interest 
element is strong. 

Vorse, Mary Heaton. The ninth man. 1920. 

F 18807 

A story of feudal times in Italy. Egidio Maz- 
zaleone, who has just captured a town, desirous 
of novelty, decrees that at the end of the month 
"each ninth man Shall designate secretly whom he 
wishes put to death in the public place." The 
reader feels relieved when in the end the stricken 
city is redeemed. 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, first Soor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Brooks, Fred E. Roundheaded apple-tree 

borer. 1920. A 1.3 847 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 847.) 

Cives the life history and control of this tree 


Collins, C. W., and Hood, C E. Gipsy moth 
tree-banding material. 1920. A 1.3 899 
(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 899.) 
How to make, use, and supply it. 

Dearborn, Ned Maintenance of fur supply. 
1920. A 1.14/2 135 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept circular 135.) 
"Written to direct attention to the great commer- 
cial importance of fur, and to emphasize the need 
of maintaining the supply." 

Dixon, H. N., and Hawthorne, H. W. Farm 
profits. 1920. A 1.3 920 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 920.) 
Figures for a series of years from the same 
farms in Washington Co., Ohio; Clinton Co., In- 
diana; and Dane Co., Wisconsin. 

Harris, Hannah Margaret Lessons in civics 
for the six elementary grades of city 
schools. 1920. 116.3 1920-18 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin, 1920, no. 

"A good, practical beginning in instruction in 
civics on the basis of experience and induction." 

Hertz, Norman. Hides and leather in 
France. 1920. C 18.11 200 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents, ser. 200.) 

Discusses local supply and domestic production of 
leather and leather goods, foreign trade, special re- 
quirements of leather using industries, and advan- 
tageous methods to be pursued by American tan- 
ners in selling their products to the French. 

Katz, S. H., and Allison, U. C. Stenches for 
detecting leakage of blue water gas and 
natural gas. 1920. 128.7 267 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Technical paper 267.) 
Gives information regarding use of commercial 
stenches in gas as warnings in mines or other 
places, with their cost and the names of dealers. 

Moorehouse, L.- A., and Cooper, M. R. Cost 
of producing cotton. 1920. A 1.3 896 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 896.) 
Based upon estimates from 842 farms represent- 
ing 3 districts in Alabama, 3 in Georgia, 2 in South 
Carolina and 2 in Texas. 

Schlafer, G. E. 
play. 1920. 

Joy and health through 
I 16.2 P69j 

(U. S. Bureau of Education.) 

Valuable for schools and play grounds. Con- 
tains the new age-grade-weight athletic standard, 
with description of athletic events. 

Sievers, A. F. Production and utilization 
of corn oil in U. S. 1920. A 1.3 904 

(U. S. Dept of Agriculture. Bulletin 904.) 
An, jnteresting study of the by-products of the 
corn industry, especially of corn oil, with dia- 
grams and illustrations of machinery. 

Smith, Philip S. Electrical goods in Spain. 
1920. C 18.11 197 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents eer. 197.) 

A survey of markets with suggestions for selling 

American made goods. It contains list of samples 
and prices of electrical goods already in use in 

Swarth, H. S. Birds of Papago Saguaro 
National Monument and the neighboring 
region of Arizona. 1920. 1 29.6 P19b 

(U. S. National Park Service.) 
Gives interesting features of bird life in this re- 
gion. It will be of value to school children since 
it tells habits of birds, gives little stories of bird 
life, and is illustrated. 

Tolley, H. R., and Church, L. M. Exper- 
ience of Eastern farms with motor trucks. 
1920. A 1.3 910 

(U. S. Dept of Agriculture. Bulletin 910.) 
An analysis of 753 reports from farmers who 
own trucks. 

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Standarization of industrial accident sta- 
tistics. 1920. L2.3 276 

(Bulletin 276.) 

Combines _the various reports made since 1915 
through various bulletins, on statistics and com- 
pensation insurance cost, of the International Asso- 
ciation of Industrial Accident Boards and Commis- 

Bureau of Standards. Recommended 

specifications for turpentine. 1920. 

C 13.4 86 
(Circular no. 86.) 

Prepared and recommended by the U. S. Inter- 
departmental Committee on Paint Specification 
Standardization. It furnishes the reader with a 
basis of purchase and methods for testing. 

Children's Bureau. Infant mortality. 

1920. L5.5 10, 11 

(Infant mortality ser. 10, 11.) 
Results of field studies in New Bedford, Mass., 
and Akron, Ohio, based on the births in one year. 

Federal Trade Commission. Report on 

sugar supply and prices. 1920. FT 12 Su3 

This report is in response to House resolution 
no. ISO, to ascertain conditions in production and 
distribution of sugar, also supply and prices. 

Navy Department. Office of Naval Rec- 
ords and Library. German submarine ac- 
tivities on Atlantic Coast of U. S. and 
Canada. 1920. N 16.9 1 

(Monograph 1.) 

A realistic survey of U-boat warfare with vivid 

Northern barrage and other min- 
ing activities. 1920. N 16.9 2 
(Monograph 2.) 

The mining operations in the ocean warfare de- 
scribed involved, two functions, the design and 
manufacture of the mines, and the hazardous sea 
operation of building the barrage. 

Valgreen, V. N. Hail insurance on farm 
crops in U. S. 1920. A 1.3 912 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 912.) 
It treats the origin and development, territory, 
cost, characteristics, and special problems. 

Ward, Florence E., Farm woman's prob- 
lems. 1920. A 1.14/2 148 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 148.) 
A survey of farming localities in 33 states for 
the purpose of a better understanding of the prob- 
lems confronting the farmer's wife. The data were 
obtained from 10,044 farm women. 

Wessling, Hannah L. Baking in the home. 
1920. A 1.9 1136 

(Farmers' bulletin 1136.) 

Practical directions for baking bread, biscuits, 
pies and cakes, with appetizing illustrations. 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11. May, 1921 No. 5 

New Books for the Blind 

THIS list includes books for the blind which the Library has received since the 
list printed in the Book Bulletin of October, 1919. About two hundred vol- 
umes have been added since that time, and these new titles contain some very good 
literature of a comparatively recent date. Except when the word "Uncontracted" is 
added, the type includes contractions of grade \y 2 or 2. 

Books from this collection are loaned to blind residents of the State of Illinois, 
and may be called for at the Library or may be sent free through the mails to the 
nearest post office or postal station. They are shelved in the Newspaper and Pat- 
ents Room, in the main building, first floor, at the right of the Randolph Street en- 
trance, and may be obtained on any week day (not a legal holiday) between the 
hours of 9 a. m. and 5 :30 p. m. 

Information for Borrowers of Books for the Blind. 

1. When ordering books, borrowers should send a list of at least six numbers or 
titles in order ovf preference, and when the book number is not used should indicate the 
type desired. 

2. Whenever possible each book should be returned as soon as read. 

3. Books may be kept one month, and then renewed for one more. 

4. Books sent by mail must be well projected by several thicknesses of newspaper 
and a strong outer wrapper, and must be wrapped so as to be examined easily. On the 
upper left corner of wrapper place the name of the sender, and on the upper right corner 
write: "Free. Reading matter for the blind." A package weighing more than 4 pounds 
should contain only one volume. 

5. The Library must be notified if packages are not received in good condition. 

6. The telephone number of the Library is Central 5822. 

7. Letters about books for the blind should be addressed to: Chicago Public Li- 
brary, Chicago, 111. 




Aldrich, Mildred. A hill-top on the Marne. 

1918. 4v. AB-940.9, AL2h 

Arnold, Edwin. The light of Asia; or, The 
great renunciation. 1914. 3v. 

AB-821, Ar64L 

Belding, Albert G. Commercial correspond- 
ence. 1913. 4v. AB-658, B41 

Blaisdell, J. W. Exercises in typewriting. 

1919. AB-652, B57e 

Caesar, Julius. The commentaries of Caesar, 
ed. by Anthony Trollope. 1915. 4v. 

AB-878, Cll 

Cox, George W. The crusades. Sv. 1915. 

AB-940, C83c 

Dawson, Coningsby.. The glory of the 
trenches. 1919. 3v. AB-940.9, D32g 

Grenfell, Wilfred T. Adrift on an ice-pan. 
1909. AB-919.8, G86 

Hanngren, Anna S. Directions for draft- 
ing patterns for the use of the blind. 1912. 

AB-646, H19 

Kreisler, Fritz. Four weeks in the trenches. 
1917. AB-940.9, K87 

Meredith, Owen, pseud. Lucile. 1910. 6v. 

AB-821, M54 

Morlae, Edward. A soldier of the Legion. 

1917. 2v. AB-940.9, M82 

Pinchot, Gifford. The primer of forestry. 
1911. 2v. AB-634,P65 

Richards, Ellen H., and Elliott, Maria. The 
chemistry of cooking and cleaning. 1913. 
2v. AB-640, R38 

Ritchie, John W. Primer of sanitation; 
being a simple work on disease germs 
and how to fight them. 1911. 5v. 

AB-614, R51 

Scott, W. Marmion. 1911. 4v. 

AB-821, ScoSm 

Seton, E. T. The trail of the sand hill 
stag. 1915. AB-599, Se7t 


Sherwood, Margaret. The worn doorstep. 

1918. 3v. AB-940.9, Sh58 


Antin, Mary. The promised land. 1914. 
8v. AB-B, An87p 

Howe, S. G. Dr. Howe, by John Jay 
Chapman. 1911. AB-B, H83c 


Washington, George. The seven ages of 
Washington, by Owen Wister. 1910. 3v. 

AB-B, W27ls 


Allen, J. L. The Kentucky warbler. 1919. 
2v. AB-A15ke 

Andrews, M. R. S. Old glory. 1917. 2v. 


Deland, Margaret. Good for the soul. 1909. 


From Old Chester tales. 

The promises of Dorothea. 1909. 


From Old Chester tales. 

Doyle, Conan. The adventure of the 
speckled band. 1911. AB-D77ad 

From Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 

The Boscomb valley mystery. 1909. 


From Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 

The man with the twisted lip. 1909. 


From Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 
The naval treaty. 1909. AB-D77n 
The resident patient. 1909. AB-D77re 

From Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. 

Hale, Edward E. In His name; a story of 
the Waldcnsees, seven hundred years ago. 
1911. 4v. AB-H13i 

Hawthorne, N. The house with the seven 
gables. 1912. 8v. AB-H31h 

Henry, O., pseud. The ransom of Red 
Chief, and other stories. 1912. AB-P83ra 


Contents: The ransom of Red Chief. The last 
leaf. The count and the wedding guest. A mid- 
summer night's dream. 

Kipling, Rudyard. "Captains courageous;" 
a story of the Grand Banks. 1909. 4v. 


Phelps, Elizabeth J. Jonathan and David. 
1910. AB-P51J 

Poe, Edgar A. The gold bug. 1910. 


Schayer, Ernest Richard. The good loser. 
1917. AB-Schlg 


Smith, Arthur C. The turquoise cup. 1916. 



Tarkington, Booth. 

Monsieur Beaucaire. 

Twain, Mark, pseud. The man that cor- 
rupted Hadleyburg. 1911. AB-T91m 

Wiggin, Kate D. Mother Carey's chickens. 
1912. 5v. AB-W63m 

Young People's Books 

Eggleston, Edward. Hoosicr school boy. 
1918. 4v. AB-yEg36 




Pyle, Howard. Men of iron. 1914. Sv. 


Spyri, J. Moni, the goat boy. 1909 


Zollinger, Gulielma. The widow O'Callag- 
han's boys. 1916. 4v. AB-yZ75 




Committee on Uniform Type. Key to Re- 
vised Braille, for reading and writing. 

1919. RB-428, C73 

Aesop. Aesop's fables. 1918. RB-888,Ae8c 

Extracts from Caxton's Aesop and James' Aesop 
with French vocabulary after each fable. 

Alcyone, pseud, of J. Krishnamurti. At the 
feet of the Master. 1918. RB-212, K89a 

Besant, A. Popular lectures on theosophy 
delivered at Adyar, India, in February and 
March, 1910. 1919. 3v. RB-212, B46p 

v. 1. I. What is theosophy? II. Ladder of lives. 

2. III. Reincarnation; its necessity. IV. Rein- 
carnation; its answers to life's problems. 

3. V. The law of action and reaction. VI. 
Man's life in the three worlds. 

Blavatsky, Mme. H. P. The key to theoso- 
phy. 1921. 6v. RB-212, B61 

The voice of silence, and other chosen 

fragments from the Book of the golden 
precepts. 1921. RB-212, B61v 

Bossart, A., and Beljiame, Al. French 
words classified according to their mean- 
ing. 1918. 3v. RB-443, B65 


Brooks, Charles S. 

1920. 2v. 

Chimney-pot papers. 
RB-814, B79c 

Bucholz, C. H. A manual of therapeutic 
exercise and massage. 1920. 2v. 

RB-615, B85 

Chancellor, William E. History and gov- 
ernment of the United States. 1920. 2v. 

RB-973, C36 

Crane, Frank. If you are up against it go 
around! 1919. RB-170, C85 

Cushing, Luther S. Manual of parliamen- 
tary practice. 1920. 2v. RB-328, C95 

Driggs, Howard R. Live language lessons. 
Bk. 1, v.1-2. 1919. 2v. RB-428, D83 

Drinkwater, John. Abraham Lincoln, a 
play; with an introduction by Arnold 
Bennett. 1920. RB-822, D83 

Fabre, J. H. La cigale (extraits), Souvenirs 
entomologiques; etudes sur 1'instinct et 
les moeurs des insects. 2v. 1919. 

RB-595, Flic 

Le scorpion; extraits des Souvenirs 

entomologiques. 1918. RB-595, Flls 

Francis, of Assisi, St. The canticle of 
the sun. 1920. RB-245, F84 


GrahamrJ. C. Brooding and rearing chicks. 

1919. RB-636, G76 

Knight, W. A. The song of our Syrian 
guest. 1920. RB-244, K74s 

Story of the 23d Psalm. 

Leadbeater, C. W. Invisible helpers. 1919. 
2v. RB-212, L46i 

Lewis, Harry R. Poultry keeping. 1919. 
4v. RB-636, L58 


Macafee, Nellie E. Massage; an elementary 
textbook for nurses. 1919. RB-615, Mil 


Marchand, Charles M. Modern French 
grammar and conversation. 1918. 6v. 

RB-445, M43m 

Mitchell, John R. Principles, methods and 
therapeutics of massage. 1919. 

RB-615, M69 

Palmer, Margaret D. Lessons an massage; 
including. Swedish remedial gymnastics 
and bandaging. 1919. 3v. RB-615, P18 

Rogers, L. W. Beyond the border. 1920. 

RB-212, R63b 

The death penalty, a lingering barbar- 
ism. 1920. RB-212, R63d 

Karma, nature's law of justice; a lec- 
ture on the law of cause and effect as 
operated in some of the affairs of life. 

1920. RB-212, R63K 

The life sublime; a lecture on the ap- 
plication of the higher principles to the 
conduct of daily life. 1919. RB-212, R63L 

The logic of reincarnation; a lecture. 

1920. RB-212, R63Lo 

Occultism as a factor in civilization. 

1920. RB-212, R63o 

The purpose of life. 1920. RB-212, R63p 

Scientific evidence of future life. 1920. 

RB-212, R63sc 

Soul powers and possibilities; a lecture 

on some of the methods of nature in 
evolving latent powers and faculties in 
the human being. 1919. RB-212, R63s 

"Searchlight", pseud. Lessoms from Jut- 
land. 1919. RB-354, S17 

Lessons to be learned from the battle of Jutland 
as to the efficiency of the English navy. 

Spicer, W. A. Hand that intervenes. 1919. 
Sv. RB-240, Sp4 

United States. Constitution. Constitution of 
the U. S., and Declaration of Independ- 
ence. 1920. RB-342, Un3 



Wade, Mrs. Mary L. The book of potato 
cookery; more than one hundred recipes. 
1920. RB-641.W11 

Wentworth, G. A., and Smith, D. E. Es- 
sentials of arithmetic; primary book. 
1919. 2v. RB-511,W48 


Vol. 1, uncontracled. 

Wilson, Woodrow. Three addresses. 1919. 

RB-353, W69 

Contents: The conditions of peace. At Wash- 
ington's tcmb. The extension cf suffrage to women. 

Young, Samuel Hall. Adventures in Alas- 
ka. 1920. RB-917, Yo8a 

Zitkala-Sa. Old Indian legends. 1919. 

RB-398, Z69 

North American. 


Andrews, M. R. S. A good Samaritan. 
1919. RB-An3g 

The perfect tribute. 1919. RB-An3p 

Story of Lincoln's Gettysburg speech. 

Bacheller, Irving. A man for ; the ages; a 
story of the building of democracy, v. 1-2. 
1921. 2v. RB-B12m 

A story of the youth and early manhood of 

Bangs, John Kendrick. A little book of 
Christmas. 1919. RB-B22 


Contents: The conversion of Hetherington. 

The child who had everything but . Santa 

Claus and Little Billee. The house of the seven 

Butler, Ellis Parker. Pigs is pigs. 1919. 


Chapman, Joseph. Uncle Jed, caddie 
master. 1919. RB-C36 


Cobb, Irvin S. Speaking of operations. 
1919. RB-C63 

Connolly, James B. The trawler, and The 
commandeering of the Lucy Foster. 1918. 



Conwell, Russell H. Acres of diamonds. 
1919. RB-C76 

Cutting, Mary Stewart. The blossoming 
rod. 1920. RB-C98b 

From her Refractory husbands. 

Derieux, Samuel A. The crisis in room 25; 
the story of a small boy and his dog. 
1919. RB-D44C 

Doyle, Conan. The naval treaty. 1919. 


From Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. 

Ferber, Edna. That's marriage, and The 
frog and the puddle. 1919. RB-F37t 

Glass, Montague. Object: matrimony. 1919. 


Hall Eliza Calvert. The gardens of mem- 
ory, taken from Aunt Jane of Kentucky. 
1919. RB-Ob2 

Harte, Bret. How Santa Claus came to 
Simpson's bar. 1919. RB-H25h 

In his Mrs. Skaggs's husbands, and Tales of the 

Luck of Roaring Camp. 1919. 


The outcasts of Poker Flat. 1919 


In his Luck of Roaring Camp. 

Tennessee's partner. 1920 RB-H2St 
Henry, O., pseud. Madame Bo-Peep of the 
ranches. 1910. RB-P83m 

From his Four million. 

Contents: Madam Bo-Peep of the ranches. 
Them pants, by A. G. Staples. Tit-bits (a page of 

Memoirs of a yellow dog. 1920. 


From his The ransom of Red Chief. 

The romance of a busy broker. 1920. 


Seven selected stories. 1920. 


Contents: A service of love. The skylight room. 
The green door. Lost on dress parade. By 
courier. The love pliltre of Iky Schoenstein. 
Proof of the pudding. 

Shoes and The moment of victory. 1919. 


Hines, Jack. The blue streak, and A one- 
man dog. 1919. RB-H58 

Kipling, R. Two plain tales from the hills. 
1919. RB-K621 


Contents: Beyond' the pale (With French vocab- 
ulary). A friend's friend. 

Lait, Jack. Lars, the useless, was a nuis- 
ance, and It wasn't honest, but it was 
sweet; from Beef, iron and wine. 1920. 



Leacock, Stephen. The anecdotes of Dr. 
So-&-So. 1919. RB-L46a 


Soaked in seaweed; or, Upset in the 

ocean. 1919. RB-L46s 

Contents: Soaked in seaweed; or, Upset in the 
ocean, by S. Leacock. Zenobia's infidelity, by H. 
C. Bunner. Captain Tristram's shipbuilding, by R. 
Wade. Pigs is pigs, by E. Butler. 

Weejee, the pet dog; an idyll of the 

summer. 1919. RB-L46w 


Leupp, Francis E. A day with father. 
1919. RB-L57 



London, Tack. Love of life. 1919. 


Montague, Margaret Prescott. The gift; 
fro.n the Atlantic Monthly, March, 1919. 
1920. RB-M76g 

Morley, Christopher. The haunted book- 
shop. 1920. 3v. RB-M82 

Page, T. N. The burial of the guns. 1919. 


Psple, Edward. A night out. 1919. RB-P39 


Poe, Edgar A. A descent into the mael- 
strom. The purloined letter, and The 
masque of the red death. 1920. RB-P75d 

Prouty, Olive Higgins. Good sports. 1919. 


Richmond, Grace S. Red Pepper Burns. 
1920. 2v. RB-R41 

Rinehart, Mary Roberts. Love stories. 
1920. 3v. RB-R47 

Snaith, John Collis. . The time spirit; a 
romantic tale. Boston, 1920. 3v. 


Staples, A. G. Them pants. 1910. 


In O. Henry's Madame Bo-Peep oi the ranches; 



copied from Just tales on common themes, 

Stockton, Frank R. A borrowed month; 

from The Christmas wreck, and other 

stories. 1918. RB-St6b 

A tale of negative gravity; from The 

Christmas wreck, and other stories. 1918. 



Tarbell, Ida M. He knew Lincoln. 1920. 



Twain, Mark, pseud. The $30,000 bequest, 
and The Danger of lying in bed. 1919. 


Webster, Jean. Dear enemy. 1920. 6v. 



Sequel to Daddy-long-legs, 1913. NP-W39d. 

Wharton, Edith. The debt. 1920. RB-W55 
From Tales of men and ghosts. 

Wright, Harold Bell. The re-creation of 
Brian Kent. 1920. 3v. RB-W93r 

Young People's Books 

Andrews, Jane. The seven little sisters who 
live on the round ball that floats in the 
air. 1920. RB-yAn3s 

Baldwin, J. Fairy stories and fables. 1919. 
2v. RB-y398, B19 


Fifty famous stories. 1919. 2v. 


Thirty more famous stories. 1919. 2v. 


Browne, Frances. The wonderful chair and 
the tales it told. 1919. RB-yB81w 

Contents: Sunflower's journey. Christmas cuckoo. 
Lady Greensleeves. The greedy shepherd. 

Carpenter, Frank G. Around the world 
with the children; an introduction to 
geography. 1919. RB-y910, C22 

Dix, Beulah Marie. Soldier Rigdale. 1918. 
6v. RB-yD64 


Eggleston, Edward. Stories of American 
life and adventures. 1920. 2v. 


Stories of great Americans for little 
Americans. 1919. RB-y920, Eg37 


Guerber, H. A. Story of the Greeks. 1919. 
2v. RB-y938, G93 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Tanglewood tales. 

1919. RB-y292, H31t 

Holland, Rupert S. Historic adventures. 

1920. 3v. RB-y973, H71 

Kilbourne, C. E. Baby elephant and the 
zoo man: 1919. RB-yK55be 


Baby kangaroo and lily lamb. 1919. 



Baby lion and the bump-head animal. 

1919. RB-yk55 


Baby monkey and the wily wolf. 1919. 



Baby ostrich and Mr. Wise Owl. 1919. 



Lindsay, Maud. Mother stories. 1918. 2v. 



Lovejoy, Mary I., comp. Selections from 
Nature in verse; a poetry reader for chil- 
dren. 1919. 4v. RB-y821,L94 


v. 1. Spring. ^ 

2. Summer. 

3. Autumn. 

4. Winter. 



Mulock, Dinah. The little lame prince. 
1919. RB-yM9lL 

Ouida, pseud. A dog of Flanders. 1919. 


Ruskin, John. King of the Golden River, 
or, The black brothers; a legend of 
Styria. 1919. RB-yR89 

Spaulding, F. E., and Bryce, C. T. The 
fairy wand, from the Aldine readers, 
book 3. 1920. RB-yS28 



Baden-Powell, Sir R. My adventures as a 
spy. 1918. 2v. M-355, B14 

Bible (Parts). 1 Peter. Chaps. 1, 2. 

M-227.92, B47p 

Declaration of Independence, Constitution 
of, the United States, Washington's fare- 
well address, Monroe doctrine, Lincoln's 
Gettysburg speech, The national flag. 

1916. M-342, D35 

Dugmore, A. R. Romance of the beaver; 
abridged; being the history of the beaver 
in the western hemisphere. 1917. 2v. 

M-599, D87 

Empey, Guy. From the fire-step; the ex- 
periences' of an American soldier in the 
British army. 5v. 1918. M-940.9, Em72f 

Instructions for making string bags on cir- 
cular knitting frames. 1917. 

M-746, In7 

Lloyd, Gladys. An Englishwoman's ad- 
ventures in the German lines. 1917. 2v. 

M-940.9, L77e 

Miller, J. R. The human touch. 1917 

M-170, M61h 


The secret of gladness. 1917. 

M-170, M61s 

O'Brien, Pat. Outwitting the Hun. 1918. 
4v. M-940.9, Ob6 

Siddall, A. Shoemaking for the blind. 

1917. M-685, Sil3 



Francis, of Assisi, St. Francis of Assisi, by 
James Adderley. 1918. 3v. M-B, F84a 

Hawkes, Clarence. Hitting the dark trail. 
1916. 2v. M-B, H31 

Lincoln, Abraham. Lincoln's love story, by 
Eleanor Atkinson. 1909. 2v. M-B, L63a 

Roberts, Lord. Lord Roberts; a biography, 
by V. B. Hunt. 1917. 6v. M-B, R54h 

Young People's Books 

Alden, R. M. Why the chimes rang. 1909. 


Christmas story. 

Bullen, F. T. Log of a sea waif. 1919. 7v. 


London, Jack. Tales of the fish patrol. 
1919. 2v. M-yL84t 

Contents: White and yellow. The king of the 
Greeks. A raid on the oyster pirates. Charley's 
coup. Yellow handkerchief. 


Andrews, M. R. S. The bishop's silence. 

1916. M-An3b 

From The militants. 

Crowned with honor and glory. 1916. 


From The militants. 

The diamond brooches. 1916. M-An3d 

From The militants. 

A messenger. 1916. M-An3m 

From The militants. 

Through the ivory gate. 1916. M-An3t 

From The militants. 

Bell, J. J. The whalers. 1917. 3v. M-B41w 

Buckrose, J. E., pseud. Tale of Mr. Tubbs. 
1919. 4v. M-B851 

Davis, R. H. In the fog. 1919. 2v. M-D29i 

Dell, E. M. Way of an eagle. 1918. 7v. 


Dickens, Charles. Dr. Marigold's prescrip- 
tions. 1918. 8v. M-D55dr 

Doyle, Conan. Adventures of Sherlock 
Holmes. 1918. 6v. M-D77a 

Contents: The adventures of a scandal in Bo- 
hemia. The adventure of a case of identity. Ad- 
venture of the five orange pips. Adventure of the 
blue carbuncle. Adventure of the speckled band. 
The adventure of the engineer's thumb. The ad- 
venture of the noble bachelor. The adventure of 
the beryl coronet. The adventure of the copper 

Hope, Anthony, pseud. Prisoner of Zenda. 

1917. 4v. M-H77p 

Lyall, Edna, pseud. The autobiography of 
a slander. 1909. 2v. M-L98a 


Mitford, Mary Russell. Selected stories 
from Our village. 1915. 3v. M-M69 

Contents: Hannah Bint. Cousin Mary. Ellen. 
A village beau. Caroline Cleveland. The vicar's 
maid. The old gipsy. Little Rachel. The young 
gipsy. Grace Neville. Olive Hathaway. 



Roberts, Morley. The madonna of the 
Beechwoods, and other stories. 1919. 2v. 


Contents: Madonna of the Beechwoods. The ace 
of hearts. The man who lost his likeness. 

Stacpoole, H. 

the Foreign 

deV. Corporal Jacques of 
Legion. 1917. 2v. 


Stevenson, R. L. Kidnapped. 

1917. Sv. 

Taffrail, pseud, of Taprell Darling. Stand 
by; naval sketches and stories. 1917. 2v. 


Contents: The acting sub. Our happy home. 
Bloodless surgery. Bunting. The lost sheep. The 

'naval menagerie. The pirates. A minor affair. 
The fog. The traitors. Potvin of the Puffin. 

Vaux, Patrick. Sea patrols. 1917. 

Weyman, S. J. 



Under the red robe. 1917. 

Wood, Mrs. 

Henry. East 

Yonge, Charlotte M. 
eagle's nest. 1919. 


Lynne. 1918. 


in the 


Bible (Parts). The Psalms. 

NP-223.2, B47 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 



Arizona. University. Library. Mexican 
writers; a catalogue of books in the Uni- 
versity of Arizona library, with synopses 
and biographical notes. 1920. *O 866, 5 
(Library bibliography.) 

Conrad, Joseph. WISE, THOMAS J. A bib- 
liography of the writings of Joseph Con- 
rad (1895-1920). 1920. *O 868 

Keats, John. Catalogue of a loan exhibi- 
tion commemorating the anniversary of 
the death of John Keats, (1821-1921), 
held at the Public Library of the city of 
Boston, February 21 to March 14, 1921. 

*O 1084 

Library Science, Bookplates 

Bostwick, Arthur E. Library essays; papers 
related to the work of public libraries. 
1920. J 7282 

The second of two volumes of live, forward look- 
ing addresses and papers written without any 
formidable seriousness, but ->vith a pleasant talka- 
tive ease which attracts the beginner to the possi- 
bilities of the work. Booklist. 

Brangwyn, Frank. Bookplates. 1920. 

*P 3791 

Reproductions with a foreword by Eden Phill- 
potts and a technical note by E. Hesketh Uubbard. 


Carr, H. Wildon. The philosophy of Bene- 
detto Croce; the problem of art and his- 
tory. 1917. L 14699 

Tt offers a refreshing approach to some of the 
oldest philosophical problems and enchantingly 
makes philosophy seem a very realistic and vital 

concern. It relates itself to the everyday fact and 
problem more convincingly even than the prag- 
matism of William James or the gospel of the 
utilitarians. New York Times. 

Marcus Aurelius. Sonnets from Marcus 
Aurelius by James Vila Blake. 1920. 


The Greek and prose rendering are placed to- 
gether, and the sonnet opposite them. 

Sorley, W. R. 
ophy. 1920. 

A history of English philos- 
L 14722 

There can be no two opinions about the compe- 
tence and scholarship of Professor Sorley's treat- 
ment, and the style, if serviceable rather than bril- 
liant, is always lucid and direct. . . This is the 
best history of English philosophy which has yet 
been produced. New Republic. 


Drummond, Margaret. Five years old or 
thereabouts; some chapters on the psy- 
chology and training of little children. 
1920. L 13684 

Freud, Sigmund. Dream psychology; psy- 
choanalysis for beginners. 1920. L 13646 

Haviland, Mary S. 
childhood. 1921. 

Character training in 
L 14303 

An especially valuable book for mothers, as it 
covers the whole field physical, mental and moral 
in a sane and attractive way. It is conservative 
in its standards but scientific and progressive in its 
methods, making very clear the psychological basis 
for any suggested course. 

Martin, Everett Dean. The behavior of 
crowds; a psychological study. 1920. 

L 13944 

The author holds that "as a practical problem, 
the habit of crowd making is daily becoming a r.'ore 
serious menace to civilization. Events are making 
it more and more clear that pressing _as are cer- 
tain economic, ouestinns, the forces which threaten 
society are really psychological." (Foreword). 




Chevreuil, L. Proofs of the spirit world 
(On ne meurt pas). 1920. L 13543 

A discussion of spiritism and reincarnation bring- 
' ing forward and evaluating by the scientific method 
the evidence of many inquirers. 

Crockett, Albert S. Revelations of Louise. 
1920. L 13518 

The records of spiritualistic communications 
from a departed daughter to her parents through 
non-professional means. 

The unseen doctor, formerly published in 
England as One thing I know; or, The 
power of the unseen. Authorized ed., 
with preface by J. Arthur Hill. 1920. 

L 13519 

<The psychic series.) 

There is nothing fantastic in the story, and it is 
told with such convincing truth that the reader 
seems to have no clioice save to accept it on its 
face value. Springfield Republican. 


Kent, Charles Foster, and Jenks, Jeremiah 
Whipple. Jesus' principles of living. 1920. 


(The Bible's message to modern lit 1 ;.) 
The two distinguished university professors, one 
in Biblical study and the other in political .science, 
have worked together to expound the teachings of 
Jesus to our modern world. Boston Transcript. 

Mills, Philo Laos. Prehistoric religon; a 
study in pre-Christian antiquity. M 9612 

"An examination of the religious beliefs of the 
Oceanic, Central African, and Amazonian primi- 
tives, their development among the later Indo- 
Asiatic and Totemic peoples, their interpretation 
by the western-Asiatic and Caucasion races of Neo- 
lithic culture, and __ their possible connexion with the 
earliest religion of mankind." 

Pratt, James Bissett. The religious con- 
sciousness; a psychological study. 1920. 


A scientific study of the religious consciousness 
oi today, including also a consideration of the prob- 
lems of comparative religion and rive chapters en 
the phenomena of mysticism. 

The Church 

Duncan-Jones, A. S. Church music. 1920. 


(Handbooks of Catholic faith and practice.) 

Horae eboracenses; the prymer, or hours 
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to 
the use of the illustrious Church of York, 
with other devotions as they were used 
by the lay-folk in the northern province, 
in the XVth and XVIth centuries. 1920. 

*A1065, 132 
(The publications of the Surtees Society.) 

Smyth, Newman, and Walker, Williston, ed. 
Approaches towards church unity. 1919. 


Contents: Walker: The early development of 
church officers. Smyth: Vital principles of church 
development; Concerning schism. Caikins: The his- 
torical method of approach; The place of the creed 
in the life of the church. (3rent: Concerning unity. 
Smyth: Some historical materials for present 
uses; Historical precedents and opinions. 

Stowell, Jay S. Story-worship programs 
for the church school year. 1920. M 8256 

Christian Science 

Snowden, James H. The truth about 
Christian Science, the founder and the 
faith. 1920. L 15103 

The conscientious attempt of a professor of sys- 
tematic theology to present an analytical summary 
of the history of the movement and the doctrines 
of the cult. 


Carver, Thomas Nixon. Elementary eco- 
nomics. 1920. L 16698 
It is the purpose of this book to examine the 
economic foundations of our national welfare and 
to point out some of the simpler and more direct 
methods of strengthening these foundations. Intro- 

Dunn, Arthur. The new world; a story of 
labor unrest it's cause and cure. 1919. 

L 16699 

Fackler, Edward B. Notes on life insur- 
ance practically explained. 1920. L 19272 
"An elementary treatise .-m the principles fr</vtin- 
ing life insurance and their technical application, 
designed especially for the use of colleges, students 
and all persons interested in the subject." 

Hobson, J. A. The morals of economic in- 
ternationalism. 1920. L 16700 

The author postulates that there is absolutely 
no case for an international morality lower than 
industrial morality. . . Mr. Hobson's final plea 
is that America should interpose her wealth and 
power to stop the awful march to starvation and 
anarchy of the European populations. Nation. 

Lynch, Frank E. The pathfinder of the 
great western empire. 1920. L 17495 

"Devoted to the purpose of assisting the public in 
finding useful government land for farms, timber, 
grazing and minerals; describes vacant land in 
California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, 
Utah, Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico." 

Moulton, Harold G. The financial organi- 
zation of society. 1921. L 17301 

(Materials for the study of business.) 

Markets, Public Utilities 
Anderson, William. The work of public 
service commissions, with special refer- 
ence to the New York commissions. 1913. 

L 20001, 1 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Duncan, C. S. Marketing, its problems and 
methods. 1920. L 17865 

Gesell, Gerhard A. Minnesota public utility 
rates, gas electric water. 1914. 

L 20001,3 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Merritt, Albert N. War time control of 
distribution of foods; a short history of 
the distribution division of the United 
States Food Administration, its personnel 
and achievements. 1920. L 17868 



Political Science 

Depew, Chauncey M. Speeches and literary 
contributions at fourscore and four. 1918. 

L 15484 

Fenwick, Charles G. Political systems in 
transition; war-time and after. 1920. 

L 15758 

(The Century new world series.) 

An excellent account of the shake-up in govern- 
ments produced by the war, full of material which 
must be included in any adequate history. Boston 

Macdonald, J. Ramsay. 
Labour party. 1920. 

A policy for the 
L 16557 

(The new era series.) 

The bulk of the book deals with the vexed ques- 
tion of how far labor is fitted to undertake the 
responsibilities of government. New Republic. 

Merriam, Charles Edward. American polit- 
ical ideas; studies in the development 
of American political thought 1865-1917. 
1920. L 15794 

Continuation of History of American political 
theories, L6932. 

A systematic examination of liberalism under a 
democratic guise, seeking to understand and con- 
trol the steady drift toward industrial centraliza- 
tion. Nation. 

Villiers, Brougham, pseud, of F. J. Shaw, 
and Chesson, W. H. Anglo-American re- 
lations, 1861-1865. 1920. L 16344 


Blakemore, Arthur W. Make your will; a 
guide to the drafting of a valid will under 
the laws of any state. 1920. N 5411 

Intended to enable the layman to give expression 
to his wishes in a legally accredited way. 

Clute, William K. The law of modern mu- 
nicipal charters, and the organization of 
cities on commission, city-manager and 
federal plans. 1920. 2v. " *R 723 

"A commentary on the home-rule laws of Ari- 
zona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, 
Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and 
Washington, including as models the complete 
charters of Dayton, Des Moines, Galveston, Grand 
Rapids, Houston and St. Louis." 


Beard, Frederica. Pictures in religious ed- 
ucation. 1920. L 19902 

A practical little manual prepared especially for 
Sunday-School teachers, but suggestive also for 
other groups. Booklist. 

Cubberley, Ellwood P., comp. Readings in 
the history of education; a collection of 
sources and readings to illustrate the 
development of educational practice, 
theory, and organization. 1920. L 19453 

(Riverside textbooks in education.) 

The readings which this volume reproduces are 
gathered together and made to run parallel with, 
and to supplement, the author's History of edu- 
cation, L19449. 

Harvard University. Tenth report of the 
class of 1870 of Harvard College, 1920; 
fiftieth anniversary. 1920. L 20006 

Meiklejohn, Alexander. The liberal college. 
1920. L 19951 

(The Amherst books.) 

Only less admirable than his assertion of academic 
freedom is the author's plea for a liberal as against 
a technical education. . . Whether or not t!he 
suggestions are specific improvements, the present 
volume makes one deeply grateful that there is, in 
a position of authority, a man so fully convinced 
that learning is a noble thing. Nation. 

Pittenger, Benjamin Floyd. Rural teachers' 
training departments in Minnesota high 
schools. 1914. L 20001, 2 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Social Welfare 

Hart, Joseph Kinmont. Community organi- 
zation. 1920. L 15307 

(The social welfare library.) 

A discussion of the theory and significance of 
community, including chapters on community delib- 
eration, the problem of leadership, and the desir- 
ability of a human program. 

Hoyt, Franklin Chase. Quicksands of 
youth. 1921. L, 18929 

A number of incidents in narrative form, by 
Judge Hoyt of tlhe Children's Court of New York 
city, from the records of his court. They betray 
a deep sympathy with children and a genial humor 
and, the Survey thinks, have an O. Henry flavor. 

Warber, Gustav P. Social and economic 
survey of a community in northeastern 
Minnesota. 1915. L 20001, 5 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Weld, Louis Dwight Harvell. Social and 
economic survey of a community in the 
Red River Valley. 1915. L 20001, 4 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Liquor Problem 

176 nos. in 6v. 
L 14522 

United States Brewers' Association. Anti- 
prohibition pamphlets. 1884-1894. 23 
nos. in 3v. L 14523 


Young Women's Christian Associations. 

Bureau of Pageantry and the Drama. Na- 
tional 1 costumes of the Slavic peoples; 
drawings by Margaret Hubbard, descrip- 
tive notes and color plate by Esther 
Peck. 1920. L 20876 


Brylinska, A., and Smith, P. Russian fairy 
tales; an accented Russian reader, with 
notes and vocabulary. 1919. J 4216 

Russian text. 

Ancient and modernized tales in prose and poetry 
selected so as to provide a variety of idiomatic 
Russian prose as well as to familiarize the student 
with the folklore of the country. 

Champions of Fair Play. 

documents. 1885-1915. 



Pike, Joseph B. Bulletin for Latin teach- 
ers. 1915. L 20001, 6 
(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Schlenker, Carl. Bulletin for teachers of 

German. 1916. L 20001, 8 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

Sturtevant, E. H. The pronunciation of 
Greek and Latin, the sounds and accents. 
1920. J 3582 

Subotic, Dragutin. Engleska gramatika. 

1920. J 4432 


Butler, G. Montague. Handbook of min- 
eralogy, blowpipe analysis and geometri- 
cal crystallography. 1918. K 9563 

Getman, Frederick H. Outlines of theo- 
retical chemistry. 1918. K 19819 

McCabe, Joseph. The A B C of evolution. 

1921. K 20986 

Macleod, Annie Louise. Text book of 
chemistry for nurses and students of home 
economics. 1920. . K19845 

Mills, Enos A. Waiting in the wilderness. 
1921. K 20698 

Mr. Mills is caught this time chasing bears about 
the Continental Divide and digging for fossils in 
mountain sides of volcanic ashes. He dwells briefly 
on the habits of beavers, explodes the superstition 
of ground-hog day, and tells of a twig and bark 
eating horse that lived before grass developed. 

Sampson, R. A. Theory of the four great 
satellites of Jupiter. 1921. *V418,63 

(Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society.) 

Thomson, J. Arthur. The system of ani- 
mate nature. 1920. 2v. M4742, 1915-16 

The Gifford lectures. 

If these Gifford lectures had no other value they 
would be welcome for their simple and compre- 
hensive statement of the present phase of the Dar- 
winian theory. The Times (London). 

Medicine, Hygiene 

Gallichan, Walter M. A textbook of sex 
education for parents and teachers. 1921. 


Goizet, L. H. Never grow old; how to live 
for more than one hundred years. 1920. 


Dr. Goizet claims to have discovered a method 
of conserving youth in the human body and mind 
based on the theory that perfect health requires 
absolute "rectitude of form." He began to practice 
upon himself 13 years ago when he was 68 and he 
insists that 'he has grown no older in that time. 

Holt, L. Emmett, and Rowland, John. The 
diseases of infancy and childhood, for the 
use of students and practitioners of medi- 
cine. 1920. N 2113 

Huber, John B. Why die so young? 1921. 


Young Men's Christian Association. Physi- 
cal education in the Young Men's As- 
sociations of North America. 1920. 


The present volume is a revision of the Y. M. C. 
A. textbook written at the Lakehurst conference, 
under the title Physical training. 

Electric Motors 

Braymer, Daniel H. Armature winding and 
motor repair. 1920. K 22802 

"Practical information and data covering winding 
and reconnecting procedure for direct and alter- 
nating current machines, compiled for electrical men 
responsible for the operation and repair of motors 
and generators in industrial plants and for repair- 
men and armature winders in electrical repair 

Burgess, Yorke, comp. Burgess blue book; 
electrical formulas and electrical draw- 
ings; problems and calculations. 1918. 

K 22803 

Gandy, Theodore S., and Schacht, Elmer C. 
Direct-current motor and generator trou- 
bles; operation and repair. 1920. 

K 22805 


Washburn, F. L. The rabbit book; a prac- 
tical manual on the care of Belgian hares, 
Flemish giants, and other meat and fur 
producing rabbits. 1920. K 24478 

Commerce, Business 

Collins, James H. Straight business in 
South America. 1920. L 20155 

A very readable and eminently practical volume 
designed to guide the man who contemplates activ- 
ity in the South American field. New York Times. 

Finney, Harry Anson. Introduction to ac- 
tuarial science. 1920. L 20496 

Leigh, Ruth. The human side of retail 
selling; a textbook for salespeople in re- 
tail stores and students of retail sales- 
manship and store organization. 1921. 

L 20290 

A very readable helpful guide to the ambitious 
young woman already in the work. Booklist. 

Morrison, A. J. East by West, essays in 
transportation; a commentary on the polit- 
ical 'framework within which the East 
India trade has been carried on from 
early times, starting with Babylon and 
ending very near Babylon. 1920. 

L 20156 

Scott, Walter Dill. The psychology of ad- 
vertising in theory and practice; a simple 
exposition of the principles of psychology 
in their relation to successful advertising. 
1921. L 20689 

Combination of The psychology of advertising, 
L8266, and Theory and practice of advertising, 



Manufacture, Trades 

Harvey, Arthur. .Practical leather chem- 
istry; a handbook of laboratory notes and 
methods for the use of students and 
works' chemists. 1920. K25780 

Keir, Makolm. Manufacturing industries in 
America; fundamental economic factors. 
1920. K 25673 


Clark, Arthur Bridgman. Art principles in 
house, furniture, and village building; an 
exposition of designing principles which 
every house builder, furniture user, and 
village dweller should know. 1921. 

K 27708 

Dieren, Bernard van. Epstein; illustrated 
with fifty reproductions in collotype of 
the sculptor's work. 1920. *P3102 

Dodgspn, Campbell, comp. A catalogue of 
etchings by Augustus John, 1901-1914. 
1920. *P4235 

Evans, Lady. Lustre pottery. 1920. *P 4455 

Felice, Roger de. French furniture under 
Louis XV. 1920. K 28952 

(Little illustrated books on old French furniture.) 

Hind, C. Lewis. Art and I. 1921. K 26711 

An interesting collection of essays on art by a 
well-known English critic w'ho has a thorough 
knowledge of painting and discusses the great 
masters from the Egyptians to the post-impression- 
ists of today with special enthusiasm for oriental 

Hopkins, Alfred. The English village 
church; exteriors and interiors. 1921. 


One hundred and twelve plates of reproductions. 

Hubbard, E. Hesketh ed. On making and 
collecting etchings; a harfdbook for 
etchers, students and collectors. 1920. 


(Print Society publications.) 

Circus, Conjuring 

Conklin, George. The ways of the circus; 
being the memories and adventures of 
George Conklin, tamer of lions. 1921. 

K 30135 

When a young man, Mr. Conklin joined a circus 
33 driver and general odd-job man, and in time 
became a very well known animal trainer. He 
gives a matter-of-fact account of his adventures 
and travels, the circus men he knew, the methods 
of the freaks, etc. 

Houdini, Harry, pseud, of H. H. Weiss. 
Miracle mongers arid their methods; a 
complete expose of the modus operandi 
of fire eaters, heat resisters, poison eaters, 
venomous reptile defiers, sword swallow- 
ers, human ostriches, strong men, etc. 
1920. K 30259 

As a professional wonder worker who asks our 
admiration only for his own ingenious dexterity he 
has no sympathy for what may be termed shysters 
or quacks, for those who claim to be possessed of 
mysterious gifts not granted to other men. New 
York Times. 

Walker, A. H., and Walker, Horace. Con- 
juring tricks. 1921. K 30267 

Games, Dancing 

Elwell, Helen Derby. New auction bridge; 
a complete course of instructions with 
forty-three illustrative hands, including 
the new laws of 1920. K 30425 

Long, Constance Wakeford. The book of 
children's games; one hundred games for 
use in schools and play-centres. 1921. 

K 30059 

Staley, S. C. and Lowery, D. M. Manual 
of gymnastic dancing, adopted by the Y. 
M. C. A. Physical directors' society. 1920. 

K 30305 

The first part deals with the history of gymnastic 
dancing from pre-Grecian days, with the educational 
value and the method of teaching it, including the 
selection and use of music. The second gives 
sample dances, described in detail, ranging from 
preliminary exercises to the most involved folk 
dances for men. 

Athletics, Lawn Tennis 

Inter-Allied games, Paris, 22nd June to 6th 
July, 1919. 1919. K 30488 

Tilden, William T. The art of lawn tennis. 
1921. K 30663 

A volume containing much valuable advice by a. 
world's champion, and the fact of its authorship is 
enough to give it significance and authority although 
it contains nothing that depends on novelty to give 
it sensational interest. 


Bierce, Ambrose. STARRETT, VINCENT. Am- 
brose Bierce. 1920. J 7043 

Emerson, Raloh Waldo. CROTHERS, SAMUEL 
McCnoRD. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1921. 


A sympathetic and appreciative introduction to 
Emerson the man as well as to his writing which is 
likely to prove enjoyable to those who have found 
Emerson difficult as to those who are already 
familiar with his philosophy. 

Fowler, W. Warde. Aeneas at the site of 
Rome; observations on the eighth book 
of the Aeneid. 1918. L 2868 

A book on ancient Rome full of charm and 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Talks to writers. 1920. 


This book was listed in the March Book Bulletin 
on page 44, where by a clerical error it was given 
the wrong call number. 

Lynd, Robert. The art of letters. 1921. 


The author succeeds in impressing the reader with 
his own real love for the English masterpieces he 
writes about, from Bunyan to the Georgian poets. 
His papers are infectious in their enthusiasm and 
inspiring for the real understanding they exhibit. 



Mencken, H. L. Prejudices; first and 
second series. 1919-1920. 2v. J 6439 

The best essay of the second series is the first a 
survey of American literature and Mencken's analy- 
sis of the reason lor its poverty. The essay on 
Roosevelt is provocative and interesting though it 
will not be approved by Roosevelt's admirers. 

Murry, J. Middleton. Aspects of literature. 
1920. J 7661 

An essay on criticism followed by others which 
exemplify the principles therein set forth, including 
one on American poetry. 

Squire, J. C. Life and letters; essays. 1921. 


The editor of the London Mercury, a _ leading 
English poet and a discerning literary critic, here 
writes in a clear-cut style and with insight and 
delightful humor on subjects pertaining to books, 
including new, familiar, and half-forgotten ones. 

Whibley, Charles. 

Literary studies. 1919. 


Contents. The chroniclers and historians of the 
Tudor age. Tudor translators. Rogues and vaga- 
bonds of Shakespeare's time. Sir Walter Ralegh. 
The court poets. Congreve and some others. An 
under world of letters. Jonathan Swift. 


Blackburn, Laura. Lyrics. 1920. E 10669 

(The little bookfellow series.) 

Songs of love and nature by the Chicago poet 
whose verses appeared so often in B. L. T.'s Line 
o' Type column in the Chicago Tribune. 

Blake, James Vila. Sonnets from Marcus 
Aurelius. 1920. L 5799 

Metcalf, David B. 

Heart-felt poerns. 1921. 
E 14868 



Sun-up, and other poems. 
E 14956 

Reality which comes rarely into poetry, can come 
by intuition or by research. Sun-up, a poem of 
childhood, is real by virtue of both those things. 
It is the work of a memory intensified by effort 
and improved by psychology. Nation. 

Roth, Samuel. Europe; a book for America. 
1919. E 14972 

Vansittart, Robert. The singing caravan; 
a Sufi tale. 1919. E 15092 

The charm of Persian landscape, the wealth of 
Persian poetry have been woven into these tales, 
and they may be read just as profitably for the 
pictures they paint as for the lessons they teach. 
Springfield Republican. 

Welles, Winifred. The hesitant heart. 1919. 

E 15107 

Will be highly prized by those who find excel- 
lence in sweet-blooded serenity, in piety that finds 
no sasrilege in unembittered laughter, in a fine 
receptivity to loveliness, and in autobiographical 
restraint. Bookman. 

Guitry, Sacha. 


Deburau, a comedy. 1921. 
E 13795 

It is good because Sacha Guitry still has faith 
in the great realities of love and art and is able to 
show how they justify a life even if the art is but 
the art of a clown and the object of the love one 
not worthy such devotion. Bookman. 

Heidenstam, Verner von. The soothsayer. 
1919. E 13811 

A one-act play on a classical Greek subject. 

Irish, Marie. The Christmas entertainer; 
recitations, monologues, drills with songs, 
exercises and dialogues, for all ages. 1919. 





Scenario writing today. 
E 13328 

There is much solid advice in the book, as to 
picturing words, the necessity of simplicity, sin- 
cerity, the toning of the atmosphere and story. 
There is a wealth of corroborative evidence culled 
from literary giants. New York Post. 

Parker, Louis N. The Liebler Co.'s pro- 
duction of Joseph and his brethren; a 
pageant play in four acts based on the 
Biblical narrative. 1913. *P 4534 

The souvenir book of the play. 

Shay, Frank, and Loving, Pierre, ed. Fifty 
contemporary one-act plays. 1920. 

E 14229 

The efforts of the younger American dramatists 
are given prominence in this compilation as repre- 
senting the new American drama. The remaining 
plays include about twenty translations from con- 
temporary foreign playwrights. 


Bostwick, Arthur E. A librarian's open 
shelf; essays on various subjects. 1920. 


Contents: Do readers read. What makes people 
read. The passing of the possessive; a study of 
book titles. Selective education. The uses of fic- 
tion. The value of association. Modern educa- 
tional methods. Some economic features of 
libraries. Simon Newcomb: America's foremost 
astronomer. The companionship of books. Atomic 
theories of energy. The advertisement of ideas.; 
The public library, the public school, and the social 
center movement. The systematization of violence. 
The art of re-reading. History and heredity. 
What the flag stands for. The people's share in the 
public library. Some tendencies of American 
thought. Drugs and the man. How the community 
educates itself. Clubwomen's reading. Books for 
tired eyes. The magic casement. A word to be- 

Frazer, Sir James George. Sir Roger de 
Coverley, and other literary pieces. 1920. 


Contents: Sir Roger de Coverley: A visit to 
Coverley Hall: The Spectator in the country; Sir 
Roger in Cambridge; Sir Roger in Covent Garden; 
Sir Roger in the Temple. The quest of the Gor- 
gon's head. Biographical sketches: William Cow- 
per; William Robertson Smith; Fison and Howitt. 

A collection of essays of rare quality, by the 
author of "The golden bough". 

Lucas, E. V. The phantom journal, and 
other essays and diversions. 1920. E 4363 
Where he particularly shines is in discovering 
old books and people to save him the trouble of 
writing tlie essay himself; nobody has a more 
delicate gift of literary connoisseurship than he nor 
a more engaging manner in producing his curiosi- 
ties. London Times. 




Curie, J. H. 

This world of ours. 1921. 
I 11367 

Mr. Curie became a mining engineer in order to 
see the world, and this he has literally done though 
admitting that he has "no notion what it all means." 
He visited more than 500 gold mines in 40 coun- 
tries from the Klondike to the South Seas and 
uttermost parts of Asia and Africa and tells it all 
in an engaging way. 

Harris, John H. Africa: slave or free? 
1920. 1 9014 

A discussion of negro labor in Africa and its 
crying need written with the fervor of the aboli- 
tionists of old ante-bellum days. 



Philip Sanford. 

Sailing south. 

Enticing excursions into Cuba, Porto Rico, 
Jamaica and Panama divertingly described. Mr. 
Marden thinks it important to encourage social and 
commercial intercourse with our southern neigh- 
bors in order more closely to cement friendly 
alliances with them. 

Guide Books 

The battle of Verdun. 1920. 12681 

(Michelin illustrated guides to the battlefields, 

The first battle of the Marne; including the 
operations on the Ourcq, in the marshes 
of St. Gond, and in the Revigny Pass, 
1914. 1919. 1 2686 

(Michelin illustrated guides to the battlefields, 

Lille before and during the war. 1919. 


(Michelin's illustrated guides to the battlefields, 

Muirhead, Findlay, ed. England. 1920. 


(The blue guides.) 

Rand, McNally & Co. Rand McNally Chi- 
cago guide to the city and environfs. 

1919. *R3705 

Rheims and the battles for its possession. 

1920. 1 2682 
(Mtiche>lin illustrated guides to the battlefields, 


Soissons before and during the war. 1919. 


(Michelin's illustrated guides to the battlefields, 

Ypres and the battles of Ypres. 1920. 


(Michelin illustrated guides to the battlefields, 

France, Belgium 

The Americans in the great war. 1920. 3v. 


(Michelin illustrated guides to the battlefields 

v. 1. The second battle of the Marne (Chateau- 
Thierry, Soissons, Fismes). 

2. The battle of St. Mihiel (St. Mihiel, Pont- 
a-Mousson, Metz). 

3. The Meuse-Argonne battlefields (Montfau- 
oon, Romagne, Sainte-Menehould). 

Dell, Robert. My second country (France). 
1920. I 11848 

The work of one who lived long and deeply in 
France, who suffered indignities from French offi- 
cials because he was loyal to the France of Vol- 
taire and Montesquieu, and who writes of France as 
a positivist and a socialist sees her. Dial. 

Gibbons, Herbert Adams. Riviera towns. 
1920. 111857 

Instead of an amplified guidebook, he has given 
a real chronicle of his journey, and each place he 
describes is made memorable by some incident such 
as sticks in the minds of travelers. New York 

Hallays, Andre. The spell of the heart of 
France; the towns, villages, and cha- 
teaux about Paris. 1920. I 11861 

(The spell series.) 

'A nature lover with an artist's eye writes of 
notable people connected with the parts of France 
through which he has traveled, including many that 
have since been devastated by the war. 

Marshall, Archibald. A spring walk in 
Provence. 1920. 111875 

The chronicle of a tramp through southern 
France. Scenery, history and legend combine to 
give the text the right variety and interest, and 
there are numbers of pictures. Bookman. 

Mosher, Ange M. The spell of Brittany. 
1920. 111879 

She has drawn upon the legends and the poetry 
of the peasants and has -depicted with honest friend- 
liness the simple souls who live and die in daily 
contact with their saints and heroes. Bookman. 

Muirhead, Findlay, ed. Belgium, and the 
western front, British and American. 
1920. 1 2646 

(The blue guides.) 

The third of the excellent British series of guide- 
books. It contains not merely the usual things 
interesting to tourists but also a historical sketch 
of Belgium with special chapters on true art of the 
country, battlefields, war graves, etc. 

Smith, Corinna Haven, and Hill, Caroline 
R. Rising above the ruins in France; an 
account of the progress made since the 
armistice in the devastated regions in re- 
establishing industrial activities and the 
normal life of the people. 1920. I 11903 
A sensible, unadorned account of the visits the 
two made in the Departments of the Somme, the 
Aisne, the Npnd, and Pas < de Calais, immediately 
after the aimistice on behalf of the children of the 
frontier. Nation. 


Hind, C. Lewis. Authors and I. 1921. 

C 19607 

Incidents and anecdotes with slight critical men- 
tion of sixty contemporary poets, novelists and 
essayists, arranged alphabetically from Anderson, 
Sherwood, to Yeats, W. B. 

The mirrors of Downing street; some po- 
litical reflections by a gentleman with a 
duster. 1921. C 19823 



With engaging candor the author wipes the dust 
frm the mirrors that reflect Lloyd George "who 
might have been the greatest man in British his- 
tory," Mr. Balfour who "might have settled the 
Irish question," Lord Fisher, Mr. Asquith, Lord 
Northcliffe, Lord Kitchener, Mr. Churchill, and 
many other notables. 


Arden, Juliette. Cole 200-1920 A. D. Ter- 
centenary ed. 1920. C 20168 

A family ancestry referred back to King Cole 
himself of nursery renown. 

Ewing, P. K. ( and Ewing, M. E. W. The 
Ewing genealogy with cognate branches; 
a survey of the Ewings and their kin in 
America. 1919. C 20243 

Individual Biography 

Barbellion, W. N. P., pseud, of B. F. Cum- 
mings. A last diary. 1920. C 21463 
A continuation of The journal of a disappointed 
man (C21464), portraying the la'st days of a brave 
and unsparingly honest man in the grip of a 
merciless disease, loving life but eager for its end, 
agonizing only in sympathy for his wife, and piti- 
fully hoping life will last until he receives his book 
from the publishers. 

Benson, E. F. Our family affairs, 1867- 
1S96. 1921. . C 20828 

A penetrating chronicle of the Victorian period 
and spirit interpreted through the lives of this 
remarkable family, consisting of an archbishop of 
Canterbury and his three distinguished and diversi- 
fied sons and one charming daughter. 

Grenfell, Wilfred T. WALDO, FULLERTON L. 
With Grenfell on the Labrador. 1920. 

C 22177 

Hoover, Herbert. ROSE WILDER LANE. The 

making of Herbert Hoover. 1920. C 22473 

This book was listed in the March Book Bulletin 

on page 48, where by a clerical error it was given 

the wrong call number. 

Lincoln, Abraham. BARTON, WILLIAM E. The 
paternity of Abraham Lincoln; was he the 
the son of Thomas Lincoln? An essay 
on the chastity of Nancy Hanks. 1920. 

C 23009 

A convincing study which leaves not a square 
inch of ground for the scandal to stand on. Mr. 
Barton's researches have been exhaustive and ac- 
curate. . . He has included practically all the 
documents in the case. Nation. 

Mackenzie, Robert. MACKENZIE, JEAN KEN- 
YON. The story of a fortunate youth; 
chapters from the biography of an elderly 
gentleman. 1920. C 23144 

The early experiences of a young Scot, Robert 
Mackenzie, before and after his arrival in America, 
retold by his daughter with a charm not unlike 
Barrie's own in his life of his mother. 

Robinson, John. BURGESS, WALTER H. The 
pastor of the Pilgrims; a biography of 
John Robinson. 1920. C 23969 

The volume shows wide study of the whole liter- 
ature of contemporary separatism and of its op- 
ponents, and may be heartily commended not only 
as a biography of the Pilgrim pastor, but as a most 
readable and informing account of the separatist 
movement of his day. American Historical Review. 

Taylor, Frederick 
Winslow Taylor; 

Winslow. Frederick 

a memorial volume. 

C 24493 

"Addresses delivered at the funeral of Frederick 
Winslow Taylor, Germantown, Pa., March 24, 
1915; at a memorial meeting, October 22, 1915; and 
at Mr. Taylor's home 'Boxly,' Chestnut Hill, Octo- 
ber 23, 1915." 

Venizelos, Eleutherios. GIBBONS, HERBERT 
ADAMS. Venizelos. 1920. C 24671 

At the present time it is. doubtless, the best and 
clearest exposition yet made of the important part 
Greece played in the events that brought about the 
second Balkan war and in the developments of the 
great war in the Near East. New York Times. 

Warde, Frederick. Fifty years of make- 
believe. 1920. C 24764 

Reminiscences of the author's career as an actor, 
giving a good picture of the American theater of 
thirty or forty years ago. 



Boulenger, Jacques, 
tury. 1920. 

The seventeenth cen- 
A 5721, 3 

(The national history of France, v. 3.) 
Vivid realizations of the coteries of Louis XIII 
and Louis XIV, of Richelieu, Mazarin, Marie- 
Therese, and many others, the pomp and pageantry 
of the aristocrats and the motley of fhe crowds, the 
subtle play of politics and the graceful culture of 
the "great age." Booklist. 

Buell, Raymond Leslie. Contemporary 
French politics. 1920. A 5745 

The keynote of Mr. Buell's interpretation lies in 
his recognition of three significant basic elements 
inherent in the French character respect for au- 
thority, public spirit, and attachment to property. 

Finlay, George. A history of Greece from 
its conquest by the Romans to the present 
time, B. C. 146 to A. D. 1864. 1877. 7v. 

A 70 

v. 1. Greece under the Romans, B. C. 146-A. D. 716. 

2. The Byzantine empire. Pt. I. A. D. 716-1057. 

3. The Byzantine and Greek empires. Pt. II. 

A. D. 1057-1453. 

4. Mediaeval Greece and the empire of Trebi- 

zond, A. D. 1204-1461. 

5. Greece under Othoman and Venetian domina- 

tion. A. D. 1453-1821. 

6. The Greek revolution. Pt. L A. D. 1821-1827. 

7. The Greek revdution. Pt. II. Establishment 

of the Greek kingdom. 

Henry, R. M. 

The evolution of Sinn Fein. 
A 5520 

A penetrating history of the Sinn Fein idea from 
its first dominance of the Celtic Literary Society 
at the beginning of this century to its present un- 
qualified demand for the recognition of the repub- 
lic. The author is a Belfast professor who be- 
lieves it the only creative movement in Ireland to- 

Krey, August C. Bulletin for teachers of 

history. 1915. L 20001, 7 

(The University of Minnesota. Current prob- 

MacSwiney, Terence. Principles of free- 
dom. 1921. A 5521 

It is to his followers, not to the English, that 
MacSwiney explains with anxious care the "prin- 
ciples of freedom," often obviously in fear that they 
cannot be got at present to understand these prin- 
ciples, though always with a glorious faith that ire 
the end they will understand. New York Times. 



The New Russia; a weekly review of Rus- 
sian politics, ed. by the Russian Libera- 
tion Committee, v. 1-3. Feb. 5, 1920- 
Dec. 16, 1920. 1920. 3v. 

Nikolau, Stanislay. Geographical sketch, 
outline of the history, and importance of 
the Bohemian (Czechoslovak) state. 1919. 

A 7786 

With this are bound the declaration of inde- 
pendence of the Czechoslovak nation by its pro- 
visional government, a report on the Czechoslovak 
festival in London May, 1919, entitled "Czecho- 
slovak Music and the British press," and articles 
on the country by Walter Littleton and C. D. 

Saltus, Edgar. The imperial orgy; an ac- 
count of the tsars from the first to the 
last. 1920. A 7920 

It is a book for the lover of words rather than 
for the student of history. It is by a writer for 
writers. It is burdened with ornament, blazing with 
rich and terrible dyes, impressive as a march of 
rajah's elephants in jeweled trappings, yet swift as 
the telling of a stcry. Boston Transcript. 

Stevens, William Oliver, and Westcott, 
Allan. A history of sea power. 1920. 

K 23199 

This volume covers the evolution and influence 
of sea power from the beginnings to the present 
time and treats naval history not from the point 
of view of a sequence of battles but as a vital 
force in the rise and fall of nations and in the evo- 
lution of civilization. Book Review Digest. 

Telberg, George Gustav, (comp. and tr.}, 
and Wilton, Robert. The last days of 
the Romanovs. 1920. A 7884 

A compilation and translation of the evidence 
obtained in an investigation of the murder of the 
Czar and his family by N. A. Sokoloff of the Kol- 
chak government, supplemented by the personal nar- 
rative of Robert Wilton. 

Turner, Edward Raymond. 
1920. 1920. 

Europe, 1789- 

The fairness of Dr. Turner, his freedom from 
prejudice, and his determination to write clearly 
give his volume a value which is rather unusual in 
a popular book. New York Times. 

European War 

Bliicher, Evelyn, Princess. An English wife 
in Berlin; a private memoir of events, 
politics, and daily life in Germany 
throughout the war and the social revo- 
lution of 1918. 1920. A 7151 

A portrayal of events that is neither envenomed 
by partisanship nor warped by propagandist inten- 
tion. Informal, racy of the moment, lively in its 
mingling of personal incident with political hap- 
pening, it reflects the development of the German 
catastrophe and the aftermath of disaster. New 
York Evening Post. 

General Electric Company. National lamp 
works, Cleveland. The National in the 
world war, April 6, 1917-November 11, 
1918. 1920. A 7160 

Knappen, Theodore Macfarlane. Wings of 
war; an account of the important contri- 
bution of the United States to aircraft 

invention, engineering, development and 
production during the world war. 1920. 

A 7147 

Mr. Knappen is among those who believe that 
in spite of all the revelation of congressional in- 
vestigations _ made diiring the past two years, the 
aircraft achievements of our government, consider- 
ing pur unpreparedness at the outset, were highly 
creditable. Review of Reviews. 

Nutting, William Washburn, and others. 
The Cinderellas of the fleet. 1920. A 7156 

A description of the submarine chasers, their 
Construction, equipment, operation, and participa- 
tion in the great war. 

Sergeant, Elizabeth Shepley. Shadow- 
shapes; the journal of a wounded woman, 
October, 1918-May, 1919. 1920. A 7149 

The world humankind is typified for her by her 
visitors, by the shadow shapes which wander in and 
out of her hospital room. _ They may have seemed 
shadowy to her at the time, but to us she has 
painted them in startlingly clear colors. Amy Low- 
ell in the New York Times. 

Sims, William Sowden, and Hendrick, Bur- 
ton J. The victory at sea. 1920. A 7148 

How the challenge was met by our navy with skill, 
audacity, bravery, and that most American of char- 
acteristics, inventive ingenuity, is the theme of the 
book. It is more than a book for the historian or 
friend of the navy; it is a book for every Ameri- 
can citizen. Atlantic Monthly. 

Skillman, Willis Rowland. The A. E. F.; 
who they were, what they did, and how 
they did it. 1920. A 7150 

A soldier's handy compilation of war material. 
Some of the most interesting parts describe the 
organization of the A. E. F., the different branches 
of the service, the various divisions and their in- 
signa and the army honors and symbols. 

United States Army. 33d Division. Illi- 
nois in the world war; an illustrated his- 
tory of the Thirty-third Division. 1920. 

*A 7153 

White, William A. Thoughts of a psychia- 
trist on the war and after. 1919. L 14286 

The author places his hope in some sort of a 
government which may make it possible for the 
nations of the earth to outgrow war as individuals 
and communities are supposed to have outgrown 
recourse to p'hiysical combat. 

War Welfare Agencies 

Bakewell, Charles M. The story of the 
American Red Cross in Italy. 1920. 

A 7145 

A readable book not overloaded with statistics. 

Jones, Rufus M. A service of love in war 
time; American Friends relief work in 
Europe, 1917-1919. 1920. A 7152 

The labors of the Friends (Quakers) behind the 
lines and in reconstruction work in France and 
Russia told in what the author calls "the simple 
story of an attempt to practice love both with 
friends and enemies in the midst of the disaster 
and catastrophe. 



The Peace 

Carnegie Endowment for International 
Peace. Division of International Law. 
Official statements of war aims and peace 
proposals, December 1916 to November 
1918; prepared under the supervision of 
James Brown Scott. 1921. L 17958, 31 
(Pamphlet series of the Carnegie endowment for 
international peace.) 

Haskins, Charles Homer, and Lord, Robert 
Howard. Some problems of the Peace 
conference. 1920. A 7146 

The point of view presented is that of the sup- 
porters of the treaty, and the book contains use- 
ful ethnological, historical, and geographical in- 

Lansing, Robert. The peace negotiations; 
a personal narrative. 1921. A 7154 

Step by step, Mr. Lansing traces the growth of 
the differences between himself and the president 
showing carefully just why and how he disagreed. 
An informative inside view of events at Paris and 
also a calm, detached explanation of a personal 
position. Booklist. 

Asia, The Jews 

Asian, Kevork. Armenia and the Armen- 
ians from the earliest times until the 
great war (1914). 1920. A 4816 

It discusses the geographical situation, the cli- 
mate, religious ideas and customs, the conversion 
to Christianity, Armenian literature, Armenia under 
the Byzantine Empire and during the succeeding 
centuries. The translator's introduction is a pas- 
sionate plea for Armenian independence. 

The cause of world unrest; with an intro- 
duction by the editor of "The Morning 
post" (of London). 1920. A 2682 

An attempt based on the notorious Protocols of 
Nilus to prove the existence- of a far-reaching con- 
spiracy to overthrow all existing governments os- 
tensibly in the interests of communism, but really 
to procure world domination for its leaders. 

Grant, Elihu. The Orient in Bible times. 
1920. A 2418 

A history of the Bible country and' the sur- 
rounding regions Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, Per- 
sia and the Mediterranean peoples who touched 
Hebrew life. An excellent background with a de- 
scription of present customs in Palestine. Booklist. 

Omori, Annie Shepley, and Doi, Kochi, tr. 
Diaries of court ladies of old Japan, with 
an introduction by Amy Lowell. 1920. 

A 4972 

Contents: The Sarashina diary. The diary of 
Murasaki shikibu. The diary of Izumi shikibu. 

These diaries reveal the manners and morals of 
the Japan of the eleventh century of our era more 
fully than the comments of the most expert student 
of today possibly could. 

The protocols and world revolution; in- 
cluding a translation and analysis of the 
"Protocols of the meetings of the Zionist 
men of wisdom." 1920. A 2685 

The American edition of the pseudo-documentary 
attack upon the Jews as responsible for the political 
and industrial upheaval all over the world. Though 
obviously a fraud it has attracted enough attention 
to call forth a refutation from a committee of the 
best representatives of the race in this country. 


Maugham, R. C. F. The republic of Li- 
beria; being a general description of the 
negro republic, with its history, com- 
merce, agriculture, flora, fauna, and pres- 
ent methods of administration. 1920. 


Mr. Maugham is British consul-general at Mon- 
rovia. His study of Liberia tries on the one hand 
to say pleasant things concerning Liberia, and on 
the other hand to show British merchants that now 
and here is their chance to exploit a rich land. 
The Nation. 

Morel, E. D. The black man's burden. 1920. 

A 4764 

Mr. Morel's attitude is that of the liberal English- 
man who believes that the negro is the only race 
that can build homes in the tropical Africa and 
should be encouraged there and) protected from ex- 
ploitation, but he has no thought of a self-govern- 
>ng Africa. 

Woolf, Leonard. Empire and commerce in 
Africa; a study in economic imperialism. 
1920. A 4773 

Separate chapters are devoted to Algeria, Tunis, 
Tripoli, Abyssiania, Zanzibar, and the Belgian 
Congo . . . No patriotic bias is shown in the rec- 
ord. France, Italy, England, Germany and Bel- 
fium are accused impartially of sordid motives and 
eartless conduct. American Economic Review. 

United States 
Canada, Philippines 

Canfield, Chauncey L., ed. The diary of a 

forty-niner. 1920. B 2875 

Based on the diary of Alfred T. Jackson, a 

.pioneer miner who cabined and worked on Rock 

Creek, Nevada county, California, from 1850 to 

1852, this book gives an authentic background from 

which to judge Brst Harte's stories. 

Clark, George Rogers. The conquest of 
the Illinois. 1920. B 4553 

(The Lakeside classics.) 

Fernandez, Leandro H. A brief history of 
the Philippines. 1919. B 7618 

A textbook for intermediate grades in the Phil- 
ippine schools. 

Guitteau, William Backus. Our United 
States; a history. 1919. B 5701 

Hudson's Bay Co. The governor and com- 
pany of adventurers of England trading 
into Hudson's Bay, during two hundred 
and fifty years, 1670-1920. 1920. B 9042 

Lord, Arthur. 

Plymouth and the Pilgrims. 

(Brown university. The Colver lectures, 1920.) 
An outline of the most essential facts relating to 
the landing of the Mayflower, presented by the 
chairman of the Tercentenary Committee in a topo- 
graphical treatment which helps to visualize the 

Robinson, Will H. 

The story of Arizona. 

The author has indeed succeeded in writing a 
most entertaining book with the pen of a humorist, 
and the most exacting reader will forgive him the 
"figures and dry facts" that would after all creep 
in. Book Review Digest. 




Audoux, Marguerite. Marie Claire's work- 
shop. 1920. F 10552 

Sequel to Marie Claire, F 105 50. 

Marie Claire's story continues in Paris where 
she is employed in a dressmaking establishment. 
Her life and that of her fellow workers is charm- 
ingly told in minute detail. It is sad but very 
lovely and gives glimpses of the joys and sorrows, 
hopes and fears of the Paris working girls' struggles 
for self-support. 

Black, Alexander. The seventh angel. 1921. 

F 11203 

The theme is the confusion in all the elements 
of life for wfoich the war is responsible, like the 
seventh angel of the Apocalypse whose vial precipi- 
tated the plague of disorder. 

Buck, Charles Neville. The roof tree. 1921. 

F 20782 

A light story of love and adventure centering 
around the conventional elements of the hero, the 
girl, and the villain. 

Buckrose, J. E., pseud., of Mrs. A. E. F. 
Jameson. The girl in fancy dress. 1921. 

F 14344 

We have the trite situation of a wealthy girl 
who masquerades as a poor -relation and wins the 
love of the idealistic heir of the family in spite 
of the concerted plan to marry him to an heiress. 
But the plot is well constructed, with variety in 
the details and a light and whimsical style. 

Canfield, Dorothy, (Mrs. J. R. Fisher). The 
brimming cup. 1921. " F 22100 

An honest record of a successful marriage told 
in an original manner. . . A truly American 
novel, written with beauty and dignity and founded 
on the unshakable truth of experience. New York 

Cohen, Octavus Roy. Six seconds of dark- 
ness. 1921. F 12059 

An unusually ingenious detective story that keeps 
the reader on the alert until the very end. 

Crabb, Arthur. 

Samuel Lyle, criminologist. 
F 12191 

A group of short stories revealing the methods 
of a clever criminal lawyer who seems to have 
had a special insight into human psychology. 

Footner, Hulbert. The owl taxi. 1921. 

F 22182 

A swift-moving mystery and detective story, cen- 
tered about a group of Spanish-Americans and some 
New York taxi drivers. There are murders and 
in'rigues in abundance and a love story which 
culminates happily for all concerned. 

Gatlin, Dana. Missy. 1920. 

The seven years of Melissa Merriam's life from 
ten to seventeen, are told in these chapters. She 
is a deadly serious child whose mental processes 
are original and lead to surprising results. 

Grimshaw, Beatrice. The terrible island. 
1920. F 13219 

The discovery of a South Sea island after many 
obstacles including a mysterious blindness afflict- 
ing those who land on the island, and the loss and 
restoration of Lady Mary's memory and the sat- 
isfactory ending of two romances, are among the 
events of a novel plot. 

Guillaumin, Emile. The life of a simple 

man. 1920. F 22650 

A narrative of a peasant's life in the beautiful 

country of provincial France, describing the charm- 
ing scenery and outdoor recreations, tbe labor and 
toil, pleasures and frolics of the people. 

Haggard, H. Rider. She and Allan. 1921. 

F 13414 

Sequel to King Solomon's mines, F 3882; Allan 
Quatermain, F 3870; The ancient Allan, F 13413; 
and She, F 3875; Ayesha, the return of She, 
F 13460 

A new Haggard story telling of Allan's visit to 
She-whq-commands, with all its attendant dangers 
and thrills. It contains many of the familiar char- 
acters of the Allan Quatermain and She series, 
and so is a continuation of each and a connecting 
link between ihe two. 

Hall, G. Stanley, 
ogist. 1920. 

Recreations of a psychol- 
F 13443 

Contents: The fall of Atlantis. How Johnnie's 
vision came true. A conversion. Preestablished 
harmony, a midsummer revery of a psychologist. 
Getting married in Germany. A man's adventure 
in domestic industries. A leap year romance. Note 
on early memories. 

Stories and sketches, some of them written many 
years ago and now published for the first time. The 
"Note on early memories" describes and analyzes 
the author's feelings upon visiting familiar scenes 
of his childhood after he was grown. 

Hamsun, Knut. Growth of the soil. 1921. 
2v. F 13438 

A character novel which reveals the freshness 
and simplicity of farm life in Norway and reflects 
an atmosphere of elemental beauty in a keen analy- 
sis of its many and individual characters. 

Hanshew, Mary E., and Thomas W. The 
riddle of the mysterious light. 1921. 

F 13528 

Sequel to Cleek, the man of forty faces, F 13488; 
Cleek of Scotland Yard, F 13486; The riddle of the 
purple emperor, F 13473; The riddle of the frozen 
flame, F 13472. 

A detective story with a unique plot in that the 
detective is the pursued as well as the pursuer. 

Hughes, Rupert. "Momma," and other 
unimportant people. 1920. F 14154 

Contents: "Momma." The stick-in-the-muds. 
Read it again. The father of waters. Innocence. 
The college of Lorelei. Yellow cords. The split. 
A story I can't write. The butcher's daughter. 
The quick-silver window. The dauntless book- 
keeper. You hadn't ought to go. 

The sword of the 
F 14233 

Humphrey, Zephine. 
spirit. 1920. 

The story of the drifting apart of a wife, pre- 
occupied with emotional religious mysticism and a 
husband who is frankly materialistic. The inci- 
dents which bring them together are plausible, and 
the characters themselves are live. Booklist. 

F 13138 Kahler, Hugh MacNair. Babel. 

F 14443 

Contents: Babel. The obligee. Wild carrot. 
The hammer. The lazy duckling. The buckpasser. 

A clever and entertaining collection of six short 
stories written with a keen insight into the work- 
ing of the average man's mind. They betray _ an 
earnest study of mob psychology and of the easiest 
way to handle emergencies. 

Locke, William J. The mountebank. 1921. 

F 24573 

A whimsical story with the Locke romantic 
touch. It tells how Petit Patou, a child of the 
circus and hero of French music halls became a 
brigadier general in. the world war with many dis- 
tinguished friends, returning once more to the 
simple state of Petit Patou. 



McKenna, Stephen. The sixth sense. 1921. 

F 24858 

The sixth sense is the attribute of the hero. He 
is endowed with it only as concerns the woman he 
loves. The militant suffrage movement is the 
background of this double love story. 

Means, E. K. Further E. K. Means. 1920. 

F 15203 

"Is this a title? It is not. It is the name of a 
writer of negro stories, who has made himself so 
completely the writer of negro stories that this 
third book, like the first and second, needs no title." 

Contents: The left hind foot. The 'fraid cat. 
The consolation prize. The first high janitor. 
Family ties. The ten-share horse. A chariot of 

Miln, Louise Jordan. The feast of lanterns. 
1920. F 15384 

A beautiful Chinese princess is sent to London 
to be educated, without anticipating the influence of 
English life upon her or a possible romance. Of 
course there is a love story, but Chinese tradition 
and ideals prove too strong for it, and the princess 
returns to take part in the Feast of the Lanterns. 

Morris, Kathleen. Harriet and the piper. 
1920. F 15701 

A pleasant and readable story featuring the al- 
lurements of Oriental philosophy and the develop- 
ment of character by resisting threats and tempta- 

Nyburg, Sidney L. The gate of ivory. 1920. 


A story of the Peter Ibbetson kind. But Allen 
Conway lives his dream life of happiness alone 
after becoming an outcast in order to shield the 
ungrateful woman he loved and her husband from 
the consequences of their crime. 

O'Kelly, Seumas. The golden barque, and 
The weaver's grave. 1920. F 15755 

His characters are new, not picked from the 
crowd but found here and there in Ireland with 
individuality stamped all over them. They are not 
very important characters, but such as they are they 
challenge attention. Springfield Republican. 

Onions, Oliver. A case in camera. 1921. 

F 15756 

A well-conceived and clever mystery story with 
a great deal of mystification in it, told by a novel- 
ist who though a guest at the breakfast party 
where the difficulty started had very little personal 
connection with the case itself. 

Orczy, Baroness, (Mrs. E. Barstow). The 
first Sir Percy; an adventure of the laugh- 
ing cavalier. 1921. F 15848 

Sequel to The laughing cavalier, F 10883. 

A lively romance about a penniless soldier of 
fortune of the seventeenth century who became one 
of the happiest and luckiest of men only to be 
thrust again into misery. 

O'Riordan, Conal, (Norreys Connell). Adam 
of Dublin; a romance of today. 1920. 

F 15865 

The story of an amusing little waif, full of the 
best of Iris'h humor and pathos. It furnishes inci- 
dentally a description of the lights and shadows of 
Dublin life as seen by a keen and sympathetic 

Oyen, Henry. Twisted trails. 1921. F 15869 

A story of adventure and romance in deep 
swamps, the dune depths of the Black Woods. The 
"twisted trails" lead to a fitting climax in a rose 

Phillpotts, Eden. The grey room. 1921. 

F 16298 

A surprising story from this author pure mys- 
tery of the most sensational kind admirably pre- 
se'ited. Death after death occurs in the grey room 
of a historic estate, and the reader follows one 
tragic ending after another until the solution is 

Raine, William MacLeod. The big-town 
round-up. 1920. F 16808 

An entertaining romance featuring a typical 
Westerner as its hero, but with New York as a 
setting. Filled with exciting situations. 

Ruck, Berta, (Mrs. Oliver Onions.) Sweet 
stranger. 1921. F 15781 

The story is told by the twin sister of Jim, the 
English lad who falls in love with the American 
girl he met in a London "tube." He loses eight 
of her and they do not meet again until after an 
extensive search on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Singmaster, Elsie. Ellen Levis. 1921. 

F 18158 

A love story above the ordinary, in which the 
many characters are all convincingly^ drawn. The 
plot is unusual enough to hold the interest of the 
reader, and the atmosphere surrounding the group 
of Seventh Day Baptists is distinctive and well 

Tooker, L. Frank. 

The middle passage. 
F 18529 

A story of sea adventure in connection with the 
slave trade and efforts made to prevent it, and 
with a contrastingly delightful element of love 

Vachell, Horace Annesley. The fourth 
dimension. 1920. F 18814 

A decidedly well-written _story on the familiar 
theme of a woman's sacrificing her artistic career 
for that of her husband to ensure their conjugal 
happiness. The title refers to the imaginary fourth 
wall of the stage. 

Williams, Wayland Wells. Goshen Street; 

a novel. 1920. F 19535 

The story begins and ends in Goshen Street, a 

country road in Connecticut, but in the meantime 

the center of action is removed to wartime France. 



Alcott, Louisa May. The "Little men" 
play; a two-act, forty-ifive-minute play 
adapted by Elizabeth Lincoln Gould with 
pictures by Reginald B. Birch. 1900. 

E 13788 

Beard, Dan. The American boys' handy- 
book of camp-lore and woodcraft. 1920. 

K 30903 

(Woodcraft series.) 

Excellent book on camp-lore and out-door living 
generally. The information is specific and thor- 
oughly practical. It contains the Ritual of Council 
Fire which might be useful to Boy Scout troops. 

Bolenius, Emma Miller. The boys" and 
girls' reader; fourth-sixth reader. 1919. 
3v. J 5956 

The boys' and girls' readers; teachers' 

manual of silent and oral reading. 1919. 




Burns, Mary Modena. Schoolroom enter- 
tainments, dialogues, exercises, recita- 
tions, plays, folk dances, etc., for use in 
the schoolroom. 1920. J 6259 

Davies, E. C. A boy in Serbia. 1920. H 7789 
An account of the life of a Serbian boy with the 
itory of the. country and people interwoven. 

Fox, Florence C. The Fox third reader. 
1919. J 5958 

Bowen, William. 

The enchanted forest. 



Fairies and chimneys. 
E 14677 

A book of charming verses about fairies and birds 
by an English poet. E. L. Pearson suggests in the 
Bookman that they would do for lyrics in a Peter 
Pan opera. 

Laing, Mary E. The hero of the Long- 
house. 1920. H 4789 

(Indian life and Indian lore.) 
A book which gives a portrayal of the human 
Hiawatha in his own homeland among the Iroquois. 

Large, Laura Antoinette. Little people who 
became great; stories of the lives of those 
whom every child should know. 1920. 


Childhood stories of famous men and women. A 
good book of biography for the lower grades. 

Mother Goose. Everychild's Mother Goose, 
by Carolyn Wells; with music by Sidney 
Homer and pictures by Edith R. Wilson. 
1919. H 5253 

"A complete Mother Goose, of which Part I con- 
tains music to the best known rhymes. Very clev- 
erly posed dolls provide the fifty or more illustra- 

Olcott, Frances Jenkins. Story-telling bal- 
lads; selected and arranged for story- 
telling and reading aloud and for the boys' 
and girls' own reading. 1920. E 14338 
Seventy-seven poems arranged by subjects. Of 
the older ones, the best versions available as well 
as the original spelling have been used. For chil- 
dren from ten to sixteen. 

Perkins, Eleanor Ellis. News from Notown; 
with illustrations by Lucy Fitch Perkins. 
1919. E 11408 

A group of droll and jingly verses on subjects 
dealing with events of every day life. Amusing 
to children and grown-ups. 

Abbott, Jane D. Highacres. 1920. H 7049 

Jerry, a child of the mountains, saves the life of 
a man, who in turn sends her to college with his 
own young relatives. A thoroughly interesting 
story for girls. 

Adams, Katharine. Mehitable. 1920. H 2962 
The story of an American girl's life in a board- 
ing school just outside of Paris. Her friendly ad- 
ventures with the girls and their trios to Paris, 
Ireland and Belgium will be instructive to girls 
from twelve to fourteen. 

Bishop, Austin, 
in Italy. 1920. 

Bob Thorpe, sky fighter 

A group of six stories which will prove fascinat- 
ing to any lover of fairy tales. They nay be 
read and to.'d separately. 

Carey, M., ed. and tr. French fairy tales; 
illustrated by E. Boyd Smith. 1903. H 7651 

For readers who have a scientific interest in 
studies of folklore. These stories have been de- 
rived from the French provinces and colonies. 

Carrick, Valery. Picture tales from the 
Russian. 1920. H 8805 

More Russian picture tales. 1920. 


Cobb, Bertha B. and Ernest. Anita; a 
story of the Rocky Mountains. 1920. 


Colum, Padraic. The children of Odin; il- 
lustrations by Willy Pogany. 1920. 

Hughes Room 

The stories of the _Norse sages told in a con- 
nected narrative in simple rhythmic prose, some- 
times very poetic. 

Gray, Joslyn. Rosemary Greenaway. 1919. 


Gray, Violet Gordon. Margery Morris and 
Plain Jane. 1920. H 8296 

The third book of the Margery Morris series. 
Margery spends the summer at the beautiful sea- 
shore place of Wyanoke, where she lives a hanpy 
ar.d healthy out-of-door life surrounded by her 

Greenberg, David S. 
tiago Key. 1919. 

The cockpit of San- 

A good picture of life in the West Indies. A 
young boy's determination to get an education de- 
spite opposition is the key note of this story. In- 
teresting to boys of twelve and fourteen. 

Parker, Thomas D. The air raider; or, 
Winning the gold and silver chevron. 
1920. H 5610 

At the outset of the war, a young lieutenant 
finds himself tied up in back waters far from the 
sound of guns. He eventually finds plenty of real 
excitement and adventure in an air raid in w'hich 
he distinguishes himself. 

Phillips, Ethel Calvert. Little Friend 
Lydia. 1920. H 5695 

_A story written in genuine little girl language 
with a setting familiar to the modern child. Lydia 
is an orphan who wins all the objects of her 
dreams by her happy disposition. 

Porter, Bertha Currier. Trudy and Timothy 
out-of-doors. 1919. H 5744 

Lamprey, L. Masters of the guild. 

Instructive and interesting to boys who have not 
tired of reading war stories. 


Interesting stories of feudal times which carry 
some of the same characters throughout and link 
adventure to descriptions of the crafts. For upper 
grades and high schools. 

Wilson, John Fleming. Scouts of the 
desert. 1920. H 2917 

The adventures of two Boy Scouts in the great 
California desert. A baffling 'secret is unraveled by 
the boys, and the story winds up with the discov- 
ery of oil for which the boys are given credit. 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, first floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Aust, Franz A., and Baker, Gladys. What 
name for the farm? 1920. 

(Wisconsin University. College of Agriculture. 
Extension service bulletin 13O.) 

Full of pleasing and appropriate name sugges- 
tions for the country home. 

Bishop, F. L., and John, Walton C. Edu- 
cation for highway engineering and high- 
way transport. 1921. 116.3 1920-42 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1920, 
no. 42.) 

"Report of the conference, held in Washington 
May 14 and 15, 1920, under the direction of the 
Commissioner of Education, with reports of the 
preliminary meetings." 

Bonner, H. R. Statistics of city school 
systems, 1917-1918. 1920. 116.3 1920-24 
(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin, 1920, 
no. 24.) 

Advance sheets from the biennial survey of Edu- 
cation in the United States. 

Brush, Warren D. Utilization of black wal- 
nut. 1921. A1.3 909 
(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 909.) 
"Deals with the characteristics, properties, uses, 
manufacture and market values, and particularly 
discusses the uses for which black walnut is best 

Clark, Taliaferro, and Collins, Selwyn D. 
A synopsis of child hygiene laws of the 
several states. 1921. T27.12 110 

(U. S. Public Health Service. Public health bul- 
letin 110.) 

Includes school medical inspection laws. 

Corbett, L. C. Growing annual flowering 
plants. 1921. A1.9 1171 

(Farmers' bulletin 1171.) 

Attractive in form with general cultural sugges- 
tions regarding soil, water, planting, hotbeds, cold- 
frames, pits, and principal characteristics of annual 
flowering plants. 

Crohurst, H. R. Municipal wastes. 1920. 

T27.12 107 

(U. S. Public Health Service. Public health 
bulletin 107.) 

"Their character, collection and disposal." 

Hill, H. H., and Dean, E. W. Quality of 

gasoline marketed in U. S. 1920. 128.3 191 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Bulletin 191.) 

Of timely interest, the purpose of this bulletin is 

chiefly educational, along the lines of conservation. 

United States. Bureau of Education. List 
of references on use of pictures in educa- 
tion. 1920. 116.10/5 13 

(Library leaflet no. 130 

Valuable for teachers interested in visual in- 

A survey of education in Hawaii. 

1920. 116.3 1920-16 

(Bulletin 1920, no. 16.) 

Of interest and value to 'the people of Hawaii 
and to students of education in the United States. 

Bureau of Standards. Buying commodi- 
ties by weight or measure. 1920. 


(Misc. pub. 45.) 

Suggestions of great value for the housewife. 
It includes a table giving common capacity units, 
legal weights per bushel of different .commodities, 

the_ tables of ^weights and measures and the Inter- 
national Metric system. 

Carbonization of lubricating oils. 

C 13.4 99 


(Circular 99.) 

Studies on the action of lubricating oils in en- 
gines, with other suggestions of value. 

Essentials of 
A1.9 1167 

Dept. of Agriculture. 
animal breeding. 1921. 

(Farmers' bulletin, 1167.) 

The rudiments of the science of breeding and 
how to apply them in practice, written in simple 

1920. A1.9 1109 

Preserving eggs. 

(Farmers' bulletin 1109.) 

"Written briefly and in simple terms for the be- 
gin ner_ and especially for members of the Boys' 
and Girls' Poultry Clubs." 

Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board. 
Annual report: 1920. 1920. Y3.In8/2-l 1920 
Reports its educational program which will 
eventually exercise a great influence upon the pre- 
vention of social diseases and upon the control of 
conditions that tend to their prevalence. 

Internal Revenue. Statistics of income: 

1918. 1921. T22.2 In2L-1918 

Comprises returns from personal income-tax, part- 
nerships and personal service corporations, and the 
progress of income taxation. 

-Public Health Service. 

A square deal 
1920. T27.20 64 

for the : boy in industry. 

(V. D. 64.) 

Outline of remarks to be used with "keeping fit" 
social hygiene exhibits and slides. 

Reclamation Service. Irrigation proj- 
ects. 1920. 127.2 Ir7 
Description of principal projects, with texts of 
reclamation acts and map. 

Tariff Commission. Census of dyes and 
coal-tar chemicals :1919. 1921. TC1.5 22 

(Tariff information ser. 22.) 

A survey of the domestic dye industry, showing 
developments during the year 1919. 

Women's Bureau. Women street car 

conductors and ticket agents. 1921. 

L13.3 11 
(Bulletin 11.) 

Contains an interesting account of this phase of 
women's work in various cities, including Chicago, 
with women as ticket sellers. 

Ward, Florence E. Status and results of 
home demonstration work, 1919. 1921. 

Al.14/2 141 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 141.) 
An interesting report showing the growth of the 
movement, with the practical side of the work well 

Wood, Charles P. Industrial machinery in 
France and Belgium. 1920. C 18.11 204 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents ser. 204.) 

Reports opportunities for selling American ma- 
chinery as soon as a stabilization of exchange is 
perfected. Numerous war anecdotes arc included. 

Wright, Sewall. Principles of live stock 
breeding. 1920. A 1.3 905 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 90S.) 
Of interest to farmers and stock breeders. 

Young, Arthur 
trade. 1920. 

N. Spanish 

finance and 
C 18.11 202 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents ser. 202.) 

"Describes the principal features of the financial 
system of Spain, with special reference to the 
effects of the war upon the economic activities of 
the country." 






of the 

Chicago Public Library 

JOE'S PLACE REFORMED (Logan Square Branch) 

Being a Librarian 

Pages 85-86 



ALFRED E. BARR, President 10 S. La Salle St. 

JAMES J. HEALY, Vice-Pres.. 30 N. Dearborn St. FRANK F. ToLLKUEHN..69 W. Washington St. 

R. G. SHUTTER 175 W. Jackson Boul. LAWRENCE CUNEO 51 S. Water Si 

CHARLES E. SCHICK 609 W. North Ave. ROBERT J. MCLAUGHLIN. 5323 Hyde Park Boul 

CARL O. BEROTH 910 S. Michigan Ave. ELLIOTT W. SPROUL 10559 S. Seeley Ave. 

HARRY G. WILSON Secretary 

CARL B. RODEN . . Librarian 

Michigan Boulevard, Washington and Randolph Streets 

WEEKDAY HOURS : Circulation Dept., 9 A. M. to 7 P. M. 

Reference, Periodicals, and Civics Depts'., 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. 

Art, Music, Patent Reports, 9 A. M. to 5 :30 p. M. 

Children's Dept., 9 :30 A. M. to 6 P. M. 
SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY HOURS : Reference and Periodicals Depts. only, 1 p. M. to 6 p. M. 

Holidays comprise New Year's Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, Memorial 
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 
All departments are closed on Independence Day and Christmas Day. 

Independent collections of 3,000 to 20,000 volumes in quarters owned or rented by the 
Library, or occupied by arrangement with the Park Boards, and administered by a librarian 
and staff. 

The following Branches are open from 1 p. M. to 9 P. M. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and 
Fridays ; and from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays : 

During July and August all branches will close on Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. 

HENRY E. LEGLER REGIONAL BRANCH. Crawford Ave. and Monroe St. 

AUSTIN. 5644 W. Lake St. 
BESSEMER PARK. 89th St. and Muskegon Ave. 
BLACKSTONE. 49th St. and Lake Park Ave. 
BUTLER HOUSE. 3212 Broadway. 
DOUGLAS BRANCH. 1212 S. St. Louis Ave. 
ECKHART PARK. Chicago Ave. and Noble St. 
HAMILTON PARK. 72d St. and Normal Ave. 
HAMLIN PARK. Barry and Hoyne Aves. 
HARDIN SQUARE. Wentworth Ave. and 26th. 
HEBREW INSTITUTE. Taylor and Lytle Sts. 
HOLSTEIN. Oakley Ave. and Colvin St. 
HUMBOLDT. 2553 W. North Ave. 
INDEPENDENCE PARK. Springfield Ave. and 

Irving Park Boul. 

HIRAM KELLY. 62d St. and Normal Boul. 
KOSCIUSZKO PARK. 2732 N. Avers Ave. 

LEWIS INSTITUTE. 1943 W. Madison St. 

LINCOLN CENTRE. Oakwood Boul. and Lang- 
ley Ave. 

LOGAN SQUARE. 3248 Fullerton Ave. 

OGDEN PARK. 64th St. and Racine Ave. 

ROGERS PARK. 6975 N. Clark St. 

SEWARD PARK. Elm and Orleans Sts. 

SHEDD PARK Millard Ave and W. 23rd St 

SHERIDAN. ' 4869-73 Broadway. 

SHERMAN PARK. Loomis and W. 53d Sts. 

STANTON PARK. Vedder and Reese Sts 



WOODLAWN. 6247 Kimbark Ave. 

The following Branches are temporarily closed owing to deficiency in revenue: 

ARMOUR SQUARE. 33d St. and Shields Ave. 
BURR SCHOOL. Ashland and Wabansia Ave. 
CORNELL SQUARE. Wood and W. 51st Sts. 
DAVIS SQUARE. 45th St. and Marshfield Ave. 
DVORAK PARK. 20th and Fisk Sts. 
FORRESTVILLE SCHOOL. 45th St. and S*. Law- 
rence Ave. 

FULLER PARK. 45th St. and Princeton Ave. 
MARK WHITS SQUARE. Halsted and 30th Sts. 

MCKINLEY PARK. W. 37th St. and S. West- 
ern Ave. 

MORSE SCHOOL. N. Sawyer Ave. and W. 
Ohio St. 

PALMER PARK, lllth St. and Indiana Ave. 

PULASKI PARK. Blackhawk and Noble Sts. 

SCANLON. 11725 Perry Ave. 

STANFORD PARK. 14th PI. and Union St. 

SUMNER SCHOOL. Colorado and Kildare Aves 

TWENTY-SIXTH STREET. 2548 S. Homan Ave. 

Directory continued on back cover pages. 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

I Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11. June, 1921 No. 6 

Being a Librarian 

LIBRARIANSHIP is either a "job" or a vocation. To the right kind of 
person it soon becomes a vocation, a call to social usefulness, a life occu- 
pation with, incidentally, a chance to earn a fair living while doing the 
things one loves to do. To the wrong kind it remains always a job, to be 
shirked and complained of, and to be escaped from as quickly as may be. The 
difference is not one of duties but of state of mind. Many a little junior in a 
big city library brings to her modest tasks a spirit of service and breadth of 
sympathy that glorifies her day's routine and so transforms her little job into 
a profession before she knows it. The difference between being a librarian 
and "working in 'a library" is not one of position but of attitude of state of 
mind. It is the difference between the right and wrong kind of persons in 

Next to the public schools there is no other agency supported by the 
whole people for its own service that stands so high in public favor, makes 
friends so easily and has so many of them, as the public library not of this 
town alone, but everywhere. No other branch of the municipality enters more 
intimately into the daily lives of its constituents, ministers to them more 
suavely, demands less and gives more, or leaves behind it a pleasanter mem- 
ory of its visits. To no other is it given to be of greater usefulness; to touch 
human lives at more points, to fill more different kinds of wants of more dif- 
ferent kinds of people. 

There is, thus, much work to be done in a public library. A great deal of it 
in serving the multitudes who come, and as much more in bringing in those who 
have stayed away. Much work of many kinds, requiring many kinds of ability 
and degrees of preparedness, but all of it work of the sort that means service, de- 
votion to a cause ; the sort of which the old monks used to sing : Laborare est orare, 
"Work is worship." 

Every public library in the country is short of help of the right kind. From 
all quarters comes the same story : vast opportunities for service and too few will- 
ing to serve. And always the same explanation is given : The pay is too low ; 
public libraries cannot compete with business salaries. 

The pay ! What pay ? What is the pay for library service ? Is it represented 
only in the figures on the monthly check? If it is, then the high-school girl who 
takes a six weeks' course in filing, or learns how to pound a writing machine has 
the best of it, assuredly! Library salaries are too low. That is well known, 
though they are higher now than they were five years ago, and five years hence 



they will be still higher. They will never compete with business salaries because 
the public library is not in business. It has nothing to sell; it gives its goods 
away, and cannot add its increased expenses to the selling price. And the more 

business it does, the more help 
it needs and the more its always 
scanty revenue is strained. Yet 
there is ever more business to be 
done than there is help to do it 
with help of the right kind, of 
the kind of high-school girl who 
will submit to a half year of 
training in a library apprentice 
class on little or no salary in 
order to become fit to serve; 
who will go out to some little 
branch library in a congested dis- 
trict and stand behind a desk for 
eight hours, cheerfully serving, 
surrounded by boisterous young- 
sters in whom she is skilfully 

AFTER SCHOOL AT AUSTIN BRANCH . . i_ t_-. j r j i 

planting a habit and a friendship 

that will never leave them, and that may change and surely will brighten their 
squalid lives: the reading habit and a friendship for books! Who will do this 
day after day, and some nights, in order that those whose days are too full of 
labor may also be served by her the tired mother to be sent away with a cheerful 
story; the father who has not the English language, to be fitted out with the sim- 
ple manuals in his own tongue to help him acquire it; the lad who had to go to 
work too soon, with something about other kinds of work more to his liking, or 
with tales of other lads in other times and climes in which he may steep himself 
and so forget his own and take courage. It takes a state of mind to do that kind 
of work and to know that the school chum with the six weeks' business course 
is getting a bigger pay check for less work and shorter hours, the state of mind 
that amounts to the conviction that work is worship and the pay check not its goal. 
The Chicago Public Library expects to have places for a hundred young 
women of the right kind 
within the next year. It has a 
training class offering free in- 
struction to a limited number 
of acceptable apprentices upon 
terms described on the next 
page. The beginners' salary is 
sixty-five dollars a month, for a 
forty to forty-four hour week, 
part of it night work, with 
small annual increases and good 
opportunities for steady though 
not rapid advancement. To the 
right kind of young woman there 
is here presented an opportunity 
for high usefulness, amid pleas- 
ant surroundings and with con- 
genial associates, leading up to 

a professional career of service and a safe and sufficient livelihood. To the wrong 
kind it means only a poorly paid job. That kind should not apply. 




OUNG WOMEN with the requisite educational background 
are invited to consider the opportunities for useful and attrac- 
tive occupation open to Trained Librarians. 

The Chicago Public Library conducts a Training Class offering 
free instruction in the fundamentals of library methods and prac- 
tice, and preparing candidates for employment in this Library under 
the rules of the Chicago Civil Service Commission. 

The next class will open Monday, September 12th, continuing in daily sessions 

for about eight months. 

Complete High School course is the Minimum Educational Requirement 
for Admission to Training Class. 

For particulars consult 


Director of Training Class, Chicago Public Library 

Shedd Park Branch 


VACATION loans are made on and after June first to any 
registered card-holder. Ten books or less may be taken out 
to be returned on or before October first. Five of the ten 
may be fiction, other than seven-day books; the rest may be drawn 
at will from any or all classes of literature, except the most recent 
books, or all ten may be non-fiction if preferred. 

Vacation loans are made to juvenile borrowers upon the writ- 
ten request of parent or guardian. 

The loan must be made in one transaction either at the 
Central Library or at a branch. Ten books or less will be issued at 
one time for the whole vacation period and may be returned in 
installments. The borrower's regular library card must be sur- 
rendered when the vacation loan is made, and will be returned to 
him when all obligations have been canceled. 

Borrowers may arrange to have their vacation books shipped 
out of town to their summer address by leaving the amount of 
postage plus a fee to cover wrapping and shipping, at the rate of 
three cents per volume or twenty-five cents for ten. All shipping, 
both ways, will be at the borrower's risk. 

Borrowers may obtain help in making their selections by 
inquiring at any branch or at the Information Desk of the Central 

When books urgently desired for vacation use are not avail- 
able on the day when the borrower calls, arrangements may be 
made to have them sent later by leaving a deposit to cover post- 
age and shipping charges. Any balance of such deposit remaining 
at the end of the vacation period will be refunded. 

We would call attention, also, to the parcel-post card issued 
by the Library. This is a plan enabling the borrower to pay for a 
dollar's worth of postage at a time, so that he may receive and send 
back books by mail when out of the city. This arrangement, 
however, covers only the regular loan period of two weeks (with 
the privilege of renewal for two more weeks) and does not have 
reference to vacation loans. 



Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Rushmore, Elsie M., ed. Social workers' 
guide to the serial publications of repre- 
sentative social agencies. 1921. *O 869 


Fairfax, Virginia. Pamphlets and clippings 
in a business library. 1921. J 7291 

National Education Association. Standard 
library organization and equipment for 
secondary schools of different sizes. 1920. 




Andrews, Lincoln C. Military manpower; 
psychology as applied to the training of 
men and the increase of their effective- 
ness. 1920. K 31094 

Colonel Andrews makes it clear that seventy-five 
per cent of the whole business of military efficiency 
is morale, and that morale depends upon the ex- 
tent to which the officers are thinking men and 
considerate human beings, qualified to lead others. 
New York Post. 

Butler, George F. How the mind cures. 
1921. N 1643 

"A consideration of the relationship between your 
outside and your inside individualities and the in- 
fluence they exercise upon each other for your physi- 
cal and mental welfare." 

Carrington, Hereward. Higher psychical 
development (Yoga philosophy); an out- 
line of the secret Hindu teachings. 1920. 

L 14610 

Mr. Carrington compares this phase of Hindu 
philosophy with the contemporary investigations of 
our organizations for psychical research, and claims 
to betray certain Yoga secrets never before given 
the western world. 

Tridon, Andre, 
havior. 1920. 

Psychoanalysis and be- 
L 13955 

Whipple, Guy Montrose, and others. Classes 
for gifted children; an experimental study 
of methods of selection and instruction. 
1919. L 13725 

(School and home education monographs.) 

A detailed account of an interesting experiment 

successfully carried out in the public schools of 

Urbana. 111. 

Conduct of Life 

Conroy, Joseph P. Talks to parents. 1919. 

L 14302 


McCabe, Joseph. Spiritualism; a popular 
history from 1847. 1920. L 13583 

A historical survey since 1848 of the phenomena 
connected with the development of spiritism, from 
the point of view of a non-sympathizer. 

Schofield, A. T. Modern spiritism, its 
science and religion; with a foreword by 
Newell Dwight Hillis. 1920. L 13520 

Dr. Schofield, a student for over thirty years _ of 
psychological problems, gives an instructive review 
of the history of spiritism and its modern develop- 
ments. .. . He regards spiritism of today to be full 
of the gravest dangers, mental and spiritual, and to 
be definitely anti-Christian. The Times (London). 

Watson, Albert Durrant. Birth through 
death, the ethics of the twentieth plane; 
a revelation received through the psychic 
consciousness of Louis Benjamin. 1920. 

L 13542 

Athearn, Walter Scott, comp. The Maiden 
survey. 1920. K 27642 

"A report on the church plants of a typical city, 
showing the use of the Interchurch World Move- 
ment score card and standards for rating city church 

Cadman, S. Parkes. Ambassadors of God. 
1920. M 8722 

Nine lectures on the history of preaching, promi- 
nent personalities, methods of preparation and deliv- 
ery, modern conditions and the modern attitude to- 
ward preaching, and the philosophic and scientific 
atmosphere in which it works. 

Case, Francis H. Handbook of church ad- 
vertising. 1921. M 8729 
(The Abingdon religious education texts.) 

Fitch, Albert Parker. Preaching and pagan- 
ism. 1920. M 4601, 1920 
(Lyman Beecher lectures on preaching.) 

Manning, William T. The call to unity. 
1920. M 9576 

The papers are noteworthy, not only for their 
plainness of statement, but also for the internal evi- 
dence they afford that a tenacious adherence to the 
fundamental essentials of Christian faith is not in- 
compatible with an elastic liberalism in reference 
to minor matters of ecclesiastical dogma and prac- 
tice. New York Post. 

Millennial dawn. 1886-1918. 7v. M 4076 

v. 1. The plan of the sges. 

2. The time is at hand. 

3. Thy kingdom come. 

4. The day of vengeance. 

5. The at-one-ment between God and man. 

6. The new creation. 

7. The finished mystery, by C. J. Woodworth 
and George H. Fisher; also published under the 
title, Studies in the Scriptures. 

Raupert, J. Godfrey. Jesus of Nazareth, 
who was He? The answer of history and 



reason, adapted from the writings of a 
little-known thinker. 1920. M 7147 

Schmidt, George T. The Catholic Ameri- 
can. 1920. M7719 

Economics, Labor 

Cole, G. D. H. Guild socialism; a plan for 
economic democracy. 1921. L 17889 

A closely argued exposition of the whole guild- 
socialist case. It contains some fresh matter 
notably a chapter on the application of the guild 
idea_ to agriculture, and it works out in some 
detail a new structure of local government on the 
guild basis. London Mercury. 

Hodges, Frank. Nationalisation of the 

mines. 1920. 

L 17869 

Mr. Hodges _ is secretary of the miners' federation 
in Great Britain. He advocates compensation to the 
owners and operation through a mining council half 
elected by the miners and half by the public. The 
result would be an increase in economy and in the 
dignity of labor. 

Lippincott, Isaac. Economic development 
of the United States. 1921. L 16701 

An outline of the policies that have been followed 
with reasons for their failure or success, emphasiz- 
ing technical improvements, use _of _raw materials 
and by-products, increased organization, specializa- 
tion, and vocational education of all kinds. 

Maciver, R. M. Community; a sociological 
study, being an attempt to set out the 
nature and fundamental laws of social 
life. 1920. L 15323 

Treats the study of the common life as a science 
by itself, different from and something more than 
a combination of economics, politics, ethics, etc. 

Murphy, John J. The housing famine, how 
to end it; a triangular debate with Edith 
Elmer Wood and Frederick L. Ackerman. 
1920. L 17052 

Robbins, Hayes. The making of tomorrow; 
the art of industrial right living. 1920. 

L 16768 

Faces squarely the unrest of the present day, 
examines condition^ and sugjgestjed cures, land 
stresses the need for understanding and co-opera- 
tion. New York Times. 

Speare, Morris Edmund, and Morris, Walter 
Blake, ed. Vital forces in current events; 
readings on present-day affairs from con- 
temporary leaders and thinkers. 1920. 

L 15437 

Taylor, G. R. Stirling. The guild state; its 

principles and possibilities. 1919. L 17888 

The solution provided by guild socialism for the 

problem of what the author calls in his preface "the 

disasters of modern statesmanship." 

Wera, Eugene. Human engineering; a 
study of the management of human forces 
in industry. 1921. L 15448 

A psychological analysis of the principles under- 
lying the evolution of industry of great interest 
to the thoughtful student of conditions. The au- 
thor believes that a peaceful solution of present 
problems^ is to be found in the logical development 
of our institutions. 

Finance, Prices 

Bonbright, James C. Railroad capitaliza- 
tion; a study of the principles of regu- 
lation of railroad securities. 1920. 

L 6589, 95 ' 

(Columbia university studies in history, eco- 
nomics and public law.) 

Jordan, David F. Jordan on investments. 
1921. L 17458 

Murchison, Claudius Temple. Resale price 
maintenance. 1919. L 6589, 82" 

(Columbia university studies in history, eco- 
nomics and public law.) 

Political Science 

Bryce, James, (Viscount Bryce.) Modern 
democracies. 1921. 2v. L 15889 

A discussion of the great democracies of the 
world, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, North 
and Latin America. The Atlantic Monthly says 
jt is "the work of a master hand which has not lost 
its cunning." 

Chafee, Zechariah. 

Freedom of speech. 
L 15735 

An informing book for those who think our 
country can make no mistakes, and a consoling one 
for the pessimists who despair of the cause of free- 
dom of speech in America. 

Irwin, Inez Haynes. The story of the 
Woman's party. 1921. L 15976 

A book of historical value, furnishing a correct 
account (with statistics) of the struggle preceding 
the federal amendment that gave the suffrage to 

Mason, Augustus Lynch. Guiding princi- 
ples for American voters; an introduc- 
tion to the study of elementary American- 
ism. 1920. L 18383 

A handbook of Americanism intended first of all 
for the newly enfranchised voter. It is a popular 
argument for a conservative interpretation of the 
federal constitution and its fundamental principles. 

Metcalfe, A. E. At last; conclusion of 
Woman's effort. 1919. L 15981 


Daniels, John. America via the neighbor- 
hood. 1920. L 16052 

(Americanization studies.) 

A thorough and authoritative account of the 
various ways to reach foreigners through settle- 
ments, schools, libraries, churches, etc. 

Park, Robert E., and Miller, Herbert A. 
Old world traits transplanted. 1921. 

L 16082 

(Americanization studies.) 

This book explains the immigrant's attitude as 
due to the traditions he brings with him. It 
sets forth the obstacles to adjustment that confront 
him, shows the importance of the foreign colony 
as a stepping stone to assimilation, and illustrates 
by stories of almost every nationality. 

Roberts, Peter. The problem of American- 

ization. 1920. 

Foreign Relations 
Chamberlain, George Agnew. 
worth saving. 1920. 


L 16087 

L 16345 



Mr. Chamberlain takes the position that the only- 
alternative to perpetual chaos in Mexico is to 
establish an orderly nation by depriving her of 
self-determination and deciding for her what she 
shall and shall not do. 

Dickinson, G. Lowes. Causes of interna- 
tional war. 1920. L 16348 

(International relations series.) 

Levermore, Charles H. What the League 
of Nations has accomplished in one year, 
January to December, 1920. 1921. L 21467 

Pitkin, Walter B. 

Must we fight Japan? 
L 16346 

The writer has presented in a sane, impartial 
and scholarly manner those factors which are tend- 
ing to keep the peace. The book performs an 
important service in clearing away many false im- 
pressions. Joseph Mos'her in the Publishers' 


Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Collected legal 
papers (1885-1918). 1920. N 5452 

The forbiddingly colorless title does grave in- 
justice to an extraordinary book of thoroughly 
matured human wisdom. The bulk of this volume 
is devoted to technical legal essays, but the law 
interests Justice Holmes mainly as a window look- 
ing out on life and destiny. New Republic. 

Taft, William Howard. Taft papers on 
league of nations. 1920. L 21457 

This volume embodies much of the soundest 
thinking on the subject of the League of Nations 
that has thus far found expression in America. 
Review of Reviews. 


Beeley, Arthur L. An experimental study 
in left-handedness, with practical sugges- 
tions for schoolroom tests. 1918. 

L 19749, 2 11 
(Supplementary educational monographs.) 

Coursault, Jesse H. The principles of ed- 
ucation. 1920. L 19372 

(Beverley educational series.) 

The book is excellently organized for teaching 
purposes. The reinterpretation of the contribu- 
tions of the great educational philosophers is clear 
and concise, and is interwoven most appropriately 
with the unfolding of the theme. School Rtvitw, 

Craddock, Ernest A. The class-room re- 
public. 1920. L 19498 

An untechnical account of the application of 
democracy to secondary class-room government; 
relating how the author introduced the plan to 
the boys, and how they worked it out successfully 
for themselves. 

Freeman, Frank N., and others. The hand- 
writing movement; a study of the motor 
factor of excellence in penmanship. 1918. 

L 19749, 2 111 
(Supplementary educational monographs.) 

Hanus, Paul H. School administration and 
school reports. 1920. L 20059 

Contents: The meaning of education. Some 
principles of school administration. Town and city 
school reports, more particularly superintendents' 
reports. Testing the efficiency of public schools. 
Courtis arithmetic tests _applied to employees in 
business houses. Measuring progress in learning 
Latin. How far shall the state go? The German 
example. German schools and American education. 

Germany's kultur. The Harvard graduate school 
of education. 

A book intended for the practical guidance of 
school boards and officers. 

Hobson, Elsie Garland. Educational legis- 
lation and administration in the state of 
New York from 1777 to 1850. 1918. 

L 19749, 3 1 
(Supplementary educational monographs.) 

Johnson, Richard Otto. Standardization 
efficiency heredity; schools for the deaf. 
1920. L 19686 

The report of a committee to investigate the 
efficiency of schools for the deaf and its meas- 
urements by mental tests. The subjects include 
psychological theory ; various scales, the physiology 
of the defect, qualifications of teachers, and sug- 
gestions for courses of study. 

Lyon, Leverett S. A survey of commercial 
education in the public high schools of 
the United States. 1919. L 19749, 2 T 

(Supplementary educational monographs.) 

MacCracken, John Henry. College and 
commonwealth, and other educational 
papers and addresses. 1920. L 19952 

Embodies a fine coherent philosophy of life and 
education profoundly needed in America today . . . 
The content of every paragraph is worth while, 
and the clear strong style rises not infrequently 
to what Matthew Arnold calls nobility. Survey. 

Smith, Henry Louis. Your biggest job, 
school or business; some words of coun- 
sel for red-blooded young Americans who 
are getting tired of school. 1920. L 19428 
Little talks on the value of education and the 
importance of study. 

Snedden, David. ' Vocational education. 

1920. L 19581 

(Brief course series in education.) 

Starch, Daniel. Educational measurements. 
1918. L 19530 

Wheelock, Lucy, ed. The kindergarten 
children's .hour. 1920. 5v. L 19783 

v. 1. Stories for little children. 
2. Children's occupations. 
3. Talks to children on shelter, food, cloth- 
ing, light, telling time, traveling, music, art, toys. 

4. Talks to mothers. 

5. Songs with music. 

Reading and Readers 

Burgess, Mary Ayres. The measurement of 
silent reading. 1921. L 19724 

(Russell Sage foundation. Education monographs.) 

Cathcart, George R., comp. Cathcart's 
literary reader. 1920. K 12625, 195 

(International library of technology.) 

Deming, Norma H., and Bemis, Katherine 
I., comp. Pieces for every day the schools 
celebrate. 1921. J 6250 

Field, Walter Taylor. The Field primer. 

1921. J 7489 

Judd, Charles Hubbard, and others. Read- 
ing: its nature and development. 1918. 

L 19749, 2 IT 

(Supplementary educational monographs.) 



Stinchfield, Sara M. A preliminary study 
in corrective speech. 1920. L 18850, I 111 
(University of Iowa studies in child welfare.) 


Carnahan, David Hobart. Short French re- 
view grammar and composition book, 
with everyday idiom drill and conversa- 
tional practice. 1920. J 7406 
(Heath's modern language series.) 

Laukis, J., and Edwards, C. E. Lithuanian 
self-instruction. 1920. J 4243 

O'Toole, Rose M. Practical English for 
new Americans. 1920. J 4437 

Patterson, William Robert. Colloquial 
Spanish. 1919. J 4084 

Pecorini, Alberto. The story of America; 
prepared for the Massachusetts Society 
of the Colonial Dames. 1920. J 4438 

English and Italian on opposite pages. 

Wilkins, Ernest Hatch, and Marinoni, 
Antonio. L'ltalia. 1920. J 3949 

(The University of Chicago Italian series.) 


Cox, G. H., and others. Field methods in 
petroleum geology. 1921. K 20393 

Davis, Mrs. Nettie Stewart. Vocational 
arithmetic for girls. 1920. K 18646 

Finch, W. Coles, and Hawks, Ellison. Water 
in nature. 1919. K 20171 

(Romance of reality series.) 

A fascinating summary of the scientific relation 
of water to cloud, atmosphere, ocean, rain, hail, 
snow, ice, glaciers, springs, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, 
mountains, caves, rocks, reefs, and corals. 

Gardner, Marshall B. A journey to the 
earth's interior; or, Have the poles really 
been discovered. 1920. K 18944 

Holt, James. Finger prints simplified; a 
handbook of the science of finger print 
identification. 1920. K 20944 

Huntington, Ellsworth, and Gushing, Sum- 
ner W. Principles of human geography. 
1921. K 20913 

A summary in clear, illustrated textbook form 
of geographic influences upon human activities. 

Thomson, J. Arthur. Natural history stud- 
ies; an anthology from the author's own 
works. 1921. K 20711 

; -'A collection of simple essays on nature, dealing 
with such subjects as tadpoles, instinct, water in- 
sects,. -etc., grouped according to season. 

Woodhull, John F. The teaching of science. 
1918. K 18638 

A plea for instruction in science for secondary 
schools that shall be based on the facts of the 
student's own experience and freed from bookish- 
ness, formalism and dogmatism. 


Gernsback, Sidney. A thousand and one 
formulas; the laboratory handbook for 
the experimenter, with an appendix of 
useful tables. 1920. K 22301 

Physiology, Hygiene 

Appelt, Alfred. The real cause of stam- 
mering and its permanent cure; a treatise 
on psycho-analytical lines. 1920. N 288 

Benedict, Francis G., and Talbot, Fritz B. 

Metabolism and growth from 'birth to 

puberty. 1921. N 41 

(Carnegie institution of Washington publications.) 

Burnham, Athel Campbell. The community 
health problem. 1920. N 2802 

A summary of the development, present con- 
dition, and future possibilities of the federal health 
service, explaining the relation of social medicine 
to the health of the community. 

Harrow, Benjamin. Vitamines, essential 
food factors. 1921. N 2495 


Lehrfeld, Louis. Short talks on personal 
and community health. 1920. N 2807 

Loosmore, W. Charles. Nerves and the 
man; a popular psychological and con- 
structive study of nervous breakdown. 
1921. N 2274 

Pope, Amy Elizabeth. Materia medica, 
pharmacology and therapeutics for nurses. 
1921. N47 

Strong, Richard P., and others. Typhus 
fever with particular reference to the 
Serbian epidemic. 1920. N 1755 


Carman, Edwin S. Foundry moulding ma- 
chines and pattern equipment; a treatise 
showing the progress made by the foun- 
dries using machine moulding methods. 
1920. K 22952 

The author has designed, built and used mould- 
ing machines of every type and size, and many 
of the features of the modern moulding machine 
are the results of his own experience. 

Collins, A. Frederick. Farm and garden 
tractors; how to buy, run, repair and take 
care of them. 1920. K 23844 

A convenient handbook, containing simple ex- 
planations about every kind of tractor, with de- 
tailed- illustrations. 


Crowell & Murray. The iron ores of Lake 
Superior: containing some facts of in- 
terest relating to mining and shipping of 
the ore and location of principal mines. 
1920. K 23056 



Military Science 

Stewart, M. B., and Waldron, W. H. Thirty- 
minute talks. 1920. K 31093 
Map bound separately, with same call number. 


Andrews, Lincoln C. Manpower. 1920. 

L 20289 

Kilduff, Edward Jones. The stenographer's 
manual. 1921. J 5941 

Naylpr, Emmett Hay. Trade associations; 
their organization and' management. 1921. 

K 22385 

New York (city). University. The atten- 
tion value of advertisements in a leading 
periodical; an experiment in measuring 
the relative attention secured by various 
advertisements in the Saturday Evening 
Post. 1920. L 20676 

Osborn, Alex. F. A short course in ad- 
vertising. 1921. L 20677 

His work stands out among a score of others 
treating of the same subject for the amount of 
information it contains and for the splendidly sim- 
ple manner in which the author presents his facts. 
- New York Post. 


Huntington, Dwight W. Breeding game 
birds, a profitable industry. 1921. 

K 24349 

Bound with: Game farming for profit and pleas- 

"A hand-book on the propagation and manage- 
ment of our American game birds, the methods 
and appliances used in rearing and in the prac- 
tical protection of wild-nesting birds." 

Game farming for profit and pleasure; 
a manual on the wild turkeys, grouse, 
quail or partridges, wild ducks and the 
introduced pheasants and gray partridges, 
including also an appendix on powder, 
loads, etc. 1915. K 24349 


Laut, Agnes C. The fur trade of America. 
1921. K 25787 

Miss Laut has given close study to every phase 
of the fur business throughout the northwest. 
Several chapters are devoted to the development 
of fur farms of which there are but sixty-five in the 
United States while Canada has over a thousand. 

Chemical Technology 

Kahn, Allen Ray. Sugar; a popular treatise. 
1921. K 25418 

Stephenson, J. Industrial fuels. 1919. 

K 25357 
Manufactures, Trades 

Mitchell, Charles F., and Mitchell, George 
A. Building construction and drawing; 
a text book on the principles and details 
of modern construction. 1919. K 26206 

Stevens, Henry P. The paper mill chemist. 
1919. K 25822 


Elledge, Harvey Gerald, and Wakefield, 
Alice Lucille. The conservation of tex- 
tiles. 1921. K 24887 

Washington State College. Pullman Library. 
Bibliography of the economics of textiles 
and clothing, prepared by the College of 
Home Economics and the college library. 
1918. *O 2164 

(.Home economics series.) 

American Face Brick Association. The 

home of beauty; a collection of architec- 
tural designs for small houses. 1921. 

K 27706 

Denison's directory; manufacturers of jew- 
elry, silverware, watch cases, etc., in the 
United States and Canada. 1920. *K 28388 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Gamble, William. Photography and its ap- 
plications. 1920. K 29441 
(Pitman's common commodities and industries.) 

Gill, Boyd A. Perspective delineation. 1921. 

K 28584 

Gould, G. Glen. Monograph on Chinese 
rugs. 1921. K 28755 

Home builder's plan book. 1921. K 27721 

"A collection of architectural designs for small 
houses submitted in competition by architects and 
architectural draftsmen in connection with the 
1921 Own Ycur Home Expositions, New York and 

Jackson, A. F., and B. How to select fur- 
nishings for the home. 1918. 2v. *P 3238 
v. 1. The principles of color selection applied 
to twenty color schemes. 

2. The principles of furniture selection and 
complete room arrangement designed for the color 
schemes in Part I. 

Langfeld, Herbert Sidney. The aesthetic 
attitude. 1920. K 26728 

Although he draws most of his examples from 
painting (the art with which lie is most "familiar), 
Professor Langfeld's conclusions are equally valid 
in sculpture or music or literature. Form, rather 
than matter, receives the natural emphasis in any 
work on aesthetics. New York Post. 


Audsley, George Ashdown. Organ-stops 
and their artistic registration; names, 
farms, construction, tonalities, and offices 
in scientific combination. 1921. K 29942 


Brown, Florence Warren, and Boyd, Neva 
L. Old English and American games for 
school and playground; harmonizing of 
music by Gertrude Shoemaker. 1915. 

K 30058 

Cree, A. M. Handbook of ball-room danc- 
ing. 1920. K 30275 



Athletics, Fishing, Hunting 

Camp, Walter. Training for sports. 1921. 

K 30469 

Holden, George Parker. The idyl of the 
split-bamboo. 1920. K 30824 

"A carefully detailed description of the rod's 
building, prefaced by a dissertation on the joys of 
angling, there being appended some information on 
the home cultivation of silkworm-gut and sugges- 
tions on landing-nets and other equipment, and 
for the angler's camp." 

Roth the expert and the tyro will find good 
fishing in these attractive pages. Outlook. 

Rutledge, Archibald. Plantation game trails. 
1921. K 30889 

The story of hunting in the Santee river coun- 
try of South Carolina. 


History, Criticism 

Beers, Henry A. The Connecticut wits, and 
other essays. 1920. J 6383 

Contents: The Connecticut wits. The singer 
of the Old swimmin' hole. Emerson's journal. 
The art of letter writing. Thackeray's centenary. 
Retrospects and prospects of the English drama. 
Sheridan. The poetry of the cavaliers. Abra- 
ham Cowley. Milton's tercentenary. Shakespeare's 

Scholarship and humor aie admirably blended in 
these essays. Outlook. 

Garden, Percy T. The murder of Edwin 
Drood, recounted by John Jasper; being 
an attempted solution of the mystery 
based on Dickens' manuscript and mem- 
oranda. 1920. J 7231 

Mr. Garden's solutions are ingenious and plau- 
sible, worked out by Sherlock Holmes methods. 
New York Post. 

Ellis, Havelock. The new spirit. 1921. 


(The modern library of the world's best books.) 
Contents: Preface. Introduction. Diderot. 

Heine, Whitman, Ibsen. Tolstoi. Huysmans. 


Haney, John Louis. 

English literature. 

Meets the puzzling requirement of interest with 
instruction to a remarkable degree of success. 
Adaptation and a somewhat novel approach are the 
two prime virtues of the book. The book is rich 
in fresh personal details, oddly significant anec- 
dotes, typical remarks, and so on. New York Post. 

Mencken, H. L. RASCOE, BURTON, and others. 
H. L. Mencken: Fanfare, by Burton Ras- 
coe; The American critic, by Vincent 
O'Sullivan; Bibliography, by F. C. Hen- 
derson. 1920. J 7045 

Neilson, William Allan, and Thorndike, 

Ashley Horace. A history of English 

literature. 1920. J 6396 
A textbook for high schools. 

Poe, Edgar Allan. SMITH, C. ALPHONSO. 
Edgar Allan Poe; how to know him. 1921. 


A detailed and informative discussion of Poe 
the man, of Poe the teller of tales, the poet, and 

the critic. Prof. Smith lays particular stress upon 
the influence of Poe in European as well as Ameri- 
can literature, and shows that as a world author 
he has attained a position equaled by few if any 
Americans. Bookman. 

Pollak, Gustav. International minds and 
the search for the restful. 1919. J 7663 
A collection of essays divided into two groups, 
in the first of which the author claims "that in- 
tellect recognizes no distinctions of nationality, race, 
or religion. The second deals with Feuchtersleben 
and his Hygiene of the soul. 

Smith, Lewis Worthington, and Hathaway, 
Esse V. The sky line in English litera- 
ture. 1920. J 6369 

A discussion of the high lights of the literature 
which the authors regard as necessarily the great- 
est in the world in proportion as the English 
speaking people hold the leading place in a ma- 
terial sense. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. BROWN, GEORGE E. 
A book of R. L. S.; works, travels, friends 
and commentators. 1919. J 6384 

A Stevenson commentary arranged in dictionary 
form covering his works and the places and char- 
acters mentioned in them, his friends and the peo- 
ple who wrote of him, in entertaining articles of 
some length. 


Bleyer, Willard Grosvenor. How to write 
special feature articles. 1920. J 7243 

"A handbook for reporters, correspondents and 
free-lance writers who desire to contribute to popu- 
lar magazines and magazine section of newspapers." 

Latin Literature 

Sallust. Sallust, with an English transla- 
tion, by J. C. Rolfe. 1921. L 12260 

(The Loeb classical library.) Latin and English 


Berdan, John M. Early Tudor poetry, 1485- 
1547. 1920. J 6385 

(Studies in Tudor literature.) 

A critical discussion of the pre-Elizabethan period 
of English literature treated ir. its relation to the 
golden age that followed it. 

Brooke, Stopford A. Naturalism in Eng- 
lish poetry. 1920. J 6387 

Contents: Dryden and Pope. Young and Thom- 
son. Collins and Gray. The French revolution 
and the poets who preceded it. Crabbe and Cowper. 
Robert Burns. Wordsworth, the poet of nature. 
Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron. The poetry of 
Shelley. Shelley's interpretation of Christianity. 
The poetry of Byron. Byron's Cain. 

A critical review of an interesting phase of 
English literature written with what the New York 
Post calls "a wholesome lack of those snappy meta- 
phors and that supercilious satire that characterize 
too much modern writing." 

Dryden, John. VAN DOREN, MARK. The 
poetry of John Dryden. 1920. J 6371 

An appreciation of the poetry, exclusive of drama- 
tic work, of "the greatest neglected English poet." 

Parsons, Mary Prescott. The new poetry; 
a study outline. 1919. J 6397 

(Study outline series.) 

"Includes poets of the United States, England 
and Ireland, most of whose work has been pub- 
lished since 1900." Introductory note. 



Tennyson, Alfred. SMITH, JEAN PAULINE. 
The aesthetic nature of Tennyson. 1920. 



Aiken, Conrad. Punch, the immortal liar; 
documents in his history. 1921. E 10607 
A narrative poem using the puppet character as 
a prototype of the frailties of mankind. 

Banning, Kendall. The phantom caravan. 
1920. E 10634 

The waggoner. 1920. 
E 14496 

Puts down what he sees in a language intensely 
musical and intensely local. He does not try to 
make poetry by transcribing poetical landscape, but 
he makes actual landscape and country life into 
very real poetry. Llewellyn Jones in the Chicago 

Van Dyke, Tertius. 
rinding. 1920. 

Songs of seeking and 
E 15091 

Blunden, Edmund. 

Brodhay, O. Chester. 

Verses of idle hours. 
E 14504 

Fletcher, John Gould. Breakers and gran- 
ite. 1921. E 14658 
Distinctly American poems of the imagist type 
written from the perspective of residence in Eng- 
land. The _ subjects are taken from New York, 
Chicago, Arizona and other widely scattered regions. 

Flexner, Hortense. Clouds and cobble- 
stones. 1920. E 14661 

A first volume of lyrics and sonnets on themes 
as varied as the title indicates. 

Halek, Vitezslav. 

Evening songs. 1920. 
E 14734 

Lee, Harry. High company; sketches of 
courage and comradeship. 1920. El 1200 
Free verse sketches telling with humor and sym- 
pathy of the hospital -life of wounded returned 

Leonard, William Ellery. The lynching bee. 
and other poems. 1920. E 11196 

These poems are like eagles on sunset crags and 
their plumage is ruffled by the storm. None has 
surpassed him in seeing the visible world and the 
things that fill i_t; ncne has equaled him in thinking 
aoout those things largely and nobly and under 
some aspect of eternity. Nation. 

Low, Benjamin R. C. Broken music. 1920. 

E 11223 

A collection of Mr. Low's best poems selected 
from his four published- volumes. 

Mathers, Edward Powys, tr. The garden 
of bright waters; one hundred and twenty 
Asiatic love poems. 1920. E 14341 

Most of the poems are in vers libre. The keen 
music which blows through them like a wind is 
the more striking . . . The imagery, whether faith- 
ful to the original texts or not, is certainly cap- 
tivating. Babette Deutsch in the New York Post. 

Temple, Anna. The kneeling camel, and 
other poems. 1920. E 15051 

One takes pleasure in these verses in these days 
of upheaval for the very peace of them, for the 
simple style of them that might have been Blake's, 
and we may judge them from much the same 
literary standpoint. Boston Transcript. 

Sonnets and lyrics in standard forms. 


Emerson, John, and Loos, Anita. How to 
write photoplays; with a complete scen- 
ario of The love expert. 1920. E 13084 

Jameson, Storm. Modern drama in Europe. 
1920. E 12403 

The author arranges the European drama of the 
last half^century by ideas instead of by nationality. 
She believes that following upon the swift ad- 
vance made in Ibsen's time the plays of today are 
distinctly second rate. The London Mercury re- 
gards the book as one of the best of recent works 
on the subject. 

North Dakota. University. The book of 
Shakespeare, the playmaker; written in 
collaboration by twenty students, under 
the direction of Prof. Frederick H. Koch. 
1916. E 12672 

"Designed for the Shakespeare tercentenary com- 
memoration by the Sock and Buskin Society, for 
presentation at the Bankside theatre on the campus." 

Phelps, William Lyon. Essays on modern 
dramatists. 1921. E 14189 

Contents: J. M. Barrie. George Bernard Shaw. 
John Galsworthy. Clyde Fitch. Maurice Maeter- 
linck. Edmond Rostand. 




John. Mary Stuart; 

a play. 
E 12019 

A presentation of Mary the lover. The action 
covers only a few days but in the simple dialogue 
we receive a convincing picture (in the words of 
the London Times) of her "queenliness, sorrows, 
her fine temper, her courage, her wisdom, and her 
unsatisfied heart and brain." 

Irving, Washington. The headless horse- 
man; a play based on The legend of 
Sleepy Hollow, 'by C. S. Griffin. 1918. 

E 13792 

Maugham, W. S. The unknown; a play in 
three acts. 1920. E 14087 

Varesi, Gil da, and Byrne, 
madame; a play in three 

Dolly. Enter 
acts. 1921. 

E 12966 

A comedy that is better for acting than reading. 
It presents a famous opera singer whose devoted 
husband has finally tired of constant subservience 
to her whims and determines to get a divorce. The 
play shows how he is won back in tpite of himself. 

Essays and Miscellanies 

Beerbohm, Max. And even now. 1921. 


Cook, Sir Edward. Literary recreations. 
1919. 'E2317 

Contents: The art of biography. Some remarks 
on Ruskin's style. The art of indexing. Fifty 
years of a literary magazine. Literature and mod- 
ern journalism. Words and the war. A study in 
superlatives. The poetry of a painter. The second 
thoughts of poets. 

Hackett, Francis. 

The invisible censor. 

A representative collection of sketches and articles 
reprinted from The New Republic, containing clever 



and carefully pointed comments on men and events 
including such varied personalities as Billy Sunday 
and W. B. Yeats. 

Masson, Thomas L. 

Dogs from Life. 1920. 
K 28528 

Storm, Marian. Minstrel weather. 1920. 


Charming essays inspired by the aspects of nature 
from the impressionistic pen of a writer vividly 
sensitive to the most delicate of its changing moods. 


Armstrong, Maitland. Day before yester- 
day; reminiscences of a varied life. 1920. 

C 20641 

The narrative of an octogenarian who tells his 
story as simply as if writing his memories in a letter 
to a friend. It relates many minor incidents in the 
lives of prominent people. 

Choate, Joseph H. MARTIN, EDWARD SAN- 
FORD, ed. The life of Joseph Hodges 
Choate as gathered chiefly from his let- 
ters, including his own story of his boy- 
hood and youth. 1920. C 21229 
Gaps in the letters are filled first from an at- 
tempted autobiography which covers the period up 
to his marriage, and later from a well-stocked scrap- 
book extending over forty years. 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. BROWN, P. 
HUME. Life of Goethe, with a prefatory 
note by Viscount Haldane. 1920. 2 v. 

C 22126 

A splendid modern estimate of Goethe, scholarly, 
sane, and well-balanced, without much of the exag- 
gerated hero-worship characterizing many previous 

Johnson, Lionel. 

Some Winchester letters. 
C 22672 

Mason, Stevens Thomson. HEMANS, LAWTON 

T. Life and times of Stevens Thomson 

Mason, the boy governor of Michigan. 

1920. C 23295 

(Michigan historical publications.) 

Mitchell, S. Weir. BURR, CHARLES W. S. 
Weir Mitchell, physician, man of science, 
man of letters, man of affairs. 1920. 

C 23409 

Nevill, Lady Dorothy. NEVILL, RALPH. The 
life and letters of Lady Dorothy Nevill. 
1919. C 23584 

A charming, witty, whimsical woman, who dying 
the year before the war left no successors of her 
type. These pages reflect much of the social side 
of English political leaders and are filled with 
amusing stories and with letters from notable people. 

Owen, Robert. The life of Robert Owen, 

by himself. 1920. C 23661 

The story of the great pioneer in the field of 

economics who was among the first to understand 

the underlying reasons of industrial revolution. 

Villiers, Frederic. Villiers; his five decades 
of adventure. 1920. C 24694 

A chatty and interesting autobiography of a vet- 
eran war correspondent and artist, covering stirring 
events during two and a half generations in every 
part of the globe. 

Williams, Roger. STRICKLAND, ARTHUR B. 

Roger Williams, prophet and pioneer of 

soul-liberty. 1919. C 24878 

A ^biography dealing with _the struggles of the 

colonists for freedom of worship. 


Cameron, Charlotte. A cheechako in Alaska 
and Yukon. 1920. I 11789 

The detailed record of a 2200 mile journey on 
the Yukon by an adventurous Englishwoman, de- 
scribing this fascinating region, ito Eskimo life, fur- 
trading and salmon fishing, and including bits of 
Indian legend lore. 

Chase, J. Smeaton. Our Araby: Palm 
Springs and the Garden of the Sun. 1920. 


"Illustrated from photographs by the author; 
with a descriptive list of desert plants, etc., and 
Hints to desert motorists, also a new map of the 
region by the U. S. Geological Survey." 

Dana, Richard Henry. Hospitable England 
in the seventies; the diary of a young 
American, 1875-1876. 1921. 1 10364 

A picture of English hospitality as seen at its 
best by the son of the traveler "before the mast." 

Field (Marshall) & Co. Chicago, the great 

central market; a collection of editorials 

and illustrations from the "Field quality 

news." 1921. *P 2899 

Chicago plan, p. 23-29. 

Hamilton, Lord Frederick, 
yesterday. 1920. 

The days before 
I 11252 

Companion to The vanished pomps of yesterday, 
I 11251. 

Lord Frederick Hamilton wanders on in the most 
charming aimless fashion through pages of the most 
delightful reminiscence. . . It is just an old man's 
talk about his youth but what a picture he paints! 
North American Review. 

Sheridan, Clare, 
a diary. 1921. 

Mayfair to Moscow; 

Mrs. Sheridan's diary, with the refreshing view- 
point she gained while engaged in sculpturing the 
heads of Russian leaders, somewhat relieves the ap- 
prehensions raised by the report of_ Mr. Wells on 
conditions in Russia, although she did not have the 
same opportunity to gain first-hand impressions. 


Baring-Gould, S. Devonshire characters 
and strange events. 1908. A 5433 

Bouton, S. Miles. And the Kaiser abdi- 
cates; the story of the death of the Ger- 
man empire and the birth of the republic 
told by an eye-witness. 1920. A 5546 
A dramatic account of the fall of the German 
monarchy by the first enemy war-correspondent to 
enter Berlin after the armistice. He describes 
clearly the structure of the monarchy, the growth 
of socialism, the political history of the war, and 
the successive revolutions. 

Guerard, Albert Leon. French civilization 
from its origins to the close of the mid- 
dle ages. 1920. A 5746 
A survey of French life and history of interest 
to the general reader, while intended primarily to 



furnish an adequate background for the study of 

Konopczynski, Ladislas. A brief outline of 
Polish history. 1920. A 6097 

(Polish encyclopaedic publications.) 

Taylor, Henry Osbprn. Thought and ex- 
pression in the sixteenth century. 1920. 
2v. A 5968 

v.l. The humanism of Italy. Erasmus and Luther. 
The French mind. 

2. England. Philosophy and science. 
Reviewers agree in calling this book a ''feast" 
of Renaissance learning and arts. The New York 
Post says the author "tumbles on the cloth the 
learning, painting, dogma, poetry, drama, politics, 
science, philosophy, credulity, and reason of the 
most variegated of modern centuries." 

Williams, Mary Wilhelmine. Social Scandi- 
navia in the Viking age. 1920. A 4459 
A careful study of the contents of archeological 
museums has enabled the author to depict very 
clearly the living conditions, the religion, the agri- 
culture, martial prowess, language and literature, 
and the social and political structure of the earliest 
period of Scandinavian history. 

European War 

Beaman, Ardern. The squadroon. 1920. 

A 7157 

Pleasant, graphic, fluently-written reminiscences 
of a clergyman attached to a cavalry brigade. 

James, Bessie R. For God, for country, for 
home; the National League for Woman's 
Service. 1920. A 7162 

A review, clear, readable and well illustrated, of 
all kinds of work which American women united to 
do in the war days. Booklist. 

Jellicoe, Viscount. The crisis of the naval 
war. 1921. A 7161 

Companion volume to The grand fleet, 1914 191-6, 

The authentic story of the defeat of the sub- 
marine campaign. It explains questions of policy 
and strategy, the influence of sea power in the great 
war, devotes one chapter to the co-operation of the 
United States, and relates many stories of heroism 
and daring. 

Kincaid-Smith, M. The 25th Division in 
France and Flanders. 1918. A 7155 

Ward, John. With the "Die-hards" in 
Siberia. 1920. A 7158 

A vivid and fascinating narrative set down for 
the private use of the author's sons in case he did 
not return. It contains chapters on From Hong 
Kong to Siberia, Bolshevik successes, Japanese 
methods and Allied far-eastern policy, Russian 
labor, etc. 

Wythe, George. A history of the 90th div- 
ision. 1920. A 7159 


Kara, Katsuro. An introduction to the his- 
tory of Japan. 1920. A 4973 
(Yamato Society publications.) 
A carefully evolved and well written synopsis of 
the many centuries of Japanese national life. . . . 
It is honest Japanese propaganda, and it makes no 
pretensions of being anything else. Boston Tran- 

The Jews 

Heifetz, Elias. The slaughter of the Jews 
in the Ukraine in 1919. 1921. A 2690 
Dr. Heifetz is not content merely to set down a 
tale of horrors. He seeks to analyze the social and 
psychological factors which lie behind this explo- 
sion of wholesale murder New Republic. 

Sampter, Jessie E., ed. 

A guide to Zionism. 
A 2689 

Spargo, John. The Jew and American ideals. 
1921. A 2691 

A defence of American ideals and institutions 
against anti-Semitism, and especially against the 
British anti-Semitic press and Henry Ford for their 
acceptance of the Protocols and consequent attempts 
to incite religious and racial prejudices by propa- 
ganda based upon unproved premises. 

United States 

Bennett, Helen B., and Haniphy, Joseph A., 
ed. Historical readings; an introduction 
to the study of American history; in- 
troduction by George Burman Foster. 
1920. B 5551 

Bolton, Herbert E. and Marshall, Thomas 
M. The colonization of North America, 
1492-1783. 1920. B 5555 

A solid treatise providing a more complete ac- 
count than previous works have done of the colonies 
of nations other than the English and of English 
colonies other than those which established their 
independence. Times (London). 

Pettigrew, R. F. The course of empire, an 
official record; introduction by Scott 
Nearing. 1920. B 5935 

Contents: Hawaii. The acquisition of the Philip- 
pines. Imperialism at home. Appendices. 


Bassett, Sara Ware. Flood tide. 1921. 

F 10859 

A pleasant, well-written story of Cape Cod con- 
taining minor characters that have appeared in the 
author's earlier books. 

Blasco Ibafiez, Vicente. The Mayflower 
(Flor de mayo); a tale of the Valencian 
seashore. 1921. F 11259 

A story of the rough fisher folk of the author's 
native province told in broad strokes with un- 
compromising realism and dramatic feeling. 

Chekhov, Anton. The schoolmistress, and 
other stories. 1921. F 11929 

Contents: The schoolmistress. A nervous break- 
down. Misery. Champagne. After the theatre. 
A lady's story. In exile. The cattle-dealeis. Sor- 
row. On official duty. The first-class passenger. 
A tragic actor. A transgression. Small fry. The 
requiem. In the coach-house. Panic fears. The 
bet. The head gardener's story. The beauties. 
The shoemaker and the devil. 

Russian character sketches comprising some of 
the finest of Chekhov's stories. 

Comfort, Will Levington, and Armstrong, 
Willimina L., (Zamin Ki Dost). Son of 
power. 1920. F 12082 

A series of short stories, full of Indian mysticism 
and glamour, about Skag, who first became ac- 
quainted with wild animals at the Lincoln Park 



Zoo, about his running away from home to become 
a circus trainer, and his exploits with various 
jungle beasts. 

Kelland, Clarence Budington. 
Baines. 1921. 

F 14452 

Cullum, Ridgwell. 

The heart of Unaga. 
F 21410 

An unusual plot in which an officer of the north- 
west police devotes many years to the search of the 
sleep-inducing drug used by the hibernating In- 
dians, and is successful in penetrating to the heart 
of Unaga where he finds it. 

De Morgan, William. The old man's youth 
and the young man's old age. 1920. 

F 12453 

This novel was unfinished at the time of the 
author's death. A short setting written by Mrs. DP 
Morgan and termed "The story" has been supplied 
to elucidate the plot. 

Dodge, Louis. Tawi Tawi. 1921. F 12542 

An absorbing narrative of adventure opening on 
a large Texan ranch. The heroine is a daughter of 
a Mexican mother and Spanish father for whose 
love two young Americans are rivals. After under- 
going perilous hardships they finally return to her 
home where occurs the climax of this thrilling tale. 

Douglas, Norman. South wind. 1920. 

F 21694 

-Thev went. 1921. 

F 21695 

A fantastic and whimsical tale of a mythical 
pagan city whose red-haired, green-eyed princess 
was responsible for the departure of the men 
alluded to in the title. 

Forbes, George. Adventures in southern 
seas; a tale of the sixteenth century. 
1920. F 22203 

A romance of the days of discovery founded on 
authentic records of the Spanish, Dutch, French and 
English explorers. 

France, Anatole. The seven wives of Blue- 
beard, and other marvelous tales. 1920. 

J 154, 25 

Contents: The seven wives of Bluebeard. The 
miracle of the great St. Nicolas. The story of the 
Duchess of Cicogne and of Monsieur de Boulingrin. 
The shirt. 

Harben, Will N. 

Hichens, Robert, 
novel of today. 

The divine event. 1920. 
F 13522 

A story that deals with guardian angels and spilit 

The spirit of the time; a 
1921. F 13830 

An unsolved mystery with the scene laid in a 

Swiss town of refugees and the plot hinging on a 

string of pearls purchased by an Englishman of a 
mysterious exotic Russian princess. 

Hurst, Fannie. Star-dust; the story of an 
American girl. 1921. "F 23283 

The story opens in a boarding house in St. Louis, 
where the heroine lived with her parents and 
dreamed of becoming a great singer. Her short 
and loveless marriage, her struggle against a hated 
environment and her resolute re-making of her 
life, makes this novel well worth reading. 

Johnston, Sir Harry. The man who did 
the right thing. 1921. F 14399 

A story of an Englishman in the Indian army and 
his contact both with Africa;', missionaries and the 
British foreign office. It is hard to discover the 
line between fact and fiction, for it reads as much 
like adventurous biography as a work of the imag- 

A kindly humorous "David Harum" sort of a 
narrative, reconstructed from short magazine stories. 

Kelley, Ethel M. 

Beauty and Mary Blair. 
F 14455 

A story of sophisticated youth growing up in the 
unrestricted individualism of our present society. 
The dialogue is clever and slangy and the plot and 
characters ultra-modern. 

Marshall, Archibald. The hall and the 
grange. 1921. F 24972 

A leisurely story of English country life showing 
the effect of the war on two brothers living on ad- 
joining estates but with different temperaments and 

Marshall, Edison. The strength of the 
pines. 1921. F 24977 

The drama enacted by the beasts of the_ forest 
(including a remarkable grizzly) and their con- 
flict with man, is more convincing than the rather 
improbable plot involving the humans. 

Merwin, Samuel. In red and gold. 1921. 

F 15299 

Sequel to Hills of Han, F15298. 

Griggsby Doane, the hero of Hills of Han, re- 
appears her", as first mate of a river boat. The 
story presents a panorama of the great Yangtze 
river and its life during the outbreak of the Chinese 
revolution in 1911. 

Oldmeadow, Ernest. The hare. 

F 15753 

Sequel to Coggin, F15788. 

Coggin goes to Europe to cast off his provincial- 
ism and the evil effects of class antagonisms. He 
devote? himself to the study of the arts, especially 
music, experiences love and grief, and his conver- 
sion to Catholicism is the climax following logically 
upon the fascination he found in cathedral music 
and services. 

Porter, Eleanor H. Sister Sue. 1921. 

F 16536 

Sister Sue is the older sister in a motherless 
family consisting of three children and the father 
who has lost his fortune and his mind at the 
same time. Sue keeps houre, nurses the father, and 
supports the family (giving up a very promising 
musical career), but receives her reward at the end. 

Raine, William MacLeod. Gunsight Pass; 
how oil came to the cattle country and 
brought the new West. 1921. F 16809 
A westein story true to type in which the 
young hero gets mixed up with a group of brigands 
connected with a h j.'se stealing, a murder, a hold- 
up, and an abduction. It ends triumphantly for 
him in every case. 

Rudwin, Maximilian J., ed 
an anthology. 1921. 

Devil stories; 
F 17543 

Contents: The devil in a nunnery, by F. O. 
Mann. Belphagor; or, The marriage of the devil, 
by Machiavelli. Tte devil and Tom Walker, by 
Irving. From the memoirs of Satan, by Hauff. 
St. John's eve, by Gogol. The devil's wager; The 
painter's bargain, by Thackeray. ; Bon4jon, by Poe. 
The printer's devil. The devil's mother-in-law, 
by CabaUero. The generous gambler, by Baude- 
laire. The three low masses, by Daudet. Devil- 
puzzlers, by Perkins. The devil's round, by Deulin. 
The legend of Mont St. Michel, by Maupassant. 
The demon pope; Madam Lucifer, by Garnett. 
Lucifer, by 'France. The devil, by Gorky. The 
devil and the old man, by Masefield. 



Schem, Lida C. The hyphen. 

Sawyer, Ruth. The silver sixpence. 1921. 

F 17687 

A fairy-tale sort of story in which a professor 
of philology leaves $4,000,000 to his daughter who 
had thought they were poor, on condition that she 
make the first payment of $20,000 yield a good 
return in five years. 

1920. 2 v. 
F 17754 

A study of the German group in our American 
life including all grades of reaction to the old 
traditions and the adopted country. It is sincere 
and comprehensive and contains illuminating ma- 
terial for the student of Americanization problems. 

Scott, Temple. The silver age, and other 
dramatic memories. 1919. F 17872 

Contents: The S'lyer age. An odd volume. 
The 'ady and the singing-bird. "Any vinders to 
mend 1 ?" Reb Yankel. New York at twilight. 
Fifth Avenue and the Boulevard St. Michel. The 

ourg Sa 
Golden Disk. 

A collection of sketches and short stories filled 
with the spirit of youth. 

Sidgwick, Ethel. Madam. 1921. F 18106 

A study of moods and minds; a cross section of 
society still vibrating to the shock of war. All its 
persons are English. New York Post. 

Spears, Raymond S. The river prophet. 

1920. F 18310 
A story of the Mississippi and the drifting lives 

that dwell upon it. 

Stacpoole, H. DeVere. Satan; a romance 
of the Bahamas. 1921. F 18468 

A story with much action and daring adventure. 
On a cruise in the South Seas Bobby Ratcliffe and 
his friend desert the yacht to go with Satan and 
Jude on a tramp boat. Full of romance, Spanish 
pirates, sunken treasures, and mysterious islands. 

Stern, G. B. Debatable ground. 1921. 

F 18338 

The subject is the English Jew the man in re- 
lation to the war and nationalism, the woman in 
relation to social emancipation. The method is 
that of Wells in the thorough analysis of condi- 
tions in his purpose novels. 

Train, Arthur. By advice of counsel; being 
adventures' of the celebrated firm of Tutt 
& Tutt, attorneys and counsellors at law. 

1921. F 18545 

Contents: The shyster. The kid and the camel. 
'Contempt of court. By advice of counsel. "That 
sort of woman." You're another! Beyond a rea- 
sonable doubt. 

Kindly humorous stories of courcs and lawyers 
centering about the genial senior member of the 
firm whom the New York Times regards as "de- 
cidedly a worth-while addition to the gallery of 
lawyer portraits." 

Williamson, C. N. and A. M. The great 
pearl secret. 1921. F 19547 

A new treatment of the old theme of the substi- 
tution of false pearls for genuine ones. The hero 
is a young English nobleman married to an Ameri- 
can heiress. 

Young, Francis Brett. The tragic bride. 
1921. F 19939 

An unusual story of great beauty and touching 
appeal. It is a new departure for Brett Young in 
which the New York Times thinks he follows 
Stevenson's later style in combining realism of 
method with romantic idealism and poetic feeling. 



Grinnell, George Bird. 

When buffalo ran. 

The true story of Wikis, an Indian boy of the 
plains seventy years ago. The daily life of the 
Indian from boyhood up to manhood is simply told, 
with enough incident and adventure to make it a 
real Indian tale. 

Roadknight, Mrs., comp. Old-fashioned 
rhymes and poems. 1920. E 14340 

Rolt- Wheeler, Francis. The boy with the 
U. S. inventors. 1920. H 6124 

The twelfth book in the U. S. Service Series and 
as readable as the others. Any boy who has an 
"inventive turn," will be keenly interested in the 
description of inventions and in tracing the effect 
they have had upon civilization and the industries. 

Wonderings and 
E 15101 

Wallace, Edna Kingsley. 
other things. 1919. 


Bridges, T. C. Martin Crusoe; a boy's ad- 
venture on Wizard Island. 1920. H 7522 

How Martin Crusoe sets out in his hydroplane 
to locate the mysterious wireless call which came 
from the center of the Sargasso Sea, and of what he 
discovered there. 

Hawes, Charles Boardman. The mutineers; 
a tale of old days at sea and of adven- 
tures in the Far East as Benjamin Lath- 
rop set it down some sixty years ago. 
1920. H 8397 

Of the mutiny on board the Island Princess and 
how Benjamin Lathrop, sixteen years old, helped 
to outwit the mutineers. A thrilling se?. tale filled 
with the tang of the salt spray, and glimpses of 
outlandish bugs and murderous crews. 

Langford, George. 

Pic, the weapon-maker. 

Strange friendship between an ape-boy, a rhinoc- 
eros and a mammoth elephant during their 
travels through France in prehistoric times. Pic's 
discovery of a treasure and his ability to fashion 
weapons brings him into the good graces of a tribe 
of cave men. 

Stephens, James. Irish fairy tales; illus- 
trated by Arthur Rackham. 1920. H 6631 

Fairy tales of Ireland which are not found in 
the usual collections on Irish folklore. The stories 
are beautifully told, while the illustrations by Rack- 
ham are fascinating, bringing out the weird charm 
of the tales. 

Wallace, Dillon. Troop one of the Labra- 
dor. 1920. H 6965 
When the beloved. Doctor Joe and the Angus 
boys started on a search 'for a stolen fox skin their 
adventures began. Not until the last page is the 
thief found and the mystery cleared up, after ex- 
periences which tax the strength, pluck and scout- 
craft of the boys to their utmost. 

In the Thomas Hughes Room 
Chisholm, Louey, and Steedman, Amy, 
comp. A staircase of stories. 1920. 

A graded collection of stories of interest to 
children from four to fourteen. A good book for 
a child to own. 

Defoe, Daniel. Rabinson Crusoe; pictures 
by N. C. Wyeth. 1920. 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, first floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Adams, Bristaw. An agricultural almanac 
for 1921. A1.91202 

(Farmers' bulletin 1202.) 

Downing, F. P. Standard containers for 
fruits and vegetables. 1921. A1.9 1196 

(Farmers' bulletin 1U96.) 

Written in the interests of uniformity in size of 
hampers, baskets, crates, and boxes, for fruit and 
vegetable containers, to further the standardization, 
already regulated by law for barrels, grape baskets 
and berry baskets. 

Hagne, Arnold. Geological history of the 
Yellowstone National Park. 1920. 

I 29.2 Ye3 
(U. S. National Park Service.) 

Holt, L. Emmett. Your opportunity in the 
schools. 1921. 116.299 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Health Education 
No. 9.) 

Full of suggestions as to methods of arousing 
the interest of the children in their own health. 

Hunt, Caroline L. Fresh vegetables and 
fruits as conservers of other staple foods. 
1921. A1.9871 

(Farmers' bulletin 871, rev. 1921.) 
"Special emphasis is laid on the economy of 
combining milk and its products with vegetables and 

Illinois. Dept. of Public Welfare. After 
care of prisoners released on parole. 

"Accomplishments, statistical data, papers and 
addresses on its provisions and its administration." 

Lewis, Frank C. Farm buildings. 1921. 

(Indiana. Agricultural Experiment Station. Cir- 
cular 100.) 

Valuable suggestions with illustrations, which 
may be modified to meet individual requirements. 
Plans and blue prints obtainable. 

Lloyd, J. W. Cooperative marketing of 
horticultural products. 1920. 

(Illinois. Agricultural Experiment Station. Cir- 
cular 244.) 

A series of extracts from an exhaustive study of 
marketing conditions in California. The discussion 
of methods employed and principles involved is of 
value to Illinois and other states. 

Magnusson, Leifur. Housing by employers 

in the U. S. 1920. L2.3 263 

(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulletin 263.) 

A study in mining and manufacturing towns. 

Includes attractive illustrations of houses, with 


Moomaw, S. B., and Sherman, C. B. Aus- 
tralia and New Zealand as markets for 
American fruit. 1921. Al.14/2 145 

(U. S. Dept. ef Agriculture. Dept. Circular 145.) 
Gives production of fruit, conditions of markets, 
fruit importation laws, methods of marketing 
imported fruit, and possibilities of increasing 
American trade. 

Moore, J. G. Vegetable gardens. 1921. 

(University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture. 
Agricultural extension circ. 132.) 

A timely circular with suggestions as to location, 
soils, tools, seeds, weeds, garden pests and sprays. 

Mulford, F. L. Roses for the home. 1921. 

A1.9 750 
(Farmers' bulletin 750.) 

Nolan, Aretas W. Problem of summer 
teaching in connection with project super- 
vision. 1920. 116.22 7 

(.U. S. Bureau of Education. Secondary school 
circular 7.) 

Contains suggestions for teaching agriculture with 
illustrations of the practical application of some vital 
principles of education. 

Sando, Charles E. Process of ripening in 
the tomato, considered especially from the 
commercial standpoint. 1920. A1.3 859 
(U. S. Department of Agriculture. Bulletin 859.) 
The lack of tsste in tomatoes shipped north' dur- 
ing the winter from the south, is thought to be the 
result of packing fruit green, of wrapping and 
shipping it in closed cars. 

United States. Bureau of Fisheries. Canned 
salmon: pink and chum; with recipes for 
using them. 1921. C6.7 48 

(Economic circular 48.) 

We are told that color in salmon is only a matter 
of appearance, and that prejudice and custom have 
caused the public to ignore the pink and light 
colored salmon in -favor of the darker meats. 

Dept. of Agriculture. Fishing, hunting 

and camping on the Cascade National 
Forest. 1920. Al.14/2 104 

(Department circular 104.) 

Forest trails and highways of the 

Mount Hood region. 1920. Al.14/2 105 
(Dept. circular 105.) 

In the open: the national forests 

of Washington. 1920. 
(Dept. circular 138.) 

Al.14/2 138 

Land of beautiful water, Chelan 

National Forest, Wash. 1920. Al.14/2 91 
(Dept. crc-ilar 91.) 

Mountain outings on the Rainier 

National Forest. 1920. Al.14/2 .103 

(Dept. circular 103.) 

Vacation on the White Mountain 

National Forest. 1920. Al.14/2 100 

(Department circular 100.) 

These pamphlets show the charm of mountain and 
forest, and with description, illustrations, and maps 
demonstrate that they are pre-eminently the ideal 
places for vacations and camping. 

-Peppers. 1921. Al.14/2 160 

(De?t. circular 160.) 

Directions for their cultivation, with instructions 
for shipping and canning, together with a number 
of appetizing recipes. 

National Park Service. Grand Canyon 

National Park rules and regulations. 1921. 

I 29.9 G76-1921 

Valuable for the traveler and pleasure seeker. 

Young, R. A. Forcing and blanching 

dasheen shoots. 1920. Al.14/2 125 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 125.) 

Dasheen shoots are used much like asparagus. 

They require a special method of cooking, which is 

given in this circular. 

Zeasman, G. C., and others. Dairy barns. 

(Wisconsin. Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Bulletin 325.) 

Suggestions and plans for building new barns and 
remodeling old ones, with attention to sanitation, 
heating, ventilation, and lighting. 


(Continued from inside front cover.) 


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faculty and student body. 
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: Harrison Technical High School. 2850 24th 

St. Blvd. 
I Lake View High School. 4015 N. Ashland 

John Marshall High School. 3250 W. Adams 


Nicholas Senn High School. 5900 N. Glen- 
wood Ave. 
i Robert Lindblom High School. 62nd and 

Lincoln Sts. 


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i remote districts, administered by an attend- 
! ant not regularly on the Library Staff but 
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Dunning. 3940 Narragansett Ave. 
*East Rogers Park. 6568 Sheridan -Rd. 
*East Sixty-first St. 632 E. 61st St. 

Edison Park. 6715 Oshkosh Ave. 

Eleanor Social Center. 1515 N. Leavitt St. 

Fernwood 104th and Wallace Sts. 

Gads Hill. 1919 W. 20th St. 

Gage Park. 55th and Western Ave. 

Garden Homes. 8848 Michigan Ave. 
*Grand Ave. 1712 Grand Ave. 
*Grand Crossing. 1254 E. 75th St. 
*Gresham. 8458 Green St. 

Hegcwisch. 13301 Brandon Ave. 

Henry Booth House. 701 W. 14th Place. 

"Hermosa. 4149 Armitage Ave. 

House of Happiness. 3046 Gratten Ave. 
*Irving Park. 4227 Irving Park Blvd. 

Jefferson Park. 4761 Milwaukee Ave. 

Kedzie. 1332 S. Kedzie Ave. 

Lake View. Lill and Seminary Aves 
*Larrabee St. 2004 Larrabee St. 

Lawndale. 2140 S. Crawford Ave. 
*Le Moyne. 3712 N. Halsted St. 

Longwood. W. 97th St. and Longwood 

Mayfair. 4500 Montrose Ave. 

Montrose. 4406 Milwaukee Ave. 
*N. Clark St. 2932 N. Clark St. 

Norwood Park. 6083 Circle Ave. 
*Park Manor. 350 E. 71st St. 
*Ravenswood. 4356 N. Hermitage Ave. 
*Roseland. 11056 Michigan Ave. 
*St. Louis. 3518 Irving Park Blvd. 

Samaritan. 2601 W. Superior St. 
*So. Ashland Ave. 1254 S. Ashland Ave 
*Southport. 3751 Southport Ave. 
*So. Western Ave. 728 S. Western Ave. 

Trurnbull Park. 104th and Bensley Ave. 
* Wake ford. 7525 Cottage Grove Ave. 

Washington Heights. 1400 W. 103d St. 

West Division. 1207 N. California Ave. 
*West Harrison St. 3054 W. Harrison St. 

West Pullman. 534 W. 120th St. 
*West Ravenswood. 4762 Lincoln Ave. 
*West Sixteenth St., 4024 W. 16th St. 
*West Twelfth St. 2013 W. 12th St. 
*Wieboldt. School St. and Ashland Ave. 

Windsor Park. 2522 E. 73rd St. 


Collections placed in various businest 
houses for the use of their employees and 
administered by a librarian employed by the 

W. D. Allen Manufacturing Company 
American Bank Note Company 
Armour & Company 
Automatic Electric Company 
Boston Store 
Butler Brothers 
J. W. Butler Paper Company 
Chicago Mail Order Company 
Chicago Postal Clerks 
Continental and Commercial Bank 
Deering Harvester Company. 
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Companj 
Ederheimer Stein Company 
Federal Reserve Bank 
Marshall Field & Company 
Foley & Company 
Goodman Manufacturing Companj 
G. H. Hammond Company 
Hart, Schaffner & Marx 
Illinois Steel Company 
I. H. C. Tractor Works 
Kabo Corset Company 
L. Klein 

Kuppenheimer & Company 
LaSalle Extension University 

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Lyon & Healy 

Mandel Brothers 

Mitchell Brothers Company. 

National Biscuit Company 

The National City Bank of Chicago 

The Northern Trust Company 

People's Gas Light and Coke Company 


Ed. V. Price & Company 

Rosenwald & Weil 

Rothschild & Company 

Schoenbrun & Company 

Sears, Roebuck & Company 

A.. W. Shaw Company 

Sprague, Warner & Company 

A. Stein & Company 

Swift & Company 

Union Trust Company 

United States Rubber Company 

Universal Portland Cement Company 

The University of Chicago Press. 

The Wahl Company 

Montgomery Ward & Company 

Ward Baking Company 

Western Electric Company 

The Western Union Telegr; 

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company 


Points of call for Library 
mobiles. Patrons may leave 
will be filled at the Main L 
livered to the station. 


1 North Elm and Orleans Sts. 

2 North 2004 Larrabee St. 

4 North 4356 Hermitage Ave. 

5 North School St. and Ashland 

6 North 3212 Broadway 

7 North 6975 N. Clark St 

8 North 2273 Lincoln Ave. 

10 North 2932 N. Clark St. 

11 North 3712 N. Halsted St. 

12 North 4869-4873 Broadway 

13 North 3751 Southport Ave. 

17 North Barry and Hoyne Aves. 

18 North Vedder and Reese Sts. 

19 North 4762 Lincoln Ave. 

20 North 3456 N. Hoyne Ave. 
23 North 6568 Sheridan Road 


2 South 502 E. 31st St. 

3 South Oakwood Blvd. and La 

4 South 

5 South 

6 South 

7 South 

8 South 

10 South 


11 South 


13 South 

1 J 

15 South 


18 South 

20 South 

22 South 

23 South 

24 South 

25 South 

27 South 

29 South 

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37 South 


38 South 


39 South 

40 South 

42 South 


43 South 



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3 West 

4 West 


6 West 

7 West 

E>h Company 

9 West 
11 West 

12 West 

13 West 


14 West 

delivery auto- 
: orders which 

15 West 
16 West 

ibrary and de- 

19 West 

21 West 

22 West 

Seward Park 

23 West 
Z4 West 

Ave. Wieboldt 
Butler House 
Rogers Park 

25 West 
26 West 
27 West 
28 West 
29 West 

30 West 

Le Moyne 

34 West 
36 West 

Hamlin Park 
Stanton Park 
West Ravenswood 

38 West 
39 West 
41 West 
43 West 
45 West 

E. Rogers Park 

46 West 

47 West 

48 West 

49 West 

54 West 

ngley Ave. 

55 West 

Lincoln Centre 

56 West 

534 W. 43rd St. 

49th St. and Lake Park Ave. Blackstone 

62d St. and Normal Blvd. Hiram Kelly 

4623 Grand Blvd. 

89th St. and Muskegon Ave. Bessemer Park 

72d St. and Normal Ave. Hamilton Park 

938 E. 55th St. 

636 E. 47th St. 

11056 Michigan Ave. Roseland 

1254 E. 75th St. Grand Crossing 

8458 Green St. Gresham 

64th St. and Racine Ave. Ogden Park 

33d St. and Shields Ave. Armour Square 

Wentworth Ave and 26th St. Hardin Sq. 

4950 State St. 

4303 Drexel Blvd. Drexel 

8946 Cottage Grove Ave. Dauphin Park 

350 E. 71st St. Park Manor 

Loomii and W. 53d Sts. Sherman Park 

632 E. 61st St. 

6247 Kimbark Ave. Woodlawn 

2943 E. 79th St. Cheltenham 

lllth and S. Hoyne Ave. Morgan Park 

7525 Cottage Grove Ave. Wakeford 


17)2 Grand Ave. 

1943 W. Madison St. Lewis Inst. 

1254 S. Ashland Ave. 

728 S. Western Ave. 

Springfield Ave. and Irving Park Blvd. 

Independence Park 
1152 W. Van Buren St. 
4227 Irving Park Blvd. 

211 S. Ashland Ave. Chase House 

3052 W. Belmont Ave. Avondale 

2639 N. Rockwell St. 
1003 S. Wood St. 
Crawford Ave. and Monroe St. 

Legler Regional Branch 
3605 Armitage Ave. 
Millard Ave. and W. 23d St. Sfaedd Park 

Taylor and Lytle Sts. 
3859 W. Chicago Ave. 
3143 W. Madison St. 
953 Grand Ave. 
5644 W. Lake St. 
2248 W. Ohio St. 
4149 Armitage Ave. 
3054 W. Harriion St. 
407 S. Cicero Ave. 
3635 Lawrence Ave. 
4024 W. 16th St. 
Chicago Ave. and Noble St. 
J406 W. North Ave. 
2732 N. Avers Ave. 
2013 W. 12th St. 
1212 S. St. Louis Ave. 
3245 Fullerton Ave. 
4021 W. North Ave. 
2150 W. North Ave. 
3851 N. Albany Ave. 
1303 Blue Island Ave. 
2553 W. North Ave. 
3518 Irving Park Blvd. 
Colvin St. and Oakley Ave. 

Hebrew Institute 

Chicago Commons 


Albany Park 
Eckhart Park 
Kosciuizko Part 

Douglas Park 
Logan Square 

Association House 

St. Louis 
Holstein Park 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11 

September, 1921 

No. 7 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter Pare in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 



Allen, Frederick J. A guide to the study of 
occupations; a selected critical bibliogra- 
phy of the common occupations with 
specific references for their study. 1921. 


American-Scandinavian Foundation, New 
York. A list of five hundred books by 
Scandinavians and about Scandinavia, 
selected for the American-Scandinavian 
Foundation. 1921. *O 870 

Boston. Public library. A list of books on 
modern Ireland in the Public library of 
the city of Boston. 1921. *O 1085 

Keniston, Hayward. List of works for the 
study of Hispanic-American history. 1920. 


(Hispanic notes and monographs.) 

National Organization for Public Health 
Nursing. Library department. Reading 
lists on organization, administration and 
development of public health nursing, 
child welfare, school welfare, school nurs- 

ing and health teaching, nutrition and 
school lunches, dental hygiene, community 
hygiene and sanitation, tuberculosis, in- 
dustrial welfare, venereal disease prob- 
lems and sex hygiene, mental hygiene, 
health centers, occupational therapy. 
Comp. by A. M. Carr and Florence Brad- 
ley. 1920. *O 874 

Newberry Library, Chicago. Check list of 
incunabula in the Newberry library. 1919. 

*O 1346 

Pierce, Anna Eloise, comp. Catalog of lit- 
erature for advisers of young women and 
girls. 1921. *O 2949 

"An annotated list of about two thousand titles of 
the most representative and useful books and peri- 
odical articles for the use of deans and advisors 
of women and girls, heads of women's schools". 

Shepherd, Silas H. Masonic bibliographies 
and catalogues in the English language. 
1920. *O 871 

(Research pamphlet no. 11.) 

Springfield (Mass.). City Library Associa- 
tion. The Pilgrim Tercentenary, the Pur- 
itans, and the New England spirit. 1920. 

*O 2019 
A bibliography. 



United States. Library of Congress. Cata- 
logue of the Joseph and Elizabeth Robins 
Pennell collection of Whistleriana shown 
in Division of Prints, Library of Congress. 
1921. *O 2252 

West, Clarence Jay, comp. Reading list on 
papermaking materials. 1921. *O 875 

(Bibliographic series,) 

Reading list on vitreous enameling of 

iron and steel. 1921. *O 877 

(Bibliographic series.) 

Begins with the literature of 19Q7, supplementing 
Branner's Bibliography of clays and ceramic arts 
(*02670). "The artjcles listed deal more with the 
chemical principles involved than with mechanical 

Library Science, Books 

Friedel, J. H. Training for librarianship; 
library work as a career. 1921. J 7292 
(Lippincott's training series.) 

A glowing account of possibilities and of actual 
progress achieved in recent years. It touches upon, 
and in most cases illumines, every important aspect 
of library work, and tells candidates for the profes- 
sion how best to prepare themselves for it. Survey. 



F. Bibliophily; or, 


Book-love, Mr. Willis says, is a matter of self-edu- 
cation and a mark of culture. His essays are 
sincere and sound pleas for the love of books. 


Psychology, Psychoanalysis 

Edson, David Orr. Getting what we want; 
how to apply psychoanalysis to your own 
problems. 1921. L 13886 

The author maintains that as we learn through 
psychoanalysis to understand the structure of our 
mind and the develoment of mental processes 
we can learn to control it as a mechanic controls 
a machine. 

Everett, Mrs. Leo. The privilege of pain; 
introduction by Kate Douglas Wiggin. 
1920. L 13998 

A description of the historical evidence that 
physical debility has often been found allied to 
genius. Booklist. 

Lawrence, D. H. Psychoanalysis and the 
unconscious. 1921. L 13971 

In so far as it directs attention to the need 
of bringing into fruitful interaction the discoveries 
of Freud and our moral ideas in general, it will 
have done for the psychoanalytic movement the 
greatest possible service, that of clarifying its 
issues and lending dignity and significance to its 
results. Professor iBuermyer in the New York 

Tansley, A. G. The new psychology and its 
relation to life. 1920. L 13953 

Particularly interesting is his discussion of the 
"universal complexes" of the ego, herd and sex, 
which result from the play of experience upon 
the primary instincts. The book is on the whole 
free from those pathological exaggerations which 
characterize so many of so-called psychoanalysts. 

Tridon, Andre. Psychoanalysis, sleep and 
dreams. 1921. L 13655 

Gives a sane presentation of the Freudian view, 
while at the same time illustrating some of its de- 
fects. As a handbook upon the subject it can be 
commended on account of the clarity of its pre- 
sentation. New York Post. 

Child Study 

Averill, Lawrence Augustus. Psychology 
for normal schools. 1921. L 13681 

(Riverside textbooks in education.) 

Cabot, Ella Lyman. Seven ages of child- ; 
hood. 1921. L 13683 

Mothers who have not read psychology will find ' i 
in this book the answer to many puzzling phenomena ' 
they view tragically if they do not recognize the I 
stages through which children grow. Booklist. 

Godin, Paul. Growth during school age, its 
application to education. 1920. L 13692 
A somewhat technical study of the physical 
characteristics of childhood and adolescence. Its 
special value lies in the fact that its results are 
based on repeated measurements instead of single 
ones, as is usually the case. 

Tracy, Frederick, 
lescence. 1920. 

The psychology of ado- 
L 13716 

(Handbooks of moral and religious education.) 
The author discusses the period of youth in its 
course from _home to university and pronounces a 
warning against emphasizing the differences be- 
tween children and grownups. 


Glenconner, Pamela. The earthen vessel; 
a volume dealing with spirit-communica- 
tion received in the form of book-tests, 
with a preface by Sir Oliver Lodge. 1921. 

L 13572 

The author, who has lost a son in the .war, 
writes this series of testimonials demonstrating 
spirit phenomena by new methods. 

Lay, Wilfrid. Man's unconscious spirit; the 
psychoanalysis of spiritism. 1921. L 13481 

A suggestive analysis of the part the uncon- 
scious plays in the psychology of the medium and 
the credulity of his witnesses. 

Occult diary. L 13588 

Records of seances held December 1, 1888, to 
December 27, 1912. 

Occultism, Ghosts 

Dickinson, Sidney. True tales of the weird; 
a record of personal experiences of the 
supernatural. 1920. L 13392 

A matter-of-fact record by a journalist whose 
scientific spirit and sincerity are vouched for by 
an Oberlin professor of psychology. 

Kilner, Walter J. The human atmosphere 
(the aura). 1920. L 13372 

He is not in the least interested in occult mys- 
teries and theosophic theories. All he wants is 
to ascertain facts, to demonstrate them scien- 
tifically, and to find 9Ut whether they have prac- 
tical value. He describes each case in detail, giv- 
ing the size, shape and color of the aura. New 
York Times. 

Sinnett, A. P. Collected fruits of occult 
teaching. 1920. L 13381 



Temple, Ronald. The message from the 
king's coffer. 1920. L 13384 

"This work relates to the genesis of the alphabet 
and its unition as word." 

Ethics, Success 

Babson, Roger W. Fundamentals of pros- 
perity; what they are and whence they 
come. 1920. L 14367 

Harden, Orison Swett. Success fundamen- 
tals. 1920. L 14401 

Contents: Health and 1 success. Efficiency. How 
to find yourself. Confidence. The law of opu- 
lence. Salesmanship. 

Weaver, E. W. Occupational fitness and 
promise. 1920. L 14420 

Sexual Ethics 

Exner, M. J. The rational sex life for men. 
1914. L 14463 


Dole, Charles F. A religion for the new 
day. 1920. M 8865 

Dr. Dole is not merely a dreamer. His feet are 
on the ground. The religion that he here de- 
scribes brings renewed confidence to thos_e who 
are grappling with modern programs of service and 
betterment. Ozora S. Davis in the Survey. 

Garesche, Edward F. The paths of good- 
ness; some helpful thoughts on spiritual 
progress. 1920. M 9014 

The author is a popular writer belonging to the 
Jesuit order. 

Hoyt, Arthur S. The pulpit and American 
life. 1921. M 9208 

Contents: The Puritan preacher. Jonathan Ed- 
wards. Lyman Beecher. William Ellery Chan- 
ning. Horace Bushnell. Henry Ward Beecher. 
Phillips Brooks, the man and the pjreacher. The 
old and new evangelism. 'Some distinctive contri- 
butions to the American pulpit. The present Amer- 
ican pulpit. The pulpit and social welfare. The 
pulpit and the nation. 

Lees, G. Robinson. The life of Christ, with 
illustrations, reproduced from scenes mod- 
elled in wax by D. Mastroianni. 1920. 

M 7144 

Mundelein, George W. Illustrated souvenir 
of the archdiocese of Chicago, commemor- 
ating the installation of the Most Rever- 
end Archbishop George W. Mundelein, 
D.D., February 9, 1916. M 7688 

Munkres, Alberta. Primary method in the 
church school. 1921. M 8257 

(The Abingdon religious education texts.) 
One of the best textbooks on primary method, 
for the teachers' work receives first consideration. 
The aim of such teaching is assumed to be "help- 
ing the child to live a child's religious life." 

Sellars, Roy Wood. The next step in re- 
ligion; an essay tdward the coming ren- 
aissance. 1918. M9931 

The Bible 

Bible. New Testament. The New Testa- 
ment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 

Christ; tr. out of the original Greek and 
with the former translations diligently 
compared and revised. 1909. M 6775 

Text in Spanish and English. 

The source book for the life of Christ; 
an analysis, a synopsis, a conspectus of 
sources, a harmony, a collation of refer- 
ences of the four Gospels, with other 
sources, by Hiram Van Kirk. 1919. 


Fowler, Henry Thatcher. Great leaders of 
Hebrew history from Manasseh to John 
the Baptist. 1920. M 6374 

Rogers, Robert William. Great characters 
of the Old Testament. 1920. M 6614 

Contents: Abraham. Moses. Samuel. David. 
Elijah. Amos. Isaiah. Jeremiah. Ezekiel. 
The unnamed prophet of the exile. Nehemiah. 
Old Testament life and literature. 

Slattery, Charles Lewis. How to pray; a 
study of the Lord's prayer. 1920. M 9947 
A reverent study endeavoring to apply the 
Lord's prayer to the peculiar needs of the life of 



Bury, G. Wyman. Pan-Islam. 1919. M 8106 

A broad-minded survey_ of the main .features of 
the conflict between Christianity and Islam, writ- 
ten from the first-hand knowledge of one who has 
spent many years in Mohammedan countries. 

Social Theory and History 

Dealey, James Quayle. Sociology, its devel- 
opment and applications. 1920. L 15296 

An enlargement and revision of Sociology 
(1909), L 8703. 

The first part discus?es the relation of social 
theory to other sciences and traces its develop- 
ment; the second treats of the origin, organiza- 
tion and functions of all social institutions, and 
the third of the nature and the goal of progress. 

Eldridge, Seba. Social legislation in Illinois; 
needs and opportunities in 1921. 1921. 

L 15544 

Articles of such timeliness that they are prefaced 
by specific recommendations to the legislature in ses- 
sion during the winter. They deal with the care 
for the feeble-minded and for dependent children, 
probation service, educational needs, public health, 
industrial and housing legislation. 

Hammond, John Hays, and Jenks, Jeremiah 
W. Great American issues, political, 
social, economic; a constructive study. 
1921. L 15467 

Hyndman, H. M. The evolution of revo- 
lution. 1921. L 15308 

Contents: Introduction. The first social revolu- 
tion. The rise and fall of slavery. Exchange and 
usury. Economic backwaters. The beginnings of 
modern social life. The tw9 great bourgeois revo- 
lutions. The growth of capitalism and socialism. 
The present time. 

A survey of the causes that have brought forth 
revolution, showing that most revolts fail because 
they take place before the stage of evolution has 
been reached in which the conditions are ripe for 
the improvements sought. 



King, Henry Churchill. A new mind for the 
new age. 1920. M 4736, 1920 

(The Cole lectures for 1920 delivered before 
Vanderbilt university.) 

An analysis of present tendencies in politics, 
economics, education, morals and religion, together 
with their encouraging and discouraging aspects. 

MUller-Lyer, F. The history of social de- 
velopment. 1921. L 15537 

(Studies in economics and political science.) 
This concise, scholarly, and yet readable book 
begins with a suggestive definition of culture and 
proceeds from its early history through successive 
stages of its evolution to a brief but interesting 
prophecy for the future. 

Social Psychology 

Bogardus, Emory S. 
psychology. 1920. 

Essentials of social 
L 15384 

The discussion of the social personality is car- 
ried out in considerable detail and is, on the 
whole, the most interesting part of the book pre- 
senting a comprehensive picture of the age from 
every angle of social adaptation. Survey. 

Patrick, George Thomas White. The psy- 
chology of social reconstruction. 1920. 

L 15339 

An admirer and follower of Carleton Parker 
here demonstrates clearly the importance of tak- 
ing into account man's native equipment in form- 
ing plans for his social reconstruction. 

Williams, James Mickel. The foundations 
of social science; an analysis of their psy- 
chological aspects. 1920. L 15383 
A discussion of .the relation of social psychol- 
ogy to political science, jurisprudence, economics, 
history and sociology. 


Douglas, Archer Wall. Merchandising 
studies of the states: their resources and 
development. 1920. L 16702 

A study of the physical features, mental apti- 
tudes and economic conditions within eight typical 
states, intended to assist merchants in extending 
their markets. 

King, Clyde L. The price of milk. 1920. 

L 17870 

The author is an expert whose opinions are re- 
spected and accounted fair to the interests of the 
producer, the distributor and the consumer. Book- 

Osgood, Ellen L. 

A history of industry. 
L 16703 

A supplementary text for high-sdiool purposes. 

.Thomas, Edward. Industry, emotion, and 
unrest. 1920. L 16704 

This book endeavors to set forth the factors 
which most profoundly affect the industrial and 
social sides of modern economic life, and con- 
cludes with some suggestions for controlling them. 


American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Philadelphia. Industrial stability. 
1920. L 16772 


Contents: The trend toward industrial democ- 
racy. Labor representation in industrial man- 
agement. Collective bargaining. Securing produc- 
tion. Industrial stability. Index. 

Labor, management and production. 

1920. L 16771 


Contents: Introductory: Prologue, bandar-log or 
bandar-bee; Editor's preface, by M. L. Cooke; The 
workers and production, by S. Gompers; Manage- 
ment and production, by F. J. Miller. Pt. I. The 
human factor as the .heart of industry. II. The 
drift toward science in industry. III. Some ma- 
jor problems of industry. IV. The manager's 
part in the adventure of industry. Index. 

Beman, Lamar T., comp. Selected articles 
on the closed shop. 1921. L 17201 

(The handbook series.) 

Articles on both sides of the question, furnish- 
ing helpful material for debate. 

Gary, Elbert H. Statement before the Com- 
mittee on Education and Labor of the 
United States Senate; investigation of the 
steel strike, October 1 and 2, 1919. 1919. 

L 17221 

Gompers, Samuel, and Allen, Henry J. De- 
bate at Carnegie Hall, New York, May 
28, 1920. 1920. L 17222 

"Whether strikes as such should be outlawed 
and made criminal." 

Independent Labour Party, England. Trade 
unions in soviet Russia; a collection of 
Russian trade union documents. 1920. 

L 17200 

Keeling, Frederic. The labour exchange in 
relation to boy and girl labour. 1910. 

L 16887 

Miller, David Hunter. International rela- 
tions of labor. 1921. L 16770 
A clear, historical statement of the standing 
which labor has attained in international affairs 
and of the development of the labor provisions of 
the peace treaty. Booklist. 

New York (city). Bureau of Industrial Re- 
search. American company shop commit- 
tee plans. 1919. L 16773 

"A digest of twenty plans for employees' repre- 
sentation introduced by the following American 
companies: Bethlehem ship-building corporation, 
Bethlehem steel company, Bridgeport brass com- 

Ryan, W. P. The Irish labor movement, 
from the twenties to our own day. 1920. 

L 16769 

Some account of the history of labor in Ireland 
where under the socialist Connolly it became iden- 
tified with the nationalist movement instead of as- 
suming an internationalist aspect as in other coun- 

Socialism, Communism 

Kautsky, Karl. Terrorism and communism; 
a contribution to the natural history of 
revolution. 1920. L 17597 

A comparison of the soviet government with the 
Paris Commune of 1871 by the German Marxian 
author of The dictatorship of the proletariat, L 

Seligman, E. R. A., and Nearing, Scott. 
Debate; subject: Resolved, that capitalism 
has more to offer to the workers of the 
United States than has socialism. 1921. 

L 17630 



Insurance, Finance 

Alexander, William. How to sell insurance; 
a practical guide for the life insurance 
salesman. 1920. L 19273 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Philadelphia. The new Amer- 
ican thrift. 1920. L 14362 


Contents: Introduction. Thrift for the individ- 
ual and the family. Thrift for the nation. Amer- 
ican needs for capital; typical examples. Thrift 
in resources and in industry; typical examples. 
The investment of savings. The promotion and 
practice of thrift in different countries. Sugges- 
tions for promoting thrift. 

The articles are nearly all clear and convinc- 
ing. . . . No other volume on thrift treats the 
subject from anything like so many important 
points of view. Survey. 

Burns, Emile. Modern finance. 1920. 

L 17286 

(The world of today.) 

Shows how the machinery of finance, national 
and international, has been affected by the war. 
The various^ operations of finance are described, and 
terms explained, with some indication of the ten- 
dencies arising from the war and industrial com- 

Dewing, Arthur Stone. The financial policy 
of corporations. 1920. 5 v. L 17893 

Contents: v. 1. Corporate securities. 2. Promo- 
tion. 3. The administration of income. 4. Ex- 
pansion. 5. Failure and reorganization. 

Greenwood, W. J. How to make money in 
foreign exchange and foreign bonds. 1920. 

L 17457 

Guaranty Trust Company of New York. 
How business with foreign countries is 
financed, 1921. L 17370 

Haig, Robert Murray, and others, ed. The 
federal income tax. 1921. L 17756 

(Columbia university lectures.) 

Contents: The problem is general, by E. R. A. 
Seligman. The concept of incdme; economic and 
legal aspects, by R. M. Haig. When is income 
realized? by T. S. Adams. Constitutional aspects 
of federal income taxation, by T. R. Powell. The 
legal force and effect of Treasury interpretation, 
by F. T. Field. Reorganizations and the closed 
transaction, by R. H. Montgomery. Loss as a fac- 
tor in the determination of income, by G. E. 
Hodmes. Inventories, by A. A. Ballantine. -Con- 
solidated returns, by W. A. Staub. The taxation 
of income from natural resources, by R. V. Nor- 
ris. Relief provisions and Treasury procedure on 
appeals, by P. S. Talbert. 

Mylius, Edward Frederick. The socializa- 
tion of money; a treatise presenting a 
practical solution of the money problem. 
1920. L 17298 

Published anonymously. 

National City Bank of New York. Prac- 
tical bank operation; prepared by L. H. 
Langston. 1921. 2 v. L 17329 

A compendious and clear exposition of all the 
routine and technical operations that go on be- 
hind the counter of the modern bank. Chicago 
Evening Post. 

Sakolski, A. M. Elements of bond invest- 
ment. 1921. L 17468 

Shugrue, Martin J. Problems in foreign 
exchange. 1920. L 17308 

Political Science 

Dealey, James Quayle. The state and gov- 
ernment. 1921. L 15743 
Based on The development of the state, L 7570. 

Dunning, William Archibald. A history of 
political theories from Rousseau to Spen- 
cer. 1920. L 15756 

This book forms the third and last volume of 
the series of which the preceding ones were A his- 
tory of political theorieSj ancient and mediaeval 
(1902), L 6417; and A history of political theories 
from Luther to Montesquieu (1905), L 6363. 

Lansing, Robert. Notes on sovereignty 

from the standpoint of the state and of the 

world. 1921. L 17958, 38 

(Carnegie Endowment for International Pe'ace. 

Pamphlet series.) 

Wells, H. G. The salvaging of civilization; 
the probable future of mankind. 1921. 

L 15865 

Mr. Wells is far a world state. He thinks that 
if a number of earnest individuals who are con- 
cerned about the salvation of the world take the 
matter seriously and work for it to the destruc- 
tion of their own comfort, they can educate the 
world sufficiently to stave off the next war. New 
York Times. 

Government and Politics 

Hall, Arnold Bennett. Dynamic American- 
ism. 1920. L 18389 

An earnest, rousing argument for developing 
constructive, intelligent patriotism, addressed to 
teachers of civics. Open Shelf. 

Ireland, Alleyne. Democracy and the human 
equation. 1921. L 15894 

A pessimistic view of present conditions in _the 
United States by a conservative who would limit 
the suffrage by educational tests and property 

Sait, Edward McChesney. Government and 
politics of France. 1920. L 18513 

(Government handbooks.) 

The book is written in a dignified but vivid style 
and is embellished with illustrations in keeping 
with its general quality. American Political Sci- 
ence Review. 

Civil Service 

McDaniel, Charles Foster. Post-office, and 
rural carrier civil service course; a com- 
plete preparatory course of instruction 
for the use of students who are prepar- 
ing for the government examinations. 
1920. 2 v. L 18182 

Part 2, Trial examinations. 

Railway mail civil service course; a 

. complete preparatory course of instruc- 
tion for the use of students who are pre- 
paring for the government examinations. 
1920. 2 v. L 18181 

Part 2, Trial examinations. 

International Relations 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Philadelphia. Present-day im- 
migration with special reference to the 
Japanese. 1921. L 16044 




Contents: Our relations to the Japanese and 
Chinese. The Mexican immigrant. Some factors 
affecting the assimilation of the immigrant. Ele- 
ments in an immigration policy for the United 
States. Book department. 

Mills, J. Travis. Great Britain and the 
United States; a critical review of their 
historical relations. 1920. L 16350 

Extracts from lectures delivered to various 
units of the American army of occupation in Ger- 
many during May and June, 1919. 

Stuart, Graham H. French foreign policy 
from Fashoda to Serajevo (1898-1914). 
1921. L 16351 

A clear summary of the significant points of the 
period covered, not too objective in method to lose 
the interest contributed by the personal equation. 

United States. Department of State. Diplo- 
matic correspondence between the United 
States and belligerent governments relat- 
ing to neutral rights and commerce. 1915- 
1917. 3 v. L 16347 


Ballantine, Henry Winthrop. The prepara- 
tion of contracts and conveyances, with 
forms and problems. 1921. N 5485 

A reference_ work for the business man or law 
student containing instruction in legal forms. 

Dickinson, Edwin De Witt. The equality 
of states in international law. 1920. 

N 5492, 3 

("Harvard studies in jurisprudence.) 
The author distinguishes between the political 
equality of nations, which the natural limitations 
of the separate states render impossible of real- 
ization, and legal equality, or an equal capacity for 
rights before the Jaw. 

Fletcher, William Meade. A treatise on the 
incorporation and management of cor- 
porations in Illinois (save building and 
loan associations, insurance, municipal 
railroad and street railroad, and telegraph 
and telephone corporations). 1910. 

Civics Dept. 

"Containing the full text of the statutes in ref- 
erence thereto and the Illinois state and federal de- 
cisions bearing upon and construing the same and 
the law of_ corporations generally; together with a 
full collection of forms pertaining to Illinois cor- 
porations and numerous forms used and in use by 
corporations generally." 

Oppenheim, L. The future of international 
law. 1921. L 17958, 39 

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 
Pamphlet series.) 

Vinacke, Harold Monk. Modern constitu- 
tional development in China. 1920. L 18029 
Clear and readable, treats modern Chinese his- 
tory from the constitutional point of view, as a 
continuous development since the inception of re- 
form in 1898. Booklist. 

Practical Sociology 
Child Welfare 

Daniels, Amy L., and others. Investigations 
in the artificial feeding of children. 1921. 

L 18850, l v 

(University of Iowa studies in child welfare.) 

Horack, Frank E. Child legislation in Iowa. 

1920. L 18850, 1 VI 

(University of Iowa studies in child welfare.) 

Town, Clara H. Analytic study of a group 
of five and six-year-old children. 1921. 

L 18850, 1 IV 

(University of Iowa studies in child welfare.) 
Christian Sociology 

Albach, Robert Henry. The application of 
the teachings of Jesus to "the responsi- 
bility of the capitalist to the public." 

1921. M 4750, 1921 

(Hattie Elizabeth Lewis memorial essays in ap- 
plied Christianity.) 

Committee on the War and the Religious 
Outlook. The church and industrial re- 
construction. 1920. M 8777 

Does not advocate any radical change in struc- 
ture but looks toward a regeneration which shall 
insure security of employment, democratic man- 
agement of industry, a fairer distribution of its 
products and an expression of the spirit of serv- 
ice. Booklist. 

Ryan, John A., and Husslein, Joseph, ed. 
The church and labor, prepared and ed- 
ited for the National Catholic welfare 
council. 1920. M 9891 

(Social action series.) 

Crime and Criminals 

Fernald, Mabel Ruth, and others. A study 
of women delinquents in New York state. 
1920. L 18885 

(Publications of the Bureau of social hygiene.) 
The result of the investigation is the conclusion 
that two types of influences may be noted in con- 
nection with delinquency among women; poverty 
involving meager education and labor at an early 
age, and subnormal mentality. 

National Association for the Advancement 
of Colored People. Thirty years of lynch- 
ing in the United States, 1889-1918. 1919. 

L 18896 

Athena; a year-book of the learned world: 
the English speaking races. 1920. *R 3827 
A substitute in English for the familiar German 
publication, Minerva, covering the higher educa- 
tional institutions and learned societies of the 
'British Empire and America. 

Campbell, Olive D., comp. Southern high- 
land schools maintained by denomina- 
tional and independent agencies. 1921. 

L 19454 

Bound with John C. Campbell's The southern 
Highlander and his homeland. 

Hay, Ian, pseud, of Ian H. Beith. The 
lighter side of school life. 1920. L 19646 
Reminiscences of schooldays in England. 

Henry, Theodore S. Classroom problems 
in the education of gifted children. 1920. 

L 10645, 19 

(National Society for the Study of Education.) 



Morris, John Van Liew. Employee train- 
ing; a study of education and training de- 
partments in various corporations. 1921. 

K 22411 

National Society for the Study of Educa- 
tion. Committee on Silent Reading. Re- 
port of the society's committee on silent 
reading. 1921. L 10645, 20 

(National Society for the Study of Education.) 

New York (city). Bureau of Industrial Re- 
search. Workers' education; American 
and foreign experiments, by Arthur Glea- 
son. 1921. L 19853 

Pearson, Francis B. The teacher. 1921. 

L 19544 

(Vocational series.) 

Reed, Anna Y., and Woelpper, Wilson. 
Junior wage earners; prepared especially 
for the information and use of business 
men, normal schools, teachers' colleges, 
public school teachers, and employees of 
the United States Employment service. 
1920. L 19576 

A discussion of the child labor problem in re- 
lation to the individual and the community, and an 
account of the organization and achievements of 
the work in vocational guidance of the junior divi- 
sion of the U. S. employment service. 

Smedley, Emma. The school lunch; its or- 
ganization and management in Philadel- 
phia. 1920. K 24762 

An exhaustive, business-like account of the 
school lunch on a large scale, i. e., in all depart- 
ments of education in Philadelphia. Excellent 
schemes for cost accounting, cooperation with 
teachers, etc. Booklist. 

Turner, Edwin Arthur, 
good teaching. 1920. 

The essentials of 
L 19552 

Interesting chapters on fundamental principles. 
The author distinguishes teaching from other activ- 
ities, defines its aim and describes the develop- 
ment of and organization of its subject matter. 

Whipple, Guy M., and Miller, H. L., ed. 
Professional preparation of high school 
teachers. 1919. L 10645, 18 

Worst, Edward F. Construction work for 
the primary grades. 1920. L 19755 


Barnett, Avrom. Foundations of feminism; 
a critique. 1921. L 20962 

In pointed and vindictive English Mr. Barnett 
lays low the claims of extreme feminism -to wom- 
an's biological, psychological and sociological su- 
periority. But he believes that her plunge into in- 
dustry has proved a great advantage to her and 
will tend to develop her intellectual force and make 
her a much more worth-while individual. 


Churchward, Albert. The origin and evolu- 
tion of freemasonry connected with the 
origin and evolution of the human race. 
1920. L 19043 

Folklore, Proverbs 
Bradley-Birt, F. B. Bengal fairy tales; with 

illustrations by Abanindranath Tagore. 
1920. L 21129 

It is interesting to recognize familiar themes in 
the strange superstitions and weird enchantments 
of these thirty-two fairy and folk tales collected in 
the bazaars and villages of Bengal. Booklist. 

Guiterman, Arthur. Chips of jade; being 
Chinese proverbs with more folk-sayings 
from Hindustan and other oriental coun- 
tries, rhymed in English. 1920. J 6294 

LllV^, 1 11JT lll\-Vl 111 J-.ligllOll. 

Many of these epigrams conti 
are all very much to the point. 

tain humor and they 

Thomas, Daniel Lindsey, and Thomas, Lucy 
Blayney. Kentucky superstitions. 1920. 

L 21 176 

Nearly four thousand folk beliefs arid customs 
are here listed and classified, and the collection 
will prove as valuable to the imaginative writer or 
lover of literature as to the student of folklore. 

English Language 

Driggs, Howard R. Our living language; 
how to teach it and how to use it. 1921. 


It attempts to coax away from high sounding, 
over cultured or slipshod expression to the dy- 
namic, ever changing English of the people. 

Gemmill, Elsie. Essentials of English gram- 
mar. 1920. J 4633 

A textbook preparatory to work in advanced 
English or foreign languages. 

Green, Bela. American language master 
(Amerikai nyelvmester); an English-Hun- 
garian grammar, interpreter and diction- 
ary. 1920. J 4439 

Jespersen, Otto. Chapters on English (re-, 
printed from Progress in language). 
1918. J 654 

Linn, James Weber, camp. Illustrative ex- 
amples of English composition. 1913. 


Companion to Essentials of English composition, 
J 3145, 

Contents: Examples of exposition. Examples of 
argumentation. Examples of description. Exam- 
ples of narration. 

Ward, C. H. Theme-building. 1920. J 7196 
Business English 

Cook, Luella Bussey. A project book in 
business English. 1920. L 20568 

Manly, John M., and Powell, John A. Bet- 
ter business letters; a practical desk man- 
ual arranged for ready reference. 1921. 

L 20591 

(Better business books.) 

Miles, Dudley. English in business, for 
students in commercial and geoeral sec- 
ondary schools. 1920. L 20576 
Elementary problems in thought grouping, the 
use of words and unity of sentence structure are 
followed by a section on correspondence, sales 
talks and advertising, and finally a brief summary 
of grammar and punctuation. 



Spanish Language 

Hartzenbusch, Juan Eugenic. Los amantes 
de Teruel; with introduction, notes, and 
vocabulary, by G. W. Umphrey. 1920. 

(Heath's modern language series.) 

Perez Escrich, Enrique. Fortuna; also Zara- 
gueta, by Miguel Ramos Carrion and 
Vital Aza. Ed., with notes, direct-method 
exercises, and vocabulary, by Elijah Clar- 
ence Hills, and Louise Reinhardt. 1920. 

(Heath's modern language series.) 

Tamayo y Baus, Manuel, (Joaquin Este- 
banez). Un drama nuevo; drama en tres 
actos; ed. with introduction, notes, and 
vocabulary, by Clarence King Moore. 

1920. J 4087 

Terry, T. Philip. Terry's short cut to Span- 
ish. 1920. J 7863 

^ "A_ new, easy, and quick method for learning the 
Spanish language as spoken in Spanish-America 
and in Spain, combined with a pronouncing phrase 
book for travelers in Spanish-speaking countries." 

Other Languages 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. M. Tvlli Ciceronis 
De divinatione; liber primvs. Ed. by Ar- 
thur Stanley Pease. 1920. J 4854, 6"-'" 

(University of Illinois studies in language and 

France, Anatole. Lc crime de Sylvestre 
Bonnard, membre de 1'Institut; abridged 
and ed. with introduction, notes, and vo- 
cabulary, by J. L. Borgerhoff. 1920. 

(Heath's modern language series.) 

Ivens, Walter G. Grammar and vocabulary 
of the Lau language, Solomon Islands. 

1921. K 15961, 300 

(Carnegie Institution of Washington publica- 

Jung, V. A. A middle-sized dictionary of 
the English and Bohemian languages. 

1919. J 4235 

Another copy. *R2470 

Lewis, L. W. P. Practical hints on the 
teaching of Latin. 1919. J 3673 

"Being four lectures delivered at Summer 
courses for teachers in England." 

Prokosch, E. Elementary Russian gram- 
mar. 1920. J 4215 

Business Mathematics, Arithmetic 

Edgerton, Edward I., and Bartholomew, 
Wallace E. Business mathematics; a 
textbook for schools. 1921. K 18737 

Stone, John C. The teaching of arithmetic. 

1920. K 18742 

A thorough discussion of the methods to be used 
in presenting the various processes of arithmetic 

through the eight years of primary and grammar 
school, with an outlined course of study. The 
chapter on standard tests is of special interest. 
New Technical Books. 

Turck, J. A. V. Origin of modern calculat- 
ing machines; a chronicle of the evolution 
of the principles that form the generic 
make-up of the modern calculating ma- 
chine. 1921. K 18674 


Bird, J. Malcolm, comp. and ed. Einstein's 
theories of relativity and gravitation; a 
selection of material from the essays sub- 
mitted in the competition for the Eugene 
Higgins prize. 1921. K 19102 

Carr, H. Wildon. The general principle of 
relativity in its philosophical and historical 
aspect. 1920. K 19064 

Professor Carr, himself an admirer of Ber^son. 
believes that the implications of the relativity 
theory demand a Bergsonian world-conception. 

Denny, Claude W. The electro-deposition 
of copper and its industrial applications. 
1921. K 19727 

(Pitman's technical primer series.) 

"The principles and practice of electro-deposition, 
with special reference to recent developments and 
applications in the electro-deposition of copper for 
students, electro-platers, electrical engineers, de- 
signers and manufacturers." 

Millis, John. Fundamentals of the cosmos; 
a geometric basis for physical and organic 
phenomena, with supplemental notes of 
May 3, 1920. 1920. K 19111 

Williams, Archibald. Thinking it out. 1920. 

K 19124 

A popular exposition of theoretical mechanics. 


Hart-Smith, J. Recent discoveries in inor- 
ganic chemistry. 1919. K 19824 

A summary compiled from forty scientific jour- 
nals of ihe discoveries of the present century re- 
lating to the various chemical elements grouped 
as in the periodic law, introduced by a brief dis- 
cussion of the new conceptions of atomic and 
molecular structure, etc. 

Maxted, Edward B. Catalytic hydrogena- 
tion and reduction. 1919. K 19844 

(Text-books of chemical research and engineer- 

Vivian, Alfred. Everyday chemistry. 1920. 

K 19887 

A simple outline of chemistry with hundreds of 
experiments easily performed with kitchen utensils 
or homemade devices. It deals especially with 
every-day applications to home and farm activi- 


Mead, Daniel W. Hydrology; the funda- 
mental basis of hydraulic engineering. 
1919. K 20266 

Treats of rainfall, floods, relation of geology, 
ground waters, run-off, stream discharge, and re- 
lated subjects. Well illustrated and provided with 
references at chapter endings. A notable volume. 
New Technical Books. 



Emmons, William Harvey. Geology of pe- 
troleum. 1921. K 20424 

Anthropology, Evolution 

Brunhes, Jean. Human geography; an at- 
tempt at a positive classification, princi- 
ples and examples. 1920. K 20912 

Conklin, Edwin Grant. The direction of 
human evolution. 1921. K 20967 

Contents: Paths and possibilities of human evo- 
lution. Evolution and democracy. Evolution and 

Professor Conklin of Princeton thinks that al- 
though there is not great possibility of further 
physical or intellectual evolution in the individ- 
ual, the race is entering a new direction of prog- 
ress through the group, aided by man's increased 
commend of the forces of nature. 

Hrdlicka, Ales. Physical anthropology; its 
scope and aims, its history and present 
status in the United States. 1919. K 20921 


Hardy, M. E. The geography of plants. 

1920. K 21286 

A study of the distribution of plant groups and 
the influence of their character upon the native 
fauna and human industries of a region. Both 
scientific and common names are used, and the 
treatment is clear and simple enough for high 

Harshberger, John W. Text-book of pas- 
toral and agricultural botany, for the study 
of the injurious and useful plants of coun- 
try and farm. 1920. K 21288 

Young, Mary Sophie. The seed plants, ferns, 
and fern allies of the Austin region. 1920. 

K 21391 

(University of Texas bulletin.) 


Grain's market data book and directory of 

class, trade and technical publications. 

1921. v. 1. *R3719 
(Shelved in Civics Dept.) 

Toulmin, Harry A., jr. How to keep in- 
vention records, together with an expla- 
nation of the nature of industrial property. 
1920. K 22466 

The object of this book is to facilitate the pro- 
curing and protecting of patent rights, giving euch 
knowledge of legal considerations as every inventor 
ought to have. 

Medicine, Hygiene 

Binder, Rudolph M. Health and social 
progress. 1920. N 1281 

This book discusses the importance of that sur- 
plus of health 1 which leaves a race free for civiliz- 
ing influences. Contains a discussion of health in 
relation to the great civilizations and to genius. 

Cady, Bertha Chapman, and Cady, Vernon 
M. The way life begins; an introduc- 
tion to sex education. 1917. N 1282 
Simple, impressive, scientifically accurate book 
in reproduction, using for examples the lily, the 
moth, the fish, the frog, the chick, the rabbit, and 
the child. Booklist. 

Carroll, Robert S. Old at forty or young 
at sixty; simplifying the science of grow- 
ing old. 1920. " N 1288 

Gaines, Thomas Robert. Vitalic breathing; 
illustrated with a set of eleven health- 
building exercises. 1921. N 1289 

Mackenzie, Sir James. The future of medi- 
cine. 1919. N 1221 

(Oxford medical publications.) 

This book opposes the emphasis usually laid 01* 
specializing and the elaborate post-mortem lab- 
oratory study of disease. The author believes in 
placing students under experienced practitioners- 
rather than under teachers who are primarily ex- 
perts in research fields. 

Munson, Francis M. Hygiene of communi- 
cable diseases; a handbook for sanitar- 
ians, medical officers of the army and navy 
and general practitioners. 1920. N 2809 

Engineering, Machinery 

Bailey, A. R. Bailey's handbook of univer- 
sal questions and answers for stationary, 
marine and Diesel engineers and firemen. 
1921. K 22695 

Boulnois, H. Percy. Municipal engineering; 
surveying the scope of municipal engineer- 
ing and the statutory position, the appoint- 
ment, the training, and the duties of a 
municipal engineer. 1921. L 18247 

(Pitman's technical primer series.) 

Conover, Lee. Gilbert signal engineering; 
complete and thorough instructions in all 
forms of signaling for boys. 1920. 

K 25021 

Cory, H. T. The Imperial Valley and the 
Salton Sink. 1915. K 23697 

Contents: Sketch of the region at the head of 
the Gulf of California; a review and history, by 
W. P. Blake. Some scientific facts of general in- 
terest about the Salton Sea; abstracts. The Col- 
orado River watershed. Irrigation and river con- 
trol in the Colorado River delta.: Developments, 
September 1913 to July 1915. 

Gates, Philip. Tool and machine setting for 
milling, drilling, tapping, boring, grinding 
and press work; a practical guide to the 
setting and manipulation of tools and ma- 
chines with data and examples from prac- 
tice. 1921. K 22975 

(Pitman's technical primer series.) 

Hammond, John Hays. 

The engineer. 1921. 
K 22551 

(Vocational series.) 

Contains chapters on the civil, mining, electrical, 
chemical, mechanicr.1, marine, and military engi- 

Palmateer, T. J. Elementary machine shop 
practice. 1920. K 22659 

Shelly, Joseph A. Patternmaking. 

K 22958 

"A treatise on the construction and application 
of patterns, including the use of woodworking 
tools, the art of joinery, wood turning, and vari- 
ous methods of building patterns and core-boxes of 
different types." 



Simons, Theodore. Compressed air; a trea- 
tise on the production, transmission and 
vse of compressed air. 1921. K 4900 

Stanley, Rupert. Text-book on wireless 
telegraphy. 1919. 2v. K 9622 

v. 1. General theory and practice. 
2. Valves and valve apparatus. 
The second volume is new material added_ to 
the original edition, and the first volume is revised 
and contains one new Chapter. 

Stoller, H. M. f and others. Small motors, 
transformers, electromagnets; a practical 
presentation of design and construction 
data for small motors, small low- and 
high-tension transformers, electromagnets, 
and induction coils. 1921. K 22857 

Trinks, W. Governors and the governing 
of prime movers. 1919. K 22638 

This unique work contains "the meat of the es- 
sentials" as well as the results of research work 
by the author. Mathematics adapted to the abil- 
ities of college undergraduates. New Technical 

Motor Vehicles 

American Automobile Digest. Motor truck 
manual; a practical book of instruction 
on the construction and care of motor 
trucks. 1921. K 23459 

Manly, Harold P. The motorcycle hand- 
book; the construction, operation, care 
and repair of modern types of motorcy- 
cles, their accessories and equipment. 1920. 

K 23575 

Page, Victor W. The modern motor truck, 
design, construction, operation, repair, 
commercial applications; a complete trea- 
tise on all forms of motor trucks pro- 
pelled by gasoline or electric power, con- 
sidering in detail everything one needs 
to know about motor trucks, their care, 
operation and economical use. 1921. 

K 23510 

Military Science 

Bernhardi, F. A. J. von. The war of the 
future in the light of the lessons of the 
world war. 1921. K 31097 

Bernhardi confidently believes that Germany's 
downfall is nothing permanent, but may be 
changed by the Germans of to-morrow into world 
power if they_ know how to utilize his teachings.- 
New York Times. 

Crowell, J. Franklin. Government war con- 
tracts. 1920. K 31095 

(Carnegie Endowment for Internationa! Peace. 
Preliminary economic studies of the war.) 

McCarthy, T. F. A year at Camp Gordon, 
United States army cantonment, no. 123. 
1920. K 31099 

Sullivan, Alan, comp. Aviation in Canada, 
1917-1918. 1919. K 31096 

"A brief account of the work of the Royal Air 
Force, Canada, the aviation department of the Im- 
perial Munitions Board, and the Canadian Aero- 
planes limited." 

Agriculture, Forestry 

Boyle, James E. Rural problems in the 
United States. 1921. K 23866 

(The national social science series.) 

These problems cover church, home, grange, 

newspapers, banks, and stores in relation to the 

life of the community. 

Hand, T. E., and Cockerham, K. L. The 
sweet potato; a handbook for the practical 
grower. 1921. K 24188 

(The rural science series.) 

Hawley, Ralph C. The practice of silvicul- 
ture, with particular reference to its appli- 
cation in the United States. 1921. 

K 24133 

Storm, Ashley V., and Davis, Kary C. How 
to teach agriculture; a book of methods 
in this subject. 1921. K 23907 

Woolsey, Theodore S. jr. Studies in French 
forestry, with two chapters by William 
B. Greeley. 1920. K 24145 


Lam on, Harry M., and Kinghorne, Joseph W. 
Practical poultrv production. 1920. 

K 24362 

A very readable book by men who have contrib- 
uted generously to the government documents on 
poultry. The different phases of the subject are 
discussed in separate chapters easy of reference. 

Commerce, Transportation 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Philadelphia. The railroad prob- 
lem, a discussion of current railway is- 
sues. 1919. L 20230 
Contents: Foreword, by the editor. -Introduc- 
tion; the old system of railroad regulation, by S. 
O. Dunn. Government operation. Current pro- 
posals for regulation. Unification of terminals. 
Railway efficiency and labor. Index. 

American Commerce Association. The traf- 
fic manual; excerpts of tariffs and classifi- 
cations; also maps, charts, rules and regu- 
lations, shipping forms and traffic data 
used in the computation of charges of 
shipments and the solution of practical 
traffic problems, forming a part of the 
practical traffic management training ser- 
vice. 1920. Civics Dept. 

W. F. Burnett Publishing Co., Los Angeles. 
Official guide (Guia oficial) of South 
America (del Sud America); railway, 
steamship and commercial guide. 1920- 
1921. *R 3602 

Text in Spanish and English. 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Guaranty Trust Company of New York. 
Our new place in world trade. 1921. 

L 20157 

Traffic Publishing Company. The freight 
traffic red book; a practical reference book 
for those actively engaged in traffic work: 
an everyday guide for the shipper; a con- 



densed but comprehensive text book for 
the student of freight transportation. 1921. 

Civics Dept. 


Blanchard, Frank Le Roy. The essentials 
of advertising. 1921. L 20648 

WiH be of value to tlie advertising man and a 
source of much interesting information to the lay- 
man. It shows the reader in an entertaining man- 
ner how advertising influences his life. 

Brisco, Norris A. Retail salesmanship. 1920. 

L 20285 

Etheridge, Herbert, 
writing. 1920. 

The dictionary of type- 
K 24904 

A ready reference book in alphabetical ar- 
rangement dealing with every phase of typewriter 
interest the kinds of machines, their mechanism 
and care, and various forms used in their prac- 

Frederick, J. George. The great game of 
business: its rules, its fascination, its serv- 
ices and rewards. 1920. L 20287 

A sensible outline of the kinds of data required 
in business research, and their practical value. 

Newlove, George H. C. P. A. accounting 
theory, auditing, and problems. 1920. 

L 20474 

Parsons, Floyd W. American business 
methods for increasing production and re- 
ducing costs in factory, store, and office. 
1921. L 20624 

Based on the series called "Everybody's busi- 
ness" in fhe Saturday Evening Post. 

Industrial Efficiency 

Carpenter, C. U. Increasing production, de- 
creasing costs. 1920. L 20284 
A practical and simply written treatise on ma- 
chine shop management from the standpoint of 
common sense and covering all phases of the sub- 

Myers, Charles S. Mind and work; the 
psychological factors in industry and com- 
merce. 1921. L 20620 

The author is director of the psychological lab- 
oratory at Cambridge and demonstrates the value 
of psychological tests for industrial efficiency. 

Simons, A. M. Personnel relations in indus- 
try. 1921. L 20286 

Its aim is to point out the scientific laws and 
especially the human factors underlying industrial 
relations. Book Review Digest. 

Chemical Technology 

Andes, Louis Edgar. Oil colours and print- 
ers' inks; a practical handbook treating 
of linseed oil, boiled oil, paints, artists' 
colours, lampblack and printers' inks, 
black and coloured. 1918. K 25521 

Du Pont, B. G. E. I. Du Pont de Nemours 
and Company: a history, 1802-1902. 1920. 

K 25334 

Contains the prospectus of the original company r)4., T ^,,; e - r 

in 1801 which brings to light interesting details on fetersen, ^OU'S <-. 
the condition of American industry of those days. 

Matthews, J. Merritt. Application of dye- 
stuffs to textiles, paper, leather and other 
materials. 1920. K 25535 

Murke, Franz. Condensed description of 
the manufacture of beet sugar. 1921. 

K 25411 

Parry, Ernest J. The raw materials of per- 
fumery; their nature, occurrence and em- 
ployment. 1921. K 25564 

(Pitman's common commodities and industries.) 

Glass, Ceramics 

Pottery and glass directory, and buyers' 
guide, 1920-1921; comprising a complete 
alphabetical list of the pottery, china, glass, 
art metal and lamp manufacturers and im- 
porters in the United States, together with 
a classification of the principal branches 
allied with these trades. 1920. *R 3601 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Searle, Alfred B. The ceramic industries 
pocket book. 1920.- K 25512 

Contains in convenient form material difficult of 
access elsewhere here presented by one of the best- 
known authorities on the subject. 

Walbridge, William S. American bottles old 
and new; a story of the industry in the 
United States. 1920. "K 25494 


Williams, Robert S. Principles of metallog- 
raphy. 1920. K 2561 3 

(International chemical Feries.) 

Text it brief but clear and is supplemented by 
a generous use of diagrams and photo-micrographs. 
The properties of the most used alloys, as well as 
of iron and steel, are described and their technical 
importance considered. New Technical Books. 

Manufacture, Trades 

Buyers' directory of American toys, for 1921. 

*R 3720 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Hornor, H. A. Spot and arc welding. 1920. 

K 25709 

A technical discussion of the theory of these 
processes and their engineering possibilities, espe- 
cially with reference to ship building and new con- 
struction generally. 

Millinery trade directory; the blue book of 
the millinery industry. Spring, 1921. 

*K 25965 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Page, Victor W. Modern welding methods: 
oxy-acetylene, thermit, electric arc and re- 
sistance; a complete treatise on the art 
of joining metals based on data furnished 
by the leading authorities on this subject. 
1920. K 25718 

;tersen, Louis C. Educational toys; con- 
sisting chiefly of coping-saw problems for 



children in the school and the home. 
1920. K 26092 

Contains illustrations, patterns, and instructions 
for their use. 

Salade, Robert F. How paper boxes are 
made; a practical and instructive book tell- 
ing how the beginner may manufacture 
all kinds of paper boxes, with special 
chapters on the printing department for 
paper box plants, embossing, gold leafing, 
label work, etc. 1920. K 25821 

White, Benjamin. Silver; its intimate asso- 
ciation with the daily life of man. 1919. 

K 25737 

(Pitman's common commodities and industries.) 
An illustrated volume containing tables and 
charts, in which the author divides the subject 
under three heads: production, industrial consump- 
tion, and utility as money. 

Williams, Archibald. Things worth making. 
1920. K 26153 

Building, Woodwork 

Hool, George A., and Johnson, Nathan C, 
ed. Handbook of building construction; 
data for architects, designing and con- 
structing engineers, and contractors. 1920. 
2v. *K 26201 

Staining and polishing, including varnish- 
ing and other methods of finishing wood, 
with a complete index of fifteen hundred 
references. 1921. K 26571 

(The woodworker series.) 

Woodwork joints; how they are set out, 
how made and where used. K 26077 

(The woodworker series.) 


Birnbaum, Martin. Introductions; painters, 
sculptures and graphic artists. 1919. 

K 26689. 

Contents: Aubrey Beardsley. Charles Ct/nder. 
Ricketts & Shannon. Leon Bakst. Maurice 
Sterne. Paul Manship. Elie Nadelman. Edmund 
Dulac. Kay Nielsen. Albert Sterner. Robert 
Frederick Blum. -Jules Pascin. Alfred Stevens. 
John Flaxman. 

Essays originally used as introductions to exhi- 
bitions of the works of the different artists consid- 

New York (city). Public Library. A hand- 
book of the S. P. Avery Collection of 
prints and art books in the New York 
Public Library. 1901. *O 1826 

With a supplement containing additions of prints, 
1901-1920, comp. by Frank Weitenkampf, *O 1826 

Siren, Osvald. Essentials in art. 1920. 

K 26746 

Contents: Rhythm and form. Art and religion. 
Art and religion during the renaissance. The 
importance of the antique 19 Dpnatello.- A late 
Gothic poet of line (Parri Spinelli). 

The author inclines to the Chinese and the 
primitives, but does not misinterpret the impor- 
tance of the Renaissance. Most of the book is 
objective criticism of the highest order, the essay 
on Rhythm and Form is both penetrating and re- 
markable. Dial. 

Painting, Sculpture 

The Altoviti Aphrodite. 1920. *P3145 

A monograph on a statue which stood for many 

years in the courtyard of the Palazzo Altoviti in 

Florence, and now adorns the marble temple at 

Kijkuit, the Rockefeller estate on the Hudson. 

Gallatln, Albert Eugene. Art and the great 
war; with one hundred illustrations. 1919. 

*P 4403 

The critical" comments are straightforward and 
almost invariably command respect. His book is 
the first serious attempt to orientate the war by the 
three most powerful nations allied against Ger- 
many. Nation. 

Weir, Julian Alden. MILLET, J. B., ed. Julian 
Alden Weir; an appreciation of his life 
and works. 1921. *P 3101 

Drawing, Decoration 

Bailey, Charles H. Mechanical drawing for 
beginners, giving the fundamental technic 
of modern practice. 1920. K 28650 

Briggs, Clare A. Oh, man! A bully collec- 
tion of those inimitable human cartoons, 
by Briggs; with a breezy foreword by 
Franklin P. Adams. 1919. K 28508 

Mickel, Adelaide. Stenciling. 1920. K 28889 

This book gives the technical details of handling 
fhe different mediums and materials rather than 
any principles of design. It contains problems 
suitable for pupils from the third grade through 
the high school. 

Rothenstein, William. Twenty-four por- 
traits, with critical appreciations by vari- 
ous hands. 1920. *P 3176 
Contents: Granville Barker. Max Beerbohm. 
Arnold Bennett. Robert Bridges. Arthur Glutton- 
Brock. T. J. Cobden-Sanderson. Joseph Conrad. 
John Galsworthy. John Drinkwater. Sir Ed- 
ward Elgar, O. M. Sir James Frazer. Andre 
Gide. Edmund Gosse. Lord Haldane, O. M. - 
Thomas Hardy, O. M. A. E. Housman. W. H. 
Hudson. The dean of St. Paul's (W. R. Inge). 
Thomas Edward Lawrence. Sir J. J. Thomson, O. 
M. John Masefield. George Russell (A. E.). 
George Bernard Shaw. H. G. Wells. 


American Face Brick Association. A man- 
ual of face brick construction. 1920. 

K 27751 

Robinson, Albert G. Old New England 
houses. 1920. K 27739 

This book contains 75 handsome reproductions 
from the author's own collection of photographs, 
selected for their picturesque value rather than 
architectural or historic interest, and accompanied 
by a few pages of informal text on the various 
styles of houses and where they may reasonably be 

Southern Pine Association, New Orleans. 
How to plan, finance and build your home. 
1921. K 27742 

Photography, Moving Pictures 

imeron, James R. Pocket reference book 
for projectionists and managers. 1919. 

K 29541 



Lubschez, Ben J. The story of the motion 
picture, 65 B. c. to 1920 A. D. K 29555 

Mees, C. E. K. The fundamentals of pho- 
tography. 1920. K 29483 

Amateur and professional photographers alike 
will benefit by this account of the theoretical foun- 
dations of photography. It shows how they may 
obtain the best possible results "through attention 
to the technical manipulation of their materials." 

Pictorial photography in America. 1920. 

K 29489 
Sheffield Plate 

Hayden, Arthur. Chats on old Sheffield 
plate. 1921. K 28389 

Companion to "Chats on old silver," K 28390. 

A very complete and able exposition of an art 
which is none the less interesting because it is no 
longer practised. Arts and Decoration. 


Auer, Leopold. Violin playing as I teach 
it. 1921. K 29972 

A book full of simple hints and practical sug- 
gestions for violin students by a Hungarian mas- 
ter whom the Russian revolution drove to America 
a few years ago. 

Cogswell, Hamlin E. How to organize and 
conduct the school or community band 
and orchestra; a guide for supervisors of 
music, orchestra and band leaders. 1919. 

K 29865 

Fidler, Florence G. A handbook of orches- 
tration. 1921. K 29869 

Wurlitzer Co., Rudolph. Masterpieces of 
the great violin makers. 1918. K 29990 

A descriptive catalog. 

Indoor Games 

Work, Milton C. Auction methods up-to- 
date, including the new laws of 1920. 

K 30453 
Outdoor Sports 

Bennion, B. The trout are rising in Eng- 
land and South Africa; a book for slip- 
pered ease. 1920. K 30808 

There is the breeziness of the out-of-doors in 
his writing and a feeling for the humors and 
foibles of the brotherhood of anglers that will in- 
trigue even those who do not belong. Booklist. 

Evans, Charles, jr. Chick Evans' golf book; 
the story of the sporting battles of the 
greatest of all amateur golfers. 1921. 

K 30595 

Jessup, Elon. The motor camping book. 
1921. K 30922 

Very attractive book of practical directions for 
motor camping, written by the Associate Editor of 
Outing. Full index and route-maps add to its 

Raeburn, Harold. Mountaineering art. 1920. 

K 30626 

The author's experience covers the Alps, the 
Caucasus, and his native British hills. He de- 

scribes in detail the most modern equipment and 
safety devices. 

Wardlaw, Charles Digby, and Morrison, 
Whitelaw Reid. Basketball; a handbook 
for coaches and players. 1921. K 30667 


General Works, Journalism 

Andrews, Matthew Page, ed. The Dixie 
book of days. 1912. J 6242 

"Quotations illustrative of the history and lit- 
erature of the South." 

Dante. TOYNBEE, PAGET. Dante in English 
art; a chronological record of representa- 
tions by English artists (painters, sculp- 
tors, draughtsmen, engravers) of subjects 
from the works of Dante, or connected 
with Dante (c. 1745-1919). 1921. 

E 7134 1918-19 

(In the annual report of the Dante Society.) 

Kawabe, Kisaburo. The press and politics 
in Japan; a study of the relation between 
the newspaper and the political develop- 
ment of modern Japan. 1921. J 7252 

The author holds that the Japanese people still 
follow habit and tradition in their politics and not 
the leadings of their modern education. He believes 
that the hope of democracy there lies in the popu- 
larization of the press. 

Kaye, James R. Historical fiction chrono- 
logically and historically related. 1920. 


Another copy. *R 3184 

Keay, F. E. A history of Hindi literature. 
1920. J 4894 

(The heritage of India series.) 
Includes Raiasthant, Western Hindi. Eastern 
Hindi, and Biharl literature but not Urdu. 

Reynolds, George F., and Greever, Garland. 
The facts and backgrounds of literature. 
English and American. 1920. J6398 

(The Century handbook series.) 

Companion volume to Century handbook of 
writing, by G. Greever and E. S. Jones, J 7177. 

Virgil. FAY, EDWIN WHITFIELD. Glossae 
Vergilianae. 1920. L 12263 

(University of Texas bulletin.) 

-FowLER, W. WARDE. Virgil's "Gathering 

of the clans;" being observations on 
Aeneid VII, 601-817. 1918. L 12264 

The Latin and English texts appear on opposite 
pages with an illuminating commentary which 
should make the student appreciate that the Ae- 
neid is a work of art. 

French Literature 

Baudelaire, Charles Pierre. SMITH, T. R., ed. 
Baudelaire, his prose and poetry. 1919. 

E 10632 

(The modern library of the world's best 

Swinburne's poem in memory of Baudelaire, 
"Ave atque vale," opens this volume of translations 
from his writings. 



Betham-Edwards, M., tr. French fireside 
poetry, with metrical translations. 1921. 

E 14342 

The French "humbler poets" and the great ones 
when they also found their themes in the life of 
the people, in the home, field, vine-yard or work- 
shop. Gives a type of poetry not found in the 
usual anthology. Booklist. 

Hudson, William Henry. A short history 

of French literature. 1919. J 5366 

A condensed scholarly manual covering the time 

from the early middle ages to the late nineteenth 



Pound, Louise. Poetic origins and the bal- 
lad. 1921. J 7664 
Papers intended to disprove the theory of rhe 
communal creation of the ballad and its origin in 
the dance. One chapter shows that traditional 
ballad iraking is still going on. Booklist. 

Bangs, John Kendrick. The cheery way; a 
bit of verse for every day. 1919. E 10633 
Love, humor and pathos are to be found in them, 
and that person is indeed in peculiar circumstances 
who could not find a touching little sermon among 
some of the poems included in this whole yearful. 
Boston Transcript. 

Baring, Maurice. Poems; 1914-1919. E 14484 

The sonnet on Mozart, the best poem, perhaps, 
in the book, is a delightful poem indeed, a son- 
net that has got its movement from Mozart him- 
self. Times (London). 

Benet, Stephen Vincent. Heavens and 
earth. 1920. E 14487 

Originality marks his work in spite of the inti- 
mation that his themes are somewhat threadbare. 
He possesses a virility that is manifest at all 
times and a delight in swinging measures and em- 
phatic rhymes. New York Times. 

Carpenter, Rhys. The plainsman, and other 
poems. 1920. E 10755 

Short poems, partly inspired by modern Greek 

Chapman, Arthur. 

Cactus Center; poems. 
E 10757 

These cowpunchers are genuine, ^embarrassed, 
gunning individuals slightly apologetic at being 
rounded up between the covers of a book, yet non- 
chalantly indifferent, squid in cheek, to the public 
gaze. fftw York Post. 

Cone, Helen Gray. The coat without a 
seam, and other poems. 1919. E 14545 

Sonnets and lyrics of war and peace. 

Garrison, Theodosia. As the larks rise. 1921. 

E 10998 

Always worthy of note, this new selection adds 
a depth of feeling to the author's other poems. 

Hare, Amory, pseud, of Mrs. Arthur B. Cook. 
Tossed coins. 1921. E 14741 

Poems full of true friendliness and a spirit of 
happy living which makes them particularly en- 
joyable. Booklist. 

Hewlett, Maurice. Flowers in the grass; 
Wiltshire plainsong. 1920. E 14743 

A group of poems and songs of Wiltshire, with 
an exception in "Helgi and Sigrun," an Icelandic 

Kenyon, James B. The harvest home; col- 
lected poems. 1920. E 11138 

Poems in standard forms. 

Owen, Wilfred. Poems; with an introduc- 

tion by Siegfried Sassoon. 1921. E 11376 

This book by a young poet killed in the war 

breathes a rare poetic spirit, though much of it is 

freighted with horror. 

Reese, Lizette Woodworth. A branch of 
May; poems. 1919. E 11437 

Spicewood. 1920. 

E 11436 

The spirit is from an old source, that undying 
sense of beauty and mystery which drifts across 
all Miss Reese's books of poems. Boston Tran- 

Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt. The poems 
of Corinne Roosevelt Robinson. 1921. 

E 14963 

This volume includes, with several new poems, 
the previous volumes, The call of brotherhood 
(E 11465), One woman to another (E 11467), and 
Service and sacrifice (E 11474). 

Robinson, Edwin Arlington. Avon's har- 
vest. 1921. E 14967 

The Bookman says there is surely no more pow- 
erful dramatic poem in American literature than 
this which Mr. Robinson calls his "dime novel in 

Service, Robert W. Ballads of a Bohemian. 
1921. E 11582 

A collection of poems of Bohemian life in 

Paris, including a few gripping war pictures. A 

little prose sketch introducing each poem adds to 
the appeal. 

Wagner, Richard. Tristan and Isolda (Tris- 
tan und Isolde); a dramatic poem, freely 
translated in poetic narrative form by 
Oliver Huckel. 1913. E 12977 


Shepard, Odell. Shakespeare questions; an 
outline for the study of the leading plays. 
1916. E 10219 

(The Riverside Literature Series.) 

Young, Karl. The dramatic associations of 
the Easter sepulchre. 1920. J 4855, 10 

(University of Wisconsin studies in language 
and literature.) 

Archer, William. The green goddess; a 
play in four acts. 1921. E 13469 

A thrilling and amusing melodrama in which 
George Arliss played last winter in New York. 
The play centers around three English people and 
a rajah with an Oxford education, but the in- 
stincts of a barbarian. 

Bloch, Bertram. Humpty Dumpty; a fan- 
tasy. 1921. ~ E 13171 
(Poet Lore plays.) 

Chekhov, Anton. The jubilee; a farce in 
one act. 1920. E 13170 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Clements, Colin Campbell. A modern harle- 
quinade in three plays. 1920. E 1317C 
(Poet Lore plays.) 



Contents: Harlequin. Columbine. The return 
of Harlequin. 

Cohen, Helen Louise, ed. One-act plays 
by modern authors. 1921. E 13621 

Contents: The boy Will, by R. E. Rogers. 
Beiuty and the Jacobin, by B. Tarkington. The 
Pierrot of the minute, by E. Dowson. The maker 
of dreams, by O. Down. Gettysburg, by P. Mac- 
Kaye. Wurzel-Flummery, by A. A. Milne. Maid 
of France, by H. Brighouse. Spreading- the news, 
by Lady Gregory. Welsh honeymoon, by Jeannette 
Marks. Riders to the sea, by J. M. Synge. A 
night at an inn, by Lord Dunsany. The twilight 
saint, by S. Young. The masque of the two stran- 
gers, by Lady A. Egerton. The intruder, by M. 
Maeterlinck. Fortune and men's eyes, by Jose- 
phine P. Peabody. The little man, by J. Gals- 

Dane, Clemence, pseud, of Winifred Ashton. 
A bill of divorcement: a play. 1921. 

E 13472 

The problem relates to the remarriage of a di- 
vorced woman whose insane husband appears, 
cured, just in time to complicate an already in- 
volved situation. The solution comes through the 
daughter, modern, sane, heroic. 

Ford, John. The Duchess of Pavy, adapted 
from Love's sacrifice, v. 3. E 12090, 3 

(Little theater classics.) 

Hedberg, Tor. Johan Ulfstjerna; a drama 
in five acts. 1921. E 13171 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Hung, Shen. The wedded husband; a real- 
istic Chinese play. 1921. E 13171 
(Poet Lore plays.) 

Idzumo, Takeda. Bushido; adapted from 
Terakoya; or, The village school, other- 
wise called Matsu, the pine-tree. E 12090, 3 
(Little theater classics.) 

Jirasek, Alois. Dobromila Rettig; a comedy 
in three acts. 1920. E 13170 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Johnson, Frederick G. Mary's millions; a 
comedy in three acts. 1920. E 12418 

(Denison's royalty plays.) 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. The court- 
ship; a dramatization of The courtship of 
Miles Standish, by Louise Ayres Garnett. 
1920. E 13993 

Mackenzie, W. Roy. The English morali- 
ties from the point of view of allegory. 
1914. E 14072 

(Harvard studies in English.) 

Molnar, Franz. Liliom; a legend in seven 
scenes and a prologue. 1921. E 14105 

The theme is slight and rather sentimental, but 
it is handled so deftly and lightly and redeemed 
with such sharpness and wit that the result is a 
drama of considerable dignity. New Republic. 

Neihardt, John G. Two mothers. 1921. 

E 12663 

Contents: Eight hundred rubles. ^Agrippina. 

The two mothers are a nameless Russian peas- 
ant woman who murders her son, and Nero's moth- 
er, whose son murders her. Both pieces are la- 
conic and bitter, with considerable power in their 
grim epigrams and tigerish phrases. Nation. 

Noyes, Alfred. Sherwood; or, Robin Hood 
and the three kings; a play in five acts. 
School and acting ed. 1921. E 12674 

The full text of the original illustrated edition 
(E 12675) is given with indicated cuttings and di- 
rections for production. 

O'Neill, Eugene G. The Emperor Jones, 
DifFrent, The straw. 1921. E 14166 

Easily read plays with vivid characterization fol- 
lowing what the reviewer in the Daily News calls 
the "sad-brow" tradition of Ibsen, Hauptmann, and 
the Russians. 

Peele, George. The old wife's tale. E 12090, 3 
(Little theater classics, v. 3.) 

Phillips, Stephen. Collected plays. 1921. 

E 14192 

Contents: Aylmer's secret. Ulysses. The sin 
of David. Nero. Faust. Pietro of Siena. 

A collection from which it was necessary to omitj 
because of copyright laws, two of Mr. Phillips 
best known plays. "Paola and Francesca," and 

Przybyszewski, Stanislaw. Snow, a play in 
four acts; English version by O. F. Theis. 
1920. E 14197 

A powerful, rather tense play of a mixed-up 
quadrangular _ love affair, containing some ex- 
tremely effective though sombre passages. 

Shakespeare, William. Pericles, from Shake- 
speare. E 12090, 3 

(Little theater classics.) 

Shaw, George. Back to Methuselah; a met- 
abiological pentateuch. 1921. E 14231 

Contents: In the beginning; B. C. 4004 (In the 
Garden of Eden). The gospel of the Brothers 
Barnabas; present day. The thing happens; A. D. 
2170. Tragedy of an elderly gentleman; A. D. 
3000. As far as thought can reach; A. D. 31920. 

Five separate plays forming one series on the 
subject of evolution and longevity to which is pre- 
fixed a svirvey which Francis Hackett in the New 
Republic regards as one of the most fascinating of 
all Shaw's prefaces. 



Richard Brinsley. 

The rivals. 
E 14232 

(Living literature series.) 

Smith, Alice M., ed. Short plays by repre- 
sentative authors. 1920. E 14230 
Contents: The Hraun farm, by J. Sigurjonsson. 
-The merry merry cuckoo, by Jeannette Marks.- 
The locked chest, by J. Masefield. The post office, 
by R. Tagore. Six who pass while the lentils boil, 
by S. Walker. The silver lining, by Constance 
d'Arcy Mackay. By ourselves, by L. Fulda. The 
rider of dreams, by R. Torrence. Spreading the 
news, by Lady Augusta Gregory. The swan song, 
by A. Tchekhoff. The man on the kerb, by A. 
Sutro. The shadowed star, by Mary MacMillan. 

Wedekind, Frank. Pandora's box; a tragedy 
in three acts. 1918. E 12998 

Whiting, Eleanor. Common ground; a play 
in one act. 1921. E 13171 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Wilcox, Constance. Told in a Chinese gar- 
den, and four other fantastic plays for 
out-doors or in-doors; especially adapted 
for amateur productions. 1920. E 13017 

pageant for 

Told in a Chinese garden; a play 
a garden. Pan pipes, a woodland 



play. Four of a kind; a play for a boat. The 
princess in the fairy tale; a children's garden play. 
Mother Goose garden; a fantasy for a garden. 

They rank as fantasy rather than drama, but 
with ample opportunity for clever characterization 
by the players and dramatic reaction between 
them. Wide scope is given for colorful back- 
grounds and costuming. New York Post. 

Essays and Miscellanies 

Balfour, Arthur James. 
and political. 1921. 

Essays, speculative 

Contents: Speculative: Decadence; Beauty, and 
the criticism of beauty; Bergson's Creative evolu- 
tion; Francis Bacon; Psychical research. Political: 
Anglo-German relations; Treitschke's view of Ger- 
man world-policy; The freedom of the seas; The 
foundations of a durable peace; A brief note on 

The philosophical essays are the work of a gifted 
amateur. Two of the political essays are admir- 
able, an article on Anglo-lAmerican relations, and 
a review of Treitschke's view of German world- 
policy full of brilliant refutation and decisive wit. 

Atlantic Monthly. 

Bennett, Arnold. Things that have inter- 
ested me. 1921. E 1901 

A book of confessions that could have been writ- 
ten by no other living man. His style perky, effi- 
cient, decisive-^is the echo of a personality. . . . 
He gives us tips about painting, music, literature, 
acting, war, politics, manners and morals. Robert 
Lynd in the New Statesman. 

Conrad, Joseph. Notes on life and letters. 
1921. E2360 

Contents: Letters: Books; Henry James; Al- 
phonse Daudet; Guy de Maupassant; Anatole 
France; Turgenev; Stephen Crane, a note without 
dates; Tales of the sea; An observer in Malaya; 
A happy wanderer; The life beyond; The ascend- 
ing effort; The censor of p_lays. Life: Autocracy 
and war; The crime of partition; Note on the Po- 
lish problem; Poland revisited; First news; "Well 
done;" Tradition; Confidence; Flight; Some reflec- 
tions on the loss of the "Titanic;" Certain aspects 
of the admirable inquiry; Protection on ocean lin- 
ers; A friendly place. 

"And so here they are, dusted but in no way 
polished, extending from the year '20, a thin ar- 
ray of really innocent attitudes. Conrad literary, 
Conrad political, Conrad controversial." Preface. 

Daly, Arnold. The dominant male; essays 
and plays. 1921. E2409 

Contents: The dominant male. Playing golf. 
Father and son. James Stephens, an appreciation. 

Democracy's king. Why Shakespeare's plays 
could only have been written by an actor. Between 
ourselves. Artistic reasoning. Gossip. Letters 
from and to the_ author. 

Literary diversions of the well-known actor. Per- 
haps the most valuable is the excellent article on 
Shakespeare in refutation of the Baconians. 

Masson, Thomas L. Well, why not? 1921. 


A group of fifty-nine original and refreshing 
skits written in a humorous vein on contemporary 

More, Paul Elmer. A New England group 
and others; Shelburne essays, eleventh 
series. 1921. E 4586, 11 

Contents: The spirit and poetry of early New 
England. Jonathan Edwards. Emerson. Charles 
Eliot Norton. Henry Adams. Evolution and the 
other world. Samuel Butler of Erewhon. Vis- 
count Morley. Economic ideals. Oxford, women, 
and God. 

We are caught by the sheer integrity of his lan- 
guage, we are impressed by the feeling that here 
was a man of utter veracity, who never swerved 
aside to be funny or wise or original, _ but was con- 
cerned to say with unflinching precision just what 
he felt or thought. New Republic. 

Shestov, Leo. All things are possible. 1920. 


The real title of the book is "The apotheosis of 
groundlessness" and the central idea is that there 
is no centralized idea. The first and essential con-- 
dition of life is lawlessness. The one positive ideal 
is that the human soul believes in itself and in it- 
self alone. Nation. 

Torr, Cecil. Small talk at Wreyland. 1918. 


Author's reminiscences of things he has seen and 
heard in the family manor of Wreyland in Dev- 
onshire. The Athenaeum calls it "a book as typ- 
ically English as a Christmas pudding." 

Van Dyke, Henry. Camp-fires and guide- 
posts; a book of essays and excursions. 
1921. E 6229 

Contents: Camp-fires and guide-posts. A cer- 
tain insularity of islanders. A basket of chips. 
Self, neighbor, and company. Sympathetic antip- 
athies. Publicomania.- Moving day. Firelight 
views. Fishing in strange waters. The pathless 
profession. A mid-Pacific pageant. Japonica. In- 
terludes on the koto. Suicidal tendencies in de- 
mocracy. A bundle of letters. Christmas greens. 
On saying good-bye. Fellow-travellers: An old- 
style American; Interpreter's house; The healing 
gift; A traveller from Altruria. 

Wolcott, Laura. Maddalena's day, and other 
sketches. 1920. E 6308 

Contents: Out of the present: Maddalena's day; 
Our knight of the lagoons; A corner of Venice; 
The old custode at Lucca; The spell of Pisa; A 
footpath in Provence; November by the North 
Sea; Across the centuries; On donkey -back to Cape 
Spartel. Out of the past: The abbey's legend; 
Tne priest's dilemma; The iniquity of Midas; A 
brief for Mistress Socrates; Cophetua and the beg- 

Stories suggested by old legends and travel 
sketches, mostly European, which are not informa- 
tive in the conventional sense, but rather impres- 
sionistic renderings of colorful landscapes and the 
happy living of simple people. Booklist. 

Public Speaking 
Readers and Speakers 

Elson, William H., and Keck, Christine M. 
Junior high school literature. 1919-1920. 
2 v. J7485 

Griscom, Ellwood, jr. Americanization; a 
school reader and speaker. 1920. J 7492 

Johnson, Gertrude E. Modern literature for 
oral interpretation; practice book for vo- 
cal expression. 1920. J 7499 
Selections of prose and poetry, chosen because 
of their power to awaken a responsive interest in 
students. Booklist. 

Neil, C. Edmund. Sources of effectiveness 
in public speaking; psychological princi- 
ples practically used in developing ability 
to speak. 1920. J 7124 

Sindelar, Joseph C., ed. Closing day enter- 
tainments. 1920. J 7511 




Butler, Frank Hedges. Fifty years of travel 
by land, water, and air. 1920. 1 11389 

A scrap book of wide travels and pictures, all 
evidently collected, as the trips were taken, for 
this English gentleman of leisure's pleasure. Book- 

Chamberlain, James Franklin. Geogra- 
phy: physical, economic, regional. 1921. 

I 11368 
(Lippincott's school text series.) 

McFee, William. An ocean tramp. 1921. 

1 11396 

The author describes his impressions of life at 
sea as engineer on a trading steamer. The style 
is markedly literary and the narrative is inter- 
spersed with philosophical digressions. 


Amiens before and during the war. 1919. 


(Michelin's illustrated guides to the battlefields 

Boucher, Frangois. American footprints in 
Paris; a guide book of historical data per- 
taining to Americans in the French capital 
from the earliest days to the present times. 
1921. I 11844 

Brailsford, Henry Noel. The Russian work- 
ers' republic. 1921. I 10522 
_ A full explanation of the soviet system in Rus- 
sia and the present dictatorship. The author is op- 
timistic in his analysis of conditions and believes 
the system will prove successful if peace and trade 
are restored to Russia. 

^yriax, Tony. Among Italian peasants. 
1919. I 10447 

In the village of Campi, Tuscany. 

Dawson, Coningsby. . It might have hap- 
pened to you; a contemporary portrait of 
central and eastern Europe. 1921. I 11253 
Peace is as alluring a subject to Mr. Dawson 
as war. _ He makes a sentimental plea for the starv- 
ing families in Europe 'based on a realistic picture 
of conditions there. 

[owe, Frederic C. Denmark; a co-opera- 
tive commonwealth. 1921. I 10337 
An illuminating account of how the individual- 
istic Danes have succeeded in agricultural coopera- 
tion, following upon half a century of public high 
schools that make a point of cultivating the appli- 
cation of trained intelligence to every day life and 

Roberts, Kenneth L. 
after. 1921. 

Europe's morning 
1 11265 

Seligsberg, Alfred F. Invalid Europe; some 
impressions of recent travel. 1921. I 11266 


William Makepeace. 

I 11269 

Contents: The Paris sketch book. The Irish 
sketch book of 1842. Notes of a journey from 
Cornhill to Grand Cairo. Sultan Stork. Dickens 
in France. 

Waddington Old Hall, Waddington, in the 
West. Riding of the county of York; 

views of the property and historical de- 
scriptive reviews. 1920. 1 10394 

Wilson, Francesca M. Portraits and sketch- 
es of Serbia. 1920. , 111053 

Contents: A pagan people and a barbarous 
speech. A backwater of the great war. The flam- 
ing bird. The hidden lake. Ben Negro. Drago- 
mir; a story for children. A professor of antiqui- 
ties. A schoolmaster of the Near East. The re- 
turn of the exiles. Requiescat in pace. The or- 
phan hunt. Story of a runaway. Grimm's folklore 
in the twentieth century. 


Andrews, Roy Chapman. Across Mongolian 
plains; a naturalist's account of China's 
"great northwest." 1921. I 10663 

A popular narrative of the second Asiatic expe- 
dition of the American museum of natural his- 
tory, 1918-1919. 

A popular narrative of a hunting and exploring 
expedition (1918-1919) which resulted in the addi- 
tion of splendid groups of Asiatic animals in their 
natural settings to the Natural History Museum in 
New York. 

Hackenbroch, John P. 
and Syria. 1913. 

A trip to Palestine 
I 10908 

McGovern, William Montgomery. Modern 
Japan; its political, military, and indus- 
trial organization. 1920. 1 10701 

A condensed account of political and military 
affairs in Japan by a man who has spent ten years 
in the Far East. The psychology of _the people as 
expressed in literature, art and religion, is also 
touched upon. 

Murdock, Victor. China the mysterious and 

marvellous. 1920. 1 10659 

Letters sent from an editor-owner in China to 

his own country town paper. They are written 

in a popular, journalistic style. 

North America 

Buchanan, Angus. Wild life in Canada. 

1920. 1 4210 

A record of value to the scientist and of fasci- 

nating interest to any reader describing a journey 

into northern Saskatchewan by sled and canoe. 

Thompson, Wallace. The people of Mexico; 
who they are and how they live. 1921. 


An intelligent and sympathetic record by a man 
who lived among the Mexican people for many 
years. It is pessimistic in so far as he believes 
that the Diaz government was the only possible 
ideal and that since its members are scattered 
there is little hope for the future. 

United States 

Campbell, John C. The southern highlander 
and his homeland. 1921. 111606 

This account, written after _ nearly twenty-five 
years in Appalachia, shows an intimate knowledge 
of the mountains and their people, whose social 
problems are treated wisely and judicially. It is 
written without sentimentality, but has real senti- 

George, W. L. Hail Columbia! Random 
impressions of a conservative English 
radical. 1921. 14330 

Sympathetic and witty comments on the American 
life Mr. George was able to see in six months of 
interested observation. In his ardent zeal for the 



various manifestations of industry the New Repub- 
lic thinks he has taken "a more interesting line on 
this much discussed country than most of the ob- 
servers who have preceded him." 

Hall, Ansel F., comp. and ed. Handbook 
of Yosemite National Park; a compen- 
dium of articles on the Yosemite region by 
the leading scientific authorities. 1921. 

I 11768 

Hall, Trowbridge. California!! trails, inti- 
mate guide to the old missions; the story 
of the California missions. 1920. 111769 
There is a circle of legends surrounding each 
of these missions, either concerned with the spir- 
itual passions of the brown-frocked padres or with 
the carnal hates and loves of the laity, and of these 
Mr. Hall has gathered a great store. New York 

Munk, J. A. Southwest sketches. 1920. 


During his thirty-five years of ranch life Mr. 
Munk 'has collected a large library relating to the 
region from which, with its mesas, mountains, In- 
aians, and cliff dwellers, we now have these de- 
lightful chats. 

Ridgley, Douglas C. The geography of Il- 
linois. 1921. 14351 

(Regional geographies of the United States of 

South America 

Graham, R. B. Cunninghame. Cartagena 
and the banks of the Sinu. 1920. I 11172 

He is responsive to the ,-pirit of the country, and 
a name or a relic is enough to set him recreating 
the past in words full of life and color. Times 

Sherwood, F. A. 
ica. 1920. 

Glimpses of South Amer- 

Informal impressions made on the author during 
trips to Peru and Argentine. His account is very 
interesting and full of much incidental informa- 


O'Brien, Frederick. Mystic isles of the 
South Seas. 1921. I 12084 

A chronicle of an American voyaging among 
those mysterious and colorful islands near the 
equator. It is written in a fascinating manner and 
lifts us out of the everyday into a land of ro- 
mance and unreality. 



Fox, Charles Donald, and Silver, Milton L., 
ed. Who's who on the screen. 1920. 

C 19512 

Harrow, Benjamin. Eminent chemists of 
our time. 1920. C 19591 

Contents: Introduction. Perkin and coal-tar 
dyes. Mendeldeff and the periodic law. Ramsay 
and the gases of the atmosphere. Richards and 
atomic weights. van't Hoff and physical chemistry. 
Arrhenius and the theory of electrolitic dissoci- 
ation. Moissan and the electric furnace. Madame 
Curie and radium. Victor Meyer and the rise of 
organic chemistry. Remsen and the rise of chem- 
istry in America.- -Fischer and the chemistry of 

Lauzanne, Stephane. Great men and great 
days. 1921. C 19710 

. Contents: Thfiophile Delcasse, the man who 
prepared victory. Marshal Joffre, the father of 
victory. Raymond Poincar, the president of vic- 
tory. Woodrow Wilson, college professor and presi- 
dent. Theodore Roosevelt, a man. Colonel House, 
a wise counselor. Ambassador Jusserand and Amer- 
"ica. The world passes in review. America in the 
eyes of the world. David Lloyd George, a political 
eel. Georges Clemenceau, the Tiger. Alexandre 
Millerand, president of France. 

Slight journalistic sketches strongly influenced 
by the author's personal prejudices and patriotic 
sympathy with French interests. 

Lowrey, Carolyn. The first one hundred 
noted men and women of the screen. 
1920. C 19756 


Ogden, Charles Burr. The Quaker Ogdens 
in America; David Ogden of ye goode 
ship "Welcome," and his descendants, 
1682-1897; their history, biography, and 
genealogy, based upon original researches. 
1898. C 20368 

Individual Biography 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. FORKEL, JOHANN 
NIKOLAUS. Johann Sebastian Bach, his 
life, art and work; tr. from the German, 
with notes and appendices by Char'es 
Sanford lerry. 1920. C 20707 

Simon Bolivar (el libertador), patriot, 
warrior, statesman, father of five nations; 
a sketch of his life and his work. 1921. 

C 20920 

Brahms, Johannes. HENSCHEL, GEORGE. Per- 
sonal recollections of Johannes Brahms; 
some of his letters to and pages from a 
journal kept bv George Henschel. 1907. 

C 20978 

Child, Francis James. A scholar's letters to 
a young lady; passages from the later 
correspondence of Francis James Child. 
1920. C 21222 

Fleming, Marjorie. MACBEAN, L., and BROWN, 
JOHN. Marjorie Fleming's book, the 
story of Pet Marjorie together with her 
journals and her letters, by L. Macbean; 
to which is added Marjorie Fleming, a 
story of child-life fifty years ago, by John 
Brown. 1921. C 21931 

(The modern library of the world's best books.) 
TTie naive and tender confessions ol that delight- 
ful child who, dying before her ninth year, has 
lived through a century by the charm and uncon- 
scious whimsy of her diaries and the memory of 
the devotion winch Walter Scott lavished upon 
he/. New York Evening Post. 

Lehmann, Liza. The life of Liza Lehmann, 
by herself. 1919. C 22935 

The autobiography of a famous cosmopolitan 
singer and composer who knew intimately Liszt, 
Verdi and the Schumanns as well as Browning, 
Bret Harte, Nordica, and the artists Millais and 



Lincoln, Abraham. GORE, J. ROGERS. The 
boyhood of Abraham Lincoln, from the 
spoken narratives of Austin Gollaher. 1921. 

C 23010 

One gtts the impression of a most unusual boy, 
gentle, sensitive, humane; ungainly and aware of 
his ungainliness; passionately desirous of obtain- 
ing education; brave, devoted, conscientious. New 
York Post. 

Mahan, Alfred Thayer. TAYLOR, CHARLES 
CARLISLE. The life of Admiral Mahan, 
naval philosopher, rear-admiral United 
States navy. 1920. C 23207 

Reid, Whitelaw. CORTISSOZ, ROYAL. The life 
of Whitelaw Reid. 1921. C 23909 

v. 1. Journalism, war, politics. 

2. Politics, diplomacy. 

Sprinkled liberally with anecdotes and letters, 
and written in a strong, positive style, this makes 
an authoritative and interesting biography. 

Van Home, William. VAUGHAN, WALTER. 
The life and work of Sir William Van 
Home. 1920. C 24653 

The romantic history of the builder of the Ca- 
nadian Pacific and Cuban railways who started life 
in Joliet as a telegraph messenger boy. 

Victoria, Queen of England. STRACHEY, LYT- 
TON. Queen Victoria. 1921. C 24684 

Perhaps it has occurred to him that an uncotn- 
mented portrayal of this great national figurehead 
and fetish, of what this quaint old lady thought 
and felt as she sat so stolidly on the apex of the 
British Empire, might make a book of ironic sig- 
nificance more full of what the French call ntalite 
than the Eminent Victorians? Logan Pearsall 
Smith in the Dial. 


Elson, Henry W. Modern times and the 
living past. 1921. A 2232 

A rapid summary of world history emphasizing 
the human interest throughout is followed by a 
more thorough account of modern times, exclu- 
sive of U. S. history and devoting nearly one hun- 
dred pages to the recent war. 

Hing, Fred Morrow. The writing of his- 
tory; an introduction to historical method. 
1920. 'A 2351 

Professor Fling's historical work is along the 
lines of German scientific method. In this volume 
he distinguishes very clearly between the sciences 
of history and sociology. 

Marvin, F. S.,ed. Recent developments in 
European thought; essays. 1920. A 2366 

(The unity series.) 

Contents: General svirvey, b 

Contents: General survey, by F. S. Marvin. 
Philosophy, by A. E. Taylor. Religion, by F. B. 
Jevons. Poetry, by C. H. Herford. History, by 
G. P. Gooch. Political theory, by A. D. Lindsay. 
Economic development: The industrial scene 
(1842), Mining operations, The spirit of associa- 
tion; by C. R. Fay. Atomic theories, by W. H. 
Bragg. Biology since Darwin, by Leonard Don- 
caster. Art, by A. Glutton Brock. -A generation 
of music, by Ernest Walker. The modern renas- 
cence, by F. Melian Stawell. 

Petrie, W. M. Flinders. Some sources of 
human history. 1919. A 2476 

Relics of prehistoric man and earliest civilized 

Webster, Hutton, comp. Historical source 
book. 1920. A 2234 

A compilation of thirty-three of the epoch-mark- 
ing documents in the history of England and Amer- 
ica, beginning with the Magna Carta. The index 
serves also as a glossary. 


Gooch, G. P. Nationalism. 1920. A 5963 

(International relations series.) 

The author holds that the only legitimate nation 
is that with a culture so peculiar to itself as to 
make the group the expression of a human in- 
stinct. This unit he opposes to the combination 
arising from motive demanding the subjugation of 
other peoples. Booklist. 

Iswolsky, Alexander. Recollections of a 
foreign minister. 1921. A 7880 

In no sense a sensational revelation of state se- 
crets, but rather a carefully pictured series of men 
and events in Russia from 1905 to 1917 as seen 
by a man who knew his countrymen from peasant 
to upper class and a moderate liberal. Booklist. 

Linden, H. vander. Belgium, the making of 

a nation. 1920. A 4256 

The professor of history at Liege dwells in turn 

upon the forces vyhich have contributed to make 

Belgium a distinctive nationality. 

Mowrer, Paul Scott. Balkanized Europe; 
a study in political analysis and recon- 
struction. 1921 A 5969 
A book for those who want to understand Eu- 
rope and who want to understand why Europe, 
despite our relief organization and military help, 
does not understand us. New York Post. 

Ransome, Arthur. The crisis in Russia. 
1921. A 7912 

The crisis is economic and is due to the ap- 
palling condition of transportation. Mr. Ransome 
believes that in spite of the temporary success of 
the communists the regeneration of industry will 
prove a very slow process without intervention and 
may mean collapse of other countries. 

Ross, Edward Alsworth. The Russian 
Bolshevik revolution. 1921. A 7916 

The book is engrossing and the story vividly 
told. . . It is also a most excellent history, a very 
interesting book and a storehouse of historic pic- 
tures. New York Times. 

Thatcher, Oliver J., and McNeal, Edgar 
Holmes. Europe in the middle age. 1920. 

A 6488 

Similar in scope to Thatcher and Schevill's book 
on the same subject, but largely rewritten. 

United States 

Andrews, Matthew Page, comp. The women 
of the South in war times. 1920. B 7377 

Duncan, Louis C. Medical men in the war 
of the American revolution; the New 
York campaign of 1776. 1920. B 5451 

Eekhof, A. Three unknown documents 
concerning the Pilgrim Fathers in Hol- 
land. 1920. B 7913 

Graffenried, Christoph von, and others. 
Christoph von Graffenried's account of 
the founding of New Bern; ed. with an 
historical introduction and an English 



translation, by Vincent H. Todd and 

Julius Goehel. 1920. B 4134 

(Publications of the North Carolina Historical 

Hayes, Ellen. Wild turkeys and tallow can- 
dles. 1920. B 4170 
A description of life in Granville, O., 1850-1860. 

Krafft, Herman F., and Norris, Walter B. 
Sea power in American history; the in- 
fluence of the navy and the merchant mar- 
ine upon American development. 1920. 


A well-planned work, treating the course of our 
sea-power through the prowess of men, rather than 
in terms of ships and engagements. The authors 
display a contagious enthusiasm for their subject. 

Rutherford, Mildred Lewis. Facts and fig- 
ures vs. myths and misrepresentations; 
Henry Wirz and the Andersonville prison. 
1921. B 7379 

Truths of history; a fair, unbiased, im- 

partial, unprejudiced and conscientious 
study of history. Object: to secure a 
peaceful settlement of the many perplex- 
ing questions now causing contention be- 
tween the North and the South. 1920. 


The Jews, Polynesia 

Scholefield, Guy H. The Pacific, its past and 
future, and the policy of the great powers 
from the eighteenth century. 1920. A 3890 
This book is really an international history of 
Polynesia. The author makes the point that Brit- 
ish policy has been reluctant in accepting the re- 
sponsibility of government among the islands. In- 
teresting. Booklist. 

Zangwill, Israel. 

The voice of Jerusalem. 
A 2692 

A collection of essays devoting much space to ap- 
praisal of the present extraordinary political and 
social position of the Jews with hopes of a Zionist 
state in Palestine, balanced against massacres in 
eastern Europe and strong -anti-semitism in more 
westerly countries. 


Andreyev, Leonid. Satan's diary. 1920. 

F 10553 

The last work of this young Russian novelist. 
It is a satire on humanity drawn with broad bur- 
lesque strokes, in which man is represented as all 
evil and out-devils Satan who stalks abroad in hu- 
man form. 

Arene, Paul. The golden goat. 1921. 

F 10650 

A delicious tale of love and hidden treasure in 
a pastoral setting. The true feeling of Provence, 
its ancient civilization and pleasant country is 
given by one who himself belonged to Southern 

Banning, Margaret Culkin. 

Half loaves. 
F 10844 

An interesting story of married life to-day. A 
contrast is drawn between the placid well-bred, con- 
vent-raised, mother-type of woman and a childless 
social climber. The tone is wholesome, the char- 

acterizations are excellent and the situations not 

Bedford-Jones, H. The Mardi Gras mys- 
tery. 1921. F 10975 

A swiftly moving, highly improbable, tale with 
plenty of mystery and a satisfactory, ending. 

Beresford, J. D. Revolution; a story of the 
near future in England. 1921. F 20404 
An excellently told story growing out of the 
terror inspired in England by the 1919 railroad 
strike. It shows Beresford's idea of what a pos- 
sible revolution would be like and his opinion that 
it "would end in ignominious failure. 

Brown, Edna A. Journey's end. 1921. 

F 20745 

A light, pleasant story of New England Quaker 

Bryant, Marguerite. A courageous mar- 
riage. 1921. F 20762 

A well-written, cleverly worked out etory in 
which we encounter mystery, blackmail, a touch 
of spiritualism, and all the factors that keep one 
interested until the end. 

Buckrose, J. E., pseud, of Mrs. A. E. F. 
Jameson. The house with the golden 
windows. 1921. F 14342 

A slight, sentimental story of a girl who unwit- 
tingly accepts a fortune to which as an adopted 
daughter she is not entitled. The discovery drives 
away her worthless suitor, but his place is filled 
by another more deserving of her love. 

Burke, Thomas. More Limehouse nights. 
1921. F 20797 

Short stories of London's Chinese quarter. 

Contents: The yellow scarf. A game of poker. 
Katie the kid. The heart of a child. The dumb 
wife. Bluebell. A family affair. The little flow- 
ers of Frances. The perfect girl. The affair at the 
warehouse. Big Boy Blue. Mazurka. The scarlet 
shoes. The good Samaritans. Twelve golden 
curls. Miss Plum-Blossom. The cane. The song 
of Ho Ling. 

It is impossible to forget the strange characters 
that people these tales. However sordid they 
may be, they fascinate with their blazing frank- 
ness toward life and death. Bookman. 

Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 
ble. 1921. 

Tarzan the terri- 
F 20801 

Sequel to Tarzan of the apes, F 11505; The re- 
turn o'f Tarzan, F 11333; The beasts of Tarzan. 
F 11334; The son of Tarzan, F 11335; Tarzan and 
the jewels of Opar, F 11336; Jungle tales of Tar- 
zan, F 11286; Tarzan the untamed, F 11338. 

Camp, Wadsworth. 

The guarded heights. 
F 11594 

Humiliated by the taunts of his employer's lovely- 
daughter, the hero leaves the estate where he has 
served as groom and goes to Princeton. Then 
comes the war, and in the end he wins everything 
he set out to girl and all. 

Child, Richard Washburn. The velvet black. 
1921. F 11913 

Contents: The velvet black. Identified. The 
nightingale. A whiff of heliotrope. The cracking 
knee. Fiber. An experiment in rescue. The 
avenger. Pode. In dancing shadows. Foxed. 

Intensely interesting mystery stories character- 
ized chiefly by an atmosphere of crime. The author 
is particularly deft in the use of intangible things, 
like an odor, to create horror. 

Comstock, Harriet T. 

The shield of silence. 
F 21328 



Two girls from widely different stations in life 

are adopted by the aunt of one who does not 

know the two apart. The story is written to prove 

that the influence of heredity and environment is 

in the ratio of 1 to 2, not 1 to 1. 

Dawson, Coningsby. The kingdom round 
the corner. 1921. F 12352 

Lord Taborly returns from the war to find his 
fiancee in love with his former valet who has risen 
to the rank of brigadier general. He gives her up 
and after helping all concerned to find their 
"kingdoms" eventually finds his own. 

Dorrance, Ethel and James. Get your man; 
a Canadian mounted mystery. 1921. 

F 21672 

The search for the murderer of John Moore, a 
mining expert, found dead in his office in Seattle, 
and the recovery of the stolen formulas for his 
new process of extracting radium form the plot 
of a typical Yukon story. 

Dwight, H. G. The emperor of Elam, and 
other stories. 1920. F 12615 

Contents: Like Michael. (Henrietta Stackpole, 
rediviva. The pagan. White bombazine. Unto 
the day. Mrs. Derwall and the higher life. The 
bathers. Retarded bombs. Susannah and the El- 
der. The emerald of Tamerlane (in collaboration 
with John Taylor). Studio smoke. Behind the 
door. The bald spot. The emperor of Elam. 

Artistically skilful atmospheric stories whose 
scenes are laid in Alaska, New England, Sweden, 
Italy and the Near East. Booklist. 


Frederic A. 

The golden parrot. 
F 12847 

Gregory, Jackson. Desert Valley. 

An entertaining tale of a sloop with a will ot 
its own which carries its owners to the West In- 
dies and treasure to be found there. 

Fletcher, J. S. The Chestermarke instinct. 
1921. F 22127 

A detective story centering around a bank rob- 

Freeman, Lewis R. Hell's hatches. 1921. 

F 22254 

The mystery and color of the South Seas, the 
romance and fascination of high adventure, of 
swashbuckling men and beautiful women, make this 
tale with its depths of human degradation and fear- 
some crime and its heights of superlative bravery 
and sacrifice worthy of its title. 

F 13221 

A superannuated professor proves that e is very 
much alive by undertaking a search for gold. His 
characterization is excellent, and the contrast be- 
tween him and the rougher people of the mining 
towns and cattle ranches gives rise to many amus- 
ing situations. 

Grimshaw, Beatrice. My South Sea sweet- 
heart. 1921. F 22624 
A love story with a complicated plot. 

Haldeman-Julius, Mr. and Mrs. Dust. 1921. 

F 13427 

A remarkable and well-written story of Kansas, 
in which the dust of the prairies typifies the som- 
ber and tragic lives depicted. The theme seems 
to be the vanity of human wishes. 

F 13529 

Contents: Introduction, by Elizabeth S. Ser- 
geant. Author's preface. The Fried-potato sis- 
ters. Nounou. The Sweet smeller. Monsieur Ro- 
bled's throat. The tight-wads. A man with a soft 
job. Gracieuse. Mademoiselle Sourire. The Seine 

Hamp, Pierre. People. 1921. 

rises. At the express window. At the Chevalier 
restaurant. Fat-Month. The Fly-catcher. A rich 
city. "Miller, you're asleep." A labour demonstra- 
tion. Lexers. A Bourbon's pleasures. The Joy 
boys. Monsieur Becqueriaux. The king's c's. 
The screen. 

Sketches portraying the realism of every day 
life from the point of view of a French working- 
man who expresses the awakened self-conscious- 
ness of his class. 

Harris, Corra. My son. 1921. F 13614 

Sequel to A circuit rider's wife, F 13508. 

Problems confronting the mother of a Meth- 
odist preacher do not sound gripping. But the 
heroine has made them so with her sense of hu- 
mor, her shrewd, witty observations, her illumi- 
nating intuitiveness. Bookman. 

O. Henry memorial award; prize stories of 
1919-1920. 2 v. F 18283 

1919': England to America, by M. P. Mon- 
tague. "For they know not what they do," by W. 
D. Steele. They grind exceeding small, by B. A. 
Williams. On strike, by A. P. Terhune. The ele- 
phant remembers, by E. Marshall. Turkey red, 
by F. G. Wood. Five thousand dollars reward, 

cher's store, by S. A. Derieux. Porcelain cups, 
by T. B. Cabe'll. The high cost of conscience, by 
B. Ravenel. The kitchen gods, by G. F. Alsop. 
April 25th, as usual, by E. Ferber. 

1920: Each in his generation, by M. S. Burt. 
"Contact!" by F. N. Hart. The camel's back, 
by F. S. Fitzgerald. Break-Neck hill, by E. For- 
bes. Black art and Ambrose, by G. Gilpatric. 
The judgment of Vulcan, by L. F. Hartman. The 
argosies, by A. Hull. Alma mater, by O. F. Lewis. 
Slow poison, by A. D. Miller. The face in the 
window, by W. D. Pelley. A matter of loyalty, 
by L. Perry. Professor Todd's used car, by L. 
H. Robbins. The thing they loved, by M. Rutledge. 
Butterflies, by R. Sidney. No flowers, by G. A. 
Smith. Footfalls, by W. D. Steele. The last room 
of all, by S. F. Whitman. 

Kaye-Smith, Sheila. Green apple harvest. 
1921. F 14460 

A story of the black-sheep son of a Sussex 
farmer whose quest for God is at variance with 
his everyday life. The characters are finely drawn 
and there are charming subtleties and bits of 
pathos, while the country itself stands out in- 

Leon, Ricardo. A son of the hidalgos. 1921. 

F 14644 

The melancholy atmosphere of ruin pervades this 
tale of a modern son of an ancient race. Its 
charm lies mostly in the poetical and. sensitive 
beauty of its style and this is remarkably well re- 
tained in the translation. 

Leverage, Henry. The ice pilot. 

F 14672 

An absorbing story of the Bering region by an 
author who in some quarters is regarded as Jack 
London's closest successor. 

Lincoln, Joseph C. Galusha the Magnifi- 
cent; a novel. 1921. F 14655 

Taken all in all, this new tale is fully equal to 
his stories that have gone before and highly en- 
tertaining. He has by no means worked out that 
Cape Cod vein. New York Post. 

Lincoln, Natalie Sumner. The unseen ear. 
1921. F 24540 

A light detective story. 

Livingston, Florence Bingham. The cus- 
tard cup. 1921. F 24550 



A wholesome, cheery story of helpfulness and de- 
velopment of character amidst poverty and adverse 
conditions. It centers around a "Mrs. Wiggs 
sort of character and the waifs she adopted. 

Lowndes, Mrs. Belloc. 
deep. 1921. 

From out the vasty 
F 24675 

A story of love and crime with a strong inci- 
dental element of spiritualism and the occult. 

Ludovici, Anthony M. Too old for dolls; 
a novel. 1921. F 24721 

A psychological novel dealing with the reactions 
uprr one another of a woman of fifty-five, who 
persisiS in keeping up the illusion of thirty-five, 
and her two daughters. 

Lynde, Francis. The fire bringers. 1921. 

F 24768 

An adventure and mystery story_ connected with 
an engineering project carried on in a small town. 

MacGrath, Harold. 

The pagan madonna. 
F 24845 

A novel based on a clash of purposes among 
four adventurous strong-willed characters under 
the domination of Chance, the pagan madonna. 

MacNamara, Brinsley. The valley of the 
squinting windows. 1920. F 24897 

The scene is laid in Ireland among unpretentious 
people and centers about one woman, Nan Byrne, 
and her selfish aspirations. The style is good, the 
characters though unpleasant, are well drawn, and 
the story interesting. 

Merrick, Leonard. A chair on the boule- 
vard. 1921. F 15272 

Tales of Bohemian Paris that have all the spar- 
kle and unexpected twist of O. Henry, and are, in 
addition, written about more interesting people. 
Chicago Evening Post. 

Morley, Christopher. Tales from a rolltop 
desk. 1921. F 15496 

Contents: The prize package. Advise to the love- 
lorn. The curious case of Kenelm Digby. Gloria 
and the garden of Sweden. The commutation chop- 
house. The pert little hat. Urn burial. The bat- 
tle of manila envelopes. The climacteric. Punch 
and Judy. Referred to the author. 

Has the mellowness of spirit, the easy tolerance, 
the wide and unselfconscious understanding _ of 
books and men, which have become recognized 
characteristics of the genial conductor of the New 
York Evening Post's IBowling Green." Bookman. 

Mulder, Arnold. The sand doctor. 1921. 

F 15559 

A quiet wholesome story of a young doctor and 
his wife, in which the Michigan dunes hold a 
Hardy-like place and are associated with all im- 
portant crises. 

Mulford, Clarence E. The Bar-20 three; 
relating a series of startling and strenu- 
ous adventures, in the cow-town of Mes- 
quite, of the famous Bar-20 trio Hop- 
along Cassidy, Red Connors, and Johnny 
Nelson. 1921. F 15568 

Sequel to Bar-20, F 15561; Bar-20 days, F 1SS60; 
Hopalong Cassidy, F 15563; Buck Peters, ranchman, 
F 15564; The coming of Cassidy, F 15565; The 
man from Bar-20, F 15566; Johnny Nelson, F- 

Mundy, Talbot. Told in the East. 1920. 

F 15591 

Contents: Hookum hai. For the salt which he 
had eaten. Mac Hassan Ah. 

These three stories, two of which are of Eng- 
lish army life in India, portray in an interesting 
manner the habits of the natives and life of the 
soldier. The third story is a vividly drawn pic- 
ture of English naval life in Arabia. 

Ogden, G. W. 
Creek. 1921. 

The flockmaster of Poison 
F 15744 

A western story of the regulation blood-and- 
thunder type. 

Olmstead, Florence. This little world. 1921. 

F 15760 

Your feet are planted firmly in the realism of 
green muslin dresses with tucks, and a cat that 
sleeps upon the violet bed of a poisonously in- 
clined neighbor, yet you are whisked away un- 
aware into romance. Chicago Post. 

Ostrander, Isabel. The crimson blotter. 
1921. F 15855 

Once the unreality of the characters has been 
accepted and dismissed, the story moves rapidly 
enough through three hundred pages of incident. 

Overton, Grant. World without end. 1921. 

F 15866 

A whimsical story of old Long Island based upon 
a comedy of errors in which a young woman 
crosses the ocean to marry a bridegroom who was 
expecting her sister instead. 

Pedler, Margaret. The lamp of fate. 1921. 

F 16087 

The story of a beautiful dancer and her train 
. of suitors, and the suffering she is finally com- 
pelled to endure before she can win the respect 
of the one man whom she loves. 

Phillpotts, Eden. Orphan Dinah. 1921. 

F 16299 

An addition to the number of Mr. Phillpotts' 
Dartmouth stories, with characteristic beauty of de- 
scription and strength of character portrayal. The 
theme is the injustice of English divorce laws espe- 
cially when concerning the humble poor. 

Railey, Julia Houston. Show down. 1921. 

F 16784 

Nancy Carroll comes back to her little Arkansas 
town full of ideas about feminism and social and 
political reform. The characters are well drawn 
and the interest of the story is not sacrificed to 
the talks of peonage and politics. 

Reeve, Arthur B. The film mystery. 1921. 

F 17026 

A Craig Kennedy detective novel. 
Sequel to The silent bullet, F 17018; The poi- 
soned pen, F 17019; The dream doctor, F 17020; 
The gold of the gods, F 17021; The social gang- 

The go 
ster, F 


Roche, Arthur Somers. Find the woman. 
1921. F 17417 

A swiftly-moving mystery story of one exciting 
week in New York city. 

Rohmer, Sax, pseud, of Arthur S. Ward. 
Bat wing. 1921. F 18992 

A detective story dealing with voodooism. The 
solution of the mystery comes to the reader as a 
complete surprise. 

Swinnerton, Frank. Coquette. 


F 18501 

A naturalistic study of a charwoman's daughter 
endowed with ambition and determination who 
realizes that her advancement must come through 
her relations with men and plans her life ac- 



Tarkington, Booth. 

Alice Adams. 1921. 
F 27702 

Another character sketch of mid-west small-town 
life, and the Daily News lays the excellence of its 
delineation to the fact that Tarkington "stands 
somewhere between the psychologists of the '90s 
and the psychanalists of today." 

Terhune, Albert Payson. The man in the 
dark. 1921. F 27742 

A story of rhe West Virginia mountains with 
good characterization not forgetting Bruce the 

Tietjens, Eunice. Jake. 1921. 

F 18543 

The first novel by a well-known Chicago poet. It 
contains many beautiful bits of poetic description in 
rhythmic prose, especially of the Dunes, and some 
noteworthy sketches of incidental characters. 

Wilson, Harry Leon. The wrong twin. 
1921. F 19590 

The story of two brothers from their very en- 
tertaining childhood days to the war, which enters 
the narrative just enough to straighten things out. 


Braddy, Nella. Young folks' encyclopaedia 
of etiquette. 1921. L 20884 

Glassie, Ada Boyd. The meadowgold; a 
fantastic play for children. 1914. 

E 12235 

Greenwood, Josephine Heermans. Our 
heritage from the Old World. 1921. 

A 2233 

A history from the times of ancient Egypt to 
the seventeenth century, which emphasizes con- 
tributions to our civilization. Useful as a regular 
sixth grade text or as background material for 
U. S. history courses. Booklist. 

Moore, T. Sturge. The little school. 1920. 

E 14875 

This is a charming book of poems which children 
will love, and its verses possess an atmosphere that 
will be thoroughly enjoyed by grownups. 

Mother Goose. Songs from Mother Goose 
for voice and piano, set to music by Sid- 
ney Homer. Illustrated by Maginel 
Wright Enright. 1920. Hughes Room 

Roosevelt, Theodore. HENDERSON, DANIEL. 
Jungle roads and other trails of Roose- 
velt; a book for boys. 1920. C 23973 

A boy's life of Roosevelt, in which the emphasis 
is on his outdoor jife and adventures. 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. Woodland tales, 
with 100 drawings by the author. 1921. 


A miscellaneous group of stories including fairy 
tales and nature myths. Other chapters set forth 
things to see, things to know and remember. For 
children six years of age and upward. 

Smith, E. Boyd. The early life of Mr. Man 
before Noah. 1914. H 6517 

A picture book portraying the life of man be- 
fore the flood. Very interesting and instructive 
to young readers. 

Wisconsin. University. Bureau of Com- 
munity Development. Plays for community 
Christmas. 1919. Hughes Room 

(Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin.) 
Contents: The elves and the shoemaker; a dram- 
atization of the story by that name, by Von Dona- 
hue and L. T. Holmes. Where love is, God is, by 
Tolstoy; dramatization by Sally Kiiox Boon. Holy 
night, by Juliette C. Devine. Twelfth night festiv- 
ities, by Ethel Louise Knox. 


The Arabian nights' entertainments; stories 
from The thousand and one nights, told 
for young people by Martha A. L. Lane. 
1915. H 3052 

Burgess, Thornton W. 

Lightfoot the deer. 

(Green forest series.) 

Lightfoot, a handsome deer, tells his experiences 
in the Green Forest. He encounters a hunter and 
overcomes many dangers. 

Crownfield, Gertrude. The little tailor of 
the winding way; illustrated by Willy 
Pogany. 1917. H 3574 

The story of a certain little tailor who stepped 
from his aoor at the call of a Lord Chancellor 
to new and strange experiences. For children from 
six to nine. 

Dunbar, Aldis. The sons o' Cormac, an' 

tales of other men's sons. 1920. H 7936 

Simple hero tales of Ireland. The humor and 

imaginative element will give pleasure both to older 

children and to grown-ups. 

Gregor, Elmer Russell. The White Wolf. 
1921. H 8300 

Further adventures of Running Fox. The hero 
and his friends face many hardships before they ac- 
complish their purpose the slaying of the great 
White Wolf. A good picture of Indian life and 

Hornibrook, Isabel. Coxswain Drake of the 
Seascouts. 1920. H 8449 

Lonny Drake and his sea-scouts pick up a wire- 
less message which leads to the discovery and cap- 
ture of a smuggling aviator. Other events make it a 
most interesting book for boys. 

MacDonald, George. The princess and the 
goblin; illustrated by Jessie Willcox 
Smith. 1920. Hughes Room 

Peggy in Toyland. 

Marshall, Archibald. 

Peggy is allowed to visit the kingdom of Toyland 
because of her kindness to dolls. The throne has 
been usurped by the White Chess King but the 
Queen is finally restored by Peggy and the other 

Stein, Evaleen. Our little crusader cousin 
of long ago; being the story of Hugh, 
page to King Richard of England, in the 
third crusade. 1921. H 5315 

An interesting account of the third crusade told 
in a simple and direct manner so that children 
wHl enjoy it. 

Sykes, A. L., (Mrs. Anne Schiitze). Tiny 
Hare and his friends. 1918. H 6439 

A group of animal tales suitable for story telliruf. 



Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, first floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Abell, T. H. Apple candy; a commercial 
use for cull apples. 1921. 

(Utah. Agricultural Experiment Station Bulle- 
tin 179.) 

Process is simple and easily performed in the 

Alleman, Dudley. Marketing eastern 
grapes. 1920. A1.3 861 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bulletin 861.) 

Ashbrook, F. G., and others. Pork on the 
farm, killing, curing and canning. 1921. 

A1.9 1186 

(Farmers' bulletin 1186.) 

Home curing of pork is an old practice. It 
nearly went out of style but the style is rapidly 
becoming popular again. 

Baker, F. S. Black walnut; its growth and 
management. 1921. A1.3 933 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bulletin 933.) 
Shows the financial possibilities of growing walnut 
for the timber market, and the importance attached 
to the available supply. 

Caldwell, Robert J. The economic situation 
in Czechoslovakia in 1920. 1921. L 1.2 C99 
(U. S. Dept. of Labor.) 

Dale, J. K. Co-operative cane-sirup can- 
ning; producing syrup of uniform quality. 
1920. A 1.14/2 149 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. circular 149.) 
Description of the industry, including arrangement 
and equipment of plant, operation, cost and mar- 

Dixon, H. M. Farm management in the 
Ozark region of Missouri. 1921. 

A 1.3 941 
(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 941.) 

Farley, F. W., and Greene, S. W. Cut 
over pine lands of the south for beef- 
cattle production. 1921. A 1.3 827 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 827.) 
A comprehensive survey of great value. 

Farrell, George E., and Hobson, Ivan L. 

Organization and results of boys' and 

girls' club work, northern and western 

states: 1919. 1921. A 1.14/2 152 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 152.) 

A positive force in rural development today. 

Hames, Charles S. Coal-tar dyes for which 
import licenses were granted during the 
fiscal year 1920. 1921. S 13.2 D98 

. (U. S. Dept. of State. War Trade 'Board Sec- 

Hansen, Albert A. Lawn pennywort; a 

new weed. 1921. A 1.14/2 165 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circ. 165.) 

Hpagland, Ralph. Substitutes for sucrose 
in curing meats. 1921. A 1.3 928 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 928.) 
Results of experiments given. 

Indiana Dept. of Conservation. Trees of 
Indiana. 1921. 
(Publication 13.) 

Lodge, Henry Cabot. Pilgrims of Ply- 
mouth; an address at Plymouth, Mass., 
Dec. 21, 1920, in the three hundreth anni- 
versary of their landing. 1921. 
(66th cong. 3d Sess. Senate doc. 351.) 

Moore, J. G. How to prune small fruits. 

(Wisconsin University Extension Service. Cir- 
cular 134.) 

Includes grapes (with four-cane Kniffin system), 
raspberries, blackberries, currants, and gooseberries. 

Southard, Addison E. Eritrea. 1920. 

C 18.9 82 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special consular reports 82.) 

A Red Sea Italian colony of increasing interest 
to American commerce. 

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Wholesale prices: 1890-1919. 1920. 

L 2.3 269 

(Bulletin 269.) 

Includes the data for the years 1917 and 1918, 
publication of which was suspended during the war. 

Bureau of Navigation. Ports of the 
world. 1921. N 17.22 

(Ditty box guide book series.) 

The following popular and attractive city guide 
books with maps, have been received, out of the 
hundred which are being prepared by the Navy 
Department: Buenos Aires, Callpa-Lima, Canton, 
Christiania, Colombo, Constantinople, Gibraltar, 
Hongkong, Honolulu, Montivideo, Naples, Panama 
Canal Zone, Paris, Port Said, San Francisco, Val- 
paraiso, Yokohama. 

Dept. of Agriculture. Commercial utili- 
zation of waste seed from the tomato pulp- 
ing industry. 1921. A 1.3 927 

(Bulletin 927.) 

Federal Board for Vocational Education. 
Industrial rehabilitation; general adminis- 
tration and case procedure. 1921 

VE1.3 64 

(Bulletin 64.) 

National Advisory Committee for Aeronaut- 
ics. Bibliography of aeronautics, 1909- 
1916. 1921. Y3.N21/5-7 Ae8 

National Academy of Sciences. Psycho- 
logical examining in the U. S. army. 1921. 

NA1.5 15 

(Memoirs, v. 15.) 

The official report of the Division of Psychology 
of the Office of the Surgeon General and published 
with the approval of the War Department. 

Pt. 1. History and organization of psychological 
examining and materials of examinations. 

2. Methods of examining; history and de- 
velopment, preliminary results. 

3. Measurements of intelligence in U. S. 

Tariff Commission. Tariff information 
surveys on the articles of the tariff act of 
1913. 1921. T C1.6 







of the 

The Public Library was started in the Water Tank showing above the roof 




The Chicago Fire Started the Chicago Public Library 



ALFRED E. BARR, President 10 S. La Salle St. 

JAMES J. HEALY, Vice-Pres.. 30 N. Dearborn St. FRANK F. TOLLKUEHN. .69 W. Washington St. 

R. G. SHUTTER 175 W. Jackson Boul. LAWRENCE CUNEO 51 S. Water St 

CHARLES E. SCHICK 600 W. North Ave. ROBERT J. MCLAUGHLIN . 5323 Hyde Park Boul 

CARL O. BEROTH 910 S. Michigan Ave. ELLIOTT W. SPROUL 10559 S. Seeley Ave. 

HARRY G. WILSON Secretary 

CARL B. RODEN.. ..Librarian 

Michigan Boulevard, Washington and Randolph Streets 

WEEKDAY HOURS : Circulation Dept., 9 A. M. to 7 P. M. 

Reference, Periodicals, and Civics Depts., 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. 

Art. Music, Patent Reports, 9 A. M. to 5:30 p. M. 

Children's Dept., 9 :30 A. M. to 6 P. M. 
SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY HOURS : Reference and Periodicals Depts. only, 1 p. M. to 6 p. M. 

Holidays comprise New Year's Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, Memorial 
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 
All departments are closed on Independence Day and Christmas Day. 


Independent collections of 3,000 to 20,000 volumes in quarters owned or rented by the 
Library, or occupied by arrangement with the Park Boards, and administered by a librarian 
and staff. 

The following Branches are open from 1 p. M. to 9 p. M. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and 
Fridays ; and from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays : 

HENRY E. LEGLER REGIONAL BRANCH. Crawford Ave. and Monroe St. 

AUSTIN. 5644 W. Lake St. 
BESSEMER PARK. 89th St. and Muskegon Ave. 
BLACKSTONE. 49th St. and Lake Park Ave. 
BUTLER HOUSE. 3212 Broadway. 
DOUGLAS BRANCH. 1212 S. St. Louis Ave. 
ECKHART PARK. Chicago Ave. and Noble St 
HAMILTON PARK. 72d St. and Normal Ave. 
HAMLIN PARK. Barry and Hoyne Aves. 
HARDIN SQUARE. Wentworth Ave. and 26th. 
HEBREW INSTITUTE. Taylor and Lytle Sts. 
HOLSTEIN. Oakley Ave. and Colvin St. 
HUMBOLDT. 2553 W. North Ave. 
INDEPENDENCE PARK. Springfield Ave. and 

Irving Park Boul. 

HIRAM KELLY. 62d St. and Normal Boul. 
KOSCIUSZKO PARK. 2732 N. Avers Ave. 

LEWIS INSTITUTE. 1943 W. Madison St. 

LINCOLN CENTRE. Oakwood Boul. and Lang- 
ley Ave. 

LOGAN SQUARE. 3248 Fullerton Ave. 

OGDEN PARK. 64th St. and Racine Ave. 

ROGERS PARK. 6975 N. Clark St. 

SEWARD PARK. Elm and Orleans Sts. 

SHEDD PARK. Millard Ave and W. 23rd St 

SHERIDAN. 4869-73 Broadway. 

SHERMAN PARK. Loomis and W. 53d Sts. 

STANTON PARK. Vedder and Reese Sts 



WOODLAWN. 6247 Kimbark Ave. 

The following Branches are temporarily closed owing to deficiency in revenue: 

ARMOUR SQUARE. 33d St. and Shields Ave. 
BURR SCHOOL. Ashland and Wabansia Ave. 
CORNELL SQUARE. Wood and W. 51st Sts. 
DAVIS SQUARE. 45th St. and Marshfield Ave. 
DVORAK PARK. 20th and Fisk Sts. 
FORRESTVILLE SCHOOL. 45th St. and St Law- 
rence Ave. 

FULLER PARK. 45th St. and Princeton Ave. 
MARK WHITT SQUARE. Halsted and 30th Sts. 

Directory continued on back cover Pages. 

McKiNLEY PARK. W. 37th St. and S. West- 
ern Ave. 

MORSE SCHOOL. N. Sawyer Ave. and W. 
Ohio St. 

PALMER PARK, lllth St. and Indiana Ave 

PULASKI PARK. Blackhawk and Noble Sts. 

SCANLON. 11725 Perry Ave. 

STANFORD PARK. 14th PI. and Union St. 

SUMNER SCHOOL. Colorado and Kildare Aves. 

TWENTY-SIXTH STREET. 2548 S. Homan Ave. 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11 October, 1921 No. 8 

How the Chicago Fire Started the Public Library 

*""* HE romantic beginnings of the Chicago Public Library are fitly called to 
-* mind on this occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the great Chicago Fire of 
1871, since the Library literally owes its inception to that calamity. No doubt 
Chicago would hav*e had a public library sooner or later, in any event, but 
certainly the foundation of such an institution was farthest from the thoughts 
of the distressed city in the distressful winter of 1871. But, among the bene- 
factions pouring in from all parts of the globe, came tidings of a collection of 
books assembled in London for shipment to Chicago "as a mark of English 
sympathy." The donors comprised the entire British literary and social world, 
stirred to this united action by an appeal issued by Thomas Hughes,* himself 
the author of "Tom Brown's School Days" and other works, and signed with 
him by Queen Victoria, Gladstone, the Duke of Argyll, Disraeli, Carlyle and 
many other distinguished personages. No copy of this original circular is now 
extant, but the following quotation from it sufficiently reflects the sentiments 
animating the enterprise: 

"The Library to be established would be regarded as a token of that sentiment of 
kinship which, independently of circumstances, and independent of every other 
consideration, must ever powerfully affect the different branches of the English race." It 
continues by saying, "that while the home literature of the present day and the last hun- 
dred years will form an important portion of the New Library, the characteristic feature of 
the gift will consist in sending to the Americans works of the thirteen preceding centuries, 
which are the common inheritance of both peoples." 

A letter addressed by Mr. Hughes to the London Times shortly after- 
wards is also worth quoting: 

*The Public Library has sought to signify some slight recognition of its obligation to Thomas Hughes 
as its virtual founder and patron by incorporating his name in the title of its children's department: The 
Thomas Hughes Room for Young People. 


To the Editor of the Times 

In consequence of the favourable replies of British authors & learned societies to the 
appeal for books for a free library at Chicago the committee have been obliged to look for a 
space where the gift books can be reed., classified & packed for transportation to America, 
& I am glad to say that the Board of the Crystal Palace Company have willingly given 
the necessary space. May I be allowed through your columns, to request that all persons de- 
sirous of contributing books will forward them to the Crystal Palace, Sydenham, E. C., 
merely endorsing "For the Chicago Free Library" on the parcel, & preserving a duplicate 
list to compare with the list that will be advertised? As Her Majesty has set the good 
example of giving her autograph on the title-page of her books, I would suggest that all 
authors should do the same. I may here say, in answer to certain statements which have 
appeared in the Press, that the proposed gift has been warmly approved both in England & 
America & the list which will be advertised in due time will include the names of a very 
large number of our most eminent literary & scientific men as contributors. 

As the library will contain books old & new in all departments of literature, donations 
in money will be employed in the purchase of rare works not otherwise obtainable, & to 
defray the necessary expenses. Such donations may be sent to Sir John Rose (Morton Rose 
& Co., 1 Bartholomew-lane, E. C.) who has kindly consented to act as treasurer. 

The honorary secretaries Messers. A. H. Burgess or F. W. Chepon will answer any 
inquiries addressed to them at 1 Adam-Street, Adelphi. 

I am, Sir, yours faithfully, 
(Signed) Thomas Hughes, 
Chairman of Committee. 
Lincoln's-Inn. Dec. 2, 1871. 

The arrival of the English books, which began to come in instalments be- 
fore the end of the Fire year, created a situation not without humorous as- 
pects. Contrary to the assumption of the donors, there had been no public li- 
brary in Chicago before the Fire; the city had no legal authority for 
maintaining one, and no revenue for its support. Least of all was there any 
safe or proper place for housing the precious volumes that were being hurried 
across the Atlantic to the rescue of the stricken populace. Mayor Joseph 
Medill, to whom Mr. Hughes had unfolded his project in a letter, referred the 
matter to a committee composed of the Hon. Thomas Hoyne, E. C. Larned, 
J. M. Walker, D. L. Shorey, S. S. Hayes and Henry Booth, .all citizens of emi- 
nence and dignity. The first thing this committee did was to secure an aban- 
doned iron water supply reservoir as a temporary store room for the books. The 
"Tank" stood on a thirty-five-foot high masonry base in the rear of the tem- 
porary city hall hastily erected at LaSalle and Adams streets, and locally 
known as the "Rookery," which present-day citizens will recognize as the name 
of the stately office building now occupying that site. Circular in shape, with 
a diameter of sixty and a height of thirty feet, and having but recently demon- 
strated that it was superlatively fire-proof, the Tank was regarded as a happy 
find, and the gift books were stored in it, as they arrived, pending developments. 
The second step of the Committee was to secure the enactment by the Illinois 
General Assembly of a law enabling municipalities to establish public libraries 
and to levy taxes therefor. This law was passed March 7th, 1872, and is the 
statute under which all Illinois public libraries are organized. 

Eleven days later, on March 18th, 1872, an ordinance of the City Council 
established the Public Library under the new law, and on April 8th Mayor 
Medill appointed the following as the fiirst Board of Directors : Thomas Hoyne, 
S. S. Hayes, R. F. Queal, J. W. Sheahan, D. L. Shorey, Herman Raster, Wil- 
lard Woodard, Elliott Anthony and Julius Rosenthal. 

Failing more suitable quarters, the Directors proceeded to convert the 
Tank into a book room by lining its walls with shelves, having a capacity of 
18,000 volumes, and cutting a skylight in the roof. A temporary new story was 
added to the City Hall connecting with the book room by a bridge, and here, 




on New Year's Day, 1873, a library reading room was opened to the public with 
3,157 volumes upon the shelves. Circulation of books for home use was not 
begun until May, 1874, after removal to more commodious and accessible space 
at Wabash avenue and Madison street. Meanwhile the first librarian had been 
secured, in the person of Dr. William Frederick Poole, who came from the Pub- 
lic Library of Cincinnati, and guided the new institution through its critical 
period of growth for the next fifteen years. 

Other donations received in these early days included a large collection of 
German books presented by the German book trade at Leipzig at the sugges- 
tion of Chicagoans of Teutonic birth, as well as a number of gifts of books and 
magazines in varying quantities from local citizens. But the English collec- 
tion must always remain by far the most important and valuable, alike because it lit- 
erally prompted the foundation of the Library, and because of its intrinsic worth in 
quality and quantity. It included the works of all the great British authors of 
the day, in many cases with autograph inscriptions. Among them were found 


such eminent names as Sir Charles Lyell, Robert Ferguson, J. McGregor, Sir 
Roundell Palmer, John Bright, Sir Charles Dilke, W. G. Palgrave, Alfred R. 
Wallace, Charlotte Yonge, W. Stanley Jevons, John Stuart Mill, Henry Mauds- 
ley, Julia C. Young, David Masson, -A. H. Layard, Cha'rles Kingsley, Aubrey 
DeVere, W. M. Rossetti, T. F. Palgrave, St. George Mivart, Dean Stanley, R. 
A. Proctor, W. E. Forster, Octavius Morgan, Herbert Spencer, W. Thorn- 
ton, W. A. Freeman, Samuel Smiles, Gladstone, Disraeli, Carlyle, Huxley and 
Thomas Hughes. The Duke of Wellington's Dispatches, in twenty-three 
volumes, were sent by his successor, and Monckton Milnes included his illus- 
trated edition of Keats. 

Queen Victoria contributed an autographed copy of "The Early Years of 
the Prince Consort." Lady Trevelyan sent the works of her lately deceased 
brother, Lord Macaulay. Publishers and learned societies gave complete sets 
of their productions, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge provided sump- 
tuous bindings of polished calf for many of the more important volumes. The 
British government presented the complete Patent Reports since 1617, and this 
gift has been continued to date, as have also the great series of historical re- 
prints, calendars of state papers and archives issued by the Master of the Rolls. 
It is doubtful whether the whole history of culture and literature contains a 
parallel to those spontaneous and lavish benefactions in the form of books of 
the highest degree of character and beauty thus freely and generously bestowed by 
a nation upon the kinsmen across the seas as a token of sympathy in a time of trial 
and distress. 

The home circulation of books for the first year, May 1, 1874, to May 1, 
1875, is recorded as 88,682 volumes; the number of volumes in the library was 
17,355. Twenty-five years later, in 1900, the home circulation had risen to 
1,749,755 volumes and the number of volumes in the Library to 258,498. There 
were at that time sixty delivery stations through which books could be drawn 
from the Central Library for home, use, and six branch reading rooms without 
circulating privileges. 

Today there are 1,792 separate agencies of the Public Library for home 
circulation, all but sixteen of which have book stocks of their own, ranging from 
50 to 25,000 volumes. The total number of books owned is over 1,100,000, and 
the total home use 8,000,000 volumes per year. 

"Our much-respected Chief-Magistrate, Mayor Medill, said a few weeks ago, 
in his address at the opening of the new Chamber of Commerce (the first an- 
niversary day of the great Fire), that 'after all, our great Fire may prove to be 
a blessing in disguise.' I am a convert to his doctrine, and the establishment 
of this Library is not the least of the blessings which the Fire so providentially 
has been a proximate cause of producing." 

(Thomas Hoyne, in his address at the opening of the Public Library, Jan. i, 1873.) 



Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Books, Bibliography 

American Institute of Accountants. Ac- 
countants' index; a bibliography of ac- 
counting literature to December, 1920. 

Civics Dept. 

The bookplate annual for 1921. 


English Association, London. A reference 
library: English language and literature. 

1920. *O 879 

The object of this pamphlet is to provide ma- 
terial and suggestions for the formation of the 
English section of a school, training college, or 
private library. 

Kunz, Josef L. Bibliographic der Kriegs- 
literatur (Politik, Geschichte, Philosophic, 
Volkerrecht, Friedensfrage) im Auftrage 
der Osterreichischen Volkerbundliga 
(Wien). 1920. . *O 876 

Missouri. University. School of Mines and 
Metallurgy. Contemporary novels and 
novelists; a list of references to biographi- 
cal and critical material. 1921. *O 2951 

Smith, Charles W. Pacific northwest Amer- 
icana; a checklist of books and pamphlets 
relating to the history of the Pacific 
northwest. Ed. 2. 1921. *O 2533a 

1st edition (1909) entitled, Check-list of books and 
pamphlets relating to the history of _ the _ Padfic 
northwest, to be found in representative libraries 
of that region. 

United States. Library of Congress. List 
of recent references on the income tax. 

1921. *O 2268 
Supplements the lists issued in 1907 and 1911. 

Wagner, Henry R. The plains and the 
Rockies; a bibliography of original nar- 
ratives of travel and adventure, 1800-1865. 
1921. *O 2953 

Wheeler, Martha Thome. Indexing; prin- 
ciples, rules and examples. 1920. 

*O 1793, 43 

(University of the state of New York bulletin.) 
This is the most practical and comprehensive aid 
extant not only for professional compilers of peri- 
odical indexes hut for the inexperienced author. 
There is little change fiom its former appearance in 
Bulletins 19 and 33. 

Wilkins, Ernest H. One hundred Dante 
books. 1921. *O 2952 


Baudouin, Charles. Suggestion and auto- 
suggestion; a psychological and pedagogi- 

cal study based upon the investigations 
made by the New Nancy school. 1921. 

L 13546 

James, William. TURNER, J. E. An exam- 
ination of William James's philosophy; a 
critical essay for the general reader. 1919. 

L 14728 

Smith, Albert J. Applied graphology; a 
textbook on character analysis from hand- 
writing for the practical use of the ex- 
pert, the student, and the layman, ar- 
ranged in form for ready reference. Il- 
lustrated with over 300 specimens. 1920. 

K 24934 

A clear and intelligible statement by a man who 
would ascribe to his science the same sort of au- 
thenticity as that with which we are accustomed 
to credit, for instance, the Binet tests. 


Abbott, Lyman. What Christianity means 
to me; a spiritual autobiography. 1921. 


Inspirational as well as interpretative of the 
religious experience of Lyman Abbott from the 
time when as a child he regarded God as an "aw- 
ful and omnipresent police justice" through the 
studies which explain the essence of Christianity 
common to all sects. Booklist. 

Bacon, Benjamin W. Jesus and Paul; lec- 
tures given at Manchester college, Ox- 
ford, for the winter term, 1920. 1921. 

M 8603 

A study of the Gospels to explain the change of 
outlook upon religion from the time of Jesus to that 
of Paul. Booklist. 

Brown, Charles R. The religion of a lay- 
man. 1920. M 8687 
"An interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount." 

Glover, T. R. Jesus in the experience of 
men. 1921. M 9032 

Mr. Glover follows religious movements through 
the ages, concluding with a talk on the religious 

Sroblems of today and what effect Christ's ideas 
ave had upon human progress. 

Gruppe, Otto. Geschichte der klassischen 
Mythologie und Religionsgeschichte wah- 
rend des Mittelalters in Abendland und 
wahrend der Neuzeit. 1921. 

*R1382 Suppl. v. 4. 

Supplement to Roscher's Ausfuhrliches Lexikon 
der griechischen und romischen Mythologie. 

Martindale, C. C. Catholic thought and 
thinkers. 1920. M 7720, 1 

(Catholic thought and thinkers eeries.) 

Paterson-Smyth, John. A people's life of 
Christ. 1920. M 7150 



Schoff, Wilfred H. The ship "Tyre": a 
symbol of the fate of conquerors as 
prophesied by Isaiah, Ezekiel and John 
and fulfilled at Nineveh, Babylon and 
Rome; a study in the commerce of the 
Bible. 1920. M6616 

Smith, Logan Pearsall. Stories from the 
Old Testament, retold. 1920. M 6615 

Swain, Richard LaRue. What and where is 
God? A human answer to the deep re- 
ligious cry of the modern soul. 1921. 

M 10005 

To those perplexed by the problems of religious 
experience, the future life, the right method of 
viewing the scriptures, the author brings from a 
rich and rarely vivid experience a philosophy of 
religion that is as assuring as it is interesting. 
Springfield Repiiblican. 

Social Theory 

Major social problems. 
L 15402 

Binder, Rudolph M. 

A discussion of such problems as those connected 
with eugenics, woman's function in the social or- 
der, the spiritualization of work, health conditions, 
religion, the socialization of business, nationalism, 
ard the reconstruction of education. 

Polish almanac; politics, geography, econ- 
omy, social state, public instruction, cul- 
ture, informations. 1921. L 15621 

Rathenau, Walther. The new society. Au- 
thorized translation by Arthur Windham. 
1921. L 15344 

(The European library.) 

Herr Rathenau bases his conception of society 
on the distinctive traits of the Teutonic character 
which tie sums up as follows: "High qualities of 
intellect and heart; ethics and mentality, normal; 
originating will power and independent activities, 
weak." New York Evening Post. 

Wallas, Graham. Our social heritage. 1921. 

L 15364 

An appeal for careful examination of our social 
heritage in order to develop and modify it to 
meet human needs more adequately. Mr. Wallas 
illustrates with an analysis of such fundamental 
inherited institutions as the church, the guild sys- 
tem, monarchy, etc. 


Demangeon, A. America and the race for 
world dominion; formerly published in 
France under the title, "Le declin de 
1'Europe." 1921. L 16705 

The object of the book is to show that Europe 
had been the center of the world's economic 
strength until the end of the nineteenth century 
but the results of the war have made it clear that 
there has been a decentralization and that Europe 
must now share with North America and Japan 
the merits of material civilization. T. R. Ybarra 
in the New York Times. 

Sveriges Allmanna Exportforening. What 
Sweden can do. 1919. Civics Dept. 


Allen, Henry J. The party of the third part; 
the story of the Kansas industrial rela- 
tions court. 1921. L 16777 

The object of the book is to show how the In- 
dustrial Relations Court provides the machinery 
for protecting the public from the consequences of 
the disputes between capital and labor, while at 
the same time securing prompt justice to the labor- 
ing man. Book Review Digest. 

Mendelsohn, Sigmund. Labor's crisis; an 
employer's view of labor problems. 1920. 

L 16775 

New York (city). Bureau of Industrial Re- 
search. A national council for the print- 
ing trades. 1921. L 16774 


Bogart, Ernest Ludlow. War costs and 

their financing; a study of the financing 

of the war and the after-war problems of 

debt and taxation. 1921. -L 17721 

(Problems of war and of reconstruction.) 

Mathewson, Park. Acceptances, trade and 
bankers'. 1921. L 17371 

A practical volume fully and accurately explain- 
ing the theory of trade acceptance and practice, 
helpful alike to students and business men. 

Sears, John H. Trust estates as business 
companies. 1921. L 17372 

Political Science 

Berdahl, Clarence A. War powers of the 
executive in the United States. 1921. 

L 4079, 9 MI 

(University of Illinois studies in the social 

Crane, Frank. Dr. Frank Crane on democ- 
racy as applied to business. 1921. L 15893 

Dunn, Arthur W. Community civics and 
rural life. 1920. L 18372 

(Rural education series.) 

Lays emphasis on co-operation between country 
and city, presenting rural civic problems helpfully 
and simply. 

The referendum 
L 16428 

Gardner, Clarence Oran. 
in Chicago. 1920. 

Immigration and Americanization 

Berkson, Isaac B. Theories of Americani- 
zation; a critical study, with special refer- 
ence to the Jewish group. 1920. 

L 10284, 109 

(Columbia University. Teachers College contribu- 
tions to education.) 

lyenaga, T., and Sato, Kenoske. Japan and 
the California problem. 1921. L 16062 

The authors believe in prohibiting further immi- 
gration from Japan, but plead for fair treatment 
of those already here so_ that their children may 
make good American citizens without antagonism 
against their native United States. 

Mariano, John Horace. The Italian contri- 
bution to American democracy. 1921. 

L 16073 

A survey of the sociological and economic condi- 
tions of the Italians in New York city. Its pur- 
through their social organizations and other activ- 
ities, and to show how much this type is con- 
tributing toward the problem of Americanization. 
Book Review Digest. 



Phelps, Edith M., comp. Selected articles on 
immigration. 1921. L 16079 

(The handbook series.) 

A compilation of arguments for and against 
restricting immigration. The second part of the 
book deals with Asiatic immigrants now in America. 

Stowell, Jay S. The near side of the Mexi- 
can question. 1921. L 16094 

The author writes of the Mexicans in the United 
States with an intelligent sympathy that, as the 
Survey says, "commends his subject and conveys 
a mass of most valuable information." 

The Negro 

Long, Francis Taylor. The negroes of 
Clarke County, Georgia, during the great 
war. 1919. L 161 74, 5 

(Bulletin of the University of Georgia. Phelps- 
Stokes fellowship studies.) 

International Relations 

The Hague. Permanent court of arbitration. 
The Hague Court reports. Great Britain, 
Spain and France versus Portugal in the 
matter of the expropriated religious prop- 
erties in Portugal; awards rendered Sep- 
tember 2 and 4, 1920, under the compro- 
mise signed at. Lisbon on July 31, 1913, 
between Great Britain, Spain and France 
on the one hand, and Portugal on the 
other. 1921. L 17958, 37 

(Pamphlet series of the Carnegie endowment for 
international peace.) 

Wilson, George Grafton. The first year of 
the League of Nations; with the covenant 
of the League of Nations in an appendix. 
1921. L 21461 

A brief exposition of the machinery of the league, 
a report of the first session of the league assembly 
and its five weeks of work. As such it is au- 
thoritative and well worth keeping for reference. 

Woolf, Leonard. Economic imperialism. 
1920. L 16352 

(The Swarthmore international handbooks.) 
The author maintains that the European colonies 
in Africa and Asia are held from purely selfish 
motives although not profitable economically. 

War and Peace 

Bakeless, John. The economic causes of 
modern war; a study of the period, 1878- 
1918. 1921. L 14287. 

Irwin, Will. "The next war"; an appeal to 
common sense. 1921. L 14288 

The plea of a "reasonable pacifist" for disarma- 
ment and international organization on the ground 
that the cost (and taxes) alone would be prohibi- 
tive, but especially because of the infinite increase 
in the destructiveness of the weapons of war. 


Baker, Harvey Humphrey. Harvey Humph- 
rey Baker, upbuilder of the Juvenile 
Court. 1920. L 18931 

Contents: Harvey Humphrey Baker, man and 
judge, by R. M. Cushman. Judge Baker's review 
of the first five years of the Boston Juvenile Court. 
Statistics, for purposes of comparison, of the sec- 
ond five years. Judge Baker on the procedure of 

the Boston Juvenile Court. The work of the Judge 
Baker Foundation, by W. Healy and A. F. Bron- 

Crossley, Frederic B. 
of Illinois. 1916. 

Courts and lawyers 

Myers, Gustavus. Ye olden blue laws. 1921. 


A quaint readable book comparing would-be pro- 
grams of some modern organizations with the blue 
laws of two or three centuries ago. 

Waite, John Barker. Patent law. 1920. 


A clear and definite explanation of the patent 
law written by a reliable authority. 

Practical Sociology 

Adler, Herman M. Cook county and the 
mentally handicapped; a study of the 
provisions for dealing with mental prob- 
lems in Cook County, Illinois; report of 
survey, 1916-1917. 1918. L 18761 

Street, Elwood. Sympathy and system in 
giving. 1921. L 18669 

(The national social science series.) 
An aid to charity givers, explaining the methods 
and purposes of modern organized charity. 


Clark, Thomas Arkle. Discipline and the 
derelict; being a series of essays on some 
of those who tread the green carpet. 1921. 

L 19928 

The author, who for many years has been dean 
of men in the University of Illinois, sets out to 
analyze the various classes of students that have 
come before him for discipline and to point ou' 
the causes of the various failures. New York Eve 
mng Post. 

Columbia University. Teachers College. 
Contributions to education. 1915-1920. 
21v. L 10284 

v. 75. McDonald: Adjustment of school or- 
ganization to various population groups. _ 1915. 
76. Mead: The relations of general intelli- 
gence to certain mental and physical traits. 1916. 

78. Thorndike: Ventilation in relation to 
mental work. 1916. 

79. McCall: Correlation of some psychological 
and educational measurements, with special atten- 
tion to the measurement of mental ability. 1916. 

80. Woody: Measurements of some achieve- 
ments in arithmetic. 1920. 

81. Reigart: The Lancasterian system of in- 
struction in the schools of New_ York city. 1916. 

86. Eaton: A study of organization and method 
of the course of study in agriculture in secondary 
schools. 1917. 

87. Heckert: The organization of instruction 
materials, with special relation to the elementary 
school curriculum. 1917. 

89. Rogers: Experimental tests of mathematical 
ability and their prognostic value. 1918. 

90. Hotz: First year algebra scales. 1918. 

91. Mead: The development of free schools in 
the United States as illustrated by Connecticut 
and Michigan. 1918. 

92. Kruse: The overlapping of attainments in 
certain sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. 1918. 

93. Maddox: The free school idea in Virginia 
before the Civil War; a phase of political and 
social evolution. 1918. 

94. Noble: Forty years of the public schools 
in Mississippi, with special reference to the educa- 
tion of the negro. 1918. 



97. Cummins: Improvement and the distribu- 
tion of practice. 191ft. 

98. Buckner: Educational diagnosis of individual 
pupils; a study of the individual achievements of 
seventy-two junior high school boys in a group of 
eleven standardized tests. 1919. 

101. Van Wagenen: Historical information and 
judgment in pupils of elementary schools. 1919. 

103. Murdoch: The measurement of certain 
elements of hand sewing. 1919. 

104. Lewis: The education of girls in China. 

105. Woody: Early Quaker education in Penn- 
sylvania. 1920. 

106. Trueman: School funds in the province 
of Quebec. 1920. 

Contents: Literature and patriotism. Goethe's 
universal interests. Grillparzer's originality. 
Sainte-Beuve's unique position. Lowell: patriot and 
cosmopolitan. Permanent literary standards. 
Feuchtersleben the philosopher. The hygiene of the 
soul. Feuchtersleben's aphorisms. Feuchtersleben's 

Edwards, A. S. The fundamental principles 
of learning and study. 1920. L 19374 

A contribution to the promising movement which 
resolutely is aiming to view education from the 
angle of what should eventuate in terms of the 
results to accrue to the equipment of the indivi- 
dual undergoing the process. Survey. 

General Education Board. Public educa- 
tion in Delaware; a report to the Public 
school commission of Delaware, with an 
appendix containing the new school code. 
1919. L 20062 

Keith, John A. H., and Bagley, William C. 
The nation and the schools; a study in 
the application of the principle of federal 
aid to education in the United States. 1920. 

L 20061 

Part one emphasizes the importance of the schools 
patriotically, and the second part is a series of 
arguments, arrived at by historical and statistical 
data, in favor of _ a national system of education 
with a representative in the cabinet. 

Snedden, David. Sociological determination 
of objectives in education. 1921. L 19429 

The serious professional student will find in the 
book infinite stimulation to thought. It is pro- 
fessedly inclusive but it does more than question 
all things, it is full of proposals, alternative as- 
sumption, and positive suggestions. Atlantic 

Wells, Margaret Elizabeth. A project cur- 
riculum, dealing with the project as a 
means of organizing the curriculum of the 
elementary school. 1921. L 19539 

(Lippincott's school project series.) 

For the first six grades, illustrating the impor- 
tance of play in conjunction with study and com- 
munity life. 

Wisconsin. University. Alumni directory, 
1849-1919. 1921. *L 20032 

Vocational Education 
Choice of Occupations 

Apprenticeship and Skilled Employment As- 
sociation, London. Trades for London 
boys and how to enter them. 1908. 

L 14364 
-Trades for London girls and how to 

enter them; a companion book to Trades 
for London boys. 1909. L 14365 

Hill, David Spence. Introduction to voca- 
tional education; a statement of facts and 
principles related to the vocational as- 
pects of education below college grade. 
1920. L 19571 

A source book of rare value, but in it he also 
gives you himself. At no point are you in doubt 
as to his opinion, nor that his opinion is that of 
a vigorous and enlightened American educator. 


Emerson, Frederick V. Agricultural geol- 
ogy. 1920. K 2003Z 

A non-technical study of the relation of geologic 
processes to qualities and varieties of soil. 

Gager, C. Stuart. Heredity and evolution 
in plants. 1920. K 21283 

Made up largely of a revision of chapters 12-14, 
31-38, of Fundamentals of botany (1916). 

Macdougal, D. T. Growth in trees. 1921. 

K 15961, 307 

(Carnegie Institution of Washington publica- 

Maunder, E. W. Sir William Huggins and 
spectroscopic astronomy. 1920. K 18913 
(The people's books.) 

Sampson, Ralph Allen. On gravitation and 
relativity. 1920. K 19109 

Halley lecture, 1920. 

Tyler, John M. The new stone age in 
northern Europe. 1921. K 20786 

The author reconstructs his account of the life 
of man in the new stone age from the records of 
shell heaps along the Baltic, stone monuments to 
the dead scattered through northern Europe, tem- 
ples like Stonehenge, remnants of lake dwellings, 
pottery, bones, weapons, garments, etc. Book Re- 
view Digest. 


Galloway, T. W. The sex factor in human 
life; a study outline for college men. 1921. 

L 14466 

(The American Social Hygiene Association.) 
It covers a wide field, but every chapter and 
every paragraph betoken careful thought and good 
sense in dealing with the most delicate and con- 
troversial topics. R. S. Yarros, M. D., in the 

Higgins, Aileen Cleveland. The psychology 
of nursing. 1921. N 2686 

The first book of its kind. It is not a profound 
book, although based on the work of such authori- 
ties as James, Thorndyke and Pillsbury, but is a 
friendly guide to the understanding of funda- 
mental principles. New York Evening Post. 

Jackson, Josephine A., and Salisbury, Helen 
M. Outwitting our nerves; a primer of 
psycho-therapy. 1921. N2273 

Knudsen, K. A. A text-book of gymnastics. 
1920. N 1303 

Lindlahr, Henry. The true nature and 
source of vitamines or life elements. 1921. 


(Natural therapeutics booklets.) 



Ryan, Thomas J., and Bowers, Edwin F. 

Teeth and health; how to lengthen life 

and increase happiness by proper care. 

1921. N 2438 


Ahrons, E. L. Steam locomotive construc- 
tion and maintenance; describing work- 
shop equipment and practice in the con- 
struction of modern steam railway loco- 
motives, with notes on inspection, test- 
ing, maintenance and repairs. 1921. 

K 22691 

(Pitman's technical primer series.) 

Dabney, Thomas Ewing. The industrial 
canal and inner harbor of New Orleans. 
History, description and economic aspects 
of giant facility created to encourage in- 
dustrial expansion and develop commerce. 
1921. K 23643 

EMF electrical year book; an encyclopedia 
of current information about each branch 
of the electrical industry, with a diction- 
ary of electrical terms, and a classified 
directory of electrical and related products 
and their manufacturers in the United 
States and Canada. 1921. *R1154 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Fergusson, Frank F. The fundamental prin- 
ciples of water power engineering; de- 
scribing types, applications and operation 
of water turbines, and developing the 
fundamental formulae of water power engi- 
neering. 1921. K 23692 
(Pitman's technical primer series.) 

Henschel, Ottomar H. Electrical machin- 
ery; a study of principles of design, con- 
struction and operation. 1920. K 22885 


Slauson, Harold Whiting. First aid to the 
car; or, Highway hints and helps. _ A 
guide to road-side repairs and improvised 
replacements. 1921. K 23527 


Bennett, Hugh Hammond. The soils and 
agriculture of the southern states. 1921. 

K 23837 

It is the purpose of this volume to describe the 
important agricultural lands of the southern states; 
to tell what the soils are, where they occur, what 
crops they may be used for, what methods of soil 
treatment are employed on them, and what methods 
are essential to their most efficient use. Intro- 

Folger, J. C, and Thomson, S. M. The com- 
mercial apple industry of North America. 
1921. K 24081 

(The rural science series.) 

Individual regions are carefully analyzed and in- 
dividual varieties of fruit are described and dis- 
cussed in relation to the various districts. There 
is of course, a full account of diseases and pests 
of the apple. Springfield Republic. 

Phelan, John, ed. Readings in rural soci- 
ology. 1920. K 23892 

_A valuable survey of economic and social con- 
ditions in rural America. 

Domestic Economy 

Brooks, William H. Modern practical bak- 
ing. 1921. K 24743 

George, Florence A. A manual of cookery. 
1921. K 24742 


Chapman, J. Crosby. Trade tests; the scien- 
tific measurement of trade proficiency. 
1921. L 20282 

The volume gives an _ estimate of the value of 
trade tests for industrial purposes, based upon 
a number of army tests used in fitting men to 
the occupations for which they are most suited. 

Dean, Arthur W. Modern publicity; a plea 
for art in advertising. 1921. L 20649 

A booklet on making advertisement writing, il- 
lustrating, printing and block making, artistic and 

Higham, Charles Frederick. Looking for- 
ward; mass education through publicity. 
1920. L 20659 

The author claims we can move human energy in 
any direction by organized and public persuasion 
for instance, war-time publicity. In England 700 
women were found for canteen work in 24 hours. 
An idealistic future is promised if facts are prop- 
erly advertised. 

Raymond, Charles Harvey. Modern busi- 
ness writing; a study of the principles 
underlying effective advertisements and 
business letters. 1921. L 20283 

Regan, Joseph M. Financing a business. 
1920. L 20628 

(La Salle Extension University. Business ad- 

Chemical Technology 
Oils and Paints 

Oil trade blue book; directory and diction- 
ary of the mineral oil industry. 1920. 


Sabin, Alvah Horton. Red-lead and how 
to use it in paint. 1920. K 25548 


Goodale, Stephen L., comp. Chronology of 
iron and steel. 1920. K 25659 

Contains complete and valuable references with 
important and useful data on the . development of 
the industries of iron and steel from 7,000 B. C. 
to the present time. 

Manufactures, Trades 
Shoe Trade 

Evans, Arthur L., and others. Correct shoe 
fitting. 1920. K 25782, 2 

(Retail Shoe Salesmen's Institute. Training 
course for retail shoe salesmen.) 

Retail Shoe Salesmen's Institute, Boston. 
Shoemaking, by staff editors and others. 
1920. K 25782, 4 

(Retail Shoe Salesmen's Institute. Training 
course for retail shoe salesmen, v. 4.) 



Painting and Sculpture 

Epstein. DIEREN, BERNARD VAN. Epstein, 
illustrated with fifty reproductions in collo- 
type of the sculptor's work. 1920. 


A defense of the sculptor and a study of his 
work from an artistic viewpoint. 

Taft, Lorado. Modern tendencies in sculp- 
ture. 1921. K 28157 

(The Scammon lectures for 1917.) 

Mr. Taft's comment is strongly colored by per- 
sonal likes and dislikes, chief among the former 
being Rodin and St. Gaudens to each of whom 
alone he devotes an entire chapter. Four hundred 
illustrations give the reader ample opportunity to 
form an independent judgment. 

Williamson, George C. The miniature collec- 
tor; a guide for the amateur collector of 
portrait miniatures. 1921. K 29109 

Contains everything of interest to collectors of 
miniatures, from Holbein to William Wood. The 
numerous illustrations are reproductions from valu- 
able works of art, books now out of print, and 
private collections. 

Zorn, Anders. ASPLUND, KARL. Anders 
Zorn, his life and work. 1921. *P3123 


O'Reilly, Elizabeth Boyle. How France 
built her cathedrals; a study in the twelfth 
and thirteenth centuries. 1921. K 27655 
Both research and affection have gone into this 
story of the rise in the twelfth and thirteenth cen- 
turies , of the Gothic out of the Romanesque. 

Pupin, Michael J., ed. Serbian orthodox 
church. 1918. *P 5068 

(South Slav monuments.) 


Fraprie, Frank R., ed. The elements of 
photography. 1919. K 29492, 8 

(Practical photography.) 


Fox's music trade directory of the United 
States for 1921-1922; containing new and 
rev. lists of persons, firms and corpora- 
tions engaged in all branches of the music 
industry, corrected to Feb. 1, 1921. 1921. 


Hamilton, Clarence G. Music appreciation, 
based upon methods of literary criticism. 
1920. K 29585 

(The music students library.) 

This book presents "a plan for arriving by very 
direct means at the thought and expression in 
music." The first part deals with piano music, 
the second with chamber and orchestral music, 
and the third with vocal music. 

Jaques-Dalcroze, Emile. Rhythm, music and 
education. 1921. K 29592 

Weber, Henriette. Putting young America 
in tune; how to teach the child apprecia- 
tion of music. 1920. K 29678 
(The parent's library.) 


Chalif, Louis H. The Chalif text book of 
dancing, with musical supplement. 1914- 
1920. 3v. K 18013 

v. 1. The fundamental positions and exercises. 

2. Further exercises, port de bras, and stand- 
ard ballroom dancing. 

3. Greek dancing. 

Owen, Ethel. A year of recreation; twelve 
suggestive socials, one for each month. 

1920. K 30218 

Robertson, Greta. The book of conundrums. 

1921. K 30228 

Outdoor Amusements 
Golf, Camping, Hunting 

Hazelton, William C., comp. Wildfowling 
tales, from the great ducking resorts of 
the continent. 1921. . K 30891 

Hewitt, Richard G., and Ellis, Lewis. School 
camps; their value and organization. 1920. 

K 30913 

Hunter, David. Golf simplified; cause and 
effect. 1921. K 30602 

Mr. Hunter, a well-known teacher and authority 
on golf, claims that the most important point in 
the game is the proper turning of the wrists and 
forearms, and, while describing the correct grip 
and swing he explains why some of the faults 
are made and how to prevent them. 

McGuire, J. A. In the Alaska-Yukon game- 
lands. 1921. K 30877 

A spirited account of a hunting expedition in 
search of moose, caribou and wild sheep, told with 
vivid descriptions of the sheep ranges and glacier 

General and Miscellaneous 

Aldington, Richard. Medallions in clay. 1921. 

E 14343 

Contents: The poems of Anyte of Tegea. The 
poems of Meleager Gadara. Greek songs in the 
manner of Anacreon.- Latin poems of the renais- 

Brown, Rollo Walter, ed. The writer's art 
by those who have practiced it. 1921. 


An excellent selection of practical essays on au- 
thorship by twenty-eifht writers of note, reoresent- 
ide ra 


range of style and materials. 

Chicago Literary Club. Symposium: Dante 
six hundred years after; three addresses 
read before the Chicago Literary Club, 
Monday evening, January 3, 1921. E 14578 
Contents: Introduction, by Merritt Starr. 
Dante and Italian politics, by Kenneth McKenzie. 
Dante as apostle, by Ernest Hatch Wilkins. 
Dante; the man and his work, by Theodore W. 

Johnson, R. Brimley. Some contemporary 
novelists (women). 1920. J 6391 

Contents: May Sinclair. Eleanor Mordaunt. 
Rose Macaulay. Sheila Kaye-Smith. Ethel Sidg- 
w ick. Amber Reeves. Viola Meynell. -Dorothy 
Richardson. Virginia Woolf. Stella Benson. E. 
M. Delafield. Clemence Dane. Mary Fulton. 
Hope Mirrlees. 



Noguchi, Yone. 

Japan and America. 1921. 

Contents: Japan today. Literary co-operation 
between America and Japan. The American democ- 
racy. Open letter to the Californians. To the 
Americans. Japanese poets and poetry. Postscript. 

A collection of essays by a Japanese poet-author 
showing a broad understanding of America. His 
sincere praise of this country is somewhat offset 
by a little tolerant criticism. 

Ruffin, J. N. Forms of oratorical expression 
and their delivery; or Logic and eloquence. 
1920. J 7125 

Woodberry, George Edward. Literary mem- 
oirs of the nineteenth century. 1921. 


"A selection from a mass of contributions to the 
old Nation and the old Atlantic." 

Studies of a litterateur. 1921. J 6376 

Well-written critical essays on English literature. 


Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. TROMBLY, ALBERT 
EDMUND. Rosetti the poet; an apprecia- 
tion. 1920. E 14970 

(University of Texas bulletin.) 

Bronte, Anne. The complete poems of 
Anne Bronte, now for the first time 
collected. 1920. E 14505 

Graves, Robert. The pier-glass. 1921. 

E 10999 

Noyes, Alfred. The elfin artist, and other 
poems. 1920. E 11356 

These verses reflect the poet's philosophy of life. 
Some are strong and fiery, some satirical and pes- 
simistic, and his fine singing quality is noticeable 
in all, especially the Sussex pieces. 

Richards, Mrs. Waldo, comp. Star-points; 
songs of joy, faith, and promise, from the 
present-day poets. 1921. E 14346 

An anthology of inspirational poems from a 
hundred and fifty modern poets on the subjects 
of joy, vision, love, beauty and aspiration. 

Ryskind, Morrie. Unaccustomed as I am. 

1921. E 11493 

A collection of light and clever verses, the most 

refreshing of which are the paraphrases of Horace's 


Sieveking, L. de G. Dressing gowns and 
glue; with illustrations by John Nash, 
with an introduction about the verses by 
G. K. Chesterton, and an introduction 
about the drawings by Max Beerbohm, 
and something about all concerned, by 
Cecil Palmer. 1921. El 1581 

Introductions, nonsense verses, and pictures are 
all alike absurd and equally delightful. Athenaeum. 

Smith, Lewis Worthington. Ships in port. 
1916. E 15021 

Speyer, Leonora. A canopic jar. 1921. 

E 11605 

A slender volume this, dusted with the gold of 
old Egypt. ... In the midst of her pathos she can 
be delicious with a witty word; her lightest lyrics 
are rich with allusion and sympathy. New York 
Evening Post. 


Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. The magic 

theater; tr. by Edith Fahnstock and Flor- 
ence Donnell White. 1921. E 13172 
Poet Lore plays. 

Dickinson, Thomas H., cd. Chief contem- 
porary dramatists; plays from the recent 
drama of England, Ireland, America, 
France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, 
Russia, and Scandinavia. 1915-1921. 2v. 

E 12007 

1st ser: Lady Windermere's fan, by Oscar Wilde. 
The second Mrs. Tanqueray, by Arthur 
W. Pinero. Michael and his lost angel, by H. A. 
Jones. Strife, by J. Galsworthy. The Madras 
house, by G. Barker. The hour-glass, by W. B. 
Yeats. Riders to the sea, by J. M. Synge. The 
rising of the moon, by Lady Gregory. The truth, 
by C. Fitch.; The great divide, by W. V. Moody. 
The witching hour, by A. Thomas. The scare- 
crow, by P. MacKaye. The weavers, by G. Haupt- 
mann. The vale of content, by H. Sudermann. 
The red robe, by E. Brieux. Know thyself, by P. 
Hervieu. Pelleas and ' Melisande, by M. Maeter- 
linck. Beyond human power, by B. Bjornson. 
The father, by A. Strindberg. The cherry orchard, 
by A. Tchekhov. 

2 ser.: Milestones, by A. Bennett and E. Knob- 
lock. Our betters, by W. S. Maugham. Abraham 
Lincoln, by J. Drinkwater. Mixed marriage, by 
St. J. G. Ervine. King Argimenes and the un- 
known warrior, by Lord Dunsany. The easiest 
way, by E. Walter. The piper, by J. P. Peabody. 
The yellow jacket, by G. C. Hazelton and Ben- 
rimo. A loving wife, by G. de Porto-Riche. 
Cyrano de Bergerac. by E. Rostand. Pasteur, by 
S. Guitry. "Moral, by L. Thoma. Living hours, 
by A. Schnitzler. The concert, by H. Bahr. 
Gioconda, by G. d'Annunzio. The bonds of interest, 
by J. Benavente. The lower depths, by M. Gorki. 
The tragedy of love, by G. Heiberg. 

Earle, Georgia. The lie that Jack built; a 
comedy in one act. 1920. E 12046 

(Denison's royalty plays.) 

Hare, Walter Ben. A dream of Queen Es- 
ther; a Biblical drama in three acts. 1920. 

E 13804 

(Denison's select plays.) 



Runciman, Sir Walter, bart. Drake, Nelson 
and Napoleon. 1920. C 19934 

A vigorous story-history which started with Nel- 
son, then the author, realizing the necessity, brought 
in Dr?ke and Napoleon. Runciman's style is 
graphic and decidedly entertaining. 

t Individual Biography 

Balzac, Honore de. FLOYD, JUANITA HELM. 
Women in the life of Balzac. 1921. 

C 20742 

Serious history, and not a chronicle of gossip 
presenting a delightfully human portrait of Balzac, 
centered around the "grand and beautiful soul 
drama of his life." 

Bernstein, Eduard. My years of exile; 
reminiscences of a socialist. 1921. 

C 20849 

A fellow exile of Karl Marx records his impres- 
sions of liberal thought and politics in Italy, Swit- 
zerland, Denmark, but especially in England. 



WORTH, ed. Governor Edward Coles. 1920. 

*B3235, 15 

(Collections of the Illinois state historical libra- 
ry, biographical series.) 

Published in celebration of the centenary of Illi- 

Giles, Chauncey. CARTER, CARRIE GILES, comp. 
and ed. The life of Chauncey Giles, as told 
in his diary and correspondence. 1920. 

C 22098 

Pumpelly, Raphael. Travels and adventures 
of Raphael Pumpelly, mining engineer, 
geologist, archaeologist and explorer. 

1920. C 23852 

Thrilling experiences of frontier life in the early 
days and of widely extended explorations including 
the mountains of Corsica, Siberia, and the Far East. 

Revere, Paul. DYER, WALTER A. Sons of 
liberty; a story of the life and times of 
Paul Revere. 1920. C 23914 

The events of this period of American history 
bring out clearly the principles upon which our 
nation was founded. 

Taylor, Bert Leston. In memory of Bert 
Leston Taylor (B. L. T.); program and 
records of a public meeting held in the 
Blackstone theatre, March 27, 1921. 

C 24490 

Witte, Count. The memoirs of Count Witte. 

1921. C 24917 

An important, well-written work on modern 
Russian history up to 1912 by a former premier 
who professed to keep a neutral ground between 

.liberals and conservatives and so was popular 

'with neither. 



Carpenter, Rhys. 

The land beyond Mexico. 
I 11102 

"Record of a mule-back journey of nearly a thou- 
sand miles undertaken by an American archaeolo- 
gist who wished to familiarize himself with some 
of the old Maya ruins of Central America." 

Dynes, W. M., comp. Dynes' tours of Alaska. 
1921. Civics Dept. 

Contains also Dynes' Alaska directory and tour 
guide; containing an alphabetical list of business 
firms and private citizens of the towns of south- 
eastern Alaska; issued annually. 1921. 

Hopkins, R. Thurston. Kipling's Sussex. 
1921. 1 10365 

St. Johnston, T. R. The islanders of the 
Pacific; or, The children of the sun. 1921. 


A hobby _ for ethnology and a long residence 
among the islands of Polynesia have qualified the 
author to write this volume of unique, curious and 
pathetic stories. 

Savory, Arthur H. Grain and chaff from an 
English manor. 1921. 1 10389 

A village chronicle of a most attractive kind. 

Madeley, Helen M. 
citizenship. 1920. 

History as a school of 
A 2361 

Not a course of study but suggestions and aids 
in making history interesting and realistic to the 
pupil. . 

Tryon, Rolla Milton. The teaching of his- 
tory in junior and senior high schools. 
1921. A 2362 

Its value lies in the presentation of definite 
things to do forms for note book work, reading 
problems and courses of procedure which may be 
applied to any phase of the subject. Not a psy- 
f. Booklist. 



American Commission on Conditions in 
Ireland. Interim report. 1921. A 5522 

Ditchfield, P. H. Old village life; or, 
Glimpses of village life through all ages. 
1921. A 5387 

This volume is not confined, as the title implies, 
to old village life; it traces the growth of village 
customs and traditions from prehistoric times till 
the twentieth century. New York Evening Post. 

Farrow, Edward S. American guns in the 
war with Germany. 1920. K 23216 

Holt, Lee. Paris in shadow. 1920. A 7175 

A diary of events in Paris from Oct. 16, 1916 
to Aug. 29, 1917, written by an American who 
has lived there forty years. 

Holland, Romain. The forerunners. 1920. 

A 7173 

26 articles written and published in Switzerland 
between the end of 1915 and the beginning of 1919. 
Sequel to Above the battle, A 6224. 

European War 

Ames, Fisher, jr. American Red Cross work 
among the French people. 1921. A 7172 

Told with distinction, completeness and brevity, 
with occasional very interesting incidents. Indi- 
vidual accomplishments are entirely merged in the 
organization as a whole and no names are men- 
tioned. Booklist. 

Baldwin, Marian. Canteening overseas 1917- 
1919. 1920. A 7170 

Sitnple, fresh letters of a young Y. M. C. A. 
girl in France relating the daily incidents of her 
service there. 

Fife, George Buchanan. The passing 
legions; how the American Red Cross met 
the American Army in Great Britain, the 
gateway to France. 1920. A 7165 

Many dramatic details of the work of caring for 
shipwrecked soldiers, entertaining men on their 
way to France, and nursing the wounded. 

Hansen, Marcus L. Welfare campaigns in 
Iowa. 1920. A 7166 

(Iowa chronicles of the world war.) 

Hoffman, Conrad. In the prison camps of 
Germany; a narrative of "Y" service 
among prisoners of war. 1920. A 7167 

Moss, James A., and Howland, Harry S. 
America in battle; with guide to the 



American battlefields in France and Bel- 
gium. 1920. A 7169 

A guide book giving a concise and somewhat 
glowing account of the activities of the American 
troops in France. 

Taylor, Emerson Gifford. New England in 
France, 1917-1919; a history of the Twen- 
ty-sixth division, U. S. A. 1920. A 7164 


House, Edward Mandell, and Seymour, 
Charles, ed. What really happened at 
Paris; the story of the peace conference, 
1918-1919, by American delegates. 1921. 

A 7168 

Contents: Preparations for peace, by S. E. Me- 
zes. The atmosphere and organisation of the 
Peace conference, by C. Day. The new boundaries 
of Germany, by C. H. Raskins. Poland, by R. H. 
Lord. The end of an empire: remnants of Austria- 
Hungary, by C. Seymour. Fiume and the Adri- 
atic problem, by D. W. Johnson. Constantinople 
and the Balkans, by I. Bowman. The Armenian 
problem and the disruption of Turkey, _ by W. L. 
Westermann. The protection of minorities and na- 
tives in transferred territories, by M. O. Hudson. 
The trial of the Kaiser, by T. B. Scott. Repa- 
rations, by T. W. Lamont. The economic settle- 
ment, by A. A. Young. The labor clauses of the 
treaty, by S. Gompers. The economic administra- 
tion during the armistice, by H. Hoover. The At- 
lantic fleet in the great war, by II. T. Mayo. The 
problem of disarmament, by _T. H. Bliss. The 
making of the League of nations, by D. H. Mil- 
ler. The Versailles peace in retrospect, by E. M. 
House. Appendix: Stenographic notes of ques- 
tions asked and answers given after the lectures 
in Philadelphia. 

Noyes, Pierrepont B. While Europe waits 
for peace; describing the progress of 
economic and political demoralization in 
Europe during the year of American hes- 
itation. 1921. A 7171 

Tardieu, Andre. The truth about the Treaty. 
Foreword by Edward M. House, intro- 
duction by Georges Clemenceau. 1921. 

A 7163 
The Jews 

Bailey, Albert Edward, and Kent, Charles 
Foster. History of the Hebrew common- 
wealth. 1920, M 8269 

A readable account of the long struggles and 
hardships of the Hebrews, useful for reference and 

Bernstein, Herman. The history of a lie, 
"The protocols of the wise men of Zion"; 
a study. 1921. A 2684 

This book contains a translation of "The Jewish 
cemetery in Prague and the council of representa- 
tives of the twelve tribes of Israel," by Hermann 
Goedsche, the story from which the author claims 
the Protocols were fabricated. 

United States 

Barge, William D. Early Lee county; being 
some chapters in the history of the early 
days in Lee county, Illinois. 1918. 


Bridgman, Howard Allen. New England in 

the life of the world; a record of adven- 
ture and achievement. 1920. B 3764 

The astonishingly wide influence of the early 
New England settlers from the time they landed 
in America to the present day is told from a mis- 
sionary standpoint, arid the author has uncovered 
many lost historical facts. 

Connelley, William E. A standard history 
of Kansas and Kansans. 1918. B 3287 

McClintock, James H. Mormon settlement 
in Arizona; a record of peaceful conquest 
of the desert. 1921. B 4724 

Michelson, Truman. The owl sacred pack 
of the Fox Indians. 1921. B 8496 

(Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American 
ethnology bulletin.) 


Abbott, Eleanor Hallowell. Rainy week. 
1921. F 10039 

A house-party, kept indoors by the rain, and the 
reaction of the guests upon each other, compose 
the plot. Miss Abbott's sparkle is apparent in this 
light readable piece of fiction. 

Bone, David W. The brassbounder. 1921. 

F 20630 

Extremely ^artistic and at the same_ time full of 
thrills is this story of a voyage, in a square- 
rigged vessel, between Glasgow and San Francisco. 

Curwood, James Oliver. The flaming forest; 
a novel of the Canadian northwest. 1921. 

F 21420 

The thrilling and unexpected adventures of Sergt. 
David Carrigan in the Northwest Territory con- 
tain many elements of suspense and blood-curdling 

Day, Holman. 

When Egypt 

went broke. 
F 12296 

Tasper Britt, a crafty old miser practically owns 
Egypt, New England, and makes desperate plans 
to possess it absolutely, with disastrous results. The 
book is written in a humorous and piquant vein 
which makes it decidedly entertaining reading. 

Ferguson, John. 

The Dark Geraldine. 1921. 
F 12848 

The title of this book is the name of a secret 
society. With plenty of melodrama, mystery, hid- 
den treasure and a murder now and then, the tale 
is a lively one. 

Fletcher, J. S. The borough treasurer. 1921. 

F 12857 

Much above the average mystery story, especially 
in the character drawing. The construction is 
sound, and the story is worked out logically, but 
a more mystifying tale would be hard to find. 

Gelzer, Jay. The street of a thousand de- 
lights. 1921. F 13164 

Contents: The Chinese lily. The blue eyes of 
Wang Hai. In the street of a thousand delights. 
The gorgeous jest. "Mei-Li the beautiful." 
China rose. "The gold lacquered box." A prince 
of China. 

The setting for this group of stories is the 
Chinese quarter of Melbourne. One is fairly 
steeped in the atmosphere of exotic and gorgeous 

Hamsun, Knut. Pan; tr. from the Nor- 
wegian. 1921. F 13439 

A tragedy with an exquisite lyrical back-ground. 
Thomas Glahn, a hunter in the Nordland forests, 



and a man of the most primitive instincts, loses 
what happiness he had in life, through an intense 
and unrequited love. 

Heidenstam, Verner von. The Charles men; 
tr. from the Swedish. 1920. 2v. F 24526 

Lie, Jonas. The family at Gilje, a domestic 
story of the forties; tr. from the Nor- 
wegian. 1920. F 24525 

McKenna, Stephen. The education of Eric 
Lane. 1921. F 24859 

The second part of the trilogy "The Sensation- 
alists," of which the first is Lady Lilith, F 15224. 
Eric, a successful young play-wright in London, 
meets Lady Babs, an artificial, neurotic woman, 
who furnishes him with abundant emotional ex- 
perience to utilize as dramatic material. 

MacLeod, Delia, A lantern of love; a novel 

in three parts. 1921. F 24871 

A false accusation, a unique escape from prison, 

and a romantic love theme, make this an absorbing 

tale to the finish. 

Mundy, Talbot. Guns of the gods; a story 
of Yasmini's youth. 1921. F 15592 

Norris, Kathleen. The beloved woman. 1921. 

F 15702 

A jttle book clerk, accustomed to poverty, is 
taken to live with a wealthy New York family. 
Her Reactions to her new surroundings and her 
emotional experiences are worked out consecutively 
and well. 

Noyes, Alfred. Beyond the desert; a tale 
of Death Valley. 1920. F 15705 

Relates the conversion of an escaping I. W. W. 
convict who. when exhausted in the desert, has a 
vision in which he meets a party of forty-niners. 
Their amazement at the progress of civilization 
makes him ashamed of his own discontent at the 
uneven distribution of material things. 

Rowland, Henry C. The peddler; a novel. 
1920. F 17520 

An entertaining story combining the very op- 
posite elements of a detective story and the Be- 
loved Vagabond type. 

Scarborough, Dorothy, comp. Famous 
modern ghost stories, selected. 1921. 

F 17703 

Contents: The willows, by A. Blackwood. The 
shadows on the wall, by Mary E. W. Freeman. The 
messenger, by R. W. Chambers. Lazarus, by L. 
Andreyev. The beast with five fingers, by W. 
F. Harvey. The mass of shadows, by A. France. 
What was it? by F. J. O'Brien. The middle toe 
of the right foot, by A. Bierce. The shell of 
sense, by Olivia H. Dunbar. The woman at Seven 
Brothers, by W. D. Steele. At the gate, by Myla 
J. Closser. Legeia, by E. A. Poe. The haunted or- 
chard, by R. Le Gallienne. The bowmen, by A. 
Machen. A ghost, by G. de Maupassant. 

Modern stories of fifteen different types of ghosts. 
They do not duplicate any of those in McSpad- 
den's recent collection of psychic stories, F 24937. 

-Humorous ghost stories, selected. 1921. 

F 17702 

Contents: The Canterville ghost, by O. Wilde. 
The ghost-extinguisher, by G. Burgess. "Dey 
ain't no ghosts," by E. P. Butler. The transferred 
ghost, by F. R. Stockton. The mummy's foot, by 
T. Gautier. The rival ghosts, by B. Matthews. 
The water ghost of Harrowby hall, by J. K. Bangs. 
Back from that bourne; anonymous. The ghost- 
s-hip, by R. Middleton. The transplanted ghost, 
by W. Irwin. The last ghost in Harmony, by N. 
Lloyd. The ghost of Miser Brimpson, by E. Phill- 

potts. The haunted photograph, by Ruth M. Stu- 
art. The ghost that got the button, by W. Adams. 
The specter bridegroom, by W. Irving. The 
specter of Tappington, by R. Barham. -In the 
barn, by B. Johnson. A shady plot, by Elsie 
Brown. The lady and the ghost, by Rose C. 

From beginning to end the book is delightfully 
entertaining, and there can hardly be any reader, 
no matter what his attitude toward ghosts, but 
will find it an amusing and charming companion 
for a journey or an idle evening. New York Times. 

Vance, Louis Joseph. Red masquerade; be- 
ing the story of the Lone Wolf's daughter. 
1921. F 18825 

Sequel to The Lone Wolf, F 18734, and The false 
faces, F 18789. 

An absorbing tale full of intrigue and mystery. 
The dark plots of the underworld of London are 
interwoven throughout the story. 

Webster, Henry Kitchell. Real life, into 
which Miss Leda Swan of Hollywood 
makes an adventurous excursion. 1921. 

F 19107 

A perfectly delightful and impossible little tale, 
in which the world-famous hero and heroine live 
through the most hair-raising experiences imagin- 
abe, and all in twenty-four hours. 

Willsie, Honore. The enchanted canyon; 
a novel of the Grand Canyon and the 
Arizona desert. 1921. F 19591 

The theme is the regenerative influence of the 
Grand Canyon upon a life begun under the evil 
influence of gangsters in Minetta Lane, New York 
City, and gives ample opportunity for vivid des- 



Bass, Florence. Stories of plant life. 1912. 


Earlier edition entitled, Nature stories for young 
readers; plant life. 

A nature reader designed to encourage the child 
to become familiar with the real things treated of 
in the book. For first and second grades. 

Colum, Padraic. The children of Odin; with 
illustrations by Willy Pogany. 1920. 


The stories of Norse mythology told in a con- 
nected narrative that flows in a simple rhythmic 
prose, and appropriately illustrated. For children 
about ten. 

Ross, Estelle. Paths of peace. 1920. 

C 19922 

Well-told stories of George of Podiebrad, George 
Fox, William Penn, John Howard, Elizabeth Fry, 
Mungo Park, James Watt, George Stephenson, 
Smeaton, John Franklin, William Pitt, Wilberforce 
and Robert Scott. 


Colum, Padraic. The boy apprenticed to 
an enchanter. 1920. H 3515 

A fascinating fairy tale, filled with magic and 
steeped in the atmosphere of ancient days and the 
pomp of royal courts. A beautiful simplicity _ of 
language makes the book an ideal one for reading 

Colver, Alice Ross. Babs at college. 1920. 

H 7709 

The third in the "Babs" series. 



Dasent, G. W. East o' the sun and west o' 
the moon. 1921. H 7781 

(The golden books for children.) 

Dodge, Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker, or, 
The silver skates; a story of life in Hol- 
land. Illustrated by Sears Gallagher. 1915. 


Havard, Aline. Captain Lucy in France. 

1919. H 8389 

Lucy is taken from England to France to see her 
wounded father. The story tells of the capture of 
their village by the Germans and its final recap- 
ture by the Americans. 

Lange, D. The threat of Sitting Bull; a 
story of the time of Custer. 1920. H 4791 
The story of the last attempt of the Sioux Indi- 
ans to stem the invading tide of the white race. 
Custer's last fight is the most famous battle in all 
our Indian wars. 

Lisle, Clifton. Diamond rock; a tale of the 
Paoli massacre. 1920. H 4836 

Interesting story of the Revolutionary war, for 
boys and girls about fourteen. 

Lofting, Hugh. The story of Doctor Do- 
little; being the history of his peculiar life 
at home and astonishing adventures in 
foreign parts. 1920. H 4848 

London, Jack. Brown Wolf, and other Jack 
London stories. 1920. H 4768 

Contents: Brown Wolf. That spot. Trust. 
All Gold canyon. The story of Keesfo. Nam-Bok 
the unveracious. Yellow handkerchief. Make west- 
ing. The heathen. The hobo and the fairy. 
"Just meat." A nose for the king. 

Short stories of dogs and adventure in the far 
west, the Klondike, and on the sea. 

Meader, Stephen W. The black buccaneer. 

1920. H 5227 

A boy who was taken by pirates in his early life, 
finally has the compensating thrill of helping to 
capture the same blackguards. A tale of exciting 

Miller, Leo E. The hidden people; the 
story of a search for Incan treasure. 1920. 


Two American college boys are shipwrecked and 
discover an Inca tribe in a secluded part of South 
America. The book gives an accurate impression 
of historic facts, and manners and customs of the 

Nesbitt, Frank. The magic whistle, and 
other fairy tale plays. 1906. E 12662 

Contents: The magic whistle; or, How Jesper 
herded the hares. The mole king's daughter. 
Rumpelstiltskin. The golden goose; or, How Jack 
made the princess laugh. Beauty and the beast. 
The gcose girl. 

Olcott, Harriet Mead. The whirling king 
and other French fairy tales. 1920. 


Contents: Prince Rainbow. Bleuette's butterfly. 
The frozen heart. The elf-dog. The whirling 
king. The magic mirror. The queen's treasure. 
The stupid princess. The flying wizard. The for- 
est fairy. 

A group of fairy tales, profusely illustrated in 
silhouette, which may be profitably used in story 

Rihbany, Abraham Mitrie. The hidden 
treasure of Rasmola. 1920. H 6093 

A true story of treasure hunting. The scenes 
portrayed are real phases of the life of the com- 
mon people of Syria among whom the author grew 

Robinson, Mabel L. Dr. Tam O'Shanter. 
1921. H 6046 

Tam O' Shanter is a beautiful collie dog who 
gains_ a professional title by his beneficial effect 
on his young mistress. He goes with her to col- 
lege and has numerous experiences before he 
finally takes his degree. 

Smith, Harriet Lummis. The Friendly Ter- 
race quartette; how Peggy and Priscilla 
and Amy and Ruth did their share on the 
farm and in the shop. 1920. H 6509 

Twelve cheerful fairy stories for children from 
eight to twelve. 

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels; A voy- 
age to Lilliput and A voyage to Brob- 
dingnag. 1914. H 6656 

Wright, Isa L. 

Trails to Wonderland. 

In the Thomas Hughes Room 

Dugmore, A. Radclyffe. Two boys in Bea- 
ver-land; a book of the woods. 1920. 

Further beaver-hunts of Tack and Charlie Syl- 
vester among the northern lakes and rivers. 

Farjeon, Eleanor. Singing games for child- 
ren, illustrated by J. Littlejohns. 1919. 

Contents: Old Goodman Time. Wayland. Way- 
land, shoe me my shoe! The daisy-field. The 
green cap. Proud princess. Bertha gentle lady. 
The busy lass. The gentle squire. Crock of gold. 
Gypsy, gypsy, raggety loon! The spring-green 
lady. The wonder-star! 

Grimm, J. L. K., and W. K. Grimm's 
fairy tales; selected and illustrated by 
Elenore Abbott. 1920. 

Kingsley, Charles. Westward ho! or, The 
voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas 
Leigh, knight, in the reign of Her Most 
Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth; pic- 
tures by N. C. Wyeth. 1920. . 

Skinner, Ada M., and Skinner, Eleanor M., 
camp. A child's book of modern stories; 
with pictures by Jessie Willcox Smith. 

A collection of stories particularly adapted for 
telling. They are grouped under such headings as, 
"Home Tales," "Cheerful Stories." Many modern 
tales have been included. 

Smith, E. Boyd. The story of our country. 

A short history for children profusely illustrated 
with full-page pictures by the author. For the 
lower grades. 

Smith, Eleanor, comp. Song devices and 
jingles; illustrated by Florence Liley 
Young. 1920. 

A book whose purpose is to teach young children 
to sing. It is written especially to aid mother, 
teacher, and music supervisor. 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Department, 
first floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

California. Fish and Game Commission. 
Edible clams, mussels and scallops of 
California. 1920. 

(Fish bulletin 4.) 

Results of a very interesting study of the edible 
bivalve, with illustrations and plates. Gives hints 
on the use of clams, with a number of recipes. 

Daniels, A. M. Operating a home heating 
plant. 1921. A 1.91194 

(Farmers' bulletin 1194.) 

Discusses heating, giving advice as to construc- 
tion and operation, and suggests different ways of 
making homes weather-tight in regard to doors and 
windows, emphasizing the necessity of ventilation 
and humidity. 

Husmann, George C. Currant-grape grow- 
ing; a promising new industry. 1920. 

A1.3 856 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 856.) 
Shows that grapes from which the "dried cur- 
rants" of commerce are made, can be successfully 
grown in this country. 

Moomaw, C. W., and Franklin, M. L. Mar- 
kets for American fruits in China. 1920. 

Al.14/2 146 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 

"With recommendations for American ship- 
pers." Describes Chinese fruit stores, with illus- 

United States. Federal Board for Vocational 
Education. Bibliography on vocational 
guidance. 1921. VE1.3 66 

(Bulletin 66.) 

Construction Materials 

Emley, W. E., and Faxon, C. F. Colored 
wall plaster. 1920. C13.8 181 

(U. S. Bureau of Standards. Technologic 
papers, 181.) 

Describes a new method developed for producing 
a colored wall plaster that is effective and desir- 
able in every way and can be used without paint, 
kalsomine, or paper. 

Slater, W. O., and others. Tests of bond 
resistance between concrete and steel. 1920. 

C13.8 173 
(U. S. Bureau of Standards. Technologic paper 

United States. Bureau of Standards. Fire 
tests of building columns. 1921. 

C18.8 184 

(Technologic papers, 184.) 

Physical properties of materials. 

1921. C13.4101 

(Circular 101.) 


Smith, F. C. Tuberculosis; its nature and 
prevention. 1921. T27.17 27 

(U. S. Public Health Service. Misc. publica- 
tions 27.) 

Gives a comprehensive list of the literature of 
the subject, with a brief and popular discussion. 

United States. Public Health Service. Good 
teeth. 1921. T27.22 13 

(Keep well series 13.) 

How teeth grow, care of the teeth, tartar de- 
posits, pyorrhea, and neglected teeth as the cause 
of illness, are the subjects covered in this booklet 
of interest to every one. 


Beal Carl H., and Lewis, J. O. Some prin- 
ciples governing the production of oil 
wells. 1921. 128.3 194 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Bulletin 194.) 
Discusses fundamental factors, giving conclusions 
reached in regard to the life of oil wells. 

Thompson, J. W. Petroleum laws of All 
America. 1921; 128.3 206 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Bulletin 206.) 
Includes laws of the United States, of the several 
oil producing states, Canada, Mexico, and the Re- 
publics of Central and South America. 

United States. Bureau of Mines. Plan for 
conducting work under operating regula- 
tions to govern the production of oil and 
gas. 1921. I 28.2 O i5p 

Under act of Feb. 25, 1920. 

Report of Committee on Standard- 
ization of Petroleum Specifications. 1921. 

(Bulletin 5.) 

128.15 5 

-Federal Trade Commission. Summary of 
report on the Pacific Coast petroleum in- 
dustry. 1921. FT1.2 P44-1 

Pt. 1. Production, ownership and profits. 

Women and Children 

Abbott, Edith, and Breckenridge, Sophonisba 
P. Administration of the aid-to-mothers 
law in Illinois. 1921. L5.13 7 

(U. S. Children's Bureau. Legal series 7.) 
Of nation-wide interest in the working out of 
the mother's pension law, particularly as demon- 
strated by the Cook Co. Juvenile Court. 

Chute, Charles L. Probation in children's 
courts. 1921. L5.7 11 

(U. S. Children's Bureau. Dependent, defective 
and delinquent classes series 11.) 

McGill, Nettie. Infant-welfare work in 
Europe. 1921. L5.18 1 

(U. :S. Children's Bureau. Community child- 
welfare series, 1.) 

"An account of recent experiences in Gt. Britain. 
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy. 
Interesting to social workers. 

United States. Children's Bureau. Admin- 
istration of the first federal child-labor 
law. 1921. L5.13 6 

(Legal series 6.) 

Reports what was accomplished for children in 
the nine months period from the time the law went 
into effect until it was declared unconstitutional by 
the Supreme Court. 

Breast feeding. 1921. L5.6 5 

(Care of children series, S.) 

Prepared for the purpose of aiding doctors and 
nurses in encouraging maternal nursing. 

Physical standards for working 

children. 1921. L5.164 

(Conference series 4.) 

Formulated for the use of physicians in exam- 
ining children with regard to normal development 
and sound health. 

Standards of legal protection for 

children born out of wedlock. 1921. 

L5.16 3 

"Report of regional conferences held under the 
auspices of the U. S. Children's Bureau, and the 
inter-city conference on illegitimacy." 

-Women's Bureau. Some effects of legis- 

lation limiting hours of work for women. 
1921. LlSia 15 

(Bulletin IS.) 

Shows that to no appreciable extent have wo- 
men's opportunities been curtailed in New Jersey 
and Massachusetts, where the survey was made. 


(Continued from inside front cover.) 


Branch libraries maintained in quarters pro- 
vided and equipped in high schools by the 
Joard of Education. Primarily for the 
faculty and student body. 
Austin High School. 200 N. Lotos Ave. 
Englewood High School. 6220 S. Stewart 

Harrison Technical High School. 2850 24th 

St. Blvd. 
Lake View High School. 4015 N. Ashland 

John Marshall High School. 3250 W. Adams 


Nicholas Senn High School. 5900 N. Glen- 
wood Ave. 
Robert Lindblom High School. 62nd and 

Lincoln Sts. 

Small collections placed in outlying and 
remote districts, administered by an attend- 
ant not regularly on the Library Staff but 
paid according to volume of circulation. 

Books from the main collection at the 
Central Building may be called for at stations 
marked *. 

*Albany Park. 3635 Lawrence Ave. 
*Armitage. 3605 Armistage Ave. 
*Association House. 2150 W. North Ave. 
*Avondale. 3052 Belmpnt Ave. 

Birchwood. 1542 Jarvis Ave. 

Campbell Park. 717 S. Leavitt St. 

Chase House. 211 S. Ashland Boul. 
Cheltenham. 2943 E. 79th St. 
'Chicago Ave. 3859 W. Chicago Ave. 

Chicago Lawn. 3509 W. 63d St. 
*Cicero Ave. 407 S. Cicero Ave. 

Clearing. 5850 Archer Ave. 
*Cleveland. 3851 N. Albany Ave. 
*Dauphin Park. 8946 Cottage Grove / /e. 
*Drexel. 4303 Drexel Blvd. 

Dunning. 3940 Narragansett Ave. 
*East Rogers Park. 6568 Sheridan Rd. 
*East Sixty-first St. 632 E. 61st St. 

Edison Park. 6715 Oshkosh Ave. 

Eleanor Social Center. 1515 N. Leavitt St. 

Fernwood 104th and Wallace Sts. 

Gads Hill. 1919 W. 20th St. 

Gage Park. 55th and Western Ave. 

Garden Homes. 8848 Michigan Ave. 
*Grand Ave. 1712 Grand Ave. 
*Grand Crossing. 1254 E. 75th St. 
*Gresham. 8458 Green St. 

Hegewisch. 13301 Brandon Ave. 

Henry Booth House. 701 W. 14th Place. 

'Hermosa. 4149 Armitage Ave. 

House of Happiness. 3046 Gratten Ave. 

Howell Neighborhood House. 1831 S. 

Racine Ave. 
*Irving Park. 4227 Irving Park Blvd. 

Jefferson Park. 4761 Milwaukee Ave. 

Kedzie. 1332 S. Kedzie Ave. 

Lake View. Lill and Seminary Aves 
*Larrabee St. 2004 Larrabee St. 

Lawndale. 2140 S. Crawford Ave. 
*Le Moyne. 3712 N. Halsted St. 

Longwood. W. 97th St. and Longwood 

Mayfair. 4500 Montrose Ave. 

Montrose. 4406 Milwaukee Ave. 
*N. Clark St. 2932 N. Clark St. 

Norwood Park. 6083 Circle Ave. 

Olivet Baptist Church. 31st St. and South 

Park Ave. 

*Park Manor. 350 E. 71st St. 
*Ravenswood. 4356 N. Hermitage Ave. 
*Roseland. 11056 Michigan Ave. 
*St. Louis. 3518 Irving Park Blvd. 

Samaritan. 2601 W. Superior St. 
*So. Ashland Ave. 1254 S. Ashland Ave 
*So. Western Ave. 728 S. Western Ave. 
*Southport. 3751 Southport Ave. 

Trumbull Park. 104th and Bensley Ave. 
* Wake ford. 7525 Cottage Grove Ave. 

Washington Heights. 1400 W. 103d St. 

West Division. 1207 N. California Ave. 
*West Harrison St. 3054 W. Harrison St. 

West Pullman. 534 W. 120th St. 
*West Ravenswood. 4762 Lincoln Ave. 
*West Sixteenth St., 4024 W. 16th St. 
*West Twelfth St. 2013 W. 12th St. 
*Wieboldt. School St. and Ashland Ave. 

Windsor Park. 2522 E. 73rd St. 


Collections placed in various business 
houses for the use of their employees and 
administered by a librarian employed by the 

W. D. Allen Manufacturing Company 
American Bank Note Company 
Armour & Company 
Automatic Electric Company 
Belden Manufacturing Company 
Boston Store 
Butler Brother^ 
J. W. Butler Paper Company 
Chicago Mail Order Company 
Chicago Postal Clerks 
Continental and Commercial Bnnk 
Continental Casualty Company 
Deeringr Harvester Company. 
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
Ederheimer Stein Company 
The Fair 

Federal Reserve Bank 
Marshall Field & Company 
Foley & Company 
Goodman Manufacturing Company 
G. H. Hammond Company 
Hart, Schaffner & Marx 

(Continued on next page.) 


(Continued from preceding page.) 

Illinois Steel Company 

I. H. C. Tractor Works 

Kabo Corset Company 

L. Klein 

Kuppenheimer & Company 

LaSalle Extension University 

Lyon & Healy 

Mandel Brothers 

Mitchell Brothers Company. 

National Biscuit Company 

The National City Bank of Chicago 

The Northern Trust Company 

People's Gas Light and Coke Company 


Ed. V. Price & Company 

Rosenwald & Weil 

Rothschild & Company 

Schoenbrun & Company 

Sears, Roebuck & Company 

A. W. Shaw Company 

Sprague, Warner & Company 

A. Stein & Company 

Swift & Company 

Union Trust Company 

United States Rubber Company 

Universal Portland Cement Company 

The University of Chicago Press. 

The Wahl Company 

Montgomery Ward & Company 

Ward Baking Company 

Western Electric Company 

The Western Union Telegraph Company 

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company 


Points of call for Library delivery auto- 
mobiles. Patrons may leave orders which 
will be filled at the Main Library and de- 
livered to the station. 


1 North Elm and Orleans Sts. 

2 North 2004 Larrabee St. 

4 North 4356 Hermitage Ave. 

5 North School St. and Ashland 

6 North 3212 Broadway 

7 North 6975 N. Clark St. 

8 North 2273 Lincoln Ave. 

10 North 2932 N. Clark St. 

11 North 3712 N HaUteH St. 

12 North 4869-4873 Broadway 

13 North 3751 Southport Ave. 

17 North Barry and Hoyne Ave* 

18 North Vedder and Reese Sts. 
'9 North 4762 Lincoln Ave. 

JO North 3456 N. Hoyne Ave. 

33 North 6568 Sheridan Road 

Seward Park 


Ave. Wieboldt 

Butler House 

Rogers Park 

Le Movne 


Hamlm Park 

Stanton Park 

West Ravenswood 

C. Roger* Park 

2 South 

3 South 

4 South 

5 South 

6 South 

7 South 

8 South 

10 South 

11 South 
13 South 
15 South 
18 South 
20 South 

22 South 

23 South 

24 South 

25 South 
27 South 
29 South 
31 South 

37 South 

38 South 

39 South 

40 South 

42 South 

43 South 

2 West 

3 West 


502 E. 31st St. 

Oakwood Blvd. and Langley Ave. 

Lincoln Centre- 
534 W. 43rd St. 
49th St. and Lake Park Are. Blackston* 


6 West 

7 West 

9 West 

11 West 

12 West 

13 West 

14 West 

15 West 

16 West 

19 West 

20 West 

21 West 

22 West 

23 West 

24 West 

25 West 

26 West 

27 Wet 

28 West 

29 West 

30 West 
34 West 
36 West 
38 West 
J9 West 
41 West 
43 West 

45 West 

46 West 

47 West 

48 West 

49 West 
"4 West 

55 West 

56 West 

89th St. and Muskegon Ave. Bessemer Park 
72d St. and Normal Ave. Hamilton Park 
938 E. 55th St. 
636 E. 47rh St. 

11056 Michigan Ave. Roseland 

1254 E. 75th St. Grand Crossing 

8458 Green St. Gresham 

64th St. and Racine Ave. Ogden Park 
33d St. and Shields Ave. Armour Square 
Wentworth Ave and 26th St. Hardin Sq 
4950 State St. 

4303 Drexel Blvd. Drexel 

8946 Cottage Grove Ave. Dauphin Park 
350 E. 71st St. Park Manor 

Loomii and W. 53d St*. Sherman Park 
632 E. 61st St. 

6247 Kimbark Ave. Woodlawo 

2943 E. 79th St. Cheltenham 

lllth and S. Hoyne Ave. Morgan Park 
7525 Cottage Grove Ave. Wakeford 


1712 Grand Ave. 

1943 W. Madison St. Lewi* In*t. 

1254 S, Ashland Ave. 

728 S. Western Ave. 

Springfield Ave. and Irving Park Blvd. 

Independence Park 

1152 W. Van Buren St. 

4227 Irvine Park Blvd. 

211 S. Ashland Ave. Chase House 

3052 W. Bdmont Ave AvondaU 

2639 N. Rockwell St. 

1003 S. Wood St. 

Crawford Ave. and Monroe St. 

Legler Regional Branch 

3605 Armitage Ave. 

Millard Ave. and W. 23d St. Shedd Park 

Taylor and Lytle Sts. Hebrew Institute 

3859 W. Oiirairo Ave. 

3143 W. Madison St. 

953 Grand Ave. Chicago Commoni 

5644 W. Lake St. Austin 

2248 W. Ohio St. 

4149 Armitage Ave. Hermoaa 

3054 W. Harrison St. 

407 S. Cicero Ave. 

3635 Lawrence Ave. Albany Park 

4024 W. 16th St. 

Chicago Ave. and Noble St. Eckhart Park 

3406 W. North Ave. 

2732 N. Avers Ave. Ko*cmizke Par* 

2013 W. 12th St. 

1212 S. St. Louis Ave. Douglas Park 

3245 Fullerton Ave. Logan Square 

4021 W. North Ave. 

2150 W. North Ave. Association House 

3851 N. Albany Ave. Cleveland 

1303 Blue Island Ave. 

2553 W Norfh Ave HnmholH- 

3518 Irving Park Blvd. St. Loui* 

Colvin St. and Oakley Ave. Holstein Park 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Volume 11 

November, 1921 

No. 9 

Aids in Selecting Books for Children 

AFTER three years, Children's Book Week has now become an institution 
observed throughout the country by means of book displays, book talks by 
children's librarians, and the distribution of suggestive lists of children's reading. 

For this purpose various lists have been prepared. Among these is the 
Book Shelf for boys and girls an annotated list, compiled by two well known 
children's librarians and the chief librarian of the Boy Scouts of America. The 
Boy Scout organization does not approve all books published under the caption 
of Boy Scout stories but prefers that boys read the more realistic type of story 
recommended in this list. 

The Book Shelf is arranged under subject and according to age. The sub- 
ject headings are especially novel such as : "Stories of real people," "Books 
written by children," "Stories that might be true," etc. The added feature of 
the 1921 edition is the Index. This list may be purchased at the Library at 
the cost price of five cents. 

Graded lists in the form 'of book marks, prepared by the Chicago Public 
Library, contain interesting suggestions. These lists are annotated to appeal 
to children. Longer graded lists prepared by the school department supplement 
these short book marks, and all these lists are for free distribution. 

The American Library Association has issued a new buying list for parents 
and others who desire to make gifts to children. It is an annotated list, ar- 
ranged under the subject headings of "Picture books and other books for little 


children," "Books for young children," and "Books for older boys and girls." 
This may also be procured at the library. 

A list of Christmas references for those wishing Christmas stories to tell 
or read aloud, Christmas plays, Christmas games, or descriptions of Christmas 
customs in -other lands has been compiled by the Chicago Public Library and 
may be purchased for five cents. 

The following books will also be useful to those interested in children's 
reading : 

Field, W. T. Fingerposts to children's reading. J 2769. 
Hunt, C. W. What shall we read to the children? J 2837. 
MacClintock, P. L. Literature in the elementary school. J.4759. 
Moore, A. C. Roads to childhood ; views and reviews. J 2845. 
Olcott, F. J. The children's reading. J 2829. 

All these lists and books may be obtained or consulted at the Chicago Public 

Experts are nowadays being consulted in business, factory management, 
and even farming; why should not the busy mother and teacher receive sug- 
gestions from those giving most of their time and thought to the subject of 
the children's reading? 

There will be an exhibit of attractive books for children on display during 
Children's Book Week in the corridor of the Fourth Floor, adjoining the Thomas 
Hughes Room. 

The staff of the Chicago Public Library welcomes this opportunity to meet 
and advise with those who are interested in children's reading. 

Opera Scores, Librettos, and Plots 

TN the Music Room on the fifth floor of the Main Library building are to 
be found librettos together with from ten to twenty copies of the vocal 
scores of all the favorite operas and a smaller number of the less familiar ones. 
They may be borrowed on special music cards issuable to all registered book 
borrowers on application. 

Much difficulty has been experienced in trying to secure scores of the new 
operas and ballet novelties announced for production in the Chicago Opera rep- 
ertory for this season, and not all have proved to be obtainable. Below is a list 
of references to books containing plots of the operas in the program for the 
coming season. The figures refer to the pages and the letters to the books ac- 
cording to the following key : 

Al Aldrich. A guide to the ring of the Dt Two hundred opera plots. 2 v. 

Nibelung. K 12178 K 12182 

An Annesley. Standard opera g la s j lg()7 Ga Gatty. Guide Jo the opera. K 3894 

B Bacon. Operas that every child Gr Greene. Book of opera stories. 

should know. Hughes Room ** "**" 

Ds Davidson. Stories from the operas, Guf Guerber. Stories of famous operas. 
3 v. K 11972 F8982 




Stories of popular ope 

Cfi^fific r\f \A/Q o"ti f*t* c\f 

K 29747 



Nights at the opera, 12 v. in 3. 
K 11921 

Ordway. Handbook of the _operas. 




Hadden. Favorite operas. 

K 12181 


The opera book. 

K 29750 


Operas of Wagner. 

K 11926 


Prendergast. Great operas 

told for 


H 6994 


Hamer. Story of the ring. 

K 11937 


Kobbe. The complete opera 



Shubert. Stories of the operas. 
K 20758 

K 29748 


Krehbiel. Book of operas. 

K 11938 


Singleton. Guide to modern 

K 11939 


Chapter^ of opera 

K 11922 


r* 'A fV, 

K 11912 

vjuifle to ine opera. 


^pprinfl nnrik" at onf*t"P5 

K 11941 


Streatfeild. The opera. 

K 11913 


Mason. Opera stories. 

K 12189 


Upton. Standard light operas. 

K 11918 


McSpadden. Opera synopses. 

K 12183 


Cforiflo rn nnpt"3 ^ 

K 11915 


Melitz. The opera goers' 

K 11925 

\J a 


Victor book of the opera. 

K 29770 


Mendelssohn. Story of a 



Wagnall. Stars of the opera. 

K 11920 


K 12193 


Young. Opera stories. 

K 19928 

Under the opera "Aida" the reference Ds, n, 25 means that the opera is 
described in Davidson's Stories from the operas, beginning on page 25 of the 
second volume, and the call number is K 11972,2. 

Aida. Verdi. Score and libretto. An, 16. 
B, 282. Ds, H, 25. Dt, n, 374. Ga, 78. 
Guf, 36. Haf, 87. Ko, 439. Krb, 181. 
Ma, 2. Me, 1. Mel, 7. Men, 4. Oh, 
1. Op, 1. P, 129. Sh, 161. Sit, 273. 
St, 266. Us, 322. V, IS. W, 215. Y, 

L'amore dei tre re (The love of the three 
kings). Montemezzi. Score and libretto. 
Ko, 690. Me, 219. Oh, 5. Op, 5. 

The barber of Seville. Rossini. Score. An, 
42. Ds, in, 87. Dt, n, 298. Ga, 64. 
Gr, 7. Guf, 102. Haf, 97. Ko, 295. 
Krb, 8. Ma, 3. Me, 23. Mel, 29. Men, 
16. Oh, 15. Op, 25. Sh, 125. Sit, 62. 
St, 113. Ul, 158. Us, 245. V, 30. 

La Boheme. Puccini. Score and libretto. 
An, 446. Ds, n, 107. Dt. n, 278. Haf, 
233. Ko, 643. Ma, 5. Me, 31. Mel, 173. 
Men, 19. Oh, 18. Op, 31. Sh, 108. 
Sim, 178. St, 262. Us, 230. V, 41. Y, 

Carmen. Bizet. Score and libretto. An, 57. 
B, 69. Ds, i, 207. Dt, i, 40. Ga, 13. 
Gr, 8. Guf, 20. Haf, 131. Ko, 586. 
Ma, 8. Me, 49. Mel, 43. Men, 22. N, 
vn, 11. Oh, 28. Op, 41. Sh, 8. Sit, 
282. St, 236. Us, 38. V, 53. W, 236. 
Y, 39. 

Cavalleria Rusticana. Mascagni. Score and 
libretto. An, 60. B, 152. Ds, n, 135. 
Dt, i, 193. Gr, 9. Guf, 230. Haf, 245. 
Ko, 612. Krs, 131. Ma, 9. Me, 55. 

Mel, 47. Men, 24. Oh, 32. Op, 45. Sh, 
61. Sim, 98. St, 282. Us, 147. V, 71. 
Y, 173. 

The creatures of Prometheus (Die Ge- 
schopfe des Prometheus). Beethoven. 
Overture in orchestral score and piano 
duet; ordered complete for piano solo* 

Faust. Gounod. Score and libretto. An, 
262. Ds, i, 161. Dt, i, 140. Ga, 30. 
Gr, 10. Guf, 1. Haf, 28. Ko, 562. Krb, 
120. Ma, 21. Me, 117. Men, 50. N, 
vm, 19. Oh, 60. Op, 131. P, 65. 
Sh, 40. Sit, 231. St, 224. Us, 114. V, 
121. W, 57. Y, 15. 

L'heure espagnole. Ravel. Libretto. Score 
ordered but not received at time of print- 
ing. Ma, 105. 

Jewels of the Madonna. Wolf-Ferrari. 
Score and libretto. Ko, 699. Krs, 240. 
Ma, 112. Me, 185. Men, 92. Oh, 94. 
Op, 202. Sh, 168. Us, 92. V, 221. 

Le jongleur de Notre Dame. Massenet. 
Score. Dt, i, 204. Ko, 746. Ma, 34. Me, 
191. Mel, 167. Men, 97. Op, 204. Sh, 
70. Sim, 233. St, 247. Us, 167. 

Lakme. Delibes. Score and libretto. An 
465. Dt, i, 80. Ko, 724. Krs, 95. Ma, 
36. Mel, 187. Men, 101. Op, 220. St, 
253. Ul, 70. Us, 69. V, 230. W, 230. 

Louise. Charpentier. Score and libretto. 
Dt, i, 63. Ko, 750. Ma, 39. Me, 213. 
Mel, 228. Men, 107. Op, 237. Sh, 14. 
Sim, 205. Us, 56. V, 253. 



Love for the three oranges. Prokofieff. 
Ordered but not received at time of print- 

Lucia di Lammermoor. Donizetti. Score 
and libretto. An, 243. Ds, HI, 17. Dt, 
i, 91. Ga, 24. Guf, 157. Haf, 106. Ko, 
343. Ma, 40. Me, 225. Mel, 233. Men, 
111. Oh, 104. Op, 247. Sh, 26. St, 118. 
Us, 78. V, 254. 

Madame Butterfly. Puccini. Score and 
libretto. An, 613. Ds, n, 91. Dt, n, 285. 
Haf, 199. Ko, 664. Krs, 176. Ma, 141. 
Me, 229. Mel, 238. Men, 113. Oh, 
109.-^Op, 252. Sh, 116. Sim, 274. St, 

Salome. Strauss. Score. Dt, n, 335. Ko, 
800. Ma, 71. Me, 385. Mel, 337. Men, 
186. Op, 476. Sh, 139. Sim, 293. Us, 

The words are from Oscar Wilde's French play 
of the same name, translated into English, E 9894. 

The secret of Suzanne. Wolf-Ferrari. Score 
and libretto. Ma, 90. Me, 394. Men, 
190. Op, 484. Sh, 166. Us, 89. V, 457. 

Samson et Dalila. Saint-Saens. Score. 
An, 455. Dt, n, 310. Haf, 276. Ko, 725. 
Krs, 56. Ma, 72. Me, 389. Mel, 339. 
Men, 188. Op, 479. Sh, 479. Sim, 42. 
St, 238. Us, 257. V, 454. 

262. Us, 234. V, 265. W, 379. Y, 127! The snow maiden (Snegourotchka). Rimsky- 
Manon. Massenet. Score and libretto. An, Korsakoff. Ordered but not received at 
467. Dt, i, 210. Ma, 142. Me, 251. Mel, 
243. Men, 118. Oh, 123. Op, 275. Sim, 
72. St, 244. Us, 155. V, 279. 

Die Meistersinger. Wagner. Score and 
libretto. An, 269. Ds, n, 165. Dt, n, 397. 
Guw, 88. Haf, 141. Krb, 291. Me, 
273. Ma, 48. Mel, 88. Men, 132. N, i- 
iv, 35. Oh, 316. Sim, 255. St, 210. Us, 

351 V, 321. 

Oliver Huckel has made a free translation of 
Wagner's dramatic poem in poetic narrative form, 
E 11658. 

Monna Vanna. Fevrier. Score. Ko, 761.. 
Men, 103. Oh, 160. Op, 335. 

The words are by Maeterlinck. See also his play 
Monna Vanna: in French, CC2858; in English 

La Navarraise. Massenet. Score. Ko, 745. 
Ma, 53. Men, 144. St, .247. 

Othello. Verdi. Score. An, 328. Ds, m, 
61. Dt, n, 383. Gup, 132. Ko, 458. 
Ma, 55. Me, 331. Mel, 283. Men, 152. 
Op, 366. Sim, 85. St, 269. Us, 325. 

I Pagliacci. Leoncavallo. Score and li- 
bretto. An, 332. Ds, n, 53. Dt, i, 172 
Guf, 251. Gup, 251. Haf, 262. Krs, 115. 
Ma, 56. Me, 337. Mel, 284. Men, 155. 
Oh, 170. Op, 374. Sh, 58. Sim, 104. 

Pelleas et Melisande. Debussy. Score and 

time of printing. 

The tales of Hoffman. Offenbach. Score 
and libretto. Dt, n, 263. Ko, 723. Ma, 
11. Me, 399. Mel, 208. Men, 199. Oh, 
235. Op, 487. Sh, 91. Us, 218. V, 474. 

Tannhauser. Wagner. Score and libretto. 
An, 408. Ds, i, 17. Dt, n, 417. Ga, 95. 
^-Gr, 21. Guw, 38. Haf, 47. Ko, 106. 
Krb, 222. Ma, 78. Me, 405. Mel, 344. 
Men, 201. N, i, 39. Op, 501. Sit, 192. 
St, 163. Us, 340. V, 478. 

Oliver Huckel has made a free translation of 
Wagner's dramatic poem in poetic narrative form, 

Thais. Massenet. Score and libretto. Dt, 
i, 212. Ko, 731. Krc, 381. Ma, 78. Me, 
411. Men, 203. Oh, 250. Op, 508. Sh, 
64. Sim, 162. Us, 166. V, 489. 

Tosca. Puccini. Score and libretto. An, 
479. Dt, n, 291. Gr, 11. Guf, 271. 
Gup, 271. Haf, 236. Ko, 652. Ma, 82. 
Me, 425. Mel, 193. Men, 208. Oh, 256. 
Op, 514. Sh, 112. Sim, 215. St, 288. 
Us, 232. V, 493. 

La Traviata. Verdi. Score and libretto. An, 
417. Ds, n, 41. Dt, n, 387. Ga, 89. 
Haf, 82. Ko, 416. Krb, 173. Ma, 82. 
Me, 431. Mel, 195. Men, 215. Oh, 262. 
Op, 520. Sh, 157. Sit, 227. St, 264. 
Us, 313. V, 502. 

Op, 395. Sh, 19. Sim, 243. St, 257. Us, 

Les preludes. Liszt. Orchestral score and 
piano arrangements. 

libretto. Dt, i, 75. Haf, 283. Ko, 752. 

Ma, 59. Me, 353. Mel, 292. Men, 160. Tristan und Isolde. Wagner. Score and 

libretto. An, 420. Ds, i,45 Dt, n, 420. 
Gr, 22. Guw, 72. Haf, 109. Ko, 227. 
Krb, 257. Ma, 80. Me, 437. Mel, 359. 
Men, 211. N, i-rv, 33. Op, 525. Sit, 242. 
St, 207. Ul, 398. V, 511. 

_,. ,. , T ,. j,., Oliver Huckel has made a free translation of 

Rigoletto. Verdi. Score and libretto. An, 

376. B, 242. Ds, i, 117. Dt, n, 385. 
Ga, 88. Haf, 75. Ko, 386. Ma, 68. Me, 
365. Mel, 316. Men, 176. N, xi, 15. 
, Oh, 198. Op, 431. Sh, . : 147. Sit, 220. 
St, 261. Us, 310. V, 425. 

Romeo and Juliet. Gounod. Score and li- 

Wagner's dramatic poem in poetic narrative form, 
E 12977. 

brctto. An, 388. Ds, in, 115. Dt, i. 144. 
Ga. 31. Gup, 26. Haf, 47. Ko, 574. 
Ma, 70. Me, 371. Mel, 332. Men, 184. 
Op, 464. St, 230. Us, 117. V, 447. 

II Trovatore. Verdi. Score and libretto. 
An', 426. B, 267. Ds, i, 99. Dt, n, 389. 
Ga, 90. Guf, 139. Haf, 78. Ko, 402. 
Ma, 81. Me, 443. Mel, 363. Men, 213. 
N, x, 21. Oh, 275. Op. 533. Sh, 150. 
St, 263. Us, 316. V, 519. 

Werther. Massenet. Score. Dt. i, 215 
Ma, 85. Mel, 372. Men, 216. Op, 542. 
St, 246. Us, 163. V, 546. W, 79. 



Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Birmingham (Eng.). Free libraries. Cata- 
logue of the war poetry collection. 1921. 


"Presented by an anonymous donor in memory 
of Private William John Billington, 2/24 London 
regiment (Queen's), formerly of 2/2 . South Mid- 
land field ambulance, who fell in Palestine, March 
9th, 1918." 

"The object of the donor was to form. , . . a 
complete collection of poetry of the British and 
allied nations relating to the war." 

Hazeltine, Alice I. Plays for children; an 
annotated index. 1921. *O 2954 

A bibliography containing also suggestions about 
costume, folk dances, and plays for special oc- 

Martin, Berthe. France and democracy; an 
outline in history. 1919. *O 2955 

(General Federation of Women's Club. Dept. 
of literature and library extension bulletin.) 

Pittsburgh. Carnegie library. Pennsylvania; 
a reading list for the use of schools, with 
special reference to Indian warfare and 
the local history of Pittsburgh. 1911. 

*O 1965 

A technical book review index, v. 1-4. 

March, 1917-Dec., 1920. *O 1964 

Princeton University. Library. American 
Library Association visit, June 29, 1916. 
1916. " J7313 

A report on the history and equipment of the 
New Jersey library. 


Geley, Gustave. From the unconscious to 
the conscious. 1921. L 13107 

The author states his intention to be the in- 
clusion of collective and individual evolution in a 
more complete synthesis, and a critic in the New 
Statesman says that "he runs counter to most of 
' the generally accepted maxims of science, religion 
and philosophy." 

Smith, Norman Kemp. A commentary to 
Kant's Critique of pure reason. 1918. 

L 14721 


Eddy, Arthur Jerome. Property. 1921. 

L 16779 

The author's theory is that business exists for 
the service of the community. He believes that 
progress depends upon the proper investment of 
property and illustrates his idea by such concrete 
examples as the Marshall Field fortune. 

Marshall, Leon C, and Lyon, Leverett S. 
Our economic organization. 1921. L 16708 

The distinguishing feature of the volume in the 
minds of the authors themselves, is to depict social 
structures in terms of what they do, rather than 
what they are. New York Post. 

Labor, Finance 

Burnham's manual of mid-western securi- 
ties. 1917-1921. 4v. L 17455 

An investor's handbook of useful information 
concerning the principal securities bought and sold 
in Chicago and the Middle West. 

Continuing Burnham's manual of Chicago securi- 
ties. Latest edition in Civics Dept. 

Dutt, R. Palme, ed. The labour interna- 
tional handbook. 1921. L 16778 

Contents: International affairs. International 

Furuseth, Andrew, and Merritt, Walter Gor- 
don. The open shop; a debate held at 
Lexington theatre, New York city, March 
13, 1921. L 17202 

This debate is one_ of a series arranged by the 
Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The participants 
are respectively president of the International Sea- 
man's Union and counsel for the League for In- 
dustrial Rights. 

Langston, L. H., and Whitney, N. R. Bank- 
ing practice; a textbook for colleges and 
schools of business administration. 1921. 

L 17373 

McCaleb, Walter Flavius. 
nances of Mexico. 1921. 


public fi- 
L 17758 

"It is neither history nor economics, but rather 
' a chronological account into which both are 


Postgate, R. W. The workers' Interna- 
tional. 1920. L 17612 

(International relations series.) 
A condensed history of international socialism, 
placing most emphasis upon the First International. 

Political Science 

"Angell, Norman, pseud, of R. N. A. Lane. 
The fruits of victory; a sequel to The 
great illusion. 1921. L 16353 

Mr. Angell believes that when the common man 
has a chance to question the premises of the mili- 
tarists in the light of common knowledge, their 
whole intellectual fabric will crumble and a way 
will be opened for mutual trust to replace the doc- 
trines of exclusive sovereignty and balance of 
power. Chicago Post. 

Bruce, Andrew A. 

Non-partisan league. 

tfi. .LI lo^yo 

(The citizen's library of economics, politics and 
sociology new series.) 

A vehement protest against the Non-partisan- / 
league, claiming it to be a political attempt to 
capitalize the present unrest. 

Fradenburgh, A. 

civics for high 
schools. 1919. 

G. American community 

schools and junior high 

L 18386 



Hart, W. O. The Democratic conventions 
of 1908-1912-1916, Republican conventions 
of 1912-1916, and Progressive convention 
of 1912, with other political and historical 
observations. 1916. L 16484 

Howe, Frederic C. Revolution and democ- 
racy. 1921. L 16707 
The author, a constructive reformer, advocates 
four great legislative changes which "would usher 
in a social revolution without the use of force" but 
would "involve no re-organization of society." 

Mac Murray, John Van Antwerp, ed. Treaties 
and agreements with and concerning 
China, 1894-1919. 1921. 2v. *L 21469 
v. 1. Manchu period (1894-1911). 
2. Republican period (1912-1919). 


Goodlander, Mabel R. Education through 

experience; a four year experiment in the 

Ethical Culture School. 1921. L 19410, 10 

(Bureau of Educational Experiments, New York.) 

Slosson, Edwin E. The American spirit in 
education; a chronicle of great teachers. 
1921. B 5086, 33 

(The chronicles of America series.) 

Yeomans, Edward. Shackled youth; com- 
ments on schools, school people, and other 
people. 1921. L 19SS9 

A Chicago manufacturer with a rare vision of 
the ideals of education pleads for the consideration 
of subjects in their broader outlook, in their inter- 
relations, and his book will be an inspiration to 
many a discouraged teacher. 

Birth, Death 

Dowd, Quincy L. Funeral management and 
costs; a world-survey of burial and cre- 
mation. 1921. L 20779 

A plea to sensible people to order plain and 
inexpensive funerals, urging the value of the ex- 
ample of prominent families in the community. 
Mr. Dowd advocates cremation as "the quick, sani- 
tary, beautiful" mode of 'disposal of the dead. 

Knight, M. M., and others. Taboo and 
genetics; a study of the biological, so- 
ciological and psychological foundation of 
the family. 1920. L 20797 

A straightforward discussion which disposes of 
the old superstitions and ignorance, and em- 
phasizes the importance of honestly and sanely 
facing the facts of life. 


.ffisop. Ysopet-Avionnet; the Latin and 
French texts. 1919. J4854,5 IV 

(University of Illinois studies in language and 

Society for Pure English. S. P. E. tracts. 
1919-1920. 3v. J 7905 

v. 1. Preliminary announcement and list of mem- 
bers, Oct. 1919. 

2. On English homophones, by Robert 

3. A few practical suggestions, by Logan 
Pearsall Smith; editorial, co-operation of members, 

- etc., report to Easter, 1920. 

Tucker, Gilbert M. American English. 
1921. J 7910 

This treatise is scholary and full of amusing 
little touches. Mr. Mencken believes that the 
author knows more about the American dialect than 
any other living person. 


Fabre, J. Henri. More hunting wasps. 1921. 

. K 21889 

This volume completes the list of essays devoted 
to wasps in the 'Souvenirs entomologiques. Its 
predecessors were The hunting wasps (K 21893) 
and The mason wasps (K 21899). 

McDougall, William. Is America safe for 
democracy? 1921. K 20883 

"Six lectures given at the Lowell institute of 
Boston, under the title 'Anthropology and history, 
or The influence of anthropologic constitution on 
the ' destinies of nations.' " 

Wedel, Theodore Otto. The mediaeval atti- 
tude toward astrology, particularly in Eng- 
land. 1920. J 4450, 60 
(Yale studies in English.) 



Thompson, Holland. The age of invention; 
a chronicle of mechanical conquest. 1921. 

B 5086, 37 
(The chronicles of America series.) 


Hygiene, Nursing 

Hirschfeld, I. H. The heart and blood- 
vessels; their care and cure, and the gen- 
eral management of the body. 1913. 

N 1294 
A manual of personal hygiene. 

Pope, Amy E. A textbook of simple nurs- 
ing procedure for use in high schools, to- 
gether with instructions for first aid in 
emergencies. 1921. N 2697 


Stock, H. H., and others. Bituminous coal 
shortage practice. 1920. K 22724,116 

(University of Illinois. Engineering experiment 
station bulletins.) 

Seely, Fred B., and Putnam, William 'J- 
The relation between the elastic strengths 
of steel in tension, compression and shear. 
1919. K 22724, 115 

(University of Illinois. Engineering experiment 
station bulletins.) 


Bayston, John R. The Ford car, construc- 
tion and repair; a practical guide includ- 
ing instructions on the care and repair of 
the Ford car, complete methods for test- 
ing and repairing the Ford electrical sys- 
tem, and questions and answers. 1921. 

K 23563 

Cross, Harold H. U. Automobile batteries; 
a practical handbook on the construction, 



charging, repair, and maintenance of igni- 
tion, starting, lighting, and electric vehicle 
batteries: "dry," lead*, and alkaline types. 
1919. K 23566 

Moyer, James A. Gasoline automobiles. 
1921. K 23491 

National Automobile Chamber of Com- 
merce, inc. Facts and figures of the auto- 
mobile industry. 1921. *R 3614 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Forestry . 

Cook County (III.}. Board of Forest Pre- 
serve Commissioners. The forest preserves 
of Cook county. 1921. K 241 15 

Domestic Animals 

Spaulding, Roy H. Your dog and your cat, 
how to care for them; a treatise on the 
care of the dog and cat in the home. 1921. 

K 24446 


Candee, Alexander M. Business letter writ- 
ing. 1920. L 20281 

Fish, E. H. How to manage men; the prin- 
ciples of employing labor. 1920. L 20611 

A very good handbook for the use of managers, 
foremen, etc. 

Harrison, G. Charter. Cost accounting to 
aid production; a practical study of scien- 
tific cost accounting. 1921. L 20497 

Ivey, Paul Wesley. Principles of marketing; 
a textbook for colleges and schools of 
business administration. 1921. L 20615 

Mac's directory of coal sales companies 
(semi-annual). 1921. *R 3612 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Modern drapery and allied trades, whole- 
sale and retail, by leading specialists in 
every department. 1915. 4v. L 20618 
v. 1. The wholesale drapery trade. 

2. The retail drapery trade. 

3. Miscellaneous. 

4. The modern draper's dictionary of tech- 
nical terms. 

Taylor, R. E. The grocer's window book; 
a compilation of practical plans for dis- 
playing merchandise (3d ed.). 1919. 

L 20634 

(Merchants' reference library.) 

First edition by Edward H. Philippi, L 8283. 

Manufactures, Transportation 
Hazard, Blanche Evans. The organization 
of the boot and shoe industry in Massa- 
chusetts before 1875. 1921. " L 6587, 23 
(Harvard economic studies.) 

Wilcox, Delos F. Analysis of the electric 
railway problem. 1921. Civics Dept. 

"Report to the Federal electric railways commis- 
sion with summary and recommendations, supple- 
mented by special studies of local transportation is- 
sues in the state of New Jersey and the city of 
Denver, with notes on recent developments in the 
electric railway field." 

Heating and Ventilating 
Day, V. S. Emissivity of heat from various 
surfaces with special reference to warm- 
air furnace installations. 1920. K 22724, 117 

"Results of comparative tests on covered and 
uncovered sheet metal surfaces made in connec- 
tion with the warm-air furnace investigation con- 
ducted by the Engineering experiment station, Uni- 
versity of Illinois, in cooperation with the National 
warm-air heating and ventilating association." 

(University of Illinois. Engineering experiment 
station bulletins.) 

Fitzgerald's telephone and reference guide 
for the building industries. Illinois, v. 26. 
1921. *R3603 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Willard, A. C, and others. Investigation of 
warm-air furnaces and heating systems 
conducted by the Engineering experiment 
station, University of Illinois, in coopera- 
tion with the National warm-air heating 
and ventilating association. 1921. 

K 22724, 120 

(University of Illinois. Engineering experiment 
station bulletins.) 

Chemical Technology 
Oil, Gases, Glass 

Andros, Stephen O. Fuel oil in industry. 
1920. K 25485 

Dunkley, William A. Some conditions af- 
fecting the usefulness of iron oxide for 
city gas purification. 1921. K 22724, 119 
(University of Illinois. Engineering experiment 
station bulletins.) 

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company, Pittsburgh. 
Fifty years of glass making, 1869-1919. 
1920. K 25492 

1918 year 

Oil, paint and drug reporter, 
book. 1919. 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Washburn, Edward W., and others. Dis- 
solved gases in glass. 1920. K 22724, 118 

(University of Illinois, 
station bulletins.) 

Engineering experiment 


Eliot, T. S. The sacred wood; essays on 
poetry and criticism. 1921. J 7649 

Contents: Introduction, The perfect critic. Im- 
perfect critics: Swinburne as critic; A romantic 
aristocrat (George Wyndham) ; The local flavour; 
A note on the American critic; The French in- 
telligence. Tradition and the individual talent.- 
The possibility of a poetic drama. Euripides and 
Professor Murray. Rhetoric and poetic drama. 
Notes on the blank verse of Christopher Marlowe. 
Hamlet and his problems. Ben Jonson. Philip 
Massinger. Swinburne as poet. BJake. Dante. 

Mr. Eliot is a poet, and his criticism deals largely 
with poetry. He has very definite ideas about the 
function of criticism, regarding it (in contrast to 
the impressionistic school) as an exact science and 
not an art or in any sense creative. 

Gosse, Edmund. Books on the table. 1921. 


Contents: The last years of Disraeli. Boythorn 
in the flesh. The aristocrat in literature. A 
Frenchman of the fourth century. "The diall of 



princes." "The hierarchic of angels." Pascal and 
the Jesuits. The poet among the cannibals. The 
letters of Tchekhov. The unveiling of Tolstoi. 
"The English poets." The folk-lore of the Bible. 
Edgar Poe and his detractors. The essays of Mr. 
Lucas. "In a green shade." Autobiography and 
Mrs. Asquith. Clough. Zoffany. Philip Mas- 
singer. Miss Mitford. Frederick Locker. The fox 
in song. The sepulchral dean. Wine and Mr. 
Saintsbury. Some French memoirs. Wanner and 
waster. The tutor of Marcus Aurelius. A stormy 
petrel. Leonard Courtney. Paul Claudel. A bub- 
ble burst. The character of Fielding. Mr. Dough- 
ty's "Mansoul." The science of manuscripts. The 
psychology of the blind. Thackeray's daughter. 
Carlyle. The fairy in the garden. Goethe. Count 
D'Orsay's portraits. Index. 

A collection of essays or criticisms of a varie- 
gated collection of works, showing an artist's ap- 
preciation of their faults and virtues. 

Meredith, George. CREES, J. H. E. George 
Meredith; a study of his works and per- 
sonality. 1918. J 7234 
Addressed to those who have so far solved the 
difficulties of the Master that they wish to make 
up their minds as to his final position in English 
literature. The book should do much to crystalize 
opinion on Meredith, if only because it will induce 
people to read him again. Times (London). 

Rich, Mabel Irene. A study of the types of 
literature. 1921. J 6400 

(The Century studies in literature for high 

It steers between the ordinary history of litera- 
ture and the minute analysis of masterpieces. The 
problem of discovering the characteristics of a 
type of literature is used as the approach. Book- 


Tennyson, Alfred. PYRE, J. F. A. The for- 
mation of Tennyson's style; a study, pri- 
marily, of the versification of the early 
poems. 1921. J 4855, 12 

(University of Wisconsin studies in language and 

Planner, Hildegarde. This morning. 1921. 

E 14656 

Lowell, Amy. Legends. 1921. 

E 14826 

Contents: Memorandum confided by a yucca to 
a passion-vine (Peru). A legend of porcelain 
(China). Many Swans (North America). Fun- 
eral song for the Indian chief Blackbird (North 
America). Witchwoman (Yucatan). The ring and 
the castle (Europe). Gavotte in D minor (Europe). 
The statue in the garden (Europe). Dried mar- 
joram (England). Before the storm (New Eng- 
land). Four sides to a house (New England). 

Eleven brilliant, dramatic tales, highly original 
and rich in variety of theme, where every mood 
is reflected in the form and rhythm of the verse, 
both rhymed and unrhymed. 

Mitchell, Stewart. Poems. 1921. E 14872 

Sonnets and lyrics with a strong appeal which 
show delicacy of touch as well as power. 


Bottomley, Gordon. King Lear's wife, The 
crier by night, The riding to Lithend, 
Midsummer eve, Laodice and Danae. 1921. 

E 13510 

There is not one among the plays that has not 
vision, dramatic quality, characterization and poetry 
above the average. Theatre Arts Magazine. 

Massinger, Philip. CRUICKSHANK, A. H. 
Philip Massinger. 1920. E 14073 

It is a conscientious work, which contains, we 
suppose, all the information and nearly all the 
serious speculations possible, about its subject. In 
expression of judgment and comparison it is useful. 

Randolph, Edith. Lammas eve; fantasy in 
one act. 1921. E 13172 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Strange, Michael, pseud, of Mrs. Blanche N. 
O. Barrymore. Clair de lune; a play in 
two acts and six scenes. 1921. E 13498 
The New York Evening Post calls it an ingen- 
ious fantasy with "an abundance of smart, if not 
very deep sayings." 

Totheroh, Dan W. While the mushrooms 
bubble; a fantasy with or without music, 
as you please. 1921. E 13172 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

47 Workshop. Plays of the 47 Workshop. 
1918-1920. 2v. E 12166 

(Harvard plays.) 

1. Three pills in a bottle, by R. L. Field. 
"The good men do," by H. Osborne. Two crooks 
and a lady, by E. Pillot. Free speech, by W. L. 

2. Torches, by K. Raisbeck. Cooks and cardi- 
nals, by N. C. Lindau. A flitch of bacon, by E. 
H. Hinkley. The playroom, by D. F. Halman. 

These are one-act plays above the average, sim- 
ple enough for amateur production. 

; The gold bug; a clean comedy of ad- 
venture in four acts. 1920. E 13803 
(Denison's royalty plays.) 

Kaplan, Ysabel DeWitte. The princess weav- 
er of the skies; a tale of the festival of 
Tanabata of the 7th night of the 7th 
moon; a Japanese fragment put into this 
form. 1921. E 13172 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Lodovici, Cesare. The woman of no one; 
a play in three acts. Tr. by Petronelle 
Sombart. 1921. E 13172 

(Poet Lore plays.) 


Cobb, Irvin S. A plea for old Cap Collier. 

1921. E 15410 

A defense of the dime novel in preference to 

the "uplifting" school readers of the McGuffey 


Marquis, Don. The old soak, and Hail and 
farewell. 1921. E 4437 

Here is American humor at its best; certainly 
the most delightful bit of philosophical fooling and 
urbane satire since Mr. Dooley laid down his golden 
pen. New York Evening Post. 


The mirrors of Washington; with fourteen 
cartoons by Cesare, and fourteen por- 
traits. 1921. C 19824 

Contents: Warren G. Harding. Woodrow Wil- 
son. George Harvey. Charles Evans Hughes. 



Edward Mandell House. Herbert Clark Hoover. 
Henry Cabot Lodge. 'Bernard Mannes Baruch. 
Elihu Root. Hiram Warren Johnson. Philander 
Chase Knox. Robert Lansing. Boies P.enrose. 
William Edgar Borah. 

A collection of clever satirical essays on Amer- 
ican statesmen and public present day men. 

Quayle, Alexandros Jack, 
of the Terrills. 1921. 

A genealogy line 
C 20393 

Rhodes, Cecil. WILLIAMS, BASIL. Cecil 
Rhodes. 1921. C 23924 

(Makers of the nineteenth century.) 
A real biograhphT-^excellent in perspective, in 
terseness, and in writing. It gives a finished pic- 
ture of the man, with his greatness and his weak- 
nesses. Spectator. 


Furlong, Charles Wellington. Let 'er buck; 
a story of the passing of the old West. 
1921. 1 11780' 

This is a glowing account of the old west which 
is rapidly passing away. The annual Round-up at 
Ptndletpn, Oregon, is vividly described and ac- 
companied by real photographs. 

The glass of fashion; some social reflections 
by a gentleman with a duster. 1921. 


Contents: Principles of the commonwealth. Col- 
onel Repington's diaries. Some glimpses of the 
normal. Mrs. Asquith's autobiography. A study 
in contrast. 111 effects. The other side. Manners. 
Examples in love. Womanhood. Conclusion. 

Criticisms of the present state of English society 
from the point of view of Victorian ideals. 

Monckton, C. A. W. Taming New Guinea; 
some experiences of a New Guinea resi- 
dent magistrate. 1921. 19186 
These personal recollections of an Englishman 
among the worst savages left in the world con- 
tain thrilling and often horrible episodes. They 
are full of criticism of government policies and 
officials but nevertheless make a fascinating ad- 
venture book. 

Paine, Albert Bigelow. The car that went 
abroad; motoring through the golden age. 
1921. I 11884 

An informal record of a sixteen month automo- 
bile trip through France, made by an American 
family just before the war. It is more of a senti- 
mental pilgrimage than a thorough sightseeing jour- 
ney and is illustrated by Walter Hale's delightful 

The Topeka improvement survey. 4 pam- 
phlets. 1914. 1 11744 

(Russell Sage Foundation pamphlets.) 

No. 1. Schneider. A public health survey of 

2. Potter. Delinquency and corrections. 

3. Decker. Municipal administration in 

4. Potter. Industrial conditions in Topeka. 


Branom, Mendel E., and Branom, Fred K. 
The teaching of geography, emphasizing 
the project, or active, method. 1921. 

1 113070 

The object of the book is to show the need of 
getting away from the "bookish, theoretical educa- 
tion of former days." 

Dann, Ernest W. Historical geography on 
a regional basis. 1908. 2 v. 111369 

(Dent's mathematical and scientific text books for 

v. 1. The British Isles. 
2. Europe. 

Handbooks, Atlas 

Great Britain. Foreign Office. Handbooks. 
1920. 17v. Doc. 

Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. 
Belgian Congo. 

British Somaliland and Sokotia. 
European coalitions, alliances and ententes since 

Freedom of the seas, historically treated. 

French Equatorial Africa. 

French Morocco. 

French Somaliland. 

French West Africa. 

International canals. 

International congresses. 

International rivers. 

Ivory coast. 

Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar. 



Upper Senegal and Niger. 

Naval Staff. Naval intelligence hand- 
books. 1920. 17v. Doc. 




German East Africa. 




Mesopotamia, Geology of. 

Mexico (with maps). 

Netherlands' India. 

Norway and Sweden. 

Portuguese East Africa. 

Portuguese Nyasaland. 


Serbia, Montenegro, Albania. 

Siberia and Arctic Russia. 

Turkey in Europe. 

Of unusual interest, these handbooks will be 
used by business men, travelers, writers, teachers 
and students: in fact every one interested in the 
history, language, race, population, climate, physi- 
cal geography, railroads, commerce, minerals, la- 
bor questions, and finance of these countries. 

Circulating and reference copies may be obtained 
in the Civics and Documents Department. 


Adams, George Burton. Constitutional his- 
tory of England. 1921. L 18019 

(American historical series.) 

The chief object of the book is to make the con- 
tinuous growth of the constitution from genera- 
tion to generation as clear as possible. This leads 
to a stressing of essentials and to the omitting of 
details where their inclusion would tend to con- 
fuse the larger view. Book Review Digest. 

Chancellor, E. Beresford. The xvinth cen- 
tury in London; an account of its social 
life and arts. 1921. A 5393 

Describes his period at length, under the heads 
of social life, street topography, pleasure resorts, 
clubs, coffee-houses and taverns, great houses and 
public buildings, the churches, and the arts, with a 
supplementary chapter on the architectural remains 
of 18th century London which are still to be seen. 
Times (London). 

Dawes, Charles G. A journal of the great 
war. 1921. 2v. A 7176 

Dated August 21, 1917-August 2, 1919. 

While these two stout volumes of personal and 
documentary records arc concerned chiefly with the 
author's own experience and accomplishment, they 



gleam with sidelights on the attitude and behavior 
of some of the most conspicuous figures in the 
w^r, revealing them as being after all human be- 
ings as well as heroes. New York Times. 

Francis, David R. Russia from the Amer- 
ican embassy, April 1916-November 1918. 
1921. A 7872 

Because of Russia's great suffering in the war, 
the author pleads with America to save her, par- 
ticularly by destroying her own and humanity's 
most dangerous enemy bolshevism. 

The University of Chicago war papers. 
1918. A 7174 

1. Judson, Harry Pratt. The threat of German 

2. Small, Albion W. Americans and the world 

3. Bramhall, Frederick D. Democracy the basis 
for world-order. 

4. McLaughlin, Andrew C. Sixteen causes of 

5. Moulton, Harold Glenn. The war and in- 
dustrial readjustments. 

6. Read, Conyers. England and America. 

7. Judd, Charles H. Democracy and American 

8. Abbott, Edith. Democracy and social progress 
in England. 

United States 

Adams, James Truslow. The founding of 
New England. 1921. B 3769 

Written with a broad perspective and scien- 
tific insight, this exceedinly readable volume gives 

our traditional views and hero worship many a 
rough jolt. 

Beard, Charles A., and Beard, Mary R. His- 
tory of the United States. 1921. B 5528 

A high school text starting with the coloniza- 
tion period and enlarging the treatment of our 
own time._ It is a topical history bringing in 
the narrative rather by way of illustration. 

The Chronicles of America series, ed. by 
Allen Johnson, v. 12, 13, 15, 23, 24, 31, 
33, 37, 47, 48. B 5086 

12. Wrong, George M. Washington and his 
comrades in arms; a chronicle of the war of in- 
dependence. 1921. 

13. Farrand, Max. The fathers of the Consti- 
tution; a chronicle of the establishment of the 
Union. 1921. 

15. Johnson, Allen. Jefferson and his col- 
leagues; a chronicle of the Virginia dynasty. 1921. 

23. Bolton, Herbert E. The Spanish border- 
lands; a chronicle of old Florida and the South- 
west. 1921. 

24. Stephenson, Nathaniel W. Texas and the 
Mexican war; a chronicle of the winning of the 
Southwest. 1921. 

31. Wood, William. Captains of the civil war; 
a chronicle of the blue and the gray. 1921. 

33. Slosson, Edwin. The American spirit in 
education; a chronicle of great teachers. 1921. 

37. Thompson, Holland. The age of invention; 
a chronicle of mechanical conquest. 1921. 

47. Howland, Harold. Theodore Roosevelt and 
his times; a chronicle of the progressive move- 
ment. 1921. 

48. Seymour, Charles. Woodrow Wilson and 
the world war; a chronicle of our own times. 


Ash, Sholom. Uncle Moses; a novel. 1920. 

F 10682 

This story of a successful Jew who transplants 
almost the entire population of a Russian village 
to New York and employs them in his sweat 
shops, is one of the best of this popular Yiddish 

Borden, Mary. The tortoise, a novel. 1921. 

F 20633 

Young Mrs. Chudd was on the verge of run- 
ning away with a French officer, when the war 
broke out and adjusted her standard of values. 
A romantic tale written in a vivid, glowing style. 

Bower, B. M., pseud, of Mrs. Bertha M. Sin- 
clair. Casey Ryan. 1921. F 18167 

A -very clever and humorous western story 
different from the usual type. It centers about 
Casey Ryan and his trying experiences with the 
"three darndest, orneriest, damnedest things on 
earth," a Ford, a goat and an Injun. 

Caine, Hall. The master of Man; the story 
of a sin. 1921. F 11563 

The concealment of a mis-step he had once made, 
entangles a young lawyer in a net work of trou- 
ble which finally drags him from the heights of 
power to the depths of degradation. 

Canby, Henry Seidel. Our house. 1919. 

F 11663 

A ycung man, after attempting to write in the 
Bohemia of New York, is convinced his life work 
is to be found in sleepy little old Millingtown of 
New England. 

Cholmondeley, Mary. The romance of his 
life, and other romances. 1921. F 11945 

Contents: Introduction. The romance of his 
life. The dark cottage. The ghost of a -chance. 
The goldfish. The stars in their courses. Her 
murderer. Votes for men, a drama. The end of 
the dream. 

Characters that are different and situations that 
are unexpected, make this volume of charming Eng- 
lish stories enjoyable reading. 

Dowdall, Hon. Mrs. Three loving ladies. 
1921. F 21701 

An English story with little or no scenery or 
action, where the charming women, anxious and 
eager to establish their supremacy, devote -themselves 
to philanthropy and social problems, but (as Robert 
Nathan says in the New York Post of the author 
herself) do nothing, feel much and talk more. 

Galsworthy, John. To let. 1921. F 22350 
Vol. 5 of the Forsyte saga, of which the pre- 
ceding volumes are The man of property (1906), 
F 13086; Indian summer of a Forsyte, from the vol- 
ume Five tales (1918), F 13126; In chancery 
(1920), F 13136; Awakening (1920), F 22351. 

An absorbing story not dependent for its interest 
on those that precede it. Galsworthy brings his 

fentle cynical observation of modern society to 
ear upon the England of 1920. 

Howells, William Dean. Mrs. Farrell. 1921. 

F 14155 

This posthumous novel is a charming love etory 
of the seventies, with a boarding house back- 
ground. The heroine is a widow of twenty-four 
and during the summer is the object of the affec- 
tions of two bachelor friends with whom she flirts 
and both of whom she finally discards. 



Lynda, Francis. The Donovan chance. 
1921. F 24769 

A stirring tale of engineering and mining in 

Sinclair, May. 

Mr. Waddington of Wyck. 
F 18163 

Marquis, Don. 

Carter and other people. 
F 24961 

-The splendid folly. 1921. 

Contents: Carter. Old man Murtrie. Never 
say die! McDermott. Looney the Mutt. Kale. 
Bubbles. The chances of the street. The profes- 
sor's awakening. The penitent. The locked box. 
Behind the curtain. VVords and thoughts (a one- 
act play). 

Clever short stories with unusual plots. All of 
them are emotional and all very readable. One 
or two are mystery stories. 

Oppenheim, E. Phillips. The profiteers. 
1921. F 15767 

A syndicate in London, covering the world's 
wheat market, is broken up by an American mil- 
lionaire who kidnaps three directors and puts 
them on a starvation diet. Many stirring inci- 
dents occur, but the chief point is gained when 
the price of bread is lowered. 

Pedler, Margaret. The house of dreams- 
come-true. 1919. F 16088 

An impassioned love story or rather two love 
stories as they are worked out through vicissi- 
tudes to a happy ending. The usual type of Eng- 
lish country life is portrayed. 

F 16086 

A pleasant but unreasonable little romance on 
the order of Graustark.- 

Porter, Gene Stratton. ' Her father's daugh- 
ter. 1921. F 16522 

Against _ a California background composed of ex- 
quisite bird, plant, and floral descriptions, the 
hero, heroine, and Japanese villain live, move 
and have their being. 

Rice, Alice Hegan. Quin. 1921. F 17135 

A returned war hero (a diamond in the rough) 
wins the girl of his dreams, overcoming the op- 
position of her extremely aristocratic family and 
triumphing over his attractive rival who is the 
villain of the story. 

Rideout, Henry Milner. Fern seed. 1921. 

F 17208 

A charming adventure story with England as 
a background. The hero visiting the home of 
his ancestors finds himself welcomed and admired 
only to discover he has been mistaken for a 
cousin, who appears at the critical moment. There's 
a black-eyed girl, a stolen letter, a hidden room, 
a dual, etc. 

Rinehart, Mary Roberts. Sight unseen, and 
The confession. 1921. F 17255 

With her usual dexterity and skill, Mrs. Rine- 
hart has written two more detective stories, the 
first of which deals with the occult. The second 
is the more logical of the two. 

Rowland, Henry C. 

Mile high; a novel. 
F 17517 

A light, quickly moving story of exciting inci- 
dents, and decidedly modern. There is a criminal 
quartet of international repute, of which Patricia, 
a woman of "brilliant beauty but no soul" is 
loved by the Colorado sheriff of high ideals who 
succeeds in reforming her. 

Sabatini, Rafael. Scaramouche; a romance 
of the French revolution. 1921. F 17571 

A good swashbuckling romance above the aver- 
age in interest of plot, and vivid as to setting. 

holds the 
F 18290 

A typical western story with all the regular 
settings involving rustlers, cattle-men and the usual 
bad man who falls in love with the girl from the 

Terhune, Albert Payson. Buff, a collie; and 

other dog-stories. 1921. F 27743 

Written by a real lover of dogs, this group 

makes wholesome interesting reading. The most 

, powerful of the collection is perhaps "The fowl 

Thayer, Lee. 

That affair at "The Cedars." 
F 27770 

A modern mystery and detective story in which 
no less than five different characters are suspected 
of a murder. Two or three little love stories which 
run through the novel add to- the interest. 

Turner, George Kibbe. White shoulders. 
1921. F 27915 

A combination of mystery and love story. The 
heroine and her fortune hunting mother come 
to a small town where their arrival starts a flow 
of gossip connected with a murder mystery. This 
is finally solved and the girl is happily married 
to the man she loves. 

Van Vechten, Carl, cd. Lords of the house- 
tops; thirteen cat tales. 1921. F 18811 
Contents: The cat, by Mary E. W. Freeman. 
Zut, by G. W. Carryl. A psychical invasion, by 
A. Blackwood. i'he afflictions of an English cat. 
by H. de Balzac. Gipsy, by B. Tarkington. The 
Blue Dryad, by G. H. Powell. Dick Baker's cat, 
by Mark Twain. The black cat, by E. A. Poe. 
Madame Jolicceur's cat, by T. A. Janvier. A 
friendly rat, by W. H. Hudson. Monty's friend, 
by W. L. Alden. The queen's cat, by Peggy Ba- 
con. Calvin, by C. D. Warner. 

Widdemer, Margaret. 

The year of Delight. 
F 19474 

Delight, an adopted orphan, falls heir to a 
vast fortune. Learning she has but one year to 
live, she tries to crowd into it all the pleasures 
she has longed for, surrounds herself with the 
comforts of life, and marries. The diagnosis 
proved incorrect, however, and the improbable 
romance ends happily. 

Williams, Ben Ames. Evered. 1921. 

F 19518 

The quiet beauty of northern Maine forms_ the 
background for this tragedy of primitive passions. 
The story is of a farmer-butcher whose intense 
love for his wife manifests itself in brutalities 
and who thinks he has occasion to doubt her faith- 
fulness. Booklist. 

Wodehouse, P. G. Indiscretions of Archie. 
1921. F 19703 

An intensely amusing story of a young English- 
man who comes to this country and marries the 
daughter of a hotel owner in New York. Archie's 
various episodes are cleverly depicted and afford 
an abundance of clean, unforced fun. 

Wright, Harold Bell. Helen of the old 
house. 1921. F 19810 

The story centers about labor troubles in an 
American mill town. The author believes that in- 
dustrial problems are as easily adjusted as ranks 
in the army and attempts to prove it. 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, fourth floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Hotchkiss, W. E., and Seager, H. R. His- 
tory of the Shipbuilding Labor Adjust- 
ment Board: 1917-1919. 1921. L2.3 283 
(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bulletin 283.) 

Turner, Victoria B. Mutual relief associa- 
tions among government employees in 
Washington, D. C. 1921. L2.3 282 

(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulletin 282.) 
This survey covers eighty associations paying 
benefits in case of sickness and death. 

United States. Coast Guard. International 
ice observation and ice patrol service in 
North Atlantic ocean. 1921. T47.3 8 

(Bulletin 8.) 

Report of observations for the season of 1920, 
the object of this, patrol service being to locate 
ice-bergs and field ice nearest to transatlantic steam- 
ship routes. 

Comptroller of the Currency. Digest of 

decisions relating to riational banks, 1912, 
with appendix 1912-1920. 1921. T12.7 1920 

-Federal Electric Railways Commission. 

Proceedings, together with final ' report 
of the commission to the President. 3v. 

1920. Y3.F31 P94 

Held in Washington, D. C. during the months 
of July, August, September, and October, 1919. 


Andress, J. M., and Bragg, M. C. Sugges- 
tions for a program for health teaching 
in the elementary schools. 1921. 116.29 10 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Health educa- 
tion 10.) 

Its practibility has been tested by teachers. 

Capen, Samuel Paul. Facilities for for- 
eign students in American colleges and 
universities. 1921. 116.3 1920-39 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1920, no. 

39 li. 

Gives points of information including admission 

requirements, of value also to American students. 

Evans, Henry R. Educational boards and 
foundations, 1918-20. 1921. 116.31921-17 
(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1921, no. 

Contents: General Education Board. Rocke- 
feller Foundation. Carnegie Foundation for the 
Advancement of Teaching. Phelps-Stokes Fund. 
John F. Slater Fund. 

Gleim, Sophia C. The visiting teacher. 

1921. 116.3 1921-10 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1921, no. 

A comparatively new idea, illustrating the need 
for a closer relationship between home and school. 

United States. Federal Board for Vocational 
Education. Instructor training. 1921. 

VE1.3 62 

(Bulletin 62.) 

"Courses for trade teachers and for foremen 
having an instructional responsibility." 


Cooper, M. R., and Washburn, R. S. Cost 
of producing wheat. 1921. A1.3 943 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 943.) 
"On 481 farms in the states of North and South 
Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Mis- 
souri for the crop year 1919." 

Gray, L. C. Buying farms with land-bank 
loans. 1921. ' A 1.3 968 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 968.) 
"A study based on the experience of 2,700 farm- 
ers who have borrowed money through Federal 
Farm Loan Banks." 

Warren, G. F. Prices of farm products in 
the U. S. 1.921. A1.3999 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 999.) 
Contrasts the low prices of farm products with 
other commodities, and gives tables for both whole- 
sale and farm prices, with rise and fall during 
three war periods: War of 1812, Civil war, and 
World war. 

Commerce and Industry 

Macklin, Theodore. Road to better mar- 
keting. 1921. 

(Wisconsin. College of Agriculture. Extension 
Service. Circular 136.) 

On the solution of price adjustment favorable 
both to consumer and producer depends the fu- 
ture of American agriculture. 

United States. Bureau of Foreign and Do- 
mestic Commerce. Commercial and indus- 
trial handbooks. 1921. C18.11 

Bolivia. Spec, agents ser 208 

Columbia. Spec. agnts ser 206 

Switzerland. Spec, agents ser 210 

These handbooks cover a wide range of subjects 
and are of extreme interest both to business men 
and to students of commercial geography. 

United States. Federal Board for Vocational 
Education. Survey and analysis of the 
pottery industry. 1921. VE1.3 67 

(Bulletin 67.) 

Information for employer, foreman, workman and 
apprentice, with description of work from the clay- 
making department to that of the packingroom. 

United States. Federal Trade Commission. 
Combed cotton yarns. 1921. FT1.2 C82y 
Contains history of industry of value to students 
and to trade. 

Report on grain trade. 1920. FT1.2 G76 

v. 1. Country grain marketing. 

2. Terminal grain markets and exchanges. 
S. Future trading operations in grain. 

Report on wheat prices for the 1920 

crop. 1921. FT1.2 W56p 

Result of an investigation undertaken at the 
request of President Wilson, in October, 1920. 

Summary of report on milk and milk 

products: 1914-1918. 1921. FT1.2 M59 

United States. Tariff Commission. Census 
of dyes and coal-tar chemicals: 1920. 1921. 


(Tariff information series 23.) 

The wool-growing industry. 1921. 

TC1.2 W87 

Deals with the raw product, covers the problems 
and costs of production, describes the industry in 
foreign countries, and contains the elementary facts 
necessary to understand it in its economic aspect. 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 11 

December, 1921 

No. 10 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate; those with the letter P are in the Art room, and those 

marked Doc. are in the Document department. *Ser. represents 

serials which do not circulate. 


Davis, Elmer. History of the New York 
Times, 1851-1921. 1921. J 7246 

id) euiiuiicii puiH-y aim BCTVIVC siuic uiai umc 

under the present management. 

[ Maggs Brothers, London. The voyages and 
discoveries of early travellers and mis- 
sionaries. 1921. v. 1: America. *O 2956 

Miller, Zana K. How to organize a library. 
1921. J7305 


Psychology, Ethics 

Flammarion, Camille. Death and its mys- 
tery, v. 1: Before death. 1921. L 13522 

The first volume of a trilogy which presents the 
results of fifty years' research by one of the 
world's best known investigators of psychical phe- 
nomena. This volume is devoted to the description 
of recorded cases and their interpretation. 

Hayes, Edward Gary. Sociology and ethics; 
the facts of social life as the source of so- 

lutions for the theoretical and practical 
problems of ethics. 1921. L 14179 

The purpose of the book is to show that, if the 
next generation is to have an ethic, it must not 
come along the path of a priori speculation or 
mystic faith but along the path of science; it must 
be based on reason and a true conception of human 
life. Book Review Digest. 

Hill, Owen A. Psychology and natural 
theology. 1921. L 13048 

Philosophical argumentations in the form _ of 

theses, proving from the Catholic point of view 

certain metaphysical points and answering imagined 
t bjections. 

Munson, Edward L. The management of 
men; a handbook on the systematic de- 
velopment of morale and the control of 
human behavior. 1921. L 13975 

Discussed in a simple and practical way. 

Randall, John Herman. The new light on 
immortality; or, The significance of psy- 
chic research. 1921. L 13547 
Contents: The nature of the new light. Maurice 
Maeterlinck, the poet. William James, the phil- 
osopher. Sir Oliver Lodge, the scientist. James 
Hervey Hyslop, the psychologist. The present 
status of psychic research. Future possibilities, and 
a warning. The age and psychic research. Its 



ethical and social implications. Its meaning for 
religion. The real immortality. The consciousness 
of immortality. 

Deals mainly with the moral and social implica- 
tions of psychical research rather than with evi- 
dence from experiments. 


Committee on the War and the Religious 
OutloOK. Christian unity, its principles 
and possibilities. 1921. M 8774 

Wisely discriminating between the various forms 
through which this movement may express itself; 
blinking nothing that stands in the way of its 
progress, and therefore withholding any prediction 
of the time and the specific means it may require 
to succeed, the Committee is yet optimistic. Gra- 
ham Taylor in the Survey. 

Cope, Henry Frederick, 
church-school. 1921. 

The week-day 
L 19899 

The object is to take advantage of expert teach- 
ers for religious training and to reach a business- 
like basis of instruction not possible in the un- 
graded Sunday School. Booklist. 

Genung, John Franklin. The life indeed; 
a review, in terms of common thinking, of 
the Scripture history issuing in immor- 
tality. 1921. M 9018 

(The Amherst books.) 

It is not merely religious; it is_ in the broadest 
and most inclusive sense a spiritual book be- 
cause it is the full expiession of the personality 
of the spiritual man. Independent. 


"Weyl, Walter. Tired radicals, and other 
papers. 1921. L 15449 


Knight, Frank 
profit. 1921. 

II . 

Risk, uncertainty and 
L 16709 

(Hart, Schaffner & Marx prize essays.) 
Contents: pt. 1. Introductory. 2. Perfect com- 
petition. 3. Imperfect competition through risk and 


Bing, Alexander M. War-time strikes and 
their adjustment. 1921. L 17220 

His book is authoritative in every respect, and is 
by far the most competent, the most comprehen- 
sive, and_ the most just account of labor adjust- 
ment during the war period that has been issued. 
G. Soule in The Nation. 

Thomas, J. H. When labor rules. 1921. 

L 15444 

This book shows clear, sane thinking. The author 
is an important Labor member of the British Par- 
liament and a strong advocate of the national con- 
trol of industries. 

Veblen, Thorstein. The engineers and the 
price system. 1921. L 16780 

Contents: On the nature and uses of sabotage.- 
The industrial system and the captains of indus- 
try. The captains of finance and the engineers. 
On the danger of a revolutionary overturn. On 
the circumstances which make for a change. A 
memorandum oti a practicable soviet of technicians. 

Finance, Insurance 

Montgomery, Robert H. New York state 
income tax procedure, 1921, including 
corporation franchise tax. 1921. L 17757 

New York (city). Stock Ex-change. Consti- 
tution of the New York Stock Exchange, 
and resolutions adopted by the governing 
committee, with amendments to Jan. nine- 
teen eighteen. 1918. L 17461 

Sakolski, A. M. Railroad securities; a 
course of study with references. 1921. 

Civics Dept. 

Stevenson, John Alford. Meeting objec- 
tions. 1921. L 19267 

(Harper's life insurance library.) 

Arguments for the use of life insurance agents. 

Wiprud, A. C. The federal farm-loan sys- 
tem in operation. 1921. L 17374 

The vice-president of the Federal Land Bank of 
St. Paul describes the operation of this institu- 
tion, which, though organized in 1916, has only 
been in unrestricted operation since February 

Political Science 

Graper, Elmer D. American police admin- 
istration; a handbook on police organi- 
zation and methods of administraiton in 
American cities. 1921. L 18347 

(Handbooks on public administration.) 

Hall, Hubert, comp. A repertory of British 
archives; comp. for the Royal Historical 
Society. 1920. L 16411 

Missouri. Constitutional Convention, 1875. 
Journal Missouri Constitutional conven- 
tion of 1875, with an historical introduc- 
tion on constitutions and constitutional 
conventions in Missouri by Isidor Loeb. 
1920. 2 v. L 18020 

Robert, Henry M. Parliamentary practice; 
an introduction to parliamentary law. 1921. 

L 16453 

International Relations 

Gardiner, A. G. The Anglo-American fu- 
ture. 1921. L 16354 

Mr. Gardiner is an English liberal who believes 
that the chief issue of the future lies in the rela- 
tion between England and America. His proposal 
to pool the naval resources of the two nations 
for the unselfish use of the League of Nations is 
interesting at this time. 

Gleason, George. What shall I think of 
Japan? 1921. I 10691 



A study of Japan, by a man who for nineteen 
years has been secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in 
that country, and has an optimistic view of its 
future. He writes chapters on Japan pro and con, 
the Siberian expedition, foreign diplomacy to 1914, 
Japan in Manchuria Korea China, Japan and 
America, and the future of Japan. 

MacMurray, John V. A., ed. Treaties and 
agreements with and concerning China, 
1894-1919; a collection of state papers, 
private agreements, and other documents, 
in reference to the rights and obligations 
of the Chinese government in relation to 
foreign powers, and in reference to the 
interrelation of those powers in respect 
to China, during the period from the Sino- 
Japanese war to the conclusion of the 
world war of 1914-1919. 1921. 2 v. 

*L 21469 

(Publications of the Carnegie endowment for in- 
ternational peace. Division of international law, 

v. 1. Manchu period (1894-1911). 
2. Republican period (1912-1919). 

Murray, Gilbert. The problem of foreign 
policy; a consideration of present dangers 
and the best methods for meeting them. 
1921. L 16355 

The central problem of discussion is how to 
avoid the causes of international strife. The solu- 
tion is applied to Germany and France, The East 
and Russia. 

Osborne, Sidney. The new Japanese peril. 
1921. L 16356 

According to the author, the Japanese question 
will be settled as soon as western powers get out 
of China, _ and _not until then will Japan leave. 
The book is vividly written and highly convincing. 

Colonies and Immigration 

Faust, Albert Bernhardt. Lists of Swiss 
emigrants in the eighteenth century to 
the American colonies. v. 1: Zurich, 
1734-1744, from the archives of Switzer- 
land. 1920. L 16053 

Johnson, Amandus. The Swedes in Ameri- 
ca, 1638-1900. v. 1: The Swedes on the 
Delaware, 1638-1664. 1914. L 16063, 1 


Blackburn, Mary. Montessori experiments 
in a large infants' school. 1921. L 19723 

Directory of Catholic colleges and schools, 
compiled by Reverend James H. Ryan. 
1921. *R 1652 

Gesell, Arnold. Exceptional children and 
public school policy; including a mental 
survey of the New Haven elementary 
schools. 1921. L 19692 

An important survey on abnormal and backward 
as well as exceptionally bright children, with sug- 
gestions for supervising the health and progress of 
school children. 

Hanifan, L. J. The community center. 1920. 

L 19858 

(Teacher training series.) 

A practical treatment of the community center 
as a solution of rural life problems, written to 

train those who know little of this idea. There 
are detailed suggestions for many kinds of pro- 
grams. Booklist. 

Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman. The story of Chau- 
tauqua. 1921. L 19851 

Begins with biographical sketches of Bishop Vin- 
cent and Lewis Miller, the founders of the move- 

O'Neill, James Milton. A manual of debate 
and oral discussion for schools, societies 
and clubs. 1920. L 19865 

Oxford. University. Mediaeval archives of 
the University of Oxford; ed. by the Rev. 
H. E. Salter. 1920. *A 1067, 70> 

(Oxford Historical Society.) 

Reavis, George H. Factors controlling at- 
tendance in rural schools. 1920. 

L 10284, 108 

(Columbia University. Teachers College con- 
tributions to education.) 

Choice of Occupations 

Barnard, J. Lynn, comp. Getting a living; a 
vocational civics text. 1921. L 14369 


Carr, Edwin Hamlin, comp. Putnam's min- 
ute-a-day English for busy people. 1921. 


Goldberger, Henry H. Second book in 
English for coming citizens. 1921. 


Continuation of English for coming citizens, T 

This second primer, for more advanced stu- 
dents, is still more narrative in form and interest- 
ing in content; in fact it tells the story of an in- 
dividual immigrant, in such a way that a consider- 
able new vocabulary is mastered in the reading. 

Jespersen, Otto. A modern English gram- 
mar on historical principles. 1909-1914. 
2 v. J4632 

(Germanische Bibliothek.) 
Pt. I. Sounds and spellings. 
II. Syntax. 

Monteverde, R. D. Pitman's commerciar 
correspondence in Spanish (correspond- 
encia comercial). 1918. J 7854 

Tozzer, Alfred M. A Maya grammar, with 

bibliography and appraisement of the 

works noted. 1921. K 10894, 9 

(Harvard university. Papers of the Peabody 

Museum of American archaeology and ethnology.) 


Donald, C. H. Companions feathered, furred 
and scaled. 1920. K 21730 

A chatty narrative about the animal friends the 
author gathered about him while at his post in 
the Indian jungles. He had some very unusual 
pets, and his story is full of amusing incidents. 

Hallett, George H., jr. Linear order in three 
dimensional Euclidean and double elliptic 
spaces. 1920. K 18712 

Harvard University. Arnold Arboretum. 
Bulletin of popular information. 3 v. 
1915-1917. K 21287 

Miller, Edmund H. The calculations of an- 
alytical chemistry. 1921. K 19842 


Stowell, William Leland. Sex; for parents 

and teachers. 1921. N 1313 

A very clear sensible treatment of the subject 

of reproduction, from plants and mammals to man. 

It includes plain facts about sex hygiene and eu- 

f;nics and has an appreciative foreword by G. 
tanley Hall. 


Ramsey, J. A., and Rosbloom, J. 20th cen- 
tury guide for marine engineers, questions 
and answers; reciprocating engines, boil- 
ers, turbines, gas engines, Diesel engines. 
1920. K 22746 


Pippin, Elmer O. Rural New York. 1921. 

K 23868 

(Rural state and province series.) 

The agricultural aspect of the state is the aim 
of this description, which is the result of a thor- 
ough study of the soil resources and development 

for fifteen years. 

Williams, Charles Burgess, and Hill, Daniel 
JJarvey. Corn book for young folk. 1920. 

K 24065 

As the corn crop exceeds all others grown it is 
chosen to teach the general principle of crop grow- 
ing, and every stage of the development of the 
plant is carefully considered. 

Pearl Fisheries 

A. W. Shaw Co. 

worker. 1920. 

The management and the 
L 20637 

Vertrees, Herbert H. 

Pearls and pearling. 
K 24557 

Domestic Science 

Forster, Edith Hall, and Weigley, Mildred. 
Foods and sanitation; a text-book and 
laboratory manual for high schools. 1914. 

K 24746 


Northwestern University. School of Com- 
merce. Costs, merchandising practices, ad- 
vertising and sales in the retail distribu- 
tion of clothing. 1921. 6 v. *L 20288 
v. 1. Sales and sales' ratios in retail clothing 
stores, 1919, 1918, and 1914. 

2. Expenses and expense ratios; rent and 
wages and salaries, 1919, 1918, and 1914. 

3. Expenses and expense ratios; general, 
bushelling, and total expenses, 1919, 1918, and 

4. Advertising methods, expenses and expense 
ratios, 1919, 1918, and 1914. 

5. Purchases, inventories, purchase discounts, 
stock turnover, and capital turnover, 1919, 1918, 
and 1914. 

6. Buildings and store equipment, merchan- 
dise sold, store methods and accounting, practices, 
1919; summary of expense- and trade-tendencies, 
questionnaire, and index. 

The way to greater production. 1920. 

L 20636 

Working conditions, wages and profits. 
1920. L 20635 

Warren, Irene. Office records their filing 
and indexing. 1921. L 20638 

A handbook written for the purpose of present- 
ing briefly some of the underlying principles on 
which business filing and indexing are based, and 
the problems of organization and administration in- 
cident to the conduct of an efficient filing and 
indexing department. Preface. 


Hackleman, Charles W. Commercial en- 
graving and printing. 1921. K 29333 
"A manual of practical instruction and reference 
covering commercial illustrating and printing by all 
processes for advertising managers, printers, en- 
gravers, lithographers, paper men, photographers, 
commercial artists, salesmen, instructors, students 
and all others interested in these and allied trades," 

Ives, George B. Text, type and style; a 
compendium of Atlantic usage. 1921. 

K 25114 

An excellent handbook of typographical style, 
one section of which is devoted to grammatical 

Transportation, Manufacture 

Kip, Frederic E. Equal opportunity for all 
as against special benefits to a privileged 
few. 1919. L 20237 

Advocates uniformity of state laws affecting in- 
terstate commerce. 

Los Angeles (Cat.). Chamber df Commerce. 
Manufacturers directory and commodity 
index. 1921. *R 3616 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Stone & Webster, Boston. Report on Inter- 
borough Rapid Transit Company. 1919. 

L 20266 

Cement and Concrete 

Hatt, William Kendrick, and Voss, Walter 
C. Concrete work; a book to aid the self- 
development of workers in concrete and 
for students in engineering. 1921. 

K 26374 

(The Wiley technical series for vocational and 
industrial schools.) 

Howe, Harrison E. The new stone age. 
1921. K 26372 

(The Century books of useful science.) 

An accurate and interestingly written story of 

cement and concrete, and the astonishing part they 

have played in material progress. 

Portland Cement Association, 
Concrete schoolhouses. 1920. 

K 26378 




Pamphlets on concrete and cement for 
the farm. 1919-1920. K 26376 

No. 1. Cement stave silos. 

2. Concrete silos, monolithic and block. 

. 3. Concrete tile for land drainage. 

4. Concrete fence posts. 

5. Concrete on the hog farm. 

6. Concrete on the dairy farm. 

7. Concrete troughs, tanks and cisterns. 

Pamphlets on concrete for building. 
1919-1920. K 26377 

No. 1. Concrete hotel, apartment and office build- 

2. Mercantile and industrial buildings of con- 

3. Concrete chimneys. 

4. Concrete for industrial housing. 

5. Concrete block garages. 

6. Recommended practice for Portland cement 

7. Suggested specifications for concrete floors. 

8. Mooseheart; a concrete community. 

9. Concrete swimming and wading pools. 

- Pamphlets on concrete roads and 
bridges. 1918-1920. K 26381 

No. 1. Concrete highway bridges. 

2. Recommended practice for concrete road 
and street construction. 

3. Concrete highway grade "crossings. 

4. Concrete industrial driveways. 

5. Recommended practice for concrete bridge 

6. Concrete railway track support. 
Specifications for concrete roads, streets, 




and concrete paving between street-car 

For your alley concrete. 
9. Concrete streets for your town. 

10. Precautions for concrete pavement coji- 
struction in cold weather. 

11. Facts about concrete roads. 

12. Integral curb for concrete pavement. 

13. Maintenance of concrete pavements. 

Pamphlets on concrete tanks. 1918-1920. 

K 26379 

No. 1. Concrete septic tanks. 

2. Concrete tanks for industrial purposes. 

3. Concrete tanks for fuel oil storage. 

4. Concrete grain tanks. 

Pamphlets on the use of concrete and 
cement. 1919-1921. K 26380 

No. 1. Fundamentals of reinforced concrete de- 



2. How to make concrete and how to use it. 

3. Markets for cement products. 

4. Bulk cement; its economy and application. 

5. Storage of sacked cement. 

6. Photographs for illustration. 

7. Standard specifications and tests for Port- 


How to make and use concrete. 


Pencil points; a journal for the drafting 
room, v 1. June-Dec., 1920. Art Room 


Propert, W. A. The Russian ballet in west- 
ern Europe, 1909-1920; with a chapter on 
the music, by Eugene Goossens, and sixty- 
three illustrations from original drawings. 
1921. *P 4535 

The "Studio" year-book of applied art. 1921. 

Art Room 


Henri, Robert. YARROW, WILLIAM, and 
BOUCHE, Louis, ed. Robert Henri, his life 
and works, with forty reproductions. 1921. 


Societe d'Aquarellistes Frangais. Works of 
art; text by the best French critics. 
American edition, ed. by Edward Strahan. 
1883. 2 v. *P933b 

v.^l. Louis Leloir. Edouard Detaille. Gustave 
Dpre. Ernest Duez. Louis Frangais. Maurice Le- 
loir. Julien Le Blant. Jules Worms. L. Eugene 
Lambert. Henri Harpignies. Edouard de Beau- 
mont. Baronne Nathaniel de Rothschild. 

2. Ferdinand Heilbuth. Georges Vibert. 
Madeleine Lemaire. Alphonse de Neuville. 
Eugene Lami. Roger Jourdain. Henri Baron. 
Eugene Isabey. Gustave Jacquet. Jules Jacque- 
mart. Charles Delort. James Tissot. 

Decoration and Design 

Bolton, Ethel Stanwood, and Coe, Eva 
Johnston. American samplers 1921. 

*P 3296 

Butsch, Albert Fidelis. Die Biicherorna- 
mentik der Renaissance; eine Auswahl 
stylvoller Titeleinfassungen, Initialen, 
Leisten, Vignetten und Druckerzeichen 
hervorragender italienischer, deutscher u. 
franzosischer Officinen aus der Zeit der 
Friihrenaissance, nach der eigenen Samm- 
lung. 1878-1881. *P 5764 

Henri, Ernst, pub. Broderies et decoration 
populaires Tcheco-Slovaques. *P5711 

Seguy, E. A. Textiles. *P2805 

Plates without text. 

Shover, Edna Mann. Art in costume de- 
sign; practical suggestions for those in- 
terested in art, sewing, history and liter- 
ature. 1920. L 20868 

Thomas, Aug. H. Formes et couleurs. 


Plates without text. 

Art Anatomy 

Bridgman, George B. The book of a hun- 
dred hands. 1920. *P3171 

Anatomical studies of the hand for artistic pur- 

Keller, Arthur I. A series of American 
monographs. Pt. I. v. 1: Figure studies 
from life. 1920. *P4158 

Plates without text. 


Mascha, Ottokar. 5sterreichische Plakat- 
kunst. *P 5753 

Perleberg, H. C., pub. Art in posters. 1920. 

*P 4446 

Plates without text. 




Salaman, Malcolm C, ed. The charm of the 
etcher's art. 1920. *P2802 

(The Studio graphic arts folios.) 

Furniture, Lampshades 

Earle, Olive. Lampshades; how to make 
them. 1921. K 28954 

Written to aid the amateur craftsman in dupli- 
cating expensive ready made lampshades. Their 
place in nome decoration and suggestions as to 
the kind of shades to combine with the various 
styles of bases are considered. 

Felice, Roger de. French furniture under 
Louis xvi and the empire. 1921. K 28951 

(Little illustrated books on old French furniture.) 
This is the fourth volume of the series and traces 
the history and social life of the two periods in 
their influence on, artistic taste. Characteristic 
technique and style are described in detail. Chap- 
ters on the furnishing of rooms in period styles 
afford interesting -.uggestions. 


King, Mrs. Francis. Pages from a garden 
note-book. 1921. K 27232 

Contains useful suggestions on beautifying gar- 
dens and important _ descriptions of plants. One 
chapter on women in agriculture is particularly 

Taylor, Albert D., and Cooper, Gordon D. 
The complete garden. 1921. K 27155 

A reference book containing practical suggestions 
and selected lists of plants; rather scientific, not 
enlarging upon artistic values. 


Daly, Charles D. American football. 1921. 

K 30675 

The makeup of a football team and the personal 
elements that aid its success are explained _ in an 
interesting manner. Single chapters deal with the 
method of playing different positions with diagrams 
to illustrate the more important ones. 

Ferris, Helen. Producing amateur enter- 
tainments; varied stunts and other num- 
bers with program plans and directions. 
.1921. K 30186 

An invaluable store house, not only of informa- 
tion but of inspiration as well, for any one who 
is looking for help in suggestions either for a 
party or for an entertainment to raise money. 


Burke, Edmund. Burke's speech on concili- 
ation with the colonies, (March 22, 1775). 

(The students' series of English classics.) 

James, Henry. Notes and reviews; a 
series of twenty-five papers hitherto un- 
published in book form. 1921. J 7657 
Contents: Fiction and Sir Walter Scott. Miss 
Prescott's "Azarian." Lindisfarn chase. Emily 
Chester: a novel. Miss Alcott's "Moods." The 
noble school of fiction. "Miss MacKenzie." 
'"The Schonberg-Cotta family." "Can you forgive 
her?" "The Gayworthys." A French critic. 

Miss Braddon. Eugenie de Guerin's journal. "The 
Belton estate." Swinburne's "Chastelard." Kings- 
ley's "Hereward."' "Winifred Bertram." Mrs. 
Gaskell. "Marian Rooke." "A noble life." 
Epictetus. Victor Hugo's last novel. Felix Holt, 
the radical. Eugenie de Guerin's letters. The last 
French novel. 

Mais, S. P. B. Why we should read. 1921. 


Contents: Some English classics. Some contem- 
poraries. Books on the English language. Cer- 
tain foreigners. 

The author's well-written impressions of books 
that he has enjoyed reading, covering material 
not to be found in all literary criticism. 

Mauran, Grace Goodman. Out of the 
gathering basket; a series of sketches on 
gardens and books. 1921. E 4452 

These literary nosegays are made up of fanci- 
ful meditations about flowers and their habits and 
personalities, about one's responsibilities to the 
picked flower, and the use of the flower in litera- 
ture and art. 

O'Neill, James Milton, contp. Classified 
models of speech composition; ninety-five 
complete speeches. 1921. J 7126 


Dedication. Anniversary speeches. After-din- 
ner speeches. Speeches of introduction. Speeches 
of welcome. Speeches of farewell. Speeches of 
response. Speeches of presentation. Speeches of 
acceptance. 4. Pulpit: Sermons. 5. Lecture: 

Sainte-Beuve, A. C. Causeries du lundi; tr. 
with an introduction and notes, by E. J. 
Trechmann. 1909-1911. 8 v. E 1479 

Tagore, Rabindranath. Thought relics. 1921. 


These paragraphs of meditation are variations on 
a single theme, the spiritual as opposed to the ma- 
terial, a call "to free ourselves from the grip 
of our acquisitions," to release the energies em- 
ployed in supplying ourselves with the things and 
pleasures of the moment. Book Review Digest. 

Greek and Roman Literature 

Apollodorus of Athens. The library, tr. by 
Sir James George Frazer. 1921. 2 v. 

L 12267 

(The Loeb classical library.) 

"Summary of Greek myths and heroic legends as 
these were recorded -in literature." 
Greek and English te-xt. 

Boethius. The consolation of philosophy of 
Boethius, tr. by H. R. James. L 12278 
(The new universal library.) 

Herodotus. Herodotus, with an English 
translation, by A. D. Godley. 1921. 2 v. 

L 12261 

(The Loeb classical library.) 
Greek and English text. 

Quintilian. The institutio oratoria; with an 
English translation, by H. E. Butler. 1921. 
2 v. L 12262 

(The Loeb classical library.) 
Latin and English text. 




Jillson, Willard Rouse. Songs and satires; 
a chronology of youthful rhymes and 
verse. 1920. E 11103 

MacKaye, Percy Wallace. Dogtown com- 
mon. 1921. E 14855 

The scene is laid in a deserted village on Cape 
Ann. The story is based on a local legend and 
concerns a young minister and Judy Rhines, the 
pretty niece of a reputed witch. 


Brawley, Benjamin. A short historv of the 
English drama. 1921. E 13512 

"Not too brief to be comprehensive, and not 
too statistical to be interesting." Chicago Evening 

Cook, George Cram, and Shay, Frank, ed. 
The Provincetown plays. 1921. El 1948 

Contents: Suppressed desires: a comedy, by G. 
C. Cook and S. Glaspell. Aria da capo: a fantasy, 
by E. St. V. Millay. Cocaine: a play, by P. _ King. 
Night: a play, by J. Oppenheim. Enemies: a 
play, by N. Boyce and H. Hapgood. The angel 
intrudes: a comedy, by F. Dell. Bound east for 
Cardiff: a play, by E. G. O'Neill. The widow's 
veil: a comedy, by A. Rostetter. The string of the 
samisen: a play, by R. Wellman. Not smart: a 
farce, by W. D. Steele. 

These plays sprang from an attempt made by a 
group of men and women to express something 
sincerely, with no regard for fame, money, or 
power and whatever they have of value is due 
to that. Hutchins Hapgood in the Fonvord. 

Dondo, Mathurin M. Two blind men and a 
donkey; a play for marionettes. 1921. 

E 13173 
Poet-Lore plays. 

Evans, Gladys LaDue. The little mortal 
child. 1921. E 13173 

Poet-Lore plays. 

Glick, Carl, and Sobel, Bernard. The im- 
mortal; a play in one act. 1921. E 13173 
Poet-Lore plays. 

Hedberg, Tor. Borga gard; a play in four 
acts. Tr. from the Swedish. 1921. 

E 13173 

Poet-Lore plays. 

Macfarlane, Anne. Slippers; a fantasy in 
one act. 1921. E 13173 

Poet-Lore plays. 

Mallarme, Stephanc. Herodiade. 1921. 

E 13173 

Poet-Lore plays. 

O'Neill, Eugene G. Gold; a play in four 
acts. 1920. E 14163 

A seaman is forced to leave a discovered treas- 
ure on an island. His life is spent in planning 
to return for it and his desire finally drives him 
mad. He dies when he finds the casket contained 
brass instead of gold. A powerful I'lay. 

Walker, Stuart. Six who pass while the 

lentils boil. 1921. E 12976 

(Stewart Kidd modern plays.) 

The simplicity and charm of the folk tale cling 

to this one-act play in which a distraught queen 

is saved from a beheading by an ingenuous little 
boy. Requires simple stage setting and few char- 
acters. Booklist. 

Pageants, Monologues 

Baker, George P. The Pilgrim spirit; a 
pageant in celebration of the tercentenary 
of the landing of the Pilgrims at Ply- 
mouth, Massachusetts, December 21, 1620. 
1921. E 13504 

Parker, Mary Moncure. Funny monologues 
and poems (up to the minute). 1921. 




Rand, McNally & Company. Commercial 
atlas of foreign countries; a companion 
volume to the Commercial atlas of Amer- 
1921. *R 5102 



Edwards, A. Herbage, 
attic. 1919. 

Paris through an 

A charming narrative of a young couple living 
within their means in Paris on $350 a year. The 
descriptions of their little Cubby House, of how 
Paris amuses itself and their experiences at The 
Sorbonne during their two year study are exceed- 
ingly entertaining. 

George, W. L. A London mosaic; pictures 
by Philippe Forbes-Robertson. 1921. 

1 10379 

A group of scintillating essays on modern Lon- 
don, one of the best of which perhaps is Soups 
and stews. The unusual illustrations add much to 
the attractiveness of the book. 

Murray, Amy. Father Allan's island; with 
a foreword by Padraic Colum. 1920. 

1 10301 

A charming description of Father Allan's pasto- 
rate, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, show- 
ing a sympathetic understanding of the lives and 
customs of its simple inhabitants. 

Schwartz, M. Alexander. The voice of Rus- 
sia. 1921. 1 10543 

By a Russian-American socialist who went back 
to Russia where he and his wife were imprisoned 
as spies. His book expresses tragic disappointment 
in the Soviet government and tne horrible condi- 
tions that exist under its regime. 


Marcosson, Isaac F. An African adventure. 
1921. 18923 

Contents: Smuts. "Cape to Cairo." Rhodes 
and Rhodesia. The Congo today. On the Congo 
River. America in the Congo. 

Interesting as it is as "an African adventure," 
Mr. Marcossen's book is especially valuable for 
its exposition of the modern commercial develop- 
ment and possibilities of the Congo region. New 
York Times. 

United States 

Towne, Charles Hanson. Loafing down 
Long Island. 1921. 1 11576 



The story of a walk from Manhattan to the 
end of Long Island delightfully related by the 

Ellison, Edith Nicholl. The desert and the 
rose. 1921. 111725 

From the journal of a woman rancher in the 
Mesilla Valley, New Mexico. 

South America 

Franck, Harry A. Working north from 
Patagonia; being the narrative of a jour- 
ney, earned on the way, through southern 
and eastern South America. 1921. 


"A companion-piece to 'Vagabonding down the 
Andes,'" I Ilil29. 

A thoroughly reliable and in many places amus- 
ing work. The fine photographs and their ac- 
companying comments are not the least of its 



King, Grace. Creole families of New Or- 
leans. 1921. C 20317 
The delightful atmosphere of old New Orleans is 
well reproduced in these accounts of distinguished 
Creole families. 

Individual Biography 

Eugenie, Empress consort of Napoleon III. 
FILON, AUGUSTIN. Recollections of the 
Empress Eugenie. 1921. C 21834 

A personal narrative covering a period of nearly 
fifty years written by her private secretary during 
the Regency. It is a confidential and intimate 
description of the life of the Empress during the 
Empire and exile. 

Manwaring, G. E. ed. The life and works 
of Sir Henry Mainwaring. v. 1: Biog- 
raphy. 1920. A 3389, 54 

(Publications of the Navy Records Society.) 

Marcus Aurelius. SEDGWICK, HENRY D WIGHT. 
Marcus Aurelius; a biography told as 
much as may be by letters, together with 
some account of the Stoic religion and an 
exposition of the Roman government's 

attempt to suppress Christianity during 
Marcus's reign. 1921. C 20608 

Renan, Ernest. MOTT, LEWIS FREEMAN. 
Ernest Renan. 1921. C 23912 

The personality of Renan and the dramatic 
points of his career ere vividly set before us, while 
liberal excerpts from his writings show the develop- 
ment of this thought, and give, as a whole a co- 
herent philosophy of life. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. ROBINSON, CORINNE 
ROOSEVELT. My brother, Theodore Roose- 
velt. 1921. C 23974 

A most attractive biography covering nearly the 
entire life of Roosevelt, and dealing largely with 
its personal and domestic side. For illustrations 
there are photographs and amusing pen pictures 
like those of his Letters. 


Abbot, Willis J. Blue Jackets of 1918; be- 
ing the story of the work of the Ameri- 
can navy in the world war. 1921. A 7178 

Barren, Elwyn A., ed. Deeds of heroism 
and bravery; the book of heroes and per- 
sonal daring. 1920. A 7179 
Adventures in the European war. 

Bell, Walter George. The Tower of Lon- 
don. 1921. A 5394 

The only accessible short book on the Tower of 
London. Its recital of annals and associations of 
London's most famous historical building forms, 
in a sense, a brief study of English history. Book 
Review Digest. 

Donaldson, Alfred Lee. A history of the 
Adirondacks. 1921. 2 v. B 8085 

A complete and accurate narrative of the re- 
gion, containing much detailed information on the 
animals, climate, mountains, roads, state routes, 
clubs, lumber and iron industries, Indians, etc., 
with descriptive comments. 

Stringer, Harry R. The navy book of dis- 
tinguished service. 1921. *A 7177 
An official compendium of the names and cita- 
tions of the men of the United States navy, marine 
corps, army and foreign governments, who were 
decorated by the Navy Department for extra- 
ordinary gallantry and conspicuous service above 
and beyond the call of duty in the world war. 


Bailey, H. C. Call Mr. Fortune. 1921. 

F 10809 

Contents: The archduke's tea. The sleeping 
companion. The nice girl. The efficient assassin. 
The Hottentot Venus. The business minister. 

A collection of unusually clever and original 
detective stories in which a young doctor especially 
interested in curious cases appears and solves the 
mysteries. The scene is laid in London. 

Bartley, Nalbro. Fair to middling. 1921. 

F 20244 

The different experiences of the married life of 
two couples both of whom have their struggles to 
contend with, and the varying success with which 
they meet the problem of bettering conditions. 

Benedict, Clare. XII. 1921. 

F 20377 

Contents: A landscape with figures. How Dan- 
vers saved the regiment. The philosophy of David 
Keswick. The Calvert conspiracies. Mother. 

The resignation of Professor Elsworth. The white 
frock. A rest cure. Jock's little door. Thomas 
Conover. The sultan. The shadow of the trees. 

Benson, E. F. Dodo wonders. 1921. 

F 20388 

Sequel to Dodo (1893), F 7945; and Dodo's 
daughter (1914), F 11047. 

The third of the series takes the clever and 
lovable Dodo through the war. Her new life, the 
change from busy idleness to strenuous relief work 
tames_ her gay spirit, but she still retains the ability 
of being charming and entertaining. May be read 
independently without loss of interest. 

Bindloss, Harold. Kit Musgrave's luck. 
1921. F 11130 

A young Liverpool clerk secures a job on a 
Spanish trading vessel, which leads him into a 
dangerous smuggling game and an affair with a 
woman. He chooses the game of honor and the 
right girl. 



Brent, John. A man's game. 1921. F 20704 
An exciting adventure story with a South Ameri- 
can background. A mysterious New York million- 
aire is financing two Americans whose railroading 
projects are interfered with and who decide to 
start a revolution. 

Butler, Ellis Parker. In pawn. 1921. 

F 208 10 

An entertaining story of life in the author's 
home town with the variety and thrills of a mov- 
ing picture comedy. The interest centers about 
tiie pros and cons of lying in its different phases. 

Chipperfield, Robert Orr, pseud, of Isabel E. 
Osirander. The man in the jury box. 1921. 

F 25815 

A half-dozen suspects, a police force, a special 
detective all on the trail of the murderer, each 
with a different theory, afford sufficient plot to 
divert the reader. 

Davey, Norman. The pilgrim of a smile. 
1921. F 12286 

Four London clubmen stop before the Sphinx 
with a question. The answer to the man who 
wanted to know "why the Sphinx smiled" is given 
in a series of human and ironical episodes in life, 
brilliantly written and entertaining. 

Dawson, W. J. The Borrowdale tragedy. 
1920. F 21493 

An unusual story centering round Cecil Twy- 
fold's revolt against social convention and the de- 
velopment of his character as he seeks the mode 
of life which gives the fullest expression to his 
own individuality. The Borrowdale tragedy is but 
an incident in the story. 

Diver, Maud. Far to seek; a romance of 
England and India. 1921. F 12494 

As the story is a story of India, and some of 
the central characters are the children of an Anglo- 
Indian marriage, the source of the title (a line of 
Tagore's) is very appropriate, while the poetic and 
imaginative equality that it presages is carried out 
by the novel. Evening Post. 

Dos Passes, John. Three soldiers. 1921. 

F 12532 

An engrossing and brutally realistic narrative of 
the psychological reactions of a young composer 
to the war. 

Dostoyevski, Fyodor. The friend of the 
family; or, Stepantchikovo and its inhab- 
itants, and another story. 1920. F 12535 

Contents: The friend of the family. Nyetochka 
Nyezvanov. Chronological list of Dostoevsky's 

Two very contrasting stories. The first is about 
the members of the household on a country estate; 
the other relates the tragic life of a drunken 
violinist and his stepdaughter. 

Douglas, Norman. South wind. 1920. 

F 21 694 

Fuessle, Newton. Gold shod. 1921. F 22300 

The men of three generations are dominated by 
ambitious women, who in helping to advance them 
in the world of finance and power, do so at the 
sacrifice of their dreams. 

Galsworthy, John. Awakening. 1920. 

F 22351 

Vol. 4 of the Forsyte saga, following The man 
of property (1906), F 13086; Indian summer of a 
Forsyte, from the volume, Five tales (1918), 
F 13126; In chancery (1920). F 13136; and pre- 
ceding To let (1921), F 22350. 

Hutchinson, A. S. M. If winter comes. 
1921. F 23300 

A delightfully written tale in an English setting 
about a lovable idealist married to a snobbish 
small-souled conventionalist. There is a skillfully 
constructed plot, some remarkable characterization, 
and the psychology of two unhappy marriages is 
convincingly worked out. 

Johnson, Owen. The wasted generation. 
1921. F 14407 

A story of the present generation of descendants 
from Colonial New England who have become self- 
fish and ease loving and fail to retain the leader- 
ship which is rightfully theirs. The war brings 
about the realization of responsibility for service. 

Macaulay, Rose. Dangerous ages. 

F 24807 

* 4*-TUV/ 

An English story containing charming humor 
and good sound psychology. The danger points 
in every phase of a. woman's life are skillfully 
characterized in each of the four generations of 
women presented. The Spectator assures its men 
readers that they too will find it delightful. 

McCarthy, Justin Huntly. The golden shoe. 
1921. F 24815 

A light entertaining piece of fiction totally unlike 
the typical McCarthy romance. The plot centers 
about an exchange of identity. 

McCutcheon, George Barr. Quill's Window. 
1921. F 24824 

Quill's window is a hill in Indiana on which a 
large part of the action of the story takes place. 
There is a smooth-tongued villain who is in love 
with the heroine, a staunch and steadfast lover of 
the heroine and a large group of Middle West 
subordinate characters. 

Marshall, Edison. The snowshoe trail. 1921. 

F 24978 

A well told adventure story typical of this au- 
thor. The plot is based on a lost mine and a lost 
man. The guide employed to search for the man is 
at the same time looking for the mine. 

Maugham, W. Somerset. The trembling 
of a leaf; little stories of the South Sea 
islands. 1921. F 25008 

Contents: The Pacific. Mackintosh. The fall 
of Edward Barnard. Red. The pool. Honolulu. 
Rain. Envoi. 

Alluring short stories, decidedly individual. One 
or two are extremely fascinating character sketches, 
while others possess unusual plot interest. 

Montgomery, L. M. Rilla of Ingleside. 1921. 

F 15471 

Sequel to Anne of Green Gables. 1908. H 5121. 
Anne of Avonlea. 1909. H 5122. Chronicles of 
Avonlea. 1912. H 5131. Anne of the island. 
1915. H 5133. Anne's house of dreams. 1917. 
F 15466. Further chronicles of Avonlea. 1920. 
F 15467. 

A story of Prince Edward island in war time, 
centering about Rilla, the daughter of Anne of 
Green Gables. 

Norris, Charles G. Brass; a novel of mar- 
riage. 1921. F 25606 

The author's intent is clear and evidently sin- 
cere to show the obligations of marriage, the trag- 
edy of divorce, the need of mutual forbearance 
in man and wife especially in the earlier period 
of adjustment, and the rewards of sticking together. 
- Book Review Digest. 

Packard, Frank L. Pawned. 1921. F 15886 

An exciting story of a gambler and his adven- 
tures. The main characters have all pawned their 
lives away in one way or another. It is colorful 
but odd and fantastic. 



Pendexter, Hugh. 

Kings of the Missouri. 
F 16112 

A lively story of adventure among furtrappers 
and Indians of the Middle West, based on the 
rivalry of two large fur companies. 

Raymond, Clifford. Four corners. 1921. 

F 16904 

The charm that one feels in Mr. Raymond's 
novels comes out of atmosphere and characters. 
"Four Corners" enriches our studies of the small 
town with the fragrance of gardens and the aroma 

of preserving kettles We were reminded of the 

mosses and manses of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

Holland, Romain. Clerambault; the story of 
an independent spirit during the war. 
1921. F 17415 

At the beginning of the book Clerambault is a 
writer of some renown, a kindly uncritical per- 
son. The author takes him through days and nights 
of agony during the war until he comes forth a 
convinced pacifist, realizing that his effects to rec- 
oncile war with morality have failed. 

Scott, Leroy. 

Children of the whirlwind. 
F 17868 

A crime story of the usual sort. The hero is an 
ex-criminal who makes a success of going straight. 
The plot unravels satisfactorily and the wicked 
are -justly punished. 

Tagore, Rabindranath. The wreck. 1921. 

F 27688 

A dramatic picture of Hindu life, dealing es- 
pecially with the custom of arranging the marriages 
before bride and bridegroom have seen each other. 
A wedding party is wrecked, causing some curi- 
ous complications. 

Walpole, Hugh. The thirteen travellers. 
1921. F 18941 

Contents: Absalom Jay. Fanny Close. The 
Hon. Clive Torby. Miss Morganhurst. Peter 
Westcott. Lucy Moon. Mrs. Porter and Miss Al- 
len. Lois Drake. Mr. Nix. Lizzie Rand. No- 
body. Bombastes Furioso. 

These short stories depict the reaction of typical 
London characters to their special post war prob- 
lems. The thread that connects them is the rela- 
tion that each person bears to the same West End 
apartment house. 

Williamson, C. N., and A. M. The bright- 
ener. 1921. F 19529 

A beautiful girl, accustomed to luxury, is left 
almost penniless, and becomes a "brightener," one 
who, for a certain sum, will use her tact and posi- 
tion to aid people in their social dilemmas. 


Bryce, Catherine T. Fables from afar. 1910. 


(Aldine supplementary readers.) 

Grierson, Elizabeth, and Tynan, Katharine. 
Scotland, by Elizabeth Grierson, and Ire- 
land, by Katharine Tynan. 1921. H 5484 
(Peeps at many lands.) 

Harding, Samuel Bannister. The story of 
the middle ages; an elementary history 
for sixth and seventh grades. 1912. A 6468 
(The lake history stories.) 

Hawksworth, Hallam. The strange adven- 
tures of a pebble. 1921. K 20058 

(Strange adventures in nature's wonderlands.) 
A scientific reader in which simple terms are 
used. It is a book that young people will not out- 
grow but one that will be of some interest to 

Hazeltine, Alice. Plays for children. 1921. 

*O 2954 

An annotated index of plays listed by title with 
references to other versions of the same stories. 
Lists of plays for special days are given at the 

Lutz, E. G. Drawing made asy: a help- 
ful book for young artists; the way to 
begin and finish your sketches clearly 
shown step by step. 1921. K 28452 

A drawing book for children. The sketches are 
drawn step by step to show the exact process of 
the artist. 

McFee, Inez N. Little friends in feathers. 
1921. K 22060 

A real child's book about birds. The facts are 
written very simply with an enrichment of legends 
which make it a charming book. 

Seers, H. Waddingham. The book of na- 
ture stories. 1921. K 21781 

Van Loon, Hendrik Willem. Ancient man; 
the beginning of civilizations, written and 
drawn and done into color. 1920. A 2474 

The first of a series of books on the history 
of man. This new kind of history book contains 
facts which a certain father wrote for his own 
two intelligent boys. It has been called the "most 
fascinating history book for children in years." 


Andersen, Hans Christian. The Andersen 
fairy book; with illustrations by Florence 
Choate and Elizabeth Curtis. 1921. 


Barbour, Ralph Henry. Left-half Harmon. 
1921. H 7386 

(The football eleven books.) 

Three-base Benson. 1921. H 7394 

Jerry Benson, an uncouth lad from the country, 
is sent to a fashionable school. After many ad- 
versities, he wins the respect of his fellows both 
by reason of his prowess and his general good 

Bishop, Giles, jr. The marines have landed. 
1920. H 7376 

The adventures of Dick Comstock which ex- 
plain just who the marines are, what they do, where 
they go. Every red-blooded American boy will en- 
joy reading about the services rendered by the 
Marine Corps during the world war. 

Burgess, Thornton W. Tommy's change of 
heart. 1921. H 7546 

(The wishing-stone series.) 

Adventures resulting from Tommy's knowledge 
acquired by the famous Wishing-stone. 


(The wishing-stone series.) 

Tommy, by the aid of the Wishing-stone, be 
comes successively a rabbit, a squirrel, a raccoon 
and finally a wild goose. He thereby acquires the 
animal's point of view. 

-Tommy's wishes come true. 



Heyliger, William. 

High Benton, worker. 

Pyle, Howard. Howard Pyle's Book of 
pirates; fiction, fact and fancy concern- 
ing the buccaneers and marooners of the 
Spanish Main; comp. by Merle Johnson. 
1921. Hughes Room 

Contents: Buccaneers and marooners of the 
Spanish Main. The ghost of Captain Brand. 
With the buccaneers. Tom Chist and the treasure 
box. Jack Ballister's fortunes. Blueskin, the pi- 
rate. Captain Scarfield. The ruby of Kishmoor. 

A collection of pirate stories and pictures which 
outclasses any previous publication of the kind. 
The illustrations are especially attractive. 

Rolt-Wheeler, Francis. The book of cow- 
boys. 1921. H6125 

A true story of cowboy days, in which the au- 
thor portrays the cowboy as a splendid example 
of manliness. He tells of the enormous part the 
cowboy played in developing and bringing pros- 
perity to the Western states. 

Schultz, James Willard. The war-trail fort; 
further adventures of Thomas Fox and 
Pitamakan. 1921. H 6439 

Sequel to With the Indians in the Rockies 
H 6423; The quest of the fish-dog skin, H 6422. 
Pitamakin of these stories appears as Sinopah in 
Sinopah, the Indian boy, H6424; On the warpath, 
H 6427. 

A thrilling episode is their battle with the cut- 
throat Indians. 

Seaman, Augusta Huiell. The dragon's 
secret. 1921. H 6352 

This mysterious tale, with a deserted ocean beach 
as its setting, involves the loss and recovery of an 
ancient Chinese casket. In the casket, which will 
open only to those who know the hidden spring, 
are important but that is the dragon's secret! 

Spears, Raymond S. "Driftwood". 


The story of a lad's adventure in a drifting house- 
boat in a Mississippi river flood. The rescue of a 
baby is one of the many exciting episodes in the 

Sykes, A. L., (Mrs. Anne Schiitze). Tiny 

Hare and his friends. 1918. H 6440 

The number of this book has been changed since 

its announcement in the September Book Bulletin. 


Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, fourth floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Brown, Nelson Courtlandt. Lumber mar- 
kets of Spain and Portugal. 1921. 

C 18.11 201 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents ser. 201.) 

Reports the conditions in the lumber market be- 
fore and during the war, and points out the line 
of development and opportunity for the future, with 
unusual illustrations. 

Bushnell, David L., jr. Native cemeteries 
and forms of burial east of the Mississippi. 
1920. S 12.3 71 

(U. S. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulle- 
tin 71.) 

Description of interesting burial customs of In- 
dian tribes, traces of which are now fast dis- 

Cobb, John N. Pacific salmon fisheries. 
1921. C6.1 1921-l-3d ed. 

(U. S. Bureau of Fisheries. Appendix 1 to re- 
port of 1921.) 

Much new material is included in this 3d edi- 
tion of the report of one of the most valuable 
commercial fisheries of the world. Attractive il- 

Florida. Dept. of Agriculture. Florida tour- 
ist. 1921. 

(Quarterly bulletin, vol. 31, no. 4.) 
Presents the many attractions which Florida has 
to offer. 

Steidle, Edward. Causes and prevention of 
fires and explosives in bituminous coal 
mines. 1920. 128.6 27 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Miner's circular 27.) 
Composed of illustrations of lantern slides fur- 
nished by the Bureau for lecture purposes free of 

United States. Bureau of Navigation. In- 
structions governing the organization and 
administration of the Naval Reserve 
Force. 1921. N17.16/1 N22 

Including the scope of examinations on which 
entrance will be based. 

Bureau of the Census. Animal and veg- 
etable fats and oils. 1921. C3.2F26 
"Production, consumption, imports, exports, and 
stocks by quarters, for calendar years 1919 and 

Civil Service Commission. General in- 
formation in regard to the U. S. Civil 
Service. 1921. 

Includes list of positions not subject to competi- 
tive examinations. 

Navy Dept. Office of Naval Records and 

Library. The northern barrage. 1920. 

N16.9 4 

(Historical section publication 4.) 

Description of the seven mine-sweeping opera- 
tions to clear the seas of the mines, the placing of 
which was described in publication no. 2. 

War Plans Division. Manual for rec- 
reational music. 1921. W26.18/2 M97 

Includes instrumentation for bands and orches- 
tras, with a list of music publishers and musical 
instrument dealers. 

Dept. of Agriculture. The well-planned 

kitchen. 1921. Al.14/2 189 

(Dept. circular 189.) 

Written in the form of p,ueries and answers. 
Many points are covered, bringing out advice re- 
garding location, size, ventilation, lighting, water 
supply, screens and porches, cupboards and shelves, 

Peace Conference Material 

United States. Department of State. Ab- 
stracts of cases contained in Lloyd's re- 
ports of prize cases. 1919. Sl.2P93a 
Berlin Congress. 1918. S1.2 B45b 

Catalogue of treaties, 1814-1918. 1919. 

S1.2 T71 

Constitutions of the German Empire 

and German States. 1919. Sl.2 G31c 

Constitutions of the States at war, 1914- 

1918. 1919. S1.2C76C 

Debates in the British Parliament, 1911- 

1912 on the Declaration of London and 
the Naval Prize Bill. 1919. S 1.2 D35L 



Declarations of war: Severances of dip- 
lomatic relations, 1914-1918. 1919. 

S1.2 D35d 


agents and 

S1.2 D63d 

Extent of the marginal sea: a collection 
of official documents and views of rep- 
resentative publicists. 1919. S1.2 W29e 

Laws of land warfare concerning the 
rights and duties of belligerents as exist- 
ing on Aug. 1, 1914. 1919. Sl.2 W19L 

Laws of maritime warfare affecting 
rights and duties of belligerents as exist- 
ing on Aug. 1, 1914. 1918. S 1.2 W19L 

Laws of neutrality as existing on Aug. 
1, 1914. 1918. S1.2 N39L 

Neutrality proclamations, 1914-1918. 

S 1.2 N39p 

Program of the freedom of the sea: a 
political study in international law. 1919. 

S1.2 F87p 

Report on international action and ma- 
chinery regulating labor, and international 
labor opinion as to peace terms. 1919. 


Selected topics connected with the laws 
of warfare as of Aug. 1, 1914. 1919. 


Tentative list of treaty collections. 1919. 


Treaty-making power in various coun- 
tries; a collection of memoranda concern- 
ing the negotiation, conclusion, and rati- 
fication of treaties and conventions, with 
excerpts from the fundamental laws of 
various countries. 1919. Sl.2 T71t 

Types of restricted sovereignty and of 
colonial autonomy. 1919. Sl.2 Au8t 

Wardship in international law. 1919. 


War Industries 

Baruch, Bernard M. 
the war. 1921. 

American industry in 
Y3.W 19/2-2 Am3 

(U. S. War Industries Board.) 
An analysis and narrative of the activities of 
War Industries Board. 

Keller, Charles. Power situation during the 
war. 1921. W7.2 P87 

(U. S. Engineer Dept.) 

Gives also conditions for the next five or six 

United States. Bureau of Standards. War 
work of the Bureau of Standards. 1921. 


(Misc. publication 46.) 

_ A few of the subjects arc aeronautic instruments, 
aircraft construction, balloon gases, concrete ships, 
inks and ink powders, invisible signaling, photog- 
raphy, radium, time-pieces, toluol recovery and 

Nai'y Department. Activities of the Bu- 
reau of Yards and Docks: World War, 
1917-1918. 1921. N21.2 W89 


Chicago. Board of Education. Elementary 
social science: geography, history. 1921. 

English in the elementary schools. 1921. 
(Bulletin 21.) 

Cook, Katherine M. State laws and regula- 
tions governing teachers' certificates. 
1921. 116.3 1921-22 

, (U. S. Dept. of Education. Bulletin, 1921, no. 

Tigert, John James. The teaching of civics 
as an agency for- community interest and 
citizenship. 1921. 116.2 C49 

(U. S. Bureau of Education.) 
A monograph of interest to educators on the 
practical side of the subject. 

United States. Bureau of Education. Hous- 
ing and equipment of kindergartens. 1921. 

116.3 1921-13 
(Bulletin, 1921, no. 13.) 

Present status of music instruction in 

colleges and high schools: 1919-1920. 1921 

I 16.3 1921-9 
(Bulletin, 1921, no. 9.) 

Federal Board for Vocational Education. 

The home project: its use in home-making 
education. 1921. VE1.3 71 

Of value to vocational teachers, with its many 
suggestions for project plans, records and reports. 

Zook, George F., and Capen, Samuel. Oppor- 
tunities for study at American graduate 
schools. 1921. 116.3 1921-6 

(U. S. Bureau of Education, 
no. 6.) 

The Home 

Bulletin, 1921, 

Pack. Mary. 'The school lunch. 1921. 

(Illinois. University. College of Agr. Extension 
circ. 41.) 

Shows how lunches ni.y be selected and pre- 
pared, with one hot dish, to improve dietary habits 
responsible for low standards of health amongst 
country children. 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Floors 
and floor coverings. 1921. A1.9 1219 

(Farmers' bulletin 1219.) 

"Information regarding character and qualities 
of different sorts of floors and floor coverings 
with reference to their suitability, durability, 
ecor.omy and cure." 

Milk and its uses in the home. 1921. 

A1.9 1207 

(Farmers' bulletin 12O7.) 
"Discusses milk as a food 
view of the consumer." 

from the point of 

Winters, Jet Corinc. What to feed the fam- 
ily. 1921. 

(Texas. University. Bulletin 2123.) 

Simply compiled for use of busy housewives, 

fiving practical aspects of the science o 
ncludes height and weight tables for 
men and children. 

of nutrition. 
men, wo- 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 12 

January, 1922 

No. 1 

The Chicago Public Library 

Preliminary Report, Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 1921 


1 1 months 

Main Library 944,779 

Branches 3,616,740 

Traveling Libraries 1,006,653 

Schools 1,307,756 

Deposit Stations ". 301,103 

Delivery Stations 268,837 

Branch Reference 32,019 


12 months 









TT7ITH sixteen branches out of forty-five shut down, 147 people dropped 
* * from the staff, and $242,000 deducted from the appropriation for the 
year by reason of a sharp decrease in revenue, the Public Library shows a 
home circulation for the current eleven months only 180,000 volumes below 
the figure for the whole year of 1920. These statistics alone tell a story of ex- 
pansion of use and influence under unexampled difficulties and handicaps that 
is significant of the place the Library has come to occupy in the life of the 
citizen. The order for retrenchment passed by the Board last January, when 
the full measure of our misfortune became evident, contemplated the closing 
of nineteen branches, but this number was reduced by three when the pa- 
trons of Sheridan Branch took it over, guaranteed the rent and paid all ex- 


penses of moving into better and larger quarters, and the branches in Stanton 
Park and Kosciuszko Park were taken over by the respective Park Boards in 
order to keep them open. 

With an increased tax rate granted by the last General Assembly we are 
preparing to resume all our activities upon the scale of previous years, and to 
add to our resources and installations as rapidly as possible in order to give 
proper Library service to every citizen. Systematic expansion, including a 
carefully developed building program, will occupy the attention of the Board 
for the next, and for many succeeding years, in pursuit of the goal set several 
years ago when the Board announced its plans for ultimately providing: "Li- 
brary service for every citizen within walking distance of his home." 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate. Those with the letter P are in the Art Room; other 

collections are shelved in the Civics Department, Music Room and Thomas 

Hughes Room and are marked accordingly. *Ser. denotes serials 

which do not circulate. 

Books and Reading, Periodicals 

Dana, John Cotton. Suggestions. 1921. 


(Useful reference series.) 

Contents: The library; its books and its pub- 
lic. ^The library's influence. The librarian. 'Li- 
braries in schools. To readers. Novels. Adver- 
tising. The librarian as censor. Trustees. Li- 
brary organization. Libraries and business. The 
use of print. Art. Random reflections. 

Graham, Bessie. The bookman's manual; a 
guide to literature. 1921. *O 2958 

A very useful reference work of book in- 
formation for all people interested in books from 
any point of view. It includes every class of 
literature from reference books to foreign classics 
and current American fiction. 

The navy and merchant marine; an illus- 
trated monthly, devoted to the interests 
of the United States navy, military aero- 
nautics and the American merchant ma- 
rine, v. 1. 1917. Ser. 

Newton, A. Edward. A magnificent farce, 
and other diversions of a book-collector. 
1921. J2871 

Contents: A magnificent farce. On commencing 
author. Luck.- What is the matter with the book- 
shop? A. slogan for booksellers. " 'Tis not in 
mortals to command success." Meditations on a 
quarto Hamlet. Walt Whitman. "20." Living 
twenty-five hours a day. A sane view of William 
Blake. My old lady, London. 

By the author of The amenities of book-collect- 
ing and kindred affections, J 2844. 

La nouvelle revue frangaise; revue men- 
suelle de litterature et de critique. Tome 
XV. 1920. Ser. 


Dow, Charles Mason. Anthology and bibli- 
ography of Niagara Falls. 1921. 2v. 


New York (city). Public Library. Japanese- 
American relations; a list of works in the 
New York Public Library. 1921. *O 2960 

New York Drama League. Little Theatre 
Department. Plavs for amateurs; a se- 
lected list. 1921." *O2946 

An attempt... to answer in one systematic and 
comprehensive piece of work the daily inquiries 
from amateurs of all kinds as to plays suitable 
for their varying capacities and purposes. Preface. 

Tappert, Katherine. Viewpoints in biog- 
raphy, an arrangement of books accord- 
ing to their essential interest. 1921. 

*O 2957 

(The Viewpoint series.) 

A list of biographies divided into classes from 
the viewpoint of in-terest. Each division is dis- 
tinguished by an attractive subject heading such as 
Charming personalities, Democracy, Gossipy mem- 
oirs, Nature lovers, Romantic love, Stimulating 

Zimand, Savel. Modern social movements; 
descriptive summaries and bibliographies. 
1921. *O 2962 

Contents: Introduction, by Prof. C. A. Beard. 
Trade unionism. The cooperative movement. Pro- 
posed experiments in industrial democracy: Co- 
partnership; National industrial councils; The 
Plumb plan. The single tax. Socialism. Guild 
socialism. Syndicalism. Bolshevism. Anarchism. 


Ethics, Conduct of Life 

Marden, Orison Swett. Masterful personal- 
ity. 1921. L 14113 


The author attempts to show the importance of 
personality as a stepping stone to success, and cites 
several instances by way of illustration. 

Paton, Stewart. Human behavior, in rela- 
tion to the study of educational, social, 
and ethical problems. 1921. L 14184 

Dr. Paton considers that human problems are 
to be solved by biological treatment through the 
physical mechanism upon which he believes human 
conduct largely depends. 


Baker, Edna Dean. The beginner's book 
in religion. 1921. M8258 

(The Abingdpn religious education texts. Week- 
day school series.) 

Contains lesson outjines, instructions to teachers, 
and practical suggestions for religious work with 
children of kindergarten age. 

Campbell, R. J. The life of Christ. 1921. 


Excludes all purely dogmatic questions and con- 
fines himself to our knowledge of Jesus as derived 
from the record of his earthly ministry and nine- 
teen centuries of Christian witness. Book Review 

Fosdick, Harry Emerson. The meaning of 
service. 1921. M8972 

Vol. 3 of the author's trilogy, of which vol. 1 
is, The meaning of prayer (M 897'5) and vol. 2, 
The meaning of faith (M 8974). 

A little volume of rare informational and in- 
spirational value. Graham Taylor in Survey. 

Foster, George Burman. Christianity in its 
modern expression. 1921. M 8982 

A posthumous collection of papers largely made 
up from Professor Foster's lecture notes. 

Garvie, Alfred Ernest. The Christian 
preacher. 1921. M 3723, 22 

(International theological library.) 

This volume deals with the choice of subjects 
and texts, the contents, character, arrangement, 
composition, and delivery of the sermon. Outlook. 

Kent, Charles Foster, and others, ed. The 
shorter Bible. 1918-21. 2v. M 6364 

Singles out and se_ts in logical and, as far as 
possible, in chronological order, those parts of the 
Bible which are of vital interest and practical value 
to the present age. The editors have set them- 
selves the task of translating the original texts of 
the Bible into simple dignified modern English. 

v. 1. The Old Testament. 
2. The New Testament. 

Sneath, E. Hershey, ed. At one with the 
invisible; studies in mysticism. 1921. 

M 10010 

Contents: The mysticism of the Hebrew prophets, 
by F. C. Porter. Mysticism in India, by E. W. 
Hopkins. The mysticism of Jesus, by G. A. Bar- 
ton. The mystical experience of St. Paul, by B. 
W. Bacon. The mysticism of Augustine, by W. 
Walker. Mysticism in Islam, bv C. C. Torrey. 
The mysticism of Dante, by C. A. Dinsmore. 
The mysticism of Meister Ecfchart, by R. M. Jones. 
The mysticism of St. Theresa, by G. W. Rich- 
ards. The mysticims of George Fox, by R. M. 
Jones. The mysticism of Wordsworth, by E. H. 

Soper, Edmund Davison. 
mankind. 1921. 

The religions of 

A selective and sympathetic treatment of the 
history of religion from primitive animism to 
Christianity in its present aspects, including digres- 
sions on the missionary situation. 

International Relations 

Bywater, Hector C. Sea-power in the Pa- 
cific; a study of the American-Japanese 
naval problem. 1921. K 23200 

A discussion of the comparative strength of 
the Japanese and American navies and the ques- 
tion of strategy in the Pacific. The author dis- 
closes possibilities of war and presents political 
and economic features of such a war. 

International Conciliation. Special bulletins. 
1911-1919. L6143 

1. Fitzpatrick, Sir C. International arbitra- 
tion. 1911. 

2. Profit and patriotism, reprinted from the 
Economist, London, April 26, 1913. 

Money-making and war, reprinted from the 
Evening Post, New York, April 21, 1913. 1913. 

3. Sherrill, C. H. The South American point of 
view. 19.14. 

4. Erskine, J., ed. Contemporary war poems. 

5. Boas, F. Race and nationality. 1915. 

6. Hicks, F. C. Internationalism; a list of 
current periodicals. 1915. 

7. Labor's war aims. 1918. 

8. The league of nations; proposed constitution 
and speeches at the Peace Conference. 1919. 


Alexander, Carter. School statistics and 
publicity. 1919. L 19482 

(Beverley educational series.) 

Dunn, Fannie W., and Wells, Bertha. Edu- 
cative seat work. 1919. L 19726 

(Bulletin of the State normal school for women, 
Farmville, Va.) 

O'Brien, John Anthony. Silent reading, 
with special reference to methods for de- 
veloping speed; a study in the psychol- 
ogy and pedagogy of reading. 1921. 

L 19746 

Taylor, Stewart. Clay modelling for 
schools; a suggestive course for teachers 
of modelling and for students. 1921. 

L 19753 

(Pitman's handwork series.) 

A detailed description of the work planned for 
each grade, from the kindergarten to the senior 

Choice of Occupations 

Adams, Elizabeth Kemper. Women pro- 
fessional workers; a study made for the 
Women's Educational and Industrial 
Union. 1921. L 14361 

It deals with young women uncertain what bus- 
iness or profession to adopt, with teachers, em- 
ployers, and interesting features of the professions 

Whitehead, Harold. Your job; how to 

choose a job, how to get a job, how to 

grow in a job. 1920. L 14423 

In thirty-four short snappy chapters the author 

gives good advice and offers useful suggestions to 


the man choosing an occupation and ambitious to 
succeed in business. Author is professor of sales 
relations, head of vocational department, College 
of Business Administration of Boston University. 
New Technical Books, 

English, Greek 

Fernald, James C. Historic English. 1921. 

J 7888 

(Standard educational series.) 
A popular treatment of the origins of the English 

Hatfield, W. Wilbur, 
projects. 1921. 

Business English 

The projects are divided into "occasions for 
talking" and "occasions for writing." The two 
or three hundred subjects are very practical for 
young people thrown upon their own resources and 
are accompanied by many aids to the formation of 
intelligent judgment. 

Matthews, Brander. Essays on English. 
1921. J 7899 

Contents: Is the English language degenerating? 
What is pure English? American English and 
British English. The vicissitudes of the vocabu- 
lary. The latest novelties in language. Newspaper 
English. The permanent utility of dialect. A con- 
fusion of tongues. Learning a language. The ad- 
vertizer's artful aid. A standard of spoken 
English. Style from several angles. Mark Twain 
and the art of writing. One world-language or 

They are optimistic as regards the future of our 
language, and interesting all through. 

Rhodes, Charles Elbert. Effective expres- 
sion; a textbook on composition and 
rhetoric for the four years of high school 
and the first year of college. 1921. 


Sophocles, E. A. Greek lexicon of the Ro- 
man and Byzantine periods, (from B. C. 
146 to A. D. 1100). 1914. *R2057 


Coggeshall, Kenneth M. The modern elec- 
troplater; a complete book considering 
fully the elementary principles of electro 
deposition of metals, their practical ap- 
plication and industrial use. 1920. K 19726 

"Includes a discussion of the essential funda- 
mentals of chemistry, magnetism and electricity, 
written with special reference to the needs of the 
practical man; considers the equipment and sup- 
plies required for a successful plating plant and 
describes all the latest processes of cleaning, plat- 
ing and finishing metals on a commercial scale; 
including valuable tables and tested formulas." 

Jillson, Willard Rouse. The production of 
eastern Kentucky crude oils; a detailed 
geological study of the increase and de- 
cline curves of the oil produced, including 
a forecast for the years 1921, 1922 and 
1923, based on statistics of the actual pipe 
line runs. 1921. K 20425 

Linton, Anne and Elizabeth. Pascal's mys- 
tic hexagram; its history and graphical 
representation. 1921. K 18713 

Health and Disease 

Davis, Michael M. Immigrant health and 
the community. 1921. N 2804 

(Americanization studies.) 

The author was formerly director of the Boston 

Kritzer, J. Haskel. Text-book of iridiag- 
nosis; guide in treatment. 1921. N 1756 
"Presenting iridiagnosis: a science, revealing 
pathological and functional disorders in the human 
body by means of abnormal lines, spots, and dis- 
colorations in the iris of the eye." 

Stall, Sylvanus. What a young husband 
ought to know. 1907. N 1309 

(Self and sex series.) 

Inventions, Engineering 

Consoliver, Earl L., and Mitchell, Grover I. 

Automotive ignition systems; prepared in 

the Extension Division of the University 

of Wisconsin. 1920. K 23458 

(Engineering education series.) 

McCracken, Edward M., and Sampson, 
Charles H. Pattern-making. 1921. 

K 22953 

A textbook for technical schools, in which each 
pattern illustrates some definite principle of the 
work, and the interest and industry of the student 
are maintained throughout. 

Parkman, Mary R. Conquests of inven- 
tion: Cyrus H. McCormick, Elias Howe, 
Thomas A. Edison, William Murdock, 
Robert Fulton, Guglielmo Marconi, 
Charles Goodyear, George Westinghouse, 
Eli Whitney, George Stephenson, James 
Watt, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Alex- 
ander Graham Bell. 1921. K 22451 

Woodhouse, Henry, and others. Textbook 
of aerial laws and regulations for aerial 
navigation, international, national and 
municipal, civil and military. 1920. K 19410 

Country Life 

Sims, Newell Leroy, ed. The rural com- 
munity, ancient and modern. 1920. K 23906 
The book aims to connect logically the past and 
the future of the communal order. It is divided 
into three parts, the first dealing with the ancient 
community, the second with the modern, and the 
third with community reconstruction. 


Church, Thomas A. The roller; concerning 
its health, habits and happiness, its feed- 
ing, breeding and training. 1921. K 24398 
A book on raising canaries. 

Business, Industrial Efficiency 
Aspley, J. C. How to sell quality; a re- 
sume of methods successfully used by 
prominent salesmen to meet price com- 
petition, hold customers for the future 
and to cement good-will. 1921. L 20606 


Basset, William R. The organization of 
modern business. 1921. L 20608 

A popular treatment in which the author sets 
forth eleven rules for managing a business. 

Commons, John R., and others. Industrial 
government. 1921. L 16781 

An interesting report of the study of eighteen 
different types of employment management in as 
many American industries by a group of investi- 
gators from the University of Wisconsin. 

Hall, S. Roland. The advertising handbook; 
a reference work covering the principles 
and practice of. advertising. 1921. L 20665 

Parsons, Frank Alvah. The art appeal in 
display advertising. 1921. L 20678 

Walton, Seymour, and Finney, H. A. Mathe- 
matics of accounting and finance. 1921. 

L 20498 

Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 
Boston. Training for store service; the 
vocational experiences and training of 
juvenile employees of retail department, 
dry goods and clothing stores in Boston. 
1920. L 20639 


Community Service, New York. Commun- 
ity music; suggestions for developing 
community singing, choruses, orchestras, 
and other forms of community music. 

1920. K 29788 

Cutwater, H. G. Designs for American 
homes. 1921. K 27732 

A most attractive book containing home build- 
ing advice, plans with descriptive text, and ex- 
cellent illustrations. 

Tralle, Henry Edward. Planning church 
buildings; with standards, check list for 
committees and architects, by George 
Earnest Merrill, A. i. A. 1921. K 27664 

(Judson training manuals for the school of the 

Plays and Games 

Community Service, New York. Comrades 
in play; leisure time activities which the 
young men and young women of Amer- 
ica can enjoy together. 1920. K 30086 

Pioneering for play; suggestions for 

arousing public interest in community 
recreation. 1921. K 30087 

Rural and small community recreation; 

suggestions for utilizing the resources of 
rural communities, how it is being done. 

1921. K 30085 

What can we do? Social games. 1921. 

K 30175 

Draper, George O., comp. School, church, 
and home games. 1921. K 30183 

Knickerbocker, Edwin Van B., ed. Plays 
for classroom interpretation. 1921. E 12469 
Contents: pt. 1. Classroom work with a play. 
pt. 2. The plays: The golden doom, by Lord Dun- 
sany; Two crooks and a lady, by E. Pillot; Will 
o' the wisp, by Doris F. Halman; Spreading the 
news, by Lady Gregory; The turtle dove, by 
Margaret S. Oliver; Allison's lad, by Beulah M. 
Dix; Ulysses (scene 2, act in) by S. Phillips; 
Notes on the plays. pt. 3. Notes to the instructor. 

Playground and Recreation Association of 
America. Community recreation; sug- 
gestions for recreation boards, superin- 
tendents of recreation and community 
recreation workers. 1919. K 30104 

Sheppard, "Mel," and Vaughan, Anna. Games 
and play for school morale; a course of 
graded games for school and community 
recreation. 1921. K 30231 


Alden, Raymond Macdonald, ed. Critical es- 
says of the early nineteenth century. 1921. 


(Modern student's library.) 

Wordsworth, Edward Copleston. Francis Jeffrey, 
Scott, Coleridge, John Wilson Croker, Lockhart, 
Lamb, Hazlitt, Byron, Shelley, Newman, De Quincy, 
Macaulay, John Wilson and Leigh Hunt, are rep- 
resented in this collection. 

Leach, Henry Goddard. Angevin Britain 
and Scandinavia. 1921. J 4850, 6 

(Harvard studies in comparative literature.) 

Milton, John. GILBERT, ALLAN H. A geo- 
graphical dictionary of Milton. 1919. 

J 4846, 4 

(Cornell studies in English.) 

Rogers, Robert Emmons, ed. The voice of 
science in nineteenth-century literature; 
representative prose and verse. 1921. 


Van Doren, Carl. The American novel. 
1921.. J7235 

He considers the works of the beginning of the 
Nineteenth Century, the later romances of adven- 
ture, the mid-century novels of "blood and tears," 
the rise of realism, the novels of local color during 
the eighties a_nd nineties, the contrasted romantic 
and naturalistic writers of recent years. 

Journalism, Authorship 

Neal, Robert Wilson. Editorials and edi- 
torial-writing. 1921. J 7255 
A brief discussion of journalistic technique ac- 
companies a large number of editorials selected for 
analysis and comparison. 

Wick, Jean, comp. The stories editors buy 
and why. 1921. J 7236 

Content s: Prefatory note. The week-end guest, 
by Marie Van Vorst. The terrible charge against 
Jeff Porter, by S. A. Derieux. "A source of irri- 
tation," by Stacy Aumonier. "Momma," by Rupert 
Hughes. Back pay. by Fannie Hurst. "Cab, Sir?" 
by S. H. Adams. You've got to be selfish, by Edna 
Ferber. "Clothes make the man," by Booth Tark- 
incfton. The bell of Saint Gregoire, by Agnes R. 
White. The evening rice, by Achmed Abdullah.- 
The taking of Billy Rand, bv Gordon Youne. 
According to Ruskin, by Harriet Welles. The 


crystal flask, by Paul Rosenwey. Why the editors 

The magazine stories selected, illustrate the types 
described by various well-known editors as meet- 
ing with their approval. 


Millay, Edna St. Vincent. Second April. 
1921. E 14869 

Light, lilting lyrics in the poet's own original 
manner and themes. 

Morgan, Angela. Hail, man! 1919. 


A book of vigorous poems arranged in groups 
under such headings as Symbols, Man in light, 
Man in darkness, Enchantment, etc. 

Scollard, Clinton. War voices and mem- 
ories, 1917-1918. 1920. El 1522 

Turbyfill, Mark. The living frieze. 

E 15075 

One thing especially is characteristic of these 
poems, the love of movement, the rhythm of leap- 
ing limbs and leaning branches. For Turbyfill is 
a dancer by profession. In that perhaps may lie 
the future of 'his poetry. So much has been writ- 
ten of dancing from without, but who has written 
it from within? Eunice Tietjens in Chicago Daily 


Bennett, Arnold. Body and soul; a play 
in four acts. 1921. E 13500 

A lively play of exchanged individualities, with 
an unexpected climax. 

The best plays of 192O-1921. E 13492,1920-21 

Deburau, by S. Guitry. The first year, by F. 
Craven. Enter Madame, by G. Varesi and D. 
Byrne. The green goddess, by W Archer. Liliom, 
by F. Molnar. Mary Rose, by J. M. Barrie. 
Nice people, by R. Crothers. The bad man, by F. 
E. Brown. The Emperor Jones, by E. G. O'Neill. 
The skin game, by J. Galsworthy. 

Gale, Zona. Miss Lulu Bett; an American 
comedy of manners. 1921. E 13764 

The play departs in no way from the spirit of 
the book and the same realness and subtlety are 

Galsworthy, John. 

Six short plays. 1921. 
E 12208 

Contents: The first and the last. The little 
man. 'Hall-marked. Defeat. The sun. Punch and 

Ibsen, Henrik. Early plays: Catiline, The 
warrior's barrow, Olaf Liljekrans. 1921. 

J 5628, 17 

(Scandinavian classics.) 

O'Neill, Eugene. The Emperor Jones. 1921. 

E 14164 

(Stewart Kidd modern plays.) 

A negro convict escapes to a West Indian island 
and poses as an emperor. His terror, and flight 
from the island when the people find him out, is 
powerfully and dramatically pictured. 

Robinson, Lennox. The whiteheaded boy; a 
comedy in three acts. 1921. E 14217 

An Irish comedy which is as well suited for read- 
ing as it is for acting. 

Russell, Mary M. Dramatized Bible stories 
for young people. 1921. E 14221 

Essays and Miscellany 

Ellis, Havelock. Impressions and com- 
ments. 1914-1921. 2v. E2652 

In these brief essays, Mr. Ellis ignores the harsh, 
pessimistic things, and contemplates in a philosophic 
vein, the beauty of the world. 

Holliday, Robert Cortes. Turns about 
town. 1921. E 3476 

His writing is unique and' as American as In- 
dianapolis. It is pungent prose, inimitable in its 
curious, highrolling, abrupt style and rich humor. 
Daily News. 

Lardner, Ring W. 

Symptoms of being 35. 

Light and amusing trifles in the familiar Lard- 
ner style. 

Lodge, Henry Cabot. The Senate of the 
United States, and other essays and ad- 
dresses historical and literary. 1921. 


Contents: The Senate of the United States. 
New lamps for old. A great library. Value of 
the classics. Familiar quotations. Theodore Roose- 
velt. Prospero's island. After the victory. The 
Pilgrims of Plymouth. 


Burke, Thomas. The outer circle; rambles 
in remote London. 1921. 1 10378 

The outer circle comprises the suburbs of Lon- 
don where Mr. Burke finds the unusual among 
the usual, and makes romance of the commonplace. 

Fedden, Katharine. The Basque country, 
painted by Romilly Fedden. 1921. 

1 10482 

The Basque country is herein portrayed by both 
brush and pen. The text is informative and sin- 
cere, and the paintings are charming. 

Grundy, G. B., ed. Murray's small classical 
atlas. 1917. *R 5103 

Lucas, E. V. Roving east and roving west. 
1921. .1 11388 

Contents : India. Japan. America. 

The subjects selected for comment are unhack- 
neyed, and the observations upon them are just 
the things the arm-chair traveler would like to 

Paine, Ralph D. 

Lost ships and lonely seas. 
I 11397 

A retelling of old romances and tragedies of the 
sea, of sailing days when a piece of driftwood told 
of the mysterious disappearance of a frigate, when 
clippers left with gay nonchalance and returned no 
more. Tribune. 

Sveriges Allmanna Exportfdrening. What 
Sweden can do. 1919. Civics Dept. 

Syndicat General de I'lndustrie Hoteliere 
de Paris. Les hotels de la France, colo- 
nies and foreign countries; contains photo- 
graphs, prices, situations and all partic- 
ulars respecting the chief hotels in France, 
colonies and abroad. 1921. *I 2672 

Shelved in Civics Dept. 




Isaacson, Charles D. Face to face with great 
musicians. 1918-1921. 2v. C 19646 

Imaginative chats with thirty great masters, aim- 
ing to bring the reader into more human and per- 
sonal acquaintance with them. 

Smith, Elva S., ed. Heroines of history and 
legend; stories and poems. 1921. 

C 19988 

Facts and fiction concerning women heroines in 
many lands, from many years ago down to the 
Great War. 

Individual Biography 

Hugo, Victor. DUCLAUX, MADAME. Victor 
Hugo. 1921. C 22528 

The style is easy and intimate and Hugo's per- 
sonality is brought out in strong relief against an 
adequate background of his time. 

Manning, Cardinal. LESLIE SHANE. Henry 
Edward Manning, his life and labours. 
1921. C 23234 

He has made an industrious and discriminating 
use of unpublished material, and he has written 
with the fine sense of romantic issues and the epi- 
grammatic facility that we associate with the author 
of The end of a chapter. Times (London). 

Strindberg, August. UDDGREN, GUSTAF. 
Strindberg the man, tr. from the Swedish. 
1920. C 24408 

Venizelos, Eleutherios. CHESTER, S. B. Life 
of Venizelos. 1921. C 24669 

A very full and sympathetic biography of Greece's 
man of destiny from the legend of his birth in a 
cattle shed through the period of revolution to the 
peace conference. 

Ward, Artemas. MARTYN, CHARLES. The 
life of Artemas Ward, the first command- 
er-in-chief of the American revolution. 
1921. C 24766 

An accurate, important picture, not only of Ward 
himsett, but of the state of political affairs exist- 
ing at that time, much of which has been gleaned 
from previously unpublished data. 


Blatchford, M. E. and E. W. Memories 
of the Chicago fire. 1921. B 7809 

Cammaerts, Emile. A history of Belgium 
from the Roman invasion to the present 
day. 1921. A 4254 

Lamprey, L. Days of the discoverers. 1921. 


(Great days in American history series.) 

Paxson, Frederic L. Recent history of the 
United States. 1921. B 5933 

A straightforward presentation of our political 
and economic history from the inauguration of 
President Hayes. One point of especial interest 
is the consideration of the influence of our amuse- 
ments upon the national character. 


Adams, Samuel Hopkins. 

Success. 1921. 
F 10163 

Gives a very intimate picture of the struggles, 
intrigue and competition of the press. It carries 
the hero from a thrilling railroad wreck in the 
west, to a tempestuous newspaper career in the 

Arnim, M. A. B. Countess von. Vera, by the 
author of "Elizabeth and her German 
garden." 1921. F 10664 

The light handling of the rather melodramatic 
plot, keeps _the book from becoming unpleasant. 
Vera has died before the story opens, but her 
personality dominates the lives of the characters. 

Aumonier, Stacy. The golden windmill, 
and other stories. 1921. F 20059 

Contents: The golden windmill. A source of 
irritation. Tke brothers. "Old iron." Little 
white frock. A good action. Them others. The 
bent tree. The great unimpressionable. 

A collection of s_hort stories, well written and 
artistic and displaying great variety in character 
and setting. 

Benet, Stephen Vincent. The beginning of 
wisdom. 1921. F 20380 

Extraordii ary happenings and adventures follow 
the here from his schoolboy days, through Yale, 
and across the continent to San Francisco. Origi- 
nal, dramatic and real with unusual poetic touches. 

Benson, E. F. Lovers and friends. 1921. 

F 20389 

Another Benson story in which we become ac- 
quainted with the characters chiefly through their 

sparkling conversations. A woman who is over 
idealized by her husband finds that his friend un- 
derstands her much better. 

Birmingham, G. A., pseud, of J. O. Hannay. 
Adventurers of the night. 1921. F 11194 
Searching for old relics on an island near Ire- 
land and finding illicit whiskey, forms the theme 
for this entertaining novel. 

Blanco- Fombona, 

gold. 1920. 


The man of 
F 11223 

(Brentano's Hispano-American series.) 
A powerful character study of a man whose 
lust for gold is the sole motive of existence. By 
cunning and craft he attains success which only 
increases his miserliness. He is made Minister of 
Finance of Venezuela and here we have a picture 
of the corrupt political machine of that country. 

Burnham, Clara Louise. The key note. 
1921. F 20791 

A young boy is cruelly mistreated by his mer- 
cenary uncle, but through the efforts of a Mrs. 
Lowell assisted by _a young musician and the girl 
he eventually marries, he is rescued and becomes 
a happy, normal boy, and heir to the fortune his 
uncle was trying to keep from him. 

Burt, Maxwell Struthers. Chance encoun- 
ters. 1921. F 20805 

Contents: The scarlet hunter. Experiment. 
Shining armor. Devilled sweetbreads. "A dream 
or two." The blood-red one. "Bally old" Knott. 
Each in his generation. 

Three of these stories have a conjugal love ele- 
ment presented as a problem; two are reminiscent 
of the war, one of these, "The blood-red one," 
having a delicate touch and handling of the 


psychic resembling Blackwood. "Each in his gen- 
eration" is an excellent character study of a young 
man and his uncle. 

Cooke, Marjorie Benton. Married? 1921. 

F 21349 

A story of an heiress who to save a certain 
part of her fortune marries a man by wire whom 
she has never seen. Numerous situations and ad- 
ventures result because of this but everything works 
out satisfactorily in the end. 

Dell, Ethel M. The obstacle race. 1921. 

F 21547 

A snappy yarn, cleverly handled, not too intri- 
cate, ana bound to give satisfaction to those who 
like an old fashioned tale of love and misunder- 
standing and some mystery. Tribune. 

Dell, Floyd. The briary-bush, a novel. 1921. 

F 12445 

Sequel to Moon-calf, F 12444. 

The story continues the life of Felix Fay, the 
"Moon-calf," and has been said to be the most 
successful study ever made, of the emotions and 
reactions of married life. 

Farnol, Jeffery. Martin Conisby's venge- 
ance. 192L F 12832 

Sequel to Black Bartlemy's treasure, F 12831. 
A pirate story full of adventure, in which 
some of the action takes place in Panama. 

Ferber, Edna. The girls. 1921. F 12887 

This Chicago novel of three generations of girls 

is extremely well done. The characters are really 

human, and the ending, if unexpected in a Ferber 

story, is exceedingly modern. 

Ford, Sewell. Torchy as a pa. 1920. 

F 22206 

Sequel to Torchy, F 13026; Trying out Torchy, 
F 12978: On with Torchy, F 12979; Torchy, private 
sec., F *12928; Wilt thou, Torchy, F 12926; The 
house of Torchy, F 12867; Torchy and Vee, F 12869. 

Geijerstam, Gustav af. The book about 
little brother; a story of married life. 
1921. F 13162 

(Scandinavian classics.) 

A story in a story. An author, in order to 
fulfill a promise to his little son, writes a book 
for him alone, though the child dies before it is 

Gunnarsson, Gunnar. The sworn brothers; 
a tale of the early days of Iceland. 1921. 

F 22656 

The life story of two Norse vikings, their travels, 
adventures and love affairs. The early Norse cus- 
toms and the worship of Odin and Thor with its 
sacrificial rites of human and animal life are vivid- 
ly described. 

Hay, James. The unlighted house. 1921. 

F 13618 

If one wants a detective story with the most 
intriguing of plots, he will surely revel in this 
new mystery tale. 

Holt, Isabella. The Marriotts and the Pow- 
ells; a tribal chronicle. 1921. F 14051 

A story where the character drawing predomi- 
nates and is well done. The poor relations of a 
wealthy Chicago family move near enough to be 
constantly under notice. Their reactions upon one 
another and the effects of the war upon them 
all make up the story. 

Jacobsen, J. Peter. Niels Lyhne. 

F 14319 

Tragedy reigns supreme in this Danish novel 
which is one of character development rather than 
of plot interest. 

King, Basil. The empty sack. 1921. 

F 24256 

A problem story of the conflict between capital 
and labor portraying American life as represented 
by the families of a bank employer and one of his 
clerks. A secret marriage, a theft and a murder 
are among the incidents which give interest to 
the plot. 

Kyne, Peter B. The pride of Palomar. 
1921. F 14606 

The main theme of this story is the struggle 
of Don Mike Farrell to save his old California 
ranch from the Japanese. The love strain is an 
important element in this wild and woolly tale. 

Lardner, Ring W. The big town; how I and 
the Mrs. go to New York to see life and 
get Katie a husband. 1921. F 14636 

Mr. Lardner's characters breeze to New York 
from South Bend, Indiana to see the bright lights. 
There is a laugh every step of the way. 

Mackail, Denis. 

Romance to the rescue. 
F 24854 

This is a pleasant English novel, humorous, but 
with moments of emotion. It has a theatrical back 
ground. The hero is a producer of plays one 
of them his wife's. Both are very lovable but 
they fall out and then after a well arranged plot 
fall in again. 

-What next? 1921. 

F 24853 

Adventures of a valet and a has-been heir. The 
valet has developed a good business head and all 
their undertakings prove amusing and successful. 

McSpadden, J. Walker, ed. 
in fiction. 1921. 

Famous dogs 
F 24938 

Contents: Rab and his friends, by Dr. J. Brown. 
A dog of Flanders, adapted from the story by 
Louise de la Ramee ("Quida") Bill Sikes and 
his dog, adapted from "Oliver Twist," by C. Dick- 
ens. Dora Copperfield's "Jip," adapted from 
"David Copperfield," by C. Dickens. Rip Van 
Winkle and his dog, from "The sketch book," by 
W. Irving. Dandie Dinmpnt and his terriers, 
adapted from "Guy Mannering," by Sir W. Scott. 
Stories of my dog, from "Stories for children," 
by L. N. Tolstoi. Bob, son of Battle, adapted 
from the story by A. Ollivant. Beautiful Joe, 
adapted from the story by M. Saunders. 

Marshall, Archibald. Peter Binney. 1921. 

F 24973 

Peter Binney, a successful middle-aged business 
man envies his son's superior educational advan- 
tages and finally, after a severe preparatory grind, 
succeeds in entering Cambridge and becoming a 
fellow student with him. 

Maugham, W. Somerset. Liza of Lambeth. 
1921. F 25009 

A gripping story of lower London, rather sordid, 
but wonderfully well written. High-spirited Liza, 
thrusting her faithful suitor aside, becomes infatu- 
ated with a married man. Tragedy is the keynote 
of the whole book. 

Miller, Alice Duer. Manslaughter. 1921. 

F 15368 

An over-indulged society girl while speeding, 
killed a policeman for which she was imprisoned. 
Her awakening to what life really means came to 
her through this experience. 


Nathan, Robert. Autumn. 1921. F 15621 

It is beautifully written and its insight into 
the psychology or the village folk and into the 
soul of age is uncanny for Mr. Nathan is a young 
man. But he is a poet, and in a wider sense of 
the word, this book is a fine pastoral poem. 
Llewellyn Jones in the Chicago Evening Post. 

Nexo, Martin Andersen. Ditte, daughter of 
Man. 1921. F 15657 

Sequel to Ditte, girl alive! F 15656. 

Continues the story of this down trodden little 
slavey. The excellence of the book lies in the 
author's gift of expressing the words and thoughts 
of the outcasts from sheltered happy lives, but in 
its English form it suffers from inadequate trans- 
lation of the simple colloquial Danish. 

Raine, William MacLeod. Tangled trails; a 
western detective story. 1921. F 16810 

Rinehart, Mary Roberts. More Tish. 1921. 

F 17256 

Sequel to Tish, F 17230. 

Ruck, Berta, (Mrs. Oliver Onions). The 
arrant rover. 1921. F 15782 

The story of a handsome young man and four 
of his many love affairs. A rover at heart he flits 
from one girl to another, each time thinking he 
has found the only one, but in each case realizes 

after two or three weeks that she means nothing to 

Sadleir, Michael. Privilege; a novel of the 
transition. 1921. F 17575 

The result of inherited privilege on the de- 
scendants of an average English family. Mr. Solle 
in the Daily News describes it as possessing "real- 
ism without a clutter of useless details, romance 
without appeals to sentiment or vain imaginings." 

Sampson, Emma Speed. Billy and the ma- 
jor. 1920. F 17612 
Sequel to: Miss Minerva and William Green Hill, 
by F. B. Calhoun, F 11574; continued in Miss Min- 
erva's baby, by E. S. Sampson, F 17613. 

Miss Minerva's baby. 1920. F 17613 
Sequel to: Miss Minerva and William Green 
Hill, by F. B. Calhoun, F 11574; and Billy and 
the major, by E. S. Sampson, F 17612. 

Thome, Paul and Mabel. The Sheridan 

Road mystery. 1921. F 27779 

An interesting story of murder in connection 

with counterfeiting staged in a familiar Chicago 


Van Vorst, Marie. Tradition. 1921. F 18785 

An absorbing love story which tends to show the 
influence of various types of tradition upon life. 



Beard, Charles A., and Bagley, William C. 
A first book in American history. 1921. 


Fraser, Chelsea Curtis. Work-a-day heroes. 
1921. L 14388 

Contents: The miner. The structural iron- 
worker. The steeple-jack. The "high-up" painter. 
The window washer. The city policeman. The 
state patrol. The Royal Canadian mounted police- 
man. The city fireman. The diver. The wild 
animal catcher. The wild animal trainer. The air- 
mail man. 

Actual experiences of the men who are risk- 
ing their lives every day in the dangerous game 
of carrying on such phases of the world's neces- 
sary work as air service, the work of the steeple- 
jack and wild animal training. 

Gay, Agnes Godfrey, 
histoires. 1921. 

Mon livre de petites 

A simply-told narrative of some American chil- 
dren living in France. The language construction 
has been made very simple in order to help the 
pupil to acquire language power. 

Lincoln, Abraham. TARBELL, IDA M. Boy 
scouts' life of Lincoln. 1921. C 23014 

Magee, E., and Anceau, M. Lectures illus- 
trees; elements de grammaire. 1915. 


A simple French reader which is at the same 
time a charming picture book. 

Mathews, F. Schuyler. The book of birds 
for young people. 1921. K 22059 

A bird book for young people intended to 
stimulate an interest in our feathered friends by 
relating real experiences. 

Rhys, Grace, comp, 
of verse. 1921. 

The children's garland 
E 14345 

Turner, Nancy Byrd. Zodiac town; the 
rhymes of Amos and Ann. 1921. H 6874 


Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, comp. Merry tales 
for children; best stories of humor for 
boys and girls. 1921. H 7381 

A collection of entertaining stories intended to 
interest the child while at the same time contribu- 
ting to his education. 

Bishop, Austin. Tom of the raiders. 1921. 


A thrilling tale of the raiders in the Civil War 

Bowen, William. The old tobacco shop; a 
true account' of what befell a little boy in 
search of adventure. 1921. H 7476 

"How many little boys have stopped to wonder 
at the queer old painted figure who guards the 
entrance to the Tobacco Shop! Freddie wondered, 
just as you did, and Mr. Toby Littleback told 
him many things that added to his wonder." 

Browne, Belmore. The frozen barrier; a 
story of adventure on the coast of Behring 
Sea. 1921. H 7555 

Canfield, Flavia Camp. 

The big tent. 1921. 

Addy and Ab are lost in the forest during a 
storm. They are found and adopted by Ma Brown 
and spend an exciting summer with a large modern 



Chaffee, Allen. Twinkly Eyes and the Lone 
Lake folk; a true-to-nature story. 1921. 


Twinkly Eyes at Valley Farm; the ad- 
ventures of a little black bear. 1921. 


Curtin, Jeremiah, 
sia. 1921. 

Wonder tales from Rus- 

A collection of Russian folk tales containing 
many stories common to similar collections and 
others less well known. 

Griffis, William Elliot. Welsh fairy tales. 
1921. H 8304 

A collection which contains among other tales 
the origin of Welsh rabbit and of the Welsh na- 
tional symbol, the red dragon. 

Gruelle, Johnny. Raggedy Andy stories, in- 
troducing the little rag brother of Rag- 
gedy Ann. 1920. H 8309 

Adventures of two rag dolls Raggedy Ann and 
her brother Raggedy Andy. The illustrations by 
the author should please small children. 

Hawes, Charles Boardman. The great 
quest; a romance of 1826, wherein are 
recorded the experiences of Josiah Woods 
of Topham, and of those others with 
whom he sailed for Cuba and the Gulf of 
Guinea. 1921. H 8396 

An adventure that savors of Treasure Island 
full of lurking dangers and crafty conspirators, 
with even a slave ship and buried treasure but 
told with a distinct originality that makes it an 
entirely different story. 

Lamed, W. T. American Indian fairy tales. 
1921. H 4779 

A collection of fairy tales from Perrault, 
d'Aulnoy and Mme. de Beaumont, with illustra- 
tions in color by John Rae. 

Latham, Harold S. Under orders; the story 
of Tim and "the club." 1918. H 8993 

Tim learns the value and need for group spirit 
through his associations with a boy's club. 

Marshall, Bernard. Cedric, the forester. 
1921. H 4989 

Cedric, born a yeoman, is knighted as a reward 
for brillant fighting and eventually becomes a very 
powerful baron. It is a good tale and conveys 
a very clear picture of chaotic medieval England. 

Mathiews, Franklin K., ed. The Boy Scouts 
book of campfire stories. 1921. H 5013 
Contents: Silverhorns, by H. van Dyke. Wild 
horse hunter, by Z. Grey.- Hydrophobic skunk, by 
I. S. Cobb. The ole Virginia, by S. E. White. 
The weight of obligation, by R. Beach. That 
spot, by J. London. When Lincoln licked a bully, 
by I. Bacheller. The end of the trail, by C. E. 
Mulford. Dey ain't no ghosts, by E. P. Butler. 
The night operator, by F. L. Packard. Christ- 
inas eve in a lumber camp, by R. Connor. The 
story that the keg told me, by Adirondack (W. H. 
(H.)" Murray. 

Meigs, Cornelia. The windy hill. 1921. 


Oliver and Janet spend the summer with Uncle 
Jasper and thereby learn much interesting family 
history. They acquire several new friends of worth 

and play an important part in saving the com- 
munity during a flood. 

Prescott, Delia R. A day in a colonial 
home. 1921. H 5803 

Home life in colonial days told in story form. 
An appendix contains useful definitions. 

Rankin, Carroll Watson. Girls of Highland 
Hall; further adventures of the Dandelion 
cottagers. 1921. H 5909 

Another of the Dandelion Cottage stories, in 
which the boarding school experiences of Bettie, 
Mabel and the other cottagers are told. 

St. Nicholas. Our dog friends. 1921. H 6204 

Contents: The last hunt of Dorax, by O. Huck. 
Brin, by W. T. Grenfell. Kane and pard, by 
A. H. Gibson. Is thy servant a dog? by F. L. 
Waldo. A story of the valley, by J. Mills. Spot, 
the . dog that broke the rules, by C. S. Bailey. 
P_ietje, a Flemish dog, by E. Gray. Little dog 
Togo, by E. Davidson. Jim Wilson's chum, by 
W. T. Grenfell. Buster, by M. T. Priestman. 
Modern dogs of war, by L. E. Theiss. The po- 
lice dogs of Belgium, by C. T. MacChesney. 
Sandy, by C. B. Parker. Where dog is king, by 
L. R. McCabe. Devotion to duty, by G. F. Paul. 

A splendid group of dog stories by well known 

Sheridan, Sol. N. Billy Vanilla; a story of 
the snowbird country. 1919. H 6564 

This is the story of one boy of five years 
William McMillan, popularly known as Billy Van- 

Taylor, Katharine Haviland. Real stuff. 
1921. H6715 

The Real Stuff Club organize to save the family 
fortunes. Eventually this is accomplished through 
the aid of their friend Jerry. The story will in- 
terest girls from twelve to fifteen years. 

Tyler, Anna Cogswell, coinp. Twenty-four 
unusual stories for boys and girls. 1921. 


This collection is drawn from such diverse 
sources as Bosschere's Christmas Tales from 
Flanders (H 7703) and Sologub's Sweet-scented 
name (F 18533) . It includes many tales which 
though not new have never been used extensively. 

In the Thomas Hughes Room 

Blackmore, R. D. Lorna Doone; a ro- 
mance of Exmoor. 1921. 

Burnett, Frances Hodgson. Little Lord 
Fauntleroy. 1920. 

Cody, William F. An autobiography of 
Buffalo Bill (Colonel W. F. Cody). 1920. 

Ewing, Juliana Horatia. Stories. 1920. 

Contents: Jackanapes. Mary's meadow. The 
story of a short life. "So-so." A very illtem- 
pered family. Lob lie-by-the-fire. The peace egg. 
Daddy Darwin's dovecote. Dandelion clocks. 
Old Father Christmas. The kyrkegrim turned 

Hughes, Thomas. Tom Brown's school- 
days. 1920. 

Porter, Jane. The Scottish chiefs; ed. by 
Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora A. Smith, 
illustrated by N. C. Wyeth. 1921. 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Department, 
fourth floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Abbott, Grace. The immigrant and coal 
mining communities of Illinois. 1920. 

(Illinois Dept. of Registration and Education. 
Immigrants Commission. Bulletin 2.) 

Covers the conditions of employment and stand- 
ards of housing and living, the social organizations, 
and educational needs of the foreign born of the 

Ashley, George H. Story of the Pennsyl- 
vania survey. 1920. 

(Penn. Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Sur- 
vey, inisc. papers, 1.) 

An interesting account of the work of the sur- 
vey which is helping so materially to develop the 
natural resources of this wonderful state. 

Batchelor, L. D. Walnut culture in Cali- 
fornia. 1921. 

(California. Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Bulletin 332.) 

Bent, Arthur Cleveland. Life histories of 
North American gulls and terns. 1921. 

S 13.3 113 

(U. S. National Museum. Bulletin 113.) 

Black, W. H. Beef production in the corn 
belt. 1921. A1.91218 

(Farmers' bulletin 1218.) 

Valuable survey with many suggestions to en- 
courage production. 

Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Maple sugar 
industry in Canada. 1920. 

(Pamphlet 8.) 

A most attractive pamphlet, giving the history 
of maple sugar making, and all the joys of "sugar- 
ing off" parties. Many illustrations.. 

Clapp, Earle H. Forest experiment stations. 
1921. Al.14/2 183 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 

Shows what has been done, what is being done, 
and what can be done in reforestation through 
organized effort. 

I Clark, Lindley, and Frincke, Martin C, jr. 

Workmen's compensation legislation of 

U. S. and Canada. 1921. L 2.3 272 

(U. g. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulletin 272.) 

i Cruess, W. V., and Christie, A. W. Some 
factors of dehydrater efficiency. 1921. 

(California. Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Bulletin 337.) 

Ellis, Josephine S. Attractive farm grounds. 

(Conn. Agr. College. Extension Service. Bulf. 

A working plan for making old farms attractive, 
with suggestions for cleaning up, and the effective 
use of flowers, including a list of desirable shrubs. 

Fieldner, Arno C., and others. Gas masks 
for gases met in fighting fires. 1921. 

128.7 248 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Technical paper 248.) 

"With a chapter on the effects of gases on men 
and the treatment of various forms of gas poison- 

Forbes, Stephen A., and Gross, Alfred O. 
The orchard "birds of an Illinois summer. 

(Illinois. Dept. of Registration and Education. 
Division of the Natural History Survey. Bulle- 
tin, vol. 14, article 1.) 

Hamilton, Alice. Industrial poisoning in 
making coal-tar dyes and dye intermedi- 
ates. 1921. L2.3 280 

(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulletin 280.) 

Hoag, Emily F. National influence of a 
single farm community. 1921. A1.3984 
(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 984.) 
"A story of the flow into national life of immi- 
gration from the farms." 

Hommon, Harry B. Purification of cream- 
ery wastes. 1921. T 27.12 109 
(U. S. Public Health Service. Bulletin 109.) 
Part 4 of the "Studies on the treatment and 
disposal of industrial wastes." Bulletins 97 and 
100 contain parts 1, 2 and 3. 

Illick, Joseph S. The Boy Scouts' first book 
of forestry. 1921. 
(Penn. Dept. of Forestry. Circular 20.) 

Johnson, Pyke, and John, Walton C. Edu- 
cation for highway engineering and high- 
way transport. 1921. 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin, 1921, 
no. 47.) 

Report of the regional conference held at Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh, Friday, Nov. 26, 1920. 

Lyon, T. L., and Wilson, J. K. Liberation 
of organic matter by roots of growing 
plants. 1921. 

(New York. Agricultural Experiment station 

Marquardt, J. C. Testing milk, cream, and 
skim milk for butter fat. 1921. 

(California. Agricultural Experiment Station. 
Circular 230.) 

Massachusetts. Department of Education. 
Library service for schools. 1921. 

(Bulletin 1920, no. 9.) 

"A brief helpful handbook on school libraries, 
showing what reference and magazines are useful, 
suggestions as to book selection, bulletin boards 
and library hours with an outline of lessons on 
use of books and libraries for grades 1-8 and for 
high schools." 

Matton, Wilbur R., and Barrows, William 
B. Measuring and marketing farm tim- 
ber. 1921. A1.9 1210 

(Farmers' bulletin 1210.) 

To assist wood-land owners in getting informa- 
tion to enable them to market their forest products 
at fair prices. 

Mercier, W. B. Extension work among 
negroes, 1920. 1921. Al.14/2 190 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 190.) 
Shows how this work, conducted by agents of 
their own race, under supervision of the agri- 
cultural colleges, is helping to make the farm life 
of negroes more profitable and attractive. 



Mulford, F. L Planting and care of street 
trees. 1921. A1.9 1209 

Most attractively written with illustrations of 
beautifully shaded streets. 

Oregon. Department of Public Instruction. 
Course of study for safety education in 
Oregon schools. 1921. 

An illustrated outline for teachers, with sug- 
gestions for work in all grades. 

Oxholm, Axel H. Swedish forests, lumber 
industry, and lumber export trade. 1921. 

CIS. 11 195 

(U. S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- 
merce. Special agents ser. 195.) 

Peck, F. W. Methods of conducting cost 

production and farm organization studies. 

1921. A1.3994 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 994.) 
"Throws fight on the fundamental concepts of 

cost data and describes methods of study and uses 

to which data may be put." 

Price, David J. A recently developed dust 
explosion and fire hazard. 1921. 

Al.14/2 171 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 

Fires and explosives in dusty industries are many 
times caused by improper installation and inade- 
quate protection of incandescent lamps. 

Sampson, Homer C. An ecological survey 

of the prairie vegetation of Illinois. 1921. 

(Illinois. Dept. of Registration and Education. 

Division of the Natural History Survey. Bulletin, 

vol. 13, article 16.) 

Scott, Lloyd N. Naval consulting board of 
the United States. 1920. N1.29 2 N22 

(U. S. Navy Dept.) 

Swiggett, Glen Levin. Business training 
and commercial education. 1921. 

L16.3 1921/43 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin, 1921, 
no. 43.) 

Thompson, J. David. Personal research 
agencies. 1921. L2.3299 

(U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulletin 

An alphabetical list including a brief history 
and some account of the aim of these agencies and 
related organizations. 

Thompson, J. W. Pennsylvania mining 
statutes annotated. 1920. 128.3 185 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Bulletin 185.) 
One of a collection of statutes of the various 
states relating to mining, prepared with the hope 
of ultimately leading to uniform mining laws. 

Valgren, V. N., and Engelbert, E. E. The 

credit association as an agency for rural 

short-time credit. 1921. Ai.14/2 197 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 197.) 

Contains suggested state law, providing for the 

organization and regulation of cooperative credit 


United States. Budget Bureau. Message of 
the President transmitting the budget for 
the year ending June 30, 1923. 1921. T51 
Includes text of budget. 

Message of the President trans- 
mitting the budget for the fiscal year end- 
ing June 30, 1923, and a report of the 
Bureau of the Budget. 1921. T51.1 1921 

Bureau of Education. Present status of 
music instruction in college and high 
schools, 1919-20. 1921. 

(Bulletin, 1921. No. 9.) 

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hours and 

earnings in anthracite and bituminous coal 
mining. 1921. L2.3 279 

(Bulletin 279.) 

Bureau of Navigation. Amateur radio 

stations of the U. S. 1921. Cll.71921-A 
Edition of June 1921. Arranged alphabetically, 
both by call stations and names of owners. 

Bureau of Standards. National safety 

code for the protection of the heads and 
eyes of industrial workers. 1921. C 13. 11 2 

(Handbook series 2.) 

The code presents general requirements (includ- 
ing occupations which require eye protection), re- 
quirements for each group of occupations, operat- 
ing rules, and specifications for tests to prove that 
protectors adequately fulfil their purpose. 

Congress. Address of the President of 

the United States, Dec. 6, 1921. 1921. 

Pr 29.1 1921. 

President Harding's annual message to Congress. 

Federal Board for Vocational Education. 

Child care and child welfare. 1921. 

VE1.3 65 

(Bulletin 65.) 

Deals with the important phases of childhood, 
hoping to stimulate the right kind of instruction in 
child care as a part of the training for vocational 
teachers of home economics. 

Industrial rehabilitation; services 

of advisement and cooperation. 1921. 

VE1.3 70 

(Bulletin 70.) 

This is the third of the industrial rehabilitation 
series and deals specifically with some very con- 
crete problems. 

Public Health Service. Municipal ordi- 
nances, rules and regulations pertaining 
to public health, 1917-1919. 1921. 

T27.6/2 40 
(Public Health Service. Supplement 40.) 

Preliminary announcement of a 

series of Public Health Institutes to be 
held during 1921-22. 1921. I 27.2 In 7. 

Women's Bureau. Standards for employ- 
ment of women in industry. 1921. L13.3 3 
(Bulletin 3. 3d ed. 1921.) 

State laws affecting working wo- 
men. 1921. L13.3 16 

(Bulletin 16.) 

Whittemore, H. L., and Petrenko, S. N. 

Friction and carrying capacity of ball and 

roller bearings. 1921. C13.8201 

(U S. Bureau of Standards. Technologic papers 


The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 12 February, 1922 No. 2 

The Library in 1921 

Summary of the Annual Report of the Board of Directors 

DURING the year just closed 423,164 Chicago library patrons withdrew 
7,472,768 books for home reading from the Public Library, an average 
of 24,501 volumes per day. During the same period, 910,784 volumes 
were read or consulted in the Reference Department. Sixteen of the 45 
branches were closed early in the year because of a serious shortage in funds. 
In the preceding year these 16 branches showed an aggregate circulation of 
819,794 volumes. Yet the net loss because of the curtailments of service is but 
180,000 volumes for the year, slightly more than one average week's figures. It 
is therefore entirely safe to say that, with all activities running under full time, 
the book use for the year would easily have exceeded 8,000,000 volumes. 

Direct service by means of deposits of books was given to 1,850 school 
rooms in 244 schools, in which 91,644 volumes were placed and were read 
679,511 times. Business house and factory libraries, traveling libraries and 
collections in settlements, Sunday schools, community centers, camps and 
clubs, to the number of 211, show a book use of 1,432,677 volumes. During 
the summer 1,600 volumes were supplied to fifteen camps maintained by vari- 
ous Chicago organizations, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, Y. M. C. A., &c., in 
Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. Library service is now maintained in four 
hospitals, the largest and most recent installation being in the Cook County Hospital, 



where the response has been immediate and gratifying. The recognized thera- 
peutic value of good books makes this a most important subdivision of our 
extension activities, which we hope to increase as rapidly as possible. 

In the program for the new year, based upon the assurance of an income 
sufficient to justify a forward-looking policy, the first step will be resumption 
of complete and full-time library service in all agencies, including those that 
were kept closed during the entire past year. Extension by means of new 
agencies, to be established wherever proper accommodations can be found, will 
also occupy the attention of the Library. If industrial conditions permit, it is 
hoped that some building operations, long held in abeyance, may be initiated. 
Complete rehabilitation of book stocks in all agencies, much-needed repairs 
and renovations, and the further extension of book distribution in all directions 
to the limit of our resources will be undertaken, made possible by the new tax 
rate of eight-tenths of a mill, which is expected to yield an income of approxi- 
mately $1,300,000. 

Branch Service Resumed 

Attention is called to the resumption 
of full service hours in all of the prin- 
cipal branches. 

All branches that have been in op- 
eration during the past year are now 
open from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. every day 
except Sunday. 

See Directory on Inside Front Cover. 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate. Those with the letter P are in the Art Room; other 
'i>^. collections are shelved in the Civics Department, Music Room and Thomas 
Hughes Room and are marked accordingly. *Ser. denotes serials 
which do not circulate. 


Bibliography, Library Science 

American Library Association. The United 
States; a short reading list of popular 
books on American history, government, 
ideals and literature, description of the 
country and special regions, American re- 
sources, opportunities and occupations, 
lives of some interesting Americans, some 
" \fiity titles of historic and characteristic 
fiction. 1921. *O 2959 

Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Library. 
Browningiana in Baylor University, comp. 
by Aurelia E. Brooks. 1921. *O 2964 

(The Baylor bulletin.) 

Howe, Harriet E. The catalog. 1921. 

J 3028, 19 
(A. L. A. manual of library economy.) 

Poetry Society of America. A list of eighty- 
seven poets, representing American verse 
from 1900 to 1919. *O 2965 

"The titles and publishers are named; a note 
of appreciation and a short quotation are given with 
each author." 




Psychology, Psychoanalysis 

La Rue, Daniel Wolford. 
teachers. 1920. 

(American education series.) 

Long, Constance E. Collected papers on the 
psychology of phantasy. 1921. L 13973 
Nervous diseases and various illnesses are 
caused, the author believes, by suppressed tenden- 
cies or desires which are indicated by the sub- 
conscious mind in the half-waking state. 

McDougall, William. The group mind; a 
sketch of the principles of collective psy- 
chology, with some attempt to apply them 
to the interpretation of national life and 
character. 1920. L 15324 

A sequel to Introduction to social psychology, 
L 11162. 

Platt, Charles. The psychology of thought 
and feeling; a conservative interpretation 
of results in modern psychology. 1921. 

L 13978 

A lively popular work which summarizes the best 
known psychological truths and presents them in 
logical order. 

Snoddy, George S., and Hyde, George E. 
Mental survey of Utah schools and adap- 
tation of the army Beta tests. 1921. 

L 13714 

(University of Utah bulletin.) 


Owen, G. Vale. The life beyond the veil; 
spirit messages received and written 
down, with an appreciation by Lord 
Northcliffe and an introduction by Conan 
Doyle. 1920-1921. 4 v. L 13590 

1. The lowlands of heaven. 

2. The highlands of heaven. 

3. The ministry of heaven. 

4. The battalions of heaven. 

A Lancashire vicar describes in detail the me- 
thod by which the messages (chiefly from his 
mother) were communicated. 

Ethics, Success 

Cope, Henry Frederick. The parent and 
the child; case-studies in the problems of 
parenthood. 1921. L 14304 

Sane, helpful discussions of the misdemeanors 
with which all parents are confronted. 

Hudson, Jay William. The truths we live 
by. 1921. L 14181 

The philosopher speaks to the layman in a sim- 
ple, direct and lucid fashion. He undertakes to 
present, and to solve as far as possible, the deep- 
est problems before the modern mind; to give back 
to it what science seems to have taken away. , 


Bell, Mary I. M. 
papacy. 1921. 

Braithwaite, William C. 
of Quakerism. 1919. 

A short history of the 

The second period 

Sequel to The beginnings of Quakerism (M7877), 
dealing with the period from 1660 to 1725. 

Perkins, Jeanette Eloise, and Danielson, 
Frances Weld. The Mayflower program 
book; a week-day course in world friend- 
ship and training in service for children 
six, seven and eight years of age. 1920. 


Twenty-six programs for children emphasizing 
the spirit of international friendship and serv- 
ice. It is intended for use in weekday church 
schools but has little direct connection with Bible 

Sibley, Josiah. Pathfinders of the soul- 
country, and other sermons for today. 
1918. ' M9944 

Eloquent and inspiring addresses by the minis- 
ter of Chicago's Second Presbyterian Church, <rf 
whom a colleague says: "He has a keen eye, 
a constructive mind, a brave and gentle soul." 

Smith, Henry Preserved. Essays in Biblical 
interpretation. 1921. M 6391 

(The Amherst books.) 

Not so much interpretation itself as a discussion 
of the correct principles on which it should be 
based. Professor Smith shows that the older dog- 
matic methods are anachronisms now and devotes 
one chapter to current "apocalyptical vagaries." 

Economics, Labor 

Crane, Thomas Frederick. Italian social 
customs of the sixteenth century, and 
their influence on the literatures of Eu- 
rope. 1920. J 4846, 5 
(Cornell studies in English.) 

Freeman, R. Austin. Social decay and re- 
generation; with an introduction by Have- 
lock Ellis. 1921. L 15301 

Contents: I. Analytical: Social physiology; The 
social reactions of mechanism ; Social pathology. 
II. Synthetic. 

Showing how labor saving machines beget rnqre 
labor, how they substitute machinery for brains, 
and what an altogether deplorable effect this "ma- 
chine-age" is having on man, mentally, physically 
and morally. 

Harding, Warren G. Our common coun- 
try; mutual good will in America. 1921. 

L 15488 

Contents: Reconsecration to God. Business _and 
government. The inspiration of labor. American 
agriculture. What of our children. The press and 
the public. The theater. American education. 
The immigrant. Conservation and development. 
Social justice. The value of play. Fraternity. 
The village. Two wars. The meaning of the 
armistice. The federal constitution. The national 

Campaign speeches sub-titled to show that they 
are specially addressed to different sections of the 
people, as for instance farmers, actors, mothers, 

Korzybski, Alfred. Manhood of humanity; 
the science and art of human engineering. 
1921. L 15314 

A book dealing with the fundamental philosophi- 
cal theme, the nature of man. The distinguishing 
human characteristic is termed "time-binding," since 
man alone is able to build the present and future 
on the achievements of the past. 



Economics, Labor 

Bowley, Arthur L. Prices and wages in the 
United Kingdom, 1914-1920. 1921. L 16706 

(Economic and social history of the world war: 
British series.) 

Erdrnan, Henry E. The marketing of whole 
milk. 1921. . L 17871 

(The citizen's library of economics, politics and 

Pure milk at reasonable prices is the theme 
of this volume. The author follows the milk all 
the way from the time it leaves the cow, and dis- 
cusses it from the industrial standpoints. 

Gilbert, Chester G., and Pogue, Joseph E. 
America's power resources; the economic 
significance of coal, oil and water-power. 
1921. L 17873 

A_ useful and apparently authentic record of in- 
vestigations with the intent of interpreting the 
special importance attached to the energy re- 
sources, and of pointing out the shortcomings in 
the way they are handled. 

Greenwood, W. J. American and foreign 
stock exchange practice, stock and bond 
trading, and the business corporation laws 
of all nations, together with local regula- 
tions, laws, fees and taxes affecting Amer- 
ican firms and corporations carrying on 
business in any other states of the U. S. 
A., or establishing branches or agencies 
in foreign countries. 1921. Civics Dept. 

Olds, Marshall. The high cost of strikes. 
1921. L 17227 

Mr. Olds lays the high cost of living to the 
prevalence of strike conditions, claiming that the 
unions are tyrannical labor monopolies, raising 
prices by reducing the supply to an even greater 
extent than the great capitalistic trusts of a gen- 
eration ago. 

Tannenbaum, Frank. The labor movement; 
its conservative functions and social con- 
sequences. 1921. L 16782 
An effort to make the trade unions realize their 
tendency to encroach more and more on the free- 
dom of _ capital, so that they will be able to out- 
line their programs to better purpose. The Na- 
tion regards it as an essential approach to an un- 
derstanding of the labor movement. 

Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism 

Benedict, Bertram. The larger socialism. 
1921. L 17563 

Believing that the failure of the Socialist party 
to gain a wide popular support is due to error in 
method, the author urges the importance of extend- 
ing its interests in every line of constructive en- 

Gompers, Samuel, and Walling, William 
English. Out of their own mouths; a 
revelation and an indictment of sovietism. 
1921. L 17585 

An indictment of soviet domination in Russia, 
contrasting its achievements with its promises and 

Jones, Henry Arthur. My dear Wells; be- 
ing a series of letters addressed by Henry 
Arthur Jones to Mr. H. G. Wells, upon 
bolshevism, collectivism, internationalism, 
and the distribution of wealth. 1921. 

L 17593 

Pasvolsky, Leo. The economics of com- 
munism, with special reference to Rus- 
sia's experiment. 1921. L 17614 

An account of the Soviet economic system fol- 
lowed by a discussion of the problems involved. 
The author regards the present upheaval in Rus- 
sia as inevitable in any attempt to reduce a com- 
plicated system of production to communism. 

Yarros, Victor S. Our revolution; essays 
in interpretation. 1920. L 15450 

Contents: Introduction: the essence of inde- 
pendent radicalism. Making ready for the new 
day. The coming industrial democracy. Socialism 
and individualism in evolution. What shall we do 
with the state? Human progress: the idea and the 
reality. Recent assaults on democracy. Income 
and the principle of service. How democracy func- 
tions. Shallow economics of the people. Socialism 
recognizing its mistakes. A neglected opportunity 
and duty in journalism. The Russian revolution- 
ary drama. True democracy and progress. Bol- 
shevism: its rise, decline, and fall. 

These social and economic essays of an inde- 
pendent radical are collected from various recent 
publications, and reflect broad, clear thinking. Mr. 
Yarros believes the solution of our problems will 
be found in "evolution, not revolution or miracle." 

Political Science 
Government, Administration 

Ames, Edgar W., and Eldred, Arvie. Com- 
munity civics. 1921. L 18368 
Treats of community life and development of 
governmental departments in a simple and enter- 
taining style that makes it comprehensible and at- 
tractive to seventh and eighth grades. 

Boulnois, H. Percy. Municipal engineering; 
surveying the scope of municipal engineer- 
ing and the statutory position, the ap- 
pointment, the training, and the duties of 
a municipal engineer. 1921. L 18247 
(Pitman's technical primer series.) 

Haines, Charles Grove, and Haines, Bertha 
Moser. Principles and problems of gov- 
ernment. 1921. L 18382 

Contents: Introduction. Public control of gov- 
ernment. Government organization and administra- 
tion. Some special problems in the operation of 

The author's intention is to give only so much of 
historical setting and specific analysis of govern- 
mental problems as is_ necessary to present them to 
the reader for discussion and to train him to form 
his own opinions and judgment on political issues. 

Hall, Arnold Bennett. Popular government; 
an inquiry into the nature and methods 
of representative government. 1921. 

L 15922 

(The citizen's library of economics, politics and 

Professor Hall lays stress on public opinion 
and the importance of its development. He also 
discusses the referendum and recall, providing much 
material for thought. 

James, Herman G. Local government in 
the United States. 1921. L 18258 

A comprehensive comparison of organization, 
functions f and subdivisions of local government, 
their origins and tendencies as well as actual em- 
bodiments. Survey. 

Keith, Arthur Berriedale. War government 
of the British dominions. 1921. L 16069 



National Transportation Conference, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Program of railroad legisla- 
tion. 1919. L 20231 

Contents: The National transportation confer- 
ence, by Richard Waterman. The conference plan 
for railroad legislation, by H. A. Wheeler. Pro- 
gram of railroad legislation adopted by the Na- 
tional transportation conference. Consolidation of 
railroads into strong competing systems. Compul- 
sory federal incorporation for consolidated railroad 
systems, by A. W. Smith. Regulation of railroad 
rates by the Interstate commerce commission. A 
federal transportation board its power and duties, 
by E. R. Johnson. Regulation of capital expendi- 
tures and security issues. Re-establishment of 
railroad credit, by P. M. Warburg. The National 
transportation conference's proposed rule of rate- 
making, by W. W. Salmon. Organization of boards 
of directors of consolidated railroad companies. 
Boards for adjustment of wages and working con- 
ditions, by W. N. Doak. Necessity for articula- 
tion of railroads, waterways and highways, by W. 
S. Dickey. The Chamber of commerce recom- 
mendations for railroad legislation, by G. A. Post. 
Principles of railroad legislation adopted by the 
Chamber of commerce of the United States. The 
Freling'huysen bill remarks before the Senate of 
the United States, September IS, 1919, by J. S. 
Frelinghuysen. The Frelinghuysen bill text of the 



The American empire. 
L 16710 

Has gathered a good _ many pertinent facts which 
indicate that the original form and purpose of 
America have been shifted, and that both in struc- 
ture and in purpose this country is approaching 
imperialism. Surttey. 

Salter, J. A. Allied shipping control; an 
experiment in international administra- 
tion. 1921. L 20160 

(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 
Division of Economics and history.) 

Mainly describes the work of the Allied Mari- 
time Transport Council (the A. M. T. C.). 

International Relations 

Bullard, Arthur. The A B C's of disarma- 
ment and the Pacific problems. 1921. 

L 2 1443 

Contents: The defense of vital interests. 
America's vital interests: territorial defense and the 
Monroe doctrine; the freedom of the_ seas; the 
open door. The vital interests of Britain. The vi- 
tal interests of Japan: economic; political. China's 
vital interests. The interests of the other powers. 
The three zones of conflict. What may result. 
Diplomacy and public opinion. 

The freedom of the seas, in the author's mind, 
should be one of the first questions to be settled. 
He presents the Eastern question in a clear and 
concise form. 

International Conciliation; published month- 
ly by the American Association for Inter- 
national Conciliation. 1906-1920. 142 nos. 
in 8 v. L6147 

1. Program of the Association for International 
Conciliation. 1908. 

2. Carnegie, A. Results of the National Ar- 
bitration and Peace Congress. W08. 

3. A league of peace. 1906. 

4. Estournelles de Constant, and Hill, D. J. 
The results of the Second Hague Conference. 

5. Scott, J. B. The work of the second Hague 
conference. 1908. 

6. Rowe, L. S. The possibilities of intellectual 
co-operation between North and South America. 

7. Ladd, G. T. America and Japan. 1908. 

8. Root, E. The sanction of international law. 

9. Wendell, B. The United States and France. 

10. Nabuco, J. The approach of the two Amer- 
icas. 1908. 

11. Willison, J. S. The United States and 
Canada. 1908. 

12. U. S. Department of State. The policy of 
the United States and Japan in the Far East; 
text of notes exchanged. 1908. 

13. Beard, C. A. European sobriety in the 
presence of the Balkan crisis. 1908. 

14. Hirst, F. W. The logic of international 
co-operation. 1909. 

15. DeForest, J. H. American ignorance of 
oriental languages. 1909. 

16. Scott, J. B. America and the new diplo- 
macy. 1909. 

17. Jefferson, C. E. The delusion of militarism. 
1909. " 

19. Yen, W. W. The United States and 
China. 1909. 

20. Butler, N. M. Opening address at the 
Lake Mohonk conference. 1909. 

22. Osbovne, J. It. Influence of commerce in 
the promotion of international peace. 1909. 

23. Hume, M. The United States and Spain. 

24. Kelly, M. The American public school 
as a factor in international conciliation. 1909. 

25. Wylie, F. J. Cecil Rhodes and his scholars 
as factors in international conciliation. 1909. 

26. Low, S. The East and the West. 1910. 

27. Ja:r>es, W. The moral equivalent of war. 

28. Knox, P. C. International unity. 1910. 
Suppl. Cole, P. R. The United States and 

Australia. 1910. 

29. Lewinski, K. v. The United States and 
Germany. 1910. 

30. Douglas, J. The United States and Mex- 
ico. 1910. 

31. Mead, E. D. The international duty of the 
United States and Great Britain. 1910. 

Suppl. Butler, N. M. Opening address at 
the Lake Mohonk conference, May 18, 1910. 

33. Carnegie, A. Peace versus war: the Pres- 
ident's solution. 1910. 

34. Pepper, C. M. Conciliation through com- 
merce and industry in. South America. 1910. 

35. International conciliation in the Far East; 
a collection of papers upon various topics. 1910. 

Contents: The outlook for China; notes from 
a lecture by L. H. Roots. Extra-territoriality, in 
China, by J. H. De Forest. Good and bad in the 
Western invasion of China, by E. D. Burton. 
Conciliation in China, by G. Reid. The Japanese 
war scare, by J. W. Foster. 

36. Hirst, F. W. The capture and destruction 
of commerce at sea, and Taxation and armaments. 

3&. Hart, A. B. School books and international 
prejudices. 1911. 

Sitppl. CarnegiCj A. Mr. Carnegie's letter to 
the trustees of the Carnegie endowment for the 
advancement of peace. 1911. 

39. Showerman, G. Peace and the professor. 

42. Weardale, Lord. The first Universal Races 
Congress. 1911. 

43. Butler, N. M. Opening address at the Lake 
Mohonk conference, May 24, 1911. 

45. Thorndike, E. L. The emotional price of 
peace. 1911. 

47. La Fontaine, H. The existing elements of 
a constitution of the united states of the world. 



48. The general arbitration treaties of 1911. 

49. Lammasoh, H. The Anglo-American arbi- 
tration treaty. 1911. 

Ralston, J. H. Forces making for inter- 
national conciliation and peace. 1911. 

50. Pratt, S. S. f and others. Finance and com- 
merce, their relation to international good will. 

51. Mather, F. J. Do the arts make for peace? 

52. Boas, F. An anthropologist's view of war. 

53. Angell, N., pseud. The mirage of the map. 

54. Marburg, T. Philosophy of the third Amer- 
ican peace congress. 1912. 

55. Butler, N. M. The international mind; 
opening address at the Lake Mohonk conference, 
May 1'5, 1912. 

56. Lodge, Sir O. T. The irrationality of war. 

57. Neill, C. P. The interest of the wage- 
earner in the present status of the peace move- 
ment. 1912. 

58. Giddings, F. H. The relation of social 
theory to public policy. 1912. 

59. Stratton, G. M. The double standard in 
regard to fighting. 1912. 

60. Gray, F. H., and others. As to two battle- 
ships. 1912. 

61. Lochner, L. P. The Cosmopolitan Club 
movement. 1912. 

62. Root, E. The spirit of self-government. 

63. Taft, W. H. The time to test our faith in 
arbitration. 1913. 

Hershey, A. S. Should the Panama canal 
tolls controversy be arbitrated? 1913. 

64. Hicks, F. C. Internationalism; a selected 
list. 1913. 

65. Lange, C. L. The Interparliamentary Un- 
ion. 1913. 

66. Deming, W. C. The opportunity and duty 
of the press in relation to world peace. 1913. 

67. Mason, D. G. Music as an international 
language. 1913. 

68. Reinsch, P. S. American love of peace and 
European skepticism. 1913. 

69. Oliveira Lima, M. de. The relations of 
Brazil with the United States. 1913. 

71. Eliot, C. W. Japanese characteristics. 1913. 

72. Haldane, Viscount. Higher nationality; a 
study in law and ethics. 1913. 

73. Stratton, G. M. The control of the fight- 
ing instinct. 1913. 

74. Fried, A. H. A few lessons taught by the 
Balkan war. 1914. 

75. Butler, N. M. The Carnegie endowment 
for international peace. 1914. 

716. Blakeslee, G. H. Our relations with South 
America and how to improve them. 1914. 

77. Johnson, A. S. Commerce and war. 1914. 

78. Beau, B. A defense of cannibalism. 1914. 

79. Bourne, R. S. The tradition of war. 1914. 

80. Johnson, A. S. War and the interests of 
labor. 1914. 

81. England, G. A. Fiat pax. 1914. 

82. Jefferson, C. E. Three men behind the 
guns. 1914. 

91. Fried, A. H. The fundamental causes of 
the world war. 1915. 

92. Heymans, G. To the citizens of the belli- 
gerent states. 1915. 

97. U. S. Chamber of Commerce. ( W as hington, 
D. C.). Referendum on the report on economic 
results of the war and American business. 191'S. 

99. Bernstein, E. American opinions of the 
world war as seen by a German. 1916. 

100. Moore, J. B. International cooperation. 
Root, E. The outlook for international law. 

documents looking toward 
What is a nationality? 1917. 
The bases of an en- 

102. Goddard, H. C. Super-resistance. 1916. 

105. Neilson, W. A. Inter arma veritas. 1916. 

106. Taft and Bryan. The proposal for a league 
to enforce peace. 1916. 

107. Butler, N. M. Nationality and beyond. 
Matthews, B. Do we want half the hemi- 
sphere? 1916. 

108. Bryce, J. War and human progress. 19.16. 

109. Ruyssen, T. The principle of nationality. 

110-111. Official 
peace. 1917. 

112. Ruyssen, T. 

113. Giddings, F. H. 
during peace. 1917. 

11-Sk Baker, N. D. The war and the colleges. 

116. Taft, W. H. The treaty rights of aliens. 

117. Root, E. The effect of democracy on in- 
ternational law. 1917. 

118. Ruyssen, T. The problems of nationality. 

119. Official documents looking toward peace. 

1 20. Page, W. H. The United States and Great 
Britain. 1917. 

Smuts, J. C. The British commonwealth 
of nations. 1917. 

Grey, Viscount. America and freedom. 

121. The Conference on the foreign relations 
of the United States, an experiment in education. 

122. The Aims of the war: Letter of Lord 
Lansdowne; teply by Cosmos in the New York 
Times; the President's address to the Congress, 
Dec. 4, 1917. 1918. 

123. Lloyd-George, D., and otliers. Victory or 
defeat: no half-way house. 

125. Nippold, O. The awakening of the Ger- 
man people. 1918. 

126. The Anniversary of America's entry into 
the war: 1. An address by President Wilson. 2. An 
article by Prof. Gilbert Murray. 1918. 

127. The disclosures from Germany. i. The 
Lichnowsky memorandum. n. The reply of Herr 
von Jagow. 1918. 

128. Landfield, J. B. America and the Rus- 
sian dilemma. The German peace treaties and 
Middle Europe. 1918. 

129. Foerster, F. W. A voice from Germany: 
why German peace declarations fail to convince. 

Austria's peace proposals: the letter to 
Prince Sixtus. 1918. 

130. Muehlon, W. Memoranda and letters. 

131. The league of nations. 1918. 
Contents: 1. The league of nations, by Viscount 

Grey. 2. A league of nations, by N. M. Butler. 
3. Labor and the league of nations, by Ordway 
Tead. 4. The European commission of the Danube, 
by E. Krehbiel. 5. Address by President Wilson, 
Sept. 27, 1918. 

132. U. S. District Court, New York. The 
"Lusitania"; opinion of court in the matter of 
the petition of the Cunard company, for limita- 
tion of its liability. 1918. 

133. Official documents looking toward peace. 

134. A league of nations. 1919. 

135. Rogers, L., ed. The problems of reconstruc- 
tion, international and national. 1919. 

136. Russian documents. The Russian constitu- 
tion. The Russian land law. The Franco-Russian 
alliance. 1919. 

137. The German revolution. 1919. 

138. Gottheil, R. Palestine. 1919. 

Konitza. The Albanian question. 1919. 
The new Armenia: claims at the Peace 
Conference. 1919. 



139. Documents regarding the Peace conference. 

140. Report of the commission on international 
labor; legislation of the peace conference. The 
British national industrial conference; report of 
the provisional joint committee. 1919. 

141. Northern Epirus and the principle of na- 
tionality, by N. J. Cassavetes. 1919. 

The problem of eastern Galicia, by Miros- 
lav Sichinsky. 1919. 

Treaty signed by Poland and the allied and 
associated powers. 1919. 

142. Treaty of peace with Germany. 1919. 

143. Comments by the German delegation on 
the conditions of peace. 1919. 

144. Reply of the Allied and associated powers 
to the observations of the German delegation. 1919. 

145. Agreements between the United States and 
France and between England and France, June 28, 
19:19. Anglo-Persian agreement, August 9, 1919. 

146. International labor conventions and recom- 
mendations. 1920. 

147. Some bolshevist portraits. 1920. 
148-149. U. S. Department of State. Certain 

aspects of the bolshevist movement in Russia. 2 v. 

150. German secret war documents, June 15 to 
August 5, 1 914. 1920. 

151. Present day conditions in Europe. The 
United States and the Armenian mandate. Report 
of the American military mission to Armenia. 1920. 

152. Documents concerning the accession of 
Switzerland to the League of Nations. The United 
States and the League of Nations; reservations of 
Senate. 1920. 

153. Finch, G. A. The treaty of peace with 
Germany in the U. S. Senate; an exposition and a 
review. 1920. 

Social Work, Education 
Brandt, Lilian. How much shall I give? 


L 18643 

An extremely interesting book including a his- 
torical consideration of the practice of giving from 
the earliest civilizations. The author answers her 
own question by telling us to study local needs and 
then use our intelligence as an enlightened con- 
science dictates. 

Devine, Edward T., and Brandt, Lilian. 
American social work in the twentieth 
century. 1921. L 18656 

Frost, Norman. A comparative study of 
achievement in country and town schools. 
1921. L 10284, 111 

(Columbia University. Teachers College contri- 
butions to education.) 


Allen, F. Sturges. Allen's synonyms and 
antonyms. 1921. J 7881 

Very helpful in finding just the right word for 
the right place. The book is carefully compiled, 
the print is 

the print is good, and altogether it may be very 




Kay, Harold B., and Doub, Arnold V. Pre- 
paratory mathematics for use in technical 
schools. 1921. K 18675 

(The Wiley technical series for vocational and 
industrial schools.) 


Allen, M. A., and Butler, G. M. Vanadium. 
1921. K 20391 

(University of Arizona bulletin. Mineral tech- 
nology series.) 




Curtis. Secrets 

of the 
K 20398 

Little, Arthur D., inc., Cambridge (Mass.}. 
The petroleum outlook. 1920. K 20426 

Evolution, Eugenics 

Holmes, Samuel J. The trend of the race; 
a study of present tendencies in the 
biological development of civilized man- 
kind. 1921. K 20978 

Emphasizes the importance of awakening society 
to its responsibilities toward the future race, and 
finds the solution of the problem in eugenics. 

Thomson, J. Arthur. 

The control of life. 
K 20624 

The bearing of his study of biology lies in its ap- 
plication to every man's private life, and one 
rarely comes across better counsel as to matters 
of health, education, marriage, and all the crises 
of man's physical existence. Preserved Smith in 
the Nation. 



McFee, Inez N. Stories of American in- 
ventions. 1921. K 22452 
Twelve of the more prominent inventions such 
as the telephone, phonograph, sewing mrchine, etc. 
are described in simple terms, and the lives of the 
inventors briefly sketched. 

Physiology, Therapeutics 

American Pharmaceutical Association. The 
national formulary. 4th ed. 1920. *R 1698 

Carrington, Hereward. Death; its causes 
and phenomena, with special reference to 
immortality. 1921. N 152b 

An abridged edition of Death, by H. Carrington 
and J. R. Header (1912), N 152a. 

Dr. Carrington treats death as an interesting 
scientific problem, both from its physiological and 
its psychological aspects. He writes of the possi- 
bility of postponing death and rendering it more 
painless. New York Times. 

Galloway, T. W. The father and his boy; 
the place of sex in manhood making. 1921. 


Wholesome suggestions for home training in 
eugenics and a plea for comradeship between father 
and son. 

McMillan, Mary. Massage and therapeutic 
exercise. 1921. N 1634 

The author was supervisor of aides in phys- 
ico-therapy, in the U. S. medical corps at Wash- 
ington during 1919 and 1920. Survey. 

White, William A. Outlines of psychiatry. 

1921. N 3079 

(Nervous and mental disease monograph series.) 


Arendt, Morton. Storage batteries; prac-' 
tical presentation of the principles of 



action, construction, and maintenance of 
lead and non-lead batteries and their 
principal commercial applications. 1920. 

K 22878 

Clarkson, Ralph Preston. Elementary elec- 
trical engineering; a textbook of the- 
ory and practice, particularly adapted for 
the" instruction of mechanical, civil, and 
chemical engineers and others desiring a 
short course. 1920. K 22880 

Croft, Terrell, ed. Steam boilers. 1921. 

K 22699 
(Power plant series.) 

Highways green book. 1921. 

K 23595 

Percival, G. Arncliffe. 
industry. 1920. 

The electric lamp 
K 22838 

(Pitman's common commodities and industries.) 
Treats of glass manipulation and lamp machin- 
ery, the metal filament lamp, gas-filled lamps, the 
arc lamps, vapor lamps and automobile lamps of 
various kinds. 


The complete dog book. 
K 24424 

Bruette, William A. 

"Aims to present in simple language knowledge 
which will enable an amateur to establish a kennel 
of dogs and conduct it successfully." Describes 
every kind of dog, and gives habits, care, man- 
agement, and breeding also a chapter on training 
the dog. 

Domestic Economy 

Abel, Mary Hinman. Successful family life 

on the moderate income: Its foundation 

in a fair start; The man's earnings; The 

woman's contribution; The cooperation 

of the community. 1921. K 24571 

(Lippincott's family life series.) 

A valuable aid in making the physical, mental 

and artistic requirements of a family meet its 

pocket 'book. The chapter on budgets is especially 


Martin, Gene Allen. Make your own hats. 
1921. K 24826 

Describes clearly and with detail equipment, 
materials and trimmings and the processes of 
making and covering wire frames, making flowers 
by hand, and remodeling and renovating old hats. 

Spencer, Evelene, and Cobb, John N. Fish 
cookery; six hundred recipes for the prep- 
aration of fish, shellfish and other aquatic 
animals, including fish soups, salads and 
entrees, with accompanying sauces, sea- 
sonings, dressings and forcemeats. 1921. 

K 24640 

Babson, Roger W. Making good in busi- 
ness.' 1921. L 14366 
A digested work, practical and helpful, point- 
ing out the obstacles on the road to success and 
suggesting means of overcoming them. Emphasis 
is laid_ upon _ the significance of the spiritual ele- 
ment jn Dusiness success. 

Dyer, Elizabeth. Merchandise manual for 
shoe departments. .1921. ; K 25773 

Grimshaw, Robert. The modern foreman. 
1921. L 20613 

Kitson, Harry Dexter. The mind of the 
buyer; a psychology of selling. 1921. 

L 20616 

A discussion of the principles underlying suc- 
cessful salesmanship, illustrated with telling effect 
by incidents from actual experience, and emphasiz- 
ing the practical value of the golden rule. 

Rowntree, B. Seebohm. The human factor 
in business. 1921. L 16962 

"A description of the way in which the direc- 
tors of the Cocoa works. York, have tried to solve 
some of the human problems of business adminis- 

Shidle, Norman G. Finding your job; 
sound and practical business methods. 
1921. L 14414 

Chemical Technology 

Hale, Harrison. American chemistry; a 
record of achievement, the basis for future 
progress. 1921. K 25255 

Aims to call attention to the wonderful chemical 
possibilities in America. It is a clear 'readable 
story of the American industries that depend 
on chemistry for their development, showing their 
progress and prospects for future growth. 

Drawing, Music 

Brown, J. Hullah. Sketching without a mas- 
ter. 1920. K 28445 

Pollitt, Arthur W. The enjoyment of mu- 
sic. 1921. K 29611 

History of music is touched upon, but most of 
the book is devoted to the various forms, such as 
sonata, symphony, chamber music, etc., with analyt- 
ical notes. 

Stanley, Frank A. Drawing room practice. 
1921. K 28651 

Moving Pictures 

Lescarboura, Austin C. The cinema hand- 
book. 1921. K 29556 

"A guide to practical motion picture work of the 
nontbeatrical order, particularly as applied to the 
reporting of news, to industrial and educational 
purposes, to advertising, selling and general pub- 
licity, to the production of amateur photoplays, and 
to entertainment in the school, church, club, com- 
munity center and home." 

Dancing, Outdoor Sport 

American Olympic Committee. Report of 
the Seventh Olympic games. 1920. K 30463 

Community Service, New York. Summer 
camps; municipal and industrial. 1920. 

K 30905 

Duncan, George, and Darwin, Bernard. 
Present-day golf. 1921. K 30593 

Mr. Duncan describes his method in part I. 
Part II is by Mr. Darwin on practise, courses, the 
methods of great golfers, and some of their spe- 
cific plays. 

Einert, Margaret. The rhythmic dance book. 
1921. K 30283 

The first part of the book traces the develop- 
ment of the dance. The author advises rhythmic 



dancing in the schools as a means of natural 
self expression, as well as for its beneficial 
value as physical exercise. 

Heisman, John W. Principles of foot ball. 
1921. K 30681 

A book by the University of Pennsylvania coach 
written in a simple, understandable style. The 
174 maxims are not the least of its attractions. 

Meagher, George A. 
skating. 1919. 

A guide to artistic 
K 30578 

Ouimet, Francis. Golf facts for young peo- 
ple. 1921. K 30606 

A popular discussion of the game as a sport, 
containing hints and helps in the playing. 

Playground and Recreation Association of 
America. Layout and equipment of play- 
grounds. 1921. K 30498 

Spink, Al. One thousand sport stories. 
1921. 3v. K 30508 

Fishing and Hunting 

Ashton, Sir George, (George Southcote). 
Mostly about trout. 1921. K 30804 

A charming group of essays by an English sports- 
man and nature lover. 

Beach, Rex. Oh, shoot! Confessions of 
an agitated sportsman. 1921. K 30862 
These chronicles contain much real humor 
blended with delightful travel records and sports- 
manlike descriptions of fishing and hunting ex- 

Rhead, Louis. How to fish the dry fly; de- 
scribing the latest up-to-date necessary 
tackle, its cost, and where to get it and 
the proper method of using it. 1921. 

K 30843 

"A _ description of the American and English 
dry flies, also how to fish various nymphs from 
the bottom upwards in place_ of worms if trout 
do not respond to flies early in the season or dur- 
ing the late summer." 


Clutton-Brock, A. More essays on books. 
1921. J7644 

Contents: Walt Whitman. George Herbert. 
George Meredith. The scholar's religion. Light 
and humorous verse. A new planet. The de- 
fects of English prose. "God the invisible king." 
Edgar Allan Poe. Worldly wisdom. Marvell and 
Vaughan. Leo Tolstoy. 

An attractive group of essays on writers and 
writings of today and yesterday. 

Croce, Benedetto. Ariosto, Shakespeare and 
Corneille. 1920. J 7647 

_ Soundest and most brilliant bit of critical analy- 
sis of its kind. Boston Transcript. 

De Benneville, James S., tr. Tales of the 
Tokugawa, retold from the Japanese orig- 
inals. 1917-1921. 2v. L 21132 

v.l. The Yotsuya Kwaidan; or, O'lwa Inari. 
2. Bakemono yashiki (The haunted house). 

Horace. Carminum, librum quintum; a 
Rudyardo Kipling et Carolo Graves, 
Anglice redditum, et variorum notis 

These pages contain refreshing criticisms and 
amusing literary reminiscences of some modern 

adornatum ad fidem codicum mss. edidit 
Aluredus D. Godley. 1920. L 12266 

Latin and English text. 

Hueffer, Ford Madox. Thus to revisit; 
some reminiscences. 1921. J 6390 

_ hterar. 
English writers of poetry and prose. 

CHAFER. The strong verb in Martin Opitz. 
1921. J 5412 


Farrar, John. Songs for parents. 1921. 

E 14653 

Lyrics by the editor of The Bookman intended 
to Ihelp parents understand the child's point of view. 
Some of them are such colorful singing little 
poems that they would hardly be scorned by the 
children themselves. 

Guiterman, Arthur. A ballad-maker's pack. 
1921. E 14725 

Divided into three parts: "Of many lands," 
which is probably the best; "Of his own country;" 
and "Of his own time," which is largely war 

Masters, Edgar Lee. The open sea. 1921. 

E 14865 

A book of poems containing a tribute to Wil- 
liam Marion Reedy but dealing for the most pan 
with historical themes the story of Charlotte Cor- 
day, the frequenters of the Mermaid, the influ- 
ence of the Brutus idea on John Wilkes Booth, 

Rice, Cale Young. Sea poems. 1921. 

E 14954 

Mr. Rice's poems on the sea in all his published 
work are here gathered together in one volume. 

Rittenhouse, Jessie B. The lifted cup. 1921. 

E 14959 

Delicate lyrics of love and "him," original songs 
by a poet better t known for her anthologies than 
for her own exquisite poems. The joy of love, and 
the longing for fulfillment sung in poems that are 
wistful and beautiful. Chicago Evening Post. 

Sitwell, Edith, ed. Wheels, 1920; fifth cycle. 

1920. E 14353 

Contents: Osbert Sitwell. Aldous Huxley. 
Alan Porter. Leah McTavish Cohen. Geoffrey 
Cpokson. William Kean Seymour. Sacheverell 
Sitwell. John J. Adams. Sherard Vines. Edith 

Taylor, Bert Leston. A penny whistle, to- 
gether with the Babette ballads; with a 
foreword by Franklin P. Adams. 1921. 

E 15042 

Reading these poems with a pang of loss and 
a warmth of reminiscent pleasure, the farflung 
Line o' Type family; will renew acquaintance with 
Old Grimes; they will review the cannery with its 
jars neatly labeled. Best of all they will find the 
Babette Ballads, a beautiful bequest of affection 
for that charming little daughter. Keith Preston 
in the Chicago Daily News. 

Yeats, William Butler. Selected poems. 

1921. E 11718 

Contents: Early poems (1885-1892). The land 
of heart's desire; a drama. The Countess Cath- 
leen; a drama. Lyrics (1892-1899.) The old age 
of Queen Maeve. Baile and Aillinn. Lvrics 
(1899-1904). On Baile's strand; a drama. Deir- 
<ire; a drama. Lyrics, (1904-1919). 




Mantzius, Karl. A history of theatrical art 
in ancient and modern times by Karl 
Mantzius; with an introduction by Will- 
iam Archer. 1903-1921. 6v. E 9496 

v.l. The earliest times. 

2. The middle ages and the renaissance. 

3. Shakespearean period in England. 

4. Moliere and his times. The theatre in 
France in the 17th century. 

5. The great actors of the eighteenth century. 

6. Classicism and romanticism. 

Brown, Alice. One act plays. 1921. E 13517 

Contents: The hero. Doctor Auntie. The 
Crimson Lake. Milly dear. The web. The lov- 
ing cup. Joint owners in Spain. The sugar house. 
A March wind. 

The first, which is an allegorical tribute to Lord 
Kitchener, is perhaps the best in the collection. 

Chambers, C Haddon. The saving grace; 
a comedy in three acts. 1919. E 11902 

Clark, Barrett H., ed. Representative one- 
act plays by British and Irish authors. 
1921. E 13607 

Companion to Representative one-act plays by 
American authors, E 14058. 

Contents: The widow of Wasdale Head, by Sir 

A. Pinero. The goal, by H. A. Jones. Salome, 
by O. Wilde. The man in fhe stalls, by A. 
Sutro. 'Op-o'-me-thumb, by F. Fenn and R. 
Pryce. The impertinence of the creature, by C. 
Gordon-Lennox. The stepmother, by A. Bennett. 
Rococo, by G. Barker. James and John, by G. 
Cannan. The snow man, by L. Housman. Fancy 
free, by S. Houghton. Lonesome-like, by H. Brig- 
house. Miss Tassey, by Elizabeth Baker. Make- 
shifts, by Gertrude Robins. The maker of dreams, 
by O. Downs. The land of heart's desire, by W. 

B. Yeats. Riders to the sea, by J. M. Synge. 
Spreading the news, by Lady Gregory. The mag- 
nanimous lover, by St. J. G. Ervine. The gold- 
en doom, by Lord Dunsany. 

Gerstenberg, Alice. Ten one-act plays. 1921. 

E 13774 

Contents: He said and she said. Overtones. 
The unseen. The buffer. Attuned. The pot 
'boiler.' Hearts. Beyond. Fourteen. The illumin- 
atti in drama libre. 

Plays of character rather than plot, evincing a 
true psychology and a fatalistic predisposition on the 
part of the author. 

Young, Stark. Three one-act plays: Mad- 
retta; At the shrine; Addio. 1921. 

E 13070 

Three little tragedies of which the first is much 
the best. It is a Creole play contrasting the Ameri- 
can and Creole temperments. 


Bergengren, Ralph. The seven ages of man. 
1921. E1913 

Contents: Baby, baby. To be a boy. On 
meeting the beloved. This is a father. On being 
a- landlord. Old flies and old men. The olde, olde, 
very olde man. 

Here_ are seven short, rather invertebrate essays 
presenting the author's inoffensive thoughts upon 
babyhood, boyhood, adolescence, fatherhood, land- 
lordry, old, _age and senility. The style is con- 
fiding and innocent of literary presumptuousness. 
Literary Review. 

Brooks, Charles S. Hints to pilgrims. 1921. 

Contents: Hints to pilgrims. I plan a vacation. 

At a toy-shop window. Sic transit. The posture 
of authors. After dinner pleasantries. Little 
candles. A visit to a poet. Autumn days. On 
finding a plot. Circus days. In praise of a lawn- 
mower. On dropping off to sleep. Who was Jer- 
emy? A chapter for children. The crowded curb. 
A corner for echoes. 

Whimsical, charming essays on anything from 
the ark to Greenwich Village. 

Broun, Heywood. Seeing things at night. 
1921. E 2047 

A pitching together a lot of stray leaves from 
the writings of the inexhaustible Heywood Broun, 
being papers on many subjects from baseball to 
babies. Written in a humorous, whimsical, delight- 
ful manner. These fugitive papers foreshadow 
Broun as an American peer of Chesterton and 
Barrie. Bookman. 

Gardiner, Alfred G. Windfalls, by Alpha 
of the Plough. 1920. E 3055 

Bees and butterflies and flowers and other things 
we come across in the garden give the essayist 
a starting point for his themes in this little volume. 
He makes many excursions in the direction of the 
eccentricities of human nature. Boston Transcript. 

McFee, William. Harbours of memory. 
1921. E 4427 

Admirable chapters on seamen, their tastes in 
books, life on shore and idiosyncrasies on board. 
Written in a charming, forceful manner, and hav- 
ing, besides, a subtle sense of humor. 


Tyler's quarterly historical and genealogical 
magazine, v. 1. July, 1919-April, 1920. 


Formerly William and Mary College quarterly. 

Who's who among North American authors. 
1921. *R2711 

Arrangement by authors, subjects, and geographi- 
cal location. 

Burnham, Daniel H. MOORE, CHARLES. Dan- 
iel H. Burnham, architect, planner of 
cities. 1921. C 21066 

This great man gave to his country some of 
its finest specimens of architecture. The Chicago 
plan is a living memorial to him and his work. 

Cantacuzene, Princess, (Julia Dent Grant). 
My life here and there. 1921. C 21148 
Tells of a life that fires our democratic imagina- 
tions the splendor of the Austrian court, society in 
New York and Newport, a winter in Rome, and 
the glory of Russia under the Czar and affords 
glimpses of the greatest personalities of the last 
generation. Bookman. 

Gauguin, Paul. FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD. Paul 
Gauguin, his life and art. 1921. C 22063 
If the growing popular interest in the life and 
art of Paul Gauguin has been given a hectic im- 
petus by Maugham's "Moon and Sixpence," it is to 
be hoped that through the instrumentality of Mr. 
Fletcher this same popular interest will continue to 
rise to a saner and fairer estimate of Gauguin as 
he actually was. Nation. 

Holland, Remain. ZWEIG, STEFAN. Remain 
Rolland; the man and his work. 1921. 

C 23976 

Mr. Zweig's biography is no ordinary one. The 
outward events of Romain Rolland's life are merely 
referred to in passing, and the narrative is kept on 
the high plane of his intellectual achievement. New 



Roosevelt, Theodore. GILMAN, BRADLEY. 
Roosevelt, the happy warrior. 1921 

C 24002 

Written by a Harvard classmate, the book is 
an unprejudiced and impartial biography of this 
knight whose one aim in life was to right wrong. 

Verlaine, Paul. NICOLSON, HAROLD. Paul 
Verlaine. 1921. C 24674 

Previous biographers, mostly French, have dot- 
ingly depicted Verlaine as a god, but this one por- 
trays a man w : th very ungodhke failings and weak- 

Windischgraetz, Prince Ludwig. My mem- 
oirs. 1921. C 24918 

This chronicle, written by a friend and ad- 
viser of ex-emperor Charles, takes the reader into 
the dramatic happenings of the last few years and 
contributes much to the history of the war. 


Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung; 30 
Juli, 1914-30 Juni, 1919. lOv. Newsp. 

Includes morning and evening edition. 
Current numbers in Newspaper Room. 

Gibbs, Philip. More that must be told. 1921. 

A 7181 

Contents: Leaders of the old tradition. Ideals 
of the humanists. The need of the spirit. The 
new Germany. The price of victory in France. 
The social revolution in English life. The warn- 
ing of Austria. The truth about Ireland. The 
United States and world peace. The chance of 

No more relentless exposure of the spiritual and 
mental incapacities of our governing classes to 
govern has been made anywhere; no franker ad- 
mission that representative government as worked 
by modern statesmen represents nothing but selfish 
and greedy minorities. Robert Herrick in the Na- 

Graves, Charles L. Mr. Punch's history of 
modern England. 1921. 2 v. A 5434 

v.l. 1841-1857. 2. 1857-1874. 

These two volumes cover what might be called 
a social history of England from 1841 to 1874. 
Whimsical and satirical, they plead the cause of 
the down-trodden and caricature the idiosyncrasies 
of the treaders. 

New York. State University. Syllabus in 
history; a three-year course in world his- 
tory, a two-year course in world history. 
1921. A 2243 

American History 

Beardsley, Frank Grenville. The builders of 
a nation; a history of the Pilgrim fathers. 
1921. B 7888 

Cronau, Rudolf. The discovery of America 
and the landfall of Columbus; The last 
resting place of Columbus: two mono- 
graphs, based on personal investigations. 
1921. *B 5090 

Harper, William Hudson, ed., and others. 
Chicago, a history and forecast. 1921. 


Harris, Rendel, ed. Souvenirs of the "May- 
flower" tercentenary. 1920. B 7938 

Contents: 1. The documents concerning the 
appraisement of the "Mayflower." 2. Refusal of 

the Leyden authorities to expel the Pilgrims. 
3. The marriage certificate of William Bradford and 
Dorothy May. -A. The Plymouth copy of the first 
charter of Virginia. 

Howe, M. A. De Wolfe. Boston Common; 
scenes from four centuries. 1921. B 7941 
Local history that is of nation wide interest. 

Quaife, Milo M., ed. 
1846. 1919. 

The convention of 
*B 1500, 27 

(Publications of the State Historical Society of 
Wisconsin. Constitutional series, v. 2.) 

The struggle over ratification, 1846-1847. 

1920. *B 1500, 28 
(Publications of the State Historical Society of 

Wisconsin. Constitutional series, v. 3.) 


Anderson, Sherwood. The triumph of the 
egg; a book of impressions from Ameri- 
can life in tales and poems. 1921. F 10532 

Contents: The dumb man. I want to know 
why. Seeds. The other woman. The egg. Un- 
lighted lamps. Senility. The man in the brown 
coat. Brothers. The door of the trap. The New 
Englander. War. Motherhood. Out of nowhere 
into nothing. The man with _the trumpet. 

Fanny Butcher in the Chicago Tribune says 
these stories are psychic in the "unmarred" sense 
of the word, while not in the least "spiritualistic." 
"He has taken the minds out of the bodies of his 
men and women and written the stories of their 
gropings toward expression." 

Bailey, Temple. The gay cockade. 1921. 

F 20161 

Contents: The gay cockade. The hidden land. 
White birches. The emperor's ghost. The red 
candle. Returned goods. 'Burned toast. Petro- 
nella. The canopy bed.- Sandwich Jane. Lady 
Crusoe. A rebellious grandmother. Wait-for 
Prince Charming. Beggars on horseback. 

Stories of youth, clean cut, dramatic and vivid. 
Full of courage, kindliness, beauty and laughter 
and the best sort of romance. Good reading for the 
whole family. Helen Cody Baker in the Chicago 
Evening Post. 

Beaumont, Gerald. Hearts and the diamond. 

1921. F 20333 

Contents: With the help of God and a fast out- 
field. The Crab. Leave it to Angel-Face. Rain- 
bow. Tin Can Tommy. Kerrigan's kid. The 
speed pill. Pebble Pop. Called on account of dark- 
ness. His Honor, the umps. Elephants. 

A collection of baseball stories for adult readers, 
presenting an intimate view of the man of the 
diamond "worshipped yesterday, abused today, for- 
gotten to-morrow. ' 

Bercovici, Konrad. Ghitza and other ro- 
mances of gypsy, blood. 1921. F 20401 

Beresford, J. D. Signs and wonders. 1921. 

F 20405 

Contents: Prologue: The appearance of man. 
Signs and wonders. The cage. Enlargement. The 
perfect smile. The hidden beast. The barrage. 
The introvert. The barrier. The convert. A neg- 
ligible experiment. The miracle. Young Strick- 



land's career. A difference of temperament. Ref- 
erence wanted. As the crow flies. The night of 

Short stories or studies dealing with the sig- 
nificance of intangible realities. The last and long- 
est is a genuine ghost story on psychical research 
lines. Others deal with the development and analy- 
sis of typical characters. 

Byrne, Bonn. Messer Marco Polo. 1921. 

F 20829 

The story of Marco Polo's Chinese love and life 
told by an old Irish weaver of tales. It is rich 
with Celtic color and beauty, quaint with the 
phraseology which made Synge's plays so lilting as 
they were spoken by the Irish Players. Chicago 

Chamberlain, George Agnew. Cobweb. 1921. 

F 11808 

A humorous story of entanglements to be un- 
raveled in solving the problem of a lady of mys- 

Chapman, Arthur. Mystery ranch. 1921. 

F 11817 

A regular western mystery story involving good 
and bad Indians, cowmen, and a beautiful girl 
from the city. The background this time is the 
Indian reservation with the Indian agent as the 
hero. The interest is held and the end something 
of a surprise. 

Clarke, Isabel C. Children of Eve. 1918. 

F 11987 

The Elstones. 1919. 
The potter's house. 1921. 
Ursula Finch. 1920. 
Whose name is legion. 1919. 

Connor, Ralph, pseud, of C. W. Gordon. To 
him that hath; a novel of the West of 
today. 1921. F 22523 

A story of love and labor, jealousy and strikes, 
in Canada after the war. 

Couperus, Louis. The hidden force; a story 
of modern Java. 1921. F 12173 

A story of Java, showing the strength of the 
psychological force which whether it be the voo- 
dooism of superstitious natives or the calculating 
self-love of a sophisticated woman: may success- 
fully oppose the law-and-order regime of the ration- 

Delafield, E. M., pseud, of E. E. M. De La 
Pasture. The heel of Achilles. 1921. 

F 12443 

The story of a supreme egoist whose vulner- 
able spot in the armor of her self-interest is her 
devotion (though still a selfish one) to her daugh- 
ter. The character is not an attractive one but its 
delineation is excellent. 

Evarts, Hal G. The yellow horde. 1921. 

F 12789 

A good animal story centered about the life 
of the coyote en the plains and the attempts of 
man to destroy him. A vigorous tale with plenty 
of action. 

Fergusson, Harvey. The blood of the con- 
querors. 1921. F 12897 
At long last our Zane Greys and Randall Par- 
rishes are silenced by a tale of. New Mexico 
which has not a dull page, nor stupid paragraph, 
nor badly turned sentence, but which has breadth, 
sophistication, dignity something new for this land 
of vaqueros, mesauite, mezcal and tarantulas. 
Chicago Evening Post. 

Fletcher, J. S. The Herapath property. 
1921. F 22128 

Typical of Fletcher at his "mean," a brisk logi- 
cal, agreeable tale with a pleasantly mystifying 
mystery that remains a mystery almost to the last 
page. Vincent Starrett in the Chicago Evening 

Fleuron, Svend. Grim, the story of a pike; 
tr. from the Danish. 1921. F 12850 

A vividly written story with a fish for a heroine, 
whose avowed object in life is "to devour others 
and to avoid being devoured oneself." 

Footner, Hulbert. The woman from "out- 
side" (on Swan River). 1921. F 22183 
A combination mystery and western story, with 
the Northwest Mounted Police as hero and a half- 
breed Indian as the mystery. 

French, Joseph Lewis, ed. Great sea stories. 
1921. F 22268 

Contents: Spanish bloodhounds and English 
mastiffs, by C. Kingsley. The club-hauling of the 
Diomede, by Captain F. Marryat. The cruise of 
the Torch, by M. Scott. The merchantman and 
the pirate, by C. Reade. The mutiny of the 
Bounty, anonymous. The wreck of the Royal Caro- 
line, by J. F. . Cooper. The capture of the great 
white whale, by H. Melville. The corvette Clay- 
more, by V. Hugo. The Merchants' cup, by D. 
W. Bone. A storm and a rescue, by W. C. Rus- 
sell. The sailor's wife, by P. Loti. The salving 
of the Van Shan, by H. de V. Stacpoole. The 
derelict Neptune, by M. Robertson. The terrible 
Solomons, by J. London. El Dorado, by J. Mase- 

The next best thing to having the works from 
which these stories were selected is having this 
particular volume. These thrillers would be ideal 
reading by the fireside on a cold winter evening. 

Golding, Louis. Forward from Babylon. 
1921. F 13217 

The life story of a Jewish boy in London. 
The theme is the changing viewpoint of the young 
in conflict with the old standards, and the presenta-' 
tion is artistic. 

Hopkins, Gerard. A city in the foreground; 
a novel of youth. 1921. F 14096 

A very good picture of undergraduate life at 
Oxford. A book of student discussions, ideals, 
hopes and existence just before war. Very stimulat- 
ing for those to whom the subject appeals. 

Ingram, Eleanor M. The thing from the 
lake. 1921. F 14253 

An indefinable horror which comes to Roger 
Locke in the night, the ghost of a Puritan maiden, 
a braid of beautiful hair, all enter into this absorb- 
ing psychic tale. 

F 14418 

The picture of an English family, _with its con- 
servative and easy-going parents, its up-to-date 
daughters with their enthusiasms for Rupert Brooks, 
modern music and what not, is beautifully done. 
Llewellyn Jones in the Chicago Evening Post. 

Linnankoskt, Johannes, pseud, of Wiktori 
Peltonen. The song of the blood-red flow- 
er. 1921. F 16114 

After intemperately picking the flowers of life 
along the way, Olaf suddenly awakes to find them 
crushed and withered. 

Lucas, E. V. Rose and Rose; a story. 1921. 

F 24707 

Rose Allison mad* an unhappy marriage against 
the wishes of her guardian, a young physician. 

Jones, E. B. C. Quiet interior. 



She finally goes away with the man she loves, 
leaving little Rose to the paternal care of the 
doctor, who tells the story of mother and daugh- 

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone. The window- 
gazer. 1921. F 24850 

A slight, entertaining story of a lonely girl who 
merely looks on at life as one who must be 
satisfied to gaze at shopwindows and pass by with- 
out making a purchase. Of course she finds 
. eventually the meaning of life in terms of love. 
Martin, George Madden. March on. 1921. 

F 24988 

A story of Kentucky told against a background 
of the old southern aristocracy. 

Murdock, Victor. "Folks." 1921. F 15595 

A romantic story of the building of the city of 
Wichita, Kansas, told! in a series of portrait 
sketches of the folks" who helped in one way or 
another, to put the town on the map. New Re- 

Oemler, Marie Conway. Where the young 
Child was; and also The spirit of the 
house, The youngest officer, Linden goes 
home, The little brown house, That makes 
the world go round. 1921. F 15745 

There is a Christmas-y, homey, child-loving flavor 
to most of the stories. Evening Post. 

Poole, Ernest. Beggars' gold. 1921. 

F 16501 

Jews, acquisitive but laying acquisition upon the 
high altar of a new culture; Americans, groping 
their way toward the light and stumbling; Chinese, 
catching swiftly the slowly defined visions of the 
Occident and leaping to a goal such the men, the 
types, the_ races, Mr. Poole has crowded into his 
book. Chicago Sunday Tribune. 

Pryde, Anthony, pseud. Nightfall. 1921. 

F 16659 

An English tale of the love of a cultured wealthy 
man of thirty-six for a vicar's daughter of nine- 
teen. It is a post-bellum story containing charac- 
ters that suffer from the effects of the war. 

Roche, Arthur Somers. The day of faith. 
1921. F 17423 

A skillfully made, well sustained fantasia on the 
theme that the actual and universal application of 
the Christian doctrine of love for one s neighbor 
would immediately bring about a millennium. Lit- 
erary Review. 

Rutledge, Archibald. 

Old plantation days. 
F 17548 

5 The glamour of the typical South cannot but 
be felt by the reader of these plantation sketches 
of negro and animal life. 
eltzer, Charles Alden. "Beau" Rand. 1921. 

F 17921 

Beau Rand is the son of an outlaw, with an 
inherited temper and a way with a gun quite his 
own._ After many adventures he wins the girl 
of his choice, though he has great trouble in con- 
vincing her father of his worthiness. 

Smith, Juliette Gordon, 
wife. 1921. 

The Wednesday 
F 18247 

An oriental story of lharem life full of color 
and adventure. _ In the end the Wednesday wife 
becomes the wife of every day, according to ap- 
proved western standards. 

Snaith, J. C. The council of seven. 1921. 

F 18271 

The conflict between a great newspaper syndi- 
cate favoring war, and the council 9f seven work- 
ing for peace and determined to get it at any price. 
The love element closely follows the main theme 
in interest. 

Stringer, Arthur. Twin tales: Are all men 
alike, and The lost Titian. 1921. F 18414 
Two novellettes by the author of The prairie 
wife (F 18429) and The prairie mother (F 18432). 
The first is a story of Bohemian life, and the sec- 
ond tells of two Puritan spinsters who destroyed 
a valuable Titian because of the nude figure it 

Symonds, Margaret. A child of the Alps. 
1921. F 18503 

A novel by the daughter of the eminent English 
critic, John Addington Symonds. The heroine is 
the child of an English mother and a sturdy 
Swiss peasant father. Considerations of heredity 
enter into the story, but it is most noteworthy 
for its vivid pictures of Swiss scenery and Italian 

Vachell, Horace Annesley. Blinkers; a ro- 
mance of the preconceived idea. 1921. 

F 18815 

The story of a humble English maid, her noble 
lover and his loyal friend. But the noble lover 
proves faint-hearted and the girl's affections are 
finally transferred to the friend. 

White, Edward Lucas. Andivius Hedulio; 
adventures of a Roman nobelman in the 
days of the empire. 1921. F 19304 

The hero falls under suspicion of treason and 
is forced to disappear. For ten years he roams 
in disguise over the entire Roman empire, having 
many adventures and narrow escapes until finally 
he regains the favor of Emperor Commodus. 


Beard, Dan. American boys' book of wild 
animals. 1921. K 21724 

(Woodcraft series.) 

Burgess, Gelett. More goops and how not 
to be them; a manual of manners for 
impolite infants depicting the character- 
istics of many naughty and thoughtless 
children, with instructive illustrations. 
1903. H 6996 

Cornyn, John Hubert, 
fire. 1921. 

Around the wigwam 
L 21 153 

Fabre, Jean-Henri. Animal life in field and 
garden. 1921. K 21771 

A book of animals and insects written for chil- 
dren. The author, according to Maeterlinck, is 
the insects' Homer and he succeeds in communi- 
cating to his readers something of the passionate 
interest with which he studies the intimate live* 
of the animals. 

Johnson, Burges. Youngsters; collected po- 
ems of childhood. 1921. E 11102 

Poems for children and about them, including 
two particularly charming ones on Christmas themes. 

Judson, Clara Ingram. The junior cook 
book. 1920. K 24763 

Morgan, Alfred P. Boys' home book of 
science and construction. 1921. K 18572 



Simple explanations of the sciences with experi- 
ments for beginners. Charts and diagrams on al- 
most every page elucidate the text and bring the 
experiments within the scope of the amateur. 

Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Schuyler. Many 
children. 1921. E 15093 

Charming verses, as fresh and unconscious of 
themselves as the children for whom they were 
written, they follow the boys and girls from the 
first wondering thoughts of babyhood into the 
eager, sensitive and tremendously important adoles- 
cent years. Chicago Daily News. 


Ames, Joseph B. Torrance from Texas. 
1921. H 7208 

It was not quite so easy for Torrance, strajght 
from the freedom of a Texas ranch, to enter into 

ms merue 10 me satisiacuon 01 jus scnooi-maics 
and himself, and just how that came about is most 
interesting reading. 

Barbour, Ralph Henry. Kick formation. 
1921. H 7395 

_ Another football story in which the hero devotes 
himself to the achievement of a gridiron career. 

Blanchard, Amy E. From tenderfoot to 
golden eaglet; a Girl Scout story. 1921. 


Canfield, Flavia Camp. The kidnapped camp- 
ers on the road. 1921. H 7649 

Colver, Alice Ross. Babs at home. 1921. 


Curtis, Alice Turner. A Yankee girl at Bull 
Run. 1921. H 7757 

Grierson, Elizabeth W. Tales from Scottish 
ballads. 1916. H 4082 

Library has also 1st edition (1906) with title, 
Children s tales from Scottish ballads. 

Gruelle, Johnny. Orphant Annie story book. 
1921. H 8310 

Another "Orphant Annie," who can tell the most 
marvellous fairy tales. The illustrations are very 
clever and you who know Raggedy Ann and 
Raggedy Andy will be glad to meet Orphant Annie. 

Hartley, George Innes. Boy hunters in 
Demerara. 1921. H 8373 

Demerara is another name for Georgetown in 
British Guiana. Two boys pitch a camp on the 
Mazaruni River near this town. The story of 
their experiences includes a clear account of South 
American natural history. 

Hooker, Forrestine C. Prince Jan, St. Ber- 
nard; how a dog from the land of snow 
made good in the land of no snow. 1921. 


Hornibrook, Isabel. Pemrose Lorry, Camp 

Fire Girl. 1921. H 8450 

'How a Camp Fire Girl's courage and pluck 

helped to make her father's invention a success 

and thereby fulfill the purpose of his life. 

Keith, Marian. Little Miss Melody. 1921. 


Lange, D. The raid of the Ottawa. 1921. 


Contents: Playmates in Egypt. In the tents of 
Israel. The dawn of freedom. The borrowed gar- 
ment. The lad who brought no offering. The 
silent harp. The sprig of myrtle. Friends. The 
great hope. The golden ring. 

A collection of stories to tell for the different 
Jewish holidays, given in historical order of holi- 
days celebrated. A unique collection and one 
which will be of the utmost value to those inter- 
ested in the subject of story -telling. 

Miller, Leo E. In the tiger's lair. 1921. 


"In the tjger's lair" continues the adventures of 
Stanley Livingston and Ted Boyle of "Hidden peo- 
ple," who return to the Hidden valley to complete 
their quest for the buried treasure of the Incas. 

Miller, Warren H. The castaways of Banda 
Sea. 1921. H 5062 

A tale of pearl searchers in the Malay Archi- 
pelago, of shipwreck and of cunning natives who 
steal a fortune in pearls from Captain Sloan and 
his son George. It is brimful of adventure and 
the climax is withheld until almost the last page. 

Newberry, Perry. 

Black Boulder claim. 

Levinger, Elma Ehrlich. 
Egypt, and other stories. 

Playmates in 
1920. H 4771 

Experiences of two boys prospecting for gold 
in the mountains of California. Just the story for 
the boy who has a secret longing to "rough it" in 
the great out-of-doors. 

Perkins, Lucy Fitch. The Puritan twins. 
1921. H 5658 

In the latest twin book the author has main- 
tained her usual standard of excellence. 

Pratt-Chadwick, Mara L., and Lamprey, L. 
The Alo man; stories from the Congo. 
1921. H 3427 

(Children of the world.) 

Mypoko and Nkunda are two little African chil- 
dren who live in the jungle of Central Africa. 
This is the entertaining story of their life and 
the wonderful tales of the Alo man, who wanders 
about the country telling stories and making songs. 

Rolt-Wheeler, Francis. The boy with the 
U. S. secret service. 1921. H 6122 

("U. S. service series.) 

The author tells how the finance and currency of 
the United States are safeguarded and about the 
true worth of the secret service as a necessary 
part of American greatness. 

Sullivan, Alan. Brother Eskimo. 1921. 


The adventures of Eskimo lads in the far North. 
Horre life and customs, methods of hunting, and 
innumerable Arctic activities are described in an 
interesting and accurate way. 

Theiss, Lewis. The young wireless oper- 
ator as a fire patrol. 1921. H 6736 

In the Thomas Hughes Room 

Bell, Elizabeth Turner. Fifty figure and 
character dances for schools. 

The music to accompany these dances is furnished 
in a separate volume. 

Deming, Therese O. Little red people; 
with illustrations by Edwin Willard 
Deming. 1899. 

A delightful picture book profusely illustrated 
with scenes from Indian child life done in delicate 
pastel shades with dashes of warm reds and browns. 
The simplicity of the tales makes the book especially 
attractive to children who may imagine themselves 
beyond the "picture-book age. ' 




Circulating copies may be issued on the regular 
library card in the Civics and Documents Depart- 
ment, fourth floor, Randolph Street entrance. 

Piepmeier, B. H. Manual on road construc- 
tion for resident engineers and inspec- 
tors. 1921. 

(Illinois. Dept. of Public Works and Buildings. 
Div. of Highways. Bulletin 16.) 

Sets forth briefly the requirements for the con- 
struction of various types of roads. Illustrated. 

Schwartze, Erich W. Relative toxicity of 
strychnine to the rat. 1922. Al.3 1023 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 1023.) 
Experiments to determine the minimum amount 
necessary to kill rats. 

United States. Smithsonian Institution, Ex- 
planations and field-work of the Smith- 
sonian Institution in 1920. 1921. 

SI1.7 72/6 

(Misc. collection, v. 72, no. 6.) 

Reports interestingly the world-wide extent of the 
work carried on by the Institution. Beautifully 

War Department. Corps of Engineers. 

Port of Portland, Maine. 1921. W7.21 1 

(Port series 1.) 

First of a series concerning the principal ports 
of the U. S. 


Farrell, George E. Status and results of 
boys' and girls' club work: 1920. 1921. 

Al.14/2 192 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 192.) 
Interesting report of the work done in the north- 
ern and western states, with its far reaching re- 

Jones, R. E. Practical poultry culling. 1921. 

(Conn. Agr. Coll. Extension Service. Bulletin 

Valuable for all interested in raising the 
standard of their flocks. 

Milner, R. D., and Demuth, Geo. S. Heat 
production of honey-bees in winter. 1921. 

Al.3 988 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 988.) 
An interesting study of the energy of bees in 
winter time. 

Moorhouse, L. A., and June, O. A. Labor 

and material requirements of field crops. 

1921. Al.3 1000 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 1000.) 

A summary of all the available crop requirement 

data on corn, corn silage, wheat, oats, barley, rye, 

grain sorghums, field beans, potatoes, sugar beets, 

apples, hay, etc. 

Hosier, J. G., and others. Peoria county 
soils. 1921. 

(Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. Soil 
report 19.) 

One of a series of soil reports, which when 
completed will cover the state of Illinois. 

Tolley, H. R., and Reynoldson, L. A. The 
cost and utilization of power on farms 
where tractors are owned. 1921. 

Al.3 997 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 997.) 

Williams, J. O. 
utility horse. 

A complete record kept by farmers in Ohio, In- 
diana and Illinois of all farm operations for one 
year to determine the most profitable form of 
power for different farms under different condi- 

United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Hand- 
book of foreign agricultural statistics. 1921. 

Al.3 987 

(Bulletin 987.) 

A new compilation of official statistics of crops 
and live stock of foreign countries and island 
possessions of the U. S. 

Raising guinea pigs. 1921. 

A1.9 525 rev. 1921 

(Farmer's bulletin 525, rev-1921.) 
Gives brief but plain directions for production for 
laboratory and market purposes. 

Williams, G. P. The angora goat. 1921. 

A1.9 1203 

(Farmer's bulletin 1203.) 

A comprehensive study of the industry. 

Developing an American 
1921. Al.14/2 153 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. circular 153.) 
Progress made in the Development of a light- 
weight type that will combine size, substance, sound- 
ness and endurance with sufficient speed. 


Barclay, Lome W. Educational work of the 
Boy Scouts. 1921. L16.3/1921 41 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin, 1921, 
no. 41.) 

Scouting in relation to schools and citizenship, 
besides sea-scouting, international aspects of the 
movement, and organs and other literature. 

Bryant, Louise Stevens. Educational work 
of the Girl Scouts. 1921. 116.31921/46 
(U. S. Bureau of Education. Bulletin 1921, no. 

History, activities, organization and methods with 
resulting advancement in citizenship. 

Hasek, Carl W. Slavonic languages and 
literatures in American colleges and uni- 
versities. 1921. 116.17 23 

(U. S. Bureau of Education. Higher Educa- 
tion circular 23.) 

Shows the universities which have responded to 
the need for more extensive facilities for the study 
of the language, literature and culture of the Slavs, 
with list of text books for class room use and self 

Missouri. Board of Education. Clothing, 
food, shelter. 1920. 

(Vocational education bulletin 8.) 

Vocational home economics courses for two years. 

United States. Bureau of Education. Books 
on the education of early childhood. 1921. 

116.18/4 7 

(Kindergarten circular 7.) 

A compilation which meets the needs of those 
interested in child development. 

Education in forestry. 1921. 

116.3/1921 44 

Proceedings of the 2d National Conference, New 
Haven, Conn., December, 1920. 

Federal Board of Vocational Education. 

Fifth annual report. 1921. VE1.1 1921 



A comprehensive review of what has been ac- 
complished with data from the various states, 
and reports on the vocational rehabilitation of dis- 
abled soldiers and industrial employees. 

Government and Law 

Illinois. Secretary of State. Blue book, 
1921-1922. 1921. 

Includes description of the strides made in road 
building, the development of the State Park system, 
the beginning of work on the waterways, and many 
other timely subjects. 

Civil administrative code of the state 

of Illinois with amendments in force July 
1, 1921. 

Outline of organization of state government un- 
der Consolidation act of 1917. 

Drainage laws of the state of Illinois 

in force July 1, 1921. 1921. 

Provides for the construction, reparation, and 
protection of drains, ditches and levees, across the 
lands of others. 

Illinois transfer tax law in force July 

1, 1921. 1921. 

An act to tax gifts, legacies, inheritances, trans- 
fers, appointments, etc. 

United States. Bureau of Engraving and 
Printing. A brief history of the Bureau 
of Engraving and Printing, and its work. 
1921. T18.2 H62 

This description of the "world's largest engrav- 
ing plant," will be valuable for school work, as it 
gives details of the making of paper money, bonds, 
postage and revenue stamps. 

Federal Power Commission. Annual re- 
port: 1921. FP1.1 1921 

This first report gives decisions, list of applica- 
tions for permits and licenses and list of projects. 
It is not only important but most interesting in 
Tiew of the years of controversy which led to the 
Federal Water Power Act. 

Interstate Commerce Commission. In- 
terpretations, rulings, and explanations on 
questions raised regarding the laws, rules 
and instructions for inspection and test- 
ing of locomotives and tenders and their 
appurtenances. 1921. IC1 loc.5 1921 

Women's Bureau. State laws affecting 

working women. 1921. L13.3 16 

(Bulletin 16.) 

The two types of laws considered are acts which 
apply to specified industries, and regulations of in- 
dustrial commissions of boards, illustrated by col- 
ored map charts. 

Health and Hygiene 

Bowie, C. P. Oil-camp sanitation. 1921. 

128.7 261 

(U. S. Bureau of Mines. Technical papers 261.) 
Written for the purpose of bettering the deplor- 
able conditions existing in many districts. 

California. Commission of Immigration and 
Housing. Advisory pamphlet in camp san- 

itation and housing, rev. 1921. 

More comprehensive than first edition. Gives not 
only requirements for labor camps with suggestions 
for bathing, recreation, etc., but has drawings and 
plans for buildings with estimates of material. 

Home and Community 

Daniels, A. M. Chimneys and fireplaces. 
1921. A1.9 1230 

(Farmer's bulletin 1230.) 

How to build them and what they contribute 
to the happiness of the family. 

Harding, H. A., and Prucha, M. J. Germ 
content of milk. 1921. 

(Illinois. Agricultural Experiment Station. Bul- 
letin 236.) 

As influenced by visible dirt. 

Hunt, Caroline L. A week's food for an 
average family. 1921. Al.9 1228 

(Farmers' bulletin 1228.) 

Pictures a sample weekly food supply planned to 
be used as a guide for any season of the year, the 
text giving suggestions for substitutions and a 
method of comparing costs. 

McAtee, N. L. Community bird refuges. 
1921. Al.9 1239 

(Farmer's bulletin 1239.) 

One of a series describing the best methods of 
attracting birds. 

Winslow, Emma A. Food values; how foods 
meet body needs. 1921. Al.3975 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bulletin 975.) 
Contains fifty charts and "brings out certain 

important and well-established facts by a new and 

graphic method." 

Industry and Trade 

Hopkinson, L. T. Trade in fresh and frozen 
fishery products and related marketing 
considerations in Chicago, 111. 1921. 


(U. S. Bureau of Fisheries. Fxonomic cir. 54.) 
Results of the third of a series of surveys, the 
first being for Louisville, Ky., and the record for 
Pittsburgh, Pa., with lists of wholesale and re- 
tail dealers. 

Runkel, H. Volume variation of bottled 
foods. 1921. A1.3 1009 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 1009.) 
Describes commercial method of bottling. 

United States. Federal Trade Commission. 
Milk and milk products: 1914-1918. 1921. 

FT1.2 M59 

Includes history of the various phases of the milk 
industry giving developments, costs, prices, profits, 

West, Carl J., and Flohr, Lewis B. Market 
statistics. 1921. A1.3 982 

(U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bulletin 982.) 
Covers live stock, dressed meats, wool, dairy 
products, grain, feed, fruits, vegetables and cot- 


United States. Bureau of Standards. Nickel. 
1921. C13.4 100 

(Circular 100.) 

Result of tests and investigations, dealing primar- 
ily with the physical properties of the metal and its 

Structure and related properties of 

metals. 1921. C13.4113 

(Circular 113.) 

As shown by metallographic examination, as a 
means of obtaining complete and adequate informa- 

The Book Bulletin 

of the 

Chicago Public Library 

Volume 12 

March, 1922 

No. 3 

Books Added to the Library 

Books marked * do not circulate. Those with the letter P are in the Art Room; other 

collections are shelved in the Civics Department, Music Room and Thomas 

Hughes Room and are marked accordingly. *Ser. denotes serials 

which do not circulate. 

Bibliography, Library Science 

Briscoe, Walter A. Library advertising; 
"publicity" methods for public libraries, 
library-work with children, rural library 
schemes, etc., with a chapter on the 
cinema and library. 1921. J 7285 

(The Coptic series.) 

The author is city librarian of Nottingham, Eng- 

Connecticut Historical Society. List of 
family genealogies in library of Connecti- 
cut Historical Society, corrected to Aug- 
ust 31, 1911. *O2967 

Contains also a subject index in which material 
is grouped under such headings as art, ethics, phi- 
losophy, realism, and under the names of the plays. 
American, English, French, Italian, German and 
Scandinavian titles are used. Booklist. 

Firkins, Ina Ten Eyck, comp. Henrik Ibsen; 
a bibliography of criticism and biography, 
with an index to characters. 1921. 

(Practical bibliographies.) 

Hyde, Dorsey, W., ed. 
rectory. 1921. 

Special libraries di- 
*J 7295 

Annotated directory of over thirteen hundred 
libraries grouped according to special interest. Pref- 
aced by a note on special library status as shown 
by the survey (1918). Contains also a list of spe- 
cial collections by states and cities. Booklist. 

Newberry Library, Chicago. Dante, his 
work, his time, and his influence. 1921. 


"A select list of books prepared in connection 
with an exhibit in commemoration of the six hun- 
dredth anniversary of the poet's death, 1321-1921." 

St. Louis (Mo.). Public Library. Indians 
of North America; a list of books for 
children. 1921. *O 1976 

Authorship, Journalism, Books 

Burgess, Gelett, ed. My maiden effort; be- 
ing the personal confessions of well- 
known American authors as to their liter- 
ary beginnings. 1921. J 7381 
The gossipy experiences of 125 authors, full of 
narrative and entertaining incident. 



Hyde, Grant Milnor. Handbook for news- 
paper workers; treating grammar, punctu- 
ation, English, diction, journalistic struc- 
ture, typographical style, accuracy, head- 
lines, proofreading, copyreading, type, 
cuts, libel, and other matters of office 
practice. 1921. J 7250 

All of its material is presented in outline form, 
with sections numbered and indexes for ready ref- 
erences and the onus of understanding is loaded 
upon examples. Preface. 

Teall, Edward N. Books and folks; a vol- 
ume of friendly and informal counsel for 
those who seek the best in literature and 
life. 1921. J 2876 

The gist of his advice is: "Don't be ashamed to 
like what you like. Don't pretend to like what 
you don't like. Don't be a slave, don't be a hypo- 
crite." Book Review Digest. 


Bookplates for beginners. 

Fowler, Alfred. 


A well illustrated book showing the various types 
of book plates and giving their histories and owners. 


Haldane, Viscount. The reign of relativity. 
1921. L 13049 

We have the first serious and determined attempt 
to extend the meaning and appreciation of relativity 
in this new volume by Lord Haldane . . . and we 
have no doubt that his book will prove to be the 
vigorous forerunner of a long line of similar syn- 
theses. Times (London). 

Psychology, Psychoanalysis 

Payot, Jules. Will-power and work. 1921. 

L 13979 

The book is in two parts: Attractions and 
methods of work, and Psychological bases of a 
sound method of work. The latter includes chap- 
ters on attention, memory and instruction through 

Tridon, Andre. Easy lessons in psychoan- 
alysis. 1921. L 13981 

A very clear, helpful and simple outline for the 

Character, Success 

Bruce, H. Addington. Self-development; a 
handbook for the ambitious. 1921. 

L 14372 

Suggests how to outline a practical course in 
self-government which will utilize the sub-conscious 
faculties in every-day life. 

Myerson, Abraham. The foundations of 
personality. 1921. L 13751 

A psychological discussion of ethics as concerns 
character development. The leading ideas are ex- 
plained through definite examples. 


Bible. The Holy Bible, containing the Old 
and New Testaments, according to the 
authorized version; the parallel passages 
of Scott, Canne, Brown, Adam Clarke, and 

the English version of Bagster's polyglot 
Bible, systematically arranged. 1846. 


(The miniature quarto Bible.) 

Contains Cruden's Concordance to the Bible. 

The Holy Bible in modern English, con- 
taining the complete sacred Scriptures of 
the Old and New Testaments; tr. into 
English, direct from the original Hebrew, 
Chaldee, and Greek languages, by Ferrar 
Fenton, with introductions and critical 
notes and carefully revised throughout. 
1913. M 6367 

Christian Science Publishing Society. Pro- 
ceedings in equity, 1919-1921, concerning 
deed of trust of January 25, 1898, consti- 
tuting the Christian Science Publishing 
Society. 1921. L 15049 

Slattery, Charles Lewis. The ministry. 
1921. M 9948 

(Vocational series.) 

A little volume written by the rector of Grace 
Church, New York. Simply and directly it tells the 
reader what he needs to know, when deciding upon 
a call to the ministry, about the opportunities and 
duties of his vocation. 


Park, Robert E., and Burgess, Ernest W. 
Introduction to the science of sociology. 
1921. L 15335 

It is not a single-man treatise but a collection 
of 1'80 excerpts, properly adapted, from the leading 
builders of sociology. The available texts have not 
been drawn upon, the idea being rather to assem- 
ble materials from the less accessible literature of 
the science. American Journal of Sociology. 

Robinson, James Harvey. The mind in the 
making; the relation of intelligence to 
social reform. 1921. L 13949 

With the scholar's grasp of the past, and with an 
idealist's love of the future, Professor Robinson 
shows how closely he is in touch with the immi- 
nent needs of the present. A book for the thought- 
ful who are wondering what will be the outcom* 
of the world's chaos. Literary Digest. 

Economics, Finance 

Folwell, William Watts. Economic addres* 
ses. 1918. L 20001, 9 

(University of Minnesota. Current problems.) 
Contents. The ethics of business. Trusts. The 

single tax. Socialism, true and false. The new 


Hunter, Merlin Harold. Outlines of public 
finance. 1921. L 17708 

A careful concise outline omitting needless dis- 
cussion but giving necessary details and keeping a 
semi-popular viewpoint. Booklist. 

Klein, Henry H. Dynastic America, and 
those who own it. 1921. L 16783 

Mr. Klein proposes that private fortunes be lim- 
ited so that the surplus over a certain amount 
would go to the government. He claims that this 
principle would reduce the cost of living, increase 
wages, and benefit the small stockholders and bond- 

Lincoln, Edmond Earle. Problems in busi- 
ness finance. 1921. L 17296 



Contents: Introductory. Sources of capital. 
Problems of internal financing. Financial difficul- 
ties and their significance. General problems. 

Selden, G. C. Scientific methods of invest- 
ing and trading in stocks. 1921. L 17471 

Spalding, William F. Bankers' credits and 
all that appertains to them in their prac- 
tical, legal and everyday aspects. 1921. 

L 17375 


Gollancz, Victor. Industrial ideals. 1920. 

L 17583 

(The world of to-day.) 

The author discusses social reform, state social- 
ism, syndicalism, guild socialism, etc., in a dispas- 
sionate, simple way, easy to understand, and likely 
to enlighten many people who are confused by the 
variety of industrial programs now offered to the 
world. Literary Review. 

Hyndman, H. M. The economics of social- 
ism. 1921. L 17591 

The principal aim of the book is to explain the 
theories of Marx, with whom the author was per- 
sonally acquainted, to those who misinterpret or 
condemn Marxianism. 

International Relations 
China and Japan 

Kawakami, K. K., ed. 

What Japan thinks. 
L 16357 

Contents: A world unsafe for democracy, by Isoh 
Yamagata. The Monroe doctrine and the League 
of nations, by Rikitaro Fujisawa. Mikadoism, by 
R. Oda. Japan's defective constitutional government, 
by Yukio Ozaki. Liberalism in Japan, by Sakuzo 
Yqshinp. Japan's navalism : by Tetsutaro Sato. 
Militarism and navalism in America, by Henry 
Satoh. Harmony between East and West, by 
Takashi Hara. The war's effect upon the Japanese 
mind, by Masaharu Anesaki. Illusions of the white 
race, by Marquis Okuma. The "white" problem 
in Asia, by an anonymous writer. The Japanese 
question in America, by Shimpei Goto. Can Japan 
be Christianized? by M. Zumoto. Appendix: The 
Yap controversy. 

The opinions on political, national and inter- 
national questions, of thirteen prominent Japanese 
thinkers addressed exclusively to the Japanese. The 
editor himself is a writer of repute, and is re- 
garded as especially clear in his views on Japan's 
relations to the rest of the world. 

Kuno, Yoshi S. What Japan wants. 1921. 

L 16360 

The author, professor at the University of Cali- 
fornia, endeavors to show in a simple and straight- 
forward manner, what the aim of Japan is in 
America and_ in the Far East. In trying to be 
frank and fair Frederick Starr thinks he unneces- 
sarily exposes his country's weak points. 

Reid, Gilbert. China, captive or free? A 
study of China's entanglements. 1921. 

L 16359 

The author is decidedly pro-Chinese and believes 
that China has been wronged, all the Powers being 
equally responsible. Having been a resident of 
China for four decades he nas a thorough knowl- 
edge of its literature and the spirit of its people. 

Treat, Payson J. Japan and the United 
States, 1853-1921. 1921. L 16358 

With the exception of the first chapter, the pre- 
sent volume consists of twelve lectures prepared 
for delivery at four of the leading Japanese univer- 
sities in the fall of 1921. Preface. 


Palmer, Frederick. The folly of nations. 
1921. L 14289 

Contents: Why? Me Andrew's epoch. The 
world's sore spots. Old values. The lure. On 
guard. Nationalism. The answer. The hope. 

Col. Palmer's new volume is one of the most 
readable books inspired by the hope of world dis- 
armament. It is the fruit of his career as war 
correspondent, beginning with the Greco-Turkish 
conflict of the '90s. Chicago Daily Nevis. 


Hicks, Frederick C. Men and books famous 
in the law. 1921. N 5499 

Contents: The human appeal of law books. 
Cowell's Interpreter. Lord Coke and The reports. 
Littleton, and Coke upon Littleton. Blackstone 
and his Commentaries. James Kent .and his Com- 
mentaries. Edward Livingston and his System of 
penal law.-^-fffenry Wheaton. 

A collection of sketches discussing in an untech- 
nical way the purpose that inspired the authors of 
the old classics of English law. 

Reed, Alfred Zantzinger. Training for the 
public profession of the law. 1921. 

L 10643, 15 

"Historical development and principal contem- 
porary problems of legal education in the United 
States, with some account of conditions in Eng- 
land and Canada." 

(Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of 
Teaching. Bulletin.; 

Schofield, Henry. Essays on constitutional 
law and equity, and other subjects. 1921. 
2 v. N5431 

Practical Sociology 

Beard, Margaret Kent. The relation be- 
tween dependency and retardation: a 
study of 1,351 public school children 
known to the Minneapolis Associated 
charities. 1919. L 20001, 10 

(University of Minnesota. Current problems.) 

Gillin, John Lewis. Poverty and dependen- 
cy; their relief and prevention. 1921. 

L 17934 

(The Century social science series.) 

The author has no personal axe to grind. His 
treatment is objective, and pains are taken to pre- 
sent fairly the opinions of the best known author- 
ities. Usually this is done through selected quota- 
tions, a method which adds greatly to the value of 
the book. Survey. 

Goddard, Henry Herbert. Juvenile delin- 
quency. 1921. L 18884 

Presents the need of a change in the treatment 
of delinquent children to some line of procedure 
which would confine the hopeless cases as wards 
of the state giving them what training they could 
receive, while those who responded to the scienti- 
fic care could be "graduated" into a normal life. 

Clubs and Associations 

Baden-Powell, Sir Robert. What Scouts 

can do; more yarns. 1921. L 17105 

Continuation of Yarns for Boy Scouts, L 8487. 

These "yarns" besides being entertaining will 

prove extremely helpful and practical. 

New York (city). City Club. Constitution, 
by-laws and house rules, officers, com- 
mittees and members, annual report. 1917. 

L 19154 




Butler, Nicholas Murray. Scholarship and 
service; the policies and ideals of a na- 
tional university in a modern democracy. 
1921. L 19968 

Pro dotno papers by the president of Columbia 
University undertaking to interpret the ideals, prob- 
lems and councils of a modern university. 

Kelley, Frances Elizabeth. A history of 

public-school support in Minnesota, 1858 

to 1917. 1920. L 20001, 12 

(University of Minnesota. Current problems.) 

Miller, Irving Elgar. Education for the 
needs of life; a textbook in the principles 
of education, for use in elementary class- 
es, in normal schools and colleges and in 
institutes and reading circles. 1921. 

L 19395 
(Home and school series.) 

Salisbury, Albert. The theory of teaching, 
and elementary psychology. 1907. 

L 13948 

Choice of Occupation 

Kilduff, Edward Jones. How to choose and 
get a better job. 1921. L 14391 

A study of the things to be considered in choos- 
ing a life work how to prepare for it, how to get 
into the vocation for which one is best fitted, and 
how to forge ahead. Much space is devoted to the 
correct way to write effective letters of application. 


Business English, Letters 

Clark, Thomas Arkle. When you write a 
letter; some suggestions as to why, when, 
and how it should be done. 1921. L 20911 
Friendly little personal talks on such things as 
letter writing, materials and form, the friendly 
letter, formal notes, business letters, and letters of 

Vizetelly, Francis H. Words we misspell 
in business; ten thousand terms, showing 
their correct forms and divisions as used 
in printing and writing, with rules govern- 
ing the orthography of English words. 
1921. J4576 

(Standard desk-book series.) 

French Language Texts 

Dumas, Alexandre. La tulipe noire; ed. 
with introduction and notes, by Edwin S. 
Lewis. 1902. J 7407 

Le Paris d'aujourd'hui. 1921. J 7429 
Schoell, Franck Louis. La nouvelle France. 
1919. J 7427 


Bennett, Charles E. 

New Latin grammar. 
J 3685 

D'Ooge, Benjamin L. Concise Latin gram- 
mar. 1921. J 3688 


Karrachy-Smitt, M. B. Lessons in Russian; 
the alphabet, sounds and letters, ortho- 
graphy. 1915. J4236 
"A graduated Russian course, with exercises, 
notes, business phraseology, vocabulary, etc." 

Natural Sciences 

Beebe, William. Edge of the jungle. 1921. 

K 18618 

Companion volume to Jungle peace, K 18619. 

In these essays Mr. Beebe describes jungle life 
in British Guiana with the truthfulness of the care- 
ful scientist and the beauty and imagination of a 
poet. As the Bookman says, "He makes a poem 
of a butterfly's wing and a tragedy of the life of 
an ant." 

Burroughs, John. Under the maples. 1921. 

K 20678 

Contents: The falling leaves. The pleasures of 
a naturalist. The flight of birds. Bird intimacies. 
A midsummer idyl. Near views of wild life. 
With Roosevelt at Pine Knot. A strenuous holi- 
day. Under genial skies. A sheaf of nature notes. 
Ruminations. New gleanings in field and wood. 

Posthumous essays illustrating the author's love 
of nature and close communion with outdoor life. 

Grabau, Amadeus W. A textbook of geol- 
ogy. 1921. 2v. K 20055 
v. 1. General geology. 

2. Historical geology. 

Comprehensive, interesting, authoritative text for 
colleges. Innumerable clear illustrations and com- 
plete indexes. Booklist. 

Hewitt, C. Gordon. The conservation of 
the wild life of Canada. 1921. K 21740 

This deals with the importance of Canadian game 
protection and how present methods may be im- 

Newman, Horatio Hackett, ed. Readings 
in evolution, genetics, and eugenics. 1921. 

K 20993 

A labor-saving book for the beginner, as it 
gathers together the accepted theories of the prom- 
inent evolutionists from Darwin and Wallace, 
through Weismann, Lloyd Morgan and De Vries, 
to Shull and Walter. 

Powers, Samuel Ralph. A history of the 

teaching of chemistry in the secondary 

schools of the United States previous to 

1850. 1920. L 20001, 13 

(University of Minnesota. Current problems.) 

Underwood, William Lyman. Wild brother; 
strangest of true stories from the north 
woods. 1921. K 21795 

Anecdotes about bears. 

History, Inventions 

Fiske, Bradley A. Invention, the master- 
key to progress. 1921. K 22453 
Rear-Admiral Fiske treats not only of material 
inventions which have promoted civilization, but 
also includes laws, religions, etc., as having an 
active part in the progress of humanity. 



Forbes, W. Cameron. The romance of 
business. 1921. K 22277 

Contents: What it really is. As we encounter 
it at the breakfast table. The story of textiles. 
The story of steel. The story of transportation. 
The story of electricity. The story of finance and 
banking. Capital and labor. The power of thrift. 

Diet, Hygiene 

Blythe, Samuel G. Keeping fit at fifty. 1921. 


Not at all faddish, this treatise suggests perfectly 
normal sane measures, namely, more exercise and 
less food. The happy result will be perfect health. 
Eddy, Walter H. The yitamine manual; a 
presentation of essential data about the 
new food factors. 1921. N 2497 

Hering, Rudolph, and Greeley, Samuel A. 
Collection and disposal of municipal re- 
fuse. 1921. K 23797 

Hinkle, Thomas Clark. How to eat; a cure 
for "nerves". 1921. N 2276 

A brief treatise by a physician, pointing out the 
connection between indigestion and nervous ail- 
ments, and advising slow eating as the essential 

Domestic Animals 

Richards, Irmagarde. Modern milk goats: 
status of the milk goat industry; methods 
of profitable milk production; care and 
management of commercial herds and 

household goats. 1921. 

K 24277 

Three good points recommending the industry 
are the small capital required, the healthfulness of 
the outdoor work, and the nourishing qualities of 
goat's milk. The author is president of the Central 
California Milk Goat Breeders' Association. 

Domestic Economy 

Donham, S. Agnes. Spending the family 
income. 1921. K 24577 

A valuable aid to heads of families in solving the 
problem of income and expenditure. 

Hamilton, Dorothy M. A primer of cook- 
ing. 1921. K 24765 

Matthews, Mary Lockwood. Foods and 
cookery and the care of the house; first 
lessons for elementary schools. 1921. 

K 24766 

Sewing and textiles; first lessons for 

elementary schools. 1921. K 24807 

Nesbitt, Florence. Ten-cent meals. 1920. 

K 24764 

(Bulletin of the American School of Home Econ- 

A reprint of p. 66-100, of Low cost cook- 
ing K 24706. 


MacElwee, Roy S., and Ritter, Alfred H. 
Economic aspects of the Great Lakes- 
St. Lawrence ship channel. 1921. 

L 20261 

Morison, Samuel Eliot. The maritime his- 
tory of Massachusetts, 1783-1860. 1921. 

L 20161 

Rich in romance, it is a record of those old days 
when Salem was America's port, when tall ships 
sniffed the air for China's seas when they left its 
prim harbor. It is a book of strange allurements. 
Chicago Sunday Tribune. 

Taussig, Frank William, comp. Selected 
readings in international trade and tariff 
problems. 1921. L 20162 

(Selections and documents in economics.) 
Contents: International trade. Free trade and 
protection. The protective controversy in the 
United States. 

This volume of selections is intended primarily 
for use in university and college courses on inter- 
national trade and tariff problems. Introduction. 

Scientific Management 

Administration; the journal of business 
analysis and control. Tan. 1921-Tune. 
1921. Sen 

Lichtner, William O. Time study and job 
analysis as applied to standardization of 
methods and operations. 1921. L 20617 
A ;handbook, complete and exhaustive, of the 
technique of analyzing industries with a view to 
increased production, per machine and per individ- 
ual, of better quality and at lowered cost. Sumy. 

Melchior, R. L. Modern lessons on calcu- 
lating machines. 1920. K 18676 

Scott, Walter Dill, and Hayes, M. H. S. 
Science and common sense in working 
with men. 1921. L 20630 

They discuss the variations in individual ability 
at considerable length and give a resume of the 
types of mental tests which have been used to 
classify men on the basis of their individual abili- 
ties. Daily News. 


Brisco, Norris A., comp. Retail salesmanship 
source book. 1921. L 20609 

Includes the essentials of the best discussions of 
the subject, not merely in books and periodicals, 
but in trade papers, house organs, and unpublished 
addresses as well. Preface. 

Stanger, Wesley A. 

Personal selling. 1920. 
L 20631 

Contents: Importance of the salesman. Person- 
ality of the salesman. Prospects. Solicitation. 
Resistance. Meeting objections. Meeting competi- 
tion. Price. Service. Closing the deal. Compen- 
sation. Requirements for success. 

Tosdal, Harry R. Problems in sales man- 
agement. 1921. L 20633 


Bell, William H. Accountants' reports. 
1921. L 20502 

Facsimile reproduction of type-written copy. 

Taking good field work, therefore, _ for granted, 
this book deals with such presentation of it as 
shall satisfy all possible demands of the business 
man, and to that end a number of actual reports 
are given. Chicago Evening Post. 

Bennett, George E. Accounting, principles 
and practice. 1920-1921. 2v. L 20500 



Cole, William Morse, and Geddes, Anne 
Elizabeth. The fundamentals of account- 
ing. 1921. L 20499 

McGrath, T. O. Mine accounting and cost 
principles. 1921. L 20501 

Real Estate Business 

Ten-ants news. v. 1, no. 1-2, special ed. 
June 4, June 18, Aug. 6, 1921. 

Newspaper Room 

With this is bound The Chicago tenants' appeal: 
ive number v. 1, no. 1; April 25, 1921. 


Chemical Technology 

Petroleum annual; a handbook of the petro- 
leum industry. 1921. *R 962 
Shelved in Civics Dept. 

Manufacture, Trades 

Baxter, Leon H. Elementary concrete con- 
struction. 1921. K 26322 

Valuable material gathered together in the form 
of a condensed textbook in manual training, con- 
taining a series of problems in concrete construc- 
tion work for boys from ten to fourteen. The 
projects are practical, and directions and illustra- 
tions simple and clear enough to be easily followed. 

Roehl, Louis M. Harness repairing. 1921. 

K 25791 

Solar, Frank I. Hand craft projects for 
school and home shops. 1921. K 25949 
Very attractive in its straightforward discussions 
with boys of the purpose of shopwork, equipment, 
tools and drawings, and its complete picturing and 
description of toys and other small projects of 
value about the home and of interest to a young 
worker. Booklist. 


Emerson, David B. Modern building super- 
intendence and the writing of specifica- 
tions. 1921. K 26182 

Fretwork; fretcutting, inlaying and over- 
laying. 1921. K 26094 

(The woodworker series.) 

Nicholas, Edward. Building superintend- 
ence for frame, brick, and stone structures ; 
a practical treatise on methods of super- 
intending construction for frame and brick 
dwellings, apartment and office buildings, 
including interior trim and equipment. 
1920. K 26208 


Lemos, Pedro J. Applied art, drawing, 
painting, design and handicraft; arranged 
for self instruction of teachers, parents, 
and students. 1920. K 26812 



*P 3261 

Marriott, Charles. Modern movements in 
painting. 1921. K 29009 

(Universal art series.) 

An English critic's sympathetic explanation of 
the various schools from the pre-Raphaelites and 

impressionists, through the "post-impressionism" of 
cubists, futurists, neo-realists, etc., and such French 
"wild men" as Gauguin and his fellows, down to 
the artists now painting. 

Turner, Percy Moore. The appreciation of 
painting. 1921. K 29031 

What Mr. Turner has here attempted is no less 
than a student's guide to European painting from 
Giotto to the futurists, with chapters on the mean- 
ing of art, and on emotional development. Inter- 
national Studio. 


Ladies' Home Journal. Journal bungalows. 
1921. K 27724 

Magonigle, H. Van Buren. Architectural 
rendering in wash. 1921. K 28652 

A well illustrated book on the academic render- 
ing of architects' plans for the uninstructed begin- 


King, Mrs. Francis. 

The little garden. 
K 27233 

A small book full of good advice and practical 
suggestions for the amateur. 

Interior Decoration, Furniture 

Northend, Mary Harrod. The art of home 
decoration; illustrated from the author's 
photographs. 1921. K 28878 

A practical book to aid home makers, especially 
with respect to color com'bination. It takes up in 
detail the treatment of each room from entrance 
hall to attic, and its suggestions are applicable to 
all sizes and grades of homes and apartments. 

Nutting, Wallace. Furniture of the Pil- 
grim century, 1620-1720, including colonial 
utensils and hardware; illustrated with 
one thousand photographs by the author 
hitherto unpublished. 1921. *P 3232 

We find him not only whetting our appetite for 
further study of colonial originals, but presenting 
an entertaining and colorful study of colonial times. 
The book reconstructs for us the eariy days of the 
Massachusetts settlers as perhaps no book of recent 
times has done. Chicago Daily News. 


Cutter, Benjamin. How to study Kreutzer; 
a handbook for the daily use of violin 
teachers and violin students, containing 
explanations of the left hand difficulties 
and of their solution, and directions as 
to the systematic acquirement of the var- 
ious bowings, both firm and bounding. 
1903. K 29973 

(The music students library.) 

Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia. Cen- 
tenary, 1820-1920. 1920. K 29651 

Rivarde, Achille. The violin and its tech- 
nique as a means to the interpretation of 
music. 1921. K 29981 

(The musician's library.) 

Emphasizes the importance of the imaginative 
and poetical side of violin playing and ^discourages 
performance merely as a display of skill in over- 
coming difficult scores. 

Tremaine, C. M. New York's first music 
week. 1920. K 29623 

An experiment in community music. 



Outdoor Sports, Indoor Games 

Graves, Ernest. The line man's bible; a 
foot-ball text book of detailed instruction. 
1921. K 30680 

Lunn, Arnold. Cross-country ski-ing. 1921. 

K 30581 

. The author, who has a thorough knowledge of 
this sport, not only offers valuable suggestions for 
beginners, but to those acquainted with its tech- 
nique an_d equipment he likewise presents informa- 
tion of importance. 

Strouse, Arthur H., 
parties. 1921. 

Ideas for children's 
K 30233 

Whitehead, Wilbur C. Auction bridge 
standards; with a complete explanation 
of the art of bidding, containing the 
authorized laws of duplicate play. 1921. 

K 30449 

Gives definite directions and is worth careful 
study, especially for the experienced player. 


Manly, John Matthews, and Rickert, Edith. 
Contemporary British literature; bibliog- 
raphies and study outlines. 1921. J 6373 
A very valuable little book containing biographies 
and bibliographies of 223 modern British men of 
letters. Its wide inclusion of authors and titles, 
its suggestions for reading, lists of criticisms, and 
the fact that it is up to date (1921) make it useful 
to students and the literary reader. 


Mordell, Albert. The literature of ecstasy. 
1921. J 7660 

The author believes that any literature whose 
characteristic feature is ecstacy is poetry, whether 
in. prose form or verse. He grows ecstatic in his 
enthusiasm for poetry which he regards as the 
essential life of the soul. 

Omond, T. S. English metrists, being a 
sketch of English prosodical criticism 
from Elizabethan times to the present 
day. 1921. J 3383 

Walters, L. D'O., comp. Irish poets of 
today; an anthology. 1921. E 14354 

A collection of poems by A. E., Padraic Colum, 
Tames H. Cousins, Darrell Figgis, Padric Gregory, 
Douglas Hyde, Lionel Johnson, Francis Ledwidge, 
Shane Leslie, W. M. Letts, Patrick MacGill, James 
Stephens, Herbert Trench, Katherine Tynan, and 
W. B. Yeats. 

Ayscough, Florence, tr. Fir-flower tablets; 
poems translated from the Chinese. 1921. 

E 14344 

Translations put into poetic form by Amy Lowell, 
endering with great delica 
of the Oriental poets. 

rendering with great delicacy the subtle color tones 

Freeman, John. 

Poems, new and old. 
E 14673 

Quiet but subtle verses of great beauty. At 
least one reviewer considers the book one of the 
most important of current poetical publications. 

Hedrick, T. K. Orientations of Hp-Hen, 
tr. from Yan-Kee; with introduction by 
Keith Preston. 1921. - E 14742 

These meditations on life and times, full of humor 
and irony, are done not only in the Japanese verse 
form but in the spirit of the Japanese epigram. 
They have been running in the "Hit or Miss" 
column of the Daily News since before the present 
vogue for Oriental literature and unrhymed verse. 

Hoyt, Henry Martyn. Dry points, studies 
in black and white; with biographical 
sketch by William Rose Benet. 1921. 

E 11067 

A ^memorial volume consisting of fragmentary 
gleanings from a young poet who died before the 
world knew of his genius. The book is a tribute 
of love from his friend. 

Kilmer, Aline. Vigils. 1921. E 11143 

Not so joyous as Candles that burn (El 1139) 
nor so devoted to the bounties of children, it has 
a deeper note of suffering and of triumph over 
it. Aljne Kilmer doesn't write much, but what 
she writes is always poetry. Chicago Tribune. 

Kriloff, Ivan Andreyevich. Kriloff's fables; 
tr. from the Russian in the original me- 
tres. 1921. , E 11155 

Contains more than one-third of the work of this 
Russian, who is regarded as a fabulist second only 
to LaFontaine and whom the reviewer in the Nation 
calls an "indolent and picturesque poet." 

Marquis, Don. Noah an' Jonah an' Cap'n 
John Smith; a book of humorous verse. 
1921. E 14854 

Perhaps the best of these deliciously comic verses 
are the "Reverie of a Gentleman of Sensibility at 
an Italian Table d'Hote," and "A Scientific Note." 

Preston, Keith. Splinters. 1921. E 11413 


Lewis, B. Roland. The one-act play in coV? 
leges and high schools; with bibliogra- 
phies and a list of one-act plays for study 
and production. 1920. E 12534 

Actable one-act plays (Chicago Public Library, 
1916), p. 23. 

(Extension series.) 

Mclsaac, F. J. The Tony Sarg marionette 
book, illustrated by Tony Sarg; with two 
plays for home-made marionettes, by 
Anne Stoddard. 1921. E 14074 

A practical manual on the making of marionettes 
of which the New York Times says, "It holds as 
much magic in it as the wonderful lamp of Aladdin, 
and can create a whole world in the twinkling of 
an eye." 

Stratton, Clarence, 
theaters. 1921. 

Producing in little 
E 12853 

The little theater is no longer merely a fact in 
the life of the American theater it is a factor . . . 
Mr. Stratton's book is both a fine concise textbook 
for the student of the movement and a guide for 
the active member of it. Survey. 

Taft, Linwood. The technique of pageantry. 
1921. E 12901 

Practical suggestions for pageant production illus- 
trated by two examples of different types, a Thanks- 
giving pageant and a historical one. 



Drinkwater, John. 

Oliver Cromwell. 1921. 
E 13672 

A drama giving a consistent portrait of Cromwell 
in episodes of his life extending from the time of 
his village leadership until he became Lord Protec- 
tor. His domestic side is represented through the 
introduction of his mother, wife and daughter. 

Emig, Evelyn. The old order; a play in 
one act. 1921. E 13174 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Kaufman, George S., and Connelly, Marc. 
Dulcy, a comedy in three acts (with a 
bow to Franklin P. Adams); introduction 
by Booth Tarkington. 1921. E 12449 
Very amusing is Dulcy, the innocent meddler 
who, though annoying, is convincingly real. 

Maugham, W. Somerset. The circle; a 
comedy in three acts. 1921. E 14088 

The story of a bored wife and her elopement, 
repeating the experience of her ^husband's mother 
thirty years before. An exceedingly actable play 
in which Mrs. Leslie Carter and John Drew took 
the parts of the elderly elopers in the original pro- 

Pelee, Lillian Sutton. Ties of blood; a 
drama in one act. 1921. E 13174 

(Poet Lore plays.) 

Rostand. Edmond. The romancers. 1921. 

E 13174 
(Poet Lore plays.) 

Schiller, Friedrich yon. William Tell; tr., 
with an introduction and notes, by Pat- 
rick Maxwell. E 14225 
(The Scott library.) 

Vildrac, Charles. The steamer Tenacity; 
a comedy in three acts. 1921. E 13174 
(Poet Lore plays.) 

Essays and Miscellanies 

Boas, Ralph Philip, ed. Youth and the new 
world; essays from the Atlantic Monthly. 
1921. E 1793 

As a whole, the book sets forth reasonably, from 
divers angles but without undue prejudice, the 
more important tendencies and problems of cur- 
rent living social, material, esthetic, political, and 
even religious. Literary Review. 

Colby, Frank Moore. The margin of hesi- 
tation. 1921. E 15413 

Contents: Trolley cars and democratic raptures. 
Thinking it through in haste. The language of 
feminist debate. Pleasures of anxiety. Hating 
backwards. After the war in Thompsontown. In- 
ternational cancellation. The lesson of literary war 
losses. On behalf of Harold McChamber. Subsidiz- 
ing authors. Incorporated taste. 'Barbarians and 
the critic. Reviewer's cramp. How to hate 
Shakespeare. Confessions of a Gallomaniac. The 
classic debate. The choice of bad manners. Tailor 
blood and the aristocracy of fiction. Our refine- 

Gourmont, Remy de. Decadence, and other 
essays on the culture of ideas. 1921. 


(The European library.) 

Contents: The disasspciation of ideas. Glory 
and the idea of immortality. Success and the idea 
of beauty. The value of education. Women and 
language. Stephane Mallarme and the idea of de- 
cadence. Of style or writing. Subconscious crea- 
tion. The roots of idealism. 

The volume contains speculations as to the idea 
of beauty, the origin of language, and other sub- 
jects. All are based upon a purely materialistic 
interpretation of the mind and soul, and are in- 
genious if not always convincing. New York 

Hudson, W. H. A traveller in little things. 
1921. E 3542 

It is characteristic of his delightful modesty and 
whimsy that he should have called the book what 
he did ...The ideas he vends are all about what 
he considers little things, birds and wasps and 
tiny everyday adventures. Chicago Tribune. 

Huneker, James. Variations. 1921. E 3514 
Contents: Various. How not to be a genius.- 
The recantations of George Moore. Crushed vio- 
lets. Baudelaire's letters to his mother. The two 
temptations. The Flaubert anniversary. Roosevelt 
and Brandes. Pennell talks about etching. In 
praise of_ prints. New Russia for old. Cezanne. 
Eili, Eili, lomo asovtoni? Socialism and medioc- 
rity. Chopin, or The circus? Art and alcohol. 
The tragic Chopin. Phases of the greater Chopin. 
The twilight of Cosiina I. -Idle speculations. The 
master builder. Verdi's Otello. Faust and Me- 
phisto. Bohemian music. The music of yesterday ? 
Liszt's only piano sonata. Dreaming of Liszt. A 
Brahma of the keyboard. Contemporary bran. A 
mood reactionary. Musical Potterism. My Childe 
Roland. "Oscar and Dvorak. Enrico Caruso. 

A collection of essays with characteristic titles, 
full of gifted conversational criticism in the spirit 
of the master interpreter. 

E 4598 

Brief essays on many subjects, on which it is a 
leasure to browse. They are written in a quietly 
umorous and altogether charming style. 

Milne, A. A. If I may. 1921. 


Morley, Christopher. Plum pudding, of 
divers ingredients, discreetly blended and 
seasoned; merrily embellished by Walter 
Jack Duncan. 1921. E 15930 

As humorous essayist and poetical humanist, the 
author is here at his best. 

Nicholson, Meredith. The man in the 
street; papers on American topics. 1921. 


Contents: Let Main Street alone! James Whit- 
comb Riley. The cheerful breakfast table. The 
Boulevard of rogues. The open season for Ameri- 
can novelists. The church for honest sinners. 
The second-rate man in politics. The lady of Lan- 
dor lane. How, then, should Smith vote? The 
poor old English language. 

A number of cheerful papers on topics of present- 
day interest. The most charming are the essays on 
James Whitcomb Riley, and "The lady of Landor 
Lane." The latter is a story-essay, and in this 
style of composition the author is most adept. 

Ruskin, John. The crown of wild olive, 
and lectures on art. E 5506 

A new edition with a different inclusion from 
former ones. 

Smith, Logan Pearsall. More trivia. 1921. 

E 16205 

It is essentially the book of an American gentle- 
man who likes living in England. He has the 
keen sight of the man who can poke fun with real 
effect at himself and his feeling of self-importance. 
(He fills a page or two under each title with grace- 
ful and perhaps slightly mannered prose. Chicago 
Evening Post. 

Stewart, Donald Ogden. A parody outline 
of history; wherein may be found a cur- 
iouslv irreverent treatment of American 
historical events, imagining them as they 



would be narrated by America's most 
characteristic contemporary authors, to- 
gether with divers delightful, droll draw- 
ings, penciled by Herb Roth, the whole 
forming an amusing and satirical picture 
of American letters of today. 1921. 

E 16224 
The authors parodied are W. L. Phelps, Cabell, 

Sinclair Lewis, Fitzgerald, Lardner, Thornton Bur- 
gess, Harold Bell Wright, Edith 
5. Andrews, and Eugene O'Neill. 

right, Edith Wharton, M. R. 

Humor, Miscellanies 

Breuning Margaret. 

You know Charles. 

Very slight comments on the American man. 

Cobb, Irvin S. One third off. 1921. 


The "great loss" of one-third of his weight and 
the succeeding events are humorously related in 
this little volume. 

Parker, Mary Moncure. 

Jolly monologues. 

They ring a few welcome changes on some of 
the old themes and suggest several new ones. 
'Helen Cody Baker in The Chicago Daily News. 

Strunsky, Simeon. Sinbad and his friends. 

1921. E 5669 

A comic oriental backdrop takes the place of 
Mr. Dqoley's West Side inn. Through caliphs 
and viziers and houri, an American newspaper re- 
porter hits slyly at censorship, Hooverizing, Hearst 
and what not. Chicago Evening Post. 

Traprock, Walter E., pseud of George S. 
Chappell. The cruise of the Kawa; wan- 
derings in the South Seas. 1921. 


A very funny take-off on the O'Brien-Maugham 
school of South Sea literature, whose satire is en- 
hanced by most amazing illustrations. 



Bartholomew, J. G. The advanced atlas of 
physical and political geography; a new 
series of maps specially designed for 
schools, colleges and private students. 
1917. *R5104 

Cram's modern reference atlas of the world. 
Chronological story of the world war. 

1922. *R 5105 

London, Paris 

Henderson, Helen W. A loiterer in Paris. 
1921. 111909 

A travel book with_ a distinctly literary quality, 
presenting Paris with its historic setting, its famous 
old cathedrals and treasute nouses of art and 
sculpture in an atmosphere combining the past and 
present to an unusual extent. 

Tomlinson, H. M. London river. 1921. 

I 10381 

Contents: The foreshore. A midnight voyage. 
A shipping parish. The "Heart's desire." The 
master. The ship-runners. Not in the almanac. 

The illusion. In a coffee-shop. Off-shore. An old 
Lloyd's register. 

Sympathetic sketches of the lower Thames, with 
a great deal of mood and atmosphere. 


Markham, Violet R. Watching on the Rhine. 
1921. 1 7518 

Written as an outcome of a year's residence 
among the Germans. The author has studied their 
lives in all phases, and the resulting work is as 
interesting as a novel and much more instructive. 

India, China and Japan 

Bland, J. O. P. 

China, Japan and Korea. 

No doubt published primarily in order to in- 
form British and American public opinion as to 
the failure of the republican regime to maintain 
the elements of decent government in China. 
New York Evening Post. 

Chauvelot, Robert. Mysterious India; its 
rajahs its Brahmans its fakirs. 1921. 

1 10729 

A series of sketches by a Frenchman on _ that 
most interesting country, charmingly and amusingly 
describing its ancient customs, temples, cities, ra- 
jahs, fakirs, dwelling more on the past and barely 
touching upon the India of to-day. 

Greenbie, Marjorie Barstow. In the eyes 
of the East. 1921. I 10614 

Marjorie Barstow and Sydney Greenbie traveled 
separately to the other side of the world. They 
became engaged on the top of Fuji and wended 
their way back, he by the Pacific and she by way 
of the Atlantic (and a shipwreck). She tells of 
her journey and its romance in this book. 

Street, Julian. Mysterious Japan. 

1 10704 

A travel book of unusual beauty and charm. The 
older material is presented in such a way that it 
seems new and there is much that is really new. 
The author makes no attempt to solve the Eastern 
problem but it is evident that he is in sympathy 
with the Japanese. 

North America 

Colby, Charles C., comp. Source book for 
the economic geography of North Amer- 
ica. 192.1. 1 11441 
Professor Colby of the University of Chicago has 
gathered here selections from widely scattered ma- 
terial in technical journals and government publi- 
cations to the great convenience of college classes 
and the interested layman. 

Paris, John T. 

Seeing the sunny south. 

The balmyness and charms of the South are set 
forth pictorially as well as in writing. Its indus- 
trial value to the United States is also touched 

Heming, Arthur. The drama of the forests; 
romance and adventure. 1921. 1 4213 
The author is an artist, who here combines the 
experiences of his thirty-three years of travel in 
the Canadian northwest into one continuous narra- 

Sauer, Carl O. The geography of the Ozark 
highland of Missouri. 1920. *B 3053, 7 
(Geographic Society of Chicago bulletin.) 



Pacific Ocean, Polynesia 

Greenbie, Sydney. 

The Pacific triangle. 

Contents: 1. Historical and travel material. 2. 
Discussion of native problems, personal and social. 
3. Discussion of the political problems involving 
Australasia, Asia and America. 

A book that gives you the background to the 
disarmament Pacific problem in a readable, interest- 
ing manner, from the human standpoint. Chicago 
Daily News. 

Hall, James Norman, and Nordhoff, Charles 
Bernard. Faery lands of the South Seas. 
1921. I 12083 

After the war these two aviators took up their 
abode on some of the islands in the South seas and 
they have portrayed in a delightful fashion the 
spirit and romantic beauty of these lands. 

Stock, Ralph, 
ship. 1921. 

The cruise of the dream 

How two men and a girl bought a boat and 
cruised from England by way of Spain (where 
they dropped their pilot) to the South Seas. It is 
a veracious record, but sounds too good to be true. 

Polar Regions 

Scott, G. Firth. Daring deeds of polar ex- 
plorers; true stories of the bravery, re- 
source, endurance and adventures of ex- 
plorers at the poles. 1922. 1 11330 

Drawn from The romance of polar exploration, 

I 9529. 

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur. The friendly Arc- 
tic; the story of five years in Polar re- 
gions. 1921. 1 11332 
Stefansson's trip, apart from its scientific value, 
is a milestone in Arctic exploration. He demon- 
strated that since the Polar regions have sufficient 
resources to sustain life, it is not necessary for 
travelers to carry all their supplies with them if 
they will profit by the example he has set. 



Lowry, Edward G. Washington close-ups; 
intimate views of some public figures. 
1921. C 19757 

A readable group of sketches in the prevailing 
"mirror" mode of biography. There is some irony, 
more or less gentle, and much genuine humor. The 
prevailing figure of speech is the automobile meta- 

Raymond, E. T. Portraits of the nineties. 
1921. C 19901 

Contents: The nineties. The Earl of Rosebery. 
Cecil Rhodes. Mr. Gladstone. George Meredith. 
Lord Salisbury. Lord Kitchener. The Duke of 
Devonshire. Archbishop Temple. Lord Randolph 
Churchill. Herbert Spencer. Mr. Chamberlain and 
Mr. Balfour. Oscar Wilde. Sir William Har- 
court. Bishop Creighton. John Morley. W. T. 
Stead. Sir Henry Fowler. Aubrey Beardsley. 
Lord Courtney of Penwith. Thomas Hardy. Earl 
Spencer. Sir H. M. Stanley. Justin McCarthy. 
Lord Leighton and G. F. Watts. Charles Haddon 
Spurgeon. William Booth. Some lawyers. Old 
and new journalists. Some actors. Bibliography. 

A collection of brief critical and analytical char- 
acter studies of the diplomats, scholars, writers, 
actors, lawyers, leaders of men and pioneers in the 
world movements of this great transition period. 

Individual Biography 

Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen. My diaries; being 
a personal narrative of events, 1888-1914. 
1921. 2 v. C 20903 

(The secret history series.) 
v. 1. 1888-1900; the scramble for Africa. 

2. 1900-1914; the coalition against Germany. 
Treats of the artistic, social and political phases 
of English life from 1888 to the Great War. The 
author has always been a champion of oppressed 
nationalities and is one of the most vivid personali- 
ties of the last generation. 

Fabre, Jean Henri. FABRE, AUGUSTIN. The 
life of Jean Henri Fabre, the entomolo- 
gist, 1823-1910. 1921. C 21857 
The author describes the child, schoolboy, stu- 
dent and professor, and has made extensive use of 
extracts from Fabre's own well-known works. 
Though filled with enthusiasm and admiration the 
book adds little that is new. 

Ford, James L. Forty-odd years in the 
literary shop. 1921. C 21952 

Rambles among men and women, famous and 
otherwise, in all walks o f ~ life and literature. The 
author knew them all, and holds the reader's un- 
diminished interest to the last word. 

Garland, Hamlin. A daughter of the mid- 
dle border. 1921. C 22047 
Autobiographical chapters continuing A son of the 
middle border (C 22046) and telling more about 
Chicago and the middle westj about Garland's 
mother and father, and about his romantic wooing 
and wedding of Laroda Taft's sister Zulime than 
about himself. 

Hamilton, Anthony. CLARK, RUTH. An- 
thony Hamilton (author of Memoirs of 
Count Grammont) his life and works and 
his family. 1921. C 22282 

Higginson, Henry Lee. PERRY, BLISS. Life 
and letters of Henry Lee Higginson. 
1921. C 22443 

Hindenburg, Marshal von. 
1921. 2v. 

Out of my life. 
C 22444 

Hindenburg relates his military career from early 
training in the art of war through the stirring 
events of the World War. Mr. Ybarra of the New 
York Times says, "He writes as one would expect 
an old soldier to write whose sword is mightier 
than his pen." 

London, Jack. LONDON, CHARMIAN. The 
book of Jack London. 1921. 2v. C 23036 
A life-sized portrait of the man ... As _his wife 
she has held herself up to him as the mirror for 
his personality; and in her love, her devotion, her 
understanding, we see Jack London as it would 
have been impossible for us to see him through any 
other medium. Bookman. 

Moltke, Count von. WHITTON, F. E. Molt- 
ke. 1921. C 23443 

(Makers of the nineteenth century.) 
A life of Moltke which is likely to become at 
once a biographical and a military classic. The 
author's strong sense of human interest and a firm 
grasp of the prinicples underlying the art of war, 
make the book exceedingly readable. Spectator. 

Edwin P. Morrow Kentuckian; a con- 
temporaneous biographical sketch. 1921. 

C 23492 



Panunzio, Constantine M. The soul of an 
immigrant. 1921. C 23674 

Perhaps the most important sketch of the immi- 
grant's relations with and adjustment to America 
since the days of Mary Antin ... As a narrative it 
is of great interest and as an essay it bristles with 
matter of great pith and moment. Boston Trans- 

Roosevelt, Quentin. ROOSEVELT, KERMIT, ed 
Quentin Roosevelt; a sketch with letters. 
1921. C 24007 

Letters written during the war, interspersed with 
biographical data by his brother. It is more of a 
character sketch than biography. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. HAGEDORN, HERMANN. 
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands. 1921. 

C 24003 

(Roosevelt memorial association publications.) 
A delightful story of Roosevelt's three years in 
Dakota, 183-l'88o, vivid, clear cut and with a sense 
of humor. It does not try to be at all analytical of 
Roosevelt's character^ but merely pictures his re- 
sponse to the wild life of the rough frontier and 
his effect on the inhabitants. 

Stone, Melville E. 

Fifty years a journalist. 
C 24393 

Mr. Stone has written a most entertaining chroni- 
cle of his journalistic life, which includes personal 
sketches of many prominent men of the last half 

Wilson, Woodrow. TUMULTY, JOSEPH P. 
Woodrow Wilson as I know him. 1921. 

C 24915 

This story of Woodrow Wilson may be taken 
as authentic stuff of inside White-House problems 
during a trying administration. Literary Digest. 


Conway, C. B., and Shuford, George A., 
comp. History, 119th infantry, 60th bri- 
gade, 30th division, U. S. A.; operations 
in Belgium and France, 1917-1919. 1921. 

A 7184 

Haworth, Paul Leland. Trailmakers of the 
Northwest. 1921. B 9013 

A history of exploration written in a popular and 
entertaining style. 

Hodgson, John Crawford, ed. Percy bailiff's 

I rolls of the fifteenth century. 1921. 
A 1065, 134 

(The publications of the Surtees Society.) 
Latin text. 

Hutchins, Frank and Cortelle. Sword ot 
liberty; the story of two revolutions. 1921. 


A ^historical narrative about the French and 
American revolutions, based upon a sword pre- 
sented to Lafayette. 

Kallen, Horace Meyer. Zionism and world 
politics; a study in history and social 
psychology. 1921. A 2693 

The author stands midway between the world of 
pure thought and the world of action and brings 
to bear upon the practical problems of his people 
and his generation a rare combination of psycholog- 
ical insight and concrete knowledge and interests. 
Literary Review. 

Lamar, Mirabeau Bonaparte. The papers 

of Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar; ed. from 
the original papers in the Texas State 
Library. 1920. B 1720 

Neumann, Georg Paul, comp. The German 
air force in the great war. 1921. A 7183 

"From the records and with the assistance of 
twenty-nine officers and officials of the naval and 
military air services." 

Turner, Edward Raymond. Europe since 
1870. 1921. A 5970 

A history of the last half-century centering about 
the World War its indirect causey in the rivalries 
prompting the various alliances, its direct causes, 
the war itself, its settlement, and the Russian re- 

Van Loon, Hendrik Willem. The story of 

mankind. 1921. A 2235 

A fascinating history of the world by a com- 

Eeter.t historian purporting to be told for children 
ut not in the least less interesting for that. 
Llewellyn Tones recommends it particularly to the 
reader of Wells's Outline. 

Williams, Albert Rhys. Through the Rus- 
sian revolution. 1921. A 7926 
Intensely interesting story of the Soviet revolu- 
tion from 1917 on, told by a socialist war corres- 
pondent whose every atom of sympathy is with the 
Soviet government. 

Wright, Peter E. At the supreme war 
council. 1921. A 7180 

An attempt to prove that Haig and Petain were 
responsible for the disaster at St. Quentin by as- 
sertions which may be right or wrong, but are 
certainly impressive. . 


Bates, Sylvia Chatfield. The golden answer. 

1921. F 20285 

A good character sketch of Amos, the poet clerk, 

and a better one of Christina, the girl he married. 

Bojer, Johan. 

God and woman (Dyrendal). 
F 11274 

The woman's life is embittered because she is 
childless, and the estate of Dyrendal goes as a 
wedding gift to the young man whom she and 
her husband have adopted, out between whom and 
them there has been distrust instead of affection. 
Perhaps the best of Bojer's books yet translated. 

Castle, Agnes and Egerton. Pamela 
Pounce; a tale of tempestuous petticoats. 
1921. F 11684 

The story of a little milliner in the circle of "the 
incomparable Bellairs." In the opinion of the 
London Times, "the union in this maiden of a 
superfine sense of the modish elegances with a 
healthjr rusticity of speech and soul gives her a 
quite irresistible piquancy." 

Chambers, Robert W. The little red foot. 
1921. F 11807 

The horrors of the Indian and Tory raids are 
described with historical accuracy and dramatic 
intensity. The love storjr included stands out de- 
lightfully before this historic background. Out- 

Chekhov, Anton. The horse-stealers, and 
other stories. 1921. F 11930 

Contents: The horse-stealers. Ward no. 6. The 
Petchenyeg. A dead body. A happy ending. The 
looking-glass. Old age. Darkness. The beggar. 
A story without a title. In trouble. Frost. A 



slander. Minds in ferment. Gone astray. An 
avenger. The jeune premier. A defenceless crea- 
ture. An enigmatic nature. A happy man. A 
troublesome visitor. An actor's end. 

Clarke, Isabel C. Tressider's sister. 1921. 

F 11989 

Audrey Tressider's loyalty to her brother is only 
surpassed by her love for his enemy, Adam Kemp. 
The story is a moral one, Catholic in its teachings, 
and interestingly told with a surprising climax. 

Cohen, Octavus Roy. Highly colored. 1921. 

F 21305 

Contents: Auto-intoxication. All's swell that 
ends swell. The survival of the fattest. The ul- 
tima fool. Mistuh Macbeth. Here comes the bride. 

Six short episodes in the lives of some Alabama 
darkies. The characters are highly amusing if 
somewhat exaggerated. 

Corthis, Andre, pseud of Mme. Andree Hus- 
son Lecuyer. For me alone (Pour rnoi 
seule). 1921. F 24449 

An autobiographical novel of a French woman, 
who with her mother and sister lived in poverty 
in a small gossipy provincial town in France. Her 
romantic revolts against the dull monotony of her 
life and the limitations of her social environment 
finally end in a mediocre marriage with a moder- 
ately prosperous husband. 

France, Anatole. 

Paris. 1921. 


Bergeret in 
J 154, 26 

A political novel concerning the Dreyfus case, 
beautifully written and very absorbing. 

Grey, Zane. To the last man. 1922. 

F 13243 

Story of a feud between the cattle men and 
rustlers, who masquerade as sheepmen. The feud 
is fought to the last man, who is Jean Isbel, son 
of the leader of the cattlemen, and who is deeply 
in love with the daughter of the leader of the 
sheep men. 

Hamsun, Knut. Dreamers. 1921. F 13440 
A light comedy of love and pride, the first of 
Hamsun's stories to have a happy ending. An Eng- 
lish edition was published under tlie title "Moth- 
wise," which is a more literal translation of the 
original title and better represents the character 
of the story. 

Hawthorne Julian, ed. Library of the 
world's best mystery and detective stor- 
ies; one hundred and one tales of mys- 
tery by famous authors of east and west. 
1907-1908. 6v. F 24522 

v. 1. American'. Crawford: By the waters of 
Paradise. P'reeman: The shadows on the wall. 
Post: The corpus delicti. Bierce: An heiress of 
Redhorse; The man and the snake. Poe: The ob- 
long box; The gold-bug. Irving: Wolfert Webber; 
or, Golden dreams; Adventure of the black fish- 
erman. 'Brown: Wieland's madness. 

2. English and Scotch: Kipling: My own 
true ghost story; The sending of Dana Da; In 
the house of Suddhoo; His wedded wife. Doyle: 
A case of identity; A scandal in Bohemia; The 
Red-Headed League. Castle: The baron's quarry. 
Weyman: The fowl in the pot. Stevenson: The 
pavilion on the links. Collins: The dream woman. 
Anonymous: The lost duchess; The minor canon. 

3. English and Irish: O'Brien: The golden 
ingot; The Bohemian; A terrible night; My wife's 
tempter. Bulwer-Lytton: The incantation. De 
Quincy: The avenger. Maturin: Melmoth the wan- 
derer. Sterne: A mystery with a moral. Thack- 
eray: On being found out. Anonymous: The pipe; 
The puzzle; The great Valdez sapphire; With- 
out the wedding garment; Mr. Twi'stleton's type- 

4. French and Romance: Maupassant: The 
necklace; The man with the pale eyes; An uncom- 
fortable bed; Ghosts; Fear; The confession; The 
horia. Mille: The miracle of Zobeide. Adam: 
The torture by hope. Erckmann-Chatrian: The 
owl's ear; The invisible eye; The waters of death. 
r Balzac: Melmoth reconciled; The conscript. 
Voltaire: Zadig the Babylonian. Alaroon: The 
nail. Capuana: The deposition. Apuleius (2d cen- 
tury) : The adventure of the three robbers. Pliny, 
the younger (1st century): Letter to Sura. 

5. German, Russian, Scandinavian: Meyrink: 
The man on the bottle. Theden: Christian La- 
husen's baron. Heyse: "Andrea Delfin." Hauff: 
The singer. Hoffmann: The deserted house. Chek- 
hoff: The safety match. Krestovski: Knights of 
industry. Bergsoe: The amputated arms. Lars- 
sen: The manuscript. Ingemann: The sealed 
room. Blicher: The rector of Veilbye. 

6. Oriental: From the Arabic, Chinese, Persian 
Sanskrit, Tibetan and Turkish. Modern magic: 
Houdin: A conjurer's confessions; Self-training; 
Second sight; The magician who became an ambas- 
sador; Facing the Arab's pistol. Abbott: Fraudu- 
lent spiritualism unveiled; A doctor of the occult; 
How the tricks succeeded; The name of the dead; 
Mind reading in public; Some famous exposures. 
Carrington: More tricks of "spiritualists;" Mat- 
ter through matter; Deception explained by the 
science of psychology. Anonymous: How spirits 

Hay, Ian, pseud, of John Hay Bieth. The 
willing horse. 1921. F 20351 

An entertaining, romantic novel of war time 
days, retaining both the pathos and humor of war 
while eliminating its horrors. 

Hergesheimer, Joseph. Cytherea. 1922. 

F 13702 

An unusual story from the author, of whom the 
unusual is always expected. It is a satire on the 
super-sophisticated society of today, the goddess 
Cytherea being symbolized to Lee Randon by an 
exquisite doll he bought for his daughter. 

Lee, Jennette. The other Susan. 1921. 

F 24456 

Story with a New England background about 
Susan w>ho has been married over twenty years to 
a small spirited man and has known nothing but 
work. She suddenly finds herself in love with an- 
other man and the theme of the book is her solu- 
tion of the problem. 

MacGrath, Harold. The ragged edge. 1922. 

F 24846 

A story of a lone girl in China who marries 
a mysterious man whom she has nursed back to 
health. The mystery is satisfactorily solved in the 

Russell, John. Where the pavement ends. 
1921. F 17537 

Contents: The fourth man. The lost god. The 
passion vine. The price of the head. The slanted 
beam. The red mark. East of eastward. Tetsam. 
The adversary. Meaning chase yourself. The 
wicks of Macassar. Doubloon gold. The practic- 
ing of Christopher. Amok. 

Some of the most vivid and dramatic stories 
ever written of the islands of the South Seas. They 
contain much literary value as well as plot inter- 

Richardson, Dorothy M. Pilgrimage, v.6: 
Deadlock. 1921. " F 17151, 6 

The sixth book in the series telling of the mental 
life of Miriam Henderson, a young dental secre- 

Shore, Viola Brothers. The heritage, and 
other stories. 1921. F 18069 

Contents: The heritage. Mary Mary. Dimi and I 
the double life. If you want a thing. A mess 



of pottage. We can't afford it. Matzoths cast 
upon the waters. O temporal O mawruss! 

Jewish stories combining the humor of Montague 
Glass with Edna Ferber's pathos. The first one 
caused considerable discussion when published in the 
Saturday Evening Post because of its intelligent 
treatment, of the inter-marriage problem. 

Sinclair, Bertrand W. The hidden places. 
1922. F 18159 

The story is laid in the beautiful northwest wil- 
derness and is filled with the spirit of adventure. 
It has thrilling and surprising incidents with an 
ending as unexpected as it is satisfactory. 

Stern, G. B. The china shop. 1921. 

F 27534 

A character novel brilliantly done, that deals 
especially with the passion of jealousy. The hero 
is thwarted in every relation by the step-brother 
who acts the bull in the china shop of life. 

Tarkington, Booth. Harlequin and Colum- 
bine. 1921. F 27703 

A story of the theater, picturing a temperamental 
young star in the midst of rehearsing a new play 
and determined upon changing it to suit his own 
ideas regardless of the author s protestations. Ro- 
mance appears in the form of the young ingenue 
who smooths out the difficulties. 

Train, Arthur. The hermit of Turkey Hol- 
low, the story of an alibi; being an ex- 
ploit of Ephraim Tutt, attorney and coun- 
selor at law. 1921. F 27862 

A good mystery story about a tramp accused of 
murder with circumstantial evidence strongly 
against him. When the trial opens his lawyer has 
not the slightest means with which to save him, but 
curiously enough luck turns and the mystery is 

Vance, Louis Joseph. Alias the Lone 
Wolf. 1921. F 18809 

Sequel to The Lone Wolf, F 18734; The false 
faces, F 18789; and Red masquerade, F 18825. 
__ Michael Lanyard having been dropped from the 
English secret service journeys to France where 
he becomes involved in the theft of some famous 
jewels. He recovers them after accompanying the 
thieves to the United States. 

Judgment. 1921. 
F 18919 

A mystery story dealing with a criminal gang and 
and the motive of revenge. 

Walpole, Hugh. The young enchanted; a 
romantic story. 1921. F 18942 

Sequel to The green mirror, F 18946, and Peter 
Westcott, in Thirteen travellers, F 18941. 

A lively tale of love and youth in the "strange 
year 1920," set in London with its idealism and 
its realism, its artists and its critics, its capitalism 
and bolshevism. 

White, William Patterson. The rider of 

Golden Bar. 1922. F 19299 

A western story with an unusual number of 

happenings, especially of the exciting and thrilling 




Borden, W. E., and Hooper, Cyrus Lauron. 
Banking and business ethics. 1921. 

L 17376 

A conveniently indexed textbook containing good 
material for the instructor. 

Wallace, Edgar. Jack o' 

Crump, Irving. The boys' book of railroads. 
1921. K 25139 

A vocational book describing railroading in all 
its phases, the work of the engineer, fireman, con- 
ductor and the freight-train crew. 

Dickens, Charles. The personal history of 
David Copperfield; with sixteen coloured 
illustrations by Gertrude Demain Ham- 
mond. 1921. Hughes Poom 

Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint. CANTON, WILL- 
IAM. The story of Saint Elizabeth of 
Hungary. 1913. C 21768 

A well-written account of the devoted work of 
Saint Elizabeth. Her presence at a time of civil 
strife is said to have brought peace and good-will 
to the country. 

Ghosh, Prince Sarath. 
1918. 2v. 

The jungle folk. 
K 21736 

An entertaining study in natural history. 

Same entitled, The wonders of the 

jungle. 2v. Hughes Room 

Hall, J. O. When I was a boy in Norway. 
1921. I 12008 

An interesting picture of the Norwegian people, 
their habits and customs, and their literature, writ- 
ten by a native of Norway. Suitable for the ten or 
twelve year old. 

Krapp, George Philip. Tales of true 
knights. 1921. H 8868 

Contents: Sir Cleges. King Horn. Havelok 
the Dane. Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and 
William of Clousesley. Sir Gawain and the Green 
knight. 'Launfal and the elf-queen. The rival 
friends. 'Sir Orfeo. Eustace. Constance. Patient 
Griselda. Gargouille and Romaine. Werwolf. 
The three revelers. iSparrow-hawk castle. 

Sixteen of the most charming legends of the 
middle ages retold in a virile and pictorial way. 

Lazy Matilda, and other 
E 11415 

Pyle, Katharine, 
tales. 1921. 


Van Loon, Hendrik Willem. The story of 
mankind. 1921. A 2235 

The history of the world told in a conversational 
and graphic way. It is written primarily for chil- 
dren, but a book to be read and enjoyed by old and 
young. The illustrations are unusual in their ori- 

Wade, Mary H. Twin travelers in India. 
1920. H 6963 

A charming book of travel in India. Will be 
useful as a reference or story book for children 
about ten. 


Midsummer; a story for 
1921. H 2964 

Adams, Katharine, 
boys and girls. 

An American boy and girl spend the summer in 
Sweden with their grandfather who lives in a castle 
on the seacoast. A mystery, which is finally 
solved, adds interest to the story. For boys and 
girls about twelve. 

Anthony, Lotta Rowe. The Yellow Quill 
girl. 1921. H 3009 

An out-of-door story built around the Wood- 
craft League Camp. The manual of the Wood- 
crafters has furnished most of the material for this 



Bailey, Margery. The little man with one 
shoe. This book concerns him, the six 
tales he told me and the six songs of 
simple pattern with which I had to bar- 
gain for the same. 1921. H 7284 

A group of modern fairy tales with short musi- 
cal accompaniment. The Little Man tells a story 
for each nail he puts in the shoe. 

Brown, Abbie Farwell. Round Robin. 1921. 


A story which tells _of the doings of a group of 
American boys and girls at the summer camp of 
the Round Robin club. Its aim is to instil a spirit 
of tolerance and true Americanism. 

Brown, Edna A. The silver bear. 1921. 


A pleasing story of two little girls, Lucy and 
Dora, who lived in the brown house. They find 
six little silver charms and these later lead to the 
discovery of Dora's real name. For girls from six 
to nine. 

Chisholm, Louey. The enchanted land; 
tales told again. 1906. H 7695 

Dodge, Louis. Everychild; a story which 
the old may interpret to the young and 
which the young may interpret to the old. 
1921. H 7864 

An allegorical tale of the adventures of Every- 
child. Rather advanced for very young children. 

Dowd, Emma C. When Polly was eighteen. 
1921. H 7913 

A type of love story for the younger girls. 

Faulkner, Georgene. The Story Lady's 
book. 1921. H 3821 

Stories for each month in the year. 

Gilchrist, Beth B. Kit, Pat, and a few boys. 
1921. H 8225 

A story of camp life in which the heroine changes 
her mode of livin